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I’d Love You To Want Me oT, Th , Th Tf, 8 BEAT SongBy : Lobo MM J = Written By: Kent, Lobo, Lavoie mS Cus fg] © — TACET — © 111123 § 1 Dies ‘When I saw you standin’ there [bout fell out my Now it took time for me to know what you tried so not to — at Dm F G7 § 22234 6 M1123 . Se = pre-e et _ I“) chair and when you moved your mouth to speak —_ felt the blood go to my show somethin’ in my soul just cries 2+ [ 1 z a I feel the want in your blue eyes baby I'd love you to 3321 $11 31_1 3321 want me the way that I want you the way that it should be baby you'd love me to 48 Dm F G7 Cc 622 3321 62.2 71 22320 1 want you the way I want to if you'd only let it be c TACET c Dm 1111231B) 5 11123 6 the obligation that you made for the title that they gave 49