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HOLDING BACK THE YEARS Words by Music by MICK HUCKNALL MICK HUCKNALL Moderately Siow 4 =84 and NEIL MOSS Dmg, Fmajo ™|? Holding back the | years, think - ing of 1e (eight) a ™ a oe Sas Pe Lida moe SS SS lis-ten to the | fear that's gone. pms oe pms. Stran = gled by the | wish-es of pa - ter, hoping for the 1. é _ arms of ma- Ds. oo _ fe bE 2 : Senet cet te ere E_ yes, Chorus: Dmg, rn keep hold = ing on, — == a _ - — Le = A ih I 7 TP? Tle EE aS Verse 2: Holding back the years, CChance for me escape from all I've known. Holding back the tears, “Cause nothing here has grown. ve wasted all my tears, ‘Wasted all those years. Nothing had the chance to be good, [Nothing ever could. Verse 3 ( Firat 9 bars instrumental solo) Well ve wasted all my tears, Wasted all of those years ‘And nothing had a chance to be good, "Cause nothing ever could.