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Surigao State College of Technology

Surigao City

Final Requirement
Major 19
(Introduction to stylistics)

Submitted by:

Arnez Jewell Prado Dotillos

Bsed IV-A English

Submitted to:

Dr. Annabelle “Kyla” Naig

Chair, Arts and Sciences

Then he told Gloria that he lost his job by taking a single apple. 2. Analyze the exchange of words between Gloria and Pablo in page 249 and answer the following:  What is the central issue the characters are discussing?  The central issue the characters are discussing is about the difference of ‘honest’ money from ‘dishonest’ money. . she begged but at the end Mario going away with Pablo because he wants his family to live comfortably. mistaken judgment or misstep through which the fortunes of the hero of a tragedy are reversed. a device used to attract the reader’s attention. Gloria got confused because it was Mario’s payday yet he’s telling her he doesn’t have money. It is a statement which seems contradictory or absurd.  Mario and Gloria is a couple with a child named Tita. Pathetic Fallacy. then they saw Pablo. applied to the justice which comes about when an evil act brings about its own punishment and poetic justice prevails. Paradox. Gloria tried to make Mario realize that what they’re going to do is wrong. Gloria tries to push him away from their family but Pablo really wants Mario to go back from being his job companion. Tragedy. Sometimes the conflict is with forces beyond the control of the character – fate. Often the main character (dignified. he took it because Tita once got upset because he cannot afford to buy her “delicious” apple and instead bought her a green apple. evil in the world.  The dramatic devices used in the play are Hamartia. Gloria asked money from Mario to buy a biscuit for Tita when suddenly Mario got so touchy and then told Gloria he doesn’t have any money. Mario doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and then Gloria accused him of stealing just like Mario’s co-workers did. Mario’s old friend that has bad doings to earn money. but well-founded and true at the same time. he told Gloria that he saw an apple fell from a crate and then took it and put it in his lunch bag. Gloria was left crying with Tita. Then he told Gloria he thinks he’s going to have a job but Gloria doesn’t believe her but Mario convinced her and later on she puts her on him. a device used by poets and writers whereby nature mirrors the political condition of society. Tita hasn’t eaten anything for the whole day. 3. and he spent all of his money to another woman but Gloria didn’t believed in all of the reasons Mario gave her. Identify the dramatic devices used in the play. Pathos a situation that elicits pity from the audience. wrong judgment) which leads to his or her destruction. When Mario went home she automatically asked Gloria about the state of his daughter. Write a summary of the “The World is an Apple”. The World is an Apple 1. a type of drama of human conflict which ends in defeat and suffering. Gloria starts asking question and Mario just gave her reason like he had a few drinks with his friend and spent all of his money without even knowing it. Then. Nemesis. noble) has a tragic flaw (weakness of character. Mario told her that he’s going to meet someone for that said job and Gloria happily supports Mario going out from the house. Then he finally said that he lost his job and Gloria immediately asked him why. frailty. an ancient Greek theatre term meaning the error.

temptation. when they ate the forbidden fruit. They always remind me that God rewards people who have a good heart. . In the story of Adam and Eve. 4. the apple became a symbol for knowledge.  Whose view do you favor and why?  I favor on the view of Gloria. Pablo tries to tell Gloria that money is money. They always tell me that I should always do what is right even if it’s not on my favor because God knows what is best for us and he will never leave us. Then on the other hand. Apple was compared to sin and evil so when they titled the play “The World is an Apple” it may meant to be “The World is Evil” for many evil things were being done and brought to the world. Write out thesis sentence about the play. “Apple”. goodness would have prevailed. What are the views of the characters in the scene? Did they differ in opinion?  Gloria thinks that it is better to live without money than earning one from a bad doing.  After I read the play and the title. immortality. it hits me like a thunder because the first that came up to my mind was the story of Adam and Eve.  If it weren’t for the apple. This play shows the evil in the world. 5. the fall of man into sin. I believe that it is better to live a poor life than to earn million from a bad doing because that is what my parents taught me. He’s trying to tell her that the “honest” money he’s talking about is what makes her daughter undernourished and what makes them live a life like that. Comment on the title of the play. and sin itself.

2. Jessica Zafra is an extraordinary person. Then on her second article. She was to tell us her point of view and she knew it was the fact. 4. Jessica Zafra’s choice of words is excellent. I really mean it. What makes her articles funny and interesting is that she speaks her mind and we can relate to that. Zafra was trying to make us realize the risk about it. how will you characterize Zafra?  Zafra is a person who has a sense of humor. We even go to the point where we overshare information about us. Jessica Zafra also sticks to her own point of view.  For me. What is the tone manifested by Zafra in the first and second article?  She disagrees with everything but her own. she says what she want to say and neglecting others point of view. she gives her ideas and own point of views that correspond to the gathered facts. instagram. For me. her choice of words were brilliant because as an English major it gives me an opportunity to come across these unfamiliar words by reading her writings. But for me again. What is the mood being set by Zafra in article number 2?  Zafra was trying to warn us about being the people who took the number one spot of those people who take pictures of oneself and uploading it to social networking sites. and etc. Writing Styles of Jessica Zafra 1. She was trying to make us aware that once we upload our pictures our life becomes public because we are being watch by many people connected to us through facebook. But for some. In her first article. He was trying to tell me that some people who has a capacity to grasp the idea of Zafra’s writing with or without those unfamiliar words would really appreciate her work. like one of my friends use the term “unfriendly” to Zafra’s word choice. bloodcurdling and kaput from Zafra’s writing. they would just turn on the second page after reading the words like cynic. it is like she is just simply making us realize the risk we are putting to ourselves by posting and uploading our personal information to any social networking sites. . it seems like she is very against in any sweet things happening in a relationship. I love how she can be so creative and be a villain when say what she thinks of our usually doings like on the second stanza of her article “Pouring acid in the sea of love”. She seems to be so bitter at love (in my own opinion). twitter. 3. Based on her writing. She has a wide range of vocabulary and a very captivating way of using it. but for those he quoted “normal readers”. She is fond of telling and showing us the reality in a very captivating way. it is like she wants to ruin the Valentine’s spirit. When I say she speaks her mind. How will you describe Zafra’s diction or word choice? Cite textual evidence.

how I miss them so. Just bring me back my life. I want everything I touch turns to Gold So I may live my life with wealth and joy. Oh this excellent idea I have in mind. Oh please! Oh please Dionysus hear me! I would do anything for you to take this burden away from me. I would never wish for this to happen. I want no gold or wealth in my hands. . So that maybe Dionysus would turn back the favor For taking Silenus in my kingdom as my own. If only I knew. I hope Dionysus would make this come true. I should treat and make Silenus live like a king for a while. I cannot touch my family. so I can embrace the true treasure in my life. Oh please! Oh please grant me this wish. No one can replace the portion I gave my heart to it. I just want to feel love and joy again with the family and everything in my kingdom in my hand. I will live happily as a King if more gold will come to me. I don’t care. Oh I would do anything! Wash myself a million times. my joy and everything I live for. Oh this thing I never thought of! Everything is gold but I live with no joy. King Midas Oh how wonderful these gold in my hands They are my life.