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Prathamesh Bandekar

An evening PV Sindhu has an inspiring
for Delhi’s message for young girls
fashionistas J
ohnson & Johnson’s sanitary napkin brand
Stayfree recently announced its campaign
‘Dreams of Progress’ with badminton player
PV Sindhu, as their brand ambassador. The chal-
practice, play matches and constantly keep a check on
my fitness too. With so much physical activity, I have no
excuse even during my periods, and this is where I
trust Stayfree. To add to it, the brand has a progressive
lenges faced by adolescent girls in India due to men- mindset, constantly urging girls to pursue their
struation restricts them in pursuing their ambitions dreams and be their usual selves even during their pe-
wholeheartedly. The campaign encourages and riods. I resonate with #DreamsOfProgress as it en-
urges girls to pursue their dreams and inspires them courages girls to go ahead and achieve their dreams
to not hold back even during days of periods. In a and not let any challenges pause their progress, partic-
quick tête-à-tête, Sindhu reveals what keeps her go- ularly not their periods. We are hoping that this cam-
ing and why she thinks it is so important for women paign brings about a change in the mindset of girls and
to follow their dreams... motivates them to not let periods bog them down.
How important do you think it is for a woman to pursue How do you plan to create a difference through this
her dreams, be it in any field? campaign?
It is not only important but absolutely necessary for a Our rationale for ‘Dreams of Progress’ is simple –
woman or girl to pursue her dreams and create a dis- every girl harbours certain dreams. However, she faces
tinct identity for herself. Dreams and ambitions are challenges in the pursuit of them. We’d like to bring
what drive an individual and bring purpose to their about a change in the lives of these young girls. While
lives. I urge all you girls out there to have faith in your they may have many dreams and are full of optimism
dreams and put in that little extra effort everyday to and hope, sometimes they hold back during periods.
progress towards them. Stayfree understands these girls and wants to inspire
As an athlete, what are the challenges you face while them to not pause their dreams even during periods, as
Maja the brand promises them the protection they deserve.
pursuing your dreams?
While chasing your dreams, you are bound to face chal- What are your future series/ tournaments?
lenges. When I started playing at an early age, manag- All England Badminton Championship is next major
Shilpi Ahuja and Karan Ahuja tournament this year followed by the Asian Games. All
ing studies and my game was the first challenge. Im-
esigner Shilpi Ahuja recent- proving my consistency and breaking into top 10 was a my efforts are currently directed to performing to the

D ly presented her new pret and
bridal couture. The collection
boasts of a varied blend of textiles,
challenge. Overcoming the injury scare just before the
Olympics and qualifying was a big challenge. I am sure
every girl faces challenges in her journey. But its our
best of my capabilities and maintaining consistency. I
am focusing and working really hard and leaving no
stone unturned to give my best during the tournament.
intricate works like embroidery, dream that motivates us to keep going during these Can we expect to see you in the same spirit even if you’re
zardozi, etc, in assorted range of times and helps us overcome these obstacles. on your periods? PV SINDHU
colours. From pre-bridal outfits to Why did you choose to endorse Stayfree? I believe periods shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your
formal wedding attires, her ensem- I am very selective about the brands that I endorse – I dreams. And I won’t let anything come in between me
ble is a blend of fashionable and chic need to relate to the brand as well as believe in it. As an and the pursuit of my dream of progress. Not even pe-
designs with traditional and ethnic athlete, I have to follow a tough routine. I need to travel, riods!
patterns. Deepanshi Bamal of I Am
Fashion said, “It’s time to look for-
ward for our second edition of fash-

Different ways to wear a short skirt
ion in the city in March.”

Diviya Bhargava and Sonali Kumar
ne of the best revivals of try this style out. fle mini with a plain T-shirt or skirt with a short denim jacket,

O the sixties – the short skirt
– is that style staple that
probably every girl has in her
Pair your mini with a colour-
even a polka dotted tee with an A-
lined one.
block top to add some vibrant fun LAYER IT UP
top and a thin belt. Try a se-
quinned skirt with black stock-
ings and a black leather jacket if
wardrobe. Channeling sass and you’re heading to a party.
to your look. A cherry-red or For a day about town, wear your
a flirty charm, the mini has al- –
bright yellow jumper over a black
ways proved to be versatile, and skirt makes for day dressing. Add
can be paired with a variety of ac- black suede or embellished flats
cessories and garments. If it’s to complete the look.
cool, wear your skirt with a
leather jacket. Summer? Open- MIX IT UP
toed sandals or espadrilles are Mixed prints are having their
apt. We present smart ways to rev moment in the sun so go ahead
An and pair a chic floral skirt with a
embellished up your fashion quotient with a
short skirt. Here’s how... ditsy-filled top or a gingham pat-
short skirt terned one over a stylish camou-
is perfect TEAM IT WITH BOOTS flage print shirt.
for the Try this one for a night out. Wear
summer leggings underneath the skirt and GO FOR A CLASSIC TEE
slip on some thigh-high boots. Tall Nothing says classic like a good
boots also make your legs look ol’ T-shirt, so wear one over your
longer so that’s another reason to skirt, too. Try a high-waisted ruf-
Dominica Moniaova Pia Khanna