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Alisha McFadyen

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Home phone: (506) 454-6542 Cell phone: (506) 261-5640  E-Mail:
Career Focus/Summary
I am currently attending St. Thomas University to complete my education degree, with a career focus of becoming a
school teacher. I was fortunate to complete two practicums’ during my time within the St. Thomas University Education
Program. These two experiences within the classroom enabled me to grasp my own sense of teaching, classroom
management skills, along with my philosophies of teaching and assessment.


Montana’s Cookhouse March 2012 – May 2016

 I worked within Montana’s for over four years, with my first two years being a hostess. I held the position of
“Lead Hostess”, taking part in answering phones, making reservations, and making sure that everything ran
 After two years of hosting I became a server at Montana’s, learning everything from working within an extremely
fast-paced environment, to ensuring thorough costumer satisfaction.

Hanwell Community Children’s Day Camp June 2014 – August 2014
June 2015 – August 2015
June 2016 – August 2016
June 2017 – August 2017

 While still being a part of the Montana’s Cookhouse staff, I worked a full-time summer job as a summer day
camp leader.
 This job consisted of leading various groups of children through different activities each week.
 Age range of 4 – 11 years old.

Barton Tutoring Program March 2015 – June 2015
September 2015 – April 2016
 During the second semester of my second year, along with my third year of university, I had the privilege to take
part in being a Barton Tutor. This includes teaching those with disabilities how to read and write.
 Working with students and children with diverse learning abilities.
 Tutoring consists of teaching one-on-one.

Shannex Parkland Retirement Living (Volunteer) May 2015 – July 2015

 Following the end of my second year of university I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer my time at
Shannex Parkland Retirement Living.
 I taught jewelry making classes, along with helping out with special events, bingo, and “YMCA Day”.

Eclipse Fredericton May 2016 – July 2017
 Moving forward from Montana’s cookhouse I accepted a job offer as a sales associate in the Regent Mall at the
Eclipse clothing store. Within this job comes dealing with stock, organization, and completing excellent costumer
 I took on the lead of third key holder, learning the responsibilities of opening/closing the store, demonstrating
trust, capability, and leadership.
Massage Addict January 2018 – Current
 During my Bachelor of Education degree, I began working as a front desk receptionist at Massage Addict
Fredericton. This job holds the responsibilities of checking clients in/out of service, direct billing to insurance
companies, pulling/updating files for the next day of clients, and doing reminder calls for clients.


Fredericton High School 2009 – 2013
 Academic College Prep Courses
 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

St. Thomas University 2013 – Present Date
Fredericton, New Brunswick

 Bachelor of Education
o Major in Elementary
 Bachelor of Arts obtained in 2017
o Double major: Sociology & Gerontology
o Minor: English

I am an extremely cooperative, hardworking, and passionate person. I work to achieve and do my absolute best work with
anything that I do. I work well within fast paced environments and consider myself to be an excellent worker. Skills I
obtain are as follows:
 Works great with children
 Energetic and organized
 Thrive in a fast-paced environment
 Positive & happy demeanor
 Pay great attention to detail
 Quick learner
 Strong leadership skills
 Excellent cooperator
 Microsoft, PowerPoint, and social media knowledge

2011 – 2012: In 2012, during the month of May, I took a course at Green Hill Lake Camp called “Team Building”, which
focuses on interaction with children. I have also completed 10 years of studying piano, with 4 of those years being Royal
Conservatory. I was also a dancer at the YMCA, focusing on lyrical and interpretive dances.

2014 – 2015: I have received “Employee of The Month” for Montana’s Cookhouse in both 2014 and 2015.

2015 – 2016: During this time, I received a grade point average of 3.7 or over for both the fall and winter semester,
meeting the requirements for the Dean’s List at St. Thomas University.

2017: Accepted, along with began schooling, within the St. Thomas University Education Program.


Employment References:

Katelyn Thomas (Summer Camp Manager)
Phone: (506) 471-7338

Holly Wolfe (Eclipse Manager)
Phone: (506) 227-3997

Robyn Stevenson (Current Massage Addict Manager)
Phone: (506) 471-4434

Teaching Related References:

Patti Holloway (Cooperating Teacher)
Phone: (506) 472-3373

Darlene Whitehouse (Teaching Supervisor)
Phone: (506) 459-2562