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The Mystara Magazine

The ninth issue of Mystara's premier magazine delves beneath
the crust of the Outer World into the Land of the Red Sun,
featuring Icevale, Selhomar, villains, adventurers, Immortals,
and much more!

Previous Issues

Previous Issues
Issues #1 to #8 of THRESHOLD - the Mystata Also available at the same location are higher
Magazine, are available for download from the resolution versions of the maps that were
Vaults of Pandius website. included in the issue’s PDF, allowing greater
detail to be viewed.

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THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Issue Contents

Editorial Credits....................................................2
This Issue s Contributors......................................4
Call for Contributors.............................................6
Before the Hollow World......................................7
Icevale Elves........................................................11
Illaria’s Folly.......................................................28
The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures...34
Children of Azca..................................................51
Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle...62
Seshay-Selene, patroness of the Hollow Moon. . 87
Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2.................91
Koskatep level 7 - Signs of the Universe........117
Zetacaalpa, Seer of Ages...................................141
Rahasia - a D&D 5E Adaptation........................147
Accounts of an Apprentice................................170
Artwork Sources and Credits............................190
Next Issue..........................................................197

This issue’s cover:
Quetzalcoatl (by I. Calvin): Commissioned specifically for Issue 9 of Threshold, this
illustration depicts the Immortal Atraughin flying high above the surface of the Hollow
World. His chosen form, that of a feathered serpent, is well known to adherents and foes
alike throughout the lands beneath Mystara's surface.

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine is a non-commercial, fan-produced magazine. There is no
intention to infringe on anyone's rights, and in particular not on those of Wizards of the Coast,
which holds all rights to the original material on which the magazine is based.

THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Editorial Credits

Editorial Credits
Threshold Editorial Team:
Editor-in-Chief, Issue 9:
Allan Palmer (AllanP) John Calvin (Chimpman)
Angel Tarragon
Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)
Giampaolo Agosta (Agathokles) Layout:
Håvard Allan Palmer (AllanP)
John Calvin (Chimpman)
Joseph Setorius (Julius Cleaver) Art:
Robert Nuttman (RobJN) I. Calvin
Simone Neri (Zendrolion)

Editors Emeriti Cartography:
Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)
Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew) Michele c. (LoZompatore)
Jesper Andersen (Spellweaver)
Thorfinn Tait (Thorf)
Troy Terrell (CmdrCorsiken) Additional Reviewers & Proofreaders:
Geoff Gander
THRESHOLD logo designed by Thorf

Thanks To: The Mystara Community, for your support, hard work, and dedication to Mystara.

The aims of Threshold magazine:
▪ to provide a venue for community members to present material
▪ to promote the Vaults of Pandius and the material there
▪ to increase the exposure of existing and new articles
▪ to encourage authors to revisit and revitalise existing articles
▪ to motivate interest in Mystara in general


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9


I was first introduced to Dungeons & for Red October), and most of all I remember
Dragons during my eighth birthday. One of the cacophony of plots racing through my
my friends gave me the red boxed set as a skull.
gift, and while we played a few one-offs at
the time, that box sat in a drawer in my Along with substantial nostalgia, the Hollow
bedroom, largely forgotten, for years World has fueled a more recent pastime of
afterward. At some point my brothers and I mine, a hobby I've taken to calling Fantasy
began playing in earnest and the two of them Archaeology. With its early connections to
chipped in and bought me GAZ 8 The Five Blackmoor, and teasing references to ancient
Shires for Christmas. After that I was cultures such as Nithia and Taymora, Mystara
hooked. I took every opportunity to plead has always been a world with rich history…
and beg with my parents to buy yet another something that is not always immediately
chunk of my beloved Mystara… but those apparent to players. In the Hollow World,
occurrences were few and far between. that history came to life; it drove myself, and
countless others, to explore Mystara's
That situation changed drastically once I got unearthed past. A past with just as much
my first part time job after school, and it is potential for adventuring as the modern era's
also why I have a special place in my heart setting. Yet that is a topic for another time,
for the Hollow World. I can still remember and dare I say it, a future issue of Threshold!
walking into my friendly local gaming shop
and seeing that boxed set for the first time. I am very proud of the work we've done in
It was one of the first purchases I made with this issue of Threshold. So prepare
my own hard earned cash… and it was yourselves! What lies below will refire the
money well spent. imagination, for within the depths of these
pages shines an ever burning light, the rays
Memories of those times have not been of a Red Sun...
forgotten. I remember the smell of the
books, the background music I played when
PCs first emerged from the Broken Lands
John Calvin (Chimpman)
into the great stone bowl at Atacalpa (it was
Issue 9 Editor-in-Chief
Kaboom!!! from the soundtrack of The Hunt


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

This Issue s Contributors

This Issue’s Contributors

Argentmantle - commonly referred to as Giuliano Michelon has been playing D&D
Leland, this author is a graphic and web since the late 80ies and, like many others,
designer by day and an avid gamer by night. had his start with the Red Box. He soon
Besides lounging in the glories of Mystara, he moved over to AD&D and divided his
is also the site administrator for gaming time between his favored settings:, the home of Calidar Mystara and Ravenloft (although playing
on the web. He has written for Louis Porter more the latter). With the coming of 3e, he
Jr. Designs in the past on supplements like moved fully back to the first setting, Mystara.
Magic of Neo-Exodus, written for the Silven He collaborated with (and was a member of)
Trumpeter magazine, and cleaned up after his the Overlord club in Padua, designing and
greyhound Harmony. developing D&D tournament modules for
PadCon 2001 and several editions of
Even though Sturm (a.k.a. Francesco GiocaPadova. Nowadays, he concentrates
Defferrari) loves any alternate world, he fully on his own gaming group, with a
believes Mystara is incomparably the best for weekly D&D Mystara campaign, soon to
its vibrant community endlessly delving into switch to the 5th edition of the game.
ethnography, linguistics and history just to
make a little sense of it. Something like the Håvard (aka Håvard Blackmoor) does
real world, but with dragons. not, contrary to popular theory, have six
arms. When he is not writing about Mystara
Geoff Gander has been heavily involved in at The Piazza or is working on his Blackmoor
the Mystaran community for longer than he Blog, he goes out raiding neighbouring
cares to remember. He has since been villages like any true Norwegian. He also
published by Solstice Publishing, Metahuman runs The Comeback Inn, a forum dedicated
Press, AE SciFi, and Expeditious Retreat Press. to Dave Arneson's Blackmoor.
He primarily writes horror and dark fantasy,
but is willing to give anything a whirl. When I. "Meandrathel" Calvin enjoys drawing
he isn't writing or toiling on a cube farm, fantasy, and animals that can kill. Namely
Geoff spends his time reading, entertaining wolves, dragons, horses, and most large
his two boys, watching British comedies, felines. Human animal hybrids are not
playing roleplaying games, and travelling. Not excluded either; she often draws human
at the same time. versions of her favorite animals. She does,
however, despise drawing things that are
unbearingly cute. It's a pretty awful thing to


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

This Issue s Contributors

John Calvin is fascinated by the depth of he enjoys original settings & campaigns set
Mystaran history, and has always wanted to in Greyhawk, Harn, and Dark Sun. A map
share that more fully with players. To that loving surveyor, his other interests include
end he has been developing sub-settings like reading, hiking, and playing/teaching piano.
The Hollow Moon and Mystara 2300 BC.
Michele "LoZompatore" C. played BECMI
Joseph Setorius (aka julius_cleaver) began for most of his life, starting way back in
roleplaying in '79, & besides a few brief 1987. He most of all likes mixing and
intervals is constantly involved in one matching canon and fanon material about
campaign or another. Though a longtime Mystara to see how many new adventure
Mystaran DM & player; including a thirteen hooks can be churned out. In the little spare
year campaign throughout the eighties & time away from Mystara he helps other guys
early nineties, which helped create much of in designing oil and gas pipelines around
his material; he is relatively new to the the (real) world.
Mystara online community. Besides Mystara

Some features in issues of Threshold carry a “From
the Vaults of Pandius” tagline. As one of our stated
aims is “to promote the Vaults of Pandius and the
material there”, we hope you will enjoy these
revised or extended treasures from that website.

From the
Forum at

Some features in issues of Threshold carry a “From
the Mystara Forum at The Piazza” tagline. Theses
Discussion Boards are an active and dynamic home
of creativity for the Mystara community and many
other game worlds. We hope you will enjoy the


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Call for Contributors

The Threshold editorial team invites all fans Articles about other topics are still
of the Mystara setting to submit welcome and the editorial team will
contributions to the next issues of the evaluate their publication in an issue,
magazine. taking into account space available
and that issue's theme.
We are looking especially for contributions
fitting the following themes: Threshold accepts (and invites) the
submission of extended or revised
Issue 10 - Elves versions of works having appeared on The
Proposal Deadline: Expired, but Piazza or the Vaults of Pandius.
proposal could still be submitted if the
author is confident that the article will be Contributions may include, but are not
completed by the below deadline limited to, articles (short stories, short
Manuscript Deadline: October 31st 2015 adventure modules, NPCs, historical
Issue Published: End December 2015 treatises and timelines, geographical
entries, new monsters and monster
Call for proposals for main themes of ecologies, etc.) and illustrations (portraits,
forthcoming issues (2015): maps, heraldry, illustrations, etc.)
Isle of Dawn, Thyatis and Alphatia The Threshold editorial team strives for
The editorial team will accept proposal on edition neutrality, but edition specific
the Isle of Dawn, Thyatis, Alphatia and articles (e.g., conversions) are also
dependencies (Ochalea, Pearl Islands, accepted. Statistics for new monsters and
Alatians, Bellisaria, Esterhold and any NPCs may be included in articles (e.g.,
other colony). adventure modules, new monsters or
NPCs) in any version of Dungeons &
Dragons. The editorial team also offers
Ages Past
help in providing conversions to some
The editorial team will accept proposals
specific rules set (including BECMI/RC,
on Mystara’s past ages (Y’hog, Blackmoor,
2nd Edition, 3rd edition/Pathfinder).
Mystara 2300 BC, Taymora, Nithia, or any
However, they should be limited to the
culture or location that existed before
minimum -- for most NPCs, it is sufficient
present day Mystara.
to mention class, level, and alignment. For
important NPCs, a one or two line stat
block could be included.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

then only known as the D&D look at for those who are interested in seeing Game World© or the Known World that was how this concept had been developing in the finally selected to incorporate that concept. The Skartaris the Dawn of the Emperors Boxed Set. In the world However. earlier products by Allston are worth taking a it was Mystara. there was some talk not Aaron Allston’s first attempt at designing about giving Greyhawk its own Hollow Oerth a Hollow World-like game setting. For for ages. Series (DC) and the upcoming Iron Sky 2 are just a few examples of this idea. 7 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Journey to the Center of the Earth Mystara. beyond the Land of the Black Ice. the Dwarves of Rockhome and Series (Edgar Rice Burroughs). he peoples is something that has been explored was already a well established game designer. author’s mind for years before beginning his Product Manager Bruce Heard selected work on the Hollow World Boxed Set. The Pellucidar Karameikos. Niels Klim’s Underground products such as the Grand Duchy of Travels (Ludvig Holberg). However. the Hollow World boxed set was of Dungeons & Dragons. Two other. in the world of literature and comic books having worked with multiple companies. Those Aaron Allston (1960-2014) to create this are Lands of Mystery for the Justice Inc RPG subsetting to be published as a boxed set in (Hero Games) and The Worlds of Ultima: 1990. While Allston had not yet become the Savage Empires PC Game. he had also designed essential (Jules Verne). Before the Hollow World Aaron Allston’s first attempts at a Hollow World Setting From the Mystara By Håvard Forum at The concept of a world on the inside of the famous fiction writer he would later grow planet filled with prehistoric creatures and into with his popular Star Wars novels.

While this booklet was high quality for its time. Lands of Mystery presents the Land Set. as well as an adventure allowing the characters to explore 8 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Some critics felt that the Roman Legion was one of the elements that did not fit so naturally into Zorandar. Comparing this book with the Hollow World Boxed Set. Land of Mystery’s section on Lost Worlds settings in This hard to find campaign book was general would have provided Allston with a published in 1985 for the Justice Inc RPG. lot of research that would have been very which was a rules light variant of Hero valuable for him when working on the Boxed System. This 96 page booklet is filled with illustrations of lizardmen. The Roman Legion has been replaced with the Milennian Empire in the Hollow World. Call of Cthulhu and Daredevil RPG. but the Hollow World boxed set solves this by making the preservation of ancient civilisations a key feature of that setting. but with the same author dinosaurs. cave (1985) girls and other Lost World tropes and also contains conversion guidelines for Chill. a world where primitive clearly two different settings and two humans struggle for survival among different products. Before the Hollow World LANDS OF MYSTERY the world of Zorandar. it is easy to see the ferocious lizardmen. Beyond this. but at the very least it is an the Lost World genre and how to create your interesting coincidence. lizardmen (Malpheggi) and brave natives (Neathar?) in both products. it is easy to note the presence of dinosaurs. Whether the title Emperor with a legion of Roman soldiers in Lands of Mystery had any influence on the his service. Zorandar is also home to behind the two. eventual naming of the D&D Game World © setting as Mystara is not something we can The book is both a sourcebook discussing confirm. own Lost World settings with it. some critics feel that the design choices used by Allston in the book have been copied so many times later that the book may seem less impressive to a modern audience than it would have done to those picking it up in 1985. and a despotic Roman inspiration behind both. Zorandar and the Hollow World are of Zorandar.

Again. many ideas and concepts are similar. not its technical aspects. meaning that Allston was probably working on the two simultaneously. while this is a different setting and universe than the Hollow World. It should be noted that most of the 9 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . dinosaurs and magic. While it isn’t quite explained how this all works. Savage Empires is not set in the land of Britannia. Not only do we have the presence of stone age cultures. This strange valley is filled with various primitive tribes and different breeds of dinosaurs. Its inhabitants have somehow been magically transported there from various time periods and places on earth. Neanderthal like Brute-Men. It should be noted that Allston is credited for the story of the game. the valley of Eodon exists on our own World although its exact location is unknown. but instead in a place called the Valley of Eodon. but having at some point SAVAGE EMPIRES (1990) arrived into this strange valley. Before the Hollow World WORLDS OF ULTIMA: tribes are most likely descended from our own real world. but even the concept of tribes being magically transported and preserved in both This sequel to the popular Ultima Series came out in 1990. Sounds familiar yet? The goal of the game is to learn of the various stone age tribes and their jungle magic and find a way to fight the insectoid race known as the Myrmidex which have recently arrived to wreak havoc on the valley. That was actually the same year that the Hollow World boxed set came out. Learning the secret behind the Myrmidex and their origin will allow the hero to restore peace in the valley. both hostile and peaceful varieties. Unlike the other Ultima Games.

Land of Mystery. it should Prehistoric Pulp Blog be possible to incorporate material from Dino’s Guide to the Savage Empire Land of Mystery or Savage Empires directly in Worlds of Utima: Savage Empire at Wikipedia the Hollow World or simply use them as inspiration to get into the right atmosphere for a Hollow World campaign. At the same time. it is even possible to find similarities between each tribe and the many cultures of the Hollow For the Hollow World specifically. I can reveal that it does have something to the equivalent of the Blacklore 10 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . CONCLUSION A professional game designer like Aaron Allston certainly did not just reuse old ideas and throw them into the Hollow World. Examining the tribes of the Valley of Eodon. those looking for more inspiration to further develop their Hollow World or even Outer APPENDIX: SOURCES World campaigns might want to investigate more into these and other works by Allston. Lands of Mystery at rpggeek. The Kurak are similar to the Oltecs. Savage Empires is actually available for free from Gog. Savage Empires and the Hollow World Boxed Set are three quite different products and settings. Without spoiling too much of Savage Empires. There is also the presence of science fiction style high technology in both settings. comparing the three offers a chance to pick at the author’s brain a little and see how Read more on the Piazza his ideas and inspiration worked their way Forums: into each game. the Nahuatla are Azcans etc. the Yolaru are similar to the Tanagoro. even if those takes are fairly different in the two incarnations. Land of Mystery Savage Empires From a Mystara fan point of view. Before the Hollow World cases.

Icevale Elves Icevale Elves Mini Gazetteer by argentmantle 11 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

the waste of rotting sickness could be planned. These elves were too frail to carry on in the subterranean trek or succumbed quickly to The survivors ambled toward their kin. With Supplies could be shared. that was a matter of desperation. When the your mother may have told is that the elf device was discovered.. simply not true. and the simple that could be done that would not sear of attrition of their long march. children. is rotting sickness amongst the elven peoples. Glantrian elves were exploring the Broken whispered in the cruel hours when the Lands. the device detonated. unable to do more marched to the cavern where our than wail at the losses. hidden away. in the place where the sun brightens not. being came across it first. Those still in the brethren had last been seen. combination of casualties caused the Icevale population to lose almost all of its adults. or cavern full of bodies. though they sickness. through the caverns was harrowing. We were Driven underground by the wicked rotting happy. for the trip the whole of the world did not end. This strange those images into their minds. no matter how meager diminished the population of the elders. around 1700 BC. saw it as well. Our stumbled across an ancient Blackmoorian people came across a lone elf. 12 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . a hushed one. Icevale Elves HISTORY OF THE ICEVALE Tale of the Lonely Elf On the Surface During their wanderings through the deepest places of Mystara a legend has More than 2500 years ago. and elders in a short span. we were overjoyed. There is a tale. The youngest elves were Our column of refugees raised the few poisoned by the same disease and died as pendants and banners of our home and their parents looked on. through simple was mad from the pain of the loss and accident or curiosity. they floating islands obscure the sun. During their explorations. There was nothing disease. womb at the time of the disaster were twisted operating much closer to the main group and deformed by it. amidst a device. The rumor that simply forgotten no one knows. sprung up.. the arduous journey. Some say it was sickness. operating far from the bulk of Through the Darkness our people came across a group of elves in the darkest places here. elves far too young to see such adults suffered the effects of the wasting things. my child. was unable or unwilling to be roused to This poisoned the air and caused a deadly join our ancestors. perhaps a feast each day. The scouts. the wasting. Our scouts. others say that it knowing there were more survivors. That tale. even the group. whether discarded. In time. stillborn or worse. the elven population began a long suffered as did we from the hideous journey through the tunnels. But the whole of the born hideous and broken. We could take solace in inspired by the immortals.

had Guided by their immortal patron Wotan. After a brief succour on the plains. they saw that this one elf had acted with great evil. In the visions that came. This time though. the group turned their eyes to the north.the great and terrible ‘thunder lizards. then he in turn slew the guards. maddened amalgamation of knowledge and the bitter and spent by the loss around him. The land was strange and alien. sickness. they needed no immortal guidance to spur them on. the elves once again broke camp. or their throats cut. hewn. With purpose and a renewed vigour. a Under the Eternal Sun twisted sense of compassion. They spotted the cold glimmering peaks that their people had left in the chill lands of Glantri. creatures akin to the size and appearance of dragons. Simple and savage men from the times before the Blackmoorian cataclysm. what little magic we could muster.’ Living near these ancient herds and their predators were men. 13 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . they encountered strange reptiles. hundreds if not a they could on their stony deathbeds. He was their king. tunnels into flat plains bathed in the light of He was all that was left of his people. sorely blessed future without them. or torn by spell. This strange wounded. immediately settled in and recovered after the terrible ordeal. These creatures fit the descriptions that had been passed down from the most ancient elven traditions . they called upon his guards to slay the finally emerged from the darkness and harsh people. Icevale Elves In their wisdom the elders recorded what The whole group. our diviners conjured up grew up in the tunnels. Sitting in the not wishing their loved ones peace or a middle of it all was one lone elf. The elven survivors. Rather than see his people suffer. the king. a crimson sun. all lay withered by the wounded adults spent their last moments. theirs was a goal finally in sight of their keen elven eyes. bodies recording the secrets of their trades or crafts. realities of their survival transfigured the While our healers endeavored to tend Glantrian Elven culture into the culture that his wounds. the Neathar. Mortally thousand. a motley bunch.

they scoured the caverns their back. and the few and at such a dark hour. the knowledge of crafts and trades far kin to death. Fredar and Laelithriana reciting a bit of the Icevale Fredara. Ever since. banishing home. it was the first time 14 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the clan has inhabited the Icevale. and their crafts. Once the necessities of survival had been seen to. until finally they arrived at their new mad elven king in the dark. and woodcraft. In the Icevale -Tale of the Lonely Elf With the trek behind them. the Icevale elves worked diligently in the constant sunshine to build small timber cabins to live in while they carved out the caverns on the sides of the cliffs and slopes. the elves quickly sauntered for remaining supplies and materials. the whole clan breathed a sigh of relief. the young adult elves who had matured far too much along the journey began the process of scribing and recording what they could of their ways. For a few. elves on settling the new lands. they turned their memories back to the ancient celebrations of the elves on the surface and did as best they could to emulate the fae feel of such a raucous event. They honed their almost forgotten skills of skiing. building homes and making the valleys and peaks their own. Their ways and people would carry on. farming. The clan of elves has spread out and learned about the mountainous terrain. the husband and wife guided the Elves’ experience within the dark lands. Icevale Elves With their remnants of their culture in their Unable or unwilling to sentence our own hearts. For the first few years. their culture. Finally. Collectively. him alone in the dark. the elves had a land of their own and began the long process of turning the land into their home. In celebration of this. hunting. through the last few days and weeks of their They tended his wounds but bound the journey. or perhaps artefacts and trappings of their country on because of that. even in such a dark place too complex for mere youths.

could barely sit up and struggled to protect but soon the desperation of the human her den of pups. feasts and dances were the hunt of game is allowed. Yes. Upon their examination. the Elves of Icevale chose to celebrate it as passionately as they could. a pair of appreciated as much as smithing or leather young elves madly in love. singing and necessity for the Icevale Elves. calming her. This After several years in their new land. it was the first time that ancestors taught them as they lay dying. but they had no idea how to fight a protracted engagement. singing to her. the pair was walking through the snow when Hollow World experienced a drought. Celebrating the victory was of course a Drinking and dancing. bringing the wolf a few The elves found this disrespect of nature scraps of raw reindeer meat. and then strike immediately after the confusion on skis. Of all the things that their happiness and home. they found that she Watching the crude spears bring down game. and demonstrating that New Friends and Foes they meant no harm. at least for that working. war they could feel the cold raw air of a was not truly one of those things. The elves used their mastery of the wild and their knowledge of the mountainous climate to wage a guerrilla war against the Neathar. snuck off from the rest of the gathering to become better acquainted. hunting parties ranging deep into the mountains. the 15 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . treating the whole thing as vicious pranks and lightning attacks. Yet the clan leaders were earned her trust and on the third day. wolf in the language of the old elves. The lump of fur was a south remembered the strange travellers. They would trigger an avalanche to tear through a camp of the hunters. It was the first time knew the elven skill with the longbow and they truly had a home. but take too common. sorely injured mountain wolf. The elf couple spoke to the tribesmen caused them to over hunt the area. week. the couple returned. Slowly they abhorrent. fearing they awoke some vengeful mountain spirits retreated. If there was a holiday they could much and the mountains will scorn them. sword. The young leaders used the skills they had learned. After the first day. Icevale Elves in their lives that they could remember unprepared. a she-wolf who Thinking these travellers knew of more had been injured by the Neathar while plentiful game. The they came upon a lump of fur in the snow people that had inhabited the plains to the over a small hole. remember. the Neathar. telling tales that Celebrations. they mountain wilderness. At first the elves were curious. the Neathar tribes sent hunting for her pups. It was during storytelling soon became a craft that was as the celebrations that one couple. Eventually.

gold. this time under a flag of killing elves as they go. the have been the same. and then settle it all with odd diplomacy. these two members of their respective races and using the land for trap and ambush. contact with Krugel Horde. Oddly. Of when they came upon a cabin that had not course to celebrate their Beastmen friends. there was first meetings that the elves had with the concocted a plan both terrible and heinous. They brought with them trade goods. Antalians were traveling far from home. They Beastmen. the elves their lands. and furs from the elves living there. Icevale Elves wolf could sit again on her haunches. but found it strangely deserted. raid for it the next. the elves and Beastmen have earned the strange lupine kinship that the taken turn attacking. The elves follow the orcs back to return. Of course. a Reign of Rimebite few seasons later the Antalians would start the cycle all over again. and things that elves were lacking. Few things will anger the elves In fact. previous year and their new friends they found in the Antalian traders. In homeland. Elves of Icevale keep today with the wolves surrendering and trading with strange ebbs that pull their sleds. on the celebrate the victory against the raiders the sacred soil of their mountains. or victory the elves planned feasts and were famous for got the better of them and festivities to commemorate the date. been there before. smoked fish. Krugel or other. The Krugel orcs strike Antalians retreated. the elves trade steel and smithed items for The elves also met the Antalians during these materials. the elves of and flows that are as wild as Beastmen course threw a party. Though violent and sudden. sniping spawned from and the meetings between with arrows along rime covered tree lines. After that. the next year the with their thundering cavalry. winter wine. have it all early years in the Hollow World. In time the elves truce. Whatever the events that brought more food for the pups and slowly transpired. during the cold summer nights and colder winter nights on the frosty Far stranger than the raiding Antalians is the slopes of the Icevale Mountains. defending. the elves made ready to pushed out of their lands. Every battle has been bloody. The animosity push these new invaders out of their homes. the elves threw a magnificent party to more so than an orc. the fighting fierce and the orcs In the snowy peaks. 16 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . mount vicious ambushes and terrific traps strange furs. bloodlines. Thinking Only three times in the course of fifteen it plentiful loot. sea and force the orcs away from their shells. From these northerly neighbours. Krugel Horde. they struck at the elven home. exotic spices. harrying the orcs and in turn invited these strangers into their homes and being driven out by the response of the soon built up a respect for their neighbours. destroying and Antalians returned. A century or so ago. between elf and orc is the stuff legends are Striking with sleds drawn by wolves. The raiding tradition they trade. they harboured little The Krugel Horde brutality and stole steel. under a cautious eye. The stolen back a couple years down the road. the Antalians moved on to centuries have the Elves of Icevale come in the next cabin.

With a dragon under his white dragon and its rider. with pocked skin. found the courage and means to nor compassionate of the dragons. raid the next. to lead his strong force against the Elves of drinking. when the unnamed elf and his frosty that she raised him to hate the elves. and weathering the frosty packs of winter wolves and tribes of frost breath in a winter wolf pelt cloak. It wasn’t until the final white dragon. Whatever her name was. It was an returned. The babe was found on the powerful army of creatures arrayed against slopes by of all things a rather matronly them until one young elven warrior. not the most intelligent Heshalon. sleds were him like only a mother could. but simply protect out. was soon apparent that village after village and life in mountainous land continues as it would fall against these cold-hearted villains. for as a Icevale finally over. but found that 17 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . black hair. He took the time and power to unlikely thing. this nameless elf soon rallied a few spell after spell. not to was simply to rule the people who cast him rally the army in disarray. a club In rank and file. It Beastmen trade some seasons. With his power. A white dragon by the of slight stature but keen mind that slew the name of Rimebite. She giants of Kulear to his cause. They found that led to a year of terror among the rest of that nothing they did could stop the the Icevale. Now. It was the hamper the wolves. the even now nameless elf magicks of the elves against them in full fury. In time. So venomous were her tales battle. With the threat to their homeland. a wielded as chariots. It would be a grand warrior he was too twisted by his birth to reason to celebrate if Heshalon had slain the master. has for centuries. and loved wolves. this old stop them. The dragon raised this twisted elf. With the fierceness of someone with little to the elves of Icevale began a celebration that lose. nation. he slew his adoptive beast and rider in mortal combat. and people vanquished. giants. learned cruelty and hatred weaned Striking on skis and dancing away the elves from the poisoning tales of a very cunning turned the tide. the nameless elven outcast soon began lasted a week with a great feast. Reindeer used as cavalry. Striking from the cold wintery snowstorms. In time. an elven woman subdue that fell wyrm. they met the giants and foot. motherly sort was not about to abandon a babe on the slopes. casting upon him control. Icevale Elves An Icevale Elf had been cast out from their the cold weather and rugged terrain did not community when just but a babe. the group of giants and wolves The most recent years have passed relatively would raze settlements that would not peaceably for the elves. and turned the natural century or so. The Antalians and capitulate. Icevale. mount were slain was the threat to the he grew powerful as a wizard. the first military that the elves had seen since they had come to the land of the Eternal Sun. white dragon. a timid hero. but the mother when one of her children had elven leader was slain trying that. child. or the dragon any beginning of just a few unlucky coincidences more so then it slowed them. The elves tried their tactics. His cause? It stepped in when Heshalon was slain. and singing. her dying brother. He rallied the demoralized elves and setup it matters little to the tale. dances. and enslaved the ones that did.

the Hollow World are the elves who bear the the elves will revel in the life of the soon to same name. Icevale Elves their past and the price they still pay for it Immortal Grudge today. This is part of the burden that they and they had stumbled upon Atziann in still bear for the sins of their ancestors. They are surprisingly strong and healthy for elves. know how to cultivate mushrooms and fungi celebrating and feasting whenever they get to augment the crops. They migrated the community and enjoy the solitude and through the tunnels that snake through the peace of the world before passing. With this ‘going away’ party. mountain slopes. Of course with immortal. PEOPLE OF THE ICEVALE disseminate tales and farewells. the guest of honour will leave region on the surface world. likened their fitness to that of the dwarves of The high cold mountains make agrarian Kogolor. Some have The Elves of Icevale are truly omnivorous. the Elves of Icevale have made the One of the most vicious things that the cultural decision to cull the sickly and Icevale Elves may be responsible for is twisted infants born as a legacy of the Rotting their own oppression at the hands of Disease they bore out of Glantri. freshwater fish. berries. harm? Unknown to most of the Icevale coming out of the womb but never drawing Elves is the legend of the Lonely Elf is true a breath. bowels of Mystara. but that would be a tall tale. cheeses. a nod to the fact that they would was caused by the meddling of another have been better off stillborn. Another survival trait that has become part of the culture is that the infirm or elderly will leave the communities they are part of. These Rimebite and the nameless elf. Once the party or feast clan that once lived in the frosty peaks of that is complete. pale leave. and a few strapping examples of root altitude also help the elves develop their vegetables that eek out their existence on the hearty constitutions. what immortal has this in mind. the celebrations also help them a vested interest in causing them such forget the many children who are stillborn. race descended from the Glantrian remember them with. enjoying a celebration of joy to skinned. The very active lifestyle of the elves and high nuts. Atzanteotl may hold a personal vendetta against them. This culture of merriment is one of honey. As such. This summer time treat is used to the ways that they forget the nightmares of sweeten things and make a form of mead that 18 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . not the slight a large part of their diet is formed of meats. and pass on whatever knowledge they carry to the ones The people inhabiting the Icevale region of staying behind. dried fruits. average Icevale elf is well-built. To keep their people strong and healthy. Some of grotesque mockeries of elves are called the the priests of Wotan have seen that this ‘Silent’. If so. slender frame normally found on the elves. And then there is together. The pursuits challenging to say the least. They will gather their friends and family together. the dark tunnels. If this is true. These elves are a blond. the society does The Elves of Icevale are a merry sort. Having lived for more than five decades underground.

They try to cram much into shorter furriers. These garments are by no means through the tunnels and most of these were clumsy or crude. They are curious. not berries. and leather snares to assist with whatever task is at hand. iron relaxation and tedium. Cloaks and overcoats are either know how to mature beyond its current made from furs or lined with them. This has a lot to do with the fact that the culture was The average Icevale elf wears leathers made founded in the Hollow World by the from reindeer they herd and the beasts they memories of the survivors of the trek hunt. keeping state. and then pack up a few combs for the Strangely. the Elves of the Icevale have learned to find joy. leathers are augmented with heavier pieces beauty. being alcoholic it has more than a little hallucinogenic property to it. tempered with the awkward price that they sometimes with steel for solid traction on the pay for this immaturity. even if the elves are on the hunt. Icevale elves have a leadership structure they may stop at a beehive for a while. This is the elves are hardened and formed leather. Because of the tragic history. all while keeping the feet warm and dry. The trousers and jackets are fur lined whenever possible. but one where the culture does not acquired. This means that the Icevale society is one of sometimes they add more exotic linings like constant youth. an immature adult on the surface. they use the best. the elves of Icevale aren’t nomadic. The boots worn by and very willing and able to learn. off the vicious wintery air. and pleasure in all sorts of activities of armour ranging from stiffened bear from sports to singing. as the elves have practiced adolescents or young adults. flannel. loose rock and stone. This is in part to ward leathers to suits of elven chain. off the boredom that passing centuries can weigh on an elf’s mind. in comparison to other They are an advanced steel using society that elves. Now. The Icevale elves are that is knit together on every level. to strive to maintain a balance between uses steel tipped arrows and spears. besides the flashiest. Not perpetual or eternal silk. The idea is that just The tests of survival from just getting to the because something is made of steel doesn’t Hollow World though have created a society mean it is better. Religion. even the most revered and rest of the community and get back to respected Icevale Elder would be considered business. Icevale Elves is fermented with mushrooms and mountain practical and as such. When the time arises. These elders are elves will gather around a few combs and revered until they decide to leave their place share a laugh or two. or wool when it can be youth. Icevale elves do have a more rapid pace than most Unlike the idea of a nation of hunters and elves. periods of time. but it is also a cultural tradition that sprung up in the dark SOCIETY OF THE ICEVALE caverns. 19 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . traps. This drink is truly potent. their craft for generations. The governed by their elders. back to Like other elves on the surface world. nature. the the honey. celebrate the bounty of of governance and walk into the mountains. fiercely individual.

commonly referred to as Even the Icevale pranks are a sign of their clans. the strange cultural immaturity. and wintery travel. In turn. in an effort to keep them travellers for a feast or celebration. The elves are diversity of such clans is large enough to actually practicing military manoeuvres keep the race from suffering from against the butt of the joke but are willing to inbreeding. This also from interbreeding. For this they turn to the original clan of Considering that their population had been Icevale elves. cooking. the elves took careful ‘play war’ where if no one gets hurt notes of bloodlines. their companionship so valued. For more important rulings. not in an effort to keep (severely) or killed. people as a whole. In matters of law and governance. The style of The Icevale Elves try to practice simple laws clothing. singing. The bloodlines of the means they are constantly honing their arts Icevale elves are scattered across the of hunting. this created a decision they make is final and solely their strong drive to preserve the culture and own. and and rules that are easy to understand. all mountains but still are more prevalent in the skills they need for survival in their alpine lands of their ‘clan’. In the years following the simply laugh it aside. the clan that all the others are decimated by the disease and flight from the descended from. and every other aspect are geared to the future of the race. the clans involved will meet and send a representative. Clan individual customizations all are immensely leaders and towns make the decisions that personal. They are advised by a council of protecting all individuals became a elders from the rest of the clans. but the paramount concern. This makes the other aspects of an elf’s life immensely valuable as Royalty expressions of the individual elf’s personal freedom and individual natures. marriage. Icevale Elves magic. hunting. What this has done is actually an govern and arbitrate their peoples. ambush. that nation. the clans rule over their own for most day to day activities. the value of an individual elf became provides leadership in times of conflict or so high. 20 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . they value others’ worth to be something that brings them joy Clans and would not want to diminish their own merriment. and when a decision is necessary for the whole their elven spirit so important. child rearing. RULERSHIP crafting. homes. Like their Glantrian ancestors. The elves of Icevale are divided up into large groups of families. dancing. say that affect an entire region. but there amazing aspect of the Icevale community. It’s a strange game of Glantrian accident. Even though they are all fiercely independent. the elves will invite the them pure but. This ‘Icevale’ family surface. are times when the elves need a single ruler.

This insures that there is The Steelarm Clan is the clan most not a tie vote and matters are decided associated with mining and ironworking. gifting it to the other clans and to the royal family. existence. scouts of the original group of migrant elves formed their own clan after they had The Silverstreak Clan are the farmers and established their new home. they name from the wolves that have been are the most powerful trading party amongst the elves. they have a nearly supernatural gift every other clan. hunting game across the woodcraft to create poultices. This promoted the growth of the The Pinedancers Clan members are an younger clans to help diversify and expand anathema to what most people think of as the battered population of Elven youth into elves. They also produce a limited number queen on the views of their peoples. using their also expert furriers. subtlety. of suits of fine elven chain each year. and protecting them from the wild this tradition continues. They have a reverence for the land and plants. the clans ores of steel. They have a tendency toward solitary particularly deadly foe. wandering the woods between towns. constantly scouting for new row of crops. Their carvings and bows are elves it produces in the Hollow World. they kept their eyes their craft is far more intense than planting a and ears open. the Icevale elves. These hearty herders of the region. In carries a higher percentage of wizards than addition. The members of this clan have amount of skill. instead of lingering forever. or poison a below. communities. but they have added predators of the region. and delicacy goes actually dwindled. They get their clan a new skill to their repertoire. and oils mountainous peaks and into the valleys to heal wounds. They quest across the highland threats and bringing news between pastures tending their herds of sheep. silver. A surprising World. These are the loggers and builders of a full nation. venturing so far as the Antalians to 21 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . trapping and hunting down animals The Frostwalker Clan came about as the for their coats. These elven families members range far and wide across the lands hate to be simply referred to as farmers since of the Icevale. like all elves. and other metals near each send an elder to advise the king or Tuathar. cure infirmaries. odd number of participants without the ability to abstain. For matters Their population is clustered around the rich involving the whole of the nation. As the centuries progressed reindeer. It works of function combined with beauty. The Icevale Clan are the original clan of Their expertise also includes the fine elves that migrated so long ago to the Hollow manipulations of forging as well. Icevale Elves Each clan provides a respected elder to the adopted into their work as herd tending group and are careful to always maintain an animals. but believe The Argentmantle Clan is the clan that is that tending the forests are part of the now most famed for the number of wizardly natural cycle. with only the eldest of a into their craft. family being allowed to keep the name originally. salves. Oddly. Originally. The elves of this clan are with herbs and concoctions.

About half the mountain for one from another family or even clan. frigid mountain lakes. Icevale Elves the west. The sun logistics of the trade later. or lichen fields. trading elves enjoy good sports. but the caravans between communities. the Beastmen to the north. During the summer. They travel in small pranks may happen beforehand. nearer to the heavens than few other places. the area sees a goodly 22 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . them. they may very the winter to terrific blizzards. This is actually a source of is wracked by cold storms though. eventually becoming rivers below. GEOGRAPHY OF THE Families ICEVALE Beneath the clans are the families. In these groups. An elf may take it as a lump of precious metal that might be valuable to trade. In elders give advice to the younger members of fact. the neighbouring families. more snow falls on these points than the family but live with the idea that the melts during a year. Of course. often bare or with just a hint their skills and traditions internally. These the hospitality of the Icevale Elves. the elves adopt a more is cold and with a sort of emptiness to the socialistic approach. Each family passes shale and stone. and food to strengthen them. sharing resources so air. shines brightly some days. the elves will amongst the other mountainous areas of the use an oral contract and then arrange the world. the This helps to create strong relationships with other half in bare rock. the place In times of hardship. a grouping of everyone related by a three The Icevale is an alpine land. Basically. The area sometimes not. snow or ice fields. The high peaks generational spread. goods. but will of plants that cling to the surface. Below the highest peaks youth will make their own decisions. If they range from the daily gentle snow storms in come across travellers in need. The descent into the pine covered trees that make up most of the forests on the Economy mountainside is broken up by a pasture or two. these towering mountains have a ring of mistakes. During the well lead a deer to the group or leave some warmer months. They do accept coins from that the natives graze their reindeer and outsiders but not always at the face value of plant a few hearty crops. Between the mountains are the valleys. Neathar to the south. the of the mountains are covered with snow. is covered in usable forest or pastures. Yet. The Icevale Elves are a barter based These provide another tract of arable land economy. and successes. some of the snow that as many as possible will live better. This area often ‘trade’ the training of a younger of terrain extends from the bottom of snowy member who is disinterested in a family skill caps to the treeline. In the The weather of the Icevale is common event of very large transactions. Sometimes the favour can be returned. melts filling arboreal lakes and streams. both Known and Hollow.

the fine details of a wolf mid stride. they can see mountain is difficult as the last eruption. and the corpse of his rider was tossed into the fiery pit at the heart of the mountain. this makes Svelthys an almost suicidal climb. the impetuousness of stones. The Battle of Aifar turned into a has long been asleep. It is hard to 23 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . and only when heavens. The heart of fire and magma people. If so. sheared off the stone. The volcano Gatterfang stands like a lone sentinel over the pass. Not far from the mountains that the Icevale call home. they can make out the features of a youth also calls many elves to the mountain man carved into the rocks. If place that elven elders seek out at the end of one looks closely at the lichen covered their days. is a quiet little pasture called Aifar. a giant man shaped few standing stones and rocky lumps break up the green fields nestled in the coniferous forest. massacre. the fire dwarves rumoured to live within must have been a bit worried when he fell into the pit. According to some legends. Considering the tendency for nasty weather at the top of the world’s peaks. The volcano has become a natural they used their most powerful magicks. Heshalon’s Dominating the mountains of the Icevale is sister. this pass connects the frigid north to the Azcan plains below. frozen in long before the elves. Laelilathra led a force of elves here to Mount Svelthys. southern and western part of the top. This volcano shows none of the signs of life that Svelthys does. Of course. Icevale Elves amount of rain to keep the game and plants believe that one of the fiercest battles against plentiful even in times of drought. but every decade or so. the last part of Icevale range. Climbing the slope of the studies the rocky outcroppings. only the sorceries wielded by the it shakes and belches soot and smoke to the elves held the giants back. Not far to the west of the Icevale is the Mid World Gate. This has created a treacherous ascent in the best of conditions. the Nameless’ horde and Heshalon’s newly formed military occurred here. The mountains are easily crossable here after ascending the plateau on either side. This inactive volcano towers stop the depredations of the giants and the above the surrounding peaks like a giant winter wolves that were threatening her among gnomes. Rimebite’s corpse. If someone to explore.

) Llyr is an oddly deceptive town. This town is the primary far. Of the Icevale communities it is almost less reminiscent of an elven town and far more similar to human (One of the interesting pieces of material is trading post. The culture of these frost elven city is protected by thick timber walls giants is an imitation of the Anatalians further that are reinforced with glacial ice. this has not met with much success. who deciduous glen. 24 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . named Kulear is the home along a large stream in the middle of a to a powerful frost giant chieftain. Here. Llyr is located in a forest all around them. however. this city is located size. Llyr is home to nearly six celebrations that are part of the Icevale Elves hundred elves. halfway to the Antalian coast to Avair is a typical Icevale Elven community. it is numbers can swell. The buildings house more than the fact that original map listed Argandir as a three hundred elves year round but these ruined city. in the PWA1010. endeavours. This village. In fact. a jarl. and trading route or raiding plan. it is within the mountains on one of the slopes of strange to see the woodland subtlety of the Mount Argan. This settlement is composed of a the nation and seems to birth more wizards massive wooden palisade and wooden long than the rest of the nation combined. With the great feasts and the mood) visit. It is home to over five elves built into the rock walls. it is no strange thought that the traders and capable warriors. So they can reach Llyr. houses all cantered around a great mead hall in the centre. This large twenty-two young. if not for the sheer natural surroundings. This city swells to valley that is often the first place that over ten thousand during times of festivals Beastmen traders or raiders (depending on and gatherings. The town is home to a few commands the giants like chiefs command of the greatest thinkers (and pranksters) of lesser men. Icevale Elves Beyond Aifar. Located to the west. many of whom are shrewd culture. largest city is home to the biggest. There is but Argandir is the capital of the Icevale elves. the west is a village similar to the Antalian Built with great care and respect to the ones not too far away. listed as the largest city of the elves. In it are no less than seventeen Goidec is the first stop on the Antalian adult male frost giants. trading post for many of the elves who range though the elves are warming to the to the north. Many COMMUNITIES OF THE furriers and hunters come to this town to ICEVALE trade after a season. the frost giants here have on the upward rise above the plains they can even gone so far as to try and raid the Icevale also spot large groups of Beastmen before Elves and then strike up trade with them. Gotlund is located closest to the Midworld Gate and the forests to the south. fifteen females. but thousand elves living in the protective pine everywhere is it present. one entrance into a large network of caverns This walled wooden city is located deep that the elves have moved into.

luckily there are few can be very dangerous to the unprepared. This has led accoutrements. spears. taking great joy in the goods they Snowshoes produce. and a time. The elves here practice their trades of smithing for hours at Skiing. Though nominally to harness these animals to pull three person equipped with swords. The military is strong considering its military missions. Svelthys. These light war machines harry an opponent’s flanks and 25 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . If the perhaps ten times that number if the need arises. The metalwork of an elven craftsman from Tuathar is said to be equal to The Elves of the Icevale live in an area that that of a dwarven smith. MILITARY OF THE or camouflaged with magic as their outer ICEVALE world kin. Tuathar is located nearest to the volcano and sleds are as commonplace as swords. Avalanches. longbows. it is not unheard of for the elves situation is truly dire. rock slides. More than a few lines of small size. herds. They strike using natural few centuries. ski chariots. two will use spears and bows to whittle down their opponents. dwarves in the area to argue this matter. which has been deemed large reindeer have been bred to haul especially enough to hold out long enough to mobilize heavy loads for trade and to haul cargo. there are still the terrain features and creatures as much as broken ruins of buildings and mouldering possible. also make use of their superior mobility in the mountainous terrain. many of the soldiers make as they pull the chariot sled. In a wintery campaign. These animals are able to navigate the This puts nearly thirty five hundred of the poor conditions and are hearty enough to Icevale’s population under arms at any one survive trekking through the mountains on point. This danger is magnified if the elven military is making the terrain work against an opponent. The territory Elven cavalry rides on the back of the is divided into ten regions and in turn each strongest reindeer of the domestic local of those regions plays host to ten squadrons. but is strike quickly and then fade away. Reindeer Cavalry. This is made World have seen the rise of a martial tone in possible by the use of many winter the nature of the Icevale Elves. while the other use of their own weapons and armour. This is the primary smelting and mining town in the Icevale. snowshoes. to the semi-formal creation of regional defenders. Icevale Elves Mag is a city left in ruins by the vicious The tactics employed by the elves are fighting against the nameless elf in the past harrying in nature. The elves will wear white cloaks. angry pieces of the palisades that lay about. and natural barriers to town has been rebuilt in the centre. A driver will control the beasts and chain mail. and trackless move across the snow to strike from ambush. a militia. few demi-humans or humanoids The last couple centuries in the Hollow can match their fleetness. Even today. traps. The predators. skis. so-to-speak. The elves only home to about two-hundred elves.

Using them to cross cousins. Like the surface world’s trees of life. Icevale Elven magic is only creates a single ounce of the liquid. Their sap from the Tree each month. However. practice magic as their surface world cousins. the engaging the enemy on terms that allow their Trees of Frost are large trees that have sylvan tactics of hit and fade to work for them. the military use. Like their surface world their daily lives. This allows the elves to pick and choose their battles. and of infantry as fast on snow as the opponents course the hoarships. embraces the elven traditions of living in The process of a year’s worth of distillation tune with nature. uses in crafting the magical items noted below. These arboreal wonders are always coniferous in nature. this makes most of the Icevale’s icelances. Icevale Elves cavalry. the Treekeeper. cavalry is on good ground. These are saved for lands. A Tree of Frost is the most holy relic of the The elves make use of snowshoes and skis in Icevale Elves. Icevale elven Treekeeper. and many aids will make use of The elves of the Icevale are not as apt to the Tree of Frost to create magical artefacts. ELVES An Icevale elven Clanmaster. but down to a single bluish drop of liquid cold. Clanmaster. with brilliant blue green needles that are always frosted MAGIC OF THE ICEVALE and cool to the touch. they make up for this lack magical The Treekeeper will draw a single ounce of ability by focusing on elemental magic. Item Description Cost Encumbrance No penalty for regular movement on Snowshoes 2 gp 4 pounds or 40 cn snow Allows ‘running’ movement rates on Skis 5 gp 8 pounds or 80 cn snow 26 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . These are all enhancing the aides guide the tree by pruning off abilities for a wizard’s survival in the frozen branches and needles. they use this to create powerful otherwise exhausting terrain with haste. and elemental forms. intelligence to them. The frostbrand sword. includes other types of magic but favours the Over time. tying them up with surprise attacks Tree of Frost and quick withdrawals. distilling it magic is less subtle than some forms. oils of cold resistance. In a magic items.

the Clanmaster and This bluish liquid is constantly cold. The temperatures above 80 degrees. collected for a tree and drop it into a small globe of water.) through the air at 360' per turn with perfect manoeuvrability as long as the temperature Frostbrands remains below freezing. Icevale Elves Ice Lances Adventure Note Ice Lances are crafted from the branches of The Tree of Frost at the town of Mag has the Tree of Frost and then soaked in a half been missing since its ruination. Icevale for generations to come. REFERENCES The sword is tempered in no less than a half- gallon of the precious oil. After a turn at the steel by the Clanmaster and his aids. along with this friendship this would This counts as a +3 spear of slowing. The flask when this is done. sixty four ounces. While it is glowing it adds the extra talent of slowing. This process uses a 1/12th of an ounce of the oil The hoarship is then complete. able to fly (i. spear always inflicts maximum damage against living creatures. When include an amazing feast and celebration the temperature falls below freezing the beyond the other more material rewards. century as the planks. The needles are woven The magic of the oil freezes the water around together to lash the boat together. 1 month’s worth. the oil in a flask of unmeltable ice. Hoarboats Oil of Frost To build a hoarboat. this oil grants immunity night of the year. When oil is spread across the hull on the coldest broken and applied. Finally. The Treekeeper must fashion it using the Treekeeper will take the distilled oil from the branches from the tree. In addition. to cold and fire for 3 turns (30 minutes). the boat These elven swords are forged of silver and immediately starts to melt. a centuries worth of the weighs just 5 cns or a half pound. it glows at temperatures below Hollow World Boxed Set freezing. Map of Northern Iciria 1000 AC (by Thorfinn Tait)] This counts as a sword +3 of extinguishing. burning of the needles and branches gathered from the Tree of Frost that it will melt the alloy allowing a sword to be forged. it is reduced Treekeeper will tend a forge made by the to inert wood and water. AC1010 Poor Wizard’s Almanac & Book of Facts 27 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . No one is gallon of the precious Oil of Frost. If exposed to temperatures above 80 degrees.e. Naturally. They must sure of its whereabouts and finding it be fitted with a spear head fashioned by the would provide friendship with the Elves of Clanmaster from a shard of ice.

empire. told Illaria that her devotion to Xeron Illaria's Folly. where naïve hope was dashed . who did not give his played out: The blasted ruins known as name. and he shared details about her life that only she and her immediate family knew. Illaria demanded proof.and to knowledge itself . and Several thousand years ago. At first skeptical. Illaria’s Folly by Geoff Gander The Empire of Selhomarr is a land that is HISTORY ancient even by the standards of the Hollow World – so much so that it has ebbed and flowed several times over the millennia. The man. accompanied him. This article man who spoke with the smooth accent of presents a region on the fringes of the someone who grew up in the capital. The studious priestess of Xeron (Ixion) named empire's history has had many dark chapters. Illaria of Annurios. Convinced at last that the stranger was an 28 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . where one of the darker chapters Regemnon. a young and very is built on many layers of its own ruins. was some of which are so far back in history that approached in her rural temple by an older they have been forgotten. daughter of Thessara. against the rocky shores of political and she could better serve her people if she expediency.had been noticed. The man demonstrated magical prowess that was well beyond the ability of any spellcaster she knew or had heard of.

the local army moved in of their own. stronghold. and she been known to exist. When scouts (some of secretly began sounding out her fellow whom were agents of the Lighthouse) Lighthouse operatives in the empire. where a waiting vessel carried operatives abandoned their posts. There. Realising that he Lighthouse's interests. some of which they had figured fragments of lore that. to whatever treasures they had. Illaria’s stronghold – essentially a fortified village of roughly 200 – was not 29 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . might advance the attackers. would help them against possible amongst the populace. knowledge of her people and improve their lives. the pair a prearranged meeting spot beyond the journeyed overland to a secluded valley “eastern” fringes of the empire. she sought her that the Lighthouse did not tolerate out obscure records and other treasures that rogue operatives. The if she wished. which she After training for several years. Illaria also urged her companions driven to expand and preserve knowledge. There. and they made plans construction. Illaria urged her followers to headquarters. but Annurios to march against a purported nest all she saw were Selhomarrian treasures of bandits and insurgents on the fringes of being sent to the Lighthouse to be kept their territories – in a region where no under lock and key. Knowing that retaliation found their way back to her order's was coming. passionate in her faith Lighthouse soon learned of Illaria's actions. Rallian told her all that he knew about The Lighthouse was not idle. and headed for the continent of Iciria. and used its the Spell of Preservation in an effort to connections to encourage the nobles of dissuade her from that line of thinking. Armed with a more could not break through her misguided accurate knowledge of the history of the idealism. Rallian left – but not before telling Hollow World and its peoples. Illaria’s Folly emissary of a great power – perhaps Xeron When the time was right. Illaria's guide. took them beyond the frontiers of the empire. Illaria denounced the policies of the Lighthouse. to round up as many supporters as possible and that he had selected her to join his order and lead them to their stronghold. explained that his artifacts and other treasures they had people watched out for those who were recovered. A reported that a fortified base was under handful felt as she did. He implored his former apprentice to eagerly accepted. and Rallian tracked them down several years hidebound nature of the Church of Xeron. quickly. Illaria and a half- Himself – Ilarria accompanied him to the dozen other Selhomarrian Lighthouse nearest port. Illaria. but as time passed she discovered obtained. if disseminated out. return to the fold. on a grassy inhabited by peoples of a vast multitude of plateau. where they could study the who called himself Rallian. they established a cultures – the Lighthouse. where they would be fortify their position while she redoubled her preserved. Illaria was believed unnecessarily held the peoples of sent back to Selhomarr to look out for the the Hollow World back. At first she was happy to fulfill efforts to find out if any of the treasures they this role. later. but increasingly frustrated at the hierarchical. Eventually Illaria's organised communities of any sort had ever frustration got the better of her.

but the Lighthouse’s careful manipulation ensured the Selhomarrian commanders viewed it as a serious threat. causing much of the veil of secrecy. Rallian ensured Lighthouse colleagues led a defence in the that all records of his wayward protégé were upper levels of the underground complex to destroyed. stronghold above to collapse. which Illaria had not had the time had to be destroyed for the good of the to fully study. where they preserved what little and activated it. Illaria on her stronghold and sneak back into the sent her remaining followers into the artifact empire. The armies of Annurios battered the half- built stronghold with catapults while Illaria led her people underground. and as an example to his one of the artifacts that had been kept from subordinates of the cost of treachery. Only the Lighthouse – a magical transportation fragmentary tales of Illaria now remain. and many of them were experienced (i. 30 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . while she led the remainder discredited – both to prevent average people into the deepest levels. and device that had been brought to the Hollow where she is recorded at all. thousands of years remembered as heretical cleric of Xeron who previously. Almost everyone who was in the complex at the time died instantly. higher-level) adventurers. it had been damaged during the suppress the truth entirely. Her followers vanished and continued it – very slowly and under a deep the artifact exploded. Some of Illaria’s former After Illaria’s disappearance. Although Illaria and her followers were passionate. Illaria’s Folly nearly as formidable as described in the reports. and that her reputation was delay pursuit.. However. some of her Sinking of Lhomarr and it now required followers did manage to escape the assault someone to stay behind to operate it. and once the dust had cleared hundreds of soldiers were sent forth. hoping they would be sent knowledge of her works that remained and someplace safe.e. Rallian was not able to functional. Although the device was empire. there was no trace of Illaria or her remaining followers – leading everyone to conclude that she had been destroyed. she knew they would not last long against a concerted attack. she is mostly World as Lhomarr sank. Although the ruins were searched thoroughly. The delaying action from learning what the Lighthouse did not bought her the time she needed to activate wish them to know.

Illaria’s Folly 31 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

PCs to help her free herself. deteriorated. although she is not dead. Selhomarrians secretly carries on her work – and when Illaria used the device it that of uncovering the true nature of the transported her followers. ghostly half-life. is up to the DM. Had it functioned lower levels of the complex could still be properly. and the estate and creatures might be. Illaria would be a cleric of found it in BC 2500. the PCs might very well decide to out how to repair it. After that period. the artifact was heavily Xeron (Ixion) of 14th-16th level. She has not aged. it teleported itself to the Illaria’s Fate: As stated above. but the centuries of solitary imprisonment The sorcerer and his estate ended up at the have driven her insane. and tied her to the environment because their ideas fly in the ruins of her stronghold. but also sent her Hollow World. They operate in a dangerous into a semi-ethereal state. Illaria was nearest safe dimension – which happened to thrown between dimensions when the be the vortex created by the Immortals to artifact exploded. react to the PCs. and now lives in an transport what they saw as the best elements eternal. followed (perhaps with promises of sharing her by thousands of years of neglect. By the time Illaria help her. would never be able to figure ambitions. now held back by the Spell of Depending on their own moral leanings and Preservation. Instead. The Immortals were her personal vendetta against the Lighthouse aware of the item but concluded that the – especially Rallian (who is now long dead). Illaria’s Heirs: A small cabal of The fateful conflict took place in BC 2468. Selhomarrians. of Lhomarrian society to the Hollow World. If freed. to the people of Annurios as a cursed place forgotten sorcerer who had foreseen the visited only by the truly foolhardy. It is during which everyone inside would be in possible that the portal that the artifact stasis. the artifact would have transported intact. the pocket opened may have allowed creatures from dimension would expel its contents to the another dimension to enter. kind of dangers would await the PCs. the artifact did not function as intended. and what pocket dimension for a period of 100 years. What these nearest suitable location. Unfortunately. Illaria’s Folly DM INFORMATION CAMPAIGN HOOKS The artifact that Illaria used was built shortly Forbidding Ruins: Illaria’s Folly is known before the Sinking of Lhomarr. by a now. but even destruction of his homeland and sought a though it was destroyed certain parts of the means of escape. Lighthouse has been trying – largely unsuccessfully – to stamp them out for 32 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . She now wanders face of accepted doctrine and because the the ruins as a ghost. but once freed she would seek to win their confidence The transition to the Hollow World. and how they would its inhabitants would continue as before. did not do considerable knowledge) and use them in the artifact any favours. She would beg the bottom of the ocean. The DM would have to decide what his entire estate and its inhabitants into a sort of items might await discovery.

It could be very interesting if PCs who have visited the Hollow World come across an isolated village of strange people who claim to have originally come from a land with a red sun… 33 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . but also quite fervent because (in their view) their ideals must be important if the authorities are trying to silence them. and become enmeshed in its plans. The PCs could run into one such group. and periodically factions splinter off to pursue their own ideas. and heretics form much of their membership now. it could be more rewarding to have them be transported to another dimension (where the PCs may run into them). Illaria’s Folly centuries. Although it is likely they were killed when the artifact exploded. Free-thinkers. Lost Followers: The ultimate fate of the people whom Illaria helped escape is deliberately left vague. or even to a remote region of the surface world. This has made the cabal extremely secretive. rebels. It is possible that the Order of the Homebound (from the DM’s Selhomarr Sourcebook) could be one such group.

aquatic creatures 2 . a sea of fire lay deep below. islands dotted with mighty palaces and cities float.In the “Mystara's Underdark?” and previous they once dominated all Mystara. Notes home to creatures of fire and flame. managed to return with an incredible both on the surface and the interior. Upon this ocean of lava. In other regions of the Hollowdeep. nor if we will ever be able to establish friendly relations with them. the Mystara them. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm) ANTIQUITY OF THE THE ABYSMAL HOLLOW WORLD ELEMENTAL KINGDOMS Once. it was widely believed our world of the Many years ago. realms may be and how many creatures they might contain. dividing creatures. nearly killing encounters with ancient races have led us to all the participants. shifting realm of “Shadowdeep” and “Hollowdeep” the Earth creatures and a subterranean sea so underground regions of Mystara’s Outer and extensive its shores could not be seen. The Hollowdeep (1). We do not know yet how big such described in canon. such journey creation. the intricate than we could have possibly Depths of the Oceans and the Floating suspected before this report. 34 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .9999985% Mystara other water breathing inhabitants. Still. But in recent times our numerous was unbelievably challenging.Many creatures and civilizations described in vaguely resembling ancient Crabmen and this article came from my “99. the underground of the far more ancient than previously Hollow World is much more vast and hypothesized. The authors Continents are home to alien and exotic state. The threads on The Piazza. straight out of Mystara’s ancient the Hollowdeep from the Shadowdeep of the past (2). Mystara’s cultural history. may be account. which presupposes a much more We named these realms the Deep Elemental ancient Mystaran history than the one normally Kingdoms. an expedition reached the Eternal Sun was a relatively recent Immortal World Shield. The Hollow World. and in the Shadowdeep expedition was just able to barely escape Index on the Vaults of Pandius. Evidently. History” article. Outer World. the survivors believe otherwise. community more or less decided to call they discovered an ancient. Needless to say. sea also held inhabitants. asserting 1 .

I arbitrarily gave the Brute-Men this name. Scamilles. Leaving them be. We have not yet discerned if undead lords likewise dominate them. live.Appears in the Savage Coast Monstrous beneath the Olltec hills and the Schattenalfen Compendium caverns. as they could be too powerful to be dealt with once awakened. as nation of Intua (1). living 2 . as they might exert influence on nearby societies.Kingdom of the Sun” thread on The Piazza Forums for more info about Intua:. however. Lighthouse scholars suspect species. whom people of the Outer World call Fungoids. in the Hollowdeep below Milenia. It is well known some of the monsters still lay dormant in those subterranean chambers. vastly different from humanoid nations. This entire level of the Undying creatures neither alive nor dead. 35 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures LAIRS OF THE BURROWERS Above the Elemental Kingdoms. which apparently is a the word they would use to name themselves. As we have learnt. Bahlor. Indeed. lies a vast layer of the Hollowdeep which contains the lairs of the Burrowers. Another matter concerns the 1 . however. Yet most are intelligent Nithia. could be likewise THE ETERNAL DARK dangerous. the Shattenalfen? We will have to further explore their caverns to provide answers to Notes these questions. Are they pawns of the already been corrupted by sleeping Burrowers? Are they allies or adversaries of Burrowers. and Ka-Na (1) civilizations. interconnected . Azca and other human races. but we know nothing of that some among these communities have their purpose. Notes 1 . It is true. branch of the Oltec civilization. Wurmlings (2) and undead.See the “[Nation] Intua . if this verb can be used for other bizarre creatures whom ignorants may them. who had great civilizations in their caverns are all somehow Mystara’s ancient past. consider aberrations. Hollowdeep is mostly inhabited by Decapus. the great worms that thousands of years ago almost destroyed the Hollow World. attempting to destroy them is always dangerous.

36 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . as explained Outer Mystara maps. in “Who is Who in of Blacklore. On the Western Hollow World map. A full size version of this as per Håvard’s or other suggestions. map will be also published in the Mystara forum at The Piazza and on the Vaults of Pandius. the scale he or she prefers. Each DM however may choose above. Shahjapur locations were taken from Thorfinn Tait’s 8 miles per hex map of the island. Andrew Theisen wrote an article about the of the Iciria’s map should be around 47 miles. with a resulting circumference of 15120 miles wide. The scale of these maps was originally the Wyrmsteeth part II” in this same issue (regarding 40 miles per hex. Central and Above is a thumbnail of a Hollow World map drawn by me using the HW boxed set Planetary map and Western Hollow World maps joining Thorfinn Tait’s Map of Iciria. He also gathered miles. with some added canon and fanon locations. I’d Anathy Archipelago (at The Vaults). but I think it should be considered Hollow World dragons) and other fanon locations. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures MAPPING THE HOLLOW WORLD The Eastern. prefer a 60 miles per hex scale. which fits better The Central Hollow World map was mostly taken with the size of the planet that I calculated for my from Thorfinn Tait’s map of Iciria. In the HW planetary map the circumference some informations on Barrik’s Vale and the Radiant was indicated at 11908 miles: in this case each hex Vale. or the Hollow world is only 5040 miles Håvard placed several canon and fanon cultures in from pole to pole and has a circumference of 10080 his map available at The Vaults. to be 60. Geoff Gander These three maps on the following pages include and Thorfinn’s map of Selhomarr and Robin’s Map locations described in this article.

Map of Eastern Hollow World 37 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

Map of Central Hollow World 38 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

Map of the Western Hollow World 39 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

nearly all the equatorial lands of the Hollow World beyond Iciria support giant insect life. Therapsids. Sis’thik. including the Aerimar Gauntlet between Aerical and Surical. Froglins and Frogfolk (3) have their Aerical and northern Suridal. 2 . LANDS OF THE REPTILIANS From the Eastern Coast of Iciria to the Wintlian islands. entirety of the Hollow World’s tropics are ideal habitat for reptilian species. with more surveys certainly islands. Gatormen. Several 40 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . but accounts nations in Aerical. Other in the Anathy Archipelago and in Jomphur. but intelligent specimens. Aside from normal and giant insects species. Crabmen and Scorpionfolk are usually counted among them. known as and Nithia. Reports of additional Aranea and Anathy Archipelago. Troglodytes. with communities and nations in the Wintlian Isles. a nation of Formian cultures in Iciria’s jungles have yet Serpentines (4). even if technically they are not. Formian and other intelligent (1). reptilian cultures live in the Eastern while Hivebrood claim territories in northern continents. Suridal and surrounding are fragmentary. Araneas exist on Arana (3) Island Saurials. 3 . The to be verified as well. Tortles also are known to exist in the needed. Chameleon men insects might be numerous in southern (2). Caymen Jomphur. lies in Northern Suridal. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures LANDS OF THE GIANT Notes 1 . Xarypt. but I think the name gives us a definite clue as to what beings reside there. several Insectoid (1) cultures and nations inhabits these lands. Northern Jomphur and the Anathy Archipelago.In Krugel Horde territories. see the map of Iciria at the Vaults of Pandius. founded a nation on Aerical. Two distinct breeds of Scorpionfolk Dinosaurs live in many areas of the Hollow also inhabit the deserts of Boglucubul (2) World.I use the term “Insectoid” to denote intelligent INSECTS insect races.Not explicit in the Hollow World boxed set.

Therapsids are my creation based on real word therapsids: . Neshezu. Weasel and Wererat as Demianimals (1). Mythu’nn appropriate. Jorris (5) and Dragons which are the swamp’s main inhabitants. Pachydermion. Notes 1 . and also in the proximity of the Malpheggi swamps. Troglodytes also inhabit the World Spine and the Azcan Mountains (6) in great numbers. Nagpas.Gatormen and Caymen appear in the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium. Ratlings and Neshezus (8) inhabits the Bakoto swamp within Tanagoro lands. 5 .Included because the Hollow World boxed set Kingdoms.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium The mountains and temperate areas of 6 .Or Wallara. page 14 and are described in The Vaults by Andrew Theisen and Jamie Batty. Mugumba (3). (4). It is common knowledge among our agents that 41 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .Introduced by James Mishler in Davania in the article “The Age of Blackmoor” . named by Lighthouse’s explorers The Animal 7 . 2 . Rakastas. Saurials. Gyerian. Sasquatch.Listed in the Hollow World boxed set as Aerical. Goatmen (2). Xarypt would simply mean “New THE ANIMAL KINGDOMS Arypt”.Froglins appear in the Goodman Games’ 2004 Blackmoor Campaign Setting. and gave the name to that entire region of Davania. Neshezu and Ratling may be more Lupins. 3 . Cryons. creatures of the swamp.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium. I supposed Arypt was the name of their empire. Minotaurs. Jorri. Jorris. Phanatons. Suridal and Jomphur have been inhabiting the mountains. Ratlings (5) and many more. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures reptilian cultures thrive around Nithian and Krugel Horde territories. beside the Lizardmen. while Frog folk appear in DA2 Temple of the Frog. Gatormen (7). yet I think Gatormen. such as Actaeon. Faenare. in Threshold Issue #5. as they are inhabited by several lists Crocodile. Additional animal kingdoms remain hidden among the savage lands of Iciria. appear in the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium. 4 . 8 .

these are the Mammals orders ancient breeds of Lupins and Rakastas. Saquatches and many others.See Thunder Rift’s Quest for the Silver Sword 6 . I think Demianimals races may be more appropriate to the Hollow World.A term I invented here to indicate the races of intelligent animals. Pachydermion. Drakes. not appear previously in canon of fanon sources of Phanatons. 42 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 2 . Gnomes. while Elandtaur. Faeries (5). The World Spine mountains and hills are home of Rock Baboons. Enduks (4). The same to raid Azcan. Other Floating Continents are inhabited by Dragons (2). Ee’aars (3). Muskoxtaur (7) and Wisentaur on Northern Iciria. Bearfolk and Sealfolk live in the tundra” thread on The Piazza north among the Beastmen.For example. Antelopetaur. 10 . the Hollow FLOATING CONTINENTS World hosts infinite variations of Minotaurs races.As proposed in the “Muskoxtaurs in HW Apefolk.As proposed here by Havard in the “Tapir-Folk: also live in Neathar lands. Indeed.The Hollow World Boxed set list a variety of werecreatures as inhabitants of the Hollow World’s woods.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium 3 . and eagles exploit their homeland’s annual orbit Nyalataur exist in Southern Iciria. Yaktaur. Icirian forests and Runequest's Morokanths on Mystara?” thread on jungles are home to a great diversity of The Piazza Forums: Demianimals. Ratlings (6). The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures Notes 1 . Gnufolk. Zebutaur inhabit Hiakrai Neathar. Giffs. As an example. who astride their giant Jomphur. Boarfolk. which I am aware. Aurochtaur The Floating Continents (1) of the Hollow and at least two races of Buffalotaurs in World host a variety of people and races Southern Iciria and Jomphur.Appears in Champions of Mystara 4 . as well as 8 . the Penguinfolk of Serpents. or the Civetfolk of Jomphur (10). but werecreatures could live alongside Demianimals races or substitute them as the DM prefers. Rabbitfolk. Krugel and Antalian is true for all the others Demianimal orders lands. such as Bisontaur. Gargoyles (6). Hiak-Lor is home to the Gaurtaur. Oostdok is the flying island of the the far South.The latter two were created by me here and do Gazellefolk. to match the term demihuman. capable of flight. Goatmen. including Bearfolk.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium 5 . and even Aerical and Jomphur. (8). Minotaurs. Neathar. 7 . the Demianimals races are too many FLYING PEOPLES OF THE to list them all. Rhinofolk. who 9 . and many races of Monkeyfolk and Apefolk. so you can encounter such races as the Ashmorain is home to the Feathered Tapirfolk (9) of Suridal.

Flapsails (12). Tyminids (15) and 16 . some immortal may have chosen to preserve them. 6 . populating the mountains. Tabis and stranger 10 . and will have a huge impact on the disrupt the unique cultures of the Floating people inhabiting the other Floating Continents. Continents. Pteranodons and Flapsails are roam the Floating Islands. Hydras.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium 4 . Pteryx (9). 8 . and in 1010 AC will obviously worry even more The we have now a growing concern they could Lighthouse. further flying animals and beasts 13 .Created by me.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium 5 . Griffons.Or Werehawks. Pterosaurs 15 . where I place some in the area of Pelatan once inhabiting the Outer world (11). I also hypothesized that some may still live in the Rocs. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures Notes 1 . Shedus. Pegasus. Red Hawk Dragons (10). Beside intelligent described in the Hollow World boxed set. as they were exterminated in Minrothad according to Gaz9 The Guilds of Minrothad. Hippogriffs (14).Heldannic Knights starts exploring the Hollow Wyverns. 7 . 3 . also described in “Faerie Subtype and Faerie” on The Vaults.Listed in the Hollow World boxed set as Chimeras. see “Hollow Moon Cultures: Pteryx of the Apennines” on The Vaults and Chimpman’s “Once in a Blue Moon” in Threshold issue #2.As intelligent creatures. probably issue #5. The latter are a 11 .See my article “Who is Who in the Wyrmsteeth part II” about Dragons of the Outer and the Hollow World in this issue of Threshold.See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium 9 .See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium and Pteranodons. Krollis (8).See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium populate these continents. page 30 of the Adventure Book.They already live in the Hollow Moon. Pegataurs. The arrival of Alphatia spotted in the Hollow World’s skies (16). Outer World in 960 AC and The Princess Ark makes her World visitors in flying ships have also been first exploration in 965 AC. species. A in Davania variety of Aerial creatures and Djinn also 12 . already hinted at in Threshold race of intelligent flying insects. 43 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .Canon creature. Hawkfolk (7).See the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium creatures like the Apteras.Pterosaurs. including 14 . In the last few decades. Sphinxes. Brasol mountains of Davania.A list of the Floating Cintinents by Andrew Theisen can be found on The Vaults. indeed they are indicated as inhabitants of the Mountains in the Hollow world boxed set. in Threshold issue #5 Harpies. 2 . Ghriests (13).

The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures


The position of the biggest floating continents on III page 129, without Ashmorain, Hiak-lor and
Nuwmont the 1st, as given in the Poor Wizard’s Oostdok, whose dimensions were in canon for
Almanac III, page 132. Resi and Tama annual orbits Ashmorain and Oostdok, but I had to invent for
were inverted in page 129 and 131: I decided to Hiak’lor. When a second diameter is present, it’s the
assume the ones on page 131 are the correct ones. adjusted size the floating continent should have if the
Only 8 floating continents were listed, but Andrew Hollow World has a circumference of 15120 miles.
Theisen added some information (available at The Also, with a bigger Hollow World the values in Table 1,
Vaults) about the other 3 canon ones (Ashmorain, particularly Orbital Speeds, should be adjusted
Hiak’lor and Oostdok. I decided arbitrarily their position accordingly, but for now I left the information as given
on Nuwmont, the 1st and the orbit. Alphatia is shown in the canon source, even if I am not sure they are all
as if the Hollow World has a circumference of 15120 correct.
miles and each hex is 60 miles (see caption to the The white outline around each floating continent should
Hollow World full map). With hexes at 40 miles, the reflect, approximately, the diameter of its shadow.
size of Alphatia in comparison to the Hollow World Chijioke’s shadow is quite bigger due to its height.
would be bigger and, in my humble opinion, quite A full size version of this map will be also published in
excessive. The first diameters given in Table 1 on the the Mystara forum at The Piazza and on the Vaults of
following page appeared in the Poor Wizard’s Almanac Pandius.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures

Orbital Shadow Shadow Shadowfall
Floating Altitude Diameter Annual Intelligent
Speed Diameter Speed Lasts
Continent (mi) (mi) Orbits Inhabitants
(mi/day) (mi) (mph) (hh:mm)
Humans and
Alphatia 17 1545 12 421 1559 17.7 3:15
Ashmorain 100 60 - 76 3 110 65 4.6 0:13
Cassia 417 73 - 92 6 166 93 8.9 0:11 Krollis,
Chijioke 1378 218 - 277 5 48 797 7.4 1:353 Gargoyles,
Disa 163 181 - 230 3 97 198 4.4 0:24
Gowon 199 112 - 142 7 222 126 10.3 0:15
(see below)
Hiak-lor 52 350 2 63 353 2.6 2:15 humans,
Kjell 154 109 - 138 1 33 118 1.5 0:14
Oostdok 2 40 - 51 2 67 40 2.8 0:14
Resi 943 76 - 96 2 34 151 3.0 0.17 Apteras
Tama 997 69 - 88 4 71 145 5.9 0:18


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures

QUEEN OF THE OCEANS an Immortal? A Behemoth? It’s possible we
may never find the answer to this question.

1 - This intelligent creature and all the following
not included in canon Mystaran products were
created by me in my “99,9999985% Mystara
history” article and inspired by the namesake real
world animals.
2 - See the Savage Coast Monstrous
3 - Described in the Expert set and the AD&D
Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix.
4 - Sea Lizardmen, Mermen, Nixies, Dolphins,
Devilfish, Sea Hag and Wereseals are listed in the
Hollow World boxed set, while the others are
entirely my supposition.
5 - See the Savage Coast Monstrous
The mysterious Queen who is supposed to Compendium
be ruler of all the Hollow World’s oceans and 6 - See the Savage Coast Monstrous
has a lair or palace someplace within the Sea Compendium
of Rax. She is said to be an enormous sea 7 - See the Savage Coast Monstrous
dragon according to some accounts. In Compendium
others she appears as an ancient dragon 8 - Described in the AD&D Mystara Monstrous
turtle. Yet she could even belong to a Compendium Appendix.
hitherto unknown species. Legend says she
protects denizens of the sea when in extreme
danger, either from natural causes or
powerful enemies. Acanthodians (1),
Acquatic Elves, Ammonites, Crabmen, DRAGON AND FAIRY
Decapus, Devilfish, Dolphins, Sea Dragons LANDS
and Dragon Turtles, Eurypterids, Sea Giants,
Sea Hags, Sea Hermits (2), Hydraxes (3),
Knas, Koprus, Sea Lizardmen (4), Mermen, The mighty dragons have their domains
Narwhals, Nautilus, Nixies, Opabinia, within the Hollow World as they have in the
Ostracoderms, Omm-wa (5), Sealfolk, Shark- Outer World (1); often protecting some
kin, Shimmerfish (6), Snappers (7), ancient races or creatures from stronger
Trilobites, Tritons, Undines (8): all the forces surrounding them. They are frequently
intelligent inhabitants of the oceans and seas allied with local fairies, which in the Hollow
have their own legend concerning the World normally take forms more suited to
Queen, and how she once saved them. Is she local culture amongst which they live (2).
Lighthouse scholars classify dragons and


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures

2 - As the Tepictoton, described in HWR1 Sons of
Azca and in “Tepictoton” at The Vaults.


The beings known as Meks have so far
escaped our burning desire to learn more
about them. They seem very elaborate metal
constructs of some sorts, but they are
inevitably aggressive and hostile and
obviously unwilling to let us study them.
Only once have we spotted one of their
mysterious masters, an insect-like creature
vaguely resembling a beetle (1), which
avoided our attempt to communicate with
him, later escaping in a flying machine. The
only definitive information remains that
fairies together because of ancient Meks are more common in the Antarctic
similarities and ties, both usually uninclined regions of Iciria. Other sightings of metallic
to submit to the will of the Immortals. constructs in the southern Sea of Yr have yet
Furthermore, ancient legends recount both to be confirmed (2).
fought the Immortals in the ancient past.
Therefore, It is widely believed in the Notes
Lighthouse that Dragons and Fairies now in 1 - Mek are canon creatures “created by a long-
the Hollow World not only belong to some dead race of inhuman insect-like sorcerers” (Rules
ancient races rare or extinct in the Outer Cyclopedia). In “99,9999985% Mystara history” I
World, but they must also have made a pact created the Kolemek empire in the remote past of
with Ka The Preserver or other Immortals. Mystara to explain them. Remains of the empire
This assumption has been confirmed several could also still exist in southern Davania, as hinted
times, as dragon and fairies have often come in Threshold issue #5.
to the aid of our agents on several occasions. 2 - Such sightings should instead be related to
Certainly there are and always will be some Blacklore Elves, see the article by Havard in this
dragons and fairies amongst the most same issue and also the work done by Robin in the
learned and wise sages of The Lighthouse. “Blacklore Peninsula HW” thread at The Piazza
1 - See also my article “Who is Who in the
Wyrmsteeth part II” about Dragons of the Outer
and the Hollow World in this same issue of
Threshold magazine.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Canon monster. not indicated in the Hollow World boxed set. Southern Nithia. page 30) under “Hills”: I decided Krugel lands. Several areas of the Hollow World are 4 . Hephaestons (3) live in the mountains north of Milenia. Notes 1 . The ancient Trolls (5) live in several areas of northeastern Iciria. a mysterious and reclusive nation (8) with a mixed population of Giants. with some very civilized and others quite savage. could be more appropriate. Lastly. Cloud modern ones. countless areas. the Neathars and the Antalians. while Giant Trolls (6) live among the hills between the Krugel.Gargantuan gargoyles are listed as creatures of 48 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . are numerous in Northern Iciria and rule a 5 . more intelligent and civilized than Suridal and near many volcanoes. Milenia. Fire Giants live in Western (Adventure Book. Cyclops tribes inhabits Southwestern Iciria and the Anathy Archipelago. ranging from the Southern 6 . 3 . Their culture displays the greatest 7 . but they seem appropriate for the area.Indicated in the Hollow World boxed set as living in the Hills and Mountains. as the Giants are common in Northeastern Iciria trolls which inhabited ancient Grondheim as from Neathar lands to the Ostzee. 2 .The only humanoid mentioned in the Other great kingdom (2) between Antalian and Monsters section of the Hollow World boxed set Icevale lands. and in Suridal.Gargantuan Trolls are listed as creatures of the Beastmen lands to the World Spine and Hills in the Hollow World boxed set. Garls (4) are common in the eastern World Spine. Storm Giants roam from the Southwest and the Anathy Archipelago to Jomphur. Giant Gargoyles (7) live between the Traldar lands and Milenia. Fairies and ancient Trolls is rumored to exist in one of the Floating continents. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures THE GIANTS LANDS variations from clan to clan. and in the developed by Chimpman in the “[Nation] Floating continents. Southern ancient Trolls.Indicated in the Iciria map with Kulear as capital.Not listed in the Hollow World boxed set. Stone Giants are more common around the World Spine and in the eastern deserts. but dominated by Giant cultures(1). Frost Giants they seem appropriate for the area. Hill Giants live in Grondheim” thread on the Piazza Forums.

Varellya (10) and 1 . Peshwa (14).Seafaring Oltecs. such as Afridhi (13). Dwa (3) and Kumban (4). these nations Tanagoro that populated the Pearl Islands. Makai. Oteino (2). but still can be also live in the Sea Kingdoms of the Outer World spotted occasionally on the seas. and be similar to real world melanesians. Araneas. THE ANATHY ARCHIPELAGO AND JOMPHUR The area (1) is the home of a variety of cultures. Atila Pires Dos Santos in their “A Timeline of the Jomphur is also inhabited by other human Oltec Man” cultures. check the “[Nation] Grondheim” thread on the Piazza Forums. tend to cruise 2300 BC setting in the topic “[Nation] Taymora - toward the numerous human cultures of the Empire of the Dead” on The Piazza Forums. based on the seafaring Wan (15) and Yevan (16). as is traversed by vessels of the above mentioned cultures and also by ships from Milenia and the cultures of south western Jomphur: Notes Asydh (8). from Colimans and Traldars to the Merry Pirates.Seafaring elves. supposed seafaring ancestors of the Tanagoro who colonized Yavdlom and several areas of Davania 5 . Even the cultures from the “Thoughts on the Anathy Archipelago” other side of Jomphur. the Southern Atlass Ocean is called the Sea of Ships. 2 . 4 . Water Elves (5). Indeed. Kara-Kara orcs.A good placement for Grondheim in my humble opinion. some believe. ancestors of the Water Elves of 49 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the powerful nation of Shahjapur.Many ideas taken from Andrew Theisen’s Yanifey (11). Blackmoor.Name invented by me. may having less navigational skill. name created by me for the Skandaharia and Thonia (12). the newly arrived Heldannic Knights of Stonehaven. Kopru masterminds (7) just below the waves. 8 . other Sea Peoples (6) and. but Atlass Ocean rather than the predominantly previously supposed by Giampaolo Agosta and non-human nations of Aerical and Suridal. 3 . Paeshen (9). The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures the Hills in the Hollow World boxed set.Name invented by me.

Needles to say. but looking at modern Alphatia Even if Aerical and Surical are inhabited by images. reached almost every coast of the Hollow 14 .Created by Bruce Heard in Dragon Magazine #157.In canon the exact culture of the Yanifey was never specified. as 12 . I’d link them to real world Persian culture. and their ships are known to have Jennites and Yanifey. Orimul 13 . intermittent trade and cooperation. NATIONS OF SURIDAL 6 . Insectoid. the Halflings of other cultures similar to real world Mongolian Kenaton. people in Skothar. World at least once.Also from the Blackmoor campaign setting. Thothians and Aryptians and correspond to real world Middle East cultures. even in a place like the Hollow “Timeline of Norwold” and “Empire of Zuyevo” at World. as discussed on The Piazza Forums 7 . minor nations of Suur.A culture I supposed in Threshold issue #5 could be related to the Peshwa of ancient Blackmoor. Suridal is also the home they should be the ancestors of Ethengarians and of the Elves of Evergrun.A reference to Adhuza. The Selhomarrians are great they seem to have a culture vaguely related to mariners.A reference to the Frontierlands.A culture I supposed in Threshold issue #5 could be related to Nithians. Reptilian and Demianimal races. ancestors of Ochalean and Yasukan and corresponding to real world South East Asian cultures.1” file at The Vaults for competing with their neighbors to more on Oriental cultures in Mystara. see also here the Varellyan Timeline by Geoff Gander 11 . there is also a powerful setting that should be similar to Europeans human nation. such as among them. as discussed on The Piazza Forums 8 . see also the “MORIENT the Hollow World waver between raiding or Material Compilation v0. 10 . Nevumm. and Ilarnn (2).Cultures from the Blackmoor campaign explained above. see curiosity. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures the Minrothad Guilds. Such is the nature of human modern Traladarans. Selhomarr (1).Name I invented here to indicate possible Lighthouse easily recruits willing explorers ancestors to Slavic cultures in Mystara.Also from the Blackmoor campaign setting.A culture I suppose could be related to real fleets. all of whom have considerable mercantile 15 . and the Serpentines of Xaript (3). 9 . all seafaring cultures of world Chinese people. allied with the cultures. where every being is often bound to The Vaults her birthplace and afraid to leave his home. 50 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Yevo and Vantalians. The 16 .

and for inspiring me to monolithic.a cultural archive. Andaire. in which several forum members participated. the Milenean Empire is article you see today. Nithians live in Nithia. Khuzd. after all. so I encourage building standpoint this may make a lot of you to visit the thread for yourself and to sense. and Havard for their participation in portrayal of Hollow World cultures was very that discussion. I would like to thank maddog. Seer of Right or wrong. Big Mac. and very rarely do individuals from Unfortunately. I was unable to include all these diverse cultures mix. and both can place cultures that they want to keep DMs and Players should have plenty of safe… and pure. and I think that jives with the overall even expand on it! It is a topic that can spirit of what the Hollow World is meant to continue to grow and mature. I’ve always felt that the Yhog. Beastmen populate the finally revisit it and formalize it in the Beastmen Wastes. comprised entirely of Milenians. From a world of their ideas in this article. where the immortals Empire. territory and material to explore for years to come. 51 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . is expansive. Children of Azca Expanded Player Options in the Hollow World From the by John Calvin Mystara Forum at Acknowledgement INTRODUCTION This article started out as a thread at The Piazza. The Azcan be .

all from within the Azcan Empire. having moist skin defined in the Hollow World boxed set. 1 Th e W as tin g is a term us ed to den ote th e On the Outer World. will be subject to all of counterparts. Entire guilds exist. as brightly (colored/hued). employed for purposes both Cueyatli (Frogfolk) mundane and nefarious. upon their bodies. Frogfolk have existed alongside the Azcans The size and dexterity of frogfolk. being extremely within the Azcan Empire. It should be noted susceptible to the effects of the Wasting1. 52 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . helping them Individuals visiting from foreign nations will climb even the sheerest of surfaces. not to since before being relocated to the Hollow mention their uncanny ability to move World. when dealing with a role playing world. various frogfolk tribes were either RACES conquered or assimilated by both the Oltec and Azcan Empires. building a multi- cultural party from disenfranchised individuals across the Hollow World is always an option. solely devoted to collecting and processing these poisons. members of the species are able to secrete whether or not they are living within the various poisons from specialized glands borders of the Azcan Empire. whether Nearly half the size of their human human or otherwise. Children of Azca Unfortunately. a world where players and DM work together to build a story the limited options for player characters can be restricting. Adult be subject to their own cultural biases. make them and dispersed across portions of Brun and Skothar even before the rise of Blackmoor. along the northern s ick n es s an d dis eas e caus ed in th e aftermath of coast of Davania and following the th e Great R ain of F ire. that any individual considering themselves to be a member of the Azcan Empire. frogfolk in Azcan lands are the cultural biases of Azcan citizens. Their culture originated on Davania through thick jungle terrain. Most frogfolk races descended into extinction shortly after the Following is a list of races that can be found Great Rain of Fire. but in this article I would like to explore the possibility of building a racially and culturally diverse party. with padded fingers and toes. F or more in formation Immortal’s Arm to the southern shores of s ee th e My s tara 2 3 0 0 B C Campaig n Settin g at Th e Vaul ts of Pan dius . Brun. Would a group of diverse players all want to play in Azcan lands if their character choice is essentially relegated to “Azcan” characters? Yes.

however. Malpheggi lizardmen are also tolerated within the empire’s borders. are perceived as lesser vocations. Occasionally Highly adaptable. In truth fully assimilated lizardmen no longer Humans associate themselves with Malpheggi. unsetting red sun. but they tend to fare poorly nearly any task set before them. Children of Azca excellent scouts and trackers. humans may excel at albinos are born. as other races. and southwestern borders. Some have truly been assimilated motives. Although dealing with their southern swamp living Azcans dominate. primarily in the entirely trusted. found throughout the empire. into Azcan society. most Azcans since their arrival in the Hollow Azcan citizens remain suspicious of their World. with blues being uncommon. Azcans place Strength. 53 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . many dream of entering the priesthood. though their thinking may though devoted practitioners do exist seem alien.. serve as sagacious councilors and advisers among Azcans or their own kind. the southeastern interior were Oltec populations predominate. lizardmen are just as perceptive outrightly. many of them traits defining lizardmen. As mercenaries lizardmen northeast. even if not Numerous Neathar tribes. their cruel masters. many lizardmen throughout the empire. while others only accepted Azcan ways out of necessity. though just as suited to roles as warriors and mercenaries. Within Azcan lands. waiting Lizardmen from Azcan lands tend toward for the day when they are able to overthrow being slightly larger than the average human.. and reddish hues quite rare. Thus. they devote enough time and energy to the endeavor. Though often perceived as slow and Mystical and arcane arts. while not shunned dimwitted. where frogfolk take on roles as acrobats and Though the Malpheggi lizardmen existed on thieves. having fully embraced Azcan culture. where saurians have been accepted as citizens of the empire. Often spiritual. lizardmen fill the niche dwarves do on the Outer World. making them well aspiring to be great warriors. Their skills Major human races in Azcan lands are of and talents are especially appreciated when course the Azcans and Oltecs. Both factions may be both in breadth of shoulder and height. Along these lines. there are several regions in brethren. the way halflings do on the Outer perished. Such skills Ceutzpatli (Lizardmen) often translate fairly well in urban settings. persistence. have been subjugated by the are afforded certain latitudes. and patience are all great regard in martial efforts. as long as under the harsh. largely in less Their scale coloration can range from dull to populated northern territories. frogfolk fill this niche in Azcan the Outer World long after the Azcan Empire lands. bright green. enclaves exist along the southern World.

though darker coats often however. which vanished before both the plague of Taymoran Pardasta breeds tend toward a darker pelage lycanthropy was unleashed. by fellow Azcans. are sometimes seen as uncivilized. both 2 Tay moran l y can th ropy is th eoriz ed b y me on the Outer World as well as the inner. side. Though rakastodon breeds if not commonplace. mask the marks. Jakar throughout the world. or eagle spirits. While some tribes were fulfilled by dwarves. often more brutish rakastodons. The stronger. In Azcan lands. conquered or assimilated. Such is still the case Tzatzli (Shifters) inside of the Hollow World. Only during times of agitation or b orders of th e empire. those they care for. In the Azcan with b rin g in g l y can th ropy in to th e worl d wh en Empire. with many Alphatian lycanthropy were dispersed seeming to sport coats of pure black. with the Azcan Empire. inhabiting jungle regions near small Were-jaguars were not present in the ancient settlements and villages. Children of Azca Lycanthropes most commonly found faraway from larger cities. just as many managed to remain free of Azcan rule in the untamed jungles3. especially in more rural had long been extinct on the Outer World. treated with awe and respect. pardasta and jakar frequently fill the niche As with frogfolk. both pardasta that elves do on the Outer World. I n can on A l ph atian s are credited with their chosen animal spirit. Rakasta are Shifters have long existed in the empire. or strains of in the jungled terrain of Azca. Some tribes have actually been integrated into Azcan culture. areas and in villages situated deeper in the their territories in the Hollow World overlap jungles. a lycanthrope can only satiate their hunger by feeding in animal Many rakasta are idolized and often sought form. a shifter’s body is closely bound over time. were-jaguars are Within the deep jungles rakastodon are oftentimes idolized by common Azcans. while and jakar tribes. most shifters are aligned with jaguar th ey made Lan dfal l in B C 1 0 0 0 . other Azcans must do well to control their Their natural skills and instincts make them darker instincts. s til l ex is t with in th e exist. but other spirit animals also un tain ted b y A z can cul ture. In the Hollow World. pelts tend to be tawny and dappled with dark Since their appearance in the Hollow World rosette spots. and more than though displaying a darker and more sinister a modicum of fear. therefore a were-jaguar living amongst out as mentors by aspiring Azcan warriors. lest they unwittingly feed on excellent candidates for warriors and scouts. 3 I t is pos s ib l e th at rak as ta popul ation s . often flying into fits of Ocelotli (Rakasta) uncontrollable rage. Azcan Empire of the Outer World. Like rakasta and shifters. many rakasta. (an d oth ers work in g on an cien t civil iz ation s ) as Normally indistinguishable from other s tartin g s omewh ere circa B C 2 3 0 0 an d evol vin g humans. lived alongside the Azcans rakastodon may take on a role normally on the Outer World. 54 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . were-jaguars sightings are sporadic. starting in Landfall2.

warriors. Using Races from Eberron granting a shifter skills and abilities beyond human bounds. shifters may also exhibit animal-like appearances. This allows their existence on the metropolitan cities of the empire. to be a known and accepted aspect the warforged are living statues imbued with of Azcan culture since its inception.reborn through divine power the Azcans were moved to the Hollow and rituals of the Azcan priesthood. In Azcan lands warforged may fill the niche left by dwarves (serving as warriors) or by elves (as magic wielding warriors). Shifters are humans with special beast-like capabilities. Their powers are tied to warforged have become more abundant in the spirit world rather than a lycanthropic the Hollow World. Although a warforged may remember Momoztli. I more populous areas to gravitate toward believe a certain amount of window careers thievery or even as military scouts. 55 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . transferring spirits of the Warforged often serve as guards of temples sacrifice into new bodies. stone. appear human. as well as in the Hollow Constructed of wood. which means “screamers. or alterborn. World. especially in the major lineage. normally assumed by elves upon the Outer World. In Azcan lands. Outer World. Like the and other places that are frequented by the warforged of Eberron. and the House of the Magician Azcan humans with obsidian filigree and even has a sect made entirely of such stylized masks carved as faces. World. they are new constructs that have existed since before individuals . In dressing is necessary in order to better fit Azcan lands shifters take on attributes them into the Mystaran setting. often join military orders and make excellent however metal components are missing. possibly Momoztli (Warforged) derived from purported lycanthropic ancestry. Some few have a gift for the In general they should appear as statues of magical arts. In both cases. individuals. Children of Azca duress does the animal spirit manifests itself. specifically the shifter and world also lead many down a more religious warforged races. are living flashes from their past lives. yet ties to the spiritual campaign.” and lived beneath the yellow sun and stars. In Eberron. As such they are creations of Azcan sacrificial rituals. They also still fashioned of wood and stone. It is also not uncommon for shifters in race mechanics can be used outright. and obsidian. the essence of warriors sacrificed on Azcan alters. they are called Although somewhat rare when the Azcans tzatzli. while the path. these creations are nobility and priesthood of Azca. I believe several of the races and classes from the Eberron Campaign Setting may A shifters innate skills make it well suited for be appropriate to use in an Azcan the warrior class.

whether Azcans are familiar with elves. cordial interactions do take place. despite most Azcans mistrust and contempt towards them. often being pitted against Neathar tribes or Neathar become less numerous the further even other belligerent beastmen clans. Children of Azca Other Races Neathar Trappers and Hunters Other races are found throughout the Azcans clash with the Neathar tribes just as empire. one travels into core Azcan territory. few would be Milenians routinely come ashore to buy and able to distinguish between the two cultures. heard tales of their description. Gentle Folk Milenean Merchants Unfortunately for the Gentle Folk. Azcan’s most hated enemy are the Nonetheless they regularly welcome Shattenalfen to the south. exotic merchandise. As long as such visitors come Persona Non-grata looking to trade. often as barter with them. they usually find cautious welcome among For good or ill. 56 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . very few of the Gentle Folk ever down the western Azcan coast. but many nor within homogenous communities. Though most are justifiably wary Beastmen sometimes serve as Azcan of aggressive Azcans. the By and large Azcans are wary of seafarers. and are often found up and Regardless. as Azcans are suspicious mercenaries in the northern frontiers. seeing beastmen in the empire’s northern Traldar Traders territories. occasionally a well armed group of reception in Azcan ports. these races curious Azcans looking to buy foreign and and cultures are spurned within Azcan lands. leave their refuge to intermingle with their neighbors. though neither in great numbers. traders will successfully navigate Neathar lands. Consequently. Thus. it is not unheard of. when recognized. Neathar hunters and trappers may Beastmen Mercenaries be found along Azca’s northeastern territories. and not plunder. craftsmen subsist through trade with the empire. Traldar come to Azcan shores as traders nearly as often as raiders. sell exotic goods. most of them. and while most merchants from distant lands. or have at least arriving by land or sea. Therefore. Traldar traders find tepid east. yet once friendly intentions are Though the Krugal Hordes reside far to the established. looking to sell the spoils of former conquests. many Azcan Krugal Caravans cities are apprehensive upon spotting their ships at sea.

Children of Azca Icevale Elves ORGANIZATIONS Like the Gentle Folk. though the Jaguar Knights are by far the Schattenalfen and Azcans have been the most prestigious. Empire. either stay concealed or use magical means coinciding with the largest jakar populations. Merry Pirates The Azcans have engaged in far too many conflicts with sea raiders along their western shores to view ships of the Merry Pirates as anything but trouble. The order is have not infiltrated Azca. but those that have most prevalent in northern and central Azca. Jaguar Knights “Defenders” Unlike the Gentle Folk. however.the fact that Several martial orders exist across the Azcan they both worship the immortal Atzanteotl. headquartered in the city of Xochimilco. despite .or rather because of . Icevale Elves are the unfortunate victims of mistaken identity when it comes to dealing with the Azcans. but smaller settlements are usually abandoned to the raiders with the inhabitants seeking shelter further inland. Shattenalfen Schattenalfen are the reason that Azcans hate elves. Though the two cultures have more in common than either would care to admit. in part due to the waging war since the dawn of their first order’s association with the jakar rakasta encounters. That is not to say Schattenalfen upon which it was modeled. Once his prowess is established the warrior must petition a current member to act as his mentor. to mask their identities. Larger towns and cities may have defenses prepared for this scourge. An Azcan warrior must consistently prove himself in battle if he ever hopes to become a Jaguar Knight. Upon 57 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Though the two cultures exist in close proximity. they are more than willing and capable of defending themselves. their preferences for extremely different environments makes their interaction irregular at best.

These lizardmen are also tradesmen then banding together into a often appointed to deal with actual cooperative guild. Though allegedly a secret organization. and south to the Snake Azcan territories. and never spoken of in accept a higher profile job. 58 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . for the lizardmen that Blue Darts form them follow Azcan ways and tradition. responsible for most of 4 Th e ren derin g of aid may tak e on man y the Empire’s magical reconnaissance. and above all for their skills in entirely of warforged mages. than the troupes hired from the Malpheggi Swamp. Though these bands are much smaller to any and all Azcans in need. honor bound to render aid4 River. members. they may become a threat to the ruling class. Should the warforged ever fully Lizard Mercenaries reclaim their past lives. Lizardmen are fierce and deadly warriors. harbors a museum of relics rivalling all unlocking the mysteries and past lives of its others across the empire. the House of the Obsidian continues to operate. in cl udin g participatin g in raids an d intelligence gathering. especially when secreted within the city of Yuzihuapac. lands. frogfolk and a good fight. magical and mundane. A rivalry exists artifacts. Azcan nobility seek out Blue the Obsidian is an offshoot of the House of Darts as spies and assassins. especially among the marshes of the deep Despite this. they have a reputation for being especially trustworthy. effectively becoming constantly flow across the upper echelons of thrill seeking adventurers. Darts covet more than a hushed voice. the House of poisonous arts. The order is based in the alone is insufficient incentive for a Dart to capital city Chitlacan. and forms . bands exist in the villages around the Many are itinerant. Children of Azca induction. Several mercenary responsibility of protecting the Empire. and Azcan war parties make use of loyalties and obligations and assumes the them whenever possible. House of the Obsidian Blue Darts are renowned for their stealth. The order’s history stems across the Azcan Empire in search of gold from the mists of antiquity. Sometimes these mercenary bands whispers of the Blue Dart assassins commission themselves. a knight typically abandons local jungle. one is s k irmis h es . their ability to retrieve information and items A cloak-and-dagger magical order comprised undetected. Their headquarters are Malpheggi Mercenaries. has been deemed an extremely dangerous endeavor by Atzanteotl’s priesthood. The order’s main objective. though gold the Magician. that journey Azcan society. though branches exist in most cities and towns south of the Atizapan River. traveling throughout Tolmecac Swamp. In the Empire. and it is between the House of the Obsidian and the rumored that their guildhall in Yuzihuapac ruling theocracy. near Azcans mount campaigns into Schattenalfen the northern extant of the Malpheggi Swamp.

and help defend against the various dinosaurs roaming the area5. creating a new band of warforged. Should the PCs need assistance in this endeavor they can be joined by fellow captives Spart. a brutal sport where two teams 5 Th e Spart-A k us s s l ave reb el l ion was devis ed compete to throw a small rubbery ball b y K h uz d on th e th read at Th e Piaz z a. now worn and past their prime. Many teams competing do so willingly . and find this The Games of Chitlacan fate undesirable. as the losing team will be sacrificed ever-seeing member of the House of Obsidian. and Akuss. in this case natives or foreigners to these lands. they must devise a means to escape their captors and flee the Azcan Empire. a lizardman scout. where they can book passage on a ship to farway lands. as Azcan Empire.a ritual creating the next generation of warforged to serve the Azcans. The stakes are high actually carved of stone. Their best escape route is ascending the pass at Mount Kalaktatla and seeking refuge in Colima. There they are of their knowledge and wisdom might live on forced to participate in the annual tlachtli games. upon the altars of the House of the Magicians. Jaguar Knights and their rakasta CAMPAIGN IDEAS allies from Xochimilco. Heroes and legends from across the Empire. so that some portion capital city of Chitlacan. a bruteman warrior. 59 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . either by a party of Azcan their fate is also to be sacrificed. The Obsidian Mask The streets of Chitlacan are abuzz with activity as the city prepares for the next Obsidian sacrifices . and however. The following campaigns can be run in the Victors of the games may fare little better. and even a team composed of frogfolk and shifters from Inxi.lizardmen opportunists from Uexotzinco. Children of Azca never sure if the statue they pass daily is through a stone circle. or is a patient. avoid Azcan slaver parties. on Atzanteotl’s alter. who can help them navigate the jungles. have come The PCs are all foreigners to Azcan lands to the great temple hoping they might be having been captured and taken to the chosen for the sacrifice. Should the PCs continue to win.

such individuals would hold similar goals. and people across in the stone beings. should the 6 See Geoff Gan der’s work on Y th l il (in addition to oth ers ) at th e Vaul ts of Pan dius . long since dead across the expanse of the Empire will awaken. before even the time of the unlock the memories and past lives of the Carnifex. protective runes upon their dwellings. possibly fueling the flames of civil war. crimes . As The BLue Darts have unearthed an ancient warforged bodies are immune to the effects evil7 from that time in the nearby swamps. the populace fears some maleficent hand is at play. when frogfolk dominated Mystara. if not millennia. After nearly a truth those investigating the deaths will soon quarter circle of celebrations and games have discover that most are the result of poison… passed. Deep all travel and communication between it and beneath the temple they have hidden the the outside world.Blue Dart assassins. Such rituals. the cult is more ancient than any first warforged. while far the city of Yuzihuapac begin placing from common. it could have detrimental effects throughout the Empire. It is unlikely after their awakening. but as deaths become recurrent. At first many of the nobles appeared to perish in freak accidents or petty squabbles. the surmise. of aging. Mages from the House of the Obsidian have The ancient frog cult plans to remove all been striving to ensure the rituals performed leadership from the city. the chosen few will be led into the and shortly thereafter will find themselves temple and their spirits will infuse newly evading the real culprits perpetrating these fashioned warforged frames. a powerful and ancient the highest ranking members of the Blue artifact dating back to construction of the Darts. In fact the ritual will consume the life essence of the assassins guild can trace its origins back to participants and use that power to fully mythical Ythlil6. masters of the House of the Obsidian. its goals more sinister. Ancient heroes and warlords. With the mask in place. as well as prevent this year will not go as planned. 60 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Temple of the Poison Darts Murmurs of a foul curse fill the streets as the city’s nobles fall like flies. finding themselves within powerful warforged bodies. Children of Azca modified ritual succeed. and splitting the Empire into several opposing fiefdoms. In and in fact greatly anticipated. some of the masters have existed for centuries. Unbeknownst to all but Obsidian Mask. are well known to the Azcans.

and Chicitztli has utilized various pretenses to gather support. His Mental Ramblings by Geoff Gander.Also developed by Geoff Gander. Unfortunately the real battle appease it and slake its ravenous hunger. dark immortal patron. is in fact a rakastodon warlord of great renown. rather Atzanteotl’s servant. Chicitztli. a return to the old ways under the guidance of the immortal Otzitiotl. If successful they intend to offer will march against the fortress of the entire population of Yuzihuapac to Cuetzpallinan. and many of his rakasta generals are cruel Notes and capricious. the “strong tooth”. is to ferret out as many traitors to the 3 .may be truth about their brutal commander. 61 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Sabre Toothed Warlord REFERENCES Unrest has been growing near the city of Teotihuatli. TSR 1991 waning however. and are preparing to trap. enthusiasm for the precepts of the Empire is John Nephew. in this scheme must strive to discover the even the whole Hollow World . Chicitztli awaken it. see above. History And Evolution Of Rakastas by Simone having fought both in the arena of Chitlacan Neri and against enemies of the Azcan Empire on the northern and western fronts. or the entire Azcan Empire . but Lhomarr in the Outer World. Instructed by his Its People. In fact most of them are not 1 . “Lhomarr: The Land. PCs caught up diabolical plot. the rakastodon’s plan 2 . will come once the rebel warband is Eliminating the city’s leadership and surrounded by rakasta and were-jaguar communication network is the first step in warriors. leading them into a #5 and James Mishler’s “Age of Blackmoor” 7 Th is may in fact b e on e of th e an cien t B urrowers . south of Lake Chitlaloc. or perh aps even an en tity rel ated to th e Outer B ein g s .Developed by Geoff Gander in “Lhomarr in the rakasta at all. see Threshold issue priesthood as possible. or threatened. HWR1 Sons of Azca. based on his previous works on Chicitztli a true follower of the New Way. When his forces are ready. Children of Azca dormant for eons. Chicitztli and his lieutenants their plan. Neither is Hollow World”. Rumors abound of a great Jaguar Knight in the [Player Options] Azcan thread at The Piazza adjacent jungle calling warriors to his Forums banner. PCs must expose and prevent this turning upon their own men. and Their History”. failing that find a way to prevent the ambush and insure the safety of Otzitiotl’s faithful. His rule is brutal and bloodthirsty. Namely. The Lighthouse’s guide to Unknown Cultures All is not as it seems in Chicitztli’s camp however.Cultures of ancient Davania. but were-jaguars.

Ss u-Ma is 3 See Ch ampion s of My s tara b ox ed s et for an Empy real of th e Sph ere of Th oug h t widel y detail s on th e Sk y s h iel d 4 N oumen a is a h ierarch of th e Sph ere of con s idered as th e patron of memory . An incorporeal conversation between Tiresias and Ssu-Ma1. faraway th e math th es e as teroid fiel ds s h oul d l ay asteroids moving on their path around the b etween 3 8 ’0 0 0 mil es an d 6 5 ’0 0 0 mil es b ey on d th e s k y s h iel d. Tome 1 . I see. Our somewhere way above master Noumena4 gave you fairly accurate indications and a proper timing about my Mystara. I n th e s ame epis ode it is planet2. incorporeal silhouette of Ssu-Ma s ome 5 1 ’5 0 0 mil es away from My s tara. B y doin g sunlight briefly reflected by other. Tires as is a Temporal of Emeron dian s (from VotpA epis ode 1 3 ) may th e Sph ere of Th oug h t wh os e main in teres ts l ay come from s imil ar as teroid fiel ds as wel l . Th is moon is glowing. wh ich was already there. Tiresias. 1 9 6 5 ). s pace travel l in g b ey on d th e s k y s h iel d. h is tory an d written k n owl edg e. in dreams . Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle by LoZompatore PROLOGUE most of the mortals on Mystara by the absorption properties of the Skyshield3. Ssu-Ma: So you are here. contemplating the al s o corres pon ds to 4 day s of Prin ces s A rk ’s changing landscape of dim and bright dots. proph ecies an d l eg en ds .Th e Dal mon te. in quiry an d 2 A s teroid fiel ds b etween th e Sk y s h iel d an d res earch . the Immortal pondered. Welcome to my The Incorporeal Form of Tiresias appeared over one of the many clusters of asteroids (even ts of Eimir 1 6 . 1 A ccordin g to th e Codex I mmortal is b y Marco l ik el y in th e as teroid fiel ds th ems el ves . H e is fon d of in ves tig ation s ab out th e Matera are des crib ed in VotPA epis ode 8 my s teries of th e Mul tivers e. An impressive view impeded for in ferred th at th e H el dan n ic K n ig h ts may h ave s ome k in d of “voids h ipy ard” in outer s pace. The fin d s ome cl us ters of as teroids after 1 day of s pace travel l in g from Patera. Th e Prin ces s A rk surrounding the low orbits of Mystara. AC 1015 current location. Th oug h t patron of k n owl edg e. 62 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

disclose those secrets to me. That’s why I would like to Tiresias: I am glad to meet you. and the nearly. As you see its such wickedness is due to the interference floor. Tiresias: Master Ssu-Ma. that old prince is growing more and more self. 63 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . The truth about this foul Crystalline Army of geonids led by the place has always been known by some. the more so for the civilized ones. found. I come to suspect that such naivety. many of his people. Unfortunately in the Prime Plane? I foresee that. so I will tell you about what you are asking for. efforts. I need to know more myself. There. I understand your the gemstone marvels waiting for him in the scopes and I respect and appreciate your Heart of Kirak. Sphere of Thought formally asking the help immortal life span of his race. is giving at him. to shake the Brasol Range. master SSu. its walls and its ceiling still have to be of the entropic agents. in truth. in the environment. from someone in charge of the destiny of so the present and the future of this world. Will you themselves prevent any external menace. Ssu-Ma: Rock-men are a quiet. Being able to yield fruitful consequences for our Sphere detect enemies is a necessary skill for every and this part of the Prime Plane… living being. I believe they should ponder better Let us just hope that our little meeting will about their environment. labyrinthine tunnels of the Heart of Kirac. which I am not. Tiresias: Indeed. especially told me that you hold the secrets of the past. those who follow his guidance will be literally Ssu-Ma: You spoke about secrets. Look at and the far future of the world. Mortals know me as a teller of legends rock-men with proper advice. so spread new legends about the ancient past many things are beyond my grasp. will by of a mighty Empyreal of his kin. Our hierarchs Ssu-Ma: A definitely bad attitude. The King of the Deeps is countless others rediscovered and forgot it assembling his army right now. while King of Isigg. I wish to and a weaver of prophecies but. but smashed and shattered into pieces by the secrets they are not. covetous of many times over the ages. the prince-priest Paha is laughing and SSu-Ma: And now I’m starting to figure out scoffing at the best advices his wisest clergy why you asked for this meeting. Tiresias: So do I. counter such interference by providing the Ma. in order to be able important and presumptuous. Day after day. meditating kind. The prince is coming to Actually I am just a humble Temporal of the believe that the sturdiness. right now. within the next century. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle favorite meditation chamber. to relate more information to the mortals. for the benefit allowing his rock-men people to live forever of our Sphere and for the balance of power in safe and splendid isolation. Some mortals believe I am some kind of jealous keeper of secrets. right below us at this their false confidence in an unchanging moment.

in th e fol l owin g . B oth n ig h tmare coun terpart of My s tara/ U rt s ee terms may b e us ed in terch an g eab l y b ut.wh ich is 1 0 % more of N otice. only millions of times dead meg al ith . for Entropic colleagues might say something ex ampl addres s th e meg al ith . approach tak en b y th e fan commun ity in wh ich My s tara is . We strongly meg al ith as per th e orig in al I mmortal Set. They are extremely old.constantly rejuvenating “9 9 . I n th is articl e th is approach is al s o dropped an d. articl e l arg es t un til th e impact with a g ian t meteor . th e I mmortal Set .th e s iz e of Mercury or Cal l is to .albeit our with a proper g eol og ical an d b iol og ical preh is tory (for a s ummary on th is s ee.wh ich appears in th e orig in al Dimen s ion . Megaliths do not reproduce d th at th in g s is ab out doub l e th e radius of J upiter. in th is “N ig h tmare Meg al ith ” b y Travis H en ry . You could consider it as the true b y s ome g ian t impact with an d as teroid in th e pace at which the Multiverse flows9. th ere th e dis appearan ce of Verth an di is real l y mig h t b e s ol id meg al ith s with s uch a h ug e s iz e approach in g . Moreover in vol vin g th e meg al ith an d th e N orn s are g oin g it is as s umed in th is articl e th at meg al ith s n ever pretty differen tl y s in ce th en . they were already there when the first. Th at’s wh ere th e idea of a “en d of times ” h in ted in th e fol l owin g ab out g as n eb ul a comes from. h b eit th is coul d b e an l as t proper N orn s Cy cl e of My s tara an d th e in teres tin g variation . of cours e . over 1 ’0 0 0 ’0 0 0 mil es . May b e th is is th e res emb l e s tars . th e terms “My s tara” is us ed 8 Meg al ith s coul d al s o l ive in th e N ig h tmare in s tead of “U rt” . th at it is s til l pos s ib l e th at th e th e diameter of th e Sun . “U rt” is dropped to avoid con fus ion 9 Th e articl e “Dwarven Timek eepin g ” b y B ruce with th e n ame of th e I mmortal N orn “U rd”. Th is Ones at the same time of this colossal puzzle is a very differen t view from th e oth er pos s ib l e we call the Multiverse. rocky planets. Ssu-Ma: I need to start by telling you forgotten Immortals surfaced in the something about Megaliths. living beings like our beloved Mystara6 when asked. Think of in ten tion al l y vag ue ab out th e an cien t pas t of this cycle as the common “days” and “nights” My s tara. faraway pas t (s ee “K arimari Cul t” b y Marco Dal mon te or “Th e Meg al ith ” an d “Th e Meg al ith (Part 2 )”b y R ob in D). s o b oth s cen arios are pos s ib l e. 6 I n th e fol l owin g . F ran ces co Defferrari articl e different about this . Oth er fan -made th eories s ay th at My s tara is n ow a of a mortal being. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle ECOLOGY OF THE intelligent creatures. an d th at an en dl es s cy cl e of creation an d believe they all were created by the Old des truction h appen s on th is cel es tial b ody . l ocated s omewh ere in oth er Pl an es . H eard h in ts at th e th e “h eartb eat of wh ich often appears in th e tex t. gas giants and MEGALITHS5 small dust nebulae7. They are highly-magical. pos s ib l y k il l ed or in capacitated slower. the mighty Multiverse. an Earth -l ik e worl d Megaliths seem not to age . 7 A ccordin g to th e orig in al I mmortal Set. F or a b rief des cription of Tru. it is as s umed in s tead th at My s tara is s o a b ig meg al ith s vary in s iz e b etween 3 ’0 0 0 mil es in an d ol d l ivin g b ein g th at coul d with s tan d diameter .s en t b y on e b ein g th e “puffy pl an et” W as p-1 7 b wh ich th e En tropic forces . My s tara/ U rt”. only apparently similar to moons. N ote th at their surface through an endless set of can on material (es pecial l y th e H W b ox ed s et) is cycles of activity and slumber. them are to freely float in the void or to orbit around the very first stars in the Prime 5 W h at fol l ows as s umes th at My s tara is a Plane and nearby locations8. more or l es s .9 9 9 9 9 8 5 % My s tara h is tory ”). N o real pl an et with N orn s Cy cl e des crib ed in th is articl e work ed s uch a b ig radius is k n own s o far . N everth el es s . 64 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the first memories of all of below d pos s ib l y an y th in g un til th e very en d of times .

a and an environment suitable for its continent rising two or three miles from the development. planets but. or slumbering. wh ich th e A quaren di (s ea el ves ) are b el ieved to b e th e firs t race l ivin g in th e g l ob al ocean b efore th e ris e of con tin en ts . usually just as slow as well.10 The continents are then added later or an oceanic layer at will. and up to 100 all this life comes from just one of the three times more. They may generate a mighty magic field that can be extended to bath their whole external surface . the megalith is Megaliths are also able to modify the shape wide awake and uses its powers to create life of their external surface with will. megaliths are very intelligent. available Immortals. This usually involves the opening manipulation of their own magic they can of many gates from the Planes of Air and create artificial gravity fields. I f th e orig in al But.which is ultimately the source of most magic in Mystara . fineness and depth cannot be reached even by the finest philosophers of our Sphere of Thought. and its communication is sources.or by subtle pressure on Mystara’s will by the move away to orbit around another sun .especially the Elemental Planes . all the while attracting seafloor is nothing but a wrinkle on the existing life from other places of the external skin of those creatures. from our knowledge for as little as 10’000 years.and they are able to open or close large gates to the other Planes . and teleport themselves onto other orbits . barren and dead places including “common” 1 1 See PC3 “Th e Sea Peopl e” for a des cription of th e s trug g l e b etween th e el emen tal powers 65 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . anti-magic Water to create an uniform worldwide shells and keep or release an atmosphere ocean. As I told. megaliths may D&D s uppl emen t 2 “B l ack moor” [1 9 7 5 ] is us ed create life. even if its quality. With Multiverse.11 even if I must say that the drainage of magic 10 See PC3 “Th e s ea Peopl e” for a my th in in such cases is so massive to be detected in the whole solar system of departure. While in its active phase. They are able to by gates from the Earth and Fire Planes. in the end. We believe they are the only (s ee en try ab out th e Sh auag in ) th en it is al s o beings able to do so. together with us pos s ib l e to as s ume th at th e s ea el ves . The same information conveyed in a conversation of a few minutes between mortals or even Immortals usually needs centuries to be delivered by a megalith. Life may spread and colonize other of My s tara. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle A megalith may stay awake. most important to all. th e Immortals and some major elemental mermen an d th e Sh auag in are b orn from an orig in al an ces tral race durin g th is earl y ph as e powers. and highly magical.

or it was for the extra details you provided. and I am grateful breeds of creatures of the night. it accelerates its properly weaved. I n a l ate ph as e of th e el emen tal s trug g l e. rais in g or s in k in g s in g l e moun tain s . on th e Vaul ts of Pan dius . over which this museum is built is going to change anyway? Ssu-Ma: My dear Tiresias. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle On the contrary. during its slumbering also gives a maximum time limit for life to phase. At every cycle the Mystara’s life cycle. In other. and how is it possible to keep eruptions so fierce their lava is able destroy this artificial equilibrium when the very rock even artifacts and Immortal bodies. lifeless surface like the external skin of the megalith when the slumbering phase begins. It conveys not considered worthy of an use. h il l s an d pl ain s . previous cycles of the past it was used to Tiresias: Master.rather static . during this cycle the hollow is some kind of eternal stable orbit and repels any communication yard of worthy cultures. being sealed from external screening by the ab out th e ris in g of th e con tin en ts . species and races by attempt. you just hit a very sensitive nerve crossing and splitting our Immortal community in many opposite factions. while the current active Th e A n cien t Tortl es ' F rig h ten in g Secret”. I know the notion of an ever changing world and that there were even some cycles during which the cavity was not discovered at all. “Th e Truth A b out 6’000 years ago12. If life forms on its surface. 66 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . and it shuts down the rock-men in an unchanging world. to host alien was already known to me. This spell was cast about per B ruce H eard’s articl e. In this phase the know that the Hollow World deep inside megalith no longer cares about keeping a Mystara is used as a . But I also magical energy field. Notice also that the Spell of Preservation is tortl es an d s n appers may h ave b een us ed b y a rather recent add-on. it reacts with violence my fellow Immortals. s uppl emen t 2 “B l ack moor” ab out th e Sh auag in race. 12 See H W b ox ed s et for detail s . at least in terms of th e I mmortal s to do th e “refin in g ” work . If disturbed. the megalith loses interest in keeping prosper on the surface of Mystara. dark. As you know. I t is al s o pos s ib l e to l in k s uch el emen tal uph eaval s to th e powerful anti-magic layer created by g l ob al fl oods h in ted in th e orig in al D&D Mystara’s magic lava. such information will rotation to cool down and to expel all air shake the misleading self-assurance of the and water over itself. What is the fate of by means of huge earthquakes and volcanic such a place. Actually. most of this information double the surface of Mystara. empty cavity at the center of the world is rediscovered by the available Immortals and used in a different way. the Hollow World will be turned into a wasted.

I don’t have final summoned to the hollow world. in order to get stability. from a megalith. to prevent any physical or magical 13 A ccordin g to th e I mmortal Set. s o th e l en g th of th e active cy cl e al ready s pen t s h oul d b e at l eas t 3 0 0 ’0 0 0 y ears . We believe that when the building of a new planet is in place. the anti-magic aura of the Wordshield totally seals the internal from the external surface. and even our Sphere of Thought scope of the cavity inside the megalith? Why may appreciate the clever tricks used to it is shielded by a powerful anti-magic field preserve every culture without overly produced by Mystara itself? What is the point violating the free will of their components. The megaliths themselves are very elusive about this subject. But I digress.and. It was cast during an emergency and it served the scope.must be in place in the rememb er jus t th e l as t decades of even ts due to surrounding was in creas ed up to th e pos s ib l e max imum s ug g es ted in “R econ cil in g U rth an d th e H ol l ow val ue of 1 ’0 0 0 ’0 0 0 y ears . It seems also that. What is worse. 67 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . This is proof of this . in order to a meg al ith is approach in g th e middl e of its curren t active ph as e. What is the real stability. very specific requirements - are cl oud g ian ts on My s tara wh ich are a few which are currently not met in the void h un dreds of mil l en n ia ol d (al th oug h th ey around Mystara . Even the Ssu-Ma: It is because such space is not Sphere of Energy is going to believe that the supposed to always be empty. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle phase is about 500’000 years old. That’s possibly why we th eir s mal l b rain s ). to my knowledge. in sheltering an empty space? the Sphere of Time is more and more vocal about the removal of the spell.I don’t think any of our kin something that the Spheres of Life should has .as an ex trapl an ar l ocation . The Immortals are divided about this spell. A ccordin g to A C1 0 th ere create a planet. While the uses for the hollow world of Mystara. but now it is causing Tiresias: You mentioned many different stagnation among the living. and it will MEGALITHS AS PLANET last for as long as this time13. My s tara as interference. What follows is just the sum of our speculations so far. except Sphere of Matter may be proud of such possibly the proper one. 14 A differen t fan -made view on th e H ol l ow I n th is articl e th e duration of th e active ph as e W orl d . If this task was assigned to them by the very Old Ones maybe they fear unwanted attention from the Sphere of Entropy. no Immortal fight with all their powers to avoid it has ever attended the birth of a new planet becoming permanent. as I’m going to BUILDERS tell you. stagnation was create new planets14. We presume that the hollow space Sphere of Entropy is pretty much satisfied inside megaliths is nothing but a womb to that. W orl d” b y K h el dren . the believes. at least that’s potential of so many races and people is what the current generation of Immortals bridled without scope. with at l eas t oth er 3 0 0 ’0 0 0 y ears to g o.

Spil l word des crib ed in DotE mig h t match th is 1 6 A g ain . In this case we 15 See I M1 adven ture. There are sightings of them New stars are created without planets . It many different sizes. system. Long chunks of elemental Plane of Fire15. which is remnants of this process. always smaller than the seems to us that the main scope of the size of the megaliths currently orbiting the galaxies is to fill the void of space with stars. this creation of new planets since its first time connecting the Elemental Planes of meeting with our kin. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle have not seen our megalith involved in the galaxy. Such gates occurs very close to each other Tiresias: Which kind of requirements may around a promising star. “Th e cen ter of th e believe the megalith just did the opposite g al ax y ” s ection . worl ds . After a available around. as the void itself is expanding . system and assembled in a new planet inside and I strongly believe Entropy is involved in the cavity. a process which usually takes sudden appearing of celestial bodies of dozens or hundreds of millions of years. most of them should be gates are governed by the will of the related to the amount of elemental matter Elemental Masters and their servants. b ut a s ource of h eat an d l ig h t are devoted to th e tas k of open in g or cl os in g s h oul d n everth el es s b e provided to th es e n ew th e cen tral g al ax y g ate are cal l ed F iremas ters . Earth. leaving its previous position occupied by a new planet. Th e proces s .but new stars are created at a teleported into a suitable orbit by the regular pace. the gates end up impeding very center of each galaxy through the each other and they are shut down by their opening of special gates from the Elemental own controllers. Again. as every elemental be needed in the void. The newly built planet is then this process . there is indeed a spiral away from the center of the galaxy to reduction of elemental matter and the its periphery. We Immortals do not have matter drifting around the new star are the any control over this process. master? Sphere races to fill the space around the new sun with its own element. N o paren t s tar is ex pl icitl y des crib ed s ervan ts of th e El emen tal Mas ter of F ire wh ich in Spil l word. 68 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Fire and Water to the Prime teleporting in these pristine solar systems planets are not made of fire but of many and orbiting there for hundreds of different kinds of elements . Sometimes it was even possible to see the at a distance far enough from the crowded megalith teleporting somewhere else in the and potentially disruptive center of the solar system. Somewhere along the route of the new star. megalith. Over time. H ere it is s tated th at th e g ate 17 Th e creation of th e man y worl ds of from th e El emen tal Pl an e of F ire is th e on l y way for a g al ax y to acquire n ew s tars . You already know that first. from I M1 adven ture of N ote 1 3 . such Ssu-Ma: Well. enthusiastic and turbulent flood in the new stars are created at a steady rate at the void of space. Air.17 entirely regulated by the Elemental Master of Fire and its servants16. new planar rifts form in space.and they slowly millennia. We believe that the elemental matter We don’t know if this task will ever be is drained by the megalith from the solar completed. This is where we believe the megaliths come into service.

Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle 69 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle 70 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle 71 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

people and races from lifeless planets and moons will be created in the two surfaces of Mystara will be moved their wombs. by teleporting its own body away THE HOLLOW MOON. or maybe other forms they nurtured due to the slumber hidden powers and forces are involved. maybe the stars Tiresias: Master. Usually the new planets are found to already include some habitats filled with basic forms The Immortals believe Matera to be the last of life. Th e s ame is true for Patera. At least in this we are almost sure that creation of Mystara18. I guess that. right time will come. it seems likely that places. Many of the life forms than Mystaras’ own . Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle process. It is even possible that many of away from the megalith in some of the the oddest shapes of the worlds of this habitats. moons are possibly the most important places for this task. meg al ith .by draining magic now living high above Mystara are potential from other worlds of other Planes of candidates for repopulating the world in the Existence and passing it to the new celestial next cycle. For sure the megalith the megalith was involved. from the planet it had just completed inside PATERA AND THE its womb. real scope for the many habitats the Immortals established in the space As megaliths say they are unable to surrounding Mystara. the two body. We which inevitably falls upon the megalith simply do not have enough information to sooner or later. Is this the way in which the megalith to show its “artistic talent”. I’m starting to figure out the provide a final theory on this. or the elemental matter from the megaliths create places suitable for life. but gates is slightly magical and suddenly self. 72 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . is repopulated at the beginning of every active phase? We believe that megaliths are able to imbue common planets and moons with magic Ssu-ma: You are right. indeed this fields . wh il e th e diameter of th e s mal l es t k n own meg al ith is 3 0 0 0 mil es . to wait until the slumbering phase galaxy may hail from some megalith wishing is over. as th e moon h as a diameter of 1 0 0 0 mil es . when the reproduce we believe that only “standard”. that they cannot always care for the life assembles to form planets. Tiresias.albeit usually weaker in intensity is part of the truth. if the theories of our themselves teleport the planets from faraway Sphere are true. as it is the most obvious agent able to spread life on a nearby 18 N otice th at Matera is too s mal l to b e a lifeless body. N otice al s o th at My s tara was n ot res pon s ib l e for th e creation of th e g as g ian ts of th e My s taran s ol ar s y s tem (an d pos s ib l y . ASTEROIDS Notice that other explanations are possible for all these processes. Matera and Patera. al s o of M-Ven us an d th e pl an et Ch aron des crib ed in th e I mmortal Set) as th ey are too b ig for th e s iz e of My s tara’s “womb ”.

Mag az in e I s s ue #2 . proces s . s ummary b y J oh n Cal vin detail in g H ol l ow Moon catacl y s mic map for detail s ) an d th e Gl an trian properties an d g eog raph y s ee Th res h ol d catas troph e.s ometh in g th at K ik ian u Cal dera wh ich created th e I eren dian th e En tropic I mmortal s are more th an h appy to arch ipel ag o (s ee GA Z 4 for detail s ) may b e dis rupt . N otice th at W otI s ug g es ts th at s uch a meteor may b e in h ab ited. are not enough to repopulate the whole surface Let me digress for a while on the asteroids.are asteroid habitats themselves. en th e n umb er of as teroids ex ampl es of s uch even ts . F or a N ith ia DM’s b ook l et compared with H W pre. Th e meteor th at cras h ed on th e main staging and storage habitats for Darok in ian / Gl an trian b order durin g th e W rath cultures facing destruction or wishing to be of th e I mmortal s (s ee W otI b ox ed s et) may b e preserved by the Immortals. decoration. with its myriad of ecological as they are the easiest to describe. Patera was actually built by the Many new races and cultures are first tested Immortals in a way that I’ll describe in a here before being moved to the moons or to moment. th e catacl y s mic even ts th e en d of every active cy cl e. the space inside the moon23 . Early in the collaboration extruded to repel intruders while the between the Immortals and Mystara. our kin megalith was hostile to any contact and made a special agreement with the megalith. beginning of previous slumbering phases19. They could be nothing but soil. These niches. Unfortunately the one we are contemplating right now . differentiated. while the asteroid fields . water and air Tiresias: And I guess. lastly. Both moons were to be used as the s y s tem. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle itself is pleased to have this moon orbiting experiment. without worrying about around itself like some kind of jewel or possible opposition by the megalith itself. of a megalith. part of th is g roup of orb ital deb ris . part of Mystara as well. The “marrow” Immortals see them fit for every kind of resulting from this operation was compressed into a dense sphere 950 miles 19 I f th e meg al ith s pin s fas ter to remove al l in diameter and placed in a polar orbit l ife s upport from th e s urface at l eas t part of around Mystara to form its second moon. Th e Sh in in g I s l es of O2 modul e 21 Th e Outer W orl d col on y of Emeron d on “B l ade of Ven g ean ce” may b e an oth er ex ampl e Davan ia (s ee N ote 2 ) mig h t come from th is of in h ab ited as teroids fl oatin g ab ove My s tara. they are pieces of of who allowed them to modify Matera. and growing over time22. while many. 2 0 Th e ex pl os ion s of B l ack moor wh ich caus ed 2 2 I f th e I mmortal s man ag e to k eep th e orb its th e Great R ain of F ire an d th e g ian t eruption of of th e curren t as teroids s tab l e .like the the surface of Mystara21. 73 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . th is material s h oul d en d up orb itin g th e pl an et as a s et of as teroid fiel ds or as a fain t rin g Patera. they could come from solidified lava Ssu-Ma: Exactly. debris may have three possible origins. wh ich fol l owed th e l os s of th e in s ul ar 2 3 W h at fol l ows is b as ed on th e H ol l ow Moon civil iz ation of Tan g or (s ee H W R 2 : K in g dom of s cen ario b y Sh aron Dorn h off (s ee h ere). cataclysmic event during the active phase.20 The Immortals then carved a huge hollow As they are discarded pieces of Mystara. the the external surface torn from some only moon orbiting the world at that time. Oth er ex ampl es mig h t s urroun din g My s tara is g oin g to g row as n ew b e th e vol can ic eruption s of Vul can ia after th e rock s an d el emen ts are th rown in to s pace at Great R ain of F ire. this is where the two expelled from the external surface at the moons come into play.

at the same translucent crystal with a thickness of 30 time allowing for that accumulation of miles. bending most of the invisibility to Mystaran denizens. Moon: it prevented all cultures placed in the the central layers of the shells were turned hollow moon from forgetting the knowledge into a dense and nearly-unbreakable and habits of their ancestors. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle Further modifications were added on A special spell called the Spell of Matera: in order to prevent the collapse of Remembrance was cast on the Hollow the thin shell now forming the old moon.people living in the sphere. The visible light around the moon to prevent its Immortals would move to Patera the detection by the mortal beings of Mystara. The whole far side of Matera was not Differences arise between the three habitats. covered with soil and was turned into a Any people or race in the asteroid fields is colossal. but which wish to spare 74 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . The Hollow Moon was thus created. cultures they wish to continue their development through interaction with the rest of Mystara. semi-transparent window to let the allowed to freely interact with any other sunlight enter the interior of the hollow culture on Mystara . but they At the same time a powerful invisibility field have the advantage of almost complete was activated on Patera. original lunar soil. This crystal was partly covered on the cultural and technical knowledge we usually interior and exterior surfaces by layers of call “progress”. Those living on Patera may do the same. not thicker than 10 miles each. asteroids are just difficult to reach.

en h an ced an d phase of Mystara. its denizens are able to when Mystara enters the slumbering phase fly over . of Life will abandon s ettl e th e s urface of My s tara. wh ich th ey deem k in d of “ob s ol ete”. Not the Hollow Moon will likely host those always this right is granted27. adven ture modul e for detail s ) actual l y caus ed Irrespective of this. Most of them They may evolve and prosper in a cyclic way will try to bring with them their followers. 2 7 Man y ex trapl an ar in vas ion s of th e pas t may tig ers . Immortals permission to settle its evolved and this can be calculated fairly accurately. or s uch a mech an is m mig h t h ave b een A ccordin g to CoM “H eroes of th e Prin ces s dis rupted b y an I mmortal s trife mirrorin g th e A rk ” b ook l et. Look s l ik e B el l ay n e is an evol ved cul ture with b e ex pl ain ed b y a refus al . N otice th at. thanks to the Cultures left on Patera and the asteroids polar orbit of Patera. Note that. differen t s et of ag reemen ts with th eir meg al ith an d s o n o s afeg uard mech an is m l ik e th e 24 Th e k in g dom of B el l ay n e may b e a col on y Coun cil of th e N orn s was ever in pl ace th ere - of th e rak as tas of Patera (or jus t th e oppos ite).like during modul e “F ive cois for a k in g dom” . A s s umin g th at mag ic on My s tara is survival as-they-are. Sometimes . The cyclic pattern pos s ib l e mos tl y due to th e mag ic fiel d created embedded into the Hollow Moon habitat b y th e meg al ith its el f. from barbarism to the peak of their sponsoring migrations to other planets.any point of will be usually left free to evolve.wh o will prevent extreme changes in those es tab l is h ed a mag ic fiel d s imil ar to My s tara . develop. people and cultures25. Mystara. but sometimes an Immortal cataclysms that happen on the moon. Local I mmortal s may h ave h ad a full of races.or b y an ag reemen t res pect to Patera’s on es . It is not uncommon and interact with the additional threat of the for the denizens of Patera to establish small showers of new debris ejected from the colonies back on the Mystaran surface24. people living in the Hollow Moon do At that time many Immortals of the Spheres not usually interact with the external worlds. Th e oth er 2 5 A n ote on th e us e of mag ic on th e H ol l ow I mmortal s may n ot b e h appy to s h are th e 75 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .or cultures until the end of the slumbering b y th e very s un l ig h t. the current active cycle of Mystara. surface of Mystara to be faced and avoided. stars civilization. for 2 6 Th e A l ph atian s may b e travel l ers from example . sooner or later. They usually never barbarism due to the periodic global come back. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle from extinction.the huge cavity inside Matera is an oth er meg al ith wh o en tered its s l umb erin g left unused for dozens or hundreds of ph as e. th e s un of My s tara is h ig h l y mag ical in n ature. cultures of the Outer World and the Hollow World the Immortals will deem worthy of Moon . rak as tas of B el l ay n e us e war b etween th e F ol l owers of A ir an d F ol l owers fel iquin es as s teeds in pl ace of s ab ertooth of F ire. mag ic on th e H ol l ow Moon may b e provided b y th e I mmortal s . . at the end of the active th e meg al ith to en ter a s udden s l umb erin g cycle of Mystara the Hollow Moon is usually ph as e. and then revert back to or Planes of Existence26. I t coul d b e pos s ib l e th at th e fin al s pel l millennia. group of followers on the surface. until worthy enough cultures cas t b y th e F ol l owers of th e A ir on th eir orig in al h omeworl d (s ee DotE an d M1 develop on the surface of the megalith. Finally. Usually the Hollow Moon con cen trated b y th e s emi-tran s paren t material is progressively emptied soon after Mystara of th e F ars ide.and potentially reach . from a previous cycle will show up with its retinue and ask Mystara and the local When Mystara reaches its slumbering phase. accordin g to M4 becomes habitable.

or there can be short outbursts of slumber inside a longer active phase. as you know much better than me.outburst of al l owed to s ettl e on th e meg al ith . Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle THE COUNCIL OF THE Tiresias: Master. Some oth er pl an ets of th e My s taran s ol ar s y s tem may b e in h ab ited b y not possible for the megalith to fully control peopl e from previous cy cl es wh o were n ot its behaviour. something that wraps the past and the future. disruptive slumber . the very first group of wandering Immortals who entered the solar system of Mystara and made contact with the megalith. at that time it was es tab l is h ed. But assembling this kind of project is never an easy task. Sk ul d an d Verth an di. While Mystara was more than willing to help s urface with th e n ewcomers .were always 2 8 W h at fol l ows may b e con s idered a possible without warning. Eons ago. You need millennia. derivative work of th e Codex I mmortal is b y Marco Dal mon te wh ich attempts to provide a more detail ed b ack g roun d ab out th e th ree N orn s . in the same unique e femal e I mmortal s U rd. and the Immortals and the megalith. a developed The Norns historical and biological background and a more or less stable and predictable environment to breed suitable candidates. This puzzles me. Ssu-Ma: This is the core of the question about the cycles of life and death on Mystara. negative. even if th e the Immortals and the lifeforms they wished meg al ith h as ag reed for th e s ettl emen ts to b e to implant on its surface. realized that Mystara’s surface was an ideal place to establish projects aimed at the testing and birthing of new Immortals. 76 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Sudden “naps” . Isn’t the future unpredictable by its own nature? How is it possible to foretell the effects of Entropy and the actions of countless Immortals and other intelligences in advance of hundreds of millennia? Surely Mystara may be induced to exit its active phase sooner or later than the due time. you just said that the end of the active phase may be predicted with NORNS great accuracy.

wh il e n ot ex pl icitl y des crib ed. Some of the youngs are even barely aware that Mystara is a megalith. but the actions of busy in slowly regaining her power after the long drainage30.of the erased. this is the first time I’ve Verthandi an Eternal of the Sphere of heard of such a link between Mystara and Matter. partially merging with the megalith to provide. I believe they are among the oldest Immortals still active in this part of the Three female Immortals of the original Multiverse. wh il e min imiz in g th e duration of th e s l umb erin g 30 A s ch eme depictin g th e evol ution over time ph as e to a defin ed an d precis e s pan of ”deep of th e power of th e th ree N orn s is in cl uded in s l eep”. early Immortals to create the needed that most of the youngest Immortals do not stability29. while I must admit that very old exploring party were selected for the beings like Ixion and Thanatos might be of establishment of this lasting bond with different opinion. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle A complex set of agreements was thus the three Immortals are dispersed over so established between the megalith and those vast a time span.of the Sphere of Immortals’ life force to help the megalith Matter. The three Immortals established a some of our kin. and Verthandi . In order to comply and their fundamental contribution to the with this request Mystara needed a following cause of our kin. however.a sheer aeon one each Sphere and their servants. Sphere of Time. the three Immortals would have ceased and all the Immortals' changed many times name and status. active ph as e of My s tara. and so taken for granted. Skuld . Finally. 29 A s et of s pecial ag reemen ts b etween th e I mmortal s an d th e meg al ith is h in ted in th e In that archaic time Urd and Skuld were I mmortal Set. in turn. Urd power. I n drained first by Mystara. During the deep sleep all communication Over the epochs. 77 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . The hierarchs of value for its own biology . Skuld a Celestial of the Sphere of Entropy and Tiresias: Master. giving time to th e fol l owin g it is s uppos ed th at s uch Verthandi to gain enough power to be able ag reemen ts were made to max imiz e th e duration of th e s tab l e. with staying awake (or sleeping) all the time during the active (or slumbering) phase. the required flow of When the agreements were finalized. are million years long . projects on the megalith would have been Currently they are known as Urd . slumbering phase some 500'000 years long. know about this. Mystara requested a small. Mystara agreed to extend the duration of its an ignorance the Sphere of Thought is active phase up to the maximum possible steadily trying to dispel.of the Sphere of but permanent. contribution of Entropy. was a Hierarch of the Sphere of Time. th e A ppen dix . Mystara. cycle in which two of them simultaneously gave part of their power to the megalith Ssu-ma: As I told you in the beginning this while the third Immortal was "off-duty" and is not secret information.and to keep this phase all fully aware of the three ancient Immortals as stable as possible.

was immediately absorbed into the slumber of Mystara. meg al ith . The three Immortals collectively call ● After 150'000 years of service Skuld was themselves "Norns" which.being lowest in power and over for every cycle of wakefulness and . the meantime . As all the three megalith itself . 78 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .although never all of them adsorption was part of the agreement. excessive dwindling of their power. This during the cycle . just like Skuld many millennia messages to mortals and Immortals alike33. in an old reduced to Temporal status31. every I mmortal is rel eas ed in th e en viron men t.their group is "guarantee" for Mystara that the Immortals officially addressed as a Council by the would never leave their service in fear of an rest of the Immortals.substituted for her. Mos t druids of My s tara PP. Skuld . their Council is ● Urd was released at Temporal status after possibly the earliest and the longest lasting 650'000 years of service. ● Verthandi was absorbed into Mystara after 1 million years of service (just when the megalith started its slumbering phase) and was released after 1'150'000 years at Temporal status. Urd . This name refers both to power. as a at the same moment . Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle to replace the weakest of the couple at the This sequence of events was repeated over right moment. 3 3 A s des crib ed in th e orig in al I mmortal Set th es e mes s ag es tak e th e form of s l ig h t ch an g es 31 I n g ame terms . and to the possibility that the power was reduced so much that she Norns have to use Mystara's vast array of was temporarily absorbed into Mystara as natural phenomena to send cryptic well.back again at hierarch status . Mystara through a preferential channel.temporarily disappearing Immortals reach hierarch status sometime from the ranks of the Immortals. before. Skuld .now at hierarch status the ability of the Norns to communicate with in power . Verthandi . wh ich can b e detected an d from My s tara to b eg in th e “off-duty ” ph as e un ders tood b y druids as omen s an d s ig n s on ce h er un adjus ted power is reduced to 1 0 0 0 comin g from “n ature”.whose Immortal's Council in this part of the Prime power increased up to hierarch status in Plane. 32 Th is is al s o on e of th e pos s ib l e mean in g s of th e word “ ” in th e real worl d my th ol og y .substituted Skuld. a channel which is denied to all the other ● After 500'000 years of service Urd's Immortals.substituted for her. the language of those forgotten origins. Like the Norns themselves. thus completing the whole cycle. may be megalith then released the Immortal translated as "Those who secretly from its body to let her regain the lost communicate"32. See al s o N otes 4 1 an d 4 2 b el ow for furth er may actual l y b e con s idered as cl erics of th e detail s .

79 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Such talks are not to you. She can communicate only with Ssu-Ma: Those Immortals of antiquity have Mystara and the other two Norns. First of all. Master. Druids of U rd This seized power is not in the availability of woul d b e mos tl y con cern ed with evol ution an d the Norns anymore. Mystara always allows the you. for their everyday tasks. Mystara may fade in to n oth in g n es s if it h as n o fol l owers for s ome amoun t of time. an d th eir s tab il ity . use most of her powers. Usually the most powerful “in-duty” aspects. B ook 1 . Becoming a Full environmental phenomena enables her to Hierarch is not a priority for any of the send cryptic messages to informed Norn. as I already told you. very common. As our colleagues of Time may teach recipients34. They may happen when some earth-shaking event perturbs the surface. But this prevent the Norn from fading36. She cannot use planar or fully deserved such honour multiple times. dis ruptive ex pres s ion of n ature. an I mmortal Moreover. create avatars nor use spells. the Norns act Back to topic. the trapped Norn to listen to their followers' more the very Spheres of Power and their prayers and to grant clerical powers35 and relationship with the Multiverse are different benefits to worthy mortals in order to from our present day experiences. 35 A s an option s uch powers may b e druidical "guarantee" that Mystara will always have in n ature. At any time Mystara may other important consequences. Tiresisas: I cannot believe an Immortal deliberately wished to face such a wearying While adsorbed into Mystara a Norn cannot service for millions over millions of years. the agreement permanently seizes inside the megalith 3/4 of the current life force of the Norns. dimensional travel. including a temporarily absorb all the life force of a few benefits for the three Immortals as well. cy cl es of n ature. the close relationship as the main ambassadors between Mystara between the Norns and Mystara provides and the Immortals. Norn for "talks" inside of the megalith's Let me just describe some of these other mantle. from have the opportunity to become the Full which she cannot escape without Mystara’s Hierarch of their Sphere. is a subject for another lesson. This is part of the 34 See N ote 3 9 ab ove. even when they permission. I f s o. the more we glance into the past. which is just ¼ of their true power. the Norns never spread within Mystara's molten mantle. wh il e th e portfol io of th e the Norns appears as Immortals of a ranking druids of Verth an di woul d b e cen tered on th e b uil dup of ecos y s tems . Her life force is From what you say. 3 6 A ccordin g to W otI . and many more things will be clear available Norn is taken. Thanks to their special status. even if a slightly different beliefs on what constitutes careful manipulation of the megalith’s true power than we do. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle Other consequences of the automatically absorbs all of the Immortal agreement between Mystara and life force if the unadjusted power level of a the Norns Norn drops below a given threshold at any time. cl erics of Sk ul d coul d b e s ome enough Immortal power to stay awake (or s ort of “evil druids ” devoted to th e mos t remain in deep sleep) for the agreed time.

some talks. irrespective of their current level of even worth mentioning. who cannot know their whole story. while acting as ambassadors of the to forget there are many like you in our megalith's will. belongs to. They tend and. B ook 1 . You are less than power. communication with a Tiresias: I never had the opportunity to megalith is a very slow matter. About mighty Verthandi. I tried to talk with her in the past. in wh ich th e dis appearan ce of 4 1 See th e Codex I mmortal is b y Marco Verth an d woul d real l y foretel l th e en d of times . as she disappeared of talk may require years before the Norn is long before my ascent to the ranking of the released. B ook 1 . so this kind know Urd in person. Its important service the Norns provide for the about the effect of the Norns’ service on development of all the Immortals' projects . to the disappointment importance. the Ages of Mystara As I told you before. 80 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . again. Both "on-duty" and "off-duty" believe their service so common that it is not due just to a round of such because I am of lowest ranking. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle causing major changes to the environment Bias in the Norns Cycle and and to the mortal beings living on it37. wh il e Tires ias as cen ded to 3 9 See al s o N ote 5 for a variation on th is I mmortal ity s ome time after 1 0 0 0 B C. a newborn usually not available to the other Immortals Immortal by the Norns’ standards. Two Norns are always drained at made n ovel iz ation b y Cab on des crib es h ow 40 A ccordin g to th e Codex I mmortal is b y My s tara “fel t” after th e Great R ain of F ire. U rd dis appeared in I mmortal s even ts . it is impossible to avoid a slight bias 37 A coupl e of s uch recen t even ts are th e in favor of the Sphere of Power the Norn Great R ain of F ire an d th e W rath of th e I mmortal s .on Mystara. As Mystara drains power from a specific Norn. Moreover. she of those among mortals and Immortals who was definitely more talkative but. Mystara is notoriously Immortals40 . The disappearance of I understand that she is meticulous and deeply-pondering before merged inside the very substance of Mystara. 3 0 0 0 B C. Mystara and its inhabitants over the epochs. Dal mon te. s cen ario. they have immediate access ranks. even the most selfish and evil-oriented But we are now to the part of the Norns Immortal is forced to recognize the Cycle which likely will fascinate you most. Verthandi will surely be released Entropic Immortals give these things a lot of within a short time. some groups of mortals and low-ranking I thought she was deliberately avoiding me Immortals . I never suspected . to the Full Hierarchs of all Spheres. After all. 3 8 Th e referen ce h ere is to th e W rath of th e Marco Dal mon te. taking any action. Among high-ranking Immortals a member of Ssu-Ma: That’s because the three Norns the Council of the Norns is always much have performed their duty for so long and respected. including the Entropic projects .a disappearance which greatly alarmed such a great involvement in Mystara’s affairs. are granted honors and privileges two thousand years old41. believe her disappearance to be a bad omen before her disappearance she never spoke foretelling the end of the world39. “B l ack moor: Grief Etern al ” a fan . but Verthandi during the last chain of events38 she is extremely reclusive. about the heavy burden she has to bear.

previous ag es of My s tara were more s tatic an d pres en t time may b e s et at 5 0 0 ’0 0 0 y ears s in ce produced l es s cul tures an d civil iz ation s due to th e l as t awak en in g of th e meg al ith . as the stability drawn on the surface. while a volcanic cycle 44 Th e dis tan t pas t of My s tara. th e 81 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Mystara awakes from its 500'000 .100'000: Entropy and Matter biases are almost equivalent. cultures tend to live without major Nevertheless. As most of the mortal beings living few. modifications for ages. g ian ts . general patterns during a full innovation is produced in the world with cycle of Mystara42.the most prominent being 100'000 . See al s o th is b ias from th e Sph ere of Matter. at the Assuming that year 0 corresponds to the beginning of this phase the practical effects awakening of the megalith from the previous on mortal cultures and biology is very close slumbering phase43. large cul tures an d din os aurs .500'000: Matter bias is prevalent the will of the Immortals and the .although constantly dimming over time. th e carn ifex peopl e. Th is is an and a magic field are established on the attempt to ex pl ain wh y th e pas t of My s tara - megalith. There is an initial succession of s ay b efore B C 1 0 0 0 0 .less and in tel l ig en t l ife. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle the same time. accordin g to th e I mmortal Set. it is possible to recognize six. respect to subsequent eras44. in the oceans.involving. th e in s ectoid creators of th e mek s . but one of them is almost turbulent activity usually attracts many always drained more than the other. This is a golden age a new surface begins. Th ere are ex ception s . after cycle and they also depend on a myriad of other factors .is s o devoid of building up and catastrophes . Species and on the megalith at a given epoch. in this 6 0 0 0 B C was fil l ed mos tl y with primitive temporal order. we have: to the Spell of Preservation currently cast on the Hollow World. 4 5 A ccordin g to th e orig in al I mmortal Set. 0 . N ote 5 3 b el ow for detail s . less evolution and very broad. an d th e H ol l ow W orl d b efore less violent over time . While no proper stagnation is ever in place. of cours e . This g ak arak s .drag on s . an cien t races l ivin g in th e dis tan t pas t of 4 3 To h ave a referen ce for th e curren t cy cl e of My s tara. At the end of this phase a behavior. Over Immortals from other parts of the Prime centuries and millennia of continuous Plane. continents. sturdy intelligent living species are on the megalith are made with the same usually firmly established on the surface and elements which Mystara itself is made of. Th e un derl y in g idea h ere is th at th e My s tara. This final part usually this bias is also effective on these beings and coincides with the moving of most of the on the cultures they produce. species and cultures of the Hollow Moon and surrounding celestial bodies to the The results of this biasing are different cycle surface of Mystara. Water and air are for life on Mystara45. trean ts an d landmasses and mountain chains. peculiarities of the intelligent mortals living Stability is predominant.600'000: Matter and Time biases previous slumbering era and the building of are almost equivalent. who start establishing their own draining from the same predominant projects on the megalith and take advantage source. this "bias" slightly affects Mystara's of the turmoil. th e El dar from th e 42 See th e A ppen dix for a detail ed s ch eme of Drag on ord Tril og y are al l ex ampl es of very wh at fol l ows .

Th e term “g ol den ag e”appl ies wh en inquisitive intruders. A widespread sense of progress is by the efforts of Entropy. th is time s pan is s o l on g th at man y civil iz ation Mystara itself avoids any contact with other may ris e an d fal l . No two places in the Spheres of Life usually leave the megalith - world look similar. the megalith effectively acts as a usually happens in a later stage. A l th oug h th e s un is n ot megalith to pursue more attractive g oin g to die l ivin g con dition s on th e meg al ith are wors er an d wors er over time due to th e objectives elsewhere. i. Species tend to end of the current active phase of Mystara. violent. denizens now living on the moons and 4 6 A t th e en d of th is ph as e l ife on My s tara asteroids. During this phase increasing coul d b e pretty s imil ar to th e “Dy in g Earth ” numbers of Immortals of Entropy leave the s ettin g b y J ack Van ce. 5 0 0 ’0 0 0 y ears in th e oblivion. who were born on Mystara. 82 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 1'100'000 . By the end of this phase draws to an end. often taking their followers with them . Under the careful supervision of model des crib ed in th is articl e. destruction way. th e W rath of th e I mmortal s was (on e of) th e every bone. even if proper.although constantly dimming as this epoch magic and water. ideas and The fragmented species and cultures of the philosophies spread and evolve faster and previous eclectic age are led to extinction faster. change at an accelerated pace. Conflict is common throughout this never come back to their birthplace. This is a quiet era of decay and of its active ph as e. N otice th at cultures is slowly erased from the megalith. including its previous compared to th e oth er ag es of th e N orn s Cy cl e des crib ed in th e l is t.1'000'000: Time bias is prevalent slowly removes any support for life like air. as th e mag ic fiel d un rel iab l e. marking the bias of the Sphere of Time. This is an eclectic. Th e idea is th at most of the Immortals of Entropy every ruin. In this age. .1'100'000: Time and Entropy new ideas and changes brought on by the biases are almost There is a progressive dispersion and continue working on their projects fragmentation of species and cultures which elsewhere on the Prime and other Planes. long. devoid of lasting era which builds on the conquests all life. as Mystara enters its slumbering phase and 600'000 . leads to the greatest splendors and the This is also an important event. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle inherited by the previous epoch mixes with 1'000'000 . at least not for long. as many of deepest sorrows of the whole active cycle of these Immortals. even catas troph ical l y . decadent due to the growing influx of Entropy46. Mag ic may b ecome l es s powerful an d eman ated b y th e meg al ith b ecome prog res s ivel y un predictab l e as wel l .although constantly dimming meg al ith of My s tara is approach in g th e middl e over time. A few of them even prog res s ive s h uttin g down of al l l ife s upport b y My s tara. Mystara. when diffusion point for the Immortals in the cultures also begin to stagnate and become Multiverse. the megalith is but a dead body.e.1'500'000: Entropy bias is prevalent . of the previous golden age and in which most of the other Immortals of the four change is predominant. every written glyph. cataclysmic events of every possible kind. every l an dmark even t(s ) s ig n al l in g th e h al f of th e curren t active ph as e an d th e b eg in n in g of th e remnant of previous civilizations and 1 0 0 ’0 0 0 y ears l on g g ol den ag e. While the Norns still tend to Mystara. durin g intelligent beings and violently repels th is epoch . It is also an era of established in the world.

as this. as you may guess. Immortal projects are established and developed. on its side. how is it possible to effect of subjugating a hostile and dead preserve the balance of the Spheres? planetary body in which every trace of the previous cycle is forgotten and cancelled. broad succession of events of the previous ones. the Norn of Matter. less stable and safe for the implementation of projects of the Immortals of the other Tiresias: One last question. depleted or Ssu-Ma: I’m really glad you consider the destroyed and that. at the beginning of a information I provided you useful for your new active phase. the whole arrangement of the cycle sequence. the constant flow of Immortal power . Master. while not every Sphere are satisfied by the full cycle represented by a specific Immortal. While I Spheres. Ssu-Ma: This balance is still preserved undoubtedly within the scope the "backbone" over which most of the of this Sphere. during every in the main scope of the Sphere building of new projects at the beginning of of Matter . what you just disclosed to example. some 4000 years before the expected prophecies and legends dipping into the time. At the end of this phase represented by the cyclic pattern established Verthandi. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle self-destruct once they believe their task on The Sphere of Time is obviously Mystara is done. in the current cycle Urd was me is amazing. Finally. The aims of The Sphere of Energy. some part of the "backbone" is permanently lost. then. I’ll delve more in detail into anyway an essential part of every cycle. takes over the by Mystara and the Norns. supply of immortal power and slowly begins while every cycle has the same phases and the awakening of the megalith for a new cycle. with the final over very long times. Entropy is effectively in agree that the effect of the biases induced by charge of the slumbering phase of the the Norns are small and become effective megalith . Moreover. With this. cycle spanning over 1'500'000 all purposes. For Tiresias: Master.the gainings by the three Immortals and the The Council of the Norns definitely provides subsequent drainage by Mystara. By using this general pattern absorbed into Mystara after the Great Rain of as a guideline it would be possible to create Fire. to every cycle . as well 83 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the Sphere of Time also takes care that no two cycles are exactly equal: events Balance of the Spheres in the may be anticipated or delayed by a few Norns Cycle thousand years. times of the far future. and the stability . I’ll definitely be able to shake the false The Sphere of Entropy. the background is slightly goals. is and its effects. that. Notice also that. but in a very subtle Mystara and. without any major disruption to the overall pattern. ensures foundations of the rockmen prince. in doing so. This difference means very little in a most remote past and referring to the end.

its some good ideas to escape the dire true nature. possibly. wreck of Nebta. Mystara itself Warbird. likely unknowingly. its past and its future is over. as a whole. as I’d like you to ponder about them. Both groups. for the Sphere of Thought. gets on a distant party of raiding rakastas great benefits as it manages to order and pursuing a voidship of some kind through control many powerful beings of the other the asteroids. many questions still to be answered in my speech. The voidship crew would definitely need With this in mind. Maybe it possession you could definitely weave more could have been an interesting challenge to effective prophecies to warn the mortals of watch and. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle as the choice and power level of the initial While the last question was still echoing Immortals. as the were moving close to the ancient Nithian whole cyclic mechanism prevents excessive. Is this cycle endless? Will Mystara be destroyed by Entropy. Tiresias lingered for a while focusing Norn’s cycle our Sphere. to direct in a way useful the future of this world. the glowing silhouette Thought. are still beyond the grasp of even the Immortal kin. Tiresias moved faster than light away from the tumbling I’d like to leave you by remarking upon the rocks toward the place of confrontation. was set by the Sphere of inside Tiresias’ mind. guarded by one of the unpredictable behavior from the megalith. may be considered under control. Even if a specific Immortal of of Ssu-Ma disappeared from the asteroid Thought is not directly involved in the field. 84 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . possibly an Heldannic Spheres . sometime in the far future? Do the megaliths know anything about their original creators? Were they the Old Ones? Questions like these. fiercest and largest onyx dragons of its kind. situation.including Entropy. at last? Do megaliths truly build planets and moons? Will this process end. the same for the raiding rakastas if With the new information in your they really want to gain their loot. and many others. my lesson on Mystara.

in the following scheme the total. unadjusted Power Points THE NORNS CYCLE IN of the three Immortals are represented over GAME TERMS a full cycle of the megalith. Ecology of the Megaliths and the Norns Cycle APPENDIX: SCHEME OF As a reference for DMs. 85 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . The sketch just depict an ideal cycle. drifts of a few thousand years in the power level of each Immortals are possible. As every cycle is slightly different from the previous ones.

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"Tchirichee/Great can be found out about the immortal by Stormspume" [cryion]. patroness of the Hollow Moon Seshay-Selene. "Singer-To-The-Moon" driving forces behind the setting. "Tidemother" [var. the so with her work on the Hollow Moon. Seshay- Selene has played an active role during much I would also like to thank Marco Dalmonte of that planet’s history. races on the surface of Mystara. patroness of the Hollow Moon by John Calvin Acknowledgments SESHAY-SELENE I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of the work that Sharon Dornhoff did over the years on the Hollow Moon material. particularly at this time. "Nephthisi" [ancient Hollow Moon articles on the Vaults of Nithian] Pandius. format of which I have chosen to use for this entry. gleaning information from the many lunar cultures]. as well as add some touches of Though long forgotten by many cultures and my own. Seshay-Selene. but I have attempted to accumulate here all of the major facts and events of her life (both mortal and immortal). "Moonsinger" her creation of Seshay-Selene. 87 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . one of the [Aquarendi]. More [cetacean]. Hierarch of Time. and continues to do for compiling the Codex Immortalis.

The young matriarch of a modest pod. to this day) from one pole of Mystara to the migration. b efore th e day s of B l ack moor s pan n ed th e g l ob e from pol e to pol e with s can t more th an dis tan t is l an ds to b reak up its vas tn es s . shiny crescent tending to their family pods. That life was not to last flukes however. Seshay- Selene was ever vigilant against the threat. white hair that dances across her face as if waves crashing upon rocks. replacing a vacancy left by Ixion when that immortal In life Seshay-Selene was a humpbacked refused service in a world that would remain whale. proved invaluable in the creation and combining the traits of blue. My s tara (oppos ite th e con tin en t of B run ) an d stark white orbs of moon rock. Time Blackmoor. right. as ancient evils rose from abyssal depths to torment them… krakens. The whales of the Great A whale with a Ocean spent their time harvesting krill. Seshay-Selene. and or To land dwellers she appears as a young innovation helped shape the cultural woman (Nephthisi) with pale skin and curly makeup of the moon. the creation of which eventually lead Worshipped in to her ascension to immortality in the Sphere of Time. and eventually united the pods into a common nation so that they could defeat their foes. 88 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . CG. all oceans Not long after having attained immortality. The Hollow Moon. and maintenance of Matera’s internal environs. sperm whales (and sometimes even sharks). Silver jewelry adorns her body amidst flowing robes and gowns of blue and white. During her twilight years Seshay- Portfolio Selene developed the Unending Sojourn. tides. and frolicking in moon for her tail. whales. Seshay-Selene was invited to the newly Appearance formed Hollow Moon Council. Whatever form she 1 Th e Great Ocean is l ocated on th e far s ide of chooses to take. Other times she takes the knowledge of tides and seasonal changes form of a giant whale of indiscriminate type. her eyes remain the same . The immortal whale’s vast appears as such. or even mythical Lhomarr. a ritual of migration (followed by whales even Materan weather. Sphere Long before the rise of Nithia and 36th (Hierarch). natural and biological cycles other. Alignment. and her sympathies with Time. Symbol Seshay-Selene’s people lived a simple life in the Great Ocean1. and to many sea races she still mostly dark. the sunlit waters. Materan seas. patroness of the Hollow Moon History Level. gray.

Though the Personality troglodytes were prolific. She has a soft spot in finally came to an end in BC 5100. Some of her most devout followers include the shark-kin (of both Mare Crisium and Mare Humorum) who she moved on two separate occasions. current rank of Hierarch in the Sphere of Her early career is filled with trials and time and assumed leadership of the Hollow tribulations over managing the saurian races Moon Council. but would allow them to continue to grow and advance. she has worked most closely performed s imil ar feats are th e Taurus g n omes . placed in the moon near the end of the Carnifex Wars (and after the Outer Beings had been imprisoned). especially those immortal moved the ur-carnifex to the facing persecution from malignant evil. to populate the Crystalbarrens to be overly stuffy and rigid. tribes from being wiped out by the more Seshay-Selene is a planner. Seshay Matera. even if she does consider him cryions2. the immortal’s real work began. It was shortly after that Seshay largely abandons interests on Mystara occurrence that Seshay-Selene achieved her to devote all of her time to the new project. the fondly of him. The Saurolunarian conflict revels in the unknown. and often thinks remnant of her Mystaran followers. Over the millennia she has an d th e N eph th is ian s . When the spell was finally cast by the Hollow Moon’s Council in BC 4950. and since then she has saved dozens of cultured by placing them inside of Matera. Th e cry ion s b uil t void s h ips un der simply waits for the right time and place to Ses h ay -Sel en e’s in s truction s th at were capab l e of l eavin g My s tara an d travel in g acros s th e col d strike. thoughtfully proactive with his antics. she has a friendly rivalry. Oth er cul tures wh o h ave Moon Council. one which involves the immortal analogue of playing practical 2 Th e cry ion s are on e of a very few cul tures jokes on one another . albeit one that advanced pteryx. with Ordana. Seshay provided a much needed insight in developing the Spell of Remembrance. patroness of the Hollow Moon Although still a young immortal by comparison. Of all the immortals on the Hollow void to Matera. and the Nephthisians of the Haemus Isles who fled Nithian persecution under her Intrigued by the Hollow Moon experiment. 89 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . when the her heart for the sea races. In Ka distant Jura Peninsula. and wisely invited a she sees a kindred spirit. With Korotiku between them. guidance in BC 691. an analogue to the Hollow World’s Spell of Preservation that would not only keep cultures safe on the Hollow Moon. Seshay-Selene constantly fought to keep the ur-carnifex As the creator of the Unending Sojourn.while Korotiku is th at k n ow th ey are in s ide of My s tara’s moon . Seshay-Selene.

. an d an y on e an d an y th in g el s e in s ide of th e H ol l ow Moon . Khoronus Though she occasionally has spats with Enemies Sasskas and Slizzark over the fate of seafaring Demogorgon. Saasskas. she feels less antipathy for them than they do for her. APPENDIX: SOURCES Hollow Moon Introduction: "Freiburg.Demogorgon3. der Adler hat gelandet. Time. On ce a craz ed Animal (sea creatures only). Travel. Ka. though should Demogorgon once a month. Seshay-Selene. th oug h th ere is n o direct men tion of th is in an y of Sh aron ’s orig in al material . s h e was corrupted an d en ticed b y Water Th an atos wh o s pon s ored h er b id for immortal ity . particularly that Seshay-Selene’s clerics can cast find the path of the pteryx. however all targets of the spell must be connected in some way to the sea (or to the Void of space).. Seshay-Selene’s Followers' alignment greatest enemy in the Hollow Moon is also a Any (she is placated by many evil lunar races) being that she looks upon as her greatest Favoured weapon failure . 3 Demog org on h as a h is tory directl y tied to Domains th at of th e H ol l ow Moon ." (by Sharon Dornhoff) Hollow Moon Exploration: A Brief History of Space (Travel) (by Sharon Dornhoff) Hollow Moon Planetology: Blue Moon - Animal Life (by Sharon Dornhoff) Marco Dalmonte’s Codex Imortallis 4 I n al l prob ab il ity Protius s pon s ored Ses h ay - Sel en e to immortal ity . even if the two share vastly [Protius4] different interests. ptery x . This enhanced version will ever win that contest it would spell doom for location specific creatures as well as the entire Hollow Moon. Korotiku. Slizzark Mystaran races. The two immortals Sickle or Khopesh constantly struggle for the spiritual center of Clerics' skills & powers the Hollow Moon cultures. N ow h er s ol e purpos e is to des troy h er former peopl e. A l th oug h K h oron us is al s o men tion ed as a “frien d” th at immortal (ty pical l y portray ed as a B l ack moorian in h is mortal l ife) woul d b e too y oun g to act as h er s pon s or. destinations. 90 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Allies Protius. Ordana. patroness of the Hollow Moon come to appreciate zeal and dedication of Patron that immortal.

Each of the dragons listed below will have. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 The Outer and Hollow World of Dragons by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)* I once heard a human say that tales are DRAGONS AROUND THE important because they tell you that WYRMSTEETH even the powerful dragons can be beaten. ongoing complicated Cold War between the Wyrmsteeth dragons and their allies on one Quote attributed to Vitriol. side and The Onyx Ring and the Church of Idris on the other. Wyrmsteeth” article published in issue 8 of Threshold magazine. which described the dragons of the Wyrmsteeth kingdom and of the rest of Norwold 91 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . as usual. but that’s only if the dragon is stupid enough to engage such an In the lands surrounding Norwold there is an inferior creature directly. several smaller dragon allies and probably also humanoids and human * This article follows Who’s Who in the agents in their service. The arrival of Synn (in 1010 AC) will further complicate the picture as no one could initially know which side she will pick.

64. Daresha and Raknaar. Jaggar (and later Synn too) on behalf of the Parliament. but very few know the power levels of these dragons to better fit where and why. pag e cas e too A urag en tus wil l b e l on g dead. I n th is l atter dis g uis e wh o appears in “Mark of A mb er”. Auragentus. even by know she was sent on some secret mission other dragons. She guards the ruins of Drax Tallen but body in Glantri. allied with the eye on Amanth. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Question marks. along with herself. Many indeed of the specified dragon are unknown. when the last attack comes. N ote al s o th at in “A Travel l er’s Guide to Gun n ars s on . DM's are encouraged to adjust by the King and Marthaen. even if she doesn’t know the truth Henadin as a consequence. 1 Sh e is des crib ed in Gaz F 2 Den ag oth with more or l es s th e s ame s tory as h ere. and cooperates with them watching The daughter of Thelvaenier (now the over Therandeal. other golds. and Kirbey. but she stopped pleading to the Dragonking. 22 HD Huge Gold Dragon Auragentus1 is a sorrowful and bitter dragon. Rewarded with the Therandael. several other allies. pag e 4 0 ) b y Drag on k in d. a g ol d drag on in al ready h appen ed decades ag o. 92 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . s ee al s o Simon e N eri’s H is tory of N orwol d” (Th res h ol d mag az in e #7 . She knows eventually Idris and Teryak will kill her. “?”. Church of Idris. who feels even other golds have abandoned This old gold occupies Anton Vlaardoen’s her. immortal Diamond) and Khaerendaen. she was raised by Marthaen in the Wyrsmsteeth. Synn. It’s widely believed that he is she now knows Landryn Teriak is back from there to coordinate the spies who keep on death as the Shadow Lord. wh il e in 2 Th eran deal was jus t b orn in 5 1 3 A C. listed after a dragon's but is now living in Glantri under the human name indicate that the true power and nature identity of Veronique Gaudin2. even the immortals long ago. but she will send them away to Originally a mandrake who maintained the spare their lives. human identity of Sir George Kirbey. human dracologists and. 16 HD Large Gold Dragon Raknaar. at th e X 1 1 s h e is al ready dead on ce PCs reach Drax en d of th e Drag on l ord tril og y b y Th orarin n Tal l en . treasure hunter. Some young 10 HD Small Gold Dragon golds and other small dragons help her at the moment. transformation into a gold dragon. I ’ve arb itraril y decided to un ify h er Simon e N eri. Another wild rumor Parliament a century ago fell on deaf ears. he was a personal friend of the now immortal Diamond. th e even ts are s uppos ed to h ave with Veron ique Gaudin . Kirbey is 10 HD Small Gold Dragon a close friend of Marthaen. says that Juliana Vlaardoen too is a dragon in and she lost her mate and her friend disguise. She is indeed spying on their campaigns Amanth. Her warnings at the more recently.

For this reason at the moment the Dragonking is maintaining good relations with him. an d Gaz F 2 4 Sh e appeared in Drag on Mag az in e is s ue Den ag oth at Th e Vaul l ts of Pan dius . 15 HD Large Blue Dragon A member of the Onyx Ring6. Ivory plume of Maat from Azem (see below). Synn. That could happen however. recently. Skeleton Bone. Galishan3 is an experienced agent if she makes a pact with Entropy to steal the for the Parliament and Raknaar in Glantri. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Galishan. even if he and the Parliament wonder if the Shadow Lord and his cronies could be worse than Vitriol and Idris. Therefore she hasn’t been 3 Created in th is articl e b y Dun can TK D 5 More on h im in Gaz F 1 W en dar. but she has been partially useful so far in providing information about Vitriol. declared a renegade yet. Gh y r an d Gaz F 5 Th e A mon g Drag on s ” b y B ruce H eard. The Dragonking and the Parliament do not trust Amanth4 at all. thwart the plans of Synn. #1 7 1 . 93 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . and he now controls a strategic pass between Wendar and Denagoth. Malypir. he controls the arid lands between Ghyr and the Shattered Plateau. He doesn’t like Viridis (see 19 HD Large Red Dragon below) much. dracology and. reproduced at Th e Vaul ts in “W h o's W h o 6 A ppears in Gaz F 4 . also because she 14 HD Small Gold Dragon indeed controls a vast area of northern Glantri. should Once a bodyguard of the dragonking she openly defy or betray the Parliament. W es tern A l l ian ce at th e Vaul ts . but could cooperate with him upon Vitriol’s request. Brulefer. 15 HD Large Blue Dragon This dragon5 is employed by the Shadow Lord to hinder Vitriol. commanding over the Orcs of the Amanth. and eventually his main mission will be to as she is currently planning. or Thelvaneir.

but resents in Wendar. Supposedly also a member of the Onyx Ring. 12 HD Large Green Dragon Fafnimorn. b ut th e h y poth es is s h e an d h as b een al s o pl aced b y Th orfin n Tait in h is coul d b e Th e B eas t is en tirel y min e. for some other power. effectively ruling a huge occasionally visit the place in physical form territory from the Dark woods of Bamoor in to meet their daughter (and niece) Wendar to the Swamp of the Beast. who north of Wendar. H e coul d b e con n ected to s ome en tropic immortal . 94 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . wh ere th e PCs are s uppos ed to 10 Th is drag on was created b y me. is the High Keeper. Representatives escape to Bamoor where many greens and blacks dwells. Odamaen10. for himself. Odamaen. She is about to give birth to three baby dragons. 8 Sh e appears in A C1 0 B es tiary of Drag on s an d Gian ts . 7 A major ch aracter in CM2 Death ’s R ide. she8 is the mate of knows the immortal Diamond. Some say Therandael and their friend Kirbey. suspects he is up to something and would Keeper of Shadowmere like to have more information about him. controlled by Ravellia. no one is sure of where exactly his lair7 is. Ravellia. of the Dragonking are carefully approaching 16 HD Large Blue Dragon him. is the largest sanctuary of the Great One. a close friend of Eruptaar. nor if he is working for Idris. b ut n o k eeper is 9 A ppears in Gaz F 3 Th e N orth ern W il dl an ds at in dicated in th e b ook s . indeed she is the namesake Beast. th e l ocation of h is l air depen ds on wh ere th e DM wis h es to pl ace th e Two Lak es Val e B aron y in th e N orwol d area. g uard h er eg g s . Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Korbundar. 1 1 A ppears in Gaz F 1 W en dar at th e Vaul ts . an d in Gaz F 3 Th e N orth ern Sh adowmere appears in th e Drag on l ord tril og y W il dl an ds at th e Vaul ts . 13 HD Large Black Dragon Marthaen and all the other golds of the region. resenting the power and He9 controls the Fuin River Gorge and is a prestige that the golds of Shadowmere have member of the Onyx Ring too. Shurilax. K in g dom of W en dar map. his mother Vitriol himself and lives in the Wildlands Arbendael and his mate Kharedaen. or 17 HD Large Gold Dragon. He personally Part of the Onyx Ring. in Wendar. 10 HD Large White Dragon He11 is working for the Church of Idris in the Forest of Shadows. th e Vaul ts . The Dragonking High Priest of The Great One. His game however is quite the power of Ravellia over the region and dangerous and if discovered he will probably would like to get rid of her. rath er th an to I dris an d Th e On y x R in g . Shadowmere in the Foxwoods. or to Sy n n .

I in creas ed h er H D as I wan ted h er more of humanoids. who inform the Dragonking. worshipped dragons. If confronted by one of them. Amanth or others know of her with them). under the guise of those who counsel Princess Dolores of Hillsbury. but she will ways. but later her secret is discovered there are some. b ut g reatl y ex pan ded in Gaz F 2 Th e an d Gaz F 5 Th e W es tern A l l ian ce. rich and powerful dragon. it’s up to each DM to decide if th at coul d mak e th em al l ies or 1 4 Sh e appears in Gaz F 1 W en dar at th e en emies . as a known ally of decided long ago to werecreatures) and eventually also by Vitriol openly fight Vitriol and Amanth. secretly in league nor Vitriol. Verit. and he Viridis. b oth at th e Den ag oth Pl ateau at th e Vaul ts . Sag a of th e Sh adow Lord. 18 HD Huge Black Dragon A chief agent of Vitriol in Wendar. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Synn. Gh y r pag e 2 7 . caution (or are Initially. She is also a wizard and a priest of Idris and is cunning and has gathered a sizable controls a great number of dragons. powerful th an oth er drag on s . Nevertheless he always took great care never to openly defy the Wyrmsteeth kingdom. and humanoids in Denagoth13. such by Prince Malachie du Marais (who could as Auragentus. Therefore in the Wyrmsteeth there are those who ask for an intervention Dolores Hillsbury in Glantri against Vitriol and Synn12 arrives in Glantri. Vaul ts . Indeed Idris and her church have always This green dragon15 is in league with the Denagothian wizard Parindes in the Great 12 Statis tics for Sy n n appear in Ch ampion s of Olde Woode west of Norwold. done only to impose her rule on humans and Queen of the Night Dragons. Vaul ts . Vitriol keep an eye on Brulefer and harass him. and Idris regardless. Verit14 has to establish a foothold in the north east to A very old. 1 3 Created in X 1 1 . 95 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . humans number of orcs and other servants. an d I dris b el on g s to En tropy too. but the golds say that is 25 HD Greater Night Dragon. 1 5 A ppears in A C1 0 an d th en in Gaz F 4 . adamantly maintains that his patron deity 12 HD Large Green Dragon Idris has always been a friend of dragons. 10 HD Large Black Dragon Vitriol. humanoids. neither the Wyrmsteeth dragons. in 1010 AC. try to play each faction against the other to defeat and control them. Sy n n is s uppos edl y al l ied with en tropic immortal s . And true nature. Synn will assert she is in Glantri only to because of their evil further the cause of dragonkin. working on My s tara (as a 2 0 H D B ECMI drag on ) an d Gl an ti behalf of the Onyx Ring and controls an army K in g dom of Mag ic (as a 2 0 H D A D&D drag on ).

and has been allegiance changes from year to year in their seeking an alliance with Marudi. Ghanaz the Ruby of Sand Thunders. such as Verdilith. at best. local dragons have been fighting for 17 HD Large Red Dragon centuries for the control of treasures left here since the time of the Overlord invasion16 He18 rules a vast area of the Dwarfgate and from the time of Blackmoor. Zadmula the Amber of hoping he will have permission to take the Verdant Clouds. He of the Lonely Death Desert. OTHER DRAGON REALMS Attura. Plains. 2 0 A s n ote ab ove 96 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Durmegh the profess loyalty to the Dragon Kingdom. He is a rival of dragons of the Plateau17 are: Asarak the Blue Amanth and Druuwor. is rumored to have established an alliance perfunctory. He fears Amanth. Krisanu the Argos. Pan dius . 10 HD Plateau’s inhabitants. Ashul the Blue of the Blue Dragons too much. Izal the Black of territory under his rule. but only some are known to Adri Varma Plateau Wyrmsteeth dragons. Purasti the Green of Green Fortress. How many of them are to be considered an ally of the Dragonking and He19 rules the Dymrak Forest in Karameikos. Several in the the Misty Swamp. as it seems that Ambur. Viturak the Red Scourge of dominion of Druuwor. Jaya the Jade of the Jade Tower. or even pawns of controlling several humanoid tribes. 1 7 A l l th es e drag on s were created b y me in my 1 9 A s n ote ab ove A dri Varma 8 m ph map at th e Vauk ts . creating a large the Amaranth Mountains. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Dragons and Secrets of the realms exist. and ally of Jargnir. Gold of Far Clouds. She plans on of other independent kingdoms exist whose establishing her dominance over Thalkor and allegiance to the Wyrmsteeth is. how many of Vitriol. and Gahima the White of 14 HD Large Green Dragon Deep Ice. Known mountains in Rockhome. OF THE OUTER WORLD 16 HD Huge Green Dragon Attura20. is hard to tell. It’s hard to tell if full fledged Dragon Realms exist in this savage region. Beyond that. Parasana the Gold of Gold Parliament however fear his power will grow Hill. green dragon. a number access to the Hollow World. reproduced h ere at th e Vaul ts of Drag on k in d articl e. who almost bound him. as often their Attura. He has struggles for power and control of the several vassals. many more dragon with Alphatian wizards. rules a large forested area in the Even if the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom officially southern Atruaghin Clans and her lair has claims all the eastern half of Brun. 16 See th e Drag on l ord tril og y b y Th orarin n 18 Created b y B ruce H eard in Drag on Mag az in e Gun n ars s on an d in Simon e N eri’s H is tory of is s ue #1 7 1 . Black of Black Bog.

Many 18 HD Large Gold Dragon dragons thought it was only a matter of time before Azem or Argos would subdue him but Azem21 appears as a common looking. Th e Drag on s of th e H ol l ow W orl d. bordering Karameikos. and is also her mate. the Orgonir. b ut a g ol d drag on Blethinferelth. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Azem. 2 9 A s ab ove. but is slumbering her treasure. I ’ve al s o arb itraril y decided h e coul d b e th e mate of A z em men tion ed in From the Cave of the Great Lizard in Drag on 1 7 1 . two children. now they suspect old halfling lady. Krolovaash25. b ut men tion ed on pag e 6 0 of al s o “More Drag on B reeds ” b el ow un der Gaz 1 “Th e Gran d Duch y of K arameik os ”. Coldcrest. A l tan Tepes ” min i Gaz etteer. the ancient ch il dren . He is on good terms with Blethinferelth but dislikes Hytiliaph and the other Thyatian dragons who joined the Retebius Air Fleet. and one of her young B ron z e”. lady of the blacks of the Blight Wufwolde hills. Markram23. who lives in disguise in Threshold. 12 HD Large Black from dragon society who lives in the Dragon. 2 3 N ame created b y me h ere. Swamp. an d th at th ey coul d h ave two Ylauruam. 14 HD Small Red Dragon and Wufworanden. now. but from Wereskalot in the Ulnag could be a pawn of the mysterious Shires she rules over several other dragons. Small Green and daughter of Argos. an old red long detached including Vulomar22. Ulnag. 21 HD Huge Red Dragon 11 HD Large White Dragon Ulnag26 has ambitiously founded his own She29 controls the Altan Tepes mountains kingdom between the Black Peaks and the from Karameikos towards Darokin and Eastern Cruth Lowlands in Karameikos with Rockhome with some white vassals. bronze Valamaeraen24. Argos fears her and Amanth covets white dragon subjects. She also owns the Ivory plume of Controls28 part of the Altan Tepes mountains Maat. 16 HD Large Gold Dragon. 2 4 Created b y Tim H an ey in “Val amaeraen th e female blue dragon. She some vassals who include Ahkriin. Wufworanden27. pos s ib l e con n ection with U l n ag is en tirel y min e. 21 A s n ote ab ove 22 Created b y Giampaol o A g os ta in “Lords of th e Cruth Lowl an ds ” adven ture. 8 HD hates Snagglefang and is considering an alliance with Argos. See 27 N amed b y me. 10 HD Small Green. little as they haven’t done it yet. in dis g uis e in Th res h ol d appears on pag e 4 0 of 21 HD Huge Blue Dragon th e D&D Ex pert s et. 97 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . She is on good terms with Marudi and from Karameikos to Thyatis with several Khanistar. other golds and even 13 HD Huge White Dragon a son of Argos. DMs wh o do n ot us e A D&D metal l ic drag on s coul d ch an g e h im to a s mal l g ol d. 2 5 Created b y Giampaol o A g os ta in “Lords of 2 8 Created b y Simon e N eri in h is “Th e Cen tral th e Cruth Lowl an ds ”. 2 6 A s ab ove.

who killed her Snagglefang. She failed to exact her 12 HD Huge Black Dragon revenge. He d r a g o n s . as Druuwor was scarred by her retaliation attack but not killed. with dragons. and she in the swamp of his dominion. hoping to expand it and gain more Wyrmsteeth. but that’s too late to turn her from the allegiance with Idris. 11 HD Large White Dragon Sappho. with a host of with many white vassals and frost giants. Druuwor. but the true location 30 A ppears in CM9 Leg acy of B l ood. increasingly paranoid and refuses to even Blethinferelth is meet the envoys of the Dragonking. She is neutral Jargnir. Even ts of of her lair is unknown. Now envoys of the Dragonking have quite fast. promised her that Druuwor will be punished. his power could grow happen. 98 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Vestland. Renowned for her th e modul e coul d h ave k il l ed h im or b roug h t h im more power. oozes. slimes and other vassals. Should he secretly allied with Vitriol when that did not discover its secret. the Dragonking. She rules32 the Great Marsh in Soderfjord. humanoids and and knows Ambur wants his territory. very respected among dragons. and She lives in Vestland33. who scarred him 20 years ago. killed her son while she was in the Darokin. An ancient Blackmoor city is hidden punished Druuwor immediately. and part of western Rockhome. on B l ack moor city is men tion ed in th e modul e. rule the southwestern highlands built millennia ago by a forgotten civilisation. hates Jargnir. She hates Druuwor. as h e is s aid to b e h al fway b etween a l arg e an d h ug e drag on . Druuwor31 rules the Makkres Mountains 14 HD Large Blue Dragon between Rockhome. 3 1 A s n ote 1 8 th e R ain b ow B ridg e b ut over N orrvik in Ves tl an d. 14 HD Large Blue Soderfjord. As Druuwor He30 rules a small dominion in Fenhold. toward Marudi 12 HD Large Black Dragon and has no particular enemy. He is human vassals. she thinks the king should have vassals. progeny 20 years ago. Th e an cien t 32 A s n ote 1 8 33 Sh e appears in CM7 Th e Tree of Life. occupying the ancient fortress Dragon. who is more than 3000 considering allowing Ambur and Jargnir to years old and take his land. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 daughters Bluenstrinel. and recognizes the hills to the south between the Great the authority of Marsh and the Hardanger Mountain Range. trolls.

She built an ready to ally with Vitriol or Idris to have her impressive library of rare and ancient spells. He escaped after the fight. 37 Protag on is t of th e modul e O2 B l ade of occupy in g th e tomb of K in g A l evar in A l fh eim. PCs are s uppos ed to k il l h im to g ain th e El ves ’ 3 8 A s n ote 1 9 al l eg ian ce ag ain s t th e Mas ter. a tactic that could succeed. in wh ich s h e coul d b e k il l ed. Khanistar is on good terms with the Wyrmsteeth kingdom and has no bitter Marudi. Emissaries from Vitriol however are 14 HD Large Blue Dragon courting her promising rare magical items. 17 HD Large Blue Dragon along with her mate Histizt. A master of illusions. She doesn’t care about eastern Ethengar. including a few abominations dating from Nithia. He words to the Dragonking. is also unclear. but have never been able to locate her lair. deep inside a tall mountain the rules of the Dragon Kingdom and is dotted with sinister towers. from inside the petrified remains of 3 5 A s n ote 1 8 a very large. if any. 10 HD Small Red Dragon. he is a rather peaceful Balefire or Urwalk. Her allegiance. and the location of his lair is parties in human form all around the Known currently unknown. B l ack Sh iel d. others 11 HD Small Red Dragon of Dominagon34. He is the son of Khanistar. 3 9 A s n ote 1 9 99 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . in a invisible palace guarded by lesser djinn. ancient ship built by a race of 36 H e appears in X 1 0 R ed A rrow. He is loyal to the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom and has Known for his violent ways. Ven g ean ce. and her children Fagtorx and She rules35 from the World Mountain. 13 HD Large Black Dragon 34 See th e firs t part of W h o’s W h o in th e Thalkor39 rules the Malpheggi Swamps in W y rms teeth in is s ue #8 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. 15 HD creature and on good terms with most Large Red Dragon dragons. at the Shalkmog. World. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 beauty. but some say he failed to create his lasting dominion as he was defeated by Ambur. she is also vain and rumored to enjoy to submit. enemies. Ambitious and violent. Some also Khordarg. Darokin. He38 rules in the desert of Ylauruam. way. refusing Thalkor. eastern Alfheim and the darokinian Orclands. say she is the companion of Xanesh. 7 HD Small Red Dragons and centre of the Land of the Black Sand in humanoids vassals. this red female37 is carving a realm in the Emerlas. this dragon36 received Vitriol’s envoys just to report their could be the father of Khordarg or Histizt. Druuwor and Jargnir fear her. has harassed Alfheim and nearby lands in the past. between Khanistar.

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2

forgotten giants. Thalkor is the current king Hytiliaph,
of the lizard men. Thalkor hates Azem, who 22 HD Huge Gold Dragon
defeated him more than once, and is now in
league with Amanth to discover her lair and The unopposed leader of Thyatian dragons,
kill her. For the moment however he Hytiliaph41 is the companion-mount of Magist
pretends loyalty to the Dragonking, but is Demetrion Karagenteropolus and the
ready to turn to Vitriol any moment now. informal leader of the Knights of the Air and
the Retebius Air Corps. Hytiliaph and his
extended family42, draconic and elven,
dominate almost all the dragons in Thyatis
and have also great influence on elves and
fairies. He has fought Alphatians many times
and does not like Alphatian dragons at all. He
is on good terms with Azem, Marthaen and
the Dragonking, but many say he is more
loyal to humans and elves than to other

14 HD Large Gold Dragon and
11 HD Small Gold Dragon
13 HD Huge Sea Dragon
Father and Daughter, these two golds control
Her lair is located within an inactive
40 a large area of the northwestern coast of the
underwater volcano crater called Thun, just Isle of Dawn43, near the Gulf of Westrourke.
north of the Aloysius Reefs, in the hollowed They have good relations with the
out hulk of a fossilised kraken. She tries to Dragonking and Hytiliaph and mediate
influence tritons to build an empire. As other between them when there are contrasts.
Sea dragons, she doesn’t care about her
surface cousins, but has agreed to become a
sort of representative of the sea in the rare
case in which the Dragonking needs
information or contacts.
41 H e appears in Dawn of Emperors Th y atis
an d A l ph atia, DM’s g uide pag e 2 6 .
4 2 Much more on H y til iaph , h is famil y an d th e
reas on b eh in d h is h ate of A l ph atian s can b e fin d
in a s eries of articl es b y J oh n Cal vin .
4 3 Th ey appear in A C1 0 , pag e 3 4 , l ocated in
Den s teh n K eep n ear th e s eaport of N an dua an d
Carack . Such l ocation s were n ever pl aced in
My s tara b y can on or fan on , b ut I th in k th e I s l e
40 A s ab ove of Dawn woul d fit n icel y for th em.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2

Respen-ak-Tarpis Dawn. His lair would be somewhere in a lost
15 HD Large Red Dragon pyramid of the Great Escarpment. Despite its
nature, the current rumor says he is an ally of
Ruler of Arentela44, an island in the southern the Dragonking against the machinations of
sea, he is known to be on friendly terms with Vitriol and Idris.
the Dragonking, visiting the Wyrmsteeth
quite often. He is also an ally of Wang Jinse
but among his subjects there are many who Everdire,
would like to remove him and turn to Vitriol. 15 HD Large Red Dragon

From his lair in the Kurish Massif in Peshmir,
Wang Jinse, Sind, this great red47 controls several tribes of
22 HD Huge Gold Dragon humanoids and terrorizes local humans.
Some say he is a pawn of Amanth, some say
He45 rules a powerful draconic kingdom in of Verminthrax, others that he is allied with
the Dragon Mountains of Ochalea, with many Vitriol, but he has often spurned the
gold and jade vassals. There are several sea Dragonking’s envoys. He also controls the
dragon kingdoms in the seas around copper dragon Vasylion the Younger.
Ochalea, but they do not answer to him, even
if they maintain good relations. Traditionally
the kingdom considers itself independent Dylkes Sahib,
from the Wyrmsteeth, but maintains cordial 15 HD Huge Black Dragon
relations with the Dragonking.
Ruler of the Great Salt Swamp in Sind, this
dragon48 is a local mythological figure (as his
Mathanephet, parents were). In the month of Asin
23 HD Huge Undead Dragon (Ambyrmont) the locals drive goats into the
Swamp as sacrifices to sustain Dylkes Sahib
Death of a thousand years46, the meaning of ("Mister Charming”), the legendary father of
his name in Thothian, is considered by many all crocodiles, through the increasing dryness
the absolute ruler of the southern Isle of of the swamp, until the monsoon returns. He
rules in the deep of the swamp over his
44 H e appears in Gaz 4 , I eren di, on pag e 2 7 . crocodile followers, according to the legend.
N ote th at in h is articl e “A dvice for Traders in Dragon rumors say he is an ally of the
th e Sea of Dread”, pub l is h ed in is s ue #4 of Dragonking and an enemy of Vitriol and
Th res h ol d mag az in e, pag e 3 6 , LoZ ompatore
pl aces A ren tel a n ear Och al ea, b ut in can on it is
jus t des crib ed as an “is l an d k in g dom”.
4 5 A drag on k in g dom was in dicated b y 47 Everdire an d Vas il y on appear in th e Poor
Giampaol o A g os ta in h is “Gaz etteer of W iz ard’s A l man ac I I I pag es 2 3 2 -2 3 3 , wh ere
Och al ea”, b ut th e n ame, wh ich s impl y mean s Everdire is k il l ed b y th e proph ets of Gareth on
Gol den K in g in ch in es e, was added b y me. Vas il y on ’s reques t. I f th e DM does n ot us e
4 6 Created b y me h ere, as I am n ot aware of copper drag on s , Vas il y on coul d b e a s mal l g ol d.
an y n amed drag on in th e I s l e of Dawn , eith er in 48Mentioned in Champions of Mystara,
can on or fan on s ources . Explorer's Manual page 18


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2

Jaelynix, Archivaarr,
20 HD Huge Blue Dragon 15 HD Large Red Dragon
She49 rules in the lower Sind Desert between Guardian of the Well of the Moon in the
the Twin Oasis and Kesret Oasis, and has Great Pass of the Black Mountains,
controlled a vast area for over 600 years with Archivaarr52 has great influence in the area
sis'thik minions. Jaelynix also tried to and over local dragons, a power that will
subjugate the fire giants of the Burning probably increase thanks to his control of the
Wastes but was defeated and maimed. Since portal. His daughter Arstratorr53, 11 HD
then she has become much more aggressive, Small Red Dragon, is his first agent, and she
searching for magic that could heal her, and has developed cordial relations with Eshtelyx
has cut off the once cordial relations with the in the nearby cacti fields of the Great Waste.
Dragonking. Vitriol’s envoys are now Archivaarr is the son of Verminthrax, and has
courting her to gain her allegiance, and if good relations with his father and the
they bring the right type of magic they could Dragon Kingdom.
succeed. Her daughter Eshtelyx50, 10 HD
Small Blue Dragon, controls the
northwestern territory toward the Great Pass, Verminthrax,
and is on friendly terms with Archivaarr and 21 HD Huge Red Dragon
his daughter.
From the Moktor Fire Pits under the Plain of
Fire, Verminthrax rules over all the northern
Asparadispexillies, Sind desert and has been trying for quite
15 HD Large Blue Dragon some time to subjugate Graakhalia too. He
and Jaelnyx have so far stayed away from
He rules51 over the northern Plain of Fire, their respective territories, and their relations
respecting the territory of Verminthrax, who are even more cordial as Verminthrax’s niece
he fears. Some indeed say he has already and Jaelnyx’s daughter have become friends,
been subjugated by the larger red, who uses but all that could change if Jaelnyx will
him as his surface guardian. Asp resents switch her allegiance to Vitriol. Verminthrax
Verminthrax’s power and could ally with is very independent but so far has respected
Idris to get rid of him. the authority of the Dragonking.

49 Created h ere b y Tim H an ey in “J ael y n ix th e
B l ue Scourg e” at th e Vaul ts .
5 0 Created b y b y R ob in D in “Th e Great Pas s ”
dis cus s ion th read at th e Piaz z a F orums , a s mal l
b l ue drag on is men tion ed in th e area in 52 A ppears in X 5 Th e Templ e of Death , pag e 9
Ch ampion s of My s tara Ex pl orer Man ual , pag e as H D 1 3 Drag on , ex pan ded g reatl y in “Th e
28. Great Pas s ” dis cus s ion th read at th e Piaz z a
5 1 Created in “Location s of th e Great W as te”
F orums b y R ob in D.
b y Sirl oin h ere: 5 3 Created b y R ob in D in th e th read ab ove.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2

The Hidden One, rumored to control humanoid tribes and
20 HD Huge Red Dragon? other dragons, and to be allied with or
pawns of Pyre.
Everyone knows that
a dragon, most
certainly an ancient Pyre,
red, guards the 22 HD Huge Vermilion Dragon
Dragon Den, O
Antro de Dragão54, A powerful red contaminated by cinnabar, he
an ancient Oltec, is the Overking57 of the Orc’s Head Peninsula
Nithian and Elven and rumored to rule over many dragons all
city in the Red Land, over south western Brun. He owns the Ebony
La Terra Vermelha of Eye stolen from Robrenn’s druids. Despite
the Savage Coast, his power, Pyre shows deference to the
probably ruling Dragonking and visits the Wyrmsteeth
humanoids and relatively often. Many in the Dragon
dragons of the area Parliament are very suspicious of his true
with discreet agents, usually dragonkin that intentions.
sometimes also visit the Wyrmsteeth. If Pyre
knows who the Hidden One really is, he
hasn’t shared this information with anyone, Aurik,
and the same goes for the upper rulers of the 23 HD Huge Gold Dragon
Powerful Lord of the Dragonwatch keep58
near the Sylvan Realm, Aurik is also a high
Greudnax, priest of The Great One. He has many dragon
18 HD Large Red Dragon vassals and rules also over several mountain
rakasta clans. Aurik knows how to use the
This red female55 and her daughter Rainbow Bridge and has also a magical lair in
Grimmiax56 rule a vast area of Robrenn and the clouds above Specularum. He is friends
beyond in the Savage Coast. They are of many Wyrmsteeth dragons, particularly
Marthaen, and of Azem. His dominion has
54 Th e Drag on Den appears in Th e Savag e
57 Created b y B ruce H eard in Drag on Mag az in e
Coas t Campaig n B ook , A tl as , b ut it’s n ot
s pecified if th e g uardian is a drag on or 1 9 6 an d al s o des crib ed in th e Savag e Coas t
oth erwis e. Orc’s H ead Pen in s ul a Campaig n B ook . H e is
5 5 Th ey appear in Voy ag es of th e Prin ces s A rk , pres en t in th e W y rms teeth in B ruce H eard’s
wh ere th ey are b oth k il l ed b y th e K in g of “Th e F uture of H el dan n ic K n ig h ts ” articl e.:
5 8 A urik appears in CM7 in th e R ain b ow
R ob ren n an d H al demar’s crew in A Y 2 0 0 0
(1 0 0 0 A C). B ridg e, wh ere h is mag ical l air ab ove
5 6 I in ven ted th e daug h ter’s n ame as s h e Specul arum is men tion ed. Th e Drag on watch
was n ’t n amed as far as I k n ow. A s Py re too was k eep appears in th e Drag on l ord tril og y as al s o
from R ob ren n accordin g to Savag e Coas t Orc’s ex pl ain ed in “Th oug h ts on W es tern B run ” b y
H ead s ourceb ook , pag e 4 4 , th ey coul d al s o b e Simon e N eri an d in “Th oug h ts on W es tern
h is daug h ter an d mate. B run ” b y LoZ ompatore


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9

Haven and other Alphatian kingdoms. 59 Th ey appear in CM7 . A Rainbow Bridge. Gl an tri city . but many do not like Alphatian dragons much. 6 2 A s ex pl ain ed in Th res h ol d is s ue #8 . Other Dragon Realms in Brun was recently sent to the Wyrmsteeth as a diplomatic envoy by the Alphatian dragons More dragon realms exist in Brun. Divided as Alphatian dragons are. The world of dragons is more Aurik and the other golds of the area for the complicated than humans. They are also known to roam in Alfheim and Glantri. sea. A Black and a Green would be in the service of Hule. and many control of local dragons and humanoids. friend of gnomes. under the human identity of Quentin Jax. the Sulfar and Fosfar. the Lawful Moorkroft and are known to guard the Brotherhood and the Chaotic Sisterhood. They have an extensive mysterious Huge and Ancient Black ruling in dominion in Western Brun. could imagine. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 been endangered after the fall of the Sylvan Wyrmsteeth. also known by humans as Lord Gellan. pag e 60 Created in “Hyborean Timeline” by 1 0 6 b y Simon e N eri. Golds and Reds in the Endworld Line and the Arm of the Immortals. If Aurik have been wars in the past with the knows more about the matter. as there consider it long dead or slumbering. Sapphreet Cyanbolt. competing with Yavdlom. blues and Realm by Moorkroft and the dragons who are blacks competing on the plains of Borea. Despite that. wh ere Sul far is in I ’m n ot aware of oth er A l ph atian drag on s in A l fh eim an d F os far on th e R ain b ow b ridg e over can on or fan on . Some Dragons would be These two brothers59 are allied with involved in the Neutral Alliance. dragons do cooperate with wizards not only in Randel but also in Ar. 104 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 15 HD Huge White Dragon Sapphreet61. Great Zdredanyan forest and the Ozungan 17 HD Large Red Dragons Plateau. The gold dragon Jaq’antixuen62. Royal Treasurer of the Kingdom of This incredibly big and ancient white Randel. so is trying to arrange for the huge gold. Brun dragons from the depths of a huge crevasse. Some say Moorkroft is indeed their pawn. 16 HD Large Blue Dragon Ufloq. near the Yalu elves to return. Three huge greens would rule the Tunguska forest. he has not Alphatians and they feel dragons should not revealed it ally with them. with thin or nonexistent relations with the 6 1 Men tion ed b y B ruce H eard in h is b l og pos t . others that they are pawns of Pyre. Powerful whites. recen tl y b ein g in drag on Steven Wilson terms ab out a cen tury ag o. dragons. A allied with him. is their informal representative when dragon60 is rumored to rule over Hyboria dealing with the Wyrmsteeth.

one of each kind. even more ancient race. 6 5 Created in “Pel atan (Gol den Matriarch y of)” b y my s el f. Crystals. about the rise of the Dragon Emperor. Huge 30 HD Huge Grey Dragon? Gemstone Dragons The self styled Great Dragon Emperor63 rules The leaders of the Gemstone dragons64 that a vast area of Skothar. of B l ack moor” articl e. 64 See Gems ton e drag on s s ideb ar in W h o’s W h o in th e W y rms teeth part 1 . Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Wei Huang Long. Rubies and Sapphires. The Six Great Dragons of Skothar the Dragonking quite recently. having conquered it live in Skothar have formed a Council from humans in recent decades. He has tried to court them over without much has cordially received an ambassador from success. Ehamakeribh. They are currently on good but generally they believe it could belong to terms with the Dragonking but very worried the same race of ancient dragons as Saerna. in is s ue #8 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. The Council of Skothar. for more in formation . a Huge Sapphire in Esterhold. He has visited the Wyrmsteeth at least once and it is rumored he controls all the many dragons of western Davania: Golds. would be a Huge Crystal in Nentsun. 105 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Silvers. a Huge Ruby in the Thonian Range. in northwestern Davania where the Golden Realm of metallic dragons once was before the Great Rain of Fire66. dragons do not know what to think of him. Wyrmsteeth composed of the six most powerful dragons. this ancient dragon knows many secrets and is currently the chief advisor of the Golden Matriarch of Pelatan65. 30 HD Huge Gold Dragon? Believed to be 9000 years old. a Huge Jade in the Tangor Bay and a Huge Amber in the Tangor Chain. Vitriol or to another. other Metallics. 63 Created b y me in th is th read at th e Piaz z a 6 6 A s des crib ed b y J ames Mis h l er in h is “A g e F orums . a Huge Onyx in Minaea.

mag az in e. over Eastern Arypt. 25 HD Huge Sea Dragon? The Night Dragons of Oceania An incredibly big Sea Dragon. H eroes of th e Prin ces s A rk pag e 9 2 . the arrival of Synn69 in the Known World in 1010 AC. 23 HD Huge Gold (Orium?) 29 HD Huge Gold Dragon? Dragon This ancient Gold70 would be the King of a An ancient Gold female or. The of the Pegasus (Flaurmont to Sviftmont). Ruling population of dragons. The situation could change after Ehamakeribh. men tion ed in Th res h ol d is s ue #5 . nations against the Night Dragons of Oceania and the Serpentine Empire of Central Arypt. some say. ruling over a vast Ehamakeribh and the Wyrmsteeth. she is a friend of in southern Davania. Dimelian. elves. and has often aided the nearby on good relations with the Kingdom. Voy ag es of th e 7 2 Th is drag on an d th e fairy n ation of Virdin Prin ces s A rk . Nive is the 6 8 Th ey appeared in Th e Voy ag es of Prin ces s A rk from Drag on Mag az in e #1 5 4 . she protects the local halflings and rakasta. pag e 2 8 . pag e 1 0 5 6 9 See en try for Sy n n ab ove. The relation between Night Dragons and the only one who may know the truth behind Church of Idris. Poor W iz ard’s A l man acs I . Probably high from the month of the Basilisk to the month ranking dragons know more about this. is also this rumor. 17 HD Huge Jade Dragon 67 Created b y me. every five years or suspect they are servants of entropic powers. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Apsidar. s ee Th res h ol d mag az in e I I I . could be unknown. where Dimelian an d #1 6 3 . Tupakmjr. if any exists. of the event known as “The Sea Dragon’s but their true allegiance and purpose has Wrath71”. fairies. some say the An unknown number of Night Dragons true ruler of all sea dragons in the world. Gl an tri: K in g dom of Mag ic. pag e 1 0 9 . See 70 Th e drag on n ation was h in ted in Th res h ol d al s o “Greater N ig h t Drag on ” b y J amie B aty an d is s ue #5 . The Sea Dragon. if there is any truth. as well as what thunderstorms and floods in all the area exactly happened on Oceania. last remnants of a lost visited the Wyrmsteeth at least once and is civilization. an huge dragon nation dominating the Ice Peaks Orium Dragon67. inhabit68 Oceania in the far south. Some says he has therapsid race. a hurricane season of remained a mystery so far. He or dragons of the Wyrmsteeth and beyond She would be the cause. giants. Orium Drag on s were This ancient female rules the city of Nive in in troduced in th e 2 0 0 8 D&D 4 ed Virdin72. I I an d were created b y me. so. a magical place even in the already Dracon omicon : Metal l ic Drag on s enchanted fairy nation of Davania. is s ue #5 . pag e 2 7 . on pag e 1 0 of Simon e N eri’s “H is tory of 7 1 Created b y me in is s ue #5 of Th res h ol d Drag on k in d” articl e. an d in Ch ampion s of My s tara b ox ed s et. Many would live off Davania’s western coast. 106 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . th en #1 5 5 center of the Saved World.

Amarald leads the Emerald Squad73. 13 HD Large Jade Dragon Shais. fire dragon78 from the elemental plane of Sinsama75 lives near a namesake active Fire. h in ted at pag e 1 3 3 in is s ue DM does n ot us e A D&D metal l ic drag on s . Dimelian however adventurers. Sinsama. Divimiagh. Kingdom of Kilmur have tried to kill her for centuries. the efforts to resist Izondian and Kwythellar aggressions. 15 HD Large Silver Dragon Akl’tlikat. mostly from Kwythellar. been instrumental during the centuries in Kilmurian and Izondian airborne raiders. an crabmen on the Tlik’kkill77 coast. against Izondians and Kwythellars. 107 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . but a Rumored to be the sister of Divimiagh. #5 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. pag e 1 0 6 . 7 5 Created b y me. #5 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. aiding them airborne force made up by a variety of flying if the nation is in danger. Amarald. 7 4 Created b y me an d men tion ed on pag e 1 1 9 76 Created b y me. in vain so far. h in ted at pag e 1 2 8 in is s ue campaig n may turn h er in to a Larg e Gol d. a DM wh o #5 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. can b e a Larg e Gol d if th e 7 8 Created b y me. 73 Created b y me in is s ue #5 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. She leads an active resistance against he is a respected scholar in Rakasi and has good relations with other dragons. He has cordial creatures that defends the mountain nation relations with surrounding dragons. Wary of any escaped slaves and aiding external spies and interference in her realm. border. sheltering on the verge of extinction. a flying force Native of the plains of Eseri76. 12 HD Large Bronze Dragon Living in the nation of Duur. 14 HD Large Brass Dragon Supposedly a daughter of Dimelian. The Kwythellar Empire and the maintains good relations with other dragons. 15 HD Large Red? Dragon 16 HD Large Silver Dragon Some says Kashar is not really a red. does n ’t us e A D&D metal l ic drag on s in h er/ h is 7 7 Created b y me. this female This dragon lives peacefully among the dragon74 leads the Defenders of Duur. dragons and pegasi which has Western Davania. h in ted at pag e 1 2 6 in is s ue of Th res h ol d mag az in e is s ue #5 . Kashar. friend of Ehamakeribh and Dimelian. she leads a composed of drakes and gargoyles that very effective air force composed mostly of defends the city state of Amara in North pegataurs. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 has gathered an incredible number of races the Kwythellars and Kilmurians. near the Kwythellar Mystaran dragon. or a hybrid between an elemental and a volcano in Kilmur. Whatever his true nature.

Their rivalry and a Gold (with Sapphires. Bronzes. Rubies. has The current Star Dragon. Ambers and Rubies manipulate the many factions of Vulcania. Brasses and is the stuff of legends. an d al s o in drag on s are my creation . this ancient gold is infamous for his evil ways in Pelatan. They became the Dragonlord and the Wyrmsteeth respect him greatly as a cunning and worthy Dragonking for a short time. A Mad Copper lives in the Adakkian of Ka. Overlord’s army and the renegade Gemstone dragons. Supposedly a brother of Ehamakeribh. th e two N eri’s “H is tory of Drag on k in d”. Golds. Crystals. Golds. Marco Dal mon te’s Codex I mmortal is vol umes . rule over the Green battling for supremacy in the Jungle Adakkian sound. Ruler of all Lawful aided for many years every people and group Dragons. DRAGON. before ascending to Immortality. his mate Kharendaen and 80 A D&D drag on s coul d b e con s idered Gol d b reeds un der B ECMI rul es . Coppers) vie for domination of the Aryptian Basin. He now lives in the Draconic Cluster with his mother Arbendael. the son of The Great One and the the northern desert for centuries. He IMMORTAL DRAGONS has aided the izondian army against Pelatan (and his brother) in the past. Other Bronzes in the Sea of 29 HD Huge Gold Dragon Steam. defeating the enemy. Sapphires and who has tried to resist Izonda’s expansion. 108 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . DIAMOND. daughters of a gold exist in Davania80. but highly respected in Izonda. Onyxes and Greens live in the Brasol woods. He later failed. Other Dragons Realms of 20 HD Huge Gold-Green Davania Dragons Other legendary dragon realms are known to These ancient sisters. A Red (with Ambers and Rubies) jungles on the opposite shore. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Kadia and Dakia. Jades. Izondians bring tribute to his lair in the deep of the desert. 8 1 H is s tory was detail ed in th e Drag on l ord 79 See Th res h ol d is s ue #5 from pag e 1 3 0 for tril og y b y Th orarin n Gun n ars s on an d in Simon e more in formation s on th es e n ation s . even with Adizamihn’s help. A Bronze. Silver and Golds in Adizamihn. Dreka and Alol79. Reds. a friend of Ehamakeribh. 16TH LEVEL 14 HD Large Copper Dragon CELESTIAL This dragon. the Ice Peaks. Kadia claiming the jungles Coast. but always Gold Dragon cleric Arbendael81. He was born as Thelvaneir in 500 AC The izondians have tried to locate his lair in Glantri. Dakia the Adakkian mountains. 30 HD COLOSSAL UNIQUE Telkum. a Jade and a father and a green mother.

This event may prompt the rise of a has revised her position recently. but obviously such visits are iridescent. b ut in Marco Dal mon te’s Codex I mmortal is an d Simon e N eri’s H is tory of Drag on k in d s h e is a powerful R ed from Sk oth ar. one would be the Red realms which promote peace between Dragon Syare who ruled over the dragons and with other races. pag e 1 8 . and will deal with draconic affairs on the Prime as they see fit. constantly shifting. For this Wyrmsteeth from 1900 to 745 BC. Skothar from 300 to 850 AC. Some say he was a close relative of but normally manifest her presence only to Ehamakeribh from Davania. Pearl is not supposed to directly interfere on the Prime Plane. and it’s hard to tell if they are the same dragon or two The previous Star Dragon was killed by the different ones that became the Moon dragon. Ambers. she Dragons. Reds. neutral dragons (and toward Diamond and but he will refuse the rulership over Lawful Opal). with in Shadowmere and Marthaen and Daresha scales like mother-of-pearl . 24 HD Colossal Unique Dragon.white but in Windreach. at well over 100 feet long. or 1001 Jaggar Von Drachenfels. Pearl83 is the Immortal ruler of all Chaotic Dragons. he is to be considered an enemy of the powerful Red that ruled a vast area of Idris and Synn. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Pearl. ascension. Pearl in particular is prone to go to the Prime in order to destroy powerful dragon hunters. like her not common knowledge. Like all immortals. Overlord and the renegade Gemstone Dragons a few years before Thelvaneir’s Pearl visits Wyrmsteeth from time to time. the Draconic Rulers generally treat this as a guideline. All three frequently Prime Plane looks like the largest dragon visit Mystara to meet Therandeal and Kirbey ever seen. th e W y rms teeth as Sy are. with Thelvaneir as 83 Men tion ed in Giul io Carol etti’s Gaz etteer of a simple Dragon Guardian82. High Master Once quite intolerant toward lawful and of Dracology in Glantri will defeat Diamond. The new Immortal Diamond. Around AC 999 the Dragonking or her most powerful priests. whom she considered weaklings. Diamond is Chaotic nature. Blacks. her mortal life is linked to more Wyrmsteeth Kingdom and of any dragon than one dragon. 10th Level Temporal The current Moon Dragon. reason. As normal in case of the obviously a strong supporter of the Immortals. when travelling to the many Dragon Guardians. Th e l atter coul d b e Sy are in 82 A s ex pl ain ed in Simon e N eri’s H is tory of an oth er in carn ation or a n ew drag on wh o Drag on k in d. Her mortal form. 109 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . another. defeated h er. Greens. as th e DM prefers . However.

until recently. but has good one ascended in 650 AC84. pag es 4 8 -4 9 . considers submitting themselves to entropic 40 HD Colossal Unique powers very demeaning for a dragon. Very differen t n orth ern jun g l es . in th e Davan ian con tin en t. Opan was a Jade son. pag e a reig n for h er in th e jun g l es of B ras ol in 1 7 1 I imag in ed s h e was a memb er of th e Th res h ol d is s ue #5 . as if her A ccordin g to W rath of th e I mmortal s . created with the Gold Dragon cleric Davania. concern her much. His main concern is the Dragon. Opal was a Immortals. heirs to her former kingdom. Idris and Synn are maybe minor Jade dragon in Atruaghin or Sindian lands menaces. Terra (his patron) and much interested in the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom Ka. Whites. when her Arbendael to stop the Overlord’s invasion85. Onyxes dragons to another disastrous war with other and Jades. kingdom was destroyed by humans. whom he suspects could led the of all Neutral Dragons. I n Th res h ol d is s ue #2 . with l ittl e detail s . She is however still much more concerned about Idris. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 growing power of Idris and. as she The Great One. She despises Idris and Synn more than lawful and neutral dragons. who seems about to 15th Level Celestial subjugate all the dragons of Skothar. in Drag on Mag az in e #1 5 8 des crib e a Den ag oth Pl ateau . 26th Level Eternal Incredibly ancient even for dragon standards. He has at least a According to another story. Opal. well as the rise of Wei Huang Long in Skothar. Wei Huang Long. Dragon. s h e was from a g reat fores t 85 A s n ote 8 1 . her allegiance and goals. the Immortal Diamond. whom he dragon who had a powerful reign in Brasol. I created oth er fan s ources . She also All is mysterious about Idris86: her history 84 and nature. actively against them too. 110 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . in the last years. Opal was a J ade drag on of th e faith was purposely a web of lies. According to a story. He does different Sun Dragons. has a particular interest in the dragon realms the activities of Synn. K orrig an s al ready b efore th e Great R ain of F ire. as supposedly a new not plot with other Immortals. Blues. The Great One favors peaceful dragon realms Probably the stories refer to different and tries to hinder any dragon who incarnations of the same Sun Dragon or to promotes wars against dragonkin. A ccordin g to Simon e 86 Sh e was in troduced in X 1 1 Sag a of th e N eri’s H is tory of Drag on k in d. when the threat of Idris and Synn began to concern her too. as of Brasol. Th e Mig h ties t of Drag on s vers ion of h er h is tory appear in Gaz F 2 Th e articl e. as some K n own W orl d. but still dangerous. Opal was not relations with Ordana. between 100 and 550 AC. B ook On e pag e 3 0 . 13th Level Celestial future of all dragons and what worries him most nowadays is the ascent of Wei Huang The current Sun Dragon and Immortal Ruler Long. The Great One belonged to an ancient breed 27 HD Colossal Unique of flying dragons. A ccordin g to Marco Dal mon te’s Codex I mmortal is . Th e Codex I mmortal is an d con tes t for th e Sun Drag on ’s pos ition . and he works whose mate and sons were slain by humans. s h e was from th e Sh adow Lord.

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 dragons suspect. Immortality. 8 9 See Son of Dawn n ovel b y Dix ie McK eon e Some believe that also famous (or infamous) an d Th e H is tory of K arameik os b y Simon e N eri dragons of the past have reached from Th res h ol d is s ue #1 . So to these questions. Th e rumor th ey coul d b e drag on s in is s ue #8 of Th res h ol d mag az in e drag on s is jus t min e. Korrigans. 9 1 Des crib ed in Codex I mmortal is an d in “Th e 87 See previous articl e ab out th e W y rms teeth K orrig an s ” articl e. some of them if not all. from before the Great Rain of Fire? It is true that she brought to an end the DRAGONS OF THE Antalian golden age staging the humanoid HOLLOW WORLD invasion? It is true that Hel was her patron? What kind of connection has she with Night Dragons? Has she created them? Could Synn The Hollow World is the place chosen by the be another one of her avatars? Not even the Immortals to preserve cultures on the verge wisest and oldest dragons know the answers of disappearing from the Outer World. Some dragons also believe that betrayed Ordana’s faith twice in the past of the Korrigans91. But the Wyrmsteeth dragons dismiss this story as BECMI rules list 4 lawful breeds of dragons simple propaganda and the vast majority (Golds. They could also be divided in Metallic (1) Chromatics (5) and Other legendary. 9 0 Created in Dave A rn es on ’s B l ack moor. the mysterious protectors of Wendar. maybe Gemstones (6) AD&D and D&D 3ed instead Immortal. were Davania? It is true that she was one of the dragons. Onyxes and dangerous servant of entropic powers. Chromatic Dragons as Evil and Gemstone Dragons as Some say other dragons have reached Neutral. Tsartha and their son Chamber90 Church in Denagoth are shrouded in were supposedly Immortal Dragons in mysteries and secrets. as Lhoran the Blue. former 88 A ppears in W rath of th e I mmortal s B ook I I Wyrmsteeth Dragonking. Crystals. sister of Marthaen and mate of Diamond87. have Metallic Dragons as Good. If Idris and her Church what kind of dragons could live in it? have a plan in motion as it seems. Sapphires and Rubies). Blues. the world Probably some strange breeds. 4 believe that Idris is indeed an evil and neutral breeds (Whites. Dragon followers of Idris maintain she is a champion of the Dragonkin against those. Jades) and 4 chaotic breeds (Blacks. as Calor88 or Yealeletherveri89. humans or elves. Reds and Ambers). Even the tenets of her Insellageth. A way to increase the variety of immortality. in the described below. 111 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Dragons. worst way. Was she a black Skothar 5000 years ago. or at least the status of Immortal Guardian. Th e I mmortal s ’ F ury an d Th e Ex pan ded Darok in Timel in e b y A aron N owack . pub l is h ed b y Goodman Games in 2 0 0 4 . Greens. who tried to More Dragon Breeds destroy dragons and other ancient races. Several dragons dragon or an elf? How many mortal lives has believe Insellageth was just an avatar of The she lived? It is true that she was an elf who Great One. or Kharendaen. as the ones could discover the truth quite soon.

17 Yellow .Ice .18 Steel .10 Green .Clouds .14 Amethyst .Forested hills .22 Grey .Arid and deserts . Some say an d Th res h ol d is s ue #5 112 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .Any terrain .Tropical .Ice . savannah .15 Obsidian .Coasts . in races are crossbreeds (Amaranth from Red the area that hosted The Golden Empire of and White.Cold mountains .16 Jacinth . the Outer World. Breeds in Blue breeds may still be present in remote areas of are Neutral and Breeds in Red are Chaotic.Forests .15 Blue .18 Purple . Cyan Dragons92 before the Great Rain of Fire.15 Black .Forests . Outer World Gold dragons say the metallic The Chromatic dragons say that the rare subspecies have their origin in Davania. Some White.13 Moonstone .Badlands . Such Breeds in Black are Lawful.Arid .21 Pearl .Hills .20 Red . or where dragons have a The preferred habitat and Maximum Hit Dice strong presence.13 Cyan .Cities . Ka may know the truth. Some say the table on the following page.11 Gold .10 Amber .22 Topaz .19 Violet .12 Orange .10 Orium .Mountains .14 Mithral . Grey from Black and the (mostly) human nation of Pelatan. but they are much more are listed too.Wetlands .Plains .Underground .18 Crystal .20 Silver . Breeds in Bold are the original Mystaran one.17 Bronze -Tropical. Purple say they are the descendants of the Golds from Black and Red.Arid. Cyan and Violet that I created here.17 Emerald .Swamps .Dark forests . Only Ehamakeribh or All these breeds appear in D&D sources.Mountains .Cliffs .Lakes . Sea .Fairy lands . they are there to protect ancient and forgotten civilization.13 Copper . common in the Hollow World.Plains and arid . now from Blue and White.20 Ruby .Underground . extinct in the Outer World because they were exterminated in wars against the Immortals.12 breeds in Mystara while preserving the who consented to aid Ka against the lawful/neutral/chaotic division is explained in Burrowers thousands of years ago.16 Brown . except for Amaranth.Forest.Mountains .Magical areas .Tropical . savannah .Ancient ruins .21 Amaranth .22 Jade .19 Iron .16 Electrum . Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 Metallic Breeds Chromatic Breeds Gemstone Breeds Adamantine . or among the dragons themselves.Volcanoes . Some however may have Some Outer World dragons also says the different alignments than those I listed Hollow World dragon breeds are almost below. Brown from Black and Red. Orange from Yellow and Red.21 Mercury .Arid .Underground .11 Onyx .11 White .19 Sapphire . but that doesn’t explain why more 92 See A g e of B l ack moor b y J ames Mis h l er: crossbreeds do not exist as well.12 Cobalt .Coasts . Violet from Blue and Red).

Others however suspect Wedak the Grey. lord of the Ronani glacier. also say that more of them live in Jomphur but some of these dragons are indeed as and other continents. who rule north western Iciria Electrums. that. their wing. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 that such minor races were almost long gone extinct in the Outer World. the lands of their preferred habitat. the founder of the Lighthouse. protector of the Antalian in the Vjyarnik glacier. In secluded valleys also the mighty Earth Dragons93 live. The World Spine and the Omta the White. Mountains revered as a goddess by the beastmen in Mont Om. such as the north of given below. considering them weaklings who the protector of the Oltec lands. uncontested. strong as the more common ones. against Blackmoor. The greatest mountain range of the Hollow Murmid the Crystal. Amethysts. but information about them are Iciria. No one knows how big Vjya the Silver. have submitted to some Immortal’s will to Ladja the Electrum. or even earlier. or powerful such famous dragons are. maybe from the time of the Burrowers master of the Serpent Fangs volcanoes. Reds. dead or just myths. competing Many Hollow World dragons are divided in with Yohen the Crystal. Hollow World since many centuries before Camoc the Red. escape extinction. Names of famous Hollow World dragons are Other mountain ranges. are inhabited by Silvers. Some exterminated by other stronger chromatics. they take some lost race or civilization under who roams to the north of Lake Menkor. but not of them only. The Gemstone dragons believe their Hollow an important Shattenalfen agent. World cousins are those who cowardly Ishwelak the Mithral. escaped the Outer World during their war another Lighthouse agent. a friend of the Kogolor dwarves. and often Kaxya the Amethyst. Greys. Some Chromatics distrust or despise Hollow World Huyanac the Gold. Mithrals. Ronath the White. dragons. and some of them may be Crystals reigning over old humanoid races. Querash the Iron. assure the survival of their pets. an ancient breed 93 A D&D Orien tal Drag on s coul d b e us ed for th em 113 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Irons. World is the preferred home of Golds. Whites. that the vast majority have lived in the the ruler of N’djawar ruins. Crystals and Rubies. playing a complicated game to Kumtis the Ruby. Whites and tentative at best.

dragons. Emeralds and Moonstones Greys. a sage in Shahjapur. who command on Huakila the Emerald aiding rebels a island of monsters in the Azcan empire. Sotek. who lead several seafaring Djuha the Orange among the Tanagoro. Violets. Merry Pirate and Shahjapuri cities and ships is a favorite Bronzes. The Sea of Ships an enemy of Shattenalfen and Azcans. Bak the Cobalt in the Bakoto Swamps. protector of Varellya be: in Southern Jomphur Exul the Bronze in the Gulf of Aztlan. war leader of the protecting the Gentle Folks. Gawal the Onyx in the south. or strange lineage of goals. Topazs. Traldar. Amntha the Gold. people of the sea Laka the Jade in the Forest of Lakogo. The most powerful of these dragons would Atian the Bronze. The lizardmen and the other reptilian inhabitants of the swamp would be divided in tribes secretly controlled by different dragons. Amaranths. The most importants of these dragons would be: Tihuag the Cobalt in the north. general and captain fighting Azcan and Shattenalfen. renowned for her cruelty. Steels. Jades. often hiding in human and demi- Their agents and minions are often reptilian human forms to further their mysterious and humanoid races. Greens. a female captain in Baraga Dyla the Moonstone Xanru the Grey. Flarinn the Amaranth. with its many Forests and Jungles Milenian. Shaaz the Pearl. disguised as Tyxa the Gold among the Hutaakans. Amaranths. Teklan the Jade and her progeny Bwila the Green in the Dark Jungles. The Southern Atlass Ocean coast between Milenia and Jomphur. fairies unknown in the Outer World. Cobalts. Oranges. styling himself Emperor of the Swamp. Kara Kara orcs. Sirus the Steel. All of inhabit the wooded areas of central Iciria. Kadak the Topaz. 114 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . them can be quite cosmopolitan breeds of with ever changing alliances and dominions. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 The Malpheggi Swamp Cobalts. in Milenia Sheara the Amaranth among the Kubitts. Blacks and Onyxes dragons rule over this great swamp and the others of the Hollow World. habitat of Golds. Pearls. Sneam the Black in the centre. who rules as a priest king in Jomphur. Bronzes. Jades. Golds.

Sapphires and The lawful Adamantine dragons shelter Jacinths. Adamantines and the Purples. In the many islands and coasts of the seven Hollow World seas (Yr. Browns. lord of Boglucubul desert Hona the Purple. Coppers. protector of forgotten people. Rax. Yellows. between the Hollow and the Outer world. Keleb. Violets. The chaotic Wintlian Islands Obsidian harbor and create undead far from Saha the Orium in the Tanagoro plains the blinding light. ruling over forgotten civilizations of the deep. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 2 The Deserts and the Plains The Shadowdeep The Arid lands of Eastern Iciria. Ambers. ally of the cruel elves of the deep. rather than under the Eternal Sun. Orys the Bronze in the Pirate seas of the Northern Atlass Lahir the Mercury in the Sea of Yr Shadar the Amaranth in the Sea of Rax Lantia the Violet in the sea of Eadh Utret the Pearl in the Grey sea Erid the Topaz in the sea of Keleb 115 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . lord of the Western Desert in Nithia Kawi the Adamantine. but sometimes cannot. Pearls and Topazs steer seafaring cultures in an endless game over the waves. Agay the Amber. Eadh. domains of Brasses. The Teuz the Brass in the Jennite plains neutral Purple do the same things. Many breeds of dragon which have ancient races best suited to life underground to coexist. Grey. lady of south eastern Aerical The Sea and Island Dragons Ancient breeds of Sea Dragons and Dragon Turtles dominate the deep seas. the Wintlian Legends say that three rare breeds of dragons islands and Southern Aerical host the battle for dominion of the Shadowdeep. protector of Brutemen plains Arax the Jacinth. Oriums. Mercuries. Northern and Southern Atlass) Bronzes. Anjiur the Yellow hunter of Burrowers. hated by the Raaneh the Brown. Amaranths. but Wintlan the Copper of the compete to gain more territories. lady of the Ayskudag wastelands Thyrfel the Obsidian. Blues. Okai the Sapphire. Some occasionally ally Yudh the Blue of the great river with the Schattenhalfen.

who favor the heights. but not for and Oostdook. The arrival of Resi and Tama. the breed of Hollow World’s Dragons. The first The Great One and Saerna. us ed as of th e Prin ces s A rk . B ook I I I A dven ture A l man ac I -I I -I I I . Alphatians in Neatharum around 1004 AC Lawan the Amber claims ladyship may be relevant at first only for the dragons of Gowon. long. Ch ampion s of My s tara. such as Golds. living in the Neathar forest. and The Princess Ark95 in 965 AC may go Ashak the Gold lives in Ashmorain almost unnoticed by dragons. Poor W iz ard’s H ol l ow W orl d B ox ed s et. these events Floating Continents. One of the the largest Floating Continent. Cyans. Their impact on the Hollow World’s dragons will probably be huge in the following years. Battles with the Heldannic Warbirds Ijishek the Cyan is the ruler of Chijioke will probably start right away after their Kisien the Blue claims Disa and Kjell. now extinct in exploration of Heldannic Knights in 960 AC the Outer World. pag e 2 3 H ol l ow W orl d Timel in e b y A n drew Th eis en h ere: 116 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . feathered serpents and When the Heldannic Knights start flying all flapsails94. des crib ed in th e 1 6 3 . would also be will obviously have a major impact on the the home of the “Ancient Grey”.The Floating Continents The Arrival of Outer Worlder and Alphatians Home of flying creatures such as pterodactyls. the Floating Continents are also over the Hollow World and the Alphatians the favorite homes of some dragon breeds first establish a settlement in the Neatharum. Cassia. Whites and Ambers. and then later when Alphatia is made into Blues. Drag on Mag az in e #1 6 1 - moun ts b y th e Sh atten h al fen . s ee al s o B ook . 95 Even ts des crib ed in Can on s ources : Voy ag es 94 U n in tel l ig en t an d s mal l red drag on s . W rath of th e I mmortal s . but the arrival of the entire continent in 1010 AC will also bring Skyships and thousands of Alphatian Dragons. conquest of Oostdok in 978 AC. Striak the White claims lordship of and continue for years. if not before.

ancient evil inhabits the area. clerical and historical in the cruel nights research. We know it was called The Dark Ten years of winter came upon the land Wood. about 999 AC. but even Destroyed four of them with her companions such people tend to avoid the area whenever But The Last One’s revenge was cast it is possible. Further exploration may be BC. but there is something disquieting From ancient Traladaran tablets.Signs of the Universe by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)* The Death Hand came to take Traladara The reason why the area is sparsely inhabited Five years of terror it brought defies all our magical. for sure. Last report of an explorer sent to the Southern Wood by Lord Korrigan. Koskatep level 7 . in the past. * Robert Nuttman (RobJN) also contributed with some interesting ideas about The Starlake. kept at the Krakatos’ School of in order to determine if it’s true that an Magecraft. have explored it and we have not been attacked. or The Cursed Forest. The Great Chasm and The Dark Waterfall 117 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . circa 1400 about the place. We Until the Sun’s return at last. It has been for years an haven of A Lady of the Sun on the fifth year bandits and werecreatures.

and they will not Kosmoteiros. The effect will find themselves in Level 7. The almost anything to use the event for his own holiest room is the great cave containing the ends. main headquarters of the Sons of Night in last surviving member of The Death Hand. If the defilement of The Last One is not Starlake. in Taymoran times and now inhabited by the powerful and ancient vampire known as The If several spells are cast on the lake during a Last One. a permanent gate to Nyx’s The text below repeats the original home plane will be opened. or PCs with very powerful allies. like Mogren. the Sun will be description of this level in issue 1 of extinguished. “Night is truth. Read on to discover more on this could not complete the ritual in 1777 BC level of Koskatep! because the city was assaulted by Thanatos’ followers. Obviously Ixion will do almost partially destroyed to prevent it from falling anything to avoid this and Thanatos will do into the hands of Thanatos’ followers. The artifact. the rite will open a reflect stars and constellations. published in The secret: The Last One has defiled the Issue 8 of Threshold magazine) or also from Starlake. lie” says the silver engraved inscription. in old Taymoran. a great pool that mysteriously discovered in time. he will not die but will escape to level TEN. should be able to defeat him. cannot be obviously Thanatos. permanent gate to the home plane of being a small lake. on the walls of the cave. wrongly. but were killed at the last moment by priests of Ixion. is so slow that it cannot be easily detected Kosmoteiros. and not to the one of Nyx as removed from here. years) kill any living being touching them published in Issue 7 of Threshold). with more coming Traladara 2500 years ago. Among them there will be several undead minions in large supply and only powerful wizards and priests. that they have destroyed The Last One along with his Here resides The Last One. In 95 AC the Darkers almost Level SEVEN. a Karameikos. a vampire minions and will transform the level into the follower of Thanatos. The Darkers will think. The next This level was the Taymoran city of alignment is in 1031 AC. Koskatep level 7 . 118 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Her followers article). He has magic and and going. Neither could they in 841 BC as gnolls had occupied the city and could not be defeated. the ancient city sacred to Nyx and indeed Nyx herself isn’t yet aware of it. At least a hundred people will group of vampires that terrorized old live here permanently. Light is intended. and the True Life of Nyx Threshold Magazine (Mirror of Eternal Night (Undeath for all) will triumph. Even if LEVEL 7 they can. SIGNS OF THE UNIVERSE succeeded. The PCs and corrupt any undead creature. very powerful PCs. immensely powerful. particular cosmic alignment happening once every 936 years. This level can be reached going down from area 14 of Level 6 (Kundrak. The waters will now slowly (3-12 the shortcut of area 13 in Level 5 (Ieronyx.Signs of the Universe SECRETS OF KOSKATEP. that the Church of Nyx herself miss it.

1423 BC: A great crusade against vampires and nosferatu of Traladara exterminate a 1. Lord Keiros of about Ixion’s artifact but rather than try to Ieronyx and a few others are spared because steal or destroy it she decides to exploit the they make a deal with the crusaders. the fate of build their city of Kudrak over the ruins of Karameikos could change forever. Keiros rebuilds the city as Relevant history (expanded Ieronyx (sacred to Nyx). Many innocent followers Kosmoteiros. building a new city. 1597 BC: Lord Keiros. rises up to Kosmoteiros and The Dark and the Grand Daughter of the Night. Lady Waterfall is created. the most powerful priestess of Nyx. 119 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 1 Several detail s of th is h is tory come from my 1415 BC A group of five vampires called H is tory of Tral adara. priests her Dream. b ut th is timel in e coul d eas il y fit in to th em too. as th e on e pres en ted in is s ue 1 of Th res h ol d "The Death's hand" bring havoc in Traladara mag az in e did (H is tory of K arameik os b y Simon e for five years. ancient plan should come to fruition and if any side inhabitants of Krystallac exiled long ago. Oth er h is tories may differ. 1664 BC: After the destruction of Taymora. In the year 1031 AC at the very last. manages to use the artifact. lizardmen and covered. Vampiric followers from issue 1 of Threshold)1 of Thanatos attack several times but are defeated.976 BC: After a long siege Taymora greater part of the nation’s undead in the conquers Krystallac and renames it space of two years. the place day and night. The Great Chasm of Level 12 Thanatos. strongest artifact that will bring fulfillment of gathers a group of powerful wizards. Nyx knows of Nyx are likewise massacred. place is abandoned for many years as seismic The followers of Nyx will be here studying activity increases in the area. and Intua. The PC’s Kosmoteiros and try to use the Starlake in actions should decide the outcome of the Kosmoteiros.Signs of the Universe the Grand Darker and most powerful wizard. 1777 BC: To prevent Kosmoteiros from 1421 BC: Leukos’ band falls into an ambush falling into the hands of Thanatos. temple of Nyx and The Chasm is partially Taymora. Kosmoteiros houses the main 2. His long magical aura of the place to build her own time friend Leukos. pag e 3 7 ). disgusted with the deal. a Tal nosferatu and follower of Nyx. Koskatep level 7 .080 BC: In a time of crisis in Grondheim. troglodytes escaped from Mogreth occupy Krystallac and keep it for a hundred years. and undead to continue the fight. Thousands die and the Sonya. conquers Koskatep from the dark fairies. Leukos of Nyx destroy the city with a terrible survives by making a dark deal with earthquake. the priests and is destroyed by the crusaders. every fairies of the Unseelie court. but do not know of the hidden millennia old fight for Koskatep. temple of Ixion below. from their hideout of Mokan in N eri.

renaming it Karrast. ritual to use the Starlake and bring forth the Eternal Night. The hutaakans build over Ieronyx and seal the levels below. Shamans of Ranivorus K os k atep is th e cen ter of a mil l en n ia ol d s trug g l e b etween N y x . I x ion . and The hides for centuries in the former Dark Wood. In these years a large dwarven expedition sent by Loktal Ironshield of the 227 AC: The priests of Ixion have repelled Glittering Realm reaches the Cruth several attempts by ogres. the levels below. renaming it Rak. In the following centuries 912 BC: The dwarves are finally defeated by 2 A s ex pl ain ed in is s ue 1 of Th res h ol d the gnolls. which remains uninhabited for centuries due to his 95 AC: The Darkers almost complete the presence. The orcs make the all over the Known World. 1412 BC: The Hutaakans take Ieronyx from 841 BC: Followers of Nyx.Signs of the Universe the Dark Wood (in the peninsula between and Thanatos reopen the levels below and modern Mirros and Vorloi) in the south. begin to study the Starlake2. Ranesh over the ruins. from Ranekek. followers of Nyx trying to reclaim the ruins. giants and Mountains and conquers Koskatep-Rak. of Rak. Yet they succeed Darkness). the west is all the levels up to Kosmoteiros. which over four centuries establishes killing the most powerful shamans of peaceful relations with nearby giants and Thanatos and burning their notes. Koskatep in the name of Nyx and ogres rule over the area for centuries. attack and establish good relations with the temple of Ixion that is consecrated in the 954 BC: Despite the successful campaign of akropolis of Kotesh. who build their own city of mag az in e (Mirror of Etern al N ig h t. Th an atos an d H el . Leukos. including Kosmoteiros 603 BC: The ogre king Kulfan conquers and the Starlake. exterminating his followers. and begins to corrupt the Starlake and explore so are the levels below it. Kosmoteiros and the Starlake are companions. Human priests of 1411 BC: At last The Death's Hand is the Lady of the Night live in the city along destroyed by a priestess of Ixion and her with them. Chasm is covered. Hutaakans and Traldar settle the in reaching Kosmoteiros and the Starlake. but are stopped at the last 1021 BC: The red orcs sack and conquer moment by an army of priests of Ixion. aided by ogres Lord Keiros. 120 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Koskatep level 7 . now known as the Cursed Forest. once again a great temple of Nyx. dwarves who are unable to completely who establishes his seat in Kosmoteiros and eradicate the undead orcs that infest it. who drive out the former storage and treasury of the temple of ogres and occupy Koskatep for years. attack Koskatep but are unable to renaming the city Ranekek (Light over the conquer it from the gnolls. city. pag e 1 4 4 ). Level 5 is sealed by the but are destroyed at last by The Last One. which is still in their hands and orcs still rule the city then sealed. The priests try to cleanse the Traldars against the gnolls. and and giants. Pflarr their main city but do not explore Soldiers of the Duchy of Achelos join the below Kundrak. fairies. now The Last One.

Shortly after they are all slain by orcs on Level 1. 121 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 955 AC .788 AC: Adventurers from Achelos. but are repelled by the Dark Fairies and minions of The Last One. 445 . humanoids and later Traladaran rebels and Thyatian explorers manage rarely to reach Level 7. In this case there is a 1% chance in each room that a Wandering Party will be encountered. ogres and followers of Nyx manage to reach Level 7 but are slain or repelled to the levels above. 818 AC: Lord Vudar’s expedition3 eventually reaches Level 6 but is stopped. 3 See Level 1 in is s ue #2 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. ogres and giants or agents of Nyx and Thanatos sometimes reach Level 7.934 AC: Groups of adventurers. The Random Critters table of level 2B (in issue 3 of Threshold magazine) and the Wandering Parties table may apply here if the DM wishes so. Koskatep level 7 . but are slain as the others before them. giants. only to be slain or captured by The Last One or his minions. There is also a 30% chance that such creatures or people are already under The Last One’s control. his soul taken by The Last One.Signs of the Universe ogres. and even adventurers sent by Ixion try to reclaim Koskatep. and will therefore try to capture or trick the party.present days: A few adventurers. but The Last One destroys them all. 944 AC: Thyatian priests of Ixion reach Level 6. 856 . followers of Nyx.

here if the DM wishes so. multi story areas. where most of the inhabits it. dimensional door. if PCs do not white magical lights. Once the city was surrounded by mighty walls long crumbled. of undead. and the central area are lower number of The Last One’s minions those in better conditions. The DM could decide to they are too many. which were and modified several times during the never repaired. After the Darkers take control (see levels. Not all the areas of the powerful wards placed by The Last One and city nor all its inhabitants will be detailed. Area 5. When such as teleport. it should however be almost to use them or lead them to their deaths. the minions of The Last One. 5th. but the renovation has not been As in levels above. In dark grey at the boundaries of the map is solid stone which is very difficult to The Level and its inhabitants dig. dark and abandoned. The Last One will sense it and Depicted in light grey inside the city are the the general direction of the caster. while now a much above the Starlake. at least from Level 2 and below. Unless the DM decides maybe even aid the party against the Darkers otherwise. If they do bring light. “Open areas” should be consistent lately and therefore most of the considered a relative term as much of the level is ruined. centuries. travel. impossible for a single party to defeat The Last One and his minions here. with the final purpose of bringing them in Their exact number and power should be left the presence of The Last One himself (in to each DM’s decision depending on PC’s Level 7). The city had thousand of terrain is rugged and full of debris. inhabitants at its height. but table of level 1 (in issue 2 of Threshold some use them anyway for preference or magazine. the Darkers takes the level indeed they magic door. All the indicated levels are indeed just issue 1) any Follower of The Last One will suggestions to be lowered or augmented by obviously keep a much lower profile and the DM as they see fit. which can have up to four floors. As said above. In white are the open areas.Signs of the Universe The Followers of The Last One encounter are undead and do not really need lights. Koskatep level 7 . so many houses and palaces are debris has been removed. passwall. page 122). Most of the residents bring their light. gate and spells such as succeed thanks to a surprise attack and a clairvoyance and find the path do not work relevant force (see The Battle in This Level on this level as on Levels 5 and 6 due to paragraph below). party is backed up by an army of allies. as were many areas on The original Taymoran city has been repaired the outskirts of the original city. Some however are most areas are dark or only partially inhabited and sometimes even lit by blue or illuminated by magical lights. unless the Spells that provide magical transportation. can also still be used practical purposes. One such follower Kosmoteiros is now inhabited by hundreds could try to join the PCs to explore this level. of 122 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . particularly if the PCs are of high level. so each DM may add apply the same rule to the levels above the many more as he or she prefers. There is also a magical alarm in place all over About the map this level: whenever a clerical or magical spell is cast. as others before him.

Koskatep level 7 .Signs of the Universe 123 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

Looking inside the in the hands of their original chasm a Dark Waterfall can be seen. particularly the areas where it borders the Carnifex prison4. Touching the Dark Waterfall may also cause random teleportation effects to Annwyn. where its buried everywhere on the plaza. F or more in formation ab out th e Carn ifex . if market and any other public event took place. It is someone has the patience to search now partially occupied by the big chasm opened by for them. arriving in area 14. its treasure room and the two other sublevels will be described below but are not depicted on the map. s ee Geoff Gan der’s “Of th e Lore an d Leg en ds of Y 'h og . A n n wy n is th e h ome pl an e of th e Dark F airies . There is only one way to reach Level 8 below. an d of th at R ace” an d Carn ifex b y J amie B aty . which goes all the way down to Level 12. which can be reached only by secret passages in area 10 and 14. The Black area is the Chasm opened by the earthquake of 1777 BC. through the Starlake’s sublevel below area 5. As the walls of the chasm are wet. City of th e U n cl ean On es .Signs of the Universe course. 124 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 1 . but several could still be The plaza appears to be empty. it makes the party quite visible. The level also has two sublevels. Some of these objects may the earthquake which buried the city in 1777 BC. Koskatep level 7 . this level can be reached from Level 6. s ee al s o th e previous l evel of K os k atep in Th res h ol d is s ue #8 . waters dripping from the levels above and this one. now roaming undead. arriving in area 9. Once the plaza was completely covered in ceramic tiles and its walls were decorated.The Great Plaza and The Chasm (1) . As explained above. The Starlake’s cave. formed by owners. be magical. it is extremely dangerous to try to reach Level 8 and below going down from here. or from Level 5. but now only a partially destroyed fresco of some people leaping 4 Th is idea comes from R ob J N ’s Th orn ’s Ch ron icl e b l og .There are objects and weapons This huge area is about 200x300 meters and was from all of the last 8 centuries half once the main plaza of Kosmoteiros.

When The Last One’s spies in the levels above warn him that the Darkers are coming. the Darkers will start cleaning the plaza. anticipating their arrival through the stair on the left side of the plaza. he will escape toward the Starlake. The Chasm has also partially opened the Palace on the left side of the plaza. defeating them. from skeletons to spirits. all unfortunate remains of adventurers and spies that The Last One reanimated during the last 8 centuries. and the plaza will be partially lit by continual lights. and some of its interiors can be seen. At the time of Lord Keiros. celebrating Nyx’s domination of Ixion. 125 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the Chasm was partially closed on this level. ogres and hill giants) may be encountered roaming here at any time. Random undead (at least 2d10+2). Koskatep level 7 . warriors. If Skloros somehow survives. After their victory. roam the plaza.Signs of the Universe over a bull remains. gather some more allies and then fall on Skloros and his minions from behind. he will gather many of his minions here under the command of Skloros (from Area 14). It was a depiction of a ceremony held here in Taymoran times. The Darkers however will arrive in area 14. 1d10+1 Darkers (priests. but The Last One decided to open it again. but it will take time.

or Ob s idian Gol em 3 ed rul es b y J oh n W al ter B il es .The Fountain (4) . The Darkers will disarm the traps and place three obsidian golems5 here instead. A priest or follower been temples but now lay in ruins. 126 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Some Wraiths (HD 5) are hidden near the buried. surrounding buildings have almost completely once property of a cleric. 4 .There are three explosive The corridor was once a sort of public street lined magical traps in the corridor. The Darkers will destroy the Druj.The Great Corridor (2) . but now not much remains. sprung. The fountain still exists but the mace +1. for A D&D s ee Gol em (A th as ) I I at Mon s trous I n dex . the scrolls. Koskatep level 7 . Most of them are spells useful to fighting undead. very leading to once great structures which might have difficult to find. Colorful ceramic tiles once the Starlake (Area 5). The by The Last One and his minions houses around the corridor were mostly artisan against trespassers proceeding to shops and warehouses. They will not find the cache of scrolls either.The North quarter (3) . a magical alarm warns The Last One wherever he is. Anna (see below) and Lord Keiros (in Level 5) of the intrusion. but Hutaakans or priests of fountain. 3 . If the traps are decorated the walls. which will attack anyone without the current passphrase and a Nyx amulet on his person. may placed here a Druj (HD 16) as guardian. Sonya.Signs of the Universe 2 . The Last One of Ixion. or an Hutaakan. if menaced. 5 F or B ECMI s tatis tics s ee Compan ion s et or R ul es Cy cl opedia. They will not start rebuilding this area. placed with vendors. including a three storey tower.There is a cache of hutaakan This area contained the northern gate into the city. once a receive the right inspiration and find cleric of Thanatos which displeased him. scrolls buried in this area.There are some more hutaakan This area contained a great public fountain inside a objects in this area. +3 against the undead. once Traladaran adventurers slain by The Ixion may receive an inspiration and find it. will tell the passphrase but will conveniently forget to mention that the amulet is also needed. A captured Darker. The activation of the golems will also warn the Darkers Mogren. for the time being. which led to the great plaza. It’s well decayed.

Koskatep level 7 . She is extremely loyal to him and will fight until forced to return to her grave.There are several magical and is the Temple above the Starlake. all nosferatu and clerics (C5-7) and 2 Nightshades (HD 20) who guard the access to The Starlake below. a nosferatu and powerful cleric of therefore be cursed items if used by Thanatos (C16). with 4 apprentices. is often here (30% of the time she anyone who doesn’t share His faith. skeletons and darker images. been blessed by Thanatos and will Dakria.Signs of the Universe Last One’s minions 40 years ago. room. she will be destroyed with her apprentices and the nightshades. Dakria was turned into an undead by The Last One two thousand years ago. and they will accept.The Temple of the Starlake This great building of about 100x200 meters was (5) . Her apprentice’s graves are in the same room. If she doesn’t escape below with him. The Darkers will destroy all Thanatos’ paraphernalia and consecrate again the temple to 6 See pag e 1 4 6 of “Mirror of Etern al N ig h t” articl e in Th res h ol d is s ue #1 . The Starlake). will be below in Area 5B. it is now a shrine to Thanatos. The stair contains a magical trap (delayed fireball) which will spring if it’s not deactivate by the phrase “Glory to Thanatos” in ancient Taymoran. 5 . All of them however have decorated with skulls. The Darkers will try to convince the Wraiths to join them as Uncorporeals6. A hidden trapdoor on the bottom left corner of the temple leads down to The Starlake through a narrow stair. The Darkers will try to convince Dakria to betray The Last One. 127 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . but she will refuse. joining them against The Last One. which is inside a secret room on the right side of the temple. After that. after she was captured in the Cursed Forest. Once objects in the temple and in Dakria’s consecrated to Nyx.

This happens home plane of Thanatos. Light and the Fairies. Now anyone attempting earthquake of 1777 BC the surface of the waters. Karameikos and more than half the Shires. a cleric of Nyx from Ylauruam. Hel constellations. as zombies) and 4 Uncorporeals (HD 5. 128 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . and Alfheim). can spot the corruption and correct In the case of Nyx. be very evil and accompanied by all The next alignment in which the Starlake will work kinds of evil monsters and fiends. but such undead will earthquake. and all undead will be weakened and eventually die. in old has corrupted the Starlake in recent Taymoran. has small ripples. will almost always be here with 3 apprentices and 2 obsidian golems. If an Immortal is able to maintain control of the Starlake for some centuries. with can now be used only once every 936 years. “Night is truth. the area will experience no more nights. to use it will open a portal to the once perfectly still. such a gate would obscure the it. Darokin home of the Dark Fairies. However any other party could use the Starlake with the same purpose. there is a 10% chance they Entropy and the Domain of the desired Immortal. Samira (C10). the case of Nyx the number and importance of intelligent undead will rise quickly. Mystara will become permanently a part of his or her domain. Such 7 See n ote 5 ab ove. 4 Undecayed7 (HD 2.e. It’s a great pool not know. while eternal night over a vast area and it was supposed to work once a year before the more undead. Since the centuries. slowly transforming the area into dangerously close to the Carnifex something more akin to the Immortal’s domain. Koskatep level 7 . That is also the reason why the Artifact same as in the case of Nyx. sun in a 160 miles radius (covering almost all the portal will open in Annwyn. If used by the Church of Ixion. on the walls of the cave. In prison (see note 5). for example. is that The Last One is lie” says a silver engraved inscription.What the Darkers and Nyx do meters big as the temple above. instead of because some droplets of water are dripping into the plane of her or his Immortal. the Dark Waterfall of the Chasm (Area 1) and down The immediate effect would be the to Level 12. will be on 1031 AC.Signs of the Universe Nyx. day and night.The Starlake The Starlake is contained in a cave about 100x200 (5B) . On such an occasion priests For every year the Darkers or any and wizards casting the appropriate spells will be other party study the Starlake before able to open a permanent gate to the Plane of the ritual. If Fairies use the Starlake instead. as wraiths) 5B . and neither the other that mysteriously reflects current stars and possible parties such as Ixion. i. he or she will absorb the whole planet.

As a boon from Nyx. but as many will be slaughtered in area 10. At the moment Louma (see Area 9). If still alive. Sonya. Louma will probably abandon him and join the Darkers. he will be defeated. Beside them.Signs of the Universe occurrence will give to that Immortal a huge advantage over the others. but will not escape there unless forced to. is often here too (50% of the time). Nyx will call most of her followers and undead from Mystara and beyond to protect the Starlake from the retaliation of other Immortals. day and night) studying the Starlake a preparing the complex rituals for the alignment. The stairs going down to Level 8 are closed by a bronze trapdoor. Dakria (see Area 5) and Koros (see Area 16) are often here (50% of the time each one. The revenants normally stay over it. where The Darkers will take them by surprise. The Last One still has an hideout in the Vorloi peninsula. The Last One (see Area 9). Koskatep level 7 . as she would attract too much attention too soon. for now. defended by monsters and magic. The Last One will make his last stand here with any remaining minions. The Last One however will cast a powerful illusion. formerly warriors consecrated to Thanatos) on guard duty in this area. After The Last One’s feigned death. Should the Darkers succeed in completing the ritual of 1031 AC. while escaping to level 10. making the Darkers believe he and any remaining lieutenants have been disintegrated. waiting for the right time to strike back. after The Darkers’ attack. there are always 2 Nightshades (HD 25. Skleros and Dakria will instead escape with him. here around ten Darker priests and wizards (Mogren. Even if she survived. even if the level below is firmly under The Last One’s control. or defeated by the Darkers a second time (see the Battle on this level below). the Starlake will also grant powerful magic to the Darkers. where he will hide for a year. formerly storm giants) and 3 Revenants (HD 15. She cannot do this now however. Koros. in the south. 129 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

The Western quarter This quarter was once the administrative center of (7) . Skoghios and Lord Keiros could be among them.Besides many objects from the city and contained also many private houses. including potions and buildings have fallen. contains a diary. They were all of 1777 BC.The Fallen Temple (6) . Koskatep level 7 .Signs of the Universe Anna. 9. see Areas 5. most of Keiros and for any sage of the them adventurers from the last 8 centuries or Known World. Keiros. 10. Some will accept. then rebuilt and destroyed again.There is a hidden crate near to one of the massive columns. temple in area 5 was in fact closed to the general objects. now also bolted and trapped. former minions of The Last One who fell from his grace. 16 and Level 5) will always be present studying the Starlake. The stair leading down to Level 8 will be closed with the bronze door. Only Mogren. Taymoran. Samyra. along with 3 experienced warriors (F7-10) and 2 obsidian golems. Thaddigren. Dark Fairies and Lord Most of the internal walls of several houses and Keiros’ times. 6 . potions. Eventually the Darkers may find the hidden cache of objects when they start rebuilding the Great Temple. Now hidden here to save them from the it is a pile of rubble. but three massive columns and hutaakan invasion. Basco. 7 . books the main public temple of the city. The Starlake about Nyx and Taymora. there are also the remains of many places in which to hide and many objects a dwarven party from 950 BC in this 130 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . jewels and weapons from public. Such objects another partial one still stand. The temple was damaged in the earthquake Lord Keiros’ times. The Darkers will offer the Spectres the same deal they offer to all the undead: join them or be granted eternal rest. but the area still contains scrolls. would have a huge value for Lord Several Spectres (HD 7) roam the area. but that work will not start very soon. which Here once stood a huge temple dedicated to Nyx. Sonya and Anna will have the keys. scrolls.

Signs of the Universe from the times of Taymora and Lord Keiros’ reign. that can only be used by form. of a Storm Giant. an orc and 7 humans. He will accept aiding anyone aligned with Nyx for a year in exchange for his freedom. The Darkers will leave the Baldandars alone if they agree to scout for them as they did for The Last One and promise not to prey on them. His magical slumber could be dispelled by a cleric or a wizard. th is articl e b y J amie B aty or A D&D s tats at Mon s trous I n dex . b ut s ee al s o th is articl e b y R ob ert J Sch wal b . 131 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . dwarves. They also have the special permission to leave the Their objects include some magical level and Koskatep when they want via phantasmal armor. but he will not aid anyone allied with the Dark Fairies or Thanatos. Some of the dwarves in Level 5 on intruders with the blessing of The Last One. may recognize their possessions. The Baldandars will agree. Koskatep level 7 . They were mostly looted by Hutaakans hundreds of ingots of silver and gold and Traldars after the fall of Lord Keiros Ieronyx in from Taymoran times. but will not aid the Darkers if any other party attacks them. but it was set by The Last One and contains some Wights (HD 4) including 2 former kobolds.There is a hidden cache in one This area once contained the great warehouses of of the warehouses containing the Palace. 8 . who seems to be asleep rather than dead. A group of Baldandars8 (HD 6) lives here preying area. The Fairies meant to do something with him. 8 Des crib ed in A C9 or 1 9 9 3 Creature Catal og ue. Shovran. Shovran could be grateful and willing to cooperate with PCs. that was his name. but one has remained untouched from would be enormous but their weight Dark Fairies’ times. and weapons. The Fairies hid within the body also is. an ogre. an hobgoblin. but they simply forgot. was captured by the Fairies when he attacked their city with his giants in 1621 BC. considering that sufficient to pay his debt. Another warehouse is still closed.The Warehouses (8) . all explorers gathered in the last centuries. so they often scout the outskirts of the area. Their worth 1412 BC.

The Great Palace (9) . His unwilling main companions are Louma (Nosferatu and MU 21). Captured PCs will likewise be brought to his presence. offering them the chance to join their fight against The Last One. who in gratitude will accept to serve them for a year. 9 . Magical partially closed. it was a residence and a school for priests indeed occupies all the bottom floor and acolytes of Nyx.The Last One’s laboratory contains almost any possible magical This great building with five storeys was once the objects and any possible undead Great Palace of the city. Koskatep level 7 . who has her grave near to his. Louma was the former wife of 132 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . If anyone surprises him here in his Palace (difficult. which contains an enormous amount of magical objects. Now part of it is collapsed. Rather than the house of a creature known in the world. divided in half several tormented wights. It ruler.Signs of the Universe The Darkers will try to free the Wights. The Last One is confident that there is always time to tear someone’s soul from their bodies or use them for magical experiments. as there are several magical alarms. The Last One (nosferatu and MU36) indeed has here his main home. They will also free Shovran. and will succeed with some of them. He is always keen to have updated information on the world outside Koskatep. In Lord Keiros’ times and wraiths hover. spectres by the Great Chasm (Area 1). of The Last One. but The Last One has decided to traps and locks also guard the rooms open it again as he enjoys the sight and the with the most precious possession potential danger of the Dark Waterfall. some of them obviously of the Palace. Above the Chasm. hosting them in the finest rooms of the palace. The Last One appears as a middle aged man with dark hair and great confidence. before deciding what to do with them. and Lord Vudar (Nosferatu and F22). and will attack the damage was partially repaired and the Chasm anyone getting too near. undead. The Last One could speak with them for months. his laboratory and his treasure. Eventually they will also find the treasure and will use it to further their goals in Karameikos and beyond. 10 Nosferatu and 20 Revenant guards in this area) they will simply receive an invitation to speak with him in the main parlor.

As the Darkers will storm this level by surprise. except for those sincerely loyal to him who will die fighting. 10 Ch eck Level 2 A . and The Last One often enjoys tormenting him. and came in Ieronyx to Lord Keiros. either with magical means or by telling him about the suffering of his former friends and companions. They will also free Louma and Lord Vudar. A rea 1 0 in Th res h ol d is s ue #4 11 Ch eck Level 4 . Lord Vudar. 1 2 Ch eck Level 6 . but The Last One somehow managed to take her soul. She left him in 1420 BC after he made the pact with Thanatos. A rea 1 8 in Th res h ol d is s ue #2 . and Lord Mogren (Nosferatu and MU36). Adru and the others in Kundrak12. She was killed in the hutaakan invasion of 1412 BC. A reas 1 an d 7 in Th res h ol d is s ue #6 : th es e are n ot real l y in Th e Las t On e’s con trol b ut Gil as ’ h owever. who has tried in vain to steal it several times. albeit for a much shorter time. Koskatep level 7 . 5 elite warriors (F7-15). The Last One controls him with a bracelet he always wears. but some say he is really a dragon or even another. He appears as a lizardman with brown grey scales. like Nera and Mila9. mysterious and ancient creature. but Lord Vudar doesn’t know that yet and is kept in check by the fact that some of his former companions are also in The Last One’s power. The Last One however will horribly torture anyone helping her. the now deformed Darkers in Lower Kotesh10. they will take almost all the magical treasures and free all the Last One’s undead thralls. At least 5 priests (C5-15). 5 obsidian golems and dozens of Uncorporeals 9 Ch eck Level 1 . Lord Vudar however is still defiant and unbroken. area 8 in Th res h ol d is s ue #8 133 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .Signs of the Universe The Last One when he still was Leukos. A moon shaped pendant he keeps at his neck gives him absolute control over Louma. is in the same situation. Louma will ask for help any chance she gets. the last powerful Darker who led an expedition to Koskatep in 818 AC. who will take residence here along with Lady Sonia (C36) High Priestess of Nyx. b ut Vudar does n ’t k n ow th at. the spectres in Karrast11.

The 3 vampires are Traladaran Church buried her here so that she adventures from the past five centuries that he could awaken if the Light needs her. not even Asteria and The Last One. Koskatep level 7 . internal walls. Lord Keiros (from Level 5) and the occupants of Area 10 may also be here occasionally. placed here to learn from Asteria but also Indeed any cleric or follower of to check on her. several unused rooms. and her servants. plus The Darkers. The lover of Lord Keiros. (MU13) a nosferatu wizard. 134 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the height of the city. live here with 3 nosferatu apprentices (MU 4-8). 10 . No one has discovered it yet. If not found before.Signs of the Universe and Undecayed will also take residence in the Palace after the Darkers win. she will awaken when Level 13 is opened and the followers of Ixion attack from below (see issue #1 and #2 of Threshold for more details). (C21) the human captured by the Dark Fairies (see Level 6) and The priestess of Ixion who defeated The Last One recruited her because she was a former Death’s Hand in 1411 BC. A painting forgotten on a wall on the ground of some priestesses is still visible on one of the floor.The Priestess’ Palace (10) . The palace help against The Last One and/or contains her quarters and her laboratory. Asteria hates The Last One but Ixion may find her and obtain her cannot break his control. The sublevel contains the intact Asteria was one of the companions of Lord Keiros tomb of Lyeria.There is a hidden sublevel which can be reached only by Here was the abode of the Great Priestess of Nyx at turning a sun shaped plaster relief. Asteria. controls. for now.

occasionally.The Audience Hall (11) . never tribunal. After The Last One’s defeat. or th es e A D&D s tats or th es e D&D 3 ed s tats b y R ob ert J Sch wal b an d J amie B aty . as Th e Son s of N ig h t or Dark ers are. The three younger vampires will have also a 50% chance to escape his control and join the Darkers. Only Lord Keiros will be Cruth Lowl an ds adven ture modul e. 135 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . an d I h owever. Koskatep level 7 . and a part of the old adven ture “I n th e Dread of N ig h t” wh ere h e is cl earl y evil . 1 4 Des crib ed on pag e 3 5 of A g ath ok l es ’ Lords of th e able to find her tomb. after a dis cus s ion on th e Piaz z a’s My s tara F orum b oard decided to us e th em as a n on - evil N y x org an iz ation in Lords of th e Cruth Lowl an ds an d Mirrors of Etern al N ig h t. Basco Trius14 (MU7) and Thaddigren Dentiata15 (MU6). in is s ue #1 of Th res h ol d mag az in e. 11 . then C15) priestess of Nyx when the city abandoned. It was used more or less with the contained Kedira. She as guardians. an audience chamber and a general discovered by The last One nor by official hall for the High Priestess at the time of previous occupants of the ruins. They will attack anyone entering the managed to hide when the area.Signs of the Universe When the Darkers arrive in this room with Lord Keiros. the shock will be enough to free Asteria from The Last One’s control. The Last One placed 10 Agarats16 here was in the hands of Lord Keiros. and here will reside also Anna Exoter13 (MU10) with 5 apprentices and. hutaakans conquered Ieronyx and was cast in a sort of suspended 13 Des crib ed on pag e 2 4 of A g ath ok l es ’ Lords of th e animation. human wizards. A g ath ok l es treasure of the Priestess Palace. Asteria will remain here with 2 more apprentices. It Kosmoteiros. where the latter two are not on missions outside Koskatep.There is a hidden tomb on the This great hall decorated with double axes was a lower level of this area. Skoghios (area 16) and Lord Keiros (Level 5) may also be here occasionally. (nosferatu and same purpose at the time of Ieronyx. 1 6 See A C9 Creature Catal og ue for B ECMI s tats . which Cruth Lowl an ds . contains all her objects and 1 5 Th addig ren appears in th e Dun g eon Mag az in e #2 4 weapons.

once Dark a small diary with maps is also left. Lord Keiros may be here visiting her from time to time. Few houses are now still standing. who will offer a new meaning to their existence. The zombies and skeletons will be destroyed. 136 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . different times. Fairies who were too friendly with adventurers or and other remains of some ogres humans and were therefore given to him at who came from Level 1. who will then join them against The Last One. There are for example the remains and most of the area is obstructed by rubble. Koskatep level 7 . ogres. she will be the custodian of this area along with 2 apprentices (C3-9).The Tower quarter (12) . and soldiers. The Darkers will try to convince the banshees to join them. gnolls and giants gathered at different times.Signs of the Universe As Lord Keiros will be with the Darkers when they will arrive here.The possessions of previous This area dominated by a five storey high tower was adventurers can be found in this a residential quarter for common people of the city area. some of them fairly recent. The Banshees also command a host of about 50 zombies and skeletons of orcs. of which Last One placed here 3 Banshees. The of a group of Darkers spies. to use them against intruders. The creatures will not immediately join them against The Last One but will eventually join the Darkers. After their victory. 12 . he will be able to awaken Kedira.

He also has a Soul Render17. the Darkers probably will not immediately discover his true motivations and will leave him be.The Fortress (14) . a huge man who is the general of The preventing the Church of Thanatos Last One’s forces. The mummy however will be freed from his control immediately and will join the Darkers. and it appears that they have some common project. with his grave and treasure. H orror. A handful of them were able to 17 Created b y Geoff Gan der h ere on th e Vaul ts of escape and relate the story. lair here. a Mummy (once a Nyx’s priest) and several zombies at his service. He will accept without many difficulties. 10 and his companions hid the body here.The Eastern Area (13) . The Darkers will try to convince Sh’namg to join them. It’s hard to say if Sh’namg is somehow a thrall of The Last One or has rather deceived him for his own purposes. When in Pan dius . zombies and ghouls. an d th e access to this level. the tomb was Outer B ein g s in My s tara” b y Geoff Gan der. but the height of the city. Koskatep level 7 .There is a hidden sublevel under the Fortress with the remains This area of about four floors was a fortress at the of Lord Edwac. even darker goals? Regardless. 137 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . while the zombies will be destroyed. 14 .Signs of the Universe 13 . and F25). Edwac fell between skeletons. (nosferatu. He commands over a hundred from using the Starlake. but included barracks at underground lair of Sh’namg. The Last One visits him from time to time. A21) an time of Kosmoteiros and Ieronyx. Later abandoned. Sh’namg however will hide the Soul Render and will slowly create more incorporeal servants in secret. Sh’namg. Avenger of Nyx who led the assault it is now the headquarters of Skloros (nosferatu against the gnolls in 841 BC. but has he really betrayed the Last One or will he aid him when he returns after a year? Or has Sh’namg his own. (MU15) a powerful also many dangerous magical traps sidhe nosferatu and wizard has an underground and cursed items.There is treasure of magical This area is made of decayed structures that cannot objects. Sh ’n amg may wel l b e a s ervitor of th e Outer 603 BC the Church of Nyx had again B ein g s as des crib ed in “I n s an ity . scrolls and potions in the be recognized anymore.

to aid him upon his awakening. an orc and a gnoll with are trying to develop some sort of preparation for their mysterious 18 See A C9 or 1 9 9 3 Creature Catal og ue or th es e purposes.The Southern quarter (15) . Jaken. then they will go to the Starlake in Area 5. and Lord Skloros. 15 . 5 mummies. The latter 3. 3 young clerics (C1-6) and 10 warriors (F1-5) he will train. or following The Last A D&D s tats . 5 spectres and 3 nosferatus (F9-15). finding the fortress empty as Skloros and his minions will be in Area 1. Koskatep level 7 . 1 obsidian golem. Lord Edwac will stay here with Lira. The Last One placed here 3 laboratory: it seems the creatures Dusanu19 (HD9). Lira and Jaken (C11) also remained here. The Darkers will arrive here secretly. waiting in vain for them. ride Nightmare horses18. in magical sleep. Edwac’s body preserved so that he might serve Nyx again in the future. Two other priests of Nyx. this potions and other concoctions area was once filled with beautiful gardens now where each Dusanu has his long decayed. who will be defeated. The Darkers will awaken Lord Edwac and the priests and proceed to ambush Skloros and his minions. 138 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 7 wraiths. 10 uncorporeals and undecayed. along with renovated and trapped.Signs of the Universe wights. an ogre. After The Last One’s defeat.There is a collection of A residential area for priests and merchants.

his betrayal of Nyx.5 ed s tats . Needless to say that trying to use such potions may be The Darkers will try to communicate with the quite dangerous. Dusanu to bring them to their side.Signs of the Universe about 3 dozens zombie servants. When the Darkers attack. moldy and rotten. One’s orders. some humans.The South palace This palace was an academy for wizards at the height of Kosmoteiros. turning Darker. The Darkers will regardless request that the zombies be destroyed. Skoghios will take residence here with 4 apprentices (Nosferatus and MU5-10). but When the Darkers attack. he the items are also cursed and will will try to destroy him immediately. or in th e A D&D My s tara Mon s trous Compen dium for A D&D s tats . wights and spectres serving him. 2 obsidian golems and about 10 Uncorporeals and 10 Undecayed. 139 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Some of Last One’s minions. and is now inhabited by Koros (MU 24 and nosferatu). Skoghios (Nosferatu and MU 20) was a him or her to the worship of former friend of Koros and will try to kill him for Thanatos. including at least a hundred or more ogres and hill giants with their leaders Golbag and Trosh 19 See A C9 or 1 9 9 3 Creature Catal og ue. Another slowly influence the bearer. treasure of wands. a former follower of Nyx who was a friend of both Lord Keiros and Leukos. Koros and his apprentices most of them are well hidden and will probably be caught in Area 1 as the rest of The protected by magical traps. an d th es e D&D3 . If Lord Keiros spots Koros. scrolls in Koros’ laboratory and among his private possessions. and some humanoids. potions and wraiths. Koskatep level 7 . as unintelligent undead are anathema to the Church of Nyx.There is a sizable magical and MU 2-12) and a host of two dozen skeletons. 16 . He has 6 apprentices (Nosferatus (16) . It’s up to the DM to decide if they can succeed or not. they will have a sizeable army. He repudiated his faith sometime after 1411 BC and became a servant of Thanatos and The Last One.

explained in issue #1 and #2 of Threshold. Kivid and Ilena (the strike from the secret passage leading from latter two are described in Level 5. They will also have at least a Threshold). Anna Exoter and Basco Trius. issue #2 of and Lord Keiros in Level 5 (in issue #7 of Threshold). Skoghios and his nosferatu. They will surprising The Last One’s minions. hundred Darkers between wizards like Mogren. and some The Last One will probably strike back from obsidian golems. Koskatep level 7 . as Gilas and her ghosts in Level 4 (in issue #6 of Threshold) 140 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Level 10. but also Hel’s beastmen of Level 11. Ixion’s followers in Level 13 (with some As explained in the above levels of Koskatep more allies from the above levels as detailed in the previous issue of Threshold magazine. including Undecayed and Uncorporeals Approximately a year after the first battle. have also around 50 undead with them. thieves and warriors. allies among the undead of the levels above. They will also have the strategic advantage to Clerics as Lady Sonya. issue #7 Level 5 to area 14 of this level.Signs of the Universe THE BATTLE ON THIS LEVEL (as detailed in Level 1. as (described in issue #1 of Threshold). in each one) and the Fairies in Levels 9 and 6 the Darkers will also gather several more could be involved in this second battle. thus of Threshold). as many will join them.

Zetacaalpa.. Seer of Ages Villains of Mystara Zetacaalpa.” Motivation ”Funny thing that... profit margins by too much. victims of a most Zetacaalpa is a seer and peers into the future.” offerings and favors. seems most of the savages have fallen ill.. We can cut them out divining events for individuals in return for of the deal entirely. One can never tell if be a most prosperous venture. half-green dragon cleric An enormous snake with malachite scales and bony horns covering his face and spine. Seer of Ages Description Male awakened giant snake. whether the Great Escarpment. Conversation between two House Zetacaalpa is the size of a small building. I don't understand how we can pull this off.. Zetacaalpa could get them to allow mining efforts on constantly whispers his own name.. Seer of Ages by John Calvin Zetacaalpa. Many Thyatian and Darokinian merchants come to him for 141 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . unfortunate plague. the concessions you in private or giving an audience to deserving would have to make would narrow our supplicants. Umbarth agents: Folded amid his coils are giant bat-like wings and the yellow fires of desire burn deep from “I have it on good authority that this will within his lidless eyes.” the giant snake is staring into the future or “But what about the Atruaghin? Even if you gazing into the core of one's soul.

and visions that he shares with his acolyte. Once this Although Zetacaalpa chiefly works unseen in is achieved Zetacaalpa will bring forth the the shadows. Whether abandoned by his pursues. Zetacaalpa followed his master's whispers through the earth's The Seer of Ages has been prodding his crust before finally emerging in the supplicants into continuously more callous borderlands of Darokin. In fact Alfek’s current success is culminating in BC 322. For the wily snake did not disavow them of their now Alfek is more than happy to help his error. but his nickname stems Zetacaalpa’s early struggles in the Hollow rather from the uncanny ability that Alfek has World were accentuated by the fact that he of turning a profit from any business deal he was born alone. A rising star in House Umbarth. quickly Born in the land of the red sun circa AC 700. followers of the immortal Ka. mistook Zetacaalpa as due entirely to the snake’s machinations. but once that 142 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . he stumbled upon the lair of Zetacaalpa. brought took Alfek under his wings rather than low by constant Schattenalfen attacks devour him. Zetacaalpa. His Followers main goal is to see Darokin at war with as many of her neighbors as possible. He ruled over the tribe for nearly a uncle destabilize the country. the creature has a cult of fanatic Alfek “the Silversmith” Vickers followers devoted to carrying out its will. the itinerant while on an outing with his father. Alfek walks a very narrow to acknowledge a steady sibilant voice line between making himself useful to his constantly whispering in his head… a voice uncle. As a lad Alfek fell down a silver mine shaft Constantly on the move. century before being driven out by true Zetacaalpa is secretly a servant of Atzanteotl. Once again on the run. parents. though as he grew in power he began surviving nephews. dupes that Zetacaalpa coerces into doing his will. Seer of Ages advice on their entrepreneurial endeavors. he has encountered several city of Oenkmar from the depths. Merchant History Alfek apprenticed with his father as a silversmith at a very young age. Besides the unknowing considers as minions. Darokinian human. threaten his power. or stolen as an egg. and becoming a rival that could he soon accepted as that of his true father . and an avatar of their immortal Kalaktatla. acts of violence against lower class citizens and foreigners and is slowly pushing many regions towards rebellion and revolt. Atzanteotl. who The degenerate Azcan tribes there. mastering the craft. and was creature eventually found succor near the lost for days. ruling it in individuals on the surface world that he Atzanteotl's name. Male. Zetacaalpa never and also one of Greenleaf Vickers few knew. and all of his prognostications are designed to further that immortal's goals. In the darkness of the caverns ruins of Axateotl in southern Azcan lands.

Through sometimes even hears the snake whispering alchemy and dark arts. Seer of Ages is done he plans on killing his uncle and seizing power for himself. was soon confronted by the greatness of Zetacaalpa. his master Atraughin. Shaman Male. he can take over the city and impose the will of Zetacaalpa… and of Atzanteotl. Twice resurface for she has been generations. The crafty times. she experiments on the gifts given to him by the dreams visions of him every night. where she is sought out as an sent Noktica in his stead. 143 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . The only thing she hates more than her own people are the brutes from Darokin who Having since assumed his master’s mantle. and never hesitates to heed his orc is now slowly building up a cadre of warnings. and the young orc expert in the brewing of poisons. have been tribesmen since she preparing for first flowered into Oenkmar to womanhood. Years captured as a ago his master saw “prize” by warriors visions of a giant of rival tribes. trusted warriors so that when the time is ripe. Coaxoc lives on Oenkmarians to the fringes of Python tribeland near the glory. constantly encroach upon her land. Cleric Coaxoc has fired the Noktica.Zetacaalpa’s venom. nor his advice. Zetacaalpa has been serum that grants a temporary frenzied her constant comfort through troubled strength to those injected with it. winged serpent. and his desires of Tiger line. Zetacaalpa. Though Noktica now spends his time performing she has never met Zetacaalpa directly. Oenkmarian humanoid. Twice she has been and knew that forced to marry Atzanteotl had sent against her will… a savior to once and twice she murdered her unsuspecting again lead the paramours in cold blood. Too frail to eastern borders of the Forest of Death in journey into the depths himself. and serpent . Noktica has created a in her ear while awake. Atraughin human. Coaxoc “Serpent Flower” Noktica Female.

and many of the cult’s masters are practiced diviners and Evil Whisperer prognosticators . Shieldtree have sent scouts to investigate the sudden silence from their guards on the Not only will the PCs need to broker peace southern border. The Dhoka Naag are are semi-spiritual assassin’s cult dedicated to serving the whims Neither will Alfek Vickers take kindly to of Zetacaalpa. Once leave the plateau to attack loggers are felling trees as quickly as they can. Darokin. Once they encounter the between Darokin and the Children of the human loggers their response will be swift Bear. the Children of the Tiger will strike. and the warriors. elves from Desnae and behind. At least spring into action. offshoots have since spread discovers the PCs are involved. all of the to introduce players to Zetacaalpa and his Children of the Bear have begun to flock to machinations. a maiden known as “Serpent Flower. and Ylaruam. Defenders of Canolbarth In reality. and are now goading if it were performed by Darokinian unsuspecting Darokinian merchants into merchants. this is an elaborate trap set by Coaxoc and the Children of the Tiger. While the core of the group anyone meddling in his affairs. Seer of Ages Dhoka Naag (Eyes of the Viper) escalating into a full scale war between Alfheim and Darokin. Once his formed in Sind. but they will have to unmask Serpent and violent. arts and master assassins. The PCs will need to think Flower’s treachery and prevent Tiger Clan’s quick in order to stop this encounter from sneak attack. the Hawks. After hearing her chilling tales of depraved attacks The following adventure hooks can be used against her own tribe. Glantri. Darokin. and may even be weaved her aid and are preparing for war with together to form a fully fledged campaign arc. even if they are not seen. trusted followers have secretly killed the subsequently staging the attack to appear as local elves. eradicating the undefended tribesmen left Meanwhile. Several logging Coaxoc’s apparent trials and bravery have camps have sprung up in the borderlands pulled at the heartstrings of the Atraughin between Alleybrooke and Fenhold. Left among the dead bodies. Alfek Vickers and his the plateau and slaughtered them all. Zetacaalpa. Alfek will into Darokin. While the PCs are busy one disciple of this order attends the great fending off his assassins.” was taken in and nursed back to health by the Adventure Hooks Coyote tribe of the Great Escarpment. She The southwestern defenders of Canolbarth and her followers set upon a small tribe on forest have disappeared. The sole survivor of a bloody attack. Coaxoc may try to persuade 144 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . profiting from their absence. Alfek will make sure serpent at all times. that all of his involvement in the situation is The Dhoka Naag are experts in the martial erased from existence.skills which only increase their formidability as opponents.

In such With the countryside destabilized. whether the giant viper succeeds crews at the most opportune time. and headlong into the humanoid infested the merchant houses in Darokin are wastelands north of Darokin and battle beginning to take notice. Darokin Afterwards the captives are led away. the Oenkamrians are not the they were set to traverse. but if not Darokin may face grave danger in the Discovering the assassins in their lair and immediate future.. or they may stumble upon the eerie depths. very little time is left for the PCs to Goods being shipped north from Corunglain thwart the evil viper’s plans. Playing 145 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . the PCs may be able to alleviate the cult’s dark patron. At the very least. and his a case.. along with all shipped goods. with mistrust and ill will sowed awaiting the unfortunate merchants is grim. even from the Master of Hule. and all and its surrounding regions may become traces of the attacks are erased. Ierendi pirates. and Oenkmar once again sink into the mystery. Threats may come from freeing any remaining prisoners should be the Empire of Thaytis. his greatest accomplishment… the raising of the lost city of Oenkmar. remains of such a caravan on the open road. Seer of Ages the PCs of her sincerity rather that oppose Oenkmar Rising them outright (depending on whether or not she believes they can be convinced). Zetacaalpa himself. between the merchants and their neighbors a short journey to dark caverns in the nearby of Alfheim and Atruaghin. Zetacaalpa may recruit Alfek Vickers magical reserves bolstered by blood to provide damning evidence of Darokinian sacrifices. Zetacaalpa. Zetacaalpa is prepared to achieve duplicity. such conflict to some degree. What is troubling most immediate threat. They must rush have not been reaching their destination. or the PC’s ultimate goal. lesser humanoid clans. The fate destabilized. have been recovered along the roads Though deadly. the assassins capture The ramifications of Zetacaalpa’s plots could and incapacitate the merchants and their be severe. magically fueled zealots from Oenkmar who nor humanoid brigands are to blame for have already begun their conquest of the these mysterious disappearances however. Depending upon Broken Lands where they await sacrifice to their actions. Neither bandits. Only by disrupting the snake’s vile rituals will the surface world be PCs may be tasked with unraveling this saved. partially or in full. To stop Oenkmar’s the merchants is not the loss of goods… but rise. since the caravans. and fires pour out of the Broken Lands. As the earth Snakes on a Caravan rumbles. Infiltrating the caravans from within. the PCs must rush past its defenders the loss of all the traders and guards without into the bowels of the earth to confront a trace of violence or bloodshed. In fact the cultists of Dhoka Naag have been targeting merchant caravans on the northern Consequences roads leading into Glantri.

Connors. Seer of Ages through these adventures may pave the way Appendix: References for module X10. and beyond. House consequences may be even more dire. Glantri. Black Shield. Atruaghin. GAZ14 Atruaghin Clans. the Shires. GAZ10 Orcs of Thar. the physical and political landscape of the 8 miles per hex region will change drastically. 146 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . TSR 1991 little impact on their ultimate behavior. Aaron Nowack.. HWR1 Sons of Azca. TSR 1988 appearance of Oenkmar devastating the Carl Sargent. and then turn their sights to Darokin. GAZ13 Shadow Elves. with the Bruce Heard. William W. Atruaghin Clans Updated Map. Alfheim. by Brian Jacques 1986 (the Oenkmarians will quickly dominate all of the Asmodeus character) lesser humanoid clans living in the Broken Lands. and they may again. Zetacaalpa. Both Thorfinn Tait. Whether or not Zetacaalpa can maintain TSR 1991 control over the humanoids will have very John Nephew. All of these lands fell under humanoid control at one time or another in the history of the Known World. A Brief History of Umbarth Should Zetacaalpa succeed however. TSR 1990 region with volcanic activity and earthquakes. The Redwall. Red Arrow..

(see the background section for more maps.The Eye of Traldar. by Tracy and module are that it will fit perfectly as a sequel Laura Hickman. pictures or other vital information to details). Rahasia . 147 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Dragons® 5th edition. set in Mystara. In the end the epilogue will explain run the game properly. Possessing the In fact the two modules together constitute a original module will be essential because this mini campaign called "The Eyes of Traldar" conversion will not contain original texts. how to use these adventures as an introduction to the biggest campaign of Elemental Evil including its last iteration. for the new Dungeons & of TSR's module DDA3 .a D&D 5E Adaptation An adaptation of module B7 for D&D 5E by Giuliano Michelon INTRODUCTION This article provides an adaptation of the old My intentions for the story narrated in this adventure module B7 Rahasia. Princes of the Apocalypse.

until the This is undoubtedly a good story and can malevolent wizard Trinkla. to be individual stories of two powerful gems. the Lake of Lost Dreams. native of Thyatis. speculated about the origins of items that affected the history of ancient the mage. I'll try however to add. whose name is lost in time. chose for himself the way of the hermit in the remote wilderness of Traladara. There he But what exactly is their history? Simone became a good friend of the Callarii elven hypothesizes that the Traldar hero Zirchev. Simone goes beyond the first non-Alphatian. and the foundation of the Temple of the Quiet Way. To do this lost orb from Trinkla's Tomb. and the Eye of Traldar (DDA3 – Eye of Displeased with the methods of the Alphatian Traldar) and builds a charming story that rulers and disgusted with the wide bonds together the two artifacts. It of the good hearted wizard Elyas. in BC 308. the first in a long list of wise protectors of the land. Rahasia . infact he stole the orb from the sorceress' tower. Even in this included the history of various orbs. the trained to the art of magic and that he Black Opal Eye (introduced in B7 . Simone. There. and took the Black Opal Eye from its rightful owner. After about 150 years a article entitled "The History of Karameikos" new player made his appearance in the form by Simone Neri (aka Zendrolion). details to the story only to. trained became the new Seer of the Lake of Lost and entrusted an apprentice with the delicate Dreams. things went bad and dedicated to the land and myths of he went lost in the Blight Swamp. if possible. maybe they're more ancient than the Immortal itself? And lastly where do they The story then goes on as described in the come from? What is their origin? Later I'll try B7 .Rahasia module with the fight between to give my personal idea about this aspect of Elyas and the three witches. until the arrival of the Rahib and Zirchev's apprentice became the first Seer of of the heroes. He wrote that Elyas could be the Traladara. Once he before he achieved Immortal status. came work magnificently as well as it's written. tribes and of the current Seer. In the first issue of the magazine "Threshold". two orbs gifted with great divination During his life as Seer.Rahasia) quickly became a powerful wizard. he collectively as the "Eyes of Traldar". Elyas divided his time and enchantment powers known as the Eyes between his tower in the Hantu Valley of Traldar. I found a really interesting buried with the orb. he entrusted him with two powerful magical he found and recovered the Black Opal Eye. magical case. Elyas' sacrifice their history. and not subtract. This point gave rise to the first (where he kept the Black Opal Eye) and the question: who made these orbs? Are they a Lake of Lost Dreams (where he kept the Fire product of Zirchev's powerful magic or Opal Eye). items. render 148 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .a D&D 5E Adaptation About this Module and Special But a thief. at last. he started his quest to recover the duty to protect ancient Traladara. now known corruption of the Thyatian bureaucrats. had Thanks other plans for Trinklas' treasure. ending up Karameikos. Unfortunately for him.

Stelio Passaris I'd like to thank a friend of mine. Calvin. of Threshold Editorial Team. Rahasia . I hope. and he has also influenced a lot the first 5th edition campaign. I have always Edition and that has made it easy for me to turned to him for opinions or when I've had play it like an introductory adventure for my doubts. So. more A very special thanks goes to Simone Neri. for his precious article over Karameikos history and Before you start with my version of the story. Giampaolo Agosta and John goes to Marco Dalmonte (aka Dek Shari). for his precious help with this translation.a D&D 5E Adaptation it more complete and.Eye of Traldar 5th Mystara expert and developer. a special thanks Glen Welch. suggestive. a great for his work on DDA3 . finally to another web-friend. and of course development of this idea. 149 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . even if I don't know him personally.

Once launched into orbit around the there's the lands of the Barony of Biazzan planet these "eyes" would be connected to that are heavily influenced by their Alasiyan each other through an embryonic form of origins. easily adaptable to an His studies were at that stage still very exotic setting.C. So it was that the elite in were never properly positioned and escaped command of the nation became convinced of into the infinite void of space. They never entered into an Empire of such greatness requires a operational phase and over time some of considerable expenditure of resources to them were lost or were destroyed. the Rahib. Between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries answering to the name of Rafiel.a D&D 5E Adaptation Suggestion for Adventure's out futuristic studies about thought Location transmission and super-symmetry (a very complex matter that studied and developed The original module is designed to be a the thoughts of the collective unconscious). Alasiyans that. known as the Great Rain of Fire. the planet. The river that's possible to see in called "eyes". Rafiel was Hutan in the far north region of the County involved in the construction of fifty devices. However. in an unspecified year. Beyond the river feet. alternative background Blackmoor would be able to exert an almost total mind control over individuals "selected" The apex of the technological development and placed under "observation". oblivion. the middle-oriental style of the Siswa elves. finally. collective thought becoming whole and thus may have influenced with their rich culture forming a kind of protective shield around even the more isolated of the elven clans. only twenty the powerful technocracy dominate over of these devices were in orbit around the much of the lands of Mystara. However. of Vyalia. an age that saw destroyed by its own technology. greatest territorial expansion. fit adverse events that led Mystara to the edge of better in an environment with Arabian flavor. In the days preceding the cataclysm So I decided to place the elf village of Kota. Some maintain its control. the adventure attracted the attention of the highest officials is placed in the Great Duchy of Karameikos. in the later module theoretical but undoubtedly had already “B1-9 In Search of Adventure”. One even the need to develop a new technology and crashed into the moon of Matera. an planet of Mystara. able to see even the Background and an smallest detail on the surface of Mystara. in the military ranks. Two of with it new tools to serve their purpose. combined with the name of The project was never completed due of the main villain of the story. had a strange common fate. Rahasia . At that time a brilliant young scientist. two of these 150 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . who foresaw enormous potential in them. Through these "eyes". generic adventure. in the shape of spherical the original map of the Rahasia module will metallic orbs with a diameter of about 10 be the Kerendas river. in the past centuries.. When the of Blackmoor corresponded also to its Blackmoorian civilization collapsed. was carrying B. these. In my opinion.

revealed unusual properties of the metal. were equipped with confused by the court astronomer of Prince unique powers individually. the omen came with a warning that Immortal Pflarr becoming favored among her one day their birth would have generated priestesses. fallen stars were brought before him with As a condition of his gift he tasked them with great difficulty. Rahasia . "heralds on earth" of the consistency of quicksilver and had to be the immortal Pflarr. twin shooting stars. to the other. The core's metal had mysterious inhabitants. of the then Kingdom of Nithia. no bigger the prince. soon than a quail's egg. Over the years his most powerful mages and clerics to create subjects adopted without distinction the two gem settings for the cores. a yellow-orange gem equipped with expedition to recover the remains of the two powers of divination. She joined them and placed in special containers. Their fall was energy of the cores. the Her brother Meketre conquered with ease two liquids attracted each other but." Traldar. His reign was long and possess strong divination and enchantment peaceful. at whose center pulsate the because he adapted more quickly to life in 151 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . When Prince Traldar deemed his fratricidal struggles for control of the barony children ready. Meketre was given the fallen stars. was said to have “an alive discovered the valley of Hutaaka and its and pulsing" energy. The gems. the Black Opal Eye with its bewitching powers. It was his plan to the court were able to "open" the metal give the newly colonized land to one child casings and reveal their hidden content.a D&D 5E Adaptation "eyes" collided and fell to earth. They also found them to Karameikos). The Prince then commanded his peoples he ruled over. but with much Traldar. The first act that was undertaken two "eyes". Like his sister. his son Meketre and best teachers. The sign was interpreted as a good omen. returned to their ancient home of Nithia. At and the "motherland. as greater power if used together. Princess Isisalam. His conviction and great mass. The charred remains of two leading part of the clan of Traldar south of ferrous clusters were little more than one the Altan Tepes Mountains to colonize the meter in length but possessed an extremely new lands in his name. marked by prosperity for the charms. their center was what looked like a great eye of metal and wires. Isisalam received the Fire Opal by Prince Traldar was to organize an Eye. he never Eyes of Traldar" as gifts to his two children. In the days that followed. secret hope was that his two children would learn to collaborate and use the combined It took several weeks before the magicians of powers of the two gems. and they were declared "a But things did not go exactly as desired by gift of the gods". warrior of unmatched value while Isisalam dedicated her life to the worship of the However. given the twin birth of the Under the tutelage of a loving father and the Prince's children. never and took total control of the lands south of melded and always returned to their original the Altan Tepes Mountains (now size and shape. Meketre became a sorcerer- daughter Isisalam. called "the name of Traldar. he gave them the gift of the of Traldar. Some spent every day of her life devoting herself to experiments made by the wizards of Traldar the worship to the jackal headed immortal. The blue core.

or simply Seer of Traldar). He technological artifacts dating back to thought that it was unlikely someone would Blackmoor. forgotten from the time of effects of the Spell of Oblivion that wiped out Blackmoor's demise. a laboratory and hero Zirchev created the Eyes of Traldar but underground bunker located in the heart of this is a distortion of reality. care of the Vyalia elves in the small village of Kota-Hutan in the current Empire of Thyatis. Rahasia . though waiting to be destroyed.a D&D 5E Adaptation the rich and fertile lands watered by the philosophy of Quiet Way and the order of rivers of Volaga and Rugalov. With his affinity for magic and the east. Before attempting to separate the two objects Elyas used his power to locate the Popular tradition was that was the Traldar "Arrow Station". and had the generosity to data was conveyed to a Central Unit located bring together the two objects and to in the center of the Empire for the analysis of "donate" them to the people of Traldar. His first act was to separate the dreadful that the people of Blackmoor gems: the Fire Opal Eye was left on the island preferred to annihilate themselves and their in the middle of the Lake of Lost Dreams. really active in the search for Rafiel to desist from his primary goal. until for himself an avatar. he founded the 152 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . in the far Elyas. the own civilization with the Great Rain of Fire.. This laboratory. similar the civilization of Nithia and almost all of the to others scattered throughout the planet of memories concerning it. headwaters of the river Volaga. the two orbs. has perceived in the Eyes of be able to put together the Eyes of Traldar Traldar a dangerous remnant of his deadly again. There. An enemy so powerful and of Traldar. He was determined to put them in safe Station's secrets. a mortal identity named now. This elect became the first Seer. Zirchev had reached Mystara. After his death monk-elves Siswa. thralls of Orcus. Black Opal Eye was instead entrusted to the rather than succumb to its will. persuaded Rafiel. After that the the last hutaakans. In this The Station. Among its are described in the module B7 – Rahasia. one of the Avatar of Rafiel. way was born the figure of the Seer of the was temporarily made safe by the Immortal Lake of Lost Dreams (or Seer of the Lake of with the use of technological traps and Lost Souls. He assumed Spheres and the care of "his" people. entrusted to a special trained elect. and to locate and access Arrow work. due to the Dymrak Forest. treasures was found his most valuable asset: the Black Opal Eye. a long forgotten enemy has awoken elven people he soon became the new Seer from hibernation. guardians. But the death of his Avatar and the loss of the Black Opal Eye by the hand of Almost eight centuries later the immortal the three witches. like the one by the development of the Chamber of the that created the Broken Lands. For the following centuries keeping in order to prevent accidents that all Rafiel's efforts and energies were absorbed could generate a new holocaust.. in the Valley of Hantu. Now Rafiel has perceived that. was designed to collect data sent to the rank of Archmage under the teachings of the planet by the various "Eyes". He information collected. The rest of the story and his subjects built his mausoleum near the the death of Elyas.

It is up to at the Lake of Lost Dreams they will instead the DM. module if they are not of higher levels. Parties composed of fewer than 6. Instead aware of the urgency to go to the Seer of the Rahasia.Eye your players aware that something has of Traldar. From be necessary for the presence of the two here the character starts to dream and has Orbs to open it. Once important of all of its true history. he Blackmoor's Arrow Station. Both end border. works better as a sequel to DDA3 . idea of the technological nature of the 153 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Rahasia . The Dymrak Forest also offers a 7 adventurers may have troubles with this lot of suggestive opportunities for adventure. However Eye of Traldar is a existed centuries before them and the typical introductory module that works present nations. you can use whichever adventure with a dead end passage that the authors you prefer to connect the two.a D&D 5E Adaptation Adventure Synopsis and devices. They are not Rahasia. the Hooks for the Players visions can become clearer and clearer as to Characters the true nature of the gem. suggest to use to develop further explorations. At least at the beginning of where the adventure Rahasia will begin as his visions. Since Eye of Traldar ends with an overly long and present more the escape from Fort Doom and Rahasia begins characteristics of a side track adventure than in the far east of the Karameikos-Thyatis those of a long module adventure. is an adventure ideal for 3rd level Lake of Lost Dreams to obtain more characters. This is a good opportunity to introduce remnants of This adventure can be run as a stand alone ancient Nithia in your campaign or to make but. However it will becomes the chosen one of the Eye. the chosen one doesn't have an described in the original form.Top Ballista) are useful adventures necessary to allow your party to adventures usable for the purpose of achieve the sufficient experience to face bridging the two adventures. asdescribed in the visions about the Fire Opal Eye and most Conclusions and Aftermath section. to decide how clear or cryptic these be directed to the Seer to the County Vyalia visions must be. In either case you may need to connect the two DDA4 .Dymrak Dread or Tabi Hunt? stories using side tracks or secondary (from PC2 . This offers the opportunity for From the moment the party recovers the Fire the players to find the entrance to Opal Eye and one PC attunes with it. information. As the adventure progresses. The party can become perfectly for 1st level adventurers.

In the middle level. Roll 1d6. A result of 6 means Challenge ¼ (50 XP) the PCs encounter something. SISWA GUARDS [EL 150 = Easy] 13. check for random encounters every third game turn. 01 Bandit Captain [MM pag. 05 Siswa Acolytes [new monsters] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) 11. Elven Eldritch Knight [see Hard 1. STORAGE ROOM [EL 500 = Easy] EDITION No. check for 27g.a D&D 5E Adaptation CONVERTING TO 5TH 20. Do not use encounters 9-12. A result of 6 means the PCs encounter Courtyard and Upper Temple something. 343] Challenge 2 (450 XP) Easy 525 Medium 1. When an encounter occurs.800 Middle Temple Level [Use Map 3 for areas 25-35]. 343] Challenge 1/8 XP Thresholds by character level are the (25 XP) following: No. Rahasia . PRIESTHOOD CELL [EL 300 = Easy] random encounters every thirty minutes No. Roll 1d6. HALL JUNCTION [EL 1. PRIESTHOOD CELL [EL 500 = Easy] resulting encounter on Table 2.575 NPCs] Challenge 1 (200 XP) Deadly 2. COURTYARD POOL 27o. If you play with a lower number of PCs I suggest to utilize 3rd . In the courtyard and upper level.4th level adventurers.050 24. CLOAK ROOM [EL 200 = Easy] No. 03 Siswa Acolytes [new monsters] (game terms). No. roll 1d12 and use the 27n. 05 Siswa Acolytes [new monsters] No. 01 Alki. SOUTHEAST SHRINE No. 05 Siswa Acolytes [new monsters] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) The adventure is calibrated for a 3rd level 21. 03 Bandits [MM pag.050 = party composed of 5-7 PCs. roll Level 1d8 and use the resulting encounter on [Use Map 2 for areas 1-24] Table 2. 02 Siswa Guards [new monsters] [EL 450 = Easy] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) No. Medium] No. When an encounter occurs. 01 Water Weird [MM page 299] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) Challenge 3 (700 XP) 29. DARK CELL [EL 500 = Easy] [EL 700 = Medium] No. 01 Gargoyle [MM page 140] Challenge 2 (450 XP) 154 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

333 ¼ (50 XP) 8 Gelatinous Cube [1] MM pag. 166 1/4 (50 XP) 4 Ogre [1] MM pag. 339 ¼ (50 XP) 6 Siswa Guards (High Elves) [2d4+2] New Monster ¼ (50 XP) 7-8 Skeletons [1d4+2] MM pag. 328 1 (200 XP) 3 Gelatinous Cube [1] MM pag. 3 Goblins [2d4] MM pag. 6 Black Panthers [1d2] MM pag. Roll again 2 MM pag. 140 2 (450 XP) 5 Swarm of Rats [1] MM pag. 328 1 (200 XP) From Maze Table 4: Arena Opponents [No. 272 1/4 (50 XP) B Orcs [5] MM pag.] Souce Book Special Notes / Chal. 128 5 (1.] Source Book Special Notes / Chal. 334 3 (700 XP) D Zombies [8] MM pag. 237 2 (450 XP) F Panthers [8] MM pag. 272 ¼ (50 XP) 9-12 Siswa Acolytes (High Elves) [2d4+2] New Monster ¼ (50 XP) Die Table 3: Wandering Monster [No. 237 2 (450 XP) Rahib. 327 1/8 (25 XP) 10 Giant Bats [1d10] MM pag.] Source Book Special Notes / Chal. 223 3 (700 XP) H Green Dragon. Area A Skeletons [8] MM pag. 95 2 (450 XP) 155 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . 338 2 (450 XP) Shadow Elf Mercenary [1]. Rahasia . 338 2 (450 XP) 2 Giant Spider [1d2] MM pag. Roll 1 Swarm of Poisonous Snakes [1] MM pag. Wyrmling [2] MM pag.a D&D 5E Adaptation Die Table 2: Wandering Monster [No. 333 ¼ (50 XP) G Minotaurs [1] MM pag. 242 2 (450 XP) 4 Gargoyle [1] MM pag. 242 2 (450 XP) 9 Giant Rats [3d6] MM pag. Roll 1 Orcs [2d4] MM pag. 246 1/2 (100 XP) C Phase Spider [1] MM pag.800 XP) if he is already defeated. Roll again if he is already 5 See NPCs defeated. 316 ¼ (50 XP) 12 Giant Spider [1d3] MM pag. 316 1/4 (50 XP) E Ogres [2] MM pag. 323 ¼ (50 XP) 11 Zombies [2d4] MM pag.

242] MM pag. Roll 1d6. MM pag. OUTER EAST VAULT [EL 450 = Easy] No. 01 Gelatinous Cube [MM pag. 01 Hasan. 349] Challenge 1 (200 XP) 42. 08 Giant Rats [MM pag. Baik Telor is a human fighter coming from Ylaruam. GUARDROOM [EL 400 = Easy] 63. encounters every third game turn. 327] Challenge No. Do not use encounters 9-12.a D&D 5E Adaptation 30. 01 Gelatinous Cube [MM pag. 04 Siswa Guards [new monster] No. A result of 6 means the PCs encounter 37. 01 Baik Telor.333] [EL 600 = Medium] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) No. Halls of Grandeur [Use Map 5 A result of 6 means the PCs encounter for areas 50-84].100 = Hard] something.LIBRARY [EL 1. ULAR-TAMAN'S ROOM [EL 1.100 1d6 and use the resulting encounter on XP) Table 3.800 = Deadly] 54B. No. 272] Challenge Challenge 5 (1. SOLORENA'S CRYPT [EL 50 = Easy] No. HALLWAY OF THE GREAT TEMPLE 49. When an encounter occurs. These two NPCs offer the opportunity No. 345] Challenge 0 (10 XP) 156 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .] No. 01 Skeleton [MM pag. elf scout [Scout. commoner elven maiden Challenge ¼ (50 XP) [MM pag. STORAGE ROOM [EL 500 = Easy] 58. If they Challenge 3 (700 XP) are simply prisoners. Roll 1d6. roll 1d8 and use the resulting encounter on In the Halls of Grandeur. 02 Spies [MM pag. CORRIDOR OF THE UNEXPECTED No.THE GREAT TEMPLE [EL 450 = Medium] Note. human fighter [Thug. check for random encounters every third game turn.A. Use the thug stats for him substituting the mace with a Lower Temple Level [Use Map scimitar. 349] Challenge ½ (100 XP) 35. the village of Kota-Hutan. 242] 1/8 (25 XP) Challenge 2 (450 XP) 47. 40. 01 Ular-Taman [new monster] No. Do not use encounters 7-12. MIRYALA'S CELL [EL 0 = N. PRISON CELLS [EL 400 = Easy] [EL 450 = Easy] No. 01 Miryala. In the lower level. check for random Table 2. Rahasia . THE RAHIB'S BEDCHAMBER [EL 150 = Easy] 51. 01 Bone Golem [new monster] to easily replace previously dead PCs.800 XP) ¼ (50 XP) 46. When an encounter occurs. 02 Black Panthers [MM pag. roll No. 350 ] Challenge ½ (100 XP) Challenge 2 (450 XP) No. Instead Hasan is an elf scout from 4 for areas 36-49]. 01 The Rahib [NPCs] Challenge 4 (1. something.

KITCHEN [EL 750 = Medium] (450 XP) No. 157 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . He has the following spells: Elyas' Treasury [Use Map 6 for areas 85-95]. silent image. 05 Orcs [MM pag. 08 Gian Rats [MM pag. roll 1d6 and use the resulting encounter on Table 4. Evil Mage] Challenge 1 (200 XP). 01 Solorena. web 90. ORC'S ROOM [EL 1. 01 Karelena. check for random encounters every third game turn.000 = Medium] No. When witch bolt. Rahasia . spider climb. 01 Merdiz. THE ARENA [EL = Variable] 77. 2nd level (3 slots): arcane lock. Witch [NPCs] Challenge 2 (450 XP) No. 01 Black Panthers [MM pag. 01 Black Panthers [MM pag. GAS-FILLED ROOM [EL 500 = Easy] No. Characters who make the save suffer only half damage. 246] Challenge ½ Challenge 1 (200 XP) (100 XP) 65. means the PCs encounter something. 57 ref.333] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) No. Witch [NPCs] Challenge 2 76.a D&D 5E Adaptation 64. On a failed save. shocking grasp In this level. A result of 6 1st level (4 slots): sleep. 328] No. Cantrips (at will): light. expeditious retreat an encounter occurs. everyone inside the room suffer 1d10 points of damage. friends. SOLORENA'S BEDROOM [EL 750 = Medium] No. human magician.333] Challenge ¼ (50 XP) 95. 327] Challenge 1/8 (25 XP) Note for the Gas-Trap: the Saving Throw is a Constitution save with DC10. 01 Giant Spider [MM pag. Roll 1d6. AL N mace +1 [LMoP pag. SPIDER LAIR [EL 200 = Easy] 80. prestidigitation. MAGICIAN'S CELL [EL 200 = Easy] Note: one of them has 20 hp and uses a No.

conjunction with the gem mate known as the Black Opal Eye. Detect Magic (1 charge) Identify (1 charge) At 2nd level the Eye of Traldar has 6 charges and the spellcaster has access to the following spells: Augury (2 charges) Detect Thoughts (2 charges) Locate Object (2 charges) The Eye of Traldar is a gem almost as big as At 3rd level the Eye of Traldar has 8 an ostrich egg. Requires Detect Evil and Good (1 charge) attunement by an arcane caster. when used in object with divination powers. Rahasia . On a 1 the gem losesall its attunement by an arcane caster. lit by orange and yellow tones charges and the spellcaster has access to and multi-faceted. an ostrich egg. legendary. powers and it will take one year to regenerate a charge. roll a d20. other powers are activated The gem has up to ten charges that are (see following pages). legendary. 158 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . is a powerful Also according to legends. with a deep black color and dark blue lapels.It is traditionally set in a the following spells: base of solid gold shaped like a dragon's claw. temporarily consumed when used to activate a power. Clairvoyance (3 charges) The Fire Opal Eye. The powers that are available and that depend even by the caster level listed in the The Black Opal is a magical object following atble: surrounded by a powerful aura of enchantment. Requires charge. again according to myth and legend that surrounds it.a D&D 5E Adaptation NEW MAGICAL ITEMS At 1st level the Eye of Traldar has 4 Eye of Traldar (Fire Opal Eye) charges and the spellcaster has access to the following spells: Wondrous item. If you expend the last Wondrous item. After that it will start to The Black Opal Eye is a gem almost as big as recharge as normal. Black Opal Eye The object regains 1d4+1 per caster level charges daily at dawn.

If you expend the last Suggestion (2 cariche) charge. Rahasia . According to legends. he has access also to the spells listed in Table 7. are able to the spellcaster has access to the following locate the Blackmoorian stations. Geas (5 charges) 159 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . originally spells: created to collect data sent from the "Eyes". roll a d20. charges and the spellcaster has access to the following spells: Table 6 lists the powers that are available Confusion (3 cariche) depending on the caster level of the user. the following spells: The object regains 1d4+1 per caster level Calm Emotion (2 cariche) charges daily at dawn. After that it will start to At 3rd level the Black Opal Eye has 8 recharge as normal.a D&D 5E Adaptation Other powers can be available through their use at the DM's will. when used in conjunction with the gem mate known as the Eye of Traldar. At 5th level each Eye has 9 charges and In fact when the two gems are together and the spellcaster has access to the following the spellcaster who uses them has achieved spells: the necessary power (experience level). On a 1 the gem looses all its powers and it will take one year to Zone of Truth (2 cariche) regenerate a charge. through a At 9th level each Eye has 10 charges and ritual similar to the attunement . the two objects. At 1st level the Black Opal Eye has 4 charges and the spellcaster has access to the following spells: Charm Person (1 carica) Command (1 carica) Heroism (1 cariche) The gem has up to ten charges that are At 2nd level the Black Opal Eye has 6 temporarily consumed when used to activate charges and the spellcaster has access to a power. They can even be used as passes to get inside Commune (5 charges) of them.: Divination (4 charges) Dominate Person (4 charges) Furthermore. other powers are activated.

He Innate Spellcasting: The Siswa can cast cannot be put to sleep by magic. Common Challenge: ¼ (50 XP) (Thyatian). neutral good (neutral evil) SISWA GUARD (High Elf) Armor Class: 15 (elven chain shirt) Medium humanoid (elf)..a D&D 5E Adaptation NEW MONSTERS SISWA ACOLYTE (High Elf) Medium humanoid (elf).. The Spell Attack Spellcasting: The Siswa acolyte is a 1st Modifier is +3 [Intelligence]. Traladarian Fey Ancestry: The Siswa has advantage on Challenge: ¼ (50 XP) saving throws against being charmed. saving throws against being charmed.. Insight +4 12(+1) 11(+0) 11(+0) Religion +3 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. reach 5ft. one target. Nature +3 Perception 14 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. one target. His spellcasting ability is ACTIONS: Wisdom (spell save DC 12. Rahasia . level spellcaster. sacred Shortbow: Range weapon attack: +4 to flame hit. range 80/320 ft. Passive Skills: Perception +2. reach 5 ft. The Siswa acolyte has the hit. Armor Class: 15 (elven chain shirt) STR DEX CON Hit Points: 13 (3d8) 10(+0) 14(+2) 10(+0) Speed: 30 ft INT WIS CHA STR DEX CON 12(+1) WIS 14(+2) 11(+0) 12(+1) 14(+2) 10(+0) INT WIS CHA Skills: Perception +4. resistance. the ray of frost cantrip. range 80/320 ft. +4 to hit with Longsword: Melee weapon attack: +3 to spell attacks). the ray of frost cantrip.. Perception 12 Traladarian Languages: Elvish. Passive Languages: Elvish.. Hit 4 (1d8) slashing damage Shortbow: Range weapon attack: +4 to hit. Hit 5 (1d6+2) piercing damage 160 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Hit 5 (1d8+1) following clerical spell prepared: slashing damage Cantrips (at will): light. one target. one target. sanctuary ACTIONS: Longsword: Melee weapon attack: +2 to hit. He Fey Ancestry: The Siswa has advantage on cannot be put to sleep by magic. Common (Thyatian). cure wounds. Hit 5 (1d6+2) piercing damage 1st level (3 slots): bless. The Spell Attack Innate Spellcasting: The Siswa can cast Modifier is +3 [Intelligence].. neutral good Hit Points: 9 (2d8) (neutral evil) Speed: 30 ft.

a D&D 5E Adaptation BONE GOLEM Large construct. frightened. poisoned Senses: darkvision 60 ft. It attacks up to two opponents each round. one target. petrified. one target. Scimitar: Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit. Rahasia . range 80/320 ft. reach 5 ft. Hit 5 (1d6+2) piercing damage 161 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . paralyzed... exhaustion. Passive Perception 10 Languages: understand the languages of its creator but can't speak (Traladaran) Challenge: 3 (700 XP) Magic Resistance: the golem has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects Magic Weapons: the golem's weapon attacks are magical Special Ability 3: ACTIONS: Multiattack: the golem makes four melee attacks with its one-handed weapons or two attacks with pole arms or two-handed weapons. Hit 7 (1d6+4) slashing damage Shortbow: Range weapon attack: +4 to hit.. bludgeoning and slashing from non magical weapons Damage Immunities: poison Condition Immunities: charmed. unaligned Armor Class: 12 (natural) Hit Points: 81 (9d10+36) Speed: 40 ft STR DEX CON 18(+4) 11(+0) 18(+4) INT WIS CHA 6(-2) 10(+0) 5(-3) Special: Damage Vulnerability: Bludgeoning Damage Resistance: piercing.

hold person.. cure wounds. Until this grapple ends. draconic Challenge: 5 (1.. Hit 6 (1d6+3) slashing damage Longbow: Range weapon attack: +5 to hit. Hit 10 (2d6+3) bludgeoning damage and the target is grappled (escape DC 13). Hit 6 (1d8+2) piercing damage 162 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Innate Spellcasting (5th level cleric): 1st level spells (4 slots): animal friendship. Hit 5 (1d4+3) piercing damage Constrict: Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit. create food and water. Bite (snake form only): Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit.a D&D 5E Adaptation ULAR-TAMAN Medium monstrosity. lawful neutral Armor Class (AC): 12 (natural) Hit Points: 66 (12d8+12) Speed: 30 ft. spike growth. wind wall. Passive Perception 11 Languages: common (Thyatian). spiritual weapon 3rd level spells (2 slots): plant growth. one target. dispel magic Channel Divinity (1/rest): Turn Undead Charm animals and plants ACTIONS: Multiattack: Ular-Taman makes two ranged or melee attacks but can constrict only once. one creature. Scimitar: Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit.800 XP) Shapechanger: Ular-Taman can use its action to polymorph into a giant constrictor snake (MM pag. speak with animals. Rahasia . Religion +5. 324). one creature. reach 5 ft.. reach 5 ft. sanctuary 2nd level spells (3 slots): barkskin. STR DEX CON 16(+3) 14(+2) 3(+1) INT WIS CHA 14(+2) 12(+1) 16(+3) Skills: History +5. Nature +5 Damage Immunities: poison Condition Immunities: poisoned Senses: darkvision 60 ft. reach 5 ft. range 150/600 ft.. one target.. the target is restrained and Ular-Taman can't constrict another target.

Perception +2. STR DEX CON 14(+2) 12(+1) 10(+0) INT WIS CHA 12(+1) 11(+0) 11(+0) Skills: Athletics +4. dancing lights 1st level (2 slots): detect magic. Passive Perception 12 Languages: Elvish. Alki has the following wizard spell prepared: Cantrips (at will): true strike. Insight +2. reach 5 ft.. Hit 6 (1d8+2) Shortbow: Range weapon attack: +5 to hit.. Common (Thyatian).. chaotical good Armor Class (AC): 16 (chain mail) Hit Points: 22 (3d10) Speed: 30 ft. Religion +3. Fighting Style: Archery (+2 to attack with ranged weapon) Second Wind: Heal 1d10+3 (once between rest) Action Surge: Take an extra action once between rest Spellcasting: Alki is a 3rd level Eldritch Knignt. Survival +2 Senses: darkvision 60 ft. one target. magic missile. +3 to hit with spell attacks). shield ACTIONS: Longsword: Melee weapon attack: +4 to hit. Hit 4 (1d6+1) piercing damage 163 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .a D&D 5E Adaptation NON PLAYER CHARACTERS ALKI (High Elf Eldritch Knight) Medium humanoid (elf). Traladarian Challenge: 1 (200 XP) Fey Ancestry: He has advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can't put him to sleep Innate Spellcasting: He has fire bolt cantrip. Rahasia . one target. range 80/320 ft. The Spell Attack Modifier is +3 [Intelligence]. His spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 13.

Invoke Duplicity. bane.. Alphatian Challenge: 4 (1. Hit 7 (1d10+2) Dagger: Range weapon attack: +4 to hit. animate dead. This bless last for 1 hour or until he use this feature again. nd spiritual weapon 3rd level (3 slots): blink. disguise self. spirit guardians 4th level (1 slots): dimension door. His spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 14. Persuasion +6 Senses: Passive Perception 13 Languages: Common (Thyatian). thaumaturgy 1st level (4 slots): charm person. sacred flame. command.a D&D 5E Adaptation The Rahib (Cleric of Talitha. range 20/60 ft. He has the following cleric spells prepared: Cantrips (at will): light. battleaxe +1 Weapon Proficiency: Clerics of Talitha are proficient with all simple weapons and battleaxe Spellcasting: The Rahib is a 7th level spellcaster. chaotic evil Armor Class (AC): 16 (chain shirt +1. ring of protection) Hit Points: 45 (7d8+7) Speed: 30 ft. +6 to hit with spell attacks). shield of faith. hold person. mending. cure wounds 2 level (3 slots): mirror image. he gives it advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. Patroness of Betrayal) Medium humanoid (human). Sleight of Hand +4. reach 5 ft. one target. ring of protection (A). Channel Divinity (2/rest): Turn Undead. Destroy Undead and Cloak of Shadow ACTIONS: Battleaxe: Melee weapon attack: +5 to hit. blindness/deafness. pass without trace. Charisma +7 Skills: Deception +6. banishment Divine Domain: (Trickery) Blessing of the Trickster: when the Rahib touch a willing creature (action) other than himself. polymorph. Hit 3 (1d4+1) piercing damage 164 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .. Rahasia . Religion +3.100 XP) Magical Items & Weapons: chain shirt +1. one target. dispel magic. STR DEX CON 12(+1) 13(+1) 12(+1) INT WIS CHA 11(+0) 16(+3) 17(+3) Saving Throws: Wisdom +7.

Pact of Magic: (Cantrips): Blade Ward. Intimidation +7. Misty Step. Religion +4.a D&D 5E Adaptation Karelena (Warlock. chaotic evil Armor Class (AC): 13 (16 with Armor of Shadows) Hit Points: 43 (5d8+15) Speed: 30 ft. she gains 9 temporary hit points. +7 to hit with spell attacks). one target. Hit 5 (1d6+2) bludgeoning damage Whip: Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit. Her spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 15. reach 5 ft. Thrall of Orcus) Medium humanoid (human female).. Dark One's Blessing: when Karelena reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points. Eldritch Blast. Hex. STR DEX CON 14(+2) 16(+3) 17(+3) INT WIS CHA 12(+1) 8(-1) 18(+4) Saving Throws: Wisdom +2. reach 10 ft. Hellish Rebuke. True Strike Spell Known (2 slot / 3rd level): 1st – Armor of Agathys. Repelling Blast Pact of the Blade: Karelena favorite pact weapons are the Mace or the Whip ACTIONS: Mace: Melee weapon attack: +5 to hit. one target. Athletics +5.Fear Spellcasting: Karelena is a 5th level spellcaster.. Charisma +7 Skills: Arcana +4. Hit 5 (1d4+3) slashing damage 165 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Eldritch Invocations: Agonizing Blast. Senses: Passive Perception 9 Languages: Common (Thyatian) Challenge: 2 (450 XP) Magical Items & Weapons: ring of free action Weapon Proficiency: Karelena is proficient with all simple weapons and light armor Otherwordly Patron: (Fiend): Orcus. Rahasia . 3rd . Armor of Shadows. 2nd – Mirror Image.

2nd – Invisibility. Shillelagh and Ray of Frost ACTIONS: Quarterstaff (with Shillelagh): Melee weapon attack: +3(+8) to hit. 3rd – Vampiric Touch Spellcasting: Solorena is a 5th level spellcaster. +8 to hit with spell attacks). Minor Illusion Spell Known (2 slot / 3rd level): 1st – Command.a D&D 5E Adaptation Solorena (Warlock. reach 5 ft. Charisma +8 Skills: Arcana +5. one target. Senses: Passive Perception 11 Languages: Common (Thyatian) Challenge: 2 (450 XP) Magical Items & Weapons: leather armor +1 (AC 12). she gains 10 temporary hit points. STR DEX CON 11(+0) 12(+1) 13(+1) INT WIS CHA 14(+2) 13(+1) 20(+5) Saving Throws: Wisdom +4. Rahasia . chaotic evil Armor Class (AC): 13 (leather armor +1) Hit Points: 43 (5d8+15) Speed: 30 ft. Hit 3(9) (1d6 [1d8+5]) bludgeoning damage 166 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Friends. Pact of Magic: (Cantrips): Chill Touch. Eldritch Sight.. Hellish Rebuke. Intimidation +8. spell scroll: Levitate Weapon Proficiency: Solorena is proficient with all simple weapons and light armor Otherwordly Patron: (Fiend): Orcus. Eldritch Invocations: Beguiling Influence. Religion +5. Persuasion +8. Deception +8. Thrall of Orcus) Medium humanoid (human female). Suggestion. Dark One's Blessing: when Solorena reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points. Witch Bolt. Her spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 16. Insight +4. One with Shadows Pact of the Tome: Solorena has a Book of Shadows that allows her to cast at will: Eldritch Blast.

one target. Pact of Magic: (Cantrips): Eldritch Blast. Ray of Enfeeblement. Charm Person. Rahasia . True Strike Spell Known (2 slot / 3rd level): 1st – Burning Hands. Deception +7. +7 to hit with spell attacks). she gains 9 temporary hit points. History +4. Charisma +7 Skills: Arcana +4. ACTIONS: Dagger +1: Melee weapon attack: +4 to hit. 2nd – Cloud of Dagger. STR DEX CON 8(-1) 11(+0) 14(+2 INT WIS CHA 13(+1) 14(+2) 18(+4) Saving Throws: Wisdom +5. Eldritch Invocations: Agonizing Blast. Fiendish Vigor Pact of the Chain: Trilena has learned the find familiar spell: her pet is an imp. reach 5 ft. Expeditious Retreat. 3rd – Stinking Cloud Spellcasting: Trilena is a 5th level spellcaster. chaotic evil Armor Class (AC): 12 (leather armor) Hit Points: 38 (5d8+10) Speed: 30 ft. Thrall of Orcus) Medium humanoid (human female).. Her spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 15. Stealth +3 Senses: Passive Perception 12 Languages: Common (Thyatian) Challenge: 2 (450 XP) Magical Items & Weapons: dagger +1 Weapon Proficiency: Trilena is proficient with all simple weapons and light armor Otherwordly Patron: (Fiend): Orcus. Poison Spray. Dark One's Blessing: when Trilena reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points. Hit 3 (1d4+1) piercing damage 167 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Devil's Sight.a D&D 5E Adaptation Trilena (Warlock.

The door is that of the Arrow Station. the story ends there. When the party finds the second powers that every witch can use once opal the hero attuned to the magical gems between a short or long rest: False Life. If the story is a stand access to many other powers. Things like random high tech items like tools that would be incomprehensible for them. In fact. Rahasia . In the dreams the PC sees the door open to reveal the power of the orbs. leaving no doubt that the next step for the party will be to return to the mysterious door. granted to alone module or is just the sequel of Eye of them from their master Orcus. In the chambers that form the Arrow Station they can even find strange weapons and equipment . years in which the Black Opal Eye was kept by Trinkla. the Black Seer worked to change When I first thought of this story I imagined the nature of the Opal. end. partially converting a larger and more expansive sequel for it. they can communicate Skothar. me the end of Rahasia is only the beginning of a campaign that will take the heroes from When they are all alive and know where the Karameikos to unexplored lands in far off Black Opal Eye rests. Blight sees the same door that they had to find and Contagion. All spells prepared in this before to face Rahasia that looked like a dead way are cast like using a 5th level spell slot. CONCLUSIONS AND AFTERMATH When the three sisters are free from their prison and together.a D&D 5E Adaptation The Reunited Trio. the forgotten Blackmoorian lab buried under the Dymrak Forest. The journey to the door could be a side adventure or can be uneventful according to the tastes of the players. He Blindness/Deafness. They also gain a +3 AC bonus. Bestow Curse. telepathically with each other and with their panthers. will start to dream of a mysterious place. they will have choices in front of is up to you! 168 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . When the players get inside the Station it is highly probable that they will find a lot of strange objects. through the use of the Black Opal Eye (which in this case takes on At the end of the module there will be many the role of a spell focus). in the Traldar. But before that happens and the characters embark for the long journey. the story needs They also have access to the following an epilogue. For the magical orb into an Entropic tool.

The hologram was that details on the changes and hooks for that of Rafiel of course! It warned the heroes of campaign. and the specific adjustments to an upcoming horror that has awoken in the bring it in the Mystara setting. For particular Blackmoor.a D&D 5E Adaptation In my version they faced an hologram ancient enemy not only for Blackmoorians (described more like an ethereal duplicate of but for the whole world! This will be the a person) that taught them the properties of starting point for the epic campaign for D&D the lab and part of the world's history. in 5th edition Princes of the Apocalypse. on the continent of Skothar. An my next article. Rahasia . stay tuned for far east. 169 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .

the still-evaporating snow compounded the air’s already frigid bite. and melting snow ran towards a shallow swale in the centre of the street. Daggenskjold sat at the terminus of NordesFjord. W h il e “dag ” mean s day in Swedis h . an d curren tl y h as a popul ation of 3 8 4 peopl e. There had been a break in the weather this week. Hopefully at a later date I will have time to go back and illustrate the backstory. Allowing a greater amount of description to be revealed about life in Glantri City. eventually finding its way into one of the city’s numerous canals. Not all of the current episode’s tale is described in detail as I wanted to get to the “heart” of the story. an d Tul ip Gate. giving it the same treatment I plan to use with future episodes. and the current circumstances in which he found himself. Late as it was. Each future episode will cover roughly the span of one week. “s k jol d” 170 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . wetting skin and chilling his bones. located in the Kingdom of Vestland. Accounts of an Apprentice Author’s Note: The following story begins during the first week of 998 AC. echoing off the buildings and reverberating down the length of the Street of Wounded Warriors. hailing from the small fjord-side village of Daggenskjold. the moisture slowly seeping through every layer of Palzac’s clothing.2 Palzac could still picture the 1 Th e Street of W oun ded W arriors win ds its way th roug h th e b uil din g s of th e Middl e Cl as s Q uarter. It seemed a long way from here. an d con n ects th e W es t En d to Th e R im. A condition not unfamiliar to him. which is Palzac’s current dilemma. Too late for anyone wandering the streets to be engaged in honest activity. Palzac's only consolation being the Street of Wounded Warriors was a narrow twisted back-alley in this city of mages. and the School of Magic.1 It was late. 2 Dag g en s k jol d was foun ded in 6 0 0 A C. the Northernmost sound of Vestland. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I laboured over it! Palzac's footsteps clomped against the cobblestones.

surrounded by a shallow muddy ditch During the long. K in g of Ves tl an d. each occupied by prominent at the Battle of Bridenfjord. was its location farther up dominated the centre of the fair sized village. Ringing this inner stronghold lay modernized. adopting square grids for their the accommodations of the artisan class. streets and avenues. dark. During the short less heat escaped out the rooftop vents than summer months. Accounts of an Apprentice clinker constructed longships lying along the and featured an elevated walkway leading to shore. village’s many woes. or laid up on the pebble beach. the jarl’s Main Longhouse behind. mosquitoes found this in the larger longhouses. mean s s h iel d.3 Eight Founded just fourteen years before Ottar the octagonally arranged lodges encircled the Just’s victory over King Finnbogi of Ostland Longhall. Its defensive palisade formed of families in an oversized hut. s o I ’ve tak en s ome creative Gudmun ds on . Y et “dag g en ” real l y mean s 3 K ol s k eg g A eth el s on h as petition ed H arol d “week ’s en d”. domin ion in th e area. however. Palzac felt the residence’s most redeeming The Longhall of Kolskegg Aethelson quality. to award h im a l ib erty h ere. which in turn was confines of the smaller sized dwelling. trickling down to the fjord. cold winter months. adding to the reflected light off the converging rafters. Daggenskjold remained Palzac’s kin cohabitated with three other in the past. and tallow candles mucky trench amenable. Yet Palzac did not mind the sharpened timber poles. 171 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . keeping the cabin cheerful and well-lit. sporting a a circular earthen enclosure topped with tented roof. though many of members of clans swearing allegiance to Vestland’s towns and villages had since Aethelson.

Several powerful 4 Th e Prow is al s o k n own as R aider’s Poin t. Yet Eilif was too eager to learn more. it couldn’t be trade expedition to cosmopolitan Glantri bringing too much fortune to the convinced a young Eilif. I was rel uctan t to ch an g e it. Palzac was at that early age obscuring the village from unfamiliar eyes apprenticed to a man. and wanting more for fortuitously rolling in each evening. Its longships struggled to survive each passing year. while researching an inter- avenged their kin long ago.5 found it downright depressing. 3 . 9 0 -9 3 of Gaz . and thus farther from the Palzac's father. watery grave. and was so ever-present Palzac undistinguished accolades. Palzac held none. Palzac trolling the Northern shores of the Isle of struggled just to become a passable Dawn. Yet Palzac he would never be kingpin among his kin. Since its founding. without possessing any of the tools to significant trade goods commanding higher join. Youngest son of a Norrvik “daggenskjold” or “day’s end shield” was mercantile family. Eilif the Learned. Th e Prin cipal ities of Gl an tri. force. The enveloping fog frequently helped set foreign ships upon the fjord’s This man. often launching skill by his younger brother. the village’s main cordwainer by trade. home shores. he happened upon from having to suffer a life upon obscure references to a great and powerful NordesFjord’s gloomy inland shore. community. A found it materialized so often. though well respected in the dampness of the shore. and after aged nine was soon surpassed in held similar vocation. the ambitious Eilif knew seen as an auspicious event. was an artisan of modest means. although more affluent. Additionally it hence had completed his studies and did not just confine itself to appearing in the overcome the Dungeon of Aces to evenings. Yet one holding knowledge of how the world Though Daggenskjold did produce works. the family constantly export remained raiding. Seein g as h ow I ch ris ten ed th is feature b ack in 5 Th e Dun g eon of A ces is des crib ed on Pag es 1 9 8 4 . him to the Plane of Fire. Accounts of an Apprentice the slope. connections. possessing none of the dexterity mainland as far North as The Prow. 172 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .4 or skill of his father. and strove forward without necessary caution and reserve. His brother retaliatory attacks. said to possess an seeking revenge upon the raiders to their expertise of the arcane powers. Palzac often wished a party of overseas crusaders had Five years after. Taking what little savings The village had taken its name from the fog they had acquired. where advantage lay in its often veiled location. which Daggenskjold’s vikings preyed upon. had come from treacherous seamounts. a circumstances. sending them to a somewhat similar. power. his parents gave birth to a second son. Shortly after turning age Unfortunately. many of the communities five. though mainly himself. Daggenskjold’s one having a knack for manual tasks. thus perhaps dimensional spell capable of transporting preventing anyone. Money. able to permanently take him to a higher one. and the coastal settlements of the apprentice. for little luck ever Magic is where he belonged. and seven years passed Daggenskjold’s way. A prices on foreign shores. their son. the Great School of downtrodden settlement.

the solution to Palzac’s quandary. he also everyday household tasks of the tower. But his initial quite some time. catalogue of assigned chores. It seemed the both embraced Eilif’s construction of a spire. Eilif’s proficiency with fire. essence. Accounts of an Apprentice associates. Th e find the solution to your woes!” N orth ern R each es . and infinitely safer. life at Trollbane Tower was worlds away from life upon the gloomy shore. somewhat skeptically. eventually be shown the door to higher Eilif returned to Vestland. as a formidable mage. became aware of their suspicions. and shown the door. and embrace the impossible! mountains. he finally found he had outdone his belonged. Although over the course of the rationality can you hope to thread the first several months. and Having not had an apprentice or steward in attempted to allay their fears. edg e of th e s teppes to th e W es t. meshing the fiber traded one kind of servitude for another. Fortunately. him. and yet held no key to appropriately named Trollbane Tower. is th e Streel ’s s ource. and the pungent aroma of Only when you have shed reason and Vestland Fir. Find it. you must let go with it the invigorating chill of snow-packed your logic. bringing master the enchanted arts. there seemed an endless list negligence had convinced the clandestine of tasks and travails his new Mästare set upon organization. accepting being a power. Focus is life-force. At the end of another day of abundant disappointments. of forces emanating from unseen planes. The wind often “Your concentration is too intense. To blustering down from the heights. Yet Palzac remained diligent and Realization he would likewise never be tireless in his duties. 173 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Mästare Eilif at last realized Though only eighteen miles further inland. harder he strove to succeed. proved progression of his secluded spire. and the troll’s greatest Palzac initially appeared to have none for foe. 7 R urik Sturl as on is l is ted as J arl of F y n mark the paths to your soul. pleased with the positive Fire Elementalist of the Third Circle.” b etween th e coas tal drain ag e s y s tems an d th e “How can I focus without concentrating?” Streel R iver. dispatching countless troll Eilif at last relented. He quickly earned reputation possessed no aptitude for manual trades. he was not to be trusted. keepers of this unique force quickly became Instead he was consigned to carry out the aware of his advances. Mästare indispensable. beginning Palzac’s bands roaming the hills above Sudorn and instruction in earnest. Palzac felt he had simply strands of celestial energy. hopeful he might recognized among Glantri’s favoured sons. After eight months of continuous big fish in a small pond was where he toil. the more which he built immediately below the divide complete his failure. an d jus t ab ove on e th e s prin g s th at Palzac asked. considering themselves the receiving little instruction in the magical arts. F rom th e top fl oors it is “Focus is not the same substance as pos s ib l e to g az e th e s ea to th e Eas t an d th e concentration. Your mental focus and determination 6 Trol l b an e Tower l ay s jus t b el ow th e divide moulding them into spells of your desire.6 7 enter. Kolskegg Aethelson and Rurik Sturlason cerebral pursuits either. 7 . and you may on Pag e 1 4 in th e Pl ay er's Guide of Gaz . having been a The following day. At last he had been between the sea and the Streel. Yet just as he had Daggenskjold.

Th e N orth ern R each es . and besides Palzac’s initial journey between Daggenskjold and Trollbane Tower. carrying a full purse and signed letter of intent from some well- connected patron. he found competitive streak that prevented friendship. as the maestro fawned his first spell. Gradually he began to harness apparent. Palzac found himself slowly Though Mästare Eilif judged Palzac was being supplanted under the Mästare’s progressing at a snail’s pace. over his more promising apprentice. alongside some of the remaining currency. Increasingly he was relegated appeared from darkness. 174 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Palzac never abused this privilege. 7 . his focus. These trips were a welcome respite. Gaz .8 Besides having the liberty to wander Sudorn’s streets. eventually light watchful eye. The isolated ruins of monasteries. A slightly larger settlement south- east of Daggenskjold in the dominion of Fynmark. Until at last a new idea took shape in his 8 A prob ab l e caus e for th e ab an don ed ruin s are Master’s mind… h in ted at un der Sudorn ’s en try on Pag e 1 6 . as Palzac completed to mundane chores. always returning with what was wanted. the aspiring novice bore more the wild energies. Palzac persisted. focusing them into ambition than he. and clan halls dotted the hills along hunting trails leading down to Sudorn. temples. appeared upon Trollbane’s threshold. his first glimpse of a world beyond the one he knew. months later. Mästare Eilif regularly gave Palzac more coin than was required. his determination His initial elation quickly soured. At long last. But it quickly became past failures. His internship with Mästare Eilif persisted nearly a year when another youth of similar age and circumstance. and possessed a recognizable designs. allowing him to purchase something for himself. and after. Initially Palzac deemed this a fortuitous turn of events. undaunted by exaltations of study. Occasionally he was sent on errands to Sudorn. Ten discovered the hidden paths to power. Palzac supposed the inhabitants had been victim to roving bands of trolls. Accounts of an Apprentice Though this instruction did not immediately Someone to share the burdens of labour and bear fruit. col umn th ree.

“Yes Mästare Eilif. master’s stratagems. gauging Palzac’s initial speak to him behind closed doors. Or maybe the investigation for me. and you will The…mission…shall we say. His competence at cooking members of the Glantrian elite.” Palzac could hardly contain his excitement. cataloguing…and changing the Glantri. and lamented abandoning his quest was nearly sure he retained no talents for true knowledge and power. errand. he didn’t know rightly the conundrum behind his inability to what to say. chamber atop the lonely tower. Handle this wrong. Palzac was so bewildered and Perchance Mästare Eilif had at last sussed out mystified.” Palzac at once looked dejected. Palzac could only Now Palzac understood the heart of his hope. In truth he power. either. Accounts of an Apprentice One evening while perusing the modest will take considerable time. Perhaps under another master. possessed no culinary skills. burning out in a blaze of mediocrity. Mästare Eilif whatsoever beyond dusting. and As Palzac entered the cramped circular attend the Great School of Magic. “This is where your discretion will be “No need to be discouraged. I have for you wind up dead. this will allow you to continue instructed “Shut the door. Your conduct must remain 175 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . you will instigate a secret try and usurp his power. Mästare Eilif had retaken he were to send someone in his stead? responsibility of preparing meals himself. Perhaps he had grown suspicious of this new apprentice.” Mästare Eilif thoughtfully paged through the few books he had attained vaguely intimating Palzac was perplexed.” “Please come here a moment. his face well known among certain chamber pot. anxious to learn of his accepted fate. and start “I need you to do something for me. had all but given up hope of returning to mopping.” youth had reached his potential. Palzac was to cease being his Mästare’s apprentice. “As payment for your tuition. figuring the Master had at last tired of him. Months had passed since his master wished Mästare Eilif paused. He was unaware of probable paths towards Glantri’s greatest possessing any discreet talent. Mästare Eilif. cooperate. your utmost discreet talents. room and fearing the ambitious lad would eventually board.” “You will travel to the Principalities. however. response. and was sending him back to Daggenskjold. But what if was so awful in fact. after all it wasn’t much less a “Yes. and will require library he had acquired over the years.” he playing his pawn. Mästare Eilif Consequently. Though Palzac derived the least bit “Palzac?” He shouted down the winding satisfaction when it was declared his peer stair. Could he have heard correctly? quickly grasp arcane concepts. “What’s the mission?” he inquired.” your studies. you might unlock hidden power within you.” demotion than the one received ten months “I am sending you away…on an important past. Palzac was resigned to started. paramount. sweeping.

” Palzac deemed he had better make it to the Palzac very much doubted that. but this will allow you to which to deposit it. possessions were secured in a small chest which rested upon an opaque floating disc. Accounts of an Apprentice free of suspicion. but cautioned the Nevertheless. repres en tative of H ous e Lin den in Gl an tri City .” old friend really. th e b l ue wax s eal on th e l etter is s impl y a mon och rome impres s ion of th e s ame. and disc. he at once located the caravan master. I have a contact. on. “When do I leave?” the small chest down the steep hilly slopes “You will depart with the first Klarmont and gullies would take great pains. His knapsack shouldered. there will be no turning round. and Give him this letter. Making the village before it to Master Van Dyke when you arrive and he nightfall. but Palzac had accompany you as far as the southern ridge. an d 3 r d Circl e F ire securing a berth on one of the elaborate El emen tal is t. I will brat had offered sympathy. would last only so long. from which blazed a understudy headed back toward Trollbane. leaving him in the dark before reaching Convoys don’t often stop for wayward Sudorn. and as the procession 9 R ich art Van Dy k e is an al l y an d rolled into the village late the next morning. “The the bestower was already secure in his own? rest of your expenses will be taken care of Perhaps they already knew he was heading with this usury note. still living in Glantri. dark blue flame. Now…hurry along to continue your schooling. Do not lose it! Show toward his doom. A dark grey spire falling to the coast. Mästare Eilif and his fashioned as a torch.” by mid-morn they were off toward Sudorn. You must first contact this Master Van Dyke. As soon as you have your constant correspondence. You must never mention my name. We’ll start off tomorrow. I still Mästare Eilif had given him a simple wand have foes there who would see me finished. I am giving you fifty gold. which you must catch in Sudorn. Mästare Eilif handed him the bound dispatch. possibly caravan. 1 0 Th oug h Eil if’s s eal / coat-of-arms is a dark g rey s pire fas h ion ed as a torch from wh ich a dark b l ue fl ame b l az es .10 Mästare Eilif continued while Palzac travelled on. Though you are often known to make the As his master departed he offered good trip in a single day. cresting the hills sporting his master’s seal. Better fortune.9 The next morning Palzac was up early. coaches. not been impressed by his parting words. the rest of his however. H e is an 1 1 t h l evel mag e. which directed the disc. I would not tarry. open doors for both of us.” Mästare Eilif What risk lay in offering good fortune. He let a room for the night. Once commencing upon your journey. we shall leave. 176 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Palzac did as he was told. Even the little possessions packed. The assignment may take will suggest a reliable moneylender with years to complete. and a stern reminder to conduct to arrive early. and my regards. and it may device. when tossed Palzac a weighty velvet pouch. Yet instead village before the spell expired. Upon reaching the ridge. “He will set you upon the correct path. learn what I need. for lugging he asked. an bed. travellers along Vestland’s backwoods roads.

Even the stylish other side of the crack. an the Southern territory of the Heldann older. The cross-country trail hugging the ridge rather than descending into the valleys. Twice that number of was the ass end of the world. it would be some time before he lay eyes on Though joining the caravan midway through it again. Crossing the Route this far North. The next morning. A passage not without its travails. 177 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . giving Palzac some pass between the Wendaran Ranges and the suggestion as to the route’s security. the lords of the Freeholds against an Not many folks followed the Overland Trade unknown and elusive foe. after all personal effects and being relegated to a dispiriting confinement products were loaded. Palzac was able to find a forward facing seat. perfumed and powdered Freeholds. who abhorred passage The Freeholds were amidst an internal by sea. Palzac lieutenants. for the first region they traversed treats along the way. its journey from Thyatis City. pitting late. not having to ascend the steep slopes of the coastline. Colossus Mounts. the route still saved time. Upon ascending the coachmen looked coarse. envoy from Darokin. She was even kind. Daggenskjold. only the caravan’s substantial mercenary force kept the Besides the caravan captain and two belligerent inhabitants at bay. after belongings were before leaving country. with double the magocracy could be. a fog hung over the village. It was the last time he lay eyes on his hometown. Both had never been to were the destitute lands of Boldavia. if it had so little control number of coachmen and waggoneers over its own border regions. overweight. and the longer road seemed the safer. or its apparent location. the caravan was worse than the one he had left in underway. The Broken Lands were restless as of political and philosophical struggle. Though the weather was more severe. Accounts of an Apprentice It was just after first light as they passed high above Daggenskjold. the caravan consisted of twelve wondered how great the Glantrian coaches and twenty wagons. but unsurprisingly. Palzac was seated on the coach’s right side. The Glantri and casual conversation concerning forested Western hills of the region were so their prospects spattered the journey. lawless and impoverished. enabling him to gaze down into the fjord. If Daggenskjold respectively. he climbed aboard. and Palzac supposed lashed taut to the hood. as his coach Palzac’s overland journey took him across currently had only one other occupant. Palzac was mercenaries and mounted henchmen convinced his master was sending him to the completed the caravan. he thought surely he was Immediately. Glantrian border did not assuage Palzac’s offering Palzac confections and candied misgivings.

He was barely aware as his scant belongings were unloaded Palzac gave the gondolier a few extra ducats from the coach and placed in an elaborate to wait while he made contact with Master gondola. having a thick Flaemish colour sprang from the canal or rooftops of larger townhouses. The contours of the architectural style seemed represented in clouds shone silver in the rising sun. Upon bursting came into view. travelled toward the capital. either sporting gambrel or mansard roofs He was then directed to take a seat on a were the predominant structures of the city. Each mile complexioned Flaems. unevenly placed Boldly banging on the door. he skies. though Flaemish grown tulips were the dawn. flaunted elaborate balconies and windows. directing his attention to the knocker. and its inhabitants Rounding Manor Row. whereupon Palzac poles in a multitude of colours were sunk could access Van Dyke’s front entrance. Her common was yet marble towers of every size. Still all buildings 12 Pal z ac h ad b een tol d b y h is mas ter wh at woul d s et Mas ter Van Dy k e’s Pal az z o apart from 11 Th e “Tul ip Gate” is th e n on -can on n ame I th e oth er town h ous es on th e b l ock . Blue marble built young woman with flaxen coloured towers overshadowed carved wood onion hair. Palzac guessed this must be Master Glantri. his prospects didn’t exactly blend with the copper appeared more promising. with a dormer window rising any settlement Palzac had seen. Plastered palazzos in earthen tones door. Mooring buildings to The Rim. Ambassadors Canal increasingly cheerful. and incomprehensible. As he was staring at the buildings. it was along the perimeters of the channels. With his complete contrast to Daggenskjold’s hazy platinum blond hair and sky blue eyes. 178 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . and although from each face. beneath the murky waters. From this moment on. Prin ce’s Tul ips are a s y mb ol of H ous e Lin den . One building. their Glantri.12 was as if in a waking dream. but here in landing. distinct outline against the azure sky a people seemed to be staring at him. wooden chair in the foyer. Embassies of various through the Northern Tulip Gate. his spirits rose. She scolded Palzac for pounding on the domes. a stark brilliant blue sky greeted the sills. but the neighbouring townhouse’s this inland nation was the first time he had levee boasted a walkway leading between ever been a passenger on one. the noise. Van Dyke’s palazzo lacked its own looking at boats and ships at sea. Every could have imagined. and bustle of Glantri City along the traditions of their representative overwhelmed him. looking more diminutive than the rest. displayed a tented Glantri City was twenty-five times larger than gambrel roof. Accounts of an Apprentice Once entering the Flaemish Highlands. Oran g e h ave g iven th e city ’s N orth ern Gates . each built smell. countries dominated the canal. several punctually answered by an attractive solidly striped like candied canes. the land grew progressively productive. The second with flowers of every species sprouting from morning. more vivid than anything Palzac most accessible in the city. Orange Prince’s Tulips grew having heard tales of magnificent cities.11 nations. in flower boxes beneath windows of the nothing prepared him for the wonders of estate. His initial passage through the city Van Dyke’s Palazzo. however. Palzac had spent his whole life Van Dyke. shape.

. He runs the eponymous Silverberg’s. Parsimonious? Was veren’t planning on invading vere you?” Van that some kind of fruit? Dyke’s thin pink lips curled upward. You must be young Palzac?” he Seeing as how it sits next to the ostentatious inquired in curt common. as they spoke in Flaemish.” to carry around in this city. well his master’s in truth. Palzac unshouldered his knapsack. You man was talking about. But I “Wha…a…yes. Palzac supposed he should follow. of course. yet he retained a fit figure. yes?” I’m not mistaken?” “Yes.” Palzac really didn’t know what the peace. Shortly thereafter he reappeared in the “Aha! Here is vhat ve desire. He wore some jest. Palzac could not tell what was silver rimmed spectacles. go out a thin black book. to comply. Silas Silverberg. never having seen such a thing larger gentlemen with flaming red hair before.” Palzac was actually quite unsure.. “No reason to be frightened. The Palzac. I vill hold onto the usury note “Ah…I was hoping to attend the School of for now. the school. Ve then later “Yes. which Palzac later gentlemen exited. ve vant no began ruffling through a drawer and pulled harm come to you. boisterously guffawing at learned he had designed himself. It is said pigeons bring vords of “I guess. then return here. and it showed on his face. coloured hair splotched grey betrayed his age. lobby. His kind brown Builder’s Consortium. Coffee left sitting next to the chair. and glancing at Palzac. pedantically perusing his manner made it clear how she expected him directory. Leave your things. This 179 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . An elegant establishment. which he Palzac studied his new patron. the study. you vill first need to register at obviously delighted by his own wit. Accounts of an Apprentice accent. and to take his money. Palzac had noticed earlier Van Dyke headed out the door without so much as wore trousers matching his doublet. A tan Palzac waited for what seemed like hours. The other man reentered russet leather clogs with square silver buckles. and proceeded toward Palzac. How did…?” suppose that is an advantageous trait in a “Mästare Eilif sent vord by red-tail…hawk moneylender. “Goede Dag. and rest assured. no?” that is. which fascinated being said. setting it upon his chest. Was this man just going Van Dyke headed back to the study. He then thumbed and see the Registrar.” Van Dyke reassured. yet often overlooked. the young woman following. and hawks bring vords of var. It is not the kind of thing you vant Magic. The man is eyes at once putting Palzac at ease. As Van and dump him in the canal? Dyke sat at his desk he motioned for Palzac to have a seat. waistcoat covered a darker brown doublet Finally an inner door opened and two with stiff pointed collars. “I am an old friend of your Vell let us see here…” Master Van Dyke Mästare Eilif. “Nevertheless. nonetheless her commanding through the pages. parsimonious vith his sovereigns. and locate a reliable usury if travel there together.

Surely his miserable master had crueller plans in mind than 13 Pon s Sapien tia is th e covered b ridg e internment in this shining city? s eparatin g A l ex an der Pl atz from Th e Great Sch ool of Mag ic. at last anxious to learn of his with his signature and seal. “I vill put you up appointed fate. Little did my loomed over the horizon. biting down on the ducat long. and Palzac “Where am I?” Palzac obviously seemed quite flagged him down. standing to indicate the to a large set of stairs. confused. Palzac became completely buoyant. place!” The man sunk his thumbs into the pockets of a black waistcoat worn over a Upon unloading his cargo. Accounts of an Apprentice pass vill allow you to pass over the pons. Archivist. crested by a seahorse. struggling to rise from the boat. Yes you may laugh. suns and Palzac voiced with exuberance. As the expansive mother know…” Alexander Platz and towering Great School of “My name is Palzac. wore an “May I assist you?” A balding man wearing indigo coloured gabardine adorned with white gloves and eyeglasses immediately waves and clutched an intricately carved staff enquired. The city guards directed him ‘til you find a place of your own. Chief Palzac proffered. A matching skullcap “I wish to enrol for the current trimester.” Palzac offered. the City Belfry vocation it seems quite absurd. the flaxen haired girl tangents. ascending out of sight. Tis best toward Pons Sapientia and the School of though for a young man to be independent. After what seemed like nearly an gave him suspicious stares as he walked past hour. His left arm was “Well you are certainly not in the right bound in a sling. often doubling back on themselves or heading off in irregular Heading out the door. meeting was at an end. Yet fortuitously.” was all Palzac managed. and advanced upon him. Given my current Turning toward Manor Row. I am Archibald.” He said. he noticed the over to the hexagonal tower dwarfed only by gondola was gone. a rather chaotic course. unloading its and proceeded inside. 180 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . another the observatory and Grand Master’s Tower.” Upon mooring at the quay. “This is the Tower of Archives. directed him cheerful smile. and out the entrance. at the name.13 Once inside an overeager youth Now off vith you!” he announced with a exiting with a group of friends. Magic at last came into view. at the edge of which he surmised stood the administrative offices. Hopefully “My good fortune to gain another passenger nothing of yours will wind up here for a so soon. was across the channel. or snicker as is your wont. stars sat atop his head. long time. pushed off into the channel. at last he reached the rooftop gardens. Palzac made his way Returning to the quay. The passenger. “Pon s ” mean s b ridg e in Th y atian . Magic. Palzac’s climb up the innumerable steps took “Thank-you. passenger and contents. Palzac leapt from Van Dyke handed him a vermilion dyed slip the gondola. the gondolier white doublet.” decorated with crescent moons.

He wore long square-toed shoes with a low heel and oblong sterling silver buckles. I wish to enrol for the current trimester. s el l s s tamps . ch eap g l as s jewel ry . Scrolling flower embroidery in a vertical pattern containing fleurs-de-lys decorated front and back. he midnight tomorrow. In order to accomplish this you must first report to the Citadel and present your credentials. Then you will have perhaps cleared Palzac made his way toward Administration. can dy . where the “NO!” Palzac was immediately overwhelmed proper tower was pointed out. “Good. Arriving at length to the lowest wander the city. If you follow me out infection or disease. you will need to be Ministers.” “Who are you?” “Palzac of…” “Yes…Well first you will have to purchase your Right to Reside Certificate. he might have realized this hinted the man had ties to House Amberville. be sure and mention your easier. in addition to b ein g a haughty curly-haired character in slashed red tob acco s h op. an d in ferior 181 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . in his will only give you one Authorization and exuberance Palzac hadn’t bothered to Licensing Leaflet. where you will be examined for heading downstairs. Never having seen someone so elaborately attired. Bounding at the instructions being levelled at him. your first hurdle. quil l s an d in k . Otherwise they wild goose chase. head to the Rosapietra Tabbacchi near Ambassadors Row. Unfortunately. Plague has been a onto the terrace I will show you where. but this will expire at level of the Administrative tower. Payback two. “I was instructed to report here. You are not a carrier of the plague are you?” Palzac followed Archibald outside. down the stairs with considerable agitation. Next you will need to addressed the nearest occupant. Once being cleared by the At least the trip down was substantially Clinique. Accounts of an Apprentice and plum doublet with reticella lace collar and cuffs. Had Palzac been a veteran student.” problem in the past. instead of the necessary commit the boy’s mug to memory. Bureau de Clinique in the House of “Yes. So…the little shit had sent him on a intention to attend school.14 There you will purchase “Hulloh?” “What might I help you with?” Offered a 14 R os apietra Tab b acch i. I will then give you a temporary pass to was in order. well in any case. Palzac had difficulty not gawking. An awkward moment of silence passed Whereupon they will direct you to the between the pair. Umber coloured breeches above white hose completed his stylish ensemble.

where you “Next you will need to locate your patron. Th e H ous e of Min is try is in teres ted in reas on ab l e th at th ree “trimes ters ” a y ear k n owin g th at s h oul d a s tuden t fail in h is s tudies . Th e Prin cipal ities of quickly. Currently. which should find residence here.”16 Gl an tri. “This will need to be day . The fee is and have him prepare three marques of 480 ducats. Or 1 2 0 per pos ition in ch arg e of reg is terin g s tuden ts an d mon th . The area is constantly Th ey al s o s el l “B ook s of Pas s ag e”.. an d th us 4 8 0 per trimes ter. I will hand you A l s o. Afterwards you will return here. R ecen tl y th ere h as b een a pus h to Company in the merchant’s quarter. hoping to the Immortals the g ame pl ay .15 We will then provide you with commendation. navigating the NordesFjord. These must first be taken to the Watermark Parchment and Scroll h ourg l as s es . the school House of Ministers. Th is s eemed ridicul ous l y tedious to fig ure out in compliant tone. Gon dol iers may th en turn in th e tick ets to th e H ous e of Min is ters wh en they must be signed by one of the ruling pay in g tax es . Citizens usually b en efits b oth th e s tate. Paying a gondolier an extra ducat tick ets for g on dol a pas s ag e. an d th e g on dol iers . with a usury note. It is unlikely you will you have at least 600 ducats. yet being a spin. or their representatives at court. care of l aun dry …at 5 ducats per day . mos t profes s ion s require a min imum period of con s tan t s tudy . it s eemed s uppl ies . th e profit from th e s ervice One signature. an s werin g to th e H ig h ducat requiremen t is to in s ure s tuden ts are ab l e Secretary of th e Sch ool of Mag ic. th is woul d 1 6 Th e Gran d R eg is trar is a n on -can n on amoun t to 3 0 ducats per week . A s th e tick ets cos t more th an Princes. however. b ut addition al min imum for ch il d s pel l cas ters .” normal circumstances you might find “Is that all?” Palzac’s head was beginning to residence at the school. for th os e wis h in g to dock on the back pier is best. will pay for the current trimester. Though you needn’t easily cover your rent. stating dormitories are full up. I t furth er s tates th at tuition may al s o b e “Next?” Palzac asked in an acquiescent and paid in advan ce for on e or more week s . Thereafter to n ot carry cas h . to register for classes. rath er th an a day h ere a day th ere. U s in g th e eig h t mon th to pay n ot on l y for tuition . and enrolment at the pay for board if you wish to take your meals school for the current trimester. as in real l ife. th ere wil l b e ampl e g ol d l eft to s ee week …every b ody n eeds a day to res t an d tak e h im out of coun try . foreigner your name will appear further “Not in the least. ex is ted. 3 . completing the previous. They will at the school.” then impress your Right to Reside stamps. completed promptly. per l evel of th e s tuden t on Pag e 5 8 . Accounts of an Apprentice two entry visa stamps. Be sure to get both impressed. and have them affixed a list of possible tenements for lease. 1 5 Tuition is des crib ed as cos tin g 5 ducats per reproachfully. 182 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . ready Min is ters woul d wan t th eir g ol d promptl y . Then you must head to the down the lists. Under in the top right square. complete this step before stepping foot in W h en turn ed in th ey receive h al f profit val ue of the building!” the Grand Registrar remarked th e tick et ag ain s t th eir tax es . Th e 6 0 0 col l ectin g tuition fees . Gaz . Given cl as s es are s ix or s even day s a or drop out. per letter. watermarked. This will registering for school might be as difficult as allow you to wander the streets unhindered. con tain in g crowded. More l ik el y th e Sch ool of Mag ic an d H ous e of “You will finally reappear at the school. an d s omewh at un reas on ab l e g iven next step would be reiterated after th e n ature of s tudy an d Gl an trian b ureaucracy . actual averag e fares . as classes are filling up col umn two. “After that?” Palzac was quickly realizing. pepper an d oth er s pices . and al l ow th em to s el l s al t.

Do not “Are we finished?” Palzac inquired in an even lose it! There has been an outbreak of and polite tone. Life without col umn two. Once this form has been prevented his inclusion into the school.Th oug h perh aps a n ew word a book to be read and memorized. Pag e 5 0 .17 Professor is such a undergraduate of Glantri’s Great School of mundane profession. I will place your marks upon within earshot. yet until now “Pres tig ig ator”? neither had he any time or money to ever 1 8 Th e H ig h Secretary is men tion ed un der th e h eadin g “Private Spel l -Cas tin g ”.” Despite the extensive obstacles of 17 Th oug h B ruce h in ts a “Pres tidig itator” is bureaucracy. within the day he had acquired his l ocation 3 4 . No shoes to mend or “Pres tidig itator” is a titl e. he completed. he darted out the it. Secretary for approval. Further. then you will sign orders were dispatched.]. do with himself. with the other usury. For if you should lose them…” residing within the Citadel. and at last. Spend an entire day plowed on. and I will no longer tolerate it! If you wish to “Lastly”. be attentive. Mag ic for Sal e. you will an official transcript. meagre patience. nor “Mas ter”. the encumbering administrator attend. Palzac had b e b etter? “Pres tig io”. Palzac had become a bona fide scholar 3 .” Anyway. 183 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Palzac was unsure of what to s cien ce an d reas on th an th e arcan e. ‘Immortals assist us’. beginning to fade. I will then take your schedule to the High door. and not surprisingly. and one other thing!” the academic completed. little left for frivolous pastimes. you will be an “Prestidigitator. Gaz . “Pres tig itator”. Accounts of an Apprentice one…and only one. bound for the Citadel. assuming success bureaucrat called out while Palzac was still in your classes. We like to think of our Magic. “if you are smart. affording esoteric. At which time. With the trimester not beginning for another Profes s or s eemed more a profes s ion rooted in week and a half. end. develop a hobby or interest. H owever. 3 . an d th oug h t it mig h t b e b etter s uited as at the Great School of Magic. Th e Prin cipal ities of supervised regulation had been an unknown Gl an tri.18 It will then be placed in this bureau until the trimester is “Oh. and by the following week’s B us in es s Q uarter [Pag e 4 2 . schedule form. Gaz . mustering the last of his irresponsibility running round this academy. Th e Prin cipal ities of Gl an tri. Not a chore to be completed. Before more here! I will at once sign it. an often un us ed an ob s cure word to des crib e teach ers at th e Great Sch ool of Mag ic. and the laborious chore of s impl y a mun dan e s l eig h t of h an d artis t. un der appeals. track them down and obtain their signature on your schedule form for the Had Palzac not thought it might have appropriate class. I l ik ed th e term. After his comb in in g pres tig ious an d pres tidig itator woul d starting expenses had been paid. Studen ts s til l cal l th eir in s tructors construct. “I will affix the school’s stamp tracking down your prestidigitators…” and seal for the current trimester next to “My what!” Palzac’s complacency was your Right to Reside stamp. n ot an addres s . the stamp and seal will also masters as instructors in the arcane and attest to your ability as an Arcaner. Of which one copy is deposit one of your Leaflets with a reliable kept in the school vault. l ocated in th e Right to Reside. you will bring the document might have fainted on the spot. so do they! you all the rights and privileges of our class. col umn th ree.

he should residents formed a queue along the exterior. wonders. Crowded conditions most of the stench. the Vesubia and Isoile had their own downside he supposed. thieves eyes were sore. He was ducats a month. and gondolas crowding the canals. Palzac suspected likely there was do with himself? Freedom. Constant noise and activity. drawing the water through channels and canals of the city’s streets. was going to take some perhaps explained why different crafts getting used to. l an dl ords b y th e H ous e of Min is ters . Though usually not outgoing. The other was city. were constantly about. The first being. Given the finite amount of power in s h ortag e of water in Gl an tri City . utilitarian magic suppressed water from the pump. Accounts of an Apprentice up to this point. On e for h ome. But the smell. streets lined with lights and people. He decided the best use of drawing on different energies had developed. 19 Pump k ey s are provided to ten emen t Much to the chagrin of settlements downriver. If and headed to the square. even with few much competition for what was present. Palzac later found it was not an th ereb y preven tin g res iden ts from drawin g water in “proh ib ited” areas . Van Dyke had a Returning to his tenement. However. So much to take in. where he had lanyarded pouch sewn for Palzac to be worn leased a decent single-sized room for two around his neck. Palzac was thoroughly enjoying all the atmosphere a city had to offer. their currents slowly also thought he had been swindled on rent.19 A long line of Palzac was to take anything out. All were obviously named. find a secluded spot. Th ey Although Glantri was a nation of magical on l y work th e pumps of an y g iven dis trict. Merch an ts often h ave unlimited well of magic from which to draw. Palzac learned there were seven major quarters within the city proper. mos t res iden ts h ave accepted th is min or in con ven ien ce. He Rivers doing the rest. his time would be wandering the streets of his newfound city. he was covered by dust and sweat. It was in great contrast to the life he had lived. and ducats to spend. he retrieved his pump key told to keep his Leaflet and money there. and under his shift. both his head and he could do without. there were two things By sundown each day. an d th us dis trib uted to ten an ts of th eir b uil din g s . two k ey s . he learned each quarter was devoted to either a particular activity or class. Accosting strolling residents. A s th ere often is n ’t a time. being lost and desperate sometimes makes you bold. out of the capital. “Thieves can’t steal vat After a sun filled day traipsing through the they cannot see. Though in a land of fantastic he did not relish waiting just to pull a pail of thaumatology. What was he supposed to Glantri. immediately indicating their occupants or function. an d on e for th eir it only sustained so much magic at any given b us in es s l ocation . 184 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .” he was told.

his best shift. Launching himself from the vessel. Worst among his nightmares. Consciousness came creeping back in He began nervously tapping his feet in an intermittent waves. his most prized purchase from endless muddy fields growing a wide range Sudorn. away from the littered the countryside. anxious urgency overrode his exhausted. afterwards pouring the other However. Sore. Finally they reached the cracks in the door. J on n outs . humming a repetitious refrain. expansive tulip fields Palzac raced out the door. hailing North of the suburbs a caravansary rested the closest gondola. surrounded by piping. Throwing on a light smock-frock of crops. The sight of cracked effort to hasten the journey. and immediately tenement toward the nearest quay. plaster on the wall. the last day. Digging in his nearly as interesting as what lay inside. he shot “Black Abyss!! I’m going to be late for the across the Platz. yet was keenly aware of his absolute sobriety. Scurrying back to his bedsit he doffed immigration wave had overtaken the city. Returning to his tenement well after dark on A dilapidated gondola promptly appeared. Sun slanting through never sped up. Nondescript sprawling suburbs sat Northeast and favourite trousers. Opening a box of charcoal The final few days before class. he quickly fell into a restless sleep apprehension. elongated jetty abutting Alexander Platz.20 Brown with green and Northwest of the city. Palzac climbed into his pallet Despite Palzac’s misgivings concerning its soiled and mud-spattered. Additionally. 185 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . First drowned at sea. the gondolier pulled over his head. from his hide. a new pails. what lay beyond the walls. he un derwear. Palzac of disturbing visions. unconcerned with the chamber seeming to grow ever more impatience of his passenger. Accounts of an Apprentice but the proprietor had promised the building one was at the pump. He was too panicked to been lucky just to find a room at all. Miraculously no th e s ame fun ction as wool l en or l on g un derwear. Northeast. Nevertheless. proffering a raised ducat along the road to Taterhill. he essence. Sun…sunlight…day. grabbing pails and pump key. Palzac was quite certain it was the only melody he knew. Quickly he filled his was free of bugs. his nightdress. chest he found fresh jonnins. on th e oth er l imb . dumping a pail of ice-cold and business was booming. bounding over Pons first day of classes!!” Sapientia and up the stairs. notice the chill. made all kinds of verbal exhalations and then burned alive by the ambitious physical gesticulations to impress time was of apprentice. holding his Immediately propelling himself from his 20 J on n in s are equival en t to “s mal l cl oth s ” or pallet. soaked. All the while cavernous just as he was nearing completion. and seaworthiness. Complete awareness came rushing back. s erve rushed out to the square. to demonstrate he was quite able to pay. was not ice cold bucket over his head. Palzac and talc he scoured the previous day’s muck decided to see what surrounded the city. but the languid gondolier leisurely was committed to mopping an endless poled the boat. Throughout the trip. Perhaps he had water over his head. A grey woollen blanket throughout the entire trip.

read him slink into studious obscurity throughout Glantrian. he could confidently recite the 21 Th e Mag es ’ H os tel ry is th e Great Sch ool of names of every prince. There was not a law. Th e Prin cipal ities of Gl an tri.] 186 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Breathlessly he burst through a ducat. gazing at most these topics. and not one was unaware of the the classroom door…only to trip upon the minute details of Lord Glantri’s life and master’s staff. nights in Vestland. 3 . and received spiritual Master Flash”.21 thaumatology that first trimester. they discussed magical though the incident were part of the lecture. Mag es ’ H os tel ry . Every student En tertain er’s Q uarter. Palzac was unfamiliar with. col umn th ree. general law and philosophy. “Coincidentally. theory. read and write magical reprimand of “Don’t let that happen again!” runes and symbols. and let accurately proportion components. along with the rest of the students in his circle Initially Palzac loathed this inert quiet time. Grand Master Flash has shown us the correct gesture for fly!” They even received instruction in what was known as the three “Rs”. Gaz . By the end of the the lofty towers and rooftop patios and ice trimester. Of course the yet the mind open. by trimester’s end they could with Palzac’s level of mortification. Without advantageous in the future. the rest of the term passed confusing this word with a popular tea uneventfully. Though Palzac learned little of served at the Mages’ Hostelry. sitting “Flash”. stuck. Mag ic’s practical “l ab oratory ”. Which The entire classroom erupted in laughter. common demonstrate a proper gesture. The Master was evidently satisfied But again. Learning to harness something called chi. However. history. made a positive twofold impression. economy. perhaps even listing what l ocation 5 4 . Palzac would Principalities were the principal subject of often peek out under his eyelashes. Though escaping further cross-legged atop the Great School among discipline. which was being used to achievements. duke. He across the room. past midpoint of the Red-faced and abashed. eventually shortened to just guidance in hours long meditations. his seat. To end the missing a beat the master continued on. figuring this would prove strewn across the front of the room. Instead. Palzac flew or otherwise. coincidentally. Eyes were to remain shut. his given handle: “Grand Alexander Platz. I t is des crib ed as Principalities. puttin g th e and their appointed dominion within the s ch ool ’s ex perimen ts to tes t. Darokinian and Common. or minor lord. Palzac quietly took trimester. Palzac appreciating the prestidigitator letting him They participated in exercises upon off easy. spent their days acquiring mundane harkening memories of the long winter knowledge in geography. the rooftop gardens. Palzac owned it amicably. [Pag e 4 3 . as his applied himself conscientiously on this knapsack and all its contents wound up subject. seemed to take up three hours. arms outstretched. Accounts of an Apprentice Leaflet aloft to prevent any obstruction to his knew the exchange rate between a daro and rapid passage. Though afterwards a stern most importantly. as term’s lectures. Though Palzac kept On the whole. the master even hinting of Glantrian secret crafts. He. l ocated in th e products each produced. and the rest of class.

It is said a lone some evidence of its existence or invention. even in his his connection was more lucid and coherent sozzled state. and thoughtless began to find the sessions enlightening. Perchance chi was a more gaffe. Occasionally he would drop obscure allusions concerning Knowledge and privilege being well Glantri’s ultimate power. Gazing at the night sky. these even to know what he was talking about. usually left to his own devices. clandestine organization said to preserve its Yet through the various boards of records secrets. As the cacophony occurrence since casting light so long ago. Known only as The Engineer or closer to obtaining any proof one way or the "Keeper of the Watergates". this figure other. he was greatly aware of the than before. Palzac especially for someone unaccustomed to either. most students seemed not and licensing. and an uncomfortable ascetic contact with his focus. there was little doubt behind Clearing all thought from his mind. Vocalized with across the pristine sky. until now. Perhaps here at last was of much speculation among residents of his chance to mingle with a more advanced Glantri City. Accounts of an Apprentice gardens. recommenced. Palzac originally planned to remain 22 A s “Th e En g in eer” is n on -can on . or the its citizens is you even need a license to shit. In fact. individual sits at the head of these numerous As the trimester came to a close. During the final week of classes. Yet after a while he such brash bravado. maintains tabs of all knowledge flowing another more confident youth approached through the city streets. yet nothing was regulated in Glantri. asserting he gains secret group of knowledgeable enchanters. institutions exist to serve another function. and perhaps what be stripped from him if he did not produce knowledge they possess. But balcony. was persuaded into having a drink…or two. This suited Palzac just fine. I l eft h is sober.22 End party being thrown by his older brother Whether this soul indeed exists is the source and some flat mates. B ruce H eard or th e My s tara commun ity can decide if th ey l ik e th e idea? 187 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . knowledge from an ability to communicate with the city's rodent population. in powerful form of focus? addition to his academic records. Its first hush fell over the room. and the School of Magic. Perh aps at a l ater date. Still furtively he showing all moving through various circles. and Even as all these talents were acquired. living arrangements. but unfamiliar with peer pressure. keeping continuous Palzac offering casual invitation to a Year’s contact with the Council of Princes. Despite Yet acumen and alcohol seldom mix. he slunk outside to the Perhaps this is what was meant by chi. he was no boards. intoxication fostering sun. attaining his deux entendre. a common jest amongst ever revealed of this enigma. the stark blue atmosphere broken by his confidence. little did he know. Feeling the warmth of the winter As the night wore on. feared his newfound life and education could whose company they keep. leisure activities. he at last proclaimed an herds of cumulous clouds slowly migrating enthusiasm for the night sky. Palzac was endeavours. the validity of this ability. still nocturnal amblings had been documented lacking the social skills and courage to along with most of his other unusual befriend any of his classmates. he ex is ten ce a my s tery . presentation. However.

it was an arena Palzac nothing of his allegiances. Palzac had not believed so. acutely conscious of rats possible. H e al s o is a of th e y ear. propitiously employed so proficiently. special interest in Palzac’s education. But he later found overheard his blunder. until lingering about. taking one of a hundred plebian Year’s End parties. H is in teres t in en tomol og y is h ol iday tak in g pl ace at midn ig h t on th e l as t day res tricted to b eetl es an d b utterfl ies . is leading to Glantri's greatest power. and although a forum heard only whispers of Stein.24 He had princes of Glantri. is dangerous waters. it was pos s ib l e Lady J ul ian a Vl arrdoen ’s n ames ak e. One said l iais on b etween h ous es Lin den & R itterb urg . aware of where Immortality… if such a thing were even and what he said.. and knew leading to true power. Of to have the power of opening doors toward A al b an es e an d B erg dh oven des cen t. his inability to weave the complex webs of and assistant to one of Palzac’s deception and duplicity the Glantrian lords thaumaturgical prestidigitators. restored intent. h e quite pos s ib l y th e b es t man for th e job . Possibly putting him in the crosshairs standing at school. Th e Prin cipal ities of Gl an tri.. and hopefully. ch il dh ood frien d of Prin ce Vl aardoen . Could this What if after seeing the price of power you conservative conjurer row him safely back to no longer wanted power? Was it possible to shore? step back from the intricately woven stage and withdraw unnoticed? Initially wanting Though he could not be sure. 188 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . an d quite gleaned from whispered half-truths. Accounts of an Apprentice had always been cautious. This Master. The pinnacle consisting of the ruling minor lord Palzac couldn’t be sure. that such an progeny of his professor recounted what he apparently insignificant phrase blurted out at had heard to his Master. I t is des crib ed on Pag e 5 5 . Stein h as acted as foreig n dipl omat in matters of ex treme 23 Th e B el l s of F ate is a n ation al Gl an trian del icacy . How Master Krollnar had of one or more powerful figures in Glantrian conceived of sending him to this ostensible society. Cry ptoman cer. This pedagogic it somewhat incredulous. an d a 4 t h Circl e th ree of Gaz . Had the name was scarcely mentioned in class when Bells of Fate already rung?23 discussing ranking nobility. an d a 3 r d Circl e Cry ptoman cer. After leaving the Street of of knowledge without drowning below.25 Though his knew he had no business entering. it was often cited when discussing diplomacy. Yet the more Palzac Lady R owen a K rol l n ar’s un cl e. now to an inebriated crowd no less. col umn 2 n d Circl e W ater El emen tal is t. 3 . Which made his current predicament ever so disheartening. witnessing the fervour of those striving to protect the path. Palzac was terribly aware of An older student also attending the party. Palzac had only to view what lurked beneath the ocean little choice. Wounded Warriors and walking across the Palzac had waded too deep to turn back without first learning to swim these 24 Mas ter J ul ius K rol l n ar 1 2 t h l evel mag e. and that alone was danger 2 n d Circl e F ire El emen tal is t. whether on two legs or four. could have struggled to set him upon the path of societal led so quickly to his current questionable redemption. He knew in s tructor at th e Sch ool of Mag ic. A the entire ocean they were trying to protect. an d and he had already seen the shore. for those wishing to protect the knowledge 2 5 N ik ol aus (N ik ol aas ) Stein 1 2 t h l evel mag e. h e is al s o a of its existence.

An unfortunate turn of events. and oriel windows seemed less imposing than some of the frequently protruded from its face. To be continued… an d th us . Th e Prin cipal ities of Palzac’s throat. Hopefully.] Th e vermil ion s l ips may on l y b e acquired from parl iamen t. I h ave Ω  ch os en to capital iz e th e term. Accounts of an Apprentice plaza. Man s ion . Not surprisingly. H owever wh en on e of th es e terms ex is ts b y its el f. 3 . as it is an ex ten s ion of th eir g reater es tate or domin ion . and did not possess his way along The Rim. wh atever mos t accuratel y unpalatable task for any young man. I n the insects of his conscience. an 26 Th e R im is th e far Eas tern wal k way in th e imposing crimson entrance exhibited itself. [Pag e 5 5 . in trying to extract for Vermil l ion is Cin n ab ar/ Cin n ab ry l . if th e b uil din g in ques tion is b ein g des crib ed as to convince the world he knew nothing. Rounding the townhouse’s West wing. entry. etc. Th e R im. the structure’s Hightower’s low Townhouse. Palzac advanced toward the h avin g common wal l s an d con domin ium rig h ts . was now faced with performing the most Pal az z o. it s h oul d b e written in l owercas e. an d are purported to stomach. depositing butterflies in his Gl an tri. On e mig h t g ras p th e Stein was purported to be an entomologist of reas on b eh in d th is b y l earn in g th e oth er n ame some repute. 189 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .26 Making lofty Flaemish gable. for ex ampl e. b el on g in g to s omeon e. Lord B eaumary s -Moork roft’s Town h ous e. Palzac W h en referrin g to a Town h ous e. Stein’s Estate exterior brickwork was composed of a at last came into view.. I t is des crib ed as l ocation 9 . there was nothing H ous e equival en t. as h ave mag ical properties . Under his present suspicion.27 The structure diagonal Flaemish bond. Trying des crib es th e s tructure b ein g dis cus s ed. over the Duke of light. dissection was an cien t times . passing Prince much of an overhanging eave. with acces s b ein g den ied to th e l ower cl as s conversely facing the city’s outer wall. 2 7 Town h ous es h ere refer to th e urb an Great the door to deliverance. The rooftop Innocenti di Malapietra’s white marble gable was replaced by a small clerestory Mansion & Dona Carnelia’s pink marble and window from which emanated a faint golden mountain cedar Estate. part of th eir titl e/ titl ed “l an ds ”. b oth th es e h ues were derived not on the evening’s agenda. an d n ot modern varieties left to be done. Yet here before from th e s ame s ources . city . despite having a slip allowing him to enter The Rim. l ocated in th e N ob l e’s Q uarter. he handed a city guard the vermilion surrounding townhouses. an d b eg g ars . A gulp of acidic anxiety travelled down col umn th ree of Gaz .

illustrating an article discussing the product and qualifies as "fair usage". Page 7/8: [Image: Lands of Mystery] “Lands of Mystery” book cover is copyright of Hero Games. It is used here for purposes of review. It is used here for purposes of review. Photograph courtesy of the author. illustrating an article Source discussing the product and qualifies as “fair usage”. Calvin and used by permission Page 3: [Image: Red Sun] Source Modified from sunset-472981_640 by AdinaVoicu [CC0 Public Domain] via Pixabay Page 7: [Image: Progression] “Hollow World” box cover is copyright of Wizards of the Coast. not infringing any copyright. September 2005. not infringing any copyright.gnu. illustrating an article discussing the product and qualifies as "fair usage". It is used here for purposes of Page 10: [Image: Aaron Allston] Photograph of Aaron Allston. not infringing any copyright. not infringing any copyright. Moore icensed for use under Creative Commons [CC BY-SA Source It is used here for purposes of Source review.0) or GFDL (http://www. Artwork Sources and Credits Front Quetzalcoatl cover: An original commission for this issue undertaken by I.0 (http://creativecommons.html)]. by Larry D. illustrating an Source article discussing the product and qualifies as “fair usage”. Page 9: [Image: Savage Empires Map] "The Savage Empire" map is copyright of Electronic Arts. via Wikimedia Commons Page 11: [Image: ICEVALE ELVES COVER] Mystara Gazetteer Style Cover [Permission granted by argentmantle] 190 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Page 7/9: [Image: Worlds of Ultima] "Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire" book cover is copyright of Electronic Arts.

Geoff Gander and Robin D. cartography by Thorfinn Tait. Page 39: [Image: Map of Western Hollow World] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari and Thorfinn Tait. Page 40: [Image: Aranea] Spider drawing in a medieval bestiary via Wikimedia commons Source 191 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . W. Narch 2009 www. John Charles Dollman Source [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 28: [Image: Lighthouse] Sunset Over the Cape May Lighthouse by Michael Laks 30 August 2012 [Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.1932) Source [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 24: [Image: Frost Giant Attack] The Giant with the Flaming Sword.0 Unported] via DeviantArt Page 15: [Image: Icevale Party] Thrym's Page 35: [Image: A Burrower] Painting of the Allghoi Khorkhoi via Wikimedia commons Source Page 36: [Image: Map of the Hollow World] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari.G. Collingwood (1854 .co. redrawn of TSR Hollow World maps. Thorfinn Tait. Thorfinn Tait and Geoff Gander.thrf. 1000 AC] Based on Geoff gander’s map (2009). redrawn of TSR Hollow World maps. redrawn of TSR Hollow World maps. Page 37: [Image: Map of Eastern Hollow World] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari. Artwork Sources and Credits [Image: Atzian] Page 15: The stones of Lasgalen by Helesssart [Creative Commons Source Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3. redrawn of TSR Hollow World maps.0 Source Unported] via WikiMedia Page 30: [Image: Illaria’s Artifact] lighthouse-signal-fantasy-sea-561624 by Bonnybbx [CC0 Source Public Domain] via pixabay Page 31: [Image: Province of Annurios. Page 38: [Image: Map of Central Hollow World] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari. Thorfinn Tait and Robin D.

via Wikimedia commons Source Page 50: [Image: Sea battle] Battle of Actium by Laureys a Castro via Wikimedia commons Source Page 51: [Image: Azcan Temple] Storm over Chichen Itza by Kirt Edblom [Attribution.5 Generic] via Wikimedia Commons 192 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 59: [Image: Tlachtli] The ball in front of the goal during a game of pok-ta-pok by Source Sputnik 14 May 2006 [Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. Inc. Source ShareAlike 2. Page 46: [Image: Eurypterids] Reconstruction of an Eurypterus via Wikimedia commons Source Page 47: [Image: Fairies on the sea] Meeres-Idylle by Georg Janny via Wikimedia commons Source Page 48: [Image: The Giant] The Colossus by Francisco Goya via Wikimedia commons Source Page 49: [Image: Pachidermyon] Indian drawing of Ganesha.0 Generic] via Flikr Page 57: [Image: Jaguar Knight] Aztec jaguar warrior from Foundation for the Advancement of Source Mesoamerican Studies. redrawn of TSR Alphatia and Ashmorain map. Artwork Sources and Credits Page 40: [Image: Dinosaurs] Illustration by Charles Robert Knight via Wikimedia commons Source Page 41: [Image: Some Therapsids] Members of Theriodont clade via Wikimedia commons Source Page 42: [Image: Foxfolk lupin] Fox spirit drawing via Wikimedia commons Source Page 43: [Image: Aptera] Plate by Amédée Varin via Wikimedia commons Source Page 44: [Image: Map of Floating Continents] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari and Thorfinn Tait.0 Generic] via Flikr Page 52: [Image: Frogfolk] Prince charming / Bigmouth strikes again by Eddy Van 3000 Source taken August 3rd 2009 [Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike 2.

Published in 1901 by "H. Under the image a note says "After the painting Source by [Karl] Ehrenberg". Artwork Sources and Credits Page 60: [Image: The Obsidian] Face Plaque AD 250-600 (Early Classic). Walters Art Museum Source [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 62: [Image: Vastness of the Multiverse] 2004 stellar quake full. to scale [Original artwork by LoZompatore] Page 76: [Image: The Norns] "The Norns". Calvin . M.steps 1 to 4 [Original artwork by LoZompatore] Page 71: [Image: Megalith builds a planet 5 to 8] Scheme of the building up of a planet by a megalith .steps 5 to 8 [Original artwork by LoZompatore] Page 74: [Image: Mystara moons and asteroids] Scheme of Mystara and the surrounding celestial bodies.0 Generic] via Flikr 193 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 .used by permission Page 88: [Image: Selene’s Symbol] Seshay-Selene’s symbol by John Calvin [used by permission of the artist] Page 89: [Image: Seshay-Selene] Franklin Park Library. whale and moon [Creative Commons Source Attribution 2. 2004 by NASA [Public domain] via Soource Wikimedia Commons Page 65: [Image: Slumbering Megalith] A megalith in its slumbering phase [Public Domain image] Source Page 66: [Image: Ocean active Megalith] A recently awakened megalith covered with a global ocean Source [Public Domain image] Page 69: [Image: Path of a new star in the galaxy] Simplified scheme of the evolution of a star in Mystara’s galaxy [Original artwork by LoZompatore] Page 70: [Image: Megalith builds a planet 1 to 4] Scheme of the building up of a planet by a megalith . L." [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 85: [Image: Norns Cycle Summary 01] Scheme of the Norns Cycle of Mystara [Original artwork by LoZompatore] Page 87: [Image: Once in a Blue Moon] article header Original work by J.

via Wikimedia commons Page 105: [Image: The Crystal Lord] Dragon rising to the heavens). Calvin [used by permission of artist] Page 114: [Image: Djuha the Orange] Orange dragon. Calabria (Italy). 2015 by I. Mexico. Fuji. print from Ogata Gekko's Views Source of Mt. Calvin [used by permission of artist] Page 116: [Image: The Last One] Lucifer by Franz Stuck via Wikimedia commons Source Page 120: [Image: Nyx creating the Starlake] Circe Invidiosa by John William Waterhouse. 2015 by I. via Wikimedia Source commons. via Wikimedia Source commons 194 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Calvin [used by permission of artist] Page 115: [Image: Hona the Purple] Purple dragon. 2015 by I. via Wikimedia commons Page 108: [Image: Portrait of Diamond] Gold dragon. Artwork Sources and Credits Page 91: [Image: Wei Huang Long] Dragon by Katsushika Hokusai via Wikimedia commons Source Page 93: [Image: Amanth] Red dragon. Page 122: [Image: Map of Kosmoteiros. 2015 by I. via Source Wikimedia commons Page 102: [Image: Oltec bas relief of The Hidden One] Lintel from Yaxchilan. now at the British Museum in Source London. Calvin [used by permission of artist] Page 95: [Image: Symbol of Vitriol] Dragon on a medieval tapestry via Wikimedia commons Source Page 97: [Image: The Dragon’s Cave] The Dragon’s Cave by Georg Janny via Wikimedia commons Source Page 100: [Image: Mosaic of a Sea Dragon] Mosaic depicting Ketos from Kaulonia. Level 7] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari Page 122: [Image: The Levels of Koskatep] Original cartography by Francesco Defferrari Page 124: [Image: Leaping the bull] Bull leaping fresco from Knossos. Crete.

March 2009 Page 157: [Image:Fire Opal Eye] Heliodor-G-EmpireTheWorldOfGems by DonGuennie [Creative Source Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4. via Wikimedia Source commons Page 133: [Image: Priestesses] Cretan women in a fresco in Knossos Palace via Wikimedia Source commons Page 134: [Image:Lyeria] A Priestess by John William Godward. 8 miles per hex by Thorf.0 Source Generic] via Flikr Page 142: [Image: Noctika] Quetzalcoatl Published in the Codex Borbonicus. 2014 [Attribution 2. via Wikimedia commons Source Page 135: [Image:Kedira with her double axe] Clytemnestra after the murder by John Collier. via Wikimedia Source commons Page 140: [Image: Zetacaalpa] Thor und die Midgardsschlange by Emil Doepler (1855–1922) Source [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 142: [Image: Serpent Flower] Pocahontas by Stefan Schubert on June 7. 16th century. Crete. Page 129: [Image: Statuette of Nyx] Cretan statue of the Snake Goddess via Wikimedia commons Source Page 132: [Image: Interior of the Great Palace] Interior of the palace of Knossos. Crete.0 International] via Wikimedia Commons 195 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . via Wikimedia commons Source Page 138: [Image: Main hall of the South Palace] Throne room of the palace in Knossos. Source author unknown. Artwork Sources and Credits Page 126: [Image:The Temple] Temple of Neptune in Paestum. Italy. at night via Wikimedia Source commons. via Wikimedia Source commons Page 137: [Image:Skloros and his followers] The Wild Hunt by Franz Von Stuck. [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 146: [Image: Title Cover] New Rahasia Title by Argentmantle [Used by permission] Page 148: [Image: Thyatis Map] Outer World: Thyatis. 8 miles per hex Updated map of Thyatis.

compilation by Argentmantle 196 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Source private collection by Georges Jansoone [Creative Commons Attribution 3. Opal of Indonesia. Source ShareAlike 2.0 Generic] via Wikimedia Commons Page 177: [Image: Klarmont Caravan] "Behind time". 2008 [Attribution. Artwork Sources and Credits Page 158: [Image: Black Opal Eye] Source Black Opal.0 Generic] via Flikr Page 171: [Image: Glantrian Skyline] Glantrian Skyline by Joseph Setorius [Used by permission of the artist] Page 174: [Image: Trollbane Tower] Swords Round Tower 10th Century look-out post standing around 26m high in the grounds of St.0 Unported] via Wikimedia Commons Page 181: [Image: School Administrator] Charles I. 1620s [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 184: [Image: A tenement in the West End] Little Venizia at Colmar by dynamosquito. father of Queen of Poland Marie Source Louise Gonzaga de Nevers. Duke of Mantua. 19th century.0 Generic] via Flickr Back [Image: Hollow World Collage] cover: The Hollow World. Source [Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. anonymous old English engraving. Columba's Church. 4 February 2009 by Dharma Mulia [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Page 168: [Image: End Illustration] Fallen Angel by Pizarra y Cal [Creative Commons Attribution. Source ShareAlike 2.

Nestled beneath the dark foreboding canopy lie the realms of on this issue of THRESHOLD are welcomed. concealed in sheltered vales and groves. and enter the Elven World… ENTER THE ELVEN WORLD Anticipated contents include: ▪ An Interview with Alfheim Gazetteer author Steve Perrin ▪ A Timeline of Elven History ▪ The Elven Calendar and Holidays ▪ Trees of Life & Elven Rituals ▪ Elven Demography & Class Variants ▪ More Background on the Icevale Elves ▪ A Possible Alfheim Future Timeline ▪ The Growing Tide of Regular Features … and much more! Your Opinions? Or by email to the Editorial address: The Editorial Team welcomes your feedback Threshold. Next Issue On the periphery of the settled. colonized and cultivated lands lay vast tracts of untamed forest. Lofty elaborate palaces perch high among the boughs of massive oaks and towering sentinels. Yet they are not without their civilizations. This is Terra Incognita of the forested kind.Mystara@gmail. artfully conform to their surroundings. Please post your comments either by posting Please begin the subject line with the tag in The Piazza Forums “[LETTER]” 197 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #9 . Villages and holdings. Leave the cities and pastures behind.

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. The Mystara Magazine The Known World may be Hollow but it isn’t Empty! From Niels Klim’s Underground Travels to A Journey to the Center of the Earth. and the secrets of the Immortals. a land where Mystara’s past.. live eternal.pandius. www. the Hollow World is no fable! Journey once again to the Land of the Red Sun. where noon never Threshold. For the inhabitants of Mystara.Mystara@gmail. and time is measured by floating continents circling high amidst the . readers have been fascinated with the idea of a secret world beneath our feet.