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The tenth issue of the Mystara Magazine, featuring Elves of Mystara,
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Previous Issues
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THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

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Editorial Credits......................................................2
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Elven Calendar and Holidays..................................7
The Elven Clans and Their Migrations..................10
Elves of Mystara - Elven Class Variants.................39
The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth.....................65
Vesperlands Atlas................................................125
Savage Seas.........................................................140
Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3.................152
The Skars’ Legacy................................................166
Koskatep level 8 - Mokrath, Serpent Eye............182
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THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

Editorial Credits

Editorial Credits
Threshold Editorial Team: Editor-in-Chief, Issue 10:
Joseph Setorius (julius_cleaver)
Allan Palmer (AllanP)
Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)
Giampaolo Agosta (Agathokles)
Allan Palmer (AllanP)
John Calvin (Chimpman)
Joseph Setorius (Julius Cleaver)
Robert Nuttman (RobJN)
William McAusland
Simone Neri (Zendrolion)
V. Shane
Leland (Argentmantle)
Seer of Y'hog
LoZompatore Cartography:
Micky Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)
Joseph Setorius (julius cleaver)
Editors Emeriti Robin D. (Robin)
Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew)
Additional Reviewers & Proofreaders:
Jesper Andersen (Spellweaver)
Shawn Stanley (stanles)
Thorfinn Tait (Thorf)
Harri Maki (hihama)
Troy Terrell (CmdrCorsiken)
Murray Neill (Louie the Monk)
Angel Tarragon (The Angelic Dragon)

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▪ to encourage authors to revisit and revitalise existing articles
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THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

and less political. 725. slopes of the Beartooth Range. looking down into the coniferous From the elven calendar and its holidays. and a lack of of Germany. there is lifespans and slow growing populations. I came to envy their long lives. A fantasy world is supposed to vacations were spent hiking and camping in have fantastic elements…otherwise it’s just the national forests.000. I mainly incapable of completely grasping their world. and became more political. hopefully this issue will provide plenty Standing upon the crest of a high mountain of material to further spur your imagination. Although trying to imagine on a B-17 bomber during WWII. Having long Coast! With a little bit of luck. Yet these close confines with his fellow humans. to a certain experience convinced him he hated living in extent. Editorial Though born in Houston Texas. Alfheim and playing the mysterious Vesperland Elves of the Hollow Moon. let us leave the cities changes they wrought on the face of the planet. where my buttressing elaborate elven palaces. depth. and this is perhaps the very bought an Airstream trailer. and the So without further ado. they remain unrecognizable. That what these cultures are like. and enter the Elven World… As I grew older still. as well As I grew older. they of our reality. Past and future timelines difficult imagining campfires below as Elven and maps give visual and chronological order encampments. hiking trips took us up the idealistic elves. or trailer lights dotting to elven events. and quite often they are a eleven and twelve thousand foot mountain hallmark of many fantasy settings. my and the delicate balance of power existing father had been a navigator and waist gunner between them. ridge. as continuing articles from past issues. which remained snow-packed until July. There is also additional campsites as Elven villages. with many Whatever inspiration or affinity you have for areas permanently covered by vast glaciers. Our family root of fantasy. Finally elves held a place in my imagination as a there are two forays in the wilderlands of superior race. I was parents played in the Symphony. elves seemed acutely aware of the consequences of their actions. However. to forests of the mountain valleys. yet having a population of only technology change many aspects of societies. Before playing in the Symphony. trying to Joseph Setorius (julius_cleaver) envision life amid immense magical forests Issue 10 Editor-in-Chief filled with massive oaks and sentinels. taking us to a place outside the realm shortly after my parents were married. Therefore. long-lived races. elves. Often. it was not elven class variants. a state roughly the size Magic. infinitely more in tune with the Norwold and among the pirates of the Savage natural world around them. and foreign cultures and long-lived races add consequently abhorred hotels. snug and secure in material for setting the CM5 module in the timbered mountain vales. grew up in Montana. and pastures behind. mainly in or along the Earth! No fantastical race seems to capture perimeter of the Beartooth-Absaroka our imagination quite so completely as the Wilderness. the something in this issue to suit everyone’s tastes. 3 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

linguistics and history just to fantasy worlds since then but always keeps make a little sense of it. Something like the returning to Mystara. Fletcher" at UK GenCon by Bruce Heard for her extensive compilation in "Revenge of the Even though Sturm (a. & besides a few brief Female from 1962. he is relatively new to the available on Vaults of Pandius & her "Breath Mystara online community. he believes Mystara is incomparably the best for DesertNomad started with Mentzer’s basic its vibrant community endlessly delving into set in the late 80’s and has played in many ethnography. which on his 12th birthday. once Greyhawk. Ultimately. drawn by the massive real world. Irondrake) was first spot for CM5 since he was given it as a gift introduced to D&D by a friend in 1981. and has D&D game. his other interests include reading. which helped create much of current compiler of massive materials his material.a. Harn. yet rich in sub-settings like The Hollow Moon and possibilities. which previously ran from 1984 to 1993. He has had a soft Craig Antoun (a. began for him a long and rewarding journey as a Game Master that continues to this day.k. Though a longtime soon after becoming "addicted". Besides Mystara of Mystara" blog. Craig has always been drawn always wanted to share that more fully with back to the BECMI/RC edition. managing his first Mystara campaign. Once called "The hiking. she began playing D&D intervals is constantly involved in one since its earliest days as far back as 1978. because of its complex diversity. Mystaran DM & player. effort that creative fans have put into keeping the world alive. To that end he has been developing elegant in its simplicity.k. Robin D elsewhere) roleplaying in '79. campaign or another. which he finds players.a. but with dragons. and former Teacher of he enjoys original settings & campaigns set in Biology. Ecology. and Dark Sun. In early 2014 he returned to Mystara 2300 BC. Defferrari) loves any alternate world. including a thirteen she was intimately bound to the world of year campaign throughout the eighties & Mystara. and playing/teaching piano. A map loving travelling all over Europe as a stage dancer surveyor. Francesco Little Ones". Chemistry. A early nineties. Physics. including house parties. John Calvin (aka Chimpman) is fascinated Having experienced most editions of the by the depth of Mystaran history. 4 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . This Issue s Contributors This Issue’s Contributors Joseph Setorius (aka julius_cleaver) began Robin (at The Piazza.

As one of our stated aims is “to promote the Vaults of Pandius and the material there”. This Issue s Contributors I. we hope you will enjoy these revised or extended treasures from that website. she often draws human gaming seriously. unbearingly cute. Besides Mystara.k. Theses Discussion Boards are an active and dynamic home of creativity for the Mystara community and many other game worlds. Birthright. Call of do. versions of her favorite animals. dragons. Cthulhu. horses. despise drawing things that are include (among others) Dark Sun. felines. and real life casually. and Witchcraft RPG. Human animal hybrids are not Therefore.a. his gaming interests however. From the Mystara Forum at Some features in issues of Threshold carry a “From the Mystara Forum at The Piazza” tagline. "Meandrathel" Calvin enjoys drawing Giampaolo Agosta (a. and most large completely a man when he plays". Some features in issues of Threshold carry a “From the Vaults of Pandius” tagline. he makes a point of taking excluded either. and animals that can kill. We hope you will enjoy the 5 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Namely agrees with Schiller that man "is only wolves. She does. Ravenloft. Agathokles) fantasy. It's a pretty awful thing to Planescape.

Pearl Contributions may include. short other colonies. conversions) are also Call for proposals for main themes of accepted. Thyatis and Alphatia having appeared on The Piazza or Vaults The editorial team will accept proposals of Pandius. etc. The editorial team also offers on Mystara’s past ages: Y’hog. However. For important NPCs. Alphatia and their dependencies: Ochalea. Esterhold and limited to: Articles-.portraits. NPCs. Manuscript Deadline: February 10th. Thyatis. Alatians. taking into account We are looking especially for contributions available space and the issue's theme. they should be limited to a minimum -.for most NPCs. and Illustrations-. new monsters or Ages Past: NPCs) in any version of Dungeons & The editorial team will accept proposals Dragons. culture or location existing before present 2nd Edition. upcoming issue. new monsters and monster author is confident that the article will be ecologies. Statistics for new monsters and forthcoming issues (2016): NPCs may be included in articles (e. Taymora.g. adventure modules. help in providing conversions to some Mystara 2300 BC. geographical proposal could still be submitted if the entries. heraldry. it is sufficient to mention class. a one or two line stat block may be included.short stories.. Call for Contributors The Threshold editorial team invites all fans Articles about other topics are still of the Mystara setting to submit welcome and the editorial team will contributions to the next issues of the evaluate their publication for any magazine. adventure modules. but edition specific articles (e. day Mystara. but are not Islands. etc. historical Proposal Deadline: Expired. Bellisaria.. 6 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Nithia. or any specific rules set. and alignment. of extended or revised versions of works Isle of Dawn. Including BECMI/RC. illustrations. level. on the Isle of Dawn.g. 3rd edition/Pathfinder.. Blackmoor. completed by the below deadline maps. 2016 The Threshold editorial team strives for Issue Published: End March 2016 edition neutrality. but treatises and timelines. fitting the following themes: Threshold accepts and invites submissions Issue 11 .

Elven Calendar and Holidays by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm) This article is an expansion of a previous work of mine. Tolkien’s Sindarin. “Updated elven The Elven Months holidays” in the Vaults of Pandius. in ancient Evergrun before the ones below are just my proposals. No canon source ever listed Mystara’s elven These names are used by elves of the Known holidays. and Vatermont Gloomlight Calfuin “The Shadow Elves” Gazetteers. so the before him. “Minrothad Guilds”. Some displaying the names of the months.R. In scholars state they were conceived by the map the exact correlations to Ilsundal. Thaumont Frostend Methele Flaurmont Youngfire Nethur Yarthmont Seedwell Eremae Klarmont White-ewe Silaras Felmont Richsun Anovras Fyrmont Sweetlife Melucil Ambyrmont Copperfield Gaerid Sviftmont Goldharvest Colleuth Eirmont Redtree Ornar Kaldmont Darkwood Tawadol 7 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Elven Great Rain of Fire. others that they were in use even Thyatians months are not explicit.R. names for the months are vaguely inspired by J. but elven sages do not Life” contained a star map with agree about the first use of the names. Some holidays are loosely related to Thyatian English Elven holidays appearing in “The Principalities Nuwmont Snowdrop Lanloss of Glantri”. however CM7 “The Tree of World and beyond.

also celebrated in the Five Shires and the d a y. and common the y inha b it a s we l l . 8 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .e we . a celebration of dances. Marriages often take place this day. e l ve n re gio na l tra d itio n A bonfire feast is held in the evening. F ro s te nd . banquets and practical jokes is celebrated 9th day of Seedwell: Day of Births. 8th day of Frostend: Spring break. 15th day of Richsun: The High Summer 3 The Ere wa n o f G l a ntri us e this na m e fo r festival. a nd m o s t l ik e l y the Al fhe im e l ve s a s Ethengar (though quite differently) and Day we l l . day of the year in ancient Sylvan Realm S ha d o we l ve s a nd S c ha tte na l fe n ha ve a c o m pl e te l y d iffe re nt c a l e nd a r m a rk ing the ir according to some elven scholars. elves usually feast and dance throughout the 2 S e ve ra l e l ve n s a ge s think the firs t d a y o f night. Elven Calendar and Holidays 1st day of Frostend: First day of Spring and THE ELVEN HOLIDAYS in ancient Evergrun marked the first day of the year according to some elven scholars. El ve s l iving o uts id e Al fhe im o fte n Elven wizards consider this day particularly c e l e b ra te the ho l id a ys o f the na tio n in whic h favourable for magic rituals. Some name. while in some lands wizards prepare spectacular fireworks. similar from sunrise long into the night. Celebrated with evening feasts and dancing. similar to Merchant Prince day of Minrothad. 1 Eve n if the s e ho l id a ys a re o fte n o b s e rve d 1st day of White-ewe: The Summer Solstice. conceive a child. There are often banquets and dances in the evening. Also known as the Day of Rebirth by some elven clans. Some clans give gifts to children. whil e o the rs c l a im it wa s the firs t o f White . b y m a ny e l ve n c l a ns . elven cultures also exchange gifts. Often 1st day of Snowdrop: First Day of the Year2 celebrated also with a great banquet at midday. Elves refrain from work during the day. 12th day of Youngfire: Winter's end festival. often to the Shadow Elves holiday of the same friendly fairy folk join the festivities. instead engaging in playful activities. or Good Sprite Day3. First m ight c e l e b ra te d iffe re nt fe s tiva l va ria tio ns . o wn ho l id a ys . a nd is pe rha ps a l s o the c a s e fo r e l ve n c l a ns l iving o uts id e the Kno wn 15th day of White-ewe: Night of the Moon. but the moon does not always glow the El ve n Y e a r wa s o rigina l l y the firs t o f red as in Glantri. Particularly heartfelt by elven clans living in colder climates. Wo rl d . as do the and is considered a propitious time to Hin of the Five Shires during this day. similar to the Glantrian holiday of the same name.

broken by numerous rests. one which has Spring. give gifts. or engage in competitions of endurance and accuracy. magnificent structures. Many elven clans organize markets. 27th day of Copperfield: Day of the Last Many elven clans hold great banquets and Sun. dangerous monsters. The Minrothad’s All's Reckless day. 1st day of Darkwood: Farewell to the Sun Elven clans usually stage or visit a market in various cultures and Ixion’s Day. which carry over to the festivities of either welcoming trading caravans or the next day. and decorate their dwellings with Particularly celebrated in Alfheim as a colours meant to propitiate the return of lighthearted event. building maintenance is handled. 28th day of Darkwood: Year's End Fest. preserved for the coming winter. For some clans. rituals to chase organizing their own.Though many also are 25th day of Darkwood: Midwinter festival. to secure provisions evil spirit away are carried out. any housing or encroaching undead when necessary. Elves usually mold snow and ice into during this day. dances. A feast held in the evening often welcomes travellers and strangers. the least in the lands where there is snow at this first day of autumn is celebrated by elves time of the year. and feast and dance into the clans normally celebrate with great feasts night. Such decorations normally adorn the ultimate purpose of testing the Realm’s homes until at least the 2nd day of Snowdrop defenses. 27th day of Richsun: Summer celebration day. Additionally. lasting all day and night. a festival which later inspired 15th day of Darkwood: Snow day. with a feast where many fruits and sweets are prepared and eaten. 9 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Elven Calendar and Holidays of Valerias in Thyatis and other nations. training warriors or driving away or longer. Many elven clans 17th day of Copperfield: Mealiden day. At 1st day of Copperfield: Harvest day. This celebration inspired the Minrothad holiday of the same name. Elven clans festival which inspired the Ice Games of normally hold friendly contests or jousts Glantri. however. even hunting for the winter. Elven during the day.

around them. In Evergrun (the settlement in the place where they live. 1 The o rigina l ve rs io n o f this a rtic l e wa s 4 S e e PC3 “ The S e a Pe o pl e ” . who claim to ¶ More than ten years later1. or evergreen3) the elves of the land (or the Great Rain of Fire. the o nl y fa no n the o ry a b o ut the l im ite d c a no n a nd fa no n re s o urc e s . The pa rts o rigins o f the Aqua re nd i is in M a rc o pre fixe d b y the s ym b o l ¶ we re a d d e d no w D a l m o nte ’ s “ Tim e l ine fo r We nd a r. us ing a s I k no w. compiled by Thiserstian of Alphatia. (Bright spirits. It probably just roughly are prefixed by the symbol ¶ . warriors and rangers) and Feadil Thiserstian. s uc h a s this thre a d a nd this o ne a t “ The S e a o f S te a m a nd the F a re nd Oc e a n” The Pia z z a F o rum s . b y L o Z o m pa to re .D e na go th- a nd ins pire d b y m o re re c e nt fa no n re s o urc e s G hyr. whe n k no wn. marks the time in which elves begin to care a bit more for the rest of the world Thiserstian. AY 2020 2 M o s t o f this c o m e s fro m J a m e s M is hl e r’ s “ The Age o f B l a c k m o o r” tim e l ine 3 In b ra c k e ts the m e a ning o f the e l ve n te rm s in Thya tia n. b ut c o ntra d ic ts a nd d is c us s io n a b o ut the his to ry o f the PC3 . by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm) magician and scholar of the Imperial University. necessity to revise my work on the elven people of the world. They have contacts with the system. I felt the be the most ancient elves4. Outer World. M o re o n the m a fte r the G R o F a l s o in El ve s . or the fall of the Calaquendi. These updates and addenda the passing years. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations The Elven Clans and Their Migrations A short treatise on the Elven clans of Mystara.N o rthe rn Wil d l a nd s ” . pa ge 9 . Hollow World. with a history of their migrations. in Alpha. As fa r writte n b y m e m o re tha n te n ye a rs a go . The elves found the nation of This history will use the Thyatian dating Evergrun. HISTORY OF THE 6000 BC Ordana. AY 2009 completely different clan also exists: the Aquarendi. Another. wizards and clerics). leaves them free to create their own destiny. the elves of light) are divided in Sylvan Realm. although elves count the years from halflings and enduks but keep away from the the foundation of their clans. the goddess of nature that has created. protected and cared for the elves ELVEN MIGRATIONS until now. adding all of the ¶ This story. in Jafilia. quite a tenet of faith for us elves. information I have discovered in the seems less and less convincing to me with meantime. the elves of the sea. the first two clans: the Erendyl (Noble sons of the sun. or from their Serpentine Empire2. 10 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

11 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and help the Oltec probably to the development of different humans and the northern dwarves against philosophies. and the Shiye (the history of the Aquarendi before this date. information at the moment. or shortly after. The Grunalf elves going to live there begin to call themselves Verdier2. ¶ I have found a clue that about this time. the mysterious magicians) who split and their origin. good dragons and enduks. fa n s o urc e s va ry a b o ut the d a te o f the c re a tio n o f this c l a n. the rangers) who I would like to know more about the split from the Erendyl. that at this time the first clan and the halflings in their fight against the separation of the land elves occurred. 5000 BC The Elves are closely allied with halflings. M a yb e s o m e S hiye we nt the re . Elves remain outside to say that this date could well mark the the conflicts. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations It is well established among elven scholars. and who still inhabit the Isle. grays. m o re d e ta il s a re in “ Tre e s o f L ife a nd the Vya l ia . b ut s a ys the y we re a l re a d y s hipb uil d e rs in the a nc ie nt e l ve n ho m e l a nd . They found a colony of Evergrun a little further north. Grunalf (the green elves. in what is called Grunland. “ M e a l id e n' s Tre e s o f L ife ” a nd “ Tre e s o f L ife in M ys ta ra ” . 2 The e l ve s o f M inro tha d . S hiye a nd True fl o we r” . some Shiye may already have settled in the area of modern Alphatia and the Isle of Dawn. 5500 BC The gold dragons help the enduks however. a nd tha t’ s the true re a s o n why Eyrind ul c ho s e the a re a . G a z 9 d o e s n’ t s pe c ify whe n the c l a n wa s b o rn. The True fl o we rs ins te a d a re m e ntio ne d in M 5 . whose real elven clan name is unknown. the Vyalia3 1 N o ind ic a tio n e xis ts in c a no n o r fa no n. S hiye a nd True fl o we r” . due Serpentine Empire. S e e “ Tre e s o f L ife a nd the Vya l ia . Another clan. these elves may be connected to the mysterious Trueflowers1. Two new clans are born: the beginning of modern elven history. 3 As fa r a s I k no w the e xa c t o rigin o f the Vya l ia is no t d e ta il e d in c a no n. b ut I find it a b it o d d tha t s o m a ny c l a ns ro a m e d B run a nd S k o tha r b ut no t Al pha tia . Therefore it is not incorrect the Draconic empire. o f e l ve s in Al pha tia b e fo re 8 0 0 B C. a s fa r a s I k no w. but I haven’t any reliable from the Feadil.

N o te tha t Thre s ho l d is s ue #2 . just north originate. also from the Grunalf. The y c o ul d a l l b e d e rive d fro m the d ue to the s uppo s e d s im il a ritie s in c ul ture M e ria l l is . in BC. and the Gelbalf (elven gems) Others remain in the sea and spread from originating from the Shiye. Al ha m il a s the o rigina l na m e s ho ul d ha ve b e e n a l ittl e m o re ‘ e l ve n’ .c a ta c l ys m ic D a va nia . In Skothar the nation of Thonia is Skothar around 5000 BC or even earlier. Four clans settle in Brun. whic h s ho ul d ha ve a c o m m o n o rigin S e tting. Some the support of elves in the area. the Pelestyr (the defenders). Other migrations occurred before 4500 BC. e l ve n c l a ns whic h I b e l ie ve we re 5 Anc e s to r o f the S a va ge Co a s t a nd B e l c a d iz intro d uc e d in the B l a c k m o o r d 2 0 Ca m pa ign e l ve s . new light on their history! I discovered they originated from the Alhamil around 1 The Wird yl wo ul d b e the a nc e s to rs o f Ic e va l e El ve s o f the Ho l l o w Wo rl d . ¶ Sources differ about the existence of the Blackmoor. clan (sons of destiny). but just a small part of ancient Belcadiz books. L o rd o f ind ivid ua l no te s a b o ut the c l a ns . The Elven Clans and Their Migrations (children of the air) originates from Feadil Even if I originally thought no major elven and joins the Verdiers in Grunland. originated from the Feadil. S e e with the na m e o f M e na nd e r Itha m is . the Grunalf. c o ul d ha ve b e e n in the a re a o f the Kno wn 2 I pro b a b l y inve nte d this c l a n j us t m e s s ing Wo rl d we l l b e fo re the G re a t R a in o f F ire . new Grunalf move to the cold south and start evidence3 has brought me to consider that calling themselves Wirdyl1 (light of the some clans may have migrated to Brun and snow). They are the Celebryl (silver light). a l s o l is ts the G e na nd e r. settle in Skothar. I im a gine d tha t the L o Z o m pa to re ’ s M a p o f Eve rgrun a nd J e nnife r a nc e s to rs o f S ha d o we l ve s . while that is not Kintanor4. the N o rthe rn El ve s in D A1 “ Ad ve nture s in 4 An e l ve n wo rd whic h s ho ul d s im pl y m e a n B l a c k m o o r” . Cum a s ti a nd We s tryn Cl a n Al ha m b ra ” us e d the wo rd Al ha m b ra fo r l o c a tio ns a re d e pic te d in this m a p a t the the c l a n. formed largely by merchants. Cum a s ti a nd We s tryn. s e e a l s o 3 In m y a rtic l e “ N e w B l a c k m o o r 3 0 5 0 B C” in the is s ue 9 o f Thre s ho l d . shedding a whole them. b ut I d e c id e d to c ha nge it to Co m e b a c k Inn (B l a c k m o o r fo rum ). o r G e na nd e r c o ul d b e the re a l a nd l a ngua ge . 12 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . In “ El ve n M igra tio ns ” Ha va rd ‘ a gro up o f fo ur’ . Shortly scholars say they were part of the Verdier. originating from the Erendyl. 4500 BC Some Aquarendi come out of the the Porador (people of the land) arising from sea and live with the other elves on dry land. the in Evergrun the clan Chossum (eternal Meriallis2 (travelers). J e nnife r G ue rra in “ His to ry o f na m e o f the M e ria l l is . ¶ I now believe not all the Aquarendi came ¶ I recently had fortuitous access to some out of the sea. clear for the Traladaran branch. rebels against the Empire with mysterious Vyalia before 1700 BC. A clan of elves. From the Feadil come the Alhamil5 of Thonia. From the Grunalf Davania to Brun. The modern Thyatian branch is also the north. founded. assuming the collective name of divided in six minor clans. G e na l l e th a nd G e ffro ne l l c l a ns in pre . which also originates wind). 4000 BC The northern province of Thonia. B e l c a d iz . afterwards Blackmoor begins studying others that they existed already in 5000 technomancy. G ue rra ’ s l is t o f El ve n Cl a ns ha ve a l o t m o re S ha tte nha l fe n.

and even the Brun. the hum a ns o f G l a ntri a nd the High Tho nia ns o f a nc ie nt B l a c k m o o r. This to pic ha s b e e n a l s o a c c o rd ing to the Ho l l o w Wo rl d b o xe d s e t. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations this time. formed in Evergrun by elves who love calling themselves Alvanil1. Al s o . 3 I d e vis e d this na m e fo r the c l a n tha t 1 The o rigin o f the B e l c a d iz is no t e xpl a ine d s urvive d in Thim ha l l a n up to (a l m o s t) in G a z 3 . in Grunland and call themselves the the modern Schattenalfen. We nd a r to k e e p the na m e G e na l l e th fo r the a fte r c o m pa ring G a z 1 3 with the Ho l l o w e l ve n na m e o f the King d e ta il e d b e l o w a nd Wo rl d b o xe d s e t: whil e the l a tte r s e e m s to the na tio n o f We nd a r. s e ttl e d Ae ngm o r/ Oe nk m a r we re the As B l a c k m o o r wa s pl a c e d in S k o tha r S c ha tte na l fe n. 13 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . were already in the area of 2 before the Great Rain of Fire6. e . Grunalf. The Geffronell4 Shadowelves. i. a s R a in o f F ire . elves begin to use Technomancy. modern Glantri before the cataclysm. b ut s uc h a c ho ic e is no t the y a re o nl y hinte d in X 1 1 . “ N e w B e l c a d iz S ta nl e y a b o ut the G e ffro ne l l a rriving in B run The o ry” a nd “ N e w The o ry fo r B e l c a d iz a nd a ro und this tim e . S e ve ra l fa n 4 I o rigina l l y us e d “ We nd a r. d is c us s e d o n The Pia z z a F o rum s he re . he re I’ ve d e c id e d to a s s um e this re fe r to N e w a nd he re . s e c o nd m igra tio n fro m G runl a nd . A clan is and Glantri before the Great Rain of Fire. water). calling themselves least a part of them. in “ City o f Thim ha l l a n” b y hinting the y c o ul d ha ve b e e n pa rt o f the Etha n D e ne a ul t. In Thre s ho l d is s ue #2 I d e c id e d to d iffe r. Other Grunalf go to live I also originally believed that the Issarthyl.D e na go th the o rie s a b o ut the m a re “ B e l c a d iz The o ry” . G a z 5 ha s o nl y a s m a l l phra s e pre s e nt tim e s . were already in Brun Loshenalfen . More recent studies on ¶ New evidence I found recently in Wendar Shadowelf texts. and some of them settled in 3500 BC Blackmoor flowers. 5 I inve nte d this c l a n na m e fo r the e l ve s o f 2 I us e d this the o ry in Thre s ho l d is s ue #2 . migrate to Brun. s uppo rte d b y c a no n s o urc e s . but the Gellereth too. originated from Gellereth5 (those who are reflected in the the Feadil only after the Great Rain of Fire. or at the Issarthyl. probably the modern Savage Coast. the firs t o ne l e d m e to 6 The Po o r Wiz a rd ’ s Al m a na c s a ys in the think tha t the “ G l a ntria n” S ha d o we l ve s who We nd a r e ntry tha t s o m e e l ve s we nt “ ne a r re turne d to the s urfa c e in 1 9 5 0 B C a nd l a te r B l a c k m o o r” b e fo re The G re a t R a in o f F ire . ind ic a te the S c ha tte na l fe n we re pa rt o f the s e c o nd m igra tio n. and were part of the Second Migration from Grunland. The Kintanor. has led me to history made me think that not only the think differently: it seems at least a part of Geffronell. from the four clans. a s fa r a s I k no w the o rigin o f the pl a c e the m in B run s inc e b e fo re the G re a t G e ffro ne l l wa s ne ve r e xpl a ine d in c a no n. the G e rm a n na m e o f the B l a c k m o o r. the c o l o ny fo und e d we re the S c ha tte na l fe n pro vid e s a po s s ib l e l ink with m o d e rn Kno wn Wo rl d no w is . were probably settled elves (clouds of the North) originating from instead in the area of modern Alfheim. however. at a little distance hence their claim on the area. technomancy: the Thinyl3 (bright shades) the Four Clans of the modern originating from the Erendyl. Tim e l ine ” b y M a rc o D a l m o nte a nd S ha wn “ Ano the r B e l c a d iz The o ry” . Othe r fa no n s o urc e s m a y Is pa ns ” .

one who wants to preserve technomancy. In Brun the four clans take refuge underground. From the ¶ The elven legend to explain the Great Rain Erendyl originates the Truedyl3 (honest and of Fire is probably not true. 14 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Elven legends will attribute it to an event that happened in Evergrun shortly before the disaster: the murder of an Erendyl prince by a Thinyl elf. Evergrun becomes cold and uninhabitable. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations bright): they leave for Grunland and reject Technomancy. from the Shiye: the Kyrtellar4 (noble 3100 BC The Aquarendi1. the elves flee to Grunland. in m y wo rk o n N o rthwe s te rn D a va nia whic h c a n b e fo und in is s ue #5 o f Thre s ho l d . the Geffronell instead migrate south. returnists. Im m o rta l . Ac c o rd ing Ho l l o w Wo rl d . 2 The e l ve s o f G ra a k ha l ia intro d uc e d in Vo ya ge s o f the Princ e s s Ark a nd d e ta il e d 5 The Ee ’ a a r e l ve s o f the Arm o f the a l s o in Cha m pio ns o f M ys ta ra . share the fate of Blackmoor and are annihilated. 3000 BC The Great Rain of Fire. In the two following centuries the Davanian clans are divided into two parties. return to the sea. the other that wants to return to the way of nature. From the Feadil originates the Sheyallia2 (trees of the moon). displeased by the warriors). and from the Erendyl: immoderate use of Technomancy. According to tradition. In this time political conflicts have become common among the elves. I also suspect the Issarthyl are a 1 The Aqua re nd i m igra tio ns a fte r this tim e clan much more ancient than my initial a re d e ta il e d in “ The S e a o f S te a m a nd the F a re nd Oc e a n” b y L o Z o m pa to re . and Thinyl and Chossum are the dominant clans. As explained above. it was the first time that elven blood was shed by another elf. returnists. who according to tradition had become greedy for power and selfish. the ir c l a n na m e a ppe a rs in to the Ho l l o w Wo rl d b o xe d s e t m igra tio n the HW b o xe d s e t. decide to the Eariel5 (those who are). o r in “ Kwythe l l a r El ve s ” a nd l a te r e xpa nd e d b y m e the s e a s ne a r to it. The Meriallis. d e ta il e d in D ra go n M a ga z ine 2 0 0 3 The y a re the G e ntl e F o l k no w in the a nd in “ Ee ' a a r a nd End uk s ” . m a p ho we ve r s o m e Aqua re nd i a l s o l ive d in 4 Origina l l y c re a te d b y J e ff D a l y in the a re a o f the m o d e rn Kno wn Wo rl d . Three new clans originate: from the Feadil: the Issarthyl (noble blades of the moon). technomancers.

S o m e fa no n s o urc e s s a y the G e na l l e th we re a l re a d y in 2500 BC Faced with the continuing We nd a r (” We nd a r: A M ini G a z e tte e r” ). it’s quite of the Second Migration they too probably clear to me that Ilsundal. Legends do exist first one on the northern coast of Davania. Alhamil. Vyalia. lived. a s o nl y the B e l c a d iz a re m e ntio ne d a s pa rt o f it in G a z 5 . It’s possible that the accounts found led me to think that Genalleth did are unreliable because these clans split. Truedyl. Grunalf. His group It seems the two migrations met apparently tried to settle in Pelatan. some staying in Wendar. 1 F o r e xa m pl e . failed approximately around this time in the area probably for climatic reasons. lead his people from Evergrun toward some following Ilsundal. Vyalia. Another says he was Thinyl. after the Great Rain of Fire.D e na go th Tim e l ine ” a nd “ We nd a r tim e l ine ” ). Sheyallia. I do not know for certain if Ilsundal’s wisdom in abandoning they joined the First or the Second technomancy. 2800 BC Led by the Erendyl prince Ilsundal the Returnists leave Grunland and begin the ¶ Stories about king Genalleth have wild Long Walk. at least at the had relatives in the area of Glantri and beginning. understanding Wirdyl. tha t the G e na l l e th we re pa rt o f the s e c o nd probably by famine. the other clans. Shiye. but were among the Hin of Shaerdon for at least two centuries. course of a few centuries the advance of the ice will kill them all. In Grunland the elves of Blackmoor3. before being forced to 2 As fa r a s I k no w. s e e “ Ca l e nga e r. led by Genalleth. going so far to the North. Verdier and the second migration. Despite the mythology of Ilsundal leading If the Issarthyl and the Belcadiz were part the elves to the Sylvan Realm. about reclusive elves1 still alive in the Only the Thinyl remain in the south. After more research in Shiye books. Yet ¶ I have no definitive evidence about the another says he was a wise sage that led status of the Truedyl. then settled of the modern Adakkian Gulf. and Chossum. variations2: one says he did not exist.G hyr- Pa nd ius . but before the Great Rain of Fire. Wirdyl. had no intention whatsoever of meant to go there. Grunland. (” We nd a r.D e na go th. the gre e n o c e a n” b y F re d e ric Pe rro ne t in the Va ul ts o f 3 “ Tim e l ine fo r We nd a r. m igra tio n. king of the Gellereth. N o rthe rn Wil d l a nd s ” 15 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . deterioration of the climatic conditions in o the rs tha t the y c a m e fro m the s o uth Grunland. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations theory. i. But later they rejoined. The most reliable account I migration. unshakeable supporter of technomancy.e. no c a no n s o urc e s a ys move north to Adakkia around 2600 BC. With Ilsundal the Erendyl. Feadil. s o I’ ve d e c id e d b o th id e a s s ho ul d b e true . the Gellereth directly descend from the Kyrtellar and Eariel depart. In the heartlands of Skothar. the leader of the second migration. Verdier. but an Gellereth and Issarthyl remain. I’ve also began to doubt the Meriallis were This Second Migration soon join with the annihilated completely. depart for the north. and the and probably Enoreth led the rest of the division was toned down in official clan to where he knew others of his clan histories. and Ilsundal killed him for that.

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations Elven Migration 16 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

Or there was the sea. trying to modern Izonda1. 3 M o re info rm a tio n o n the s e e l ve s we re 17 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . the Alhamil stop in the and some Verdier followed Ilsundal while modern Savage Coast. the El ve s go fro m G runl a nd to S ha e rd o n (l a nd o f the Ha l fl ing) to Ad a k k ia . a s re po rte d in S e rpe nt Pe nins ul a . the Immortals. I think the Verdier did go with away by the other elves after they decided to him. In the HW b o xe d s e t m igra tio n m a p N o rthwe s te rn D a va nia . but the Sheyallia followed Enoreth to enslave a nation of humans. For may be descended from them. driven Immortals. The other clans continue their Verdier leave the Serpent Peninsula and walk. S he ya l l ia . Wirdyl and Verdier settle in the south of the Serpent Truedyl) settle in the area of Glantri. G l a ntri. conquer a vast area with violence and The myth that the Thinyl all perished has magic. the n to the M id l a nd s a nd the S yl va n 4 S e e Thre s ho l d is s ue #5 fo r a his to ry o f R e a l m . then the Eariel settle in the Arm of another forgotten division of the clans. l e ft the S a va ge Co a s t to he a d to wa rd G l a ntri. to B ra s o l . S ind a nd pub l is he d in Thre s ho l d is s ue #5 . while Kyrtellar were not driven away. The Gellereth settle north east of Glantri and found the nation of Genalleth. Ho l l o w Wo rl d B o xe d S e t m igra tio n m a p ha ve two quite d iffe re nt m igra tio n ro ute s fo r the El ve s . to Iz o nd a . pl a c e s b o th M e d ito r a nd trie d to us e b o th s o urc e s in m y m igra tio n Ve rd ie r in the S e rpe nt Pe nins ul a with the m a p. but rather others went with Ilsundal to the area of they drove away the other clans. Sheyallia and Verdier5 were groups of elves apparently still survive in supposed to be with the second migration. crossed the sea in Alfheim and Shiye history that the toward the Serpent Peninsula. Some ¶ I’ve understood from new investigations4 clans. following Enoreth. the Vyalia go toward others stayed with Enoreth. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations forced to leave by hostile lizardmen. I ha ve Che rringto n. The others cross the Serpent Peninsula. settle in what is now Minrothad. a t l e a s t fo r a s ho rt tim e . to the Im m o rta l Arm . whe re the y s pl it to the “ El ve n Tim e l ine ” b y Chris to phe r S yl va n R e a l m a nd the Kno wn Wo rl d . to S a va ge Co a s t. Just north of their 1 G a z 5 The El ve s o f Al fhe im a nd the territories they meet the Geffronell. There is evidence that the were now in the first migrations and which N’djatwa (see clan descriptions below) clans were in the second ones. where the nations of Traladara and Thyatis are now. and other example. been disproven by Alphatian explorations It’s impossible to ascertain which clans of Davania2. The Peninsula. the Sheyallia and the 2200 BC Three clans (Issarthyl. different areas of southern Davania3 but there are accounts stating instead that they went with Ilsundal to the Arm of the 2300 BC In Izonda the Kyrtellar stop. In G a z 5 the El ve s go fro m G runl a nd to Pe l a ta n. the east. the modern nation of Wendar. G a z 9 ins te a d s e e m s to im pl y the y we re with 2 S e e Vo ya ge s o f the Princ e s s Ark a nd “ City Il s und a l a nd l e ft him o nl y whe n his gro up o f Thim ha l l a n” . to the 5 Cha m pio ns o f M ys ta ra .

the Schattenalfen/Issarthyl and or the Truedyl clans of the second migration stayed in caused at least partially. It’s also possible that at this time the Belcadiz who were in Glantri went. before reaching the Sylvan Realms. refuge in the modern Five Shires. 2 M e ntio ne d in G a z 1 3 . Folk". Realm: The Longrunner (the real name of the It’s not clear if a part of the Belcadiz also clan is kept secret) from the Shiye and later settled in the area of Glantri at this time. Schattenalfen. or Belcadiz. but do not meet in Glantri at an unknown. and here they ¶ It seems that they crossed central Brun meet the four clans of the Shadowelves. waters of Minrothad. The Wirdyl flee in the Hollow World. maybe because the land could not mainland and becomes a group of islands. 2100 BC Erendyl. To the best of my knowledge. 800 BC. 1 M e ntio ne d in G a z 9 a nd d e ta il e d in “ El ve n Tim e l ine ” b y M a rc o D a l m o nte . this cataclysm by Glantri. Chossum. support so many elves. and they stayed in Glantri. 18 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . having learned of the existence of Verdier and Meditor in the area. Minrothad detaches from the Realm. to return surface near present Glantri. In the centuries the area that at the time was part of the following new clans are also formed in the human nation of Taymora. The Truedyl take group. The Truedyl The Meditor (those living on islands) however were probably part of Ilsundal’s separate from the Verdier. This probably happened to the Wrath of the Immortals. It’s also very unlikely that they did not meet the other clans living in 1500 BC The Aquarendi move into the the area at the time. only hostile humans and This timeline has become clearer to me in humanoids. where they are later joined by halflings fleeing Davania. or elves Apparently they did this in a desperate from any other clan went to the Sylvan attempt to fight the great humanoid Realm too. later date. Grunalf The halflins baptize the Truedyl: "The Gentle and Shiye arrive in the Sylvan Realm. individual Genalleth. It the Callarii (noble leaves) from the Grunalf. to the Savage Coast. but then 1700 BC Cataclysm in the area of modern they turned back to go to the Sylvan Glantri. but we cannot exclude that some tampering with a strange artifact. later years. 1950 BC The Shadowelves explore the temporarily. any other elves. Feadil. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations ¶ Oleyan1 was apparently the Verdier leader 1800 BC The first Tree of Life is created by who guided the Vyalia and the Meditor in Ilsundal in Sylvan Realm. The Issarthyl go underground. seems that Ilsundal’s group also crossed the Sind desert to come here. leaving some small groups of elves along their ¶ It is possible that the trail. later leaving it like the others in invasion of King Loark. as I was able to talk to many more Hollow World elves than the few I ¶ This bit of shadowelf history2 is probably met during my first voyage before the incorrect.

Bridge. where they create their 2 G a z 1 3 The S ha d o w e l ve s o n pa ge 6 o f the own nation.l ik e hum a ns . the Red Arrow (secret name) 3 S uppo s e d l y the s e e l ve s we re the S c ha tte na l fe n. 1420 BC Some Issarthyl become followers of the dark god Atzanteotl. the Mealidil (those who S ha d o we l ve s k il l ing Az te c . the enslaved by orcs and the Truedyl are brought elves of the Sylvan Realm decide to leave. Shiye to Alphatia. Many elves survive by burrowing deeper into the earth3. Chossum and Longrunner clans found 1 The Ho l l o w Wo rl d b o xe d s e t m igra tio n Alfheim. even before the Great Rain of Fire. The y c o ul d pro b a b l y b e the Intua c re a te d b y J o hn follow the way of the trees) from which a Ca l vin he re o n the Pia z z a F o rum s . little later will originate another one. Grunalf. the empire of Nithia is powerful in Brun. The Callarii go to Traladara. Erendyl. together with the humans in the area. the m a p. in the Five Shires halfings are 800 BC Besieged by hostile humans. 1290 BC Aengmor is surrounded by lava and the Shadowelves must abandon it. The by King Mealiden through the Rainbow Vyalia hide in their forest. In the following years Mealiden D M b o o k ha s a n im a ge d e pic ting founds a new clan. 19 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . nation of Wendar. 1300 BC The Great Humanoid Invasion of King Wogar reaches the Savage Coast and the Alhamil are almost exterminated. 1100 BC The four clans of the Shadowelves 900 BC The Gellereth ally themselves closely begin to worship the god Rafiel. are often in conflict with Another Great Migration of Broken Lands the local humans and humanoids. Other Shadowelves conquer the underground city of Aengmor2 from the humans living there. led into the Hollow world by the Immortals. The Geffronell instead. with the humans in the region. living further north. and inspired by him discover the Hollow World. humanoids and Nithian gnolls roams the Known World. which will lead to the founding of the elven and human 1000 BC The Alphatians come to Mystara. The Feadil refuse to abandon their homeland and stay. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations ¶ Some ancient sources1 could indicate that some Aquarendi already lived in the area since more ancient times.

Grunalf. (noble fruits). ¶ Probably this was only the last Belcadiz Erendyl. Alfheim and Darokin. According to tradition. Chossum and Red Arrow clans go to Traladara. Feadil. The eastern elves Feadil leave the Sylvan Realm and settle in create a new clan which is called Destreza1 Alfheim. 3 D a te m e ntio ne d in G a z 5 The El ve s o f Al fhe im . This clan mixes with under the Plain of Fire. 2 I inve nte d this c l a n o f e l ve s b e c a us e ‘ s o m e 560 AC The Shadowelves attack Alfheim but e l ve s ’ a re m e ntio ne d b y Ad ria n M a thia s in are defeated by the combined forces of his “ Intro d uc tio n to the Y e z c ha m e nid Em pire ” . The Alfheim council refuses of whom fled to Aengmor). this is the first war between elven nations. 20 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . later adopt the name Yezachil2 (lasting dwellings). They will human language of the region. A few remain in the humans and adopt a language similar to the realm under the rule of humans. They fled the Savage Coast after religious conflicts 1006 AC The Shadowelves conquer Alfheim with the other elves of clan Destreza. Mealidil and Longrunner migration. Some small groups of Shiye begin to settle in Norwold. 1008 AC End of the War of the Wrath of the 0 AC First Emperor of Thyatis crowned. the Gellereth of Wendar arms) settle in Glantri after a long migration unable to save them. and a relevant part of the clan clans to Wendar4. after a war against the humans of the region. 4 S e e a l s o this thre a d o n The Pia z z a a b o ut the l a te s t e l ve n m igra tio n. due to the infiltration of 130 AC The Shadowelves discover the Shadowelves among the Belcadiz. Immortals and Cataclysm in Alphatia. and rename it Aengmor. 500 BC Fall of Nithia. flee from the Serpent 700 AC A part of the Erendyl clan moves to peninsula and take refuge under the Plain of Glantri and adopts the name of Erewan3 Fire. S e e 5 I think this e ve nt wa s c o m pl e te l y m y b e l o w fo r a d e s c riptio n o f the Al ha m il a nd inve ntio n a nd d o e s n’ t a ppe a r in c a no n o r the D e s tre z a . was already in Glantri for centuries. the western and eastern clans. A small group reaches the Sheyallia (shades of the stone). and diplomatic relations are broken. The war existence of Alfheim and request half of the ends with the defeat of the Belcadiz5 (some elven nation. 1010 AC War in Glantri between Erewan and Belcadiz. 1 This his to ry m o s tl y c o m e s fro m J e nnife r G ue rra in “ His to ry o f Cl a n Al ha m b ra ” . fa no n. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations 700 BC The Alhamil elves are divided into 600 AC Finally defeated by humans. 900 AC After long wars against the humans the Geffronell are almost completely 150 BC The Belcadiz Elves (The powerful exterminated. 530 BC The Sheyallia. that took them even briefly to Alfheim.

scattered abroad by the fighters. Ab o ut Al fhe im ’ s m ino r c l a ns . Shiye. and make use of Realm. However it often happens that the a b o ut e l ve s m a y b e fo und in the Va ul t o f Pa nd ius . an elf who loved the creatures of with other races and are reluctant to trust the forest and did not approve of the outsiders. They also have a reputation for religious dictates of the other clans. respectful of nature. until they have decided to leave. since I left Alfheish. these trips I studied all of the elven cultures earning the reputation of fierce and tireless and nations I met. Although Shiye love to laugh and feast. s e e a l s o always has a great importance. in which magic 1 Ab o ut the m ino r c l a ns o f M ys ta ra . The Elven Clans and Their Migrations THE ELVEN CLANS Shiye Lawr has been the least affected by the war of all the nations of Alphatia. while they are ready than they had at the beginning. Eyrindul to mock and make malicious jokes at the reached immortality. the Shiye. Also. the almost no crimes in Shiye Lawr in its 1. durable. Their realm is closed to non-elves. M o re a rtic l e s attests. elves. magical powers to a greater extent than other the elves of Alphatia. Shiye Elves of this clan was an elf wizard named appear mysterious and proud when dealing Eyrindul. Shiye elves are always interested in great migration and the fall of the Sylvan magic and knowledge. On the Imperial Army after the cataclysm. But this distrust enchanted forest impenetrable and toward outsiders is balanced by a great unreachable by humanoids and far from cohesion within the nation. It was he being masters of deception. and it is true that who led the then Shiye to Alphatia so that they have no qualms about using any means they could establish themselves in an against their enemies. often very scary. and there are many minor clans1 numerous and have always been among the which are not covered in this list. Over the centuries.800 Shiye have always been loyal subjects of the years of history. It is known throughout Alphatia that those entering the realm uninvited will have to suffer an incessant series of jokes. with a l s o this thre a d o n The Pia z z a . and I’ve spent anger and revenge are stronger and more most of my life traveling. s e e Shiye can be serious and melancholy. in Alphatia. who instead are not aware. and many young elves enlisted in in the lands of Shiye Lawr. SHIYE The Alphatian Elves originated from a Humans of neighboring Alphatian nations clan who came to Alfheim with the others consider the forest haunted and they do not after escaping the Sylvan Realm. unless they are people of proven trust and The list below is by no means exhaustive. as the L o Z o m pa to re ’ s c o m pil e d info rm a tio n in attendance by members of the fairy people “ Tre e s o f L ife in M ys ta ra ” . it is also one of the nations in which the feelings of I am nearly 500 years old. the same emotional variability that also 21 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Obviously the term does Several more clans may exist of which I am not include the fairy people. At the head set foot in it for any reason. and their life is a series of games and parties. among themselves the been the protector of the nation. however. There have been humans. and since then he has expense of outsiders. I will start by talking about my clan. and the Shiye trust each Empire and have learned more tolerance other absolutely.

and have very pale night more than the day. and what fairy people. who led the Cl a s s (OD &D )” a nd “ S e l e nii Cl a n: An elves from Evergrun to the Sylvan Realm. The Akalian have pale skin and makes them one people despite the diversity of the clans. In emotional relationships they have all sorts of different behaviors. or even silver. created the first Tree of Life. a very strong concept of nation. With strangers they are always serious and cautious. Their eye magical race. so tall and bright. They do not trust non-elves and colors can be green. following the irresistible impulse to travel that captures many Shiye. the first "foreign" elves I met were the elves of Alfheim. and their eyes are completely Shiye almost always have intense but non. teaching the 22 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . but members of the fairy people say that Akalians have with them great parties full of magic and merriment. and in it there is AKALIAN This clan of elves1. very different clans. so different from our trees so mysterious and impenetrable. But this is a report. And what they have in common 1 Cre a te d b y J o a quin M e nc ha c a . The black hair. and that Alfheim is no longer. live with members of elves of Alfheim. who later became a rtic l e s in the Va ul ts o f Pa nd ius : “ Ak a l ia n immortals. They nation which they consider the true and only are treated here because they often spend home of the elven people. in the dimension that is at still have. without pupil or iris. whose name no place for stories of sadness and pain. the the same time in Mystara and outside it. which I will describe but they are also well-known by the elves of separately. hair. dead. These Akalian elves are those who did not want to leave the protection of Before talking about the differences we must Ordana in 6000 BC and remained with the first emphasize what unites them. s e e his are two ancient kings. They are also lasting emotional relationships. ALFHEIMER After leaving my country. and it seems impossible to me that those oaks have disappeared. I remember the wonderful oak forest. and Inte rd im e ns io na l El ve n Cl a n fo r Ka ra m e ik o s ” . The means "Noble Swan". The first is Ilsundal. black. golden or purple. Alfheim. among the Shiye. and are a very skin and black. are divided into much time in our midst. even though they had. The Shiye are called "Moon Elves" because they love the commonly of tall stature. known to us as "The breath of the Wind". so very few of them have ever seen an Akalian. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations affects members of the fairy people. and the fairy people.

but they are also elves and have a very strong social solidarity. poets and craftsmen. thanks to these ideals the nation outside world" and are now much happier still lives through its people than other clans in Traladara. Their emotional faster to finish a job. In fact. the Chossum fought for Alfheim and cried for Alfheim like any other clan. and reviving their love for the has not made them particularly arrogant nor land that the years of evil human magic had xenophobic. or to finish a song. The Chossum seem to other ERENDYL This clan has been for centuries the elves "hasty like humans". the one alive. appreciating the clan of the King of Alfheim. the are tall and blond and have blue or green founder of Alfheim. change is perhaps what characterizes them and possibly even beyond. knowledge of the world. They ties may be lasting or short. very traditional in their way of life. the one who saved the eyes. and appear less Compared to other elves they are much "innocent" and provincial. carrying a branch of the Tree of Life. among humans. Their love of diversity and and couples usually last a whole elven life. farming and herding. or so they are considered. allowing the elves to escape the encirclement of hostile humans thanks to the Rainbow Bridge. Their skin tans easily. the Erewan of technology. but having precise models of how an elf should behave. the elves. They However. and Compared with other elves they have a better disapprove of hunting. elves from genocide during the fall of the Sylvan Realm. unlike other clans. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations elves peace. the consciousness of their value stayed. the Chossum are nations and other races. pushed further and further into the 23 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . all of which they tend to Glantri originated from them. which most appreciates other races and is Together they manifest the ideals behind the more inclined to voyages and adventures. thoroughly enjoy beauty and games. they are more serious and less childish than many FEADIL When the Sylvan Realm was clearly other elves. Their skin is less pale than that of Shiye. the Feadil decided to stay. Despite this however. there is not a have very strong family ties between them definite trend. nation of Alfheim: the love for the land and The Chossum would like more contact with for peace. usually have a tolerant attitude toward other differently from humans. They are the elven "nobles" par lost and Mealiden had decided to take away excellence. and they prefer from dark blond to brown and green or the open field to guerrilla tactics. It is a clan of richness and novelties in magic and artists. clan have seen the loss of Alfheim as a "well- and although now it has been conquered and deserved punishment for our closure to the destroyed. They brown eyes. With closure and distrust. the other races and have always been opposed to courage to stand up for what you love. The Chossum are not so tall. They go to war in most. Many members of the these intentions Alfheim was born and lived. The Erendyl distribute to the entire clan. and kept their hope CHOSSUM It is the clan of merchants. the union of all the elves. have hair orderly and regular armies. The second king is Mealiden. even among themselves. The Erendyl suffocated.

They love to of hunting. exterminated. important thing for them. virtually paranoid of other races. not belong to their clan. shocking to me. They are incredibly time. The reason is that this is the clan they love. or instead they are normally tied in small closely others who have demonstrated a sincere love united groups. and they could seem staid and Grunalf are rangers. As is easily possible in contact with nature. the hunting bands. However they often work with magicians of other clans and races without any problems. Study is a very ties with nature. but the few survivors reunited They love to live in a simple way. The only humans who they joke. The Feadil are tall and pale. as a sacred and important event. which they take fruits and plants is impressive. and so many very seriously. where magic is widely used and Feadil is the one with the most extensive appreciated (as among the Shiye). and this friendship has been strengthened by the recent war. and professionalism make them surprising friends to the dwarves. The Feadil are also a more promiscuity is normal. in which some Feadil and dwarves fought side LONG RUNNER The real name of the clan. Among them there are many Alfheim they seem to consider the non-elves adventurers. and also with the creatures of human posing as a friend defeated them with the rivers and waters. but with natural materials. They accept the practice boring to many other elves. dress elegantly. and part of it. Their courage brown eyes and hair. The Long knowledge of the Tree of Life and clerical Runner do not like humans or other races. Among Elvish. traditionalist and meditative clan. It is rare that they form lasting couples. They are understood by their history. they have tanned skin and knowledge of their enemies. the of magicians. Almost all of the clan was best sailors and boat builders in Alfheim. the Feadil have strong ties. Towards the outside world and other courageous. nor are the real names of the elves prefer to be left to die rather than lose those of this clan. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations depths of the forest. have and are wary even towards the elves that do golden hair and very light blue or green eyes. They have strong links with the them there are long-term or short 24 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . for 1400 years. is not revealed to those who are not themselves. as much as with their brothers in Alfheim. and are therefore the treason. magic. the Feadil are serious only when they go hunting or fishing. a fairy people. which suggests that more than being wary of non-elves they The GRUNALF are the clan that has stronger distrust non-magicians. The Grunalf are of low to and excitement in the world. where of nature. especially of while at all other times they love to play and humans. but now that they are outside Sylvan Realm. and never and also love make-up and jewelry. Such a thing was a bit religious. Among the young. but rather medium height. appreciate and accept are the druids. because we Shiye have no and appear to others elves as very serious lasting bonds but we do have one bond at a and melancholic. in by side against the Shadowelves. explaining that nothing they can races they have always maintained an attitude see and suffer is worse than the fall of the of indifference. Of all the clans of Alfheim. but they do not seek adventures benevolently. Finally. Their knowledge of trees. always choosing the old animals.

before the elves arrived at Alfheim. Obviously. but I decided to leave them evening they drop a bit of their seriousness a moment aside because in my recent travels and become more cheerful and affable. Their in the alphatian colony of the Hollow World1 marriages usually last a lifetime. their skin is tanned. They take very After talking about Alfheim I should speak of seriously all of their activities. Their parties ability with weapons is the most important are. the techniques of war of the Shadowelves let themselves go and are ready to laugh and and plan their revenge. and then. with order and discipline. and the hatred of my people for that they have not done everything possible formalism and seriousness. one of which lives in the blond hair and blue and green eyes. clerics. under certain festive occasions. and often have trained from childhood and go into battle green eyes and red hair. and war. The reason why Long Arrow have always been defenders of the Runner and Shiye split is precisely the realm of elves. full of magic. but among themselves they are excellence. we will get to the Hollow World. RED ARROW This clan also keeps its names secret. but there are I have discovered that there are two different also different behaviors. The nations of the Shadowelves. Hollow World. but not particularly xenophobic towards other races. 25 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The Mealidil are basically isolationists. It is a traditionalist clan. have unions similar to those of the Grunalf. through the dark caves and darkest hearts of the elves of the dark. fully accepted. with very simple and kind. They love to dress in a studied manner that often appears to be dated back to several centuries before. and and courage. The Red Arrow are not very were largely saved despite the disaster of tall but are robust. and consider the Shadowelf tendency of Shiye to take magic much less invasion a great dishonor. their be joyous as all the other elves. The Red with no general rule. s e e the Wra th o f the Im m o rta l s b o xe d s e t. but it is not a clan of magicians. The Long thing for the members of this clan. Now the Red Arrow study Long Runner. and is 1 Thirs e s tia n he re re fe rs to the Al pha tia n instead a clan of warriors. They tend to dress in a simple and practical way. Yet no one can say seriously. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations relationships. and also freedom of behavior. historians and bards. So firstly I will speak of the elves of the surface. The clan is an N e a tha rum tha t c o ul d b e re a c he d thro ugh offshoot of the clan Mealidil. To external eyes they appear it considers itself the Alfheimer clan par rather gruff. detached just the Ae go s e l e va to r. very different Mealidil are of average height. but in the the Shadowelves. their hair is brown red. and these libraries lasting unions. The vastness of their libraries is famous although there are also cases of exclusive and among all of the elves. have red from each other. In emotional ties they many scholars. but are also capable of great mobility. who are Runner are pale and tall. Yet even the to fight against it. They do not trust the other races but particularly MEALIDIL This clan was founded by Mealiden appreciate those who are worthy of honor after the escape from the Sylvan Realm. of course.

Among them long- Minrothad. for example. Theirs is a trading nation. and many of them never move away live in its wooded interior. are very fond of festivities and werecreatures. After the The VERDIER elves say that they are the cataclysm of 1700 BC. stocky build and different from the other elves. They are excellent from the coast by more than a half day's rangers and have extensive natural and journey. However the social differences Minrothad. however. although it led to an internal split that there are vast differences in wealth. but they gave me the impression of being very similar to humans. The four Amongst them the Verdier prefer stable and races currently coexist quite peacefully. MEDITOR These elves are a very particular clan made of sailors and navigators. and some 2200 BC. They have a close relationship with magical knowledge. and short and trade with other nations. comparable to those found in human society. but there are frequent still share the same philosophy: the pursuit exceptions. there is a certain degree of social solidarity. and some of them also practice market-oriented. green eyes and population of Minrothad and are also the tanned skin. them quite tolerant and open. they love blue eyes. dwarves and halflings. between them are minimal and not organized in guilds and inhabited by elves. They are produced the Meditor clan. The Verdier also great lovers of adventure. like the other races of piracy on foreign ships. separating it from the mainland and trade more than all the elves that I have and turning it into a series of islands. or at least sea. and lasting relationships. These elves are interested in wealth their land. very tanned skin. They are divided into slender. of them began to live in close symbiosis with But around 1700 BC. beauty and the forest. and they export forest products term relationships are very rare. They dress in some are wary of humans and hate a flashy way. perhaps because they are more "hasty" and 26 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . although did not change the life of the clan too much. very different from one another: the Meditor and the Verdier. The Verdier are not too black hair. They are of medium height and largest racial group. and among the clan. a great cataclysm struck Meditor. The Elves are exactly half of the with almost green tones. two clans. ships and the inhabit the green island of Alfeisle. The Meditor have dark brown or centuries ago. The Verdier have brown hair of wealth. however. according to the the sea. although shorter than among the Shiye. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations The other elven nations that I had the more interested in the wealth of other elven opportunity to meet are the elves of clans. giving rise to a new clan. the elves found original clan which settled in the area in themselves surrounded by the sea. after leaving the Ilsundal migration. the Thyatian calendar. humans. because of an epidemic of tend to be more playful and cheerful than lycanthropy that struck Minrothad several other elves. This makes liaisons are very common. This ever met. they are too Minrothad. Being part of a the sea elves living right in the waters of composite nation.

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

of the Meditor and the Verdier and moved to
the waters around Minrothad. Now the sea
elves have good relations with the elves of
Minrothad and other sea creatures, and have
virtually no relations with other races of the
mainland, with only occasional visitors. As
you can guess from the environment in
which they live, the Aquarendi live practically
naked, unless they have to fight. They love to
play and joke with all creatures, and
especially with dolphins, whales, turtles and
seals. Often they wear ornaments of pearls
and coral but otherwise they live very simply.
They often have emotional ties that last a
lifetime, but the young often have very short
relationships and are also promiscuous. They
can breathe air very well and are quite
capable of walking on land, although they
will hardly venture there except to meet their
brothers the Meditor. Their society is still
very different from that of the Meditor: the
Aquarendi have no interest in wealth and are
In the waters around Minrothad, along with very united and have great solidarity with
other peoples such as the merrows and the each other. They also have a very strong
tritons, also live the sea elves, the Aquarendi. sense of religion. They love adventures, but
Their existence is kept almost secret by the feel nostalgic if they stay away from their
Meditor and the Verdier to protect the homes too long. They have a very long life,
ancient sea elves from human interference. which may last up to 5000 years and
therefore are even more relaxed and less
hasty than land elves. In the waters of
Mystara it seems there are other groups of
AQUARENDI The sea elves are tall and willowy, Aquarendi, in the waters of Davania and near
have blue green hair and lighter skin of the Alphatia, but I know little or nothing about
same colors. Their history is very ancient and these other groups, even though it seems
they retain it carefully. Born in the coastal that they are not very different from the
waters of Evergrun, they went to live with the Aquarendi of Minrothad, only more
elves of the land during the period of isolationist than the ones in Davania and
splendor of the realm. But then, realizing the more open towards other races than the
catastrophe that was coming, they returned ones in Alphatia.
to the sea. After the Great Rain of Fire they
believed they were the only elves left in
Mystara, until they discovered the existence


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

VYALIA This clan is divided into two groups, Alfheim, following the dream of the priestess
one who lives to the east, in Thyatis, and one who was leading them. The Callarii are of tall
in the west, in Traladara. Both groups are of stature, have pale skin, blond hair and light
tall stature, have silvery blond hair and eyes blue or, rarely, green eyes. They are a clan
that seem silvery too. Both groups are very that loves horses and rivers, and so are
interested in poetry and magic, and appear excellent riders and navigators. They are a
distant, serious and mysterious. Both have clan of warriors, and they form the elite unit
strong mental discipline and a sense of great of the army of Traladara. They have a strong
fellowship with nature and with "The Dream sense of honor and only fight for just causes.
of the World" as they like to say. They also The Callarii favor long-term relationships,
have an order of warriors which fights in a but often young people have widened
trance, and which nonetheless is truly lethal emotional bonds as the Grunalf of Alfheim.
in battle. There are differences between the
Eastern Group (Thyatian) and Western group
(Traladaran): firstly the easterners have more
dealings with the humans around them, and After being in Traladara I went to the north,
have also served in the Thyatian army when to visit the elven clans of Glantri, of Wendar
they believed in the cause for which they and Norwold. I began in the powerful realm
fought, whereas the westerners love peace, of magic.
and never attack someone, if not to defend
nature. Secondly the easterners tend to be
more practical and open, while the
westerners more isolationist and dreamers. EREWAN The clan, which now constitutes a
Both favor the emotional relationships that principality in Glantri, was born 300 years
last a lifetime, and have a strong sense of ago from the Erendyl of Alfheim, making it
unity. Unlike other elves they remain focused the newest clan of the ones I know. They
on their work and devote to it all their have fair skin, blond hair and green eyes.
energies, even if the westerners tend to be Their emotional relationships are often long
slower. The Vyalia settled in their territories lasting, but they also have short liaisons as
in 2200 BC, after being separated from the the Shiye. They're obviously very interested
Ilsundal migration like the Verdier. The in magic, and bitter enemies of the
separation between easterners and humanoids who live close to their borders.
westerners instead took place just 1,000 They desire to look very sophisticated and
years ago. noble (even more so than the Erendyl!), and
they love art. At the beginning they were part
of the principality of Belcadiz, but since they
hardly coexisted with them, they founded a
CALLARII This clan lives in Traladara, further new principality. They are defenders of
west than the western Vyalia, and is very nature to a level close to fanaticism, even
integrated with the local humans. The clan though deep down they are less integrated
lived with the others in the Sylvan Realm, but with it than many other elves. They left
they came south just after the creation of Alfheim because they had more faith in magic


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

than in Immortals, but now that clerics can a very human way. Throughout their history
enter Glantri again the elven religions are they have often had to fight with the humans
spreading. of Denagoth, the nation just north of
Wendar. The Gellereth usually have lasting
emotional relationships and give much
importance to marriage, but there are cases
BELCADIZ These elves have olive skin, black of divorce. They have blond hair, that they
hair and dark eyes. They are also shorter in often keep very long, pale skin and pale blue
stature than all the other elves I know. Their and gray eyes. They do not use a lot of magic
language is very similar to the human even if they have many relationships with the
languages of the Savage Coast. In emotional fairy people. They worship a group of
relationships they tend to behave like immortals who are called the Korrigans1.
humans, with jealousy, betrayal and duels of
honor. In fact they are very passionate and
proud and easily offended. They have a
minimal relationship with nature, while they GEFFRONELL They lived in the area of the
are very good in metallurgy. They love Denagoth, but a century ago were defeated
holidays, luxury and wealth, although they and almost exterminated. Now some of them
are still more supportive of each other than live in Wendar, while others have hidden in
humans. They fled the Savage Coast to the forests of Geffron, initially to conduct a
maintain their faith in the Goddess of Love, constant guerrilla warfare, but now only to
Valerias, but then they officially abandoned wait for death in their homeland. They too
her while living in Glantri. Now that religions revere the Korrigans and seem to have been
are spreading again, the Belcadiz are once the ones who taught their faith to the
again turning toward their former patroness Gellereth. The Geffronell have very light
Valerias, but also to Eyrindul (the lord of the blond hair, very pale skin and very light blue,
Shiye). There are even rumors of infiltrations green or gray eyes. They have a deep sense of
by Rafiel's followers, some of which were belonging to nature and great courage in
exiled to Aengmor in 1010 AC. battle. Their unions are always exclusive and
permanent. The few I have met seemed very
serious and sad at the loss of their beloved
GELLERETH After Glantri I went to Wendar,
known as Genalleth in elvish, where elves
and humans coexist quite peacefully, even if
the rulership of the nation is in the hands of
the elves, who are the majority. The Elves of
Wendar all belong to one clan, and are very 1 I e l a b o ra te d a b it o n the his to ry o f the s e
adapted to the nature of their cold and Im m o rta l s in m y a rtic l e o n N e w B l a c k m o o r,
snowy land. Their customs are actually quite 3 0 5 0 B C, in Thre s ho l d is s ue #5 . M o re
info rm a tio n (a nd d iffe re nt the o rie s ) m a y a l s o
similar to the humans in the area as they b e fo und in “ The Ko rriga ns ” a nd “ We nd a r: A
appreciate liquors, fighting and celebrate in M ini G a z e tte e r” a t the Va ul ts o f Pa nd ius .


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

The DUNESHIYE The Shiye of the West are ground. I discovered a cave system where I
those who over the last thousand years, and met the Graakhalia. The Graakhalia are a
especially in the last 500, moved from nation of elves and gnolls ... elves and gnolls
Alphatia to Norwold. Initially very closed to who live together and cooperate, as strange
outsiders, they are now well integrated in the and incredible as this may seem. A
society of the country, where there are even Graakhalian told me how this strange
some barons belonging to the elven race. partnership was created: when the Sheyallia
The Duneshiye are tall, have brown hair and arrived in the caves, they found them already
dark green or purple eyes. They are less inhabited by a clan of gnolls. Initially the two
interested in magic than the Alphatian Shiye, peoples fought or avoided each other, since
and they look a bit too human to us Shiye. a full-scale war was counterproductive for
They have many relations with the fairy both, given the difficulties of survival in the
people. Normally they have different caves. Over the course of a century, however,
emotional relationships throughout their elves and gnolls learned that cooperation
lives, but they usually get married at some was the best thing for both. Now the two
point. They have adapted very well to the races live together as one people, although
cold natural environment of the northern obviously they cannot marry and mix. After
lands, and compared to the Alphatian Shiye the fall of the Sylvan Realm there were
they have a much more favourable vision of problems when some Feadil arrived in the
the war. In fact, besides Eyrindul they also caves and fomented new racial hatred, but
they worship the Norse Immortals, such as soon then most xenophobic elements were
Wotan and Donar, and especially Frey and exiled and life returned to normal in
Freya, whose religions they took from the Graakhalia. Now the two peoples live in
inhabitants of Norwold. friendship and everyone speaks the other's
language. They share everything they own
and they have common customs: both
cremate the dead, elves and gnolls share in
After meeting all the elven clans of the the rearing of youngsters from both races,
Known World I began traveling toward the and they use the names of the two languages
Savage Coast, but during the trip I met equally. They also have a strict code of honor
another clan of elves, particularly surprising. which requires tolerance of all races and of
all individuals who are not immediately
hostile. These elves still have characteristics
similar to those of other elves, they never
SHEYALLIA After their escape from the rush in their duties and they love to play and
Serpent Peninsula very little was known of joke. These elves are usually monogamous
this clan, except that they could be hiding in and their relationships are durable. Having
the caves under the Great Plain of Fire, the previously lived among black skinned
vast desert that separates Sind from Hule. Yavdlom men, the Sheyallia now have a bit of
And just as I was travelling in this desert, a their blood. Most of them therefore have
sandstorm separated me from the rest of the brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin,
caravan, and made me fall into a hole in the despite their underground life.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

they eyes. have blond hair and red benevolent Immortal of fire that opposes an eyes. as the humans in the area diehards who never left the Realm. Bellayne. (The area is called the Baronies of ideals of nobility and courage predominant the Guardian. Almarrón and Saragón bards of Mystara are the Alhamil. The empire took its name from the elves who live by the sea are also excellent elven clan after defeating the human tribes navigators. believe in an egalitarian and tolerant love fighting and appreciate courage. but not and beauty and follow Valerias or the elven as good as the Destreza. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations DESTREZA The elves in the eastern area of the worship the Mother Goddess of nature and Savage Coast are similar to the Belcadiz of the elven Immortals. they are very emotional relationships. that caused the fall of the Sylvan Realm. All the often are followers of Diulanna. Narvaez's Alhamil are very well integrated in human elves are also warriors. They are passionate and Glantri. much more than the intolerant religiosity of the barony. They love are more interested in magic. otherwise. and are fascinated by of northern Brun called the Yezchamenid magic. poetry and songs. culture the sea and are often good mariners. but even ALHAMIL The Elves who live in the western if they worship the elven Immortals. trade. have blonde hair and blue eyes. The Elves of ruler). They too are talented in metallurgy. in a cosmic 31 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The attitudes vary from barony to barony. Immortals. I also believe that the best elven Destreza of Gargoña. The Elves of Robrenn are humans of the area. They marry like humans and independent and do not respond to a single their unions are durable. merchants and sometimes pirates. Being derived from the Feadil. their and appreciate courage and nobility. but they keep their elven culture. In combat they use this strange and These humans have therefore always been dangerous invention that is called friends of the elves. The Yezachil are the smokepowder. The Destreza of the city states of the Gulf of Hule. many of language of the human baronies in which them are knights and paladins and share the they live. All the Destreza Empire. although the baronies are in the nation. They have olive skin and eyes and brave but they usually have long and stable black hair. evil Immortal of darkness. and passionate relationships. poetry. and is based on a of medium height. the nation of rakasta: the cat men. and society and are great magicians. The Elves of Herath have blond hair and green Destreza of Torreon are great warriors. Vanya and many share the strong and rather and the Elvish language. they love festivals and duels and have short have blonde or brown hair and blue eyes. The Destreza. their half of the Savage Coast mainly inhabit four religion became integrated with that of the different countries. and who also do. worship Ixion or societies. Many of them are bards or druids. Like the Belcadiz. several times risked total extermination. so they love YEZACHIL These elves live in a human nation adventures. they too are tall and pale. are dominated by Traladaran culture and have absorbed the human culture of the area. As the Feadil they are very religious. The Elves of Eusdria proud and passionate and speak the have dark blond hair and blue eyes.

Aeryl. The clan lives in a realm surrounded by high mountains. and they are used to having to deal with bureaucracy and not very different from the other elves in other stupid human inventions. I 32 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and the only other nation they consider friendly is the kingdom of Eshu. Even their society is have not visited the kingdom of Aeryl. Given the religion they adopted. although of course they are very quite inconceivable for an elf! I have not close friends of the fairies of the air. it seems they are also very experienced in but then they settle for life with one mate. but also still revere the elven Immortals. They do not trust strangers. and is also one of the most extraordinary and mysterious. so that now all Ee'aar have wings. or rather it was the eponymous heroine of their nation. They have white wings. but very similar to that of the humans. Aeryl lived long enough among the fairies to develop magnificent wings. a word that means something unknown to me in the language of the fairies of the air. but from what build tall and wonderful towers and they are I read and heard they marry with the same very united and supportive of each others. blond hair and blue eyes. They personally visited the Yezachil. EARIEL This clan is the last clan of Brun known to me. several different companions when young. The Eariel now call themselves the Ee'aar. while the common minotaurs are a degeneration). Here they met the fairies of the air. friends of the great eagles and the Pegataurs who live among them. in 2300 BC. who met them. In ceremony that humans use and their unions emotional relationships it seems they have are durable. something character. pyromancy. During the Ilsundal migration. and passed them on to his descendants. so that from what I've found out it seems that they now the Yezachil are very tolerant. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations conflict without end. They are also closely allied with the Pegataur ( winged centaurs) living in the empire. this clan was separated from the others and settled on the Arm of the Immortals. inhabited by winged minotaurs (who apparently are the original race. and are tall and willowy.

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

These are all the clans of Brun, which is eyes and in emotional relationships they
currently the continent where almost all seem to have many short relationships like
elves now live. I do not think that there are the Shiye. In fact, this clan separated from
other clans on Brun of which I am unaware, the Shiye, which for us is certainly not a
but it is possible that there are particularly source of pride. Closed in their isolationist
isolated groups, of which we know nothing. and tyrannical country, it seems that these
The continent is well known enough, but the elves are quite decadent. They justify their
central area, home of human and humanoid behavior with the idea that as the humans
barbarians, is largely unexplored. were the cause of the Great Rain of Fire, they
should all be enslaved to prevent them from
Before going any further it should be noted doing any further damage. Near to them
that no clan of elves dwell in Skothar, at the there is also a former colony of dwarves,
present state of our knowledge. The Meriallis which obviously does not have friendly
obviously lived in Skothar, but elven scholars relations with the Kyrtellar (who now call
in general think they shared the fate of themselves the Kwythellar).
Blackmoor, as they have done throughout
their history, and therefore none of them
survived the Great Rain of Fire.
THINYL This clan, as the Meriallis, seems to
Regarding Davania, of which I will now tell, be completely extinct. The Thinyl are the
it was the original home of the elven people, only clan who remained in Davania,
and although now there seems that only a continuing to rely on Technomancy. Their
few clans are left, it is possible that in the fate is known because Alphatian wizards
continent live many other groups of elves found the lost city of Thimhallan, apparently
that have not been heard from in millenia. the last refuge of this clan. In the city they
found the entire population dead and frozen,
except for four elves who were closed in
glass coffins. Alphatian wizards managed to
KYRTELLAR This group is the best known in wake them up, but subsequent incidents
Davania, since it left the other elves before with Technomancy resulted in the deaths of
the Ilsundal migration crossed the sea. They the four elves, the last of the Thinyl. Now
now live by the north-western coast of Thimhallan, which is the place where
Davania, in constant conflict with a Serraine, the flying city of gnomes,
neighboring nation of goblins and are hated originated, is the College of Technomancy of
by all the humans in the region, which these the Empire of Alphatia (although this news
elves use as slaves. I have no direct has not been made public outside the
experience of this clan, and in all honesty I borders of the Empire). In the city there are
am not sure I want to, but it seems they are currently living humans, dwarves and Shiye
very good with magic (which by the way they elves from Alphatia, and two of the three
also used to cause mutations in their human wizards who have rediscovered the city are
and goblin slaves) and are very proud and leading the school. Since then however,
aggressive. They have brown hair and brown much more information has been found on


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

other groups of elves still inhabiting ¶ In the last year new information has led
Davania1. It is hard to say at the moment if me to revise the above position. It seems
and how they are related to the ancient that many groups of elves still survive in
Thinyl. Davania, and some uncertain reports from
Thimhallan seems to suggest that even the
ancient Evergrun still exists!2
The following paragraphs about the
N'DJATWA During his travels aboard the Shadowelves and the elves of the Hollow
famous airship The Princess of Ark, Imperial World were written years ago, when I had
Admiral Haldemar of Haaken met in the the chance to reach that hidden land
south of Davania, just north of Thimhallan, a through the world elevator in Aegos. Now
society of ogre-elf crossbreeds. These beings, that I live in the Hollow World I have come
who call themselves N'djatwa, keep human to know the below clans even better but,
slaves and sometimes eat them. From what I even if I came to understand their history
was told by the admiral, and from my much better, I have nothing to add to
knowledge of elven history, I would say that these descriptions.
the elves had to be in the area long before
the ogres. It seems that they were Thinyl who SHADOWELVES (the four lost clans) The
fled from the irreparable loss of their Shadowelves live in a vast system of
civilization. Forced to live in a terrible underground caves below Alfheim, Darokin
situation, they became wild and cruel. When and the Broken Lands. Forced to take refuge
a tribe of ogres arrived in the area they had in the darkness after the Great Rain of Fire,
no difficulty forming an alliance with them and then again by the Cataclysm of 1700 BC,
against humans and gnomes. Despite their they come out of their subterranean realm in
customs they seem to have a strong and recent years and conquered Alfheim. They
complex society, and the Empire of Alphatia have pale grayish skin, in different shades,
has had some contact with this country (once white hair and black eyes, and are not very
it was established that they would not tall. I was able to talk to an Alfheim elf who,
attempt to cook Alphatians). several years ago, had managed to infiltrate
them as a spy, obviously camouflaged, and
As shown by my descriptions above, it seems he told me about their society. They worship
that but a few elves live in Davania in modern an Immortal named Rafiel, who for them is
times, and those are degenerates. I have very important. The religious precepts of
some vague indication that there may be Rafiel are law for them, and the Shamans of
elves in the human matriarchy of Pelatan. Rafiel (of which 55% are women) are very
The area was elven before the cataclysm, and powerful in their society. The Shamans
it may be that there are still some elves or worship crystals, which according to
that the human population has elven blood. tradition contain the souls of the dead, and
But too little is known of the distant nation they do it with powerful magic. According to
to give an answer right now. the Shamans, souls go to the crystals waiting
to reincarnate. Religious ceremonies are
1 S e e Thre s ho l d is s ue #5 fo r m o re
info rm a tio n. 2 ib id .


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

taken very seriously, but are also a bit sad. Schattenalfen, which in their degenerated
The dark elves usually marry for love, and language means "Elves of darkness" but I
often it is the women who decide. If a spouse know who they once were. They were the
dies the other normally remarries. The Issarthyl, the clan who lived in the area of
descent is matrilineal (the children belong to Glantri and was driven underground by the
the clan of the mother). Usually they marry Cataclysm of 1700 BC. They were a noble
with a person who is not of their clan, and people, but during their stay in the dark,
this has softened over the centuries the desperate and close to death, have been
differences between clans, although each corrupted by the teachings of a dark
clan has its own city. Celebryl is the clan of Immortal, Atzanteotl, which once was one of
the government and of the warriors, the them. I managed to infiltrate their caves at
Porador the clan of agriculture, the Felestyr the risk of my life, and I observed them
the clan of miners and clerics (both have to closely. They also abandon their deformed
do with crystals) and the Gelbalf clan of silk, children (they do have more than the
spiders and magic. The Shadowelves have a Shadowelves) and exile their elders. They too
fairly rigid society, which appreciates work have a matrilineal descent, but among them
and commitment and despises waste and the women are more often warriors or mages
errors. The lighthearted nature so than clerics. Their religion is not as strong as
predominant among surface elves in them that of Rafiel among the Shadowelves, but
manifests itself only during the rare evening much more despotic. They preach their right
festivities. Their dances and their music are to dominate every other race and seek
very beautiful, but also quite sorrowful. The revenge against the races of the surface. They
elves who are more than 800 years old are have few clerics and a few wizards, and an
exiled, and imperfect children are architecture similar to that of a human nation
abandoned (Shadowelves are more prolific of the Hollow World, the Azca, and very
than surface elves, but often their children different from that of the Shadowelves. They
have malformations, due to the cataclysm of do not give special meaning to crystals. They
1700 BC). They say "Rafiel will lead them", have a very hierarchical society, and where
but I think the best place Rafiel can guide the Shadowelves cooperate willingly as other
them is toward a quick death. elves do, the Schattenalfen give and suffer
commands as the humans. Yet I must
SCHATTENALFEN After hearing about the recognize they have a certain social
Shadowelves and after learning what they solidarity, and their society is not
had done to Alfheim, I thought they competitive: they are too busy hating all
inhabited the deepest moral abyss in which other races to hate each other. They love war
elves could go down, deeper than the one and massacres, and their parties are
reached by the Kirtellar. But I was wrong. decadent, with liquor and excesses. They
During my travels in the Hollow World I met marry, and their marriages are lasting, but
three clans of elves, and one of these clans is are not particularly faithful. Yet such
more dark and cruel than the worst of the behavior is accepted and considered normal.
Shadowelves from the Outside World could The only honorable custom they have is the
ever be. Now they call themselves right of adoption: any elf who applies to be


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations

adopted by them, whatever his or her clan is, law and the surface elves practice without a
will be accepted in their society. However he need to codify, but an essential trait of the
or she will have to marry a Schattenalfen Elven society in both.
(even if he or she is already married) and will
be constantly monitored. In any case, only
recently have they had contacts with
Shadowelves, and they do not know other TRUEDYL (The Gentle Folk) This clan settled
clans of elves. The Schattenalfen are of small in Glantri several centuries ago, but was
stature (5.25 feet or less), have pale white driven out by the Cataclysm of 1700 BC and
skin, white or steel gray hair, blue-gray or, moved into the land which is now the Five
rarely yellow, eyes. They suffer much Shires, the land of halfings. When the great
sunlight to the skin and the eyes, and even humanoid invasion reached the area, the
though their caves are often lit, they live for Truedyl would have certainly been wiped
most of the time in total darkness (while the out, but somehow they managed to escape
Shadowelves normally illuminate every into the Hollow World and save themselves;
corner with fire or magic). and here I have met with them. These elves
have a complex culture, closely connected to
their history. They blame themselves for the
cataclysm of 1700 BC, which was caused by a
I want to add a little note, for the humans strange artifact they found buried
who will read this report, about the underground. This incident made them feel
matriarchal customs of the Shadowelves. It guilty for a long time, and took away all their
might seem that among them women are joy in life. So they have become very
more important than they are among surface philosophical and fatalistic, and many of
elves, but this is not true. Simply the other them live in a kind of resigned sadness. They
societies of surface elves do not need laws to love to discuss philosophy and history, and
codify basic rules of social coexistence that their poems and their music are so beautiful
all normally respect. Therefore they have no that I was deeply impressed. No other clan of
laws on matrilineal descent because every elf elves, maybe not even the Alhamil or the
can choose freely between the clan of the Erendyl, have so beautiful a poetry. Yet their
father and the mother without a law to tell poetry is always sad and melancholy. They do
him which one to choose, and the assets of not care about anything material, or clothes
the family are distributed more equally. or food or housing. Often they run naked
There are clans in which women participate and barefoot because they do not bother to
more or less in politics or other fields of get dressed, eat the fruits of the forest
activity, but in all societies elven males and without food preparation, and occasionally
females have the same rights and are sleep in shelters or on beds of leaves and
considered equal, unlike what often happens flowers. They live in a beautiful and
among the humans. So what you humans charming forest, where no animal ever hurts
might call a "matriarchy" is simply equality them and the weather is always nice and
between males and females, something that warm. The trees are full of fruits and so the
the Shadowelves have encoded within the Truedyl do not have to do any hard work for


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

and are often dressed in forest. their resigned WYRDIL These elves live in the cold sadness seems to follow them everywhere. Often they are educated by the father and the daughters eat the fruit of a tree growing in the forest. Among discussion. golden hair and green and light more mates. and the pale and have blond or red hair and blue or destruction of Evergrun. The Elven Clans and Their Migrations a living. before technomancy for elves. They are and the Great Rain of Fire. as was the life of all the afraid of any difficulties. things are beginning to a supporting function. but spend a lot of time circumstances. killing them one by one and not heavy fur. with males having only living with them. and no one dares to attack them for process. as I learned by women usually hunt. Despite all this. and the humans who live close spirits. They are unable to feel enthusiasm and are They too lived in Glantri before the cataclysm not capable of desire and will. and defy it games. A goblin could get into their brave warriors. Now there are many who feel happiness and joy and seek fun and oppose this practice. but it seems that this does not cause lived with joy and lightness. The Truedyl are of green eyes. which is not and charming forest. have fair skin with a companion but in their youth they often have golden hue. They are very robust elves in ancient times. This causes a lot of their jokes without taking offense. Truedyl and allow them to live the life they Although they are always cheerful. a beautiful life in a beautiful are a tough and hardened clan. so maybe it will eventually disappear. for the first time in a long time. Many young people who have had willed but like to joke. however. They are very strong- change. and even if they killed. not even to defend outdoors. however. But despite this. 37 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Male children them any emotion or excitement. so days. they are learning to of the cataclysm. they are with Alphatians and are starting to question also very hospitable. mountains of the north of the Hollow world. If someone gets Immortals. encounter any opposition. even more than one at a time. They are excellent hunters and themselves. They follow the Norse them from outside intrusion. with whom. and spend much time in friendly to them consider them sacred and defend matches on the snow. These contentment. They consider this a hard necessity so do not put in discussion the absolute as to prevent the spreading of the mutations pacifism of the Truedyl. and usually these children are live in a less subdued state. often at the expense contact with the fairy folk. with humans or of foreigners. by their mother. and fled for their lives under the happiness they can reach is a gentle ground down to the Hollow World. want to deformities. The change will probably be a long openly. Young them it happens that children are born with elves. Frey and Freya in particular. but I think it will do well for the this. and hurt in their forest they treat him and feed their religiosity tends to be very practical and him. Males usually excel in the which makes them live in a dreamy state for use of the spear and women in archery. and do not use violence under any against the cold. They love parties and banquets. Yet the Immortals with a slightly un-elven love for very strong protect them. purple eyes. They often live with only one moderately tall stature. the Wirdyl have at hand. The maximum of 1700 BC. but still calm discussions. and rather tall of stature. They are always calm and elves often live in caves dug into the rock quiet. recently. if the visitor accepts the system of clan life.

The Elven Clans and Their Migrations And so ends my brief description of the elves Bibliography: of Mystara. new annotations to the by Daniel Boese Imperial University. as The Unofficial Timeline of Mystara soon as possible. by John Calvin 38 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . that I have really described all the clans of our (All below chronologies may differ from world. by Havard Elves post the Great Rain of Fire. I am not sure. of course. by Christopher Cherrington Elven Migrations. If I have more news I will send. but I've told everything I know about mine in several dates and details) the clans that I have encountered in my long journeys. by Sheldon Morris Elven Migrations. by Shawn Stanley Wendar-Denagoth Timeline by Marco Dalmonte and Shawn Stanley Elven Timeline. Elven Migrations.

and classed fighters and magic-users. fighter. while elves held a role as dual. Elves of Mystara . able to choose from amongst four class professions: cleric. or 2 Intro d uc e d in G AZ 6 The D wa rve s Of R o c k ho m e . on the other hand. 39 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . elves. limited to one the Mystara campaign setting have option based upon their race. halfling master3. were 1 Intro d uc e d in G AZ 5 The El ve s Of Al fhe im .Elven Class Variants Elf Class Variants and Sub-Classes for BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia D&D by Craig Antoun (Irondrake) INTRODUCTION thief. This simplified character class system worked well overall. and halflings were treated as Over the years. including the elf fighters. but the race as class feature often left many players desiring more In the earliest editions of the Dungeons & options for their demi-human characters. wizard1. official D&D sourcebooks for individual character classes. dwarf cleric2. Thus. Human player characters. dwarves introduced a few variations on the standard and halflings held a similar function as demi-human classes. Dragons Role-Playing Game. the races of dwarves. magic-user.

thief. There Cyc l o pe d ia is a c o m pil a tio n o f the D &D are elves. such as cleric. druids. all demi-human characters. knowledge of all weapons. Elves also have an average lifespan of 800 years. this article damage from all breath attacks. Upon reaching 1. thieves. elves gain a resistance to use with B/X D&D3. Labyrinth Lord. automatically taking half Dungeons rule sets. Expe rt. orc. knight. This article explores elven class variants and an ability to understand and speak within the game mechanics presented in the several additional languages— elf. magic-users. gnoll. and wizard. the elven Within elven culture.600. and Dark breath weapons. transition into several sub-classes. Additionally. Using these Elven Racial Abilities official class variants as design templates. Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia2. which a also takes a look at elven sub-classes successful saving throw reduces to one- presented in previous canon and fanon works. and warrior. e d ite d into o ne their racial affinity with magic. 40 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . armor. quarter damage. I have created additional class options for As detailed in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. and hobgoblin. Innate Magical Ability Elves have innate magical ability. druid. 3 B / X D &D re fe rs to the 1 9 8 1 D &D B a s ic rul e b o o k b y To m M o l d va y a nd the 1 9 8 1 D &D Expe rt rul e b o o k b y D a vid Co o k a nd S te ve M a rs h. electing vo l um e b y Aa ro n Al l s to n. infravision 60’. Elves of Mystara . expanding the race elves have the following racial abilities: as class feature of the game. Combined with their formative 1 Intro d uc e d in G AZ 1 3 The S ha d o w El ve s . choosing to overlook B a s ic . every child is taught from a young adventuring classes. encompasses a wide range of weaponry elven clerics. Training elven clans as traditional fighter/magic-users. however. a nd M a s te r rul e s e ts b y F ra nk M e ntz e r. the young life. THE ELVES OF MYSTARA Martial Training Of all Mystara’s demi-human races. paladin. While not as prevalent in age the ways of the warrior. martial arts are so race is by far the most versatile with regard to valued. In addition. enhanced secret and hidden door detection. martial training.000 These class variants can easily be adapted for experience points. at higher levels. the majority of elves tend 2 The D unge o ns & D ra go ns R ul e s toward the fighter/magic-user class. instead to pursue other professions. Co m pa nio n. allowing them to cast spells unhindered while wearing 3 Intro d uc e d in G AZ 8 The F ive S hire s . granting them a general standard elf class may. immunity to ghoul paralysis. including the avenger.Elven Class Variants even the shadow elf shaman1. druidic knight. during the first several decades of an elf’s and warriors do exist.

These in both the D&D Expert and Master rule sets. - 4 2 2 . was erroneously copied from the classes are able to progress magic-user class located on Page 19. and basic Boxed text in the Rules Cyclopedia. - 3 2 1 . an elven character can detect secret and hidden increased combat skills are doors on a roll of a 1-2 on a d6. .Elven Class Variants Level Limitations D&D Rules Cyclopedia Errata Elves. indicates weapon mastery in all weapons an elf gains +1 hit point at 10th level. extraordinary saving throws. Page 26. - 5 2 2 1 . This is incorrect. . Elves of Mystara . Page training with humans. and only the elf magic-user and elf wizard classes Elf Spells / Level are capable of this Level 1 2 3 4 5 accomplishment. 41 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . as indicated in both the D&D Expert and Companion Although elves are limited to 10th rule sets. This limitation is balanced Cyclopedia. and should read an elf gains +2 hit points at 10th level. Page 25. Elf Spell Progression: The elven spell progression chart in the Rules Nonetheless. regardless of their class. level in their chosen class profession. - 6 3 2 2 . Hit Dice: superior fighting skills. by their special racial abilities. and is also found spellcasting ability only. . are The following errata1 pertains to the elf class limited in advancement to 10th presented in the Dungeons & Dragons Rules level. This ability is represented in attack ranks which explained on Page 147. - 7 3 3 2 1 - 8 4 3 2 2 - 9 4 4 3 2 - 10 5 4 3 2 1 1 Erra ta pro vid e d fro m “ D &D R ul e s Cyc l o pe d ia Erra ta a nd Co m pa nio n D o c um e nt” b y Aa ro n Ol ive r. not restricted by class. . . These 25. are achieved as the elf continues to earn experience points. a select few elven Cyclopedia. - 2 2 . but in progression is detailed on Table 1. . they may continue to Detection: improve in combat ability by Accidently omitted from the Rules Cyclopedia. The correct spell beyond the 10th level. 1 1 . additional levels are known as “magic” levels.

Elven Class Variants Elven clerics are commonly found within the Elf Cleric Alphatian Empire. Kingdoms of Ghyr and Wendar. Gain or ceremonies within the clan as additional weapon choices as a standard Treekeepers.000 XP take Immortals. their clerical teachings to tend to the spiritual Alignment: Any. Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn. unless permitted by Immortal Immortal’s protection. elven clerics can originate in these countries as well. communities bereft of a Tree of Life. patron. Elf Cleric Class Details Prime Requisite: Wisdom. While rare within the nations of the Known World. and Constitution adjustment no longer applies. At 10th level +2 hit points. hobgoblin. 1 in 3 chance to detect secret and hidden doors. and kingdoms of the Western Alliance. the Northern Wildlands. elven magic granted to the Treekeepers by Skills: Required to take Ceremony. Ilsundal. Maximum Level: 10th Saving Throws: As Elf of equivalent Elves who follow this holy path are religious level. do not perform the same function weapons not restricted to clerics. all others permitted. Immortal Ilsundal. Special Abilities: Clerical spells. and Treewalking at 1st level. needs of their elven brethren while Armor: Any. extra languages (elf. Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. immunity to It should be noted that elven clerics of the ghoul paralysis. Experience Bonus: 5% for Wisdom 13- 15. Other Requirements: Intelligence score of 9 or more. Shield permitted. Elves of Mystara . worshiping non-elven patrons is half damage from breath weapons. employing their martial ability to combat Weapons: No edged or pointed physical threats to those under their weapons.600. especially within elven infravision. gnoll. 10% for Wisdom16-18. orc). 42 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . nor are they able to harness elf. not unheard of. using THACO: As Cleric of equivalent level. though treated with equal Weapon Mastery: Basic mastery in all reverence. crusaders for their Immortal patron. at 1. Though customarily honoring elven Turning Undead. Tracking. Norwold.

the elf cleric can memorize and cast clerical spells. Clerical Spells: Starting at 2nd level. with their affinity for nature. the Kingdom of Eusdria. elf For elves who desire the company of the clerics may continue to improve their combat trees more than the friendship of their ability with attack ranks. for details of XP progression) Elven druids function in the same manner as a normal human druid. 43 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . 1 The o rigina l ve rs io n o f the e l f d ruid wa s firs t intro d uc e d b y B ruc e He a rd in D ra go n M a ga z ine Is s ue # 1 7 8 (F e b rua ry 1 9 9 2 ). he is called a patriarch (if male) or matriarch (if female). and the Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn. although their companions. 2 S e ve ra l ne w s pe c ia l a b il itie s o f the d ruid c l a s s we re d e ta il e d b y B ruc e He a rd in D ra go n M a ga z ine Is s ue # 1 7 7 (J a nua ry 1 9 9 2 ).Elven Class Variants Special Abilities ELF DRUID Turning Undead: Elven clerics function as regular human clerics with regards to turning undead. the path of the druid1 beckons. Druids of elven origins may be found anywhere in Mystara. elves make (See Table 4 in the Appendix to this article exceptional druids. but are particularly prevalent in Alfheim. Further Advancement: After reaching maximum level (10th). Elves of Mystara . ability to cast clerical spells and turn undead Due to their incredible warrior skills coupled cease to progress beyond this point. and gain all of the same special abilities of the class2. and turn undead as a cleric of equivalent level. Higher Experience Levels When an elf cleric reaches Name level (9th).

extra languages (elf. gnoll. at 6th level gain speak with animals ability. magic-user and elf spells (although they are Armor: Leather armor. Weapons must be made with no of Alfheim) metal. Gain At 6th level the elf druid gains the ability to additional weapon choices as a standard elf. club. R ul e s Cyc l o pe d ia Erra ta a nd Co m pa nio n D o c um e nt” b y Aa ro n Ol ive r. constructed from natural materials. 1 in 3 chance to detect transmute rock to mud (GAZ5 secret and hidden doors. speak with animals2 as the mystic ability. staff. for Maximum Level: 10th example). Special Abilities: Clerical and druidic 2nd level – entangle spells. hand Elves of Alfheim) axe.000 XP gain shapechange ability. druid can memorize and cast both clerical Experience Bonus: 5% for Wisdom 13-15. Druidic Spells: Other Requirements: Intelligence score Starting at the 2nd level of experience. 5th level – charm plant (7th level M-U spell) hobgoblin. mace. at 1. 2 The sp e a k wit h a n im a ls a b il ity c o m e s fro m “ D &D R ul e s Cyc l o pe d ia Erra ta a nd Co m pa nio n D o c um e nt” b y Aa ro n Ol ive r. and druidic spells. Skills: Required to take Ceremony. and watcher (from GAZ5 The Elves sling. Tracking. Nature The druid may speak with any normal or Lore. Druids also gain access to the following Alignment: Neutral. war hammer.Elven Class Variants Elf Druid Class Details Special Abilities Prime Requisites: Wisdom. at hallucinatory terrain (outdoors) 2. 44 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . at 10th level becomes immune to 3rd level – clairvoyance (animals only) poison. the elf of 9 or more. At Elven druids can cast any spells that clerics 10th level +2 hit points. Weapon Mastery: Basic mastery in all Speak with Animals: weapons not restricted to druids.400. spear. and Constitution can except for those which affect good or evil adjustment no longer applies. infravision. Next available skill choices should 1 D ruid ic s pe l l s e l e c tio n c o m e s fro m “ D &D include Healing. Shield permitted if made only of wood and leather. Elves of Mystara .000 XP take half 4th level – growth of plants damage from breath weapons. at 1.600. scale mail if treated as normal druid spells)1. dagger. 1st level – precipitation (from GAZ5 The Weapons: Blowgun. and Survival.500. Saving Throws: As Elf of equivalent level. immunity to The Elves of Alfheim) ghoul paralysis. and Treewalking at 1st level. THACO: As Cleric of equivalent level.000 XP may use cauldron as a crystal ball. Snare. 10% for Wisdom16-18 Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. (protection from evil or dispel evil. orc).

The reached her maximum spellcasting ability. her. The Circle of Nine: Per region there are only nine druids of 30th Higher Experience Levels level (usually referred to as the Circle of Nine2). two of receive the title of druid.000 XP (attack rank K) is the equivalent to a 30th Druidic Homes: level human druid. bears. It is s ugge s te d a s a n o ptio n fo r hum a n d ruid s in 2 The Circ l e o f N ine we re d e ta il e d b y B ruc e “ D &D R ul e s Cyc l o pe d ia Erra ta a nd He a rd in D ra go n M a ga z ine Is s ue # 1 7 7 Co m pa nio n D o c um e nt” b y Aa ro n Ol ive r. whether male or 35th level. Druid). making her eligible to At 9th level or higher an elf druid may build a join the Circle of Nine.500. an elf druid can create a magical torc used by that druid Further Advancement: alone. the druids eligible to fill that position must 1 The d ruid ic ho m e is id e ntic a l to e l ve n compete with each other to advance in s tro ngho l d s a s pe r the R ul e s Cyc l o pe d ia . It allows the elf druid to shapechange Upon achieving 10th level. 45 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and one of 36th level (the Great female.500.Elven Class Variants giant animal as often as desired. etc. carry news of events. on the edges of quiet theirs. special home deep in the forest she protects. her normal shape. or behind rushing waterfalls. the elf druid has into any non-magical woodland animal.000 XP (attack rank K). All normal poison. However. (J a nua ry 1 9 9 2 ).400. etc. back and forth. five of 32nd level. appearing with the elf druid when regaining making her a powerful druidic warrior. becomes immune to all forms of natural squirrels. Elf druids at Name (9th) level or above four of 33rd level. In return for these services. the elf Immune to Poison: druid will develop a friendship with the Upon reaching 10th level the elf druid animals of the forests (birds. elf druid can do this at will. animals of great beauty. Elves of Mystara . Animals will be able to warn of At 1. This druidic home1 must pleasingly blend Unless there is a vacant spot among the with its surroundings. rabbits. the animals will Shapechange: expect the elf druid to help and protect them When reaching the Circle of Nine at from unnatural dangers. foxes. though no animal is forced to talk to vales. Typical locations are within understand the speech and she understands great tree hollows. 2. three of 34th level. Once the druidic home is completed. An elf druid who reaches 2. usually a natural site Circle of Nine (at 30th level or above). animals within five miles of the druidic home will be friendly toward the druid dwelling Cauldron Scrying: there. deliver short messages to nearby places. can use her cauldron as a crystal ball.000 XP (attack rank F) the elf druid approaching strangers. seven of 31st level.). her combat abilities will continue any reasonable amount of equipment to improve past 10th level with attack ranks.

by returning a long-lost relic to the grove. 46 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . don armor and wield a shield to protect themselves. etc. they will only fight with magic and unarmed combat. but cannot issue another challenge until three months have passed since her first challenge.100. she may try again. she is reduced to attack rank J. for details of XP progression) As elves are not hindered in their spellcasting by the wearing of armor. All the druids from the Circle of Nine and above (except the petitioners) vote for the best achievement during a special gathering in the forest. like all elves. The druids do so by inventing new ELF MAGIC-USER druidic spells or potions. but are very common in the Alphatian Empire. an elf druid of a normal elf. Once she’s regained 30th level. elven magic-users may. the elf druid is considered one level their magical studies in order to progress higher for the purpose of determining the their magical spellcasting ability beyond that human druid equivalent. the Principalities of Glantri. Elves of Mystara . Alternatively. as weapons are not allowed. Thus. receive martial to a 36th level human druid (the Great Druid). and the kingdoms of the Western Alliance.000 XP gained after attack rank Elf magic-users are elves who focus solely on K. or furthering the druidic cause during quests. a druid of 30th level may challenge one of the nine 30th level druids. Due to their long life spans.000 XP is equal elf magic-users. who attains a total of 3. the Kingdoms of Ghyr and Wendar. if they wish. but theirs is limited to the choice (See Table 4 in the Appendix to this article weapons of the magic-user. losing enough experience points that she is 1 experience point short of 30th level (or again. she is reduced to 29th level. training.Elven Class Variants levels. the Northern Wildlands. Elven magic-users may be found anywhere. If the challenging druid loses. in the case of the elf druid. attack rank K). For each 100. or in the case of an elf druid.

staff. Also at of 9 or more. while the elf magic-user’s breath weapons. immunity to ghoul paralysis.’ his fighting ability is frozen 3 chance to detect secret and hidden at 10th level and will never increase. and can achieve a magic-user can. sling. At Name (9th) level. the elf magic- adjustment no longer applies. dagger.000 XP take half damage from levels only. an elf magic-user is called Other Requirements: Intelligence score a wizard (if male) or maga (if female). maximum level limit. hobgoblin. an elf magic-user may create Experience Bonus: 5% for Intelligence magical items. 47 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . infravision. the amount of damage inflicted standard elf. 13-15. The elf magic-user chooses his magic level instead of his regular elf level spells from the same spell list available to when calculating the success chance. human magic-users.Elven Class Variants Elf Magic-User Class Details Higher Experience Levels Prime Requisite: Intelligence. progressing his spellcasting beyond his Alignment: Any. and does not have (See Table 5 in the Appendix to this article access to the elven magical spells taught by for details of XP progression) the Immortal Ilsundal’s Treekeepers. shields permitted. an elf magic-user of magic level 16 can inflict 16d6 damage with a fireball spell. just as a normal human human magic-users do. As an elf magic-user gains magic levels past Gain additional weapon choices as a the 10th level. Thus. at are applied to gaining magical spellcasting 1. Skills: Tracking and Treewalking just as it does for a normal human magic- required at 1st level. Special Abilities Magic Item Creation: Magical Spells: An elf magic-user who attains 9th level may Elf magic-users use magical spells just as create magical items. the elf magic-user uses his normal elf. At Further Advancement: 10th level +2 hit points. user’s combat abilities (which are equivalent Maximum Level: 10th to a thief of equal level) stagnate and will no Saving Throws: As Elf of equivalent level. 1 in each new ‘level. net. For example. This feat is possible Armor: All. Name level. and whip. longer advance as he concentrates fully on THACO: As Thief of equivalent level. extra magical spellcasting ability increases with languages (elf. 10% for Intelligence 16-18. When attempting to create greater level of mastery with them than a magic items. Hit Dice: 1d4 per level up to 9th level. Elves of Mystara .600. due to the strong affinity with magic Weapons: Blowgun. doors. and Constitution Upon reaching 10th level. gnoll. Weapon Mastery: Basic mastery in all Increased Spell Damage: weapons not restricted to magic-users. orc). user. Experience points earned past the 10th level Special Abilities: Magical spells. possessed by all members of the elven race. by damage-causing spells increases as well.

such elf. Hide In Shadows. At 10th level +2 hit points. 1 in 3 chance to detect extraordinary edge in the profession of thief. they are very rare in elven weapons not restricted to thieves. trades that are less than respectable. THACO: As Thief of equivalent level. at 4th level Read Languages 80%. at 8th level Sniping: at 1. required. as the Empire of Thyatis. Alignment: Any. immunity to ghoul paralysis. and Constitution adjustment no longer applies. secret and hidden doors. and keen infravision. their kind. An elf’s infravision. orc). Experience Bonus: 5% for Dexterity 13- 15. Although elven thieves can be found most Weapon Mastery: Basic mastery in all anywhere. Remove Traps. Climb Walls. long life span. Other Requirements: Intelligence score of 9 or more. Armor: Leather armor only. gnoll. skill as a warrior provide them with an hobgoblin. extra languages (elf. so Find Traps. at 2nd find that their burglary skills and quick wits level can cast magic-user spells from allow them to survive and pull in a profit in scrolls. shield not permitted. 48 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . While elf thieves are not unknown among Special Abilities: At 1st level Open Locks. Pick between.600.000 XP take half damage from breath weapons. and more likely to inhabit additional weapon choices as a standard regions with large human populations.Elven Class Variants ELF THIEF Elf Thief Class Details Prime Requisite: Dexterity. In large human cities elven thieves Pockets. Maximum Level: 10th Saving Throws: As Elf of equivalent level. these unusual individuals are few and far Move Silently. any one- handed melee weapon. 10% for Dexterity16-18 Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. Hear Noise. Elves of Mystara . the Republic of Skills: Tracking and Treewalking Darokin. and Alphatia. Weapons: Any missile weapon. few elves turn to this path. and Backstab. Gain communities.

she gains been factored into the thief ability percentile an 80% chance to read any normal writing or scores found on Table 6 – Elf Thief language (including simple codes. Due Climb Walls 0% to an elf’s innate affinity with magic. Due to their elven heritage. the elf thief may before trying to read it again. Hear Noise +5% Read Languages: Note: These racial adjustments have already When the elf thief reaches 4th level. check. the elf abilities1. if the target is hit. but not magical writings such as glyphs and wards). If an elf thief can sneak up on a victim. she must gain at least one experience level completely unnoticed. languages. a b il itie s c a n b e fo und o n pa ge 2 1 o f the D &D R ul e s Cyc l o pe d ia . Sniping is a ranged attack at an When backstabbing. hears. multiply the results by two. treasure maps. there is Move Silently 5% no chance of the spell backfiring as there is Hide In Shadows +10% when a human thief attempts to cast a spell Pick Pockets +5% from a scroll. Open Locks -5% Find Traps +0% Cast Spells from Magic-User Scrolls: Remove Traps +0% At 2nd level. she may strike at particularly Sniping: vulnerable points of her target’s body. the elf thief gains a unsuspecting target within 30 feet (30 yards bonus of +4 on the attack roll. elven thieves have several If the intended victim sees. elf thief’s attack is not a backstab. and then add any pertinent modifiers). dead Experience Table in the Appendix. a backstab attempt may require a Move Silently ability Thief Ability Adj. appropriate for the weapon used. and 1 A ful l d e s c riptio n o f e a c h o f the thie f then add any pertinent modifiers). backstab – if she is using a one-handed melee weapon. The elf thief gains a bonus of +4 hit. Thief Abilities: Like a human thief. When no battle is in progress. if the target is outdoors). it is an thieves apply racial adjustments to all ordinary attack. the damage done is twice normal (roll on the attack roll. or is special abilities collectively called thief warned of the elf thief’s approach. multiply the damage done from the ranged weapon is twice normal (roll the damage for the weapon. At 8th level. the the damage for the weapon. an elf thief gains the ability to cast magic-user spells from spell scrolls. elven thieves gain the sniping ability. doing the damage thieving abilities as detailed in Table 2.Elven Class Variants Special Abilities result by two. Backstabbing: If she tries but fails to read a piece of writing. 49 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Elves of Mystara . and so on.

Add or subtract to each thief ability the reached her maximum skill in thieving appropriate ability score modifier ability. Each of the thief abilities are modified by Further Advancement: the corresponding ability score (see Table Upon achieving 10th level. female). percentile chances of the skills. classes that use thief abilities (thief. or is Ability Bonus/Penalty Adjustments: warned of the elf thief’s presence. +1 gives +5%. rake. Remember. will continue to improve past 10th gives +10%. low ability scores will adversely (See Table 6 in the Appendix to this article affect thief abilities as well. +2 however. and +3 gives +15%). as well as to attempt may require a Move Silently ability provide additional support to the low check for the elven thief to get within range. for details of XP progression) Thief Abilities Ability Score Open Locks INT Find Traps INT Remove Traps INT Climb Walls DEX Move Silently DEX Hide In Shadows DEX Pick Pockets DEX Hear Noise WIS 50 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . hears. a sniping members of the thief class. multiplied by five (i. the elf thief has 3). players may find this optional system beneficial for that class. ability thief’s attack is not a sniping attack. and bard). as well as all When an elf thief reaches Name (9th) level.Elven Class Variants If the intended victim sees. scores have an effect on thief abilities in order to create more diversity amongst When no battle is in progress. Elves of Mystara . The elf thief’s combat abilities. the elf In the author’s D&D campaign. level with attack ranks. As the elf thief is limited to 10th level in thieving Higher Experience Levels abilities.e. she is called a master thief (whether male or mystic.

orc). Three attacks are possible at 2. at 1. trained in Other Requirements: Intelligence score martial combat. an elf warrior is (disarm. which grants the elf warrior two attacks per round. type of armor. often employing a superior strike. of 9 or more. populated by elven communities. 1 in 3 chance to quite prevalent in the northern realms of detect secret and hidden doors.600. extra languages (elf. 51 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Weapons: Any. Set Spear vs. hand-to-hand THACO: As Elf of equivalent level. weapons. In battle. parry.000 experience points. Multiple attacks addressed as an Elf Lord (if male) or Elf Lady are also gained at 650. and are gnoll. and the kingdoms of the Western Weapon Mastery: Basic mastery in all Alliance. immunity Ghyr. and Alignment: Any. shields permitted. Gain additional weapon choices as a standard elf. 10% for Strength 16-18. the Northern to ghoul paralysis. in the use of all Maximum Level: 10th weapons both Saving Throws: As Elf of equivalent level. Norworld. and ranged. the character gains the ability to use Fighter Combat Options At Name (9th) level. Fighter Combat Options: When the elf warrior’s experience point total Higher Experience Levels reaches 650. hobgoblin. They 10th level +2 hit points. Skills: Tracking and Treewalking required. Elves of Mystara .000. (Lance Attack.200. classes of the Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. 650.Elven Class Variants ELF WARRIOR Elf Warrior Class Details As all elves are Prime Requisite: Strength. the elf warrior is Experience Bonus: 5% for Strength 13- one of the core 15.000 XP take half damage from breath Elf warriors are not uncommon in any region weapons. and smash). elf warriors are graceful and deadly Special Abilities: Fighter Maneuvers experts. Wildlands. Wendar. Special Abilities Fighter Maneuvers: Elf warriors know the fighter maneuvers Set Spear vs. and Constitution have knowledge adjustment no longer applies. may wear any Armor: All.000 XP Fighter Combat Options.000 experience points. Attack and Lance Attack at 1st level. at and-dodge technique of combat. At elven race. Charge). infravision. (if female).

and will not have the potential needed to wield magic as his elven brethren. or other misfortune). elf Becoming An Elf Mage: warriors may continue to improve in combat The elf mage is a special dual class available ability by training with humans. The teacher will provide to the student a spellbook that contains two 1st level spells. If the Intelligence score requirement is met. elf thieves. level in their current class by taking a secondary class known as the elf mage. druidic knights. wish spell. Those elves who follow a If an elf warrior should become any of the different path away above sub-classes before reaching 650. then he will fail the requirements of the dual class.Elven Class Variants Elf Warrior Sub-Classes: ELF MAGE Elf warriors may become avengers. Elves of Mystara . To become an elf mage. Experience Bonuses: If the elf mage’s Intelligence score is 13 or greater. then he will spellcasting may gain access to the Fighter Combat Options return to it at any point before reaching 10th immediately. But if an elf character has had his Intelligence permanently reduced below 9 before attempting to become an elf mage (either through a curse. elves are required to have an Intelligence of (See Table 7 in the Appendix to this article 9 or greater when first played. the elf elf warriors advance in attack ranks. knights. The student may then begin his training. and continue to accumulate experience points. the elf must seek an elven teacher of at least 7th level who can instruct him in the ways of magical spellcasting. one of which is the read magic spell. he earns a 5% bonus to experience points earned in every adventure for his elf 52 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . As they only to elf clerics.000 from magical XP (but after achieving 9th level). Further Advancement: After reaching maximum level (10th). magic. elf warriors. which must have a minimum Intelligence of 9. As all greatly increases their fighting skill. elf druids. this should for details of XP progression) not be an issue. or paladins just as a normal All elves have an human fighter may (see elven sub-classes innate affinity with later in this article).

level of the main class. a 5th level elf warrior decides to 10th level in his main class. But the two earns a 10% bonus to experience points for classes should be equal in level before the elf his elf mage class. In addition. Restrictions: Elf Warrior/Mage An elf class variant character must choose to take the dual class elf mage before he If an elf warrior should become a dual class surpasses 10th level in his main class. This is due to the elf 1st level elf mage. may now memorize and cast spells the same as a normal 1st level elf.Elven Class Variants mage class. he regular level of the main class. pick up the elf mage dual class. elf mage requires 2. The character For example. his mage class stops advancing. the elf Elf mages may only rise to 10th level in may cast spells while wearing armor (as all magical spellcasting ability. can cast spells from increase their spellcasting power beyond the magic-user scrolls. As stated above. The player can so. Once the two classes are the same level. This is due to their magical training staves. but at a cost. They may never elves are capable of). only after main class will have his mage class forever he has achieved them is he able to become a locked at 6th level. can. and can use magical items 10th level as elf magic-users and elf wizards normally restricted to magic-users (wands. If his Intelligence is 16-18. a 10th level elf thief/6th level elf must adventure for a while as his main elf mage who advances to attack rank D in his class variant to earn these points. a dual class elf mage must attain 10th level as a mage before advancing beyond For example. This is due to the elf character must convert over to the standard lingering too long in the profession of his elf class (fighter/magic-user). To become a 1st level and will forever remain at its current level. there is a special rule that applies. but the level advances beyond his main class’s 10th level of the mage can never exceed the regular maximum.000 XP. has not done so before exceeding 10th level.000 XP he becomes a 5th level elf warrior/1st 53 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . character abandoning his magical studies in order to push himself past his main class’s Spells: level maximum by focusing solely on his Upon becoming a 1st level elf mage. Level Advancement: The experience points gained by an elf mage If the elf character wishes to advance beyond must be split between his normal the 10th level with attack ranks before his advancement in his main class and the XP mage class has reached 10th level. Once the elf character divide these points as he wishes.). etc. and apply the total to the standard elf experience table. Elves of Mystara . If he elf mage. he may do needed to advance as a mage. totals for each class. the elf martial combat training. the he may never do so. After earning the elf mage class may never exceed the 2. advances beyond the 10th level by gaining attack ranks. being secondary to their main class abilities. In addition. The player main class. and thus is no longer able to fully should add together the experience point embrace the ways of elven magic.

he adds ELF BARD together the experience earned in both classes into one total. Thus he adds 240. Together this equals 440. then increases in power at 9th level 1 The b a rd c l a s s wa s firs t intro d uc e d b y B ruc e He a rd in D ra go n M a ga z ine Is s ue #1 7 7 (J a nua ry 1 9 9 2 ).000 XP.Elven Class Variants level elf mage. Elves of Mystara .000 XP earned from his elf mage class. Since both classes are of equal level. o rg/ fil e s / pd f/ OD D 1 1 . pd f . When applied to the standard elf experience table. this places him over the minimum requirement to become a 9th level elf. The c l a s s wa s furthe r e xpa nd e d b y G e o ff G a nd e r. M a rc o D a l m o nte . ● The bard’s charm ability is gained for elven bards at 3rd level (charm person). They attack as thieves of equal level. If interested in using the bard as an elf class variant. implement the following changes: ● Use the Elf Cleric Experience Table for the elf bard’s level advancement. a nd Ca rl Qua if in OD &D itie s is s ue #1 1 (D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 3 ) http: / / www. d ra go ns fo o t. As he continues to adventure OTHER ELF CLASS he splits his earned experience between the VARIANTS: two classes. The option of the elf bard was first presented (See Table 8 in the Appendix to this article in the article “The Bard: A Revitalized Class for details of XP progression) for the OD&D Game”1 from OD&Dities issue #11 (December 2003).000 XP from his elf warrior class to the 200. ● Elf bards function as regular bards with no magical spellcasting ability of the standard elf class. The character now advances forward in the standard elf class. ● The elf bard’s thieving abilities should be modified using the elf thief’s racial adjustment modifiers. 54 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Eventually both his elf warrior class and elf mage class are 9th level.

special defenses. He continues to use the Elf Experience Table for advancement. and obligations specific to paladins and avengers.000 XP ELVEN SUB-CLASSES (charm plant). paladin. accessible at 10th level.000. this includes clerical spellcasting if the elf has a Wisdom score of 13 or greater. There are several sub-classes available to the standard elf character class. just as a normal human fighter may1. The elf must swear fealty to a church. restrictions. from the elf wizard sub-class. with 1 The original version of the elven paladin and avenger were introduced by Bruce Heard in Dragon Magazine Issue # 178 (February 1992). and once more at 1. clerics. ● Alternatively. level while his fighting skills remain except for elf warriors. ● The elf bard may choose to become a ELVEN dual-classed elf mage. Elves of Mystara .Elven Class Variants (charm monster). All of these sub-classes may be with attack ranks while their progression transitioned into by a standard elf character with bardic spell-songs and thief abilities at 9th level. druids. who are barred only forever frozen at 10th level. begins a brief training period to acquire the abilities of a divine warrior2. a 10th level elven bard may Elf class variants (bards. 2 Full details of the paladin and avenger character classes can be found in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. and thieves) may never progressing his spell-song ability to 20th transition into any of these sub-classes. 55 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . druidic knight. again at 1. which is halt.000 XP (mass charm). These include ● At 10th level elf bards may continue the avenger. and magical spellcasting. knight. The elf retains all normal elven abilities. PALADINS/AVENGERS Upon reaching 9th level. When this training is completed. the elf gains the abilities. save for the elf wizard. and once accepted.825. advancing their marital fighting ability and wizard. including attack ranks. an elf may become a paladin (if Lawful) or an avenger (if Chaotic). continue advancing as an elf minstrel by magic-users.

then he will immediately spellcasting. An elf who has not become a paladin or avenger before reaching attack rank F may never become one.000 XP (but after purposes of determining clerical turning and achieving 9th level). parry. 56 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .Elven Class Variants Magical Spellcasting Loss: Elven paladins and avengers who are able to wield clerical magic (by having a Wisdom score of 13 or greater) will lose some of their magical spellcasting ability as they advance in their new class. This is due to the effects of time spent studying clerical scriptures. but loses access to 4th level magical spells. Note that the highest clerical level an choice if they do not already possess the skill. the elf gains 3rd level clerical spells. Elves of Mystara . an elven paladin of attack rank General Skills: J (16th level equivalent) would be able to turn Elven paladins and avengers are required to undead and cast clerical spells as a 5th level take Ceremony as their next available skill cleric. Upon gaining 2nd level clerical spells at attack rank E. and thus can no longer faithfully embrace the ways of the church. as they have lingered too long in the ways of magic and profane warfare. Fighter Combat Options: each new attack rank becoming the If the elf should become a paladin or avenger equivalent of one new experience level for before reaching 850. This will leave elven paladins and avengers of attack ranks K through M with the ability to cast up to 3rd level magical and clerical spells. To calculate the clerical level of gain access to the Fighter Combat Options an elven paladin or avenger. which inevitably replaces the elf’s efforts to study and maintain knowledge of the more powerful magical spells. and smash). divide the (disarm. elven paladin or avenger may achieve is 6th level at attack rank M. At attack rank K. the elf loses the ability to cast 5th level magical spells. equivalent level by three and round down. meditating. For example. and praying.

The elven druidic knight In addition to all the obligations and may not use the ability and attack in the same advantages common to knights. and magical spellcasting. Note that druidic knights. the elf must have adopted in the ways of magic and profane warfare to the philosophy of the druids prior to follow the path of the druidic warrior. 57 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Elves of Mystara . only the offering of personal services for a short time. simply knights are known to exist. the druidic round. To do so. The spells 1 The druidic knight was introduced by are from the druidic spell list only. reaching 9th level. including attack ranks. The elven druidic knight functions in the same manner as elven paladins and avengers in regards to retaining all normal elven abilities. he may offer only a small amount of Each new attack rank becomes the equivalent help. serving a duke. as they have lingered too long knight1. knight must assist any woodland being asking for help with two exceptions: He does Druidic Spells: not have to help creatures opposed to the If the elven druidic knight’s Wisdom score is druidic philosophy and goals. The Confederated Kingdom of An elven druidic knight can detect danger (as Robrenn is the only kingdom that druidic per the druidic spell) once per hour. and do Bruce Heard in Dragon Magazine Issue # not include clerical spells. by concentrating (the range is 5’ per druidic spellcasting level). which is reprinted here in the majority with minor updates. special defenses. actual experience level (rounded down). Assistance never involves the donation of one new experience level for purposes of determining druidic spellcasting. king. He continues to use the Elf Experience Table for advancement.Elven Class Variants ELVEN DRUIDIC KNIGHTS of money or items. etc. just as normal druids. and if the 13 or more.). and must swear fealty to a prince. have no power to turn undead. An elf who has not become a druidic knight before reaching attack rank F may never A Neutral traveling elf may become a druidic become one. 177 (January 1992). with each new attack rank becoming the equivalent of one new experience level for purposes of determining druidic spellcasting. or emperor faithful to the ways Detect Danger: of the druids. the character can cast druidic druidic knight is on a mission for a higher spells as if he were a druid of one-third his authority (such as a quest.

2 Full details of the knight character class can be found in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. and smash). and must swear fealty to a prince. that ruler becomes the elven knight’s A druidic knight may not wield metallic “liege. usually in the Player's Companion book of the D&D terms of several years of routine service Companion rules set. a human monarch. At attack rank K. 3rd level druidic spells. and include curvilinear decorations. and restrictions as a shields. Elven knights prefer elven gain access to the Fighter Combat Options monarchs. but otherwise may swear fealty to (disarm. 58 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The elf must use leather armor and normal human knight2. This is due to the effects of time spent studying druidic rituals. A traveling elf of any alignment may become an elven knight1.Elven Class Variants Magical Spellcasting Loss: General Skills: Elven druidic knights who are able to wield Druidic knights are required to take druidic magic (by having a Wisdom score of Ceremony and Nature Lore as their next 13 or greater) will lose some of their magical available skill choices if they do not already spellcasting ability as they advance in their possess them upon becoming a druidic knight. Once the ruler declares the character a Armor and Weapons: knight. achieving 9th level). and fine scrollwork tooled into the 1 The existence of demi-human knights wood. the elf loses the ability to cast 5th level level druid. Fighter Combat Options: If an elf should become a druidic knight To gain knighthood. These items are usually lacquered or varnished. wooden shields and weapons magically shaped and hardened by the druids. obligations. The druidic knight must repay the was first briefly mentioned on page 18 of druids for these precious items. an elf must be at least before reaching 850. when not called upon by a liege. An elven druidic knight cannot have powerful magical spells. Elves of Mystara . delicate leaf carvings. In other words. if Upon gaining 2nd level druidic spells at attack an elven druidic knight can cast spells as a 3rd rank E. meditating. although the latter is rare. the elf gains worth of hirelings accompany him. he may not have more than 3 HD magical spells. more Hit Dice worth of hirelings than his druidic spellcasting level. then he will immediately king. or emperor. which Druidic hirelings may include demi-humans inevitably replaces the elf’s efforts to study (especially halflings or elves) and woodland and maintain knowledge of the more beings. but loses access to 4th level magical spells. This will leave elven druidic knights of attack ranks K through M ELVEN KNIGHTS with the ability to cast up to 3rd level magical and druidic spells.” The elven knight follows the same weapons nor wear metallic armor and rules. parry.000 XP (but after 9th level. Hirelings: and communing with nature. new class.

but due to their can inflict 12d6 damage with a lightning bolt connection with the Immortal Ilsundal and spell. just as a normal human magic- of the Tree of Life can progress in their user can. 2 F ul l d e ta il s o n e l ve n m a gic s pe l l s c a n b e fo und in G AZ 5 The El ve s o f Al fhe im .000 XP (but after achieving 9th but earned level). When attempting to create magic magical spellcasting beyond the 10th level of items. (See Table 9 in the Appendix to this article for details of XP progression) 1 El f wiz a rd s firs t intro d uc e d in G AZ 5 The El ve s o f Al fhe im . just Treekeeper.’ An elf who attains 10th level may decide to his fighting ability is frozen at 10th level and become an elf wizard1. reaching 850. the elf must be a As an elf wizard gains magic levels past the member of a clan that possess a Tree of Life. the same as those for elves Fighter Combat Options: increasing their If an elf should become a knight before fighting ability. just as fighting elves who learn instead of his regular elf level when their martial abilities from humans can calculating the success chance. Increased Spell Damage: To become an elf wizard. the elf wizard uses his magic level experience. Thus while the elf ELF WIZARDS wizard’s magical spellcasting increases with each new ‘level. 10th level. then he will immediately gain access experience to the Fighter Combat Options (disarm.Elven Class Variants An elf may become a knight at any point after The experience reaching 9th level. In addition. 59 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . to their students. which is similar to that of For example. the elf who focus solely on increasing their magical wizard does not gain Fighter Combat spellcasting ability while allowing their Options or multiple attacks. Treekeepers teach elven magic2 as it does for a normal human magic-user. partakes quite a bit of druidic magic. applied to gaining magic levels only. and smash). martial abilities to languish. the Trees of Life. the amount of damage inflicted by and receive magical training from the clan’s damage-causing spells increases as well. up to and including attack point levels are rank M. points are parry. Elf wizards are elves will never increase. progress beyond the 10th level of fighting. Elves of Mystara . Magic Item Creation: An elf wizard who attains 9th level may create Elves who learn their magic from the Keeper magical items. an elf wizard of magic level 12 human magic-users.

000 K # Automatically take 1/2 damage from any breath weapon.000 A 4 4 32 1 . - 600. . - 9 240. - 7 70.000 3 2 2.000 D 1.000 H 2.200. .400 2 1 -. . - 10 400.500.400.000 B 800.000 2 2 -.000 2 2 1. Elves of Mystara . .050. .100 1 . - 8 140.000 J 2. - 2 2.000 I 2. . .000. - 6 35. . .000 E 1. .000 F 1. . -.000 3 3 21 . - 3 4. .825. .000 G# 1.000 3 3 32 . .Elven Class Variants APPENDIX Attack Spells / Level Level XP Rank 1 2 34 5 6 7 1 0 . -. - 4 8.600.000 C 1. . . . - 5 17.275.200 2 . 60 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . -.

800.800. 61 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .000 6 5 3 3 2 . Elves of Mystara . .800 2 2 5 26. .000 4 3 2 2 9 400.000 6 5 4 3 2 1 .000 8 8 7 7 6 5 4 3 2 (20) 2. - (12) 1.000 5 4 3 2 1 .600.400. - (13) 1.200.000 3 2 2 7 105.Elven Class Variants Spells / Level Level XP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 2 3.000 2 2 1 6 52.400 2 1 4 12.000 8 8 6 6 5 4 3 2 - (18) 2.000 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - (17) 2.100.600.000 7 6 4 4 3 2 . - (11) 850.000 8 8 8 7 6 5 4 4 3 # Automatically take 1/2 damage from any breath weapon. . - (16) 2. .200 2 3 6.000 4 4 3 2 10 600.350. . .000.000 8 7 5 5 4 3 2 . - (14)# 1.000 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 .000 3 3 2 1 8 210. - (15) 1.000 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (19) 2.

000 F# 1.000 20 20 20 89 35 30 35 45 4 8.000 45 45 42 94 57 48 60 67 9 240.Elven Class Variants Attack Thief Abilities Level XP Rank OL FT RT CW MS HS PP HN 1 0 10 10 10 87 25 20 25 35 2 2.600.000 J 2.000 H 2.400.000.000 E 1.000 I 2.000 25 25 25 90 40 34 40 50 5 16.000 15 15 15 88 30 25 30 40 3 4.000 D 1.000 B 850.000 C 1.000 K # Automatically take 1/2 damage from any breath weapon. 62 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .000 A 53 54 50 96 63 54 70 75 600.000 30 30 30 91 45 38 45 55 6 32.600.000 G 2.000 49 50 46 95 60 51 65 71 10 400.000 35 35 34 92 49 42 50 59 7 64.100.200. Elves of Mystara .800.350.000 40 40 38 93 53 45 55 63 8 125.

000 L 2. 63 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .000 1 ..000 H# 1.000 I 2.600.600..350.000 4 4 3 2 - 10 425.- 7 70.000 E 1.000 J 2.200.000 G 1..000 K** 2.000 5 16.000 2 1 .000 2 .- 2 2200 2 3.800 4 8.000 2 2 .- 3 4. ** Three attacks per round. Elves of Mystara .000 D* 850.000 6 32.000 9 200..000 M * Fighter Combat Options and Multiple Attacks.000.000 4 3 2 2 - 9 250..400 3 4.100.Elven Class Variants Attack Spells / Level Level XP Rank Level XP 1 2 3 4 5 1 0 1 2.480.000 8 125.000 7 60.400.000 3 3 2 1 - 8 140.- 5 17.- 4 8..000 F 1.- 6 35.000 3 2 2 . # Automatically take ½ damage from any breath weapon.000 5 4 3 2 1 650.000 2 2 1 .000 C 10 300.

Elves of Mystara - Elven Class Variants

Attack Spells / Level
Level XP Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 0 1 - - - - - - - -
2 4,000 2 - - - - - - - -
3 8,000 2 1 - - - - - - -
4 16,000 2 2 - - - - - - -
5 32,000 2 2 1 - - - - - -
6 64,000 3 2 2 - - - - - -
7 120,000 3 3 2 1 - - - - -
8 250,000 4 3 2 2 - - - - -
9 400,000 4 4 3 2 - - - - -
10 600,000 C 5 4 3 2 1 - - - -
(11) 850,000 D* 6 5 3 3 2 - - - -
(12) 1,100,000 E 6 5 4 3 2 1 - - -
(13) 1,350,000 F 7 6 4 4 3 2 - - -
-14 1,600,000 G# 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 - -
(15) 1,850,000 H 8 7 5 5 4 3 2 - -
(16) 2,100,000 I 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 -
(17) 2,350,000 J 8 8 6 6 5 4 3 2 -
(18) 2,600,000 K** 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
(19) 2,850,000 L 8 8 7 7 6 5 4 3 2
(20) 3,100,000 M 8 8 8 7 6 5 4 4 3

Elves advance up to 10th level then continue on with attack ranks.
Elf wizards advance up to 20th level with magical spell casting only.
They do not gain attack ranks, and their hit rolls remain frozen at 10th

* Fighter Combat Options, Multiple Attacks for standard elves only.
** Three attacks per round for standard elves only.
# Automatically take 1/2 damage from any breath weapon.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth

by Robin

This article compiles and expands the history
of the Canolbarth Forest, focusing primarily 1004 AC:
on the time after AC 1000.
Wrath of the Immortals begins, Rafiel and
In the timeline, boxed text denotes canonical Rad are deeply drawn into the conflict.
information excerpted from Wrath of the
Immortals, the Poor Wizard's Almanacs, and 1004 AC, Spring:
Joshuan's Almanac; covering years 1004 to
1013; as well as events from the fan- Atzanteotl asks Rafiel, to his knowledge
produced Mystaran Almanacs, covering years an Entropic Immortal, to join the
from 1014 to 1019. Brotherhood of the Shadow. Rad & Rafiel
consider that having Rafiel inside this
Text in normal typeface notes original organization will work to their benefit.
material from the author, inspired by posts Therefore they conspire to have Rafiel
on The Piazza forum by users "Gecko" and function as a double agent for the
"julius cleaver”. Character’s details; by Joseph Fellowship of the Star. Rafiel thus agrees
Setorius. to Atzanteotl’s offer, learning the goal of
the Brotherhood of the Shadow is to
continually help the less powerful side,
thus prolonging the conflict.

Invited to visit Pandius by Ilsundal, the elven
hero Engledoc Dewsap, accidentally
stumbles upon this meeting just before
leaving. Knowing Ilsundal is embroiled in the
war, Engledoc decides to first investigate this
apparent allegiance himself. He overhears


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth

them discussing the Shadow Elves, and how 1005 AC Summer:
they might be plotting against Alfheim. When
Engledoc informs his Patron Immortal, Atzanteotl suggests to Rafiel the Shadow
Ilsundal explains that Atzanteotl is an ancient Elves invade Alfheim adding their
enemy. Ilsundal surmises one of them is participation to the cause. Rafiel agrees,
patron of the Shadow Elves, and he bids and Atzanteotl offers to gift the Shadow
Engledoc try and uncover what the two, Elves with a new spell able to corrupt the
apparently Entropic, Immortals are planning Trees of Life, thus weakening the
with their mortal followers. Canolbarth and the Alfheim elves. With
Alfheim controlled by the Shadow Elves,


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth

Engledoc Dewsap
Quickneedle’s Rest. After the war’s
Engledoc is first described in GAZ5 “The commencement, he can be found virtually
Elves of Alfheim”, Page 55, TSR 9223.  He is anywhere in the forest, recruiting the
described as being the “Tavernkeeper” of characters to help in his quest.
Quickneedle's Rest in Alfheim Town, which
he has owned for around a century. Combat Notes: E9; AC 8; hp 42; MV 120’
(40’); #AT 1; D 5-10 (Elven Longsword +2
History: Engledoc’s parents were born +1 vs humanoids and Str. Bonus); Save E7;
from mixed elf-human unions, though ML 9; AL LN; ST 15, IN 16, WI 14, DX 15
Engledoc is wholly elven. In his younger CO 11, CH 14, CM 12. [Base AC 8; with
years he adventured throughout the magic 6]
Known World, even spending some time in
Rockhome disguised as human mage. Favoured Spells: Engledoc employs spells
During the last century; however, much of good for quieting down rambunctious
that time was spent with Talyn Grunalf, patrons and detecting possible trouble;
wandering across the Darokin borderlands. such as Sleep, Charm Person and Detect
Finally the pull of the forest drew him Evil. Level I: Charm Person, Detect Magic,
home…just not all the way. He adopted his Sleep. Level II: Detect Evil, Wizard
current name shortly after taking charge of Lock/Knock. Level III: Clairvoyance, Dispel
Quickneedle’s. Magic, Hold Person, Protection from
Normal Missiles. Level IV: Charm Monster,
Personality: Quiet and laid back by human Remove Curse, Wizard Eye.
standards, yet seen as jumpy and assertive
by forest elves. Wide variety of friends and Abilities & Skills: Knowledge of Alfheim
acquaintances from Quickneedle’s, but has Town (I), Knowledge of Rockhome (I),
little influence, despite having access to Persuasion (CH), Riding (D),
most current rumors. Engledoc holds no Tavernkeeping (W), Tracking (I).
Clan ties.
Languages: Elvish, Thyatian, Darokin,
Appearance: Tall and heavily built for an elf Dwarven, Orc (Tharian), Gnoll
5’8” and 160 pounds, but would seem slim (Dwarfgate), Hobgoblin (Everast).
among human warriors; with curly black
hair and blue eyes. Age: 350. Dresses in Magic Items: Engledoc still has his Ring of
typical Alfheim Town fashion, usually Djinni Summoning, and Wand of Illusion
sporting a brown leather apron when (5 charges). In combat he uses and Elven
keeping bar. Longsword +2, (+1 vs Humanoids).

DMing Notes: Engledoc is one of the more Faith; Ilsundal.
immediately accessible NPCs for the
character to meet. Before the start of the Dislikes: Boredom, Brawls, Betrayal and
war, he is usually encountered at Intrigue. Also Orcs and Trolls.


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

Engledoc still revenge upon the Alfheim elves1. S e rpe nt Eye s . as the early days of Alfheim. with learning Shadow Elves were recently seen in the same items (being soul reflections the library. Ho we ve r. Felmont 19: conversation. His longing for home. create the Trees of Life and quickly locate and manage to steal it. as he has acquired better weapons. from those in the gazetteer. west of Black Lake. In fact. In the dream Additional Notes: Engledoc still pines for an Azcan voice whispers the manuscript Talyn. as giant fungi replace dead trees. 68 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . good 1005 AC. His soul research in the Library Tree at Pinitel. S ha d o w El ve n S pie s . the Undead. and manages to track Undead in Dragon #180 and in “Monster the culprits. statistics in Limbo will be the same. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Likes: Quickneedle's Rest. s e e ing a wil l ing s ub j e c t. wil l s c o ur Al fhe im fo r the a nc ie nt a nd inva l ua b l e m a nus c ript . he prefers not pro b a b l y hid d e n in o ne o f Al fhe im ’ s to involve his Shamans in this scheme. The c re a tio n pro c e s s c o ul d thus b e the b a s is o f k no wl e d ge the S ha d o w El ve s keeping them and his secret project ne e d to c o rrupt the Ca no l b a rth F o re s t a nd hidden from Atzanteotl’s prying eyes. making it a Atzanteotl plans on crushing Darokin. The chase ending in an Manual compilation book Undead”. however. wanted to adventure. Engledoc discovers explained by Bruce Heard’s article on the book is missing. and spy-network. ominous part of the Canolbarth. Thro ugho ut the fo l l o wing so willingly accepts Atzanteotl's spell. allowing Kanafasti Some of Engledoc’s current statistics vary to learn it's vital knowledge. a nd promised them. and the Tre e s o f L ife . despite thinking him being the one must be found if he wants to take who ended the relationship. destruction of Alfheim is one of his Atz a nte o tl ha d d is c o ve re d the c re a tio n o f paramount goals. o the r tha n ally and grant his followers what he long k no wing it is o l d b e yo nd re c k o ning. thus giving his followers a chance of 1 T he dr e a m is pl a nte d in X a ta pe c htl i' s striking Glantri. Rafiel sees an o f the Ca no l b a rth. head of the Shadow Elven Fears: Shadow Elves. Moreover. when Talyn wanted to return home. and Ilsundal one of his the Tre e s o f L ife wa s pe nne d in the s a m e s o urc e whic h wa s l a te r us e d in the c re a tio n most hated enemies. he ha s no id e a opportunity to rid Glantri of a powerful whic h s pe c ific s o urc e it is . L ib ra rie s . He has yet to start Shadow Elves spies found evidence of a another relationship. m o nths . Fyrmont 12: brought him back. The forest has changed here. consulting an ancient tome about actually) according to Limbo rules. or his desire for her. and is unaware of book detailing Ilsundal’s struggles to Perfynn and Talyn’s recent elopement. he questions what 1005 AC. and a hearty brew! Xatapechtli. equipment and Engledoc was fortuitously conducting experience over the last decades. dreams of an ancient tome being dead! about the Trees of Life secreted somewhere within Alfheim. the m ind b y Atz a nte o tl .

and thus ended the threat to their whispered dreams. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth dark and gloomy environment of massive enter the dreams of prominent elves across trees and giant toadstools. In the ir po int o f e gre s s . of the new spell.3 Here Engledoc witnesses the Shadow Elf spies entering a hidden cave. or magic assassin aided by silence and invisibility password remains a mystery. murdered b o d y.1 fair elves can find the tomb’s whereabouts in time to stop the evil plot. Soon he re . Alfheim whispering his name and short invocative phrase: “Mordunastar Vargalos”. b rus he d o ff b y a c tua l ity the s pe l l is a c o m pl e x ritua l . However. Flaurmont 12: Canolbarth forest and kill the Trees of Life. Rafiel allows Kanafasti successfully completes research Atzanteotl’s intervention. the spells. providing knowledge needed to research a new spell able to eventually weaken the 1006 AC. an signifying a name. after discovering his spirit. a s pe c ific ite m . As Engledoc views the leader of the apparent purpose is unknown.l it ins id e a t the 1 Co nc e a le d Sha do w Elf c a ve r ns . slings a garotte around his throat. learning crucial elements of events threatening all of Atzanteotl visits Kanafasti incorporeally. The d re a m s c a n b e l o c a te d m o re e a s il y tha n e xpe c te d . and no one c o m e a b o ut thro ugh gre a t ne e d . in his panicked m a gic a l infl ue nc e s . fro m the ir e no rm o us und e rgro und fung i with the m . a dark shade in opposing light. o r to the l o c a tio n it pe ris he d . well-lit from Yet the nature of the invocation. Engledoc discovers how to id e ntity o r pe rs o n. location of his body also remains unknown. This e xpl a ins tha t a s ha d e d pe rs o n m a y b e hid d e n b y l ight fro m b e hind . una b l e to wa nd e r m o re tha n a fe w to cover up the Shadow Elves evil plot. a s s e nt thro ugho ut Al fhe im a re thus Engl e d o c ’ s S ha d o w El ve s unk no wingl y tra ns po rt s po re s d ying tho ughts . Allowing the Shadow Elves to drive The team of Shadow Elf wizards led by the Alfheim Elves out. The c a ve wa s we l l . It is said one may 1005 AC. or its inside. Al l thre e a re ta k ing pl a c e state. Onl y o n ra re o c c a s io ns is awakens next to his body. for unknown 3 In El vis h Mo r d únë s t a r = B la c k f ir st reasons. Unfortunately.4 Tunnel Shapers work Rafiel doesn't realize Atzanteotl's magic would forever corrupt the forest. famed elven adventurer. hund re d fe e t a wa y. With the cave a gho s t "a b l e to wa nd e r fre e l y. This c a n entrance concealed once again. It remains unseen if the secret plans. e m pl o ying m ul tipl e 69 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Fyrmont 27: commune with the dead at his body. The “ d ” a tta c he d to “ M o r” d e no te s a n resting place2. 2 A g ho s t is e ithe r b o und to the o rigina l Engledoc. Alfheim. place. Whether group. being what it is. whic h the n ta k e ro o t in the fo re s t ne a r 4 A t z a nt e o t l’s Spe ll o f De va s t a t io n . object. a que s t. Entropy e no ugh fo r the ir pro pa ga tio n. The Shadow Elves became aware of their The only clue to its location coming in pursuer. b e ing ve ge ta tio n whe re it is s til l m o is t a nd d a rk c a s t o ve r s e ve ra l we e k s . Engledoc decides to call for help. is not bound to his body or final st a n d in g . V a r Ga lo t h = Eit h e r lig h t h o le . o r knowing what has occurred. The s e m o m e nt o f Engl e d o c ’ s d e m is e .

Darokin. 70 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . ruining c o rrupt no t o nl y the Tre e s o f L ife b ut the harvests and threatening famine in the e ntire fo re s t. e xc e pting Atz a nte o tl . the cloud covers all 1006 AC. the Silver Sierras and the however. The When it finally settles. An enormous meteor slams into northern The immediate loss of life is tragic. the impenetrable cloud remains Amsorak Mountains. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 1 This m a p is pa rt o f a l a rge r m a p tha t wil l b e finis he d with furthe r info rm a tio n re ve a l e d in this m a ga z ine . Spread by the last western winds of the season. The who l e m a p wil l b e m a d e a va il a b l e s ho rtl y a fte r the pub l ic a tio n o f this Thre s ho l d is s ue . countries. dozens of miles in diameter. creating a crater in the air for days. killing plants and fouling water. hard constructing a network of tunnels far south as Akesoli and is felt as far north running beneath all of Alfheim. blocking out the sun. The cloud and ash have a c a s te rs . imbuing as Glantri City. a b l e to Glantri and Darokin’s crops. The debris cloud rising the Canolbarth with the spell’s effect. in from the impact is larger than several preparation for the invasion. a nd m o re po we rful tha n a nyo ne combined catastrophic effect on both b e l ie ve s . Summer: of Southern Glantri and Northern Darokin as far east as central Alfheim. ash covers resulting earthquake topples buildings as everything.

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 71 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

herbivores strive to find Xatapechtli is increasingly convinced of the food. The elves are at loss to explain this power of Atzanteotl and secretly sways from strange disease. from a nearby spring. This is another consequence of learns of a great impending catastrophe. while anxious Treekeepers and Fairies search ways to Led by Kanafasti. and General Garafaele. Sviftmont 4: Five elves are found dead and ten others seriously sickened after drinking water As the forest begins to darken. three confusion created by the meteor strike in weeks past. Fairies and Treants. Trees stop urges Kanafasti to start casting the spell. by appearing in the dreams of Elven In a secret meeting in the King's Palace Heroes. Carnivores have trouble finding the pervasive undertow. the King urges the Royal Wizard to act now and orders the 1006 AC. Careful Treekeeper of clan Grunalf. but fears he is too late. contacts her Tree of Life and poisoned. Many magic. in fruit production and foliage growth. Kanafasti. Talyn investigation reveals the water has been Grunalf. effects and considerable time before affecting the Trees of Life. Now learning between Telemon. The Shadow Elves have thus complex magical ritual. which will take at far concealed their infiltration into least a month to have any appreciable Alfheim. the most powerful reverse the process. aware of perished. try to discover game and many springs become what is corrupting the Forest’s life-force. coercion. 72 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . growing new leaves and plants stop making flowers. more mutations will follow in the small plants and herbivores have already next weeks. poisonous. Kaldmont 21: 1006 AC. By now the trees have stopped This is the first effect of Atzanteotl’s growing and leaves begin falling. the spell. other than surmising it following Rafiel’s guidance to Atzanteotl’s is the consequence of meteor fallout. the forest has become even Northern Darokin this summer. Engledoc has yet to accept it. Ambyrmont 17: Engledoc’s spirit continues to muster support. Xatapechtli his fate. In the meantime the mages gather in tunnels running beneath forest becomes increasingly inhospitable the Canolbarth Forest and begin the to the elves. Sviftmont 28: Radiant General to start drafting a wartime army. but feel a deep pain coming from the very 1006 AC. Trees of Life continue to make leaves. 1006 AC. 1006 AC. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth upcoming seasons. Telemon darker and more twisted. Hometrees seem mildly affected. Taking advantage of the Since Talyn Grunalf gave alarm. stunted making allegiance with the Shadow elves. wooed by promises of great power. Even the Elven Wood-imps congregate and prepare. Ambyrmont 24: earth through their roots.

Upon returning. requesting information. The first being. History: Talyn 1006 AC. Crystal growth still Treekeeper of Clan Grunalf continues as if unaffected. Afterwards. of the Dwarfgates. King River of Monsters. enchantments. Fairies convene at Though Talyn rarely travels beyond the Dreamland. Elves. she is often found as far Oberon prepares faerie ring North as the Emerlas. she was forced to distance herself from him and The Council of the Clans convenes in return to her studies. This Dûr-tirn. but readied for future use. in a secret plot to and his Ogre and Troll minions. and traversing finally succumbs. When her parents found out that she had taken up with an 1007 AC. Nuwmont 15: spent some years in both Glantri City and Selenica before permanently returning to After a short struggle with death. Lynnwyl the forest. Grudgingly she Elleromyr today to discuss the proposal 73 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . though not including Dew even within the Annals of Mealiden is Drop and anything similar to the current situation Misthaven. almost twice meeting her Clanmaster Lynnwyl Chossum is doom. keeping them a secret for now. yet before passing away the Selinar region. running into a Bargda Counsellor to Lynnwyl. about abandoning Alfheim. now fully in control of one of the Only with the aid of Druid Cucurbita Pepo. she was almost slain by he picks Carlisan as his replacement. She and allow a Shadow Elf to take Lynnwyl’s place. Kaldmont 28: has spent nearly her entire life Treekeepers from all the seven major within the clans meet today in Feador to discuss the bounds of the matter. did she evade death. In her wanderlust youth. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Talyn Grunalf The magical springs and lakes slowly darken and lose their power. along the foothills unknowingly poisoned by Carlisan. Thaumont 15: elf of mixed elf-human unions. Nuwmont 13: she traveled throughout the Darokin borderlands. an evil is a major achievement for Shadow Beholder minion of the wizard Moorkroft. Talyn 1007 AC. and on the need of relocating their she is infinitely communities elsewhere to prevent the familiar with the Trees of Life’s demise. mentioned. Engledoc Dewsap the only members of their party to escape. The Dark Watcher. leading clans. along with her companion and love) Engledoc Dewsap. 1007 AC. Clans Long Northern tip of Runner and Mealidil bitterly disagree the forest. Feadiel and Grunalf clans agree Canolbarth.

and Princess Carlotina of of her encounter with a Beholder years Erewan in Glantri agree to give the elves ago. A consequence Wendar. being only a matter of His terse manner is also a matter of time until a cure is discovered. Now aware there are "aged" her locks. but many still refuse. Clan Chossum. their role being to 5’2” tall. the ancient tomes. most likely the dilemma may still be found examining bulk of the clan would follow her lead. In fact. Elves being somewhat innately of Alfheim asylum. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth of leaving Alfheim. Though she now controlled by Shadow Elves. the Beholder’s anti-magic ray leave the forest. Talyn’s blue-green eyes nations able to host them. while Clan Red Arrow is Appearance: Only 242 years old. Ara-Laur uin Eryn. with the outside world’s supposed generosity. being taken by “Pepo” to meet World rulers and elven clans for asylum. Talyn often wishes he was make such a journey. Flaurmont 11: given her a healthy tan. they appear either like sapphires. At only such an exodus. other plants are philosophical ponderings that eventually already dead and the animal population set her on the Way of the Tree. King Gylharen of save a single pleat in back. It was the ancient Treant’s now twisted and dying. graced by unusual reports from all his ambassadors: King streaks of grey. should Durifern and Mealiden. she exudes a fit protect the other clans. Frequently. Talyn is mostly concerned about the danger of both young at heart and of mind. in sunlight and bright environments. and youthful vigor. should they need to magical. has drastically decreased. but when peril or politics threaten the clan Clans Feadiel and Grunalf are concerned she musters an assertive resolve to argue about the Trees of Life. Depending on the elves only need plan their flight. the best solution. believing an answer for the Talyn ever come to odds. she Mistrusting all non-elves. His frequent thinks leaving Alfheim is reasonable for hunting trips regularly require Talyn to the time being. Talyn is immediately recognizable. Increasingly more elves and fairies think leaving is Personality: Talyn is generally reserved. contention between them. her life in the outdoors has 1007 AC. Although fair- complected. her point. in low-light or 74 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . until finally getting her way. is and Durifern Widefarer are seldom in anxious to sell whatever is needed to disagreement. and 110 pounds. boasting By now King Doriath has received platinum blond hair. King Doriath charges his ambassadors with beseeching Known accepted. or resemble emeralds. and Clan Erendyl more attentive to clan duties. which she wears unbound Stefan of Karameikos. light. Clan Long. the Alfheim have a jewel-like quality. torments him with youthful inquiries and Runner doesn't want to have any contact demands. Clan Mealidil doesn't assume both role of Treekeeper and want to leave the country founded by Clanmaster. the Old King of the The once mighty trees of Alfheim are Woods. or defend the clan.

exact source of pain felt by the Trees of Life. The DMing Notes: Despite assuming her increased level of twisted magic is a responsibilities only ninety-two years past. today in the area of Thornbush. Lore—Magic Ritual (I). A small group of fairies and most centaurs will 75 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Court decides to leave the twisted forest. welcome from Talyn. Talyn’s fright of Beholders almost causes her CO 14. hp 46. with Doak’s use of animate trees Focus Trees of Life (I). continues searching for the 4(base 8. careful. Hobgoblin (Hutai). Save E10. They barely (I). dappled with monstrous and malevolent activity near orange and yellow hues. Kobold (Cruth/Black heading through the Pixy-circles to Hill Dialects). Flaurmont 23: darkness. Knowledge of Canolbarth Forest— escape. Woodlore (I). CM 18. where there is already a fairy settlement. Lore—Clan Grunalf keeping Xrathpack at bay. Thornbush. birth of new and more spiders. King Oberon of the Fairy (Tharian). DX 14. the former Treekeeper. consequence of Atzanteotl's entropic after the sudden and unexpected death of magic. IN 16. a Beholder appears forest. Orc On this night. Yarthmont 7: Languages: Elvish. The colors of the the Bad Magic Points. She primarily dresses in Following a steady increase in the green and brown shades. Flaurmont 28: Combat Notes: E12th level Treekeeper. AL N(G). Hiding have surely met her doom. (I). ML 11. Treewalking (D). a powerful beholder. #AT 2 (Attack Class D). The beholder reveling in this chaos. Provided of course The local imps grow in number due to the they prove themselves friends and worthy chaos. yet still a Xrathpack. WI 17. AC Talyn Grunalf. Talyn would Animals (CH). Giving her excellent vision in any given situation. 1007 AC. using the spiders around from Durifern. [Magic Base: 6] missteps to be her demise. she stumbles upon Xrathpack. Redstone on the Isle of Dawn. ST 8. EX Mastery). desires to propagate. yet curious. CH 16. Thyatian. MV 120’ (40’). While other monsters are lured into the area by characters will only find a cold shoulder Xatapechtli. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 1007 AC. Glantrian. venturing into Abilities & Skills: Animal Empathy—Forest the area for the same reasons. If not for the actions of old Treant Doak. magic+2). yet intelligent. when younger boisterous. D 1d8+3 Leaving a tower repository just north of (Quarterstaff +1. Goblin (High Yazar & Doth). wreaking havoc throughout the forest. Talyn is nonetheless a capable Keeper. and many wanderer and adventurer at heart. 1007 AC. and also accelerate the growth and defenders of the forest. Hill Giant. Personality: Silent. they might receive warm Thornbush as sly and dangerous minions. Forest Survival (W).

Orcs. Faith. Faerie Fire(Lvl 1). small elvish community. Sport. inhabitants have been cruelly Hallucinatory Terrain. the work of a small band of Shadow Cure Serious Wounds. Obscure. imparting a simple message. Teleport. 1007 AC. Longstride. from Thornbush are deemed responsible Feeblemind. Yarthmont 19: Level III: Call Lightning. Treekeeper of clan Feadiel. Elegant Jewelry. Summon Animals (Lvl 4). Faerie Lights. Warp Wood. attempts to annihilate isolated Alfheim communities will be carried out. “Mistrust your observations” Clan Items access to. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth resettle in nearby Darokin awaiting the forest’s return to health. Warp Wood. Ilsundal. Growth of Plants. Invisibility. Level V: Control slaughtered. The druid Plant Door (Lvl 5). Stone to Flesh. Malicious monsters escaped Temperature 10’ Radius. Can only be military commanders. Hold Animal. Pass Elves. Web (Lvl 2). Yarthmont 20: (Magic Missile variant for 8d6+8 damage ). the adventuring party’s druid. Protection from Normal A party of adventurers stumbles upon a Missiles. Jorodrin Feadiel. The good magic Favoured Spells: Talyn abhors lethal and points have now lost their magic and fire-based spells. That night Engledoc pervades the dreams of and Silver Torc of Protection +2. the massacre is VI: Anti-Animal Shell. recharges 1 charge per relating his discovery to Alfheim’s week if placed in Tree of Life. finding the Confusion. of invading Shadow Elves spreads throughout Alfheim. & Goblins. Thornstrike 1007 AC. Fear. Web. Level for the carnage. Anti-Magic Shell. Level IV: Charm Monster.: Patron. Quarterstaff +1. but a party of elves. Telekinesis. Silence. and his assistants perform a Likes: Exotic Fruits (Banana. Faerie Fire. Klarmont 16: Dislikes: Violence. expand and become more powerful. Treekeeper staff of wizardry (has nature spells. A Ring of Fire Resistance. Entangle. 1007 AC. ceremony devised over the last few Chocolatl. Pineapple). The bad magic points Charm Person. Lower Water. Level I: Command Word. Growth of discovers the assassins weren’t Plants. elves were the murderers. Fly. In the following months similar Plant. Trolls. but soon after 31 charges left. however. Magic Items: Talyn has Leather Armor +2. fear and suspicion used by Treekeepers. Level II: Entangle. Mirror Image. Control weather (Lvl 6). The now wary druid casts a "Speak with Bioluminescence (variant of Continual the Dead" before leaving the village and Light). monsters. Foreign Shoes 76 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Control Winds. is unable to ascertain what manner of further equal to normal Staff of Wizardry. collapse inward. Hold Person. Invisibility.

However. from her years before Captain Brightsword and their most taking role as Treekeeper. Felmont 1: fray when necessary. & Laelia Orchids. council. uprooting their Tree of Life. giving the entire torc a verdigris tone. & Fire. Brightsword each other close to a century. decides to press for Desnae and confront Talyn and Perfynn have no children. bungled attempt to assassinate Brightsword. with the weapon. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth months1. despite having known sheltering Shadow Elves. Most often she also wears an 1007 AC. long suspected of two decades old. she isn’t afraid to enter the 1007 AC. certain death. Felmont 13: in Alfheim’s humid climate. and carries wands of healing (20 The Tree of Life’s uprooting ceremony charges). but a way to lure him into Desnae. The bronze Captain Brightsword is narrowly missed seemingly glowing with magical energy. to keep this skill relevant. and most animals have already died. Talyn has expert mastery King Doriath. Yet the number of monsters has increased. Alfheim’s Treekeepers are paralyzation (12 charges) to avert aware of perhaps being able to save their dangerous foes. General Gilfronden. staying back and casting spells. During the in Selenica. aware of her importance within the clan. attacking with her Quarterstaff +1. precautious. Bargdas. yet (Especially Ylari Sandals & Peshwari keeping its roots in the encompassing Chappals). Captain Brightsword rises Glantri. Presented to her after saving a and vows to personally slay any known diplomatic envoy and his entourage from Shadow Elf. By now all plants. In combat she is Trees of Life from the strange disease. evidence is revealed about the Talyn’s magical silver torc is actually a gift Shadow Elves moving stealthily thru the from Princess Carlotina of Erewan in twisted forest. and successful. persuasion (20 charges). Klarmont 23: elven cloak and boots when traveling far afield. the Chossum Clanmaster. and the Trees of Additional Notes: Talyn has all of Clan Life are nearing death. 1 S inc e 2 8 S viftm o nt 77 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . soil. and Hometrees. The torc is decorated with bronze filigree which has heavily oxidized 1007 AC. except fungi Fears: Beholders. trees. This is not a though that may change. leaving Alfheim trusted advisers meet in Elleromyr to once every five years to train with a Master plan the flight from Alfheim. The elves identify the arrows as coming from Talyn and Perfynn’s relationship is barely Clan Chossum. Grünalf’s magical recourses at her disposal. by arrows while patrolling the forest. As of yet.

Yet over the course of Talyn’s tenure. thrust into the impossible undertaking of l e a d e rs hip. Perfynn has come to c a ught in the m id d l e . its m e tho d s . until finally making his way home. Carlisan knows the spell effect years of youth. next forty tasked with casting a charm person on learning the Brightsword every morning. so he plants another he spent the Shadow Elf on Brightsword’s path. Carlisan puts the young Captain History: To under his control. and shortly thereafter began 1007 AC. The Shadow Elves are now years. and the Grunalf clan D D C ha s a num b e r o f re s po ns ib il itie s . d is c us s e d a t l e ngth in G a z e tte e r 1 1 TS R 9 2 5 0 The R e pub l ic o f D a ro k in. re s o l ving d is pute s b e twe e n ne ighb o rs e s pe c ia l l y if D a ro k in is Utmost among them. a job that invasion. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 1007 AC. seem as if Carlisan asks Brightsword allow a famed Perfynn Grunalf and trusted adventurer of clan Chossum has led an to join his patrolling party. witho ut D a ro k in. Clanmaster of Clan Grunalf. inc l ud ing. ways of the elven forester. Felmont 28: a storied career in Alfheim’s armed forces. m a inta ining go o d re l a tio ns with a l l o f D a ro k in' s ne ighb o rs . is under Shadow Elves initial twenty control. To d a y’ s protector of Ainsun. preparing for the final phase of the Tasked as Captain of the Guard. b o th within a nd of the Tree of Life. members residing there. steadfast custodian a gre e m e nts o f a l l type s . Now unremarkable Brightsword. Felmont 16: Perfynn Grunalf Clanmaster Carlisan privately meets Captain of the Guard of Clan Grunalf Brightsword. assuring Brightsword most. will not last. The D D C. For Durifern Widefarer. General Gilfronden’s life. Fyrmont 7: charges in his three-hundred year career. Durifern often wandering Alfheim Town today. the 78 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and not unlike himself. They discuss off into the wilds alone. refuses to allow Perfynn to do his meet elvish members of the DDC1 in assigned duty. a nd ne go tia ting tra d e respect Talyn Grunalf. So Perfynn has instead taken up being defender and 1 DDC= D a ro k in D ipl o m a tic Co rps . First serving with distinction at The Sump Radiant General Garafaele Galeifel orders & Weir. and after serving in nearly every Starlight Legions I-III to deploy below Alfheim post over the next three hundred Alfheim. Managing to cast charm person. After his biggest threat. a name aptly King Doriath and General Gilfronden given. Perfynn has found it to be one of his most difficult 1007 AC. it would the clan is not sheltering Shadow Elves. a nd ro l e in D a ro k in s o c ie ty is having to occasionally deal with Durifern. Wood imps collaborate with the is first and foremost protecting the Shadow Elves quest to conquer Alfheim.

is b a s e d upo n the TS R 9 4 9 4 encountered in his enchanted leather AD &D 2 n d Ed . relationship. Like most Alfheim warriors. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth relocating the Trees of Life on two have come to mutual understanding. one of Treekeepers from the seven major clans intelligence and curiosity. R a ve nl o ft Aud io a d ve nture “ L ight in the B e l fry” . with a s s um e d Im m o rta l he l p. Ones even filled with full sentences. chore his superior is evidently unwilling to have performed the ceremony and master! uprooted their Tree of Life. and in clan Long Runner exhibit a new spell turn he has begun to ask relevant masking a Tree of Life’s aura. With the c re a tio n o f these days. and Durifern as Counsel. Perfynn is apparently trying to M o o rk ro ft I. and carry on meaningful appear as a normal tree. it from hostile eyes. This d o m a in wa s c re a te d and flowing long-sleeved singlets with lace a fe w ye a rs a fte r the El ve s a rrive d he re (±8 0 0 B C). King Doriath Personality: Though boisterous in his implores the DDC keep the utmost youth. tastes are changing. thus disguising dialogue with her about the Canolbarth. complete with wooden shield re d ra wn a nd a d j us te d to a M ys ta ra s tyl e he x strapped to his arm. a nd s que e z e d in b e twe e n D o l a k . his fair complexion bares a light 1 T he hidde n P r o vinc e o f A vo nle ig h in tan. Now seen sporting brown trousers Al fhe im b y a utho r. s e ve ra l D o ul a k k i 79 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . A excepting the Mealidil and Long Runner. almost always Da r o kin. yet of Life in Southern and Eastern Darokin. Talyn’s influence at S e l e nic a a nd the S o uthe a s te rn c o rne r o f work. Though a soldier 1007 AC. until viewed in enter and successfully dispatch Morgoroth. Talyn’s presence. Still a bit perplexed. brawny. Perfynn is meet today in Feador to discuss the Trees amazed at Talyn’s ability to still marvel of Life’s relocation. By now all clans. The curtains of fog surrounding the cursed usually unbound. Darokinian soil with a mixed Darokin- which has slowly matured into a romantic Alfheim honour guard protecting them. to freely cross Darokin should they need to abandon their homeland. Perfynn’s golden eyes province of Avonleigh1 dissipate. these days Perfynn’s m a p. Heroes seem cold and emotionless. Treekeepers from over the mysteries of the forest. weighing 168 pounds. they are now ready to Appearance: At 352 years old. Perfynn is immigrate and relocate the dying Trees the typical 5’6” height for a male elf. Talyn has awakened a different side within him. Both feeling Clan Grunalf This guard becomes known as the Root might be better off with Perfynn as Watch. M o rgo ro th wa s the s o n o f up fronts. He wears his wavy chestnut hair to his shoulders. except when it comes to Talyn. m a gic a l fo g b a nk o ve r this re a l m in 7 7 5 B C b y the El ve s . with no wa y o f e s c a pe . toe with Durifern’s gruff demeanor. Perfynn is now able to stand toe to secrecy concerning the meeting. Fyrmont 14: through and through. the o rigina l El ve n ne m e s is fro m appear more Clanmaster. making it questions. Their agreement also allows elves Clanleader. Though in the past. Ad ve nture m a p armor. and less soldier the S yl va n R e a l m .

Stone Giant. having Setting a precedence. (Tharian). Treekeeper’s hope. ST 16. Orc Runner and Mealidil Clans respectively. 1 T he Do ula kki. IN 12. Shield. Growth of m a p o f the B a ro nia l D o m a in o f Avo nl e igh is Plants. Darokin. met a few in the past. fifteenth of Ambyrmont. Level m e ntio ne d in this a d ve nture a re d e s c e nd a nts o f the s e D o ul a k k i fa m il ie s . or being referred by Talyn. His eventual appearance might take of the Doulakki. MV be placed in the most densely forested 120’ (40’). Riding (D). Level II: b a rrie r. Save enough away to not be further affected E10. CO 16. Detect Invisible. Level V: Cloudkill. of Stone. The y b a re l y s urvive d . Gnoll (Gnollistani). yet welcomes the few the first Grunalf clan member characters hundred surviving great-great-grandchildren meet. 80 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and soon the other clans. fa m il ie s we re a l s o im pris o ne d within the Protection from Evil. Web. AL L(N). S e e “ His to ry o f Eyk a ivia l a nd the D wa rfga te M o unta ins R e gio n” b y Magic Items: Perfynn has Leather Armor S he l d o n M o rris . by the sickening. Kobold forest. Abilities & Skills: Forest Survival (W). AC 2. Darokin is astounded at DMing Notes: Perfynn will not usually be what the fog obscured. WI 10. Sump & Weir to report for duty! excepting Clans Long Runner and Mealidil. only harm the Trees of Life. though far (Elven Longsword +2. vis ito rs e nd ing up he re o nc e in a whil e . Clanmasters of the Long Languages: Elvish. A Level IV: Charm Monster. The Trees will Combat Notes: E10th level. Lightning Bolt. clan. Ice Storm. EX Mastery). +2. Hobgoblin (Hutai). and even has some affection for druids and foresters. Thyatian. elves into the army. Goblin acrimoniously disagree on leaving the (High Doth). will follow suit. b ut a l l pe o pl e Detect Evil. CH 12. hp 54. ML 11.. Water Breathing. The Clanmasters sadly resolve to leave Military Tactics (I). The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth but this allows many undead to leave the region and multiply. Jorodrin Feadiel. Shield +2. and Elven Longsword +2. CM 14. Ambyrmont 1: Knowledge of the Canolbarth (I).1 place after being rebuffed by Durifern. #AT 2 (Attack Class F). 1007 AC. guides its enthusiastically attempts to recruit young Tree of Life into Southeastern Darokin. Characters not of the outside the twisted Canolbarth Forest. and warn leaving the forest can (Black Hill Dialect). and Favoured Spells: Level I: Magic Missile. Beasthunter and Mealidan. Fyrmont 20: tolerant of other races. At least this is the DX 14. a nd the fe w III: Fly. Treewalking (D). He is mildly 1007 AC. Wall a va il a b l e o nl ine . Tracking their now dead beloved forest on the (I). Though he Treekeeper of Clan Feadiel. D 1d8+t areas around Dolak or Dolos. might find Clan Feadiel is first to reposition its Tree themselves being escorted toward The of Life. G e o ff G a nd e r. Aa ro n N o wa c k . and lingering too long. a nd Tho rfinn Ta it. Knowledge of The Sump & Weir (I).

only withdrawing to use his bow after taking serious wounds. and wears Boots of Traveling and Leaping. and Long Runner will head under his command at Shield Tree. Perfynn and Talyn’s relationship is barely two decades old. Old swords are honed. They have yet to uproot their Trees of Life. His younger sister joined the various Clanholds. Trolls. dangerous Broken Lands and hostile and Perfynn feels Redsword is the finest Ethengar. Boots of Traveling and inevitably corrupt the elven way of life. Smoked Venison. Dislikes: Incompetence. Alfheim elves everywhere. The North to Wendar traversing the two have a mutual respect for one another. 1007 AC. loading carts and posting as General of Alfheim’s Army was a wagons hitched to beasts of burden. & Goblins. The mistake on Doriath’s part. Feeling insecure and unable to assist curing 81 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Likes: Weaponry. Capitulation. a “gift” from Redsword head South to Karameikos crossing Truetalker. being firmly convinced leaving is the Faith: Ilsundal. Leaping. Ylari Pistachios. Fears: Dragons & Shadow Elves. Red Arrow. and a younger brother long evacuation. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Elven Cloak. As of yet. and recently finer clothes. despite having known The young gold dragon Raspaert collects her each other close to a century. and spellbooks again. and Feadiel. Clans Perfynn has Expert Mastery with the Elven Chossum. Additionally he wears an Elven Cloak. Mealidil. possessions and departs for the Five Shires. Orcs. Additional Notes: Perfynn prefers to charge into the fight with his Elven Longsword +2. wrong decision. preparing for what will most likely be a very dangerous journey. as Redsword allowed a younger Eastern Darokin and the Cruth Perfynn to travel with him to Alfheim Town Mountains. caravans led by heroes astride Elven War Horses. will Longsword. Ambyrmont 3: Perfynn has no living relatives among Clan King Doriath’s messengers reach the Grunalf. giving him an AC of 2. and carries a Shield +2. pack warrior in Alfheim. bows ago left the forest. and train with a master when Perfynn was Grunalf. memorized. He wears Leather Armor +2. clans Erendyl. never to be heard from oiled and strung. thinking Gilfronden’s their belongings. bringing news of the Long Runners.

being a soldier through and through kind of takes care of him being a strict. where the fleeing Centaurs and several Fairies have General Garafaele receives reports about temporarily taken up residence. sending more Shadow Elves devoted to him. and understands how to solve the impasse. Knowledge1 to help find a way to solve the though that may soon change. Talyn Grunalf and Doak. Atzanteotl defend their villages. but 1007 AC. Talyn has the Alfheim elves preparing to mobilize put faith in the other Treekeepers to uproot and orders Starlight Legions to deploy the Grunalf Tree of Life. meet today in Mealidor to discuss the message received yesterday. she begins the Dragon Circle of Perfynn and Talyn have no children. He will take an important place in the actions of the Clanmasters Beasthunter and Mealidil Grunalf clan from 1200 AC on. but infuriated by Long Runner and Mealidil flee with King their lack of enthusiasm and commitment. Ambyrmont 15: must admit the forest has grown increasingly dark. Trees of LIfe. Several long the dying Trees of Life. a nd we l c o m ing to the Al fhe im 1 Dr a g o n Cir c le s . s e pa ra ting D a ro k in a nd the F ive S hire s . Knowing the surface elves will flee bringing her back to a boisterous time spent the twisted forest on the fifteenth of Ambyrmont. yet they decide to queues made of thousand of carts. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth the forest’s disease. Da r o kin. Her in depth along the tunnels under the Canolbarth research is of greater importance. 82 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . departing like living tendrils from the twisted forest and Meanwhile. D &D ga m e ' s K no wn Wo rl d ” b y B ruc e He a rd . dangerous. Thornbush. stay and continue researching until the horses. inhospitable. Memories forest. and In a move that shocks the Darokinians. and 1007 AC. Darokinian landscape. the others are determined to Xatapechtli dismisses them. Perfynn forest’s illness. Xatapechtli begins a bizarre either head northwest towards magical experiment on spiders around Corunglain or southeast to Selenica. Doriath. the old Treant from 1007 AC. He requests help from several Only about half the elves from Clans powerful Shadow Elves. A fo re s te d re gio n o n his troops advance to further destabilize the N o rthe rn s id e o f the Cruth M o unta ins them. and elves on foot dot the spring. Clanmasters. once sheltered in the Shires. A pe a c e ful s e ttl e m e nt o f b o th hum a ns a nd ha l fl ings . Despite prolonged research yet not the well-informed DDC.s e e “ D ra go ns in the re fuge e s . Both leaders are still firmly convinced remaining in their homeland is the right decision. Ambyrmont 4: “work-comes-first” person. the Radiant General urges 2 Fa r s hir e . Ambyrmont 10: the Emerlas. the elves they are unable to find a way of saving of Alfheim flee their country. meet in Farshire2.

greatly depleted after war against the however. (See Fyrmont 14). as Ilsundal. Suffering greatly 1007 AC. Since Engledoc’s Corunglain messengers from the Long recent disappearance. As of yet Rafiel is unaware several Shadow Elf though the darkened forest will make Feathered Serpents and their families have this easier. Darokinians are Elven troops enter the twisted forest shocked to learn Shadow Elves really skulking out of tunnels. Alphaks and Shadow Elves. only allows courageous adventurers from both clans to go back 1007 AC. thoughts still roam her mind. but thanks to their superior again Darokin’s only hope. Ambyrmont 17: to Alfheim to return and collect news about the invasion. In 83 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . yet Darokin would now be before dawn. news of the invasion. the Shadow Elves must retreat Master. the few survivors from Clans Long Runner and Mealidil manage to cast the A lavish party is thrown tonight at unique spell disguising their Trees of Atzanteotl's mansion in Pandius to toast Life. The fiercest coming from the very centre of the fighting takes place around Pinitel and Republic. The he knew…?”. “What if troops to defend those left behind. Charles Mauntea urges the DDC to get in touch with these unfamiliar invaders. Ambyrmont 18: from this major stroke. Ambyrmont 28: north. Their armed forces staying to defend their homeland. fights their way Rafiel must attend the party to avoid toward Alfheim Town. because they aren't yet completely unable to stop an attack acclimated to the sunlight. Ilsundal alters his appearance. invading the forest. In Darokin City remaining troops are put on high alert. spurring her prompt King Doriath to send back some toward action with a single thought. King. the Shadow Elves manage victory before dawn. Rafiel must continue this planned find almost no resistance deception of Entropy. reflecting a change of ways and Darokinian and elvish authorities receive triggering another train of thought and ideas. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth long ago with Engledoc. Diplomatic solutions are once Mealidor. Before bolting 1007 AC. The Legions. however. quickly exist. equipped with magical Rafiel attend. A small group of Ilsundal’s utter defeat. adopted Azanteotl’s doctrines along with their leader Xatapechtli. Long seen as an elven During the night well armed Shadow legend outside Alfheim. Darokin never considered Alfheim overwhelming the small bands of elves a credible threat. The invasion of Alfheim was amulets allowing them to ignore the a major stroke against Ilsundal. Hel. yet now their main obstacle is adapting to the daylight. his final haunting Runner and Mealidil Clanmasters. Of course effects of sunlight. only to find Atzanteotl's suspicions Despite not hating abandoned buildings. numbers.

Meanwhile Shadow Elves venture towards Glantri in their underground cities other city. thus strengthening her people’s renames it Rafielton. and the to start the hard task of rebuilding. Alfheim. they intended to investigate a rumor Everyone is joyous in victory. In conquering Alfheim Garafaele has finally A mage named Angus McClintock. as Telemon renames the conquered being one of the other major promises Rafiel Canolbarth Forest to Aengmor. then perhaps Engledoc could entice the Shadow he crowns his daughter. If rediscovered. the Princess Elves towards this ancient city. The heard of an ancient city occupied by ambitious Tanadaleyo has long dreamed humanoids hidden in the Broken Lands. to replace them Engledoc’s spirit sees all that is happening. the Shadow Elves soon have new Crystal growth on the surface. many of the elven clans of where they can live under the sun among Alfheim finally reach Karameikos. places they even occupied the Northern Darokinian borderlands. In a long sermon Porphyriel 1008 AC Spring: announces the prophecies of Rafiel have finally been realized. after a seemed to have made. spoken of so highly. the Shadow Elves’ legendary city. buildings and Ironwood wall surrounding the city. which had waned after centuries of have conquered the whole region. of being Princess of Alfheim. shamans are preaching similar tales to Through their ramblings he deciphered the entire Shadow Elf population. Sviftmont 9: help from the meddling shamans!!! Porphyriel is blissful because she can General Garafaele takes possession of the claim the conquest of Alfheim is Rafiel’s city in the name of King Telemon and will. unusual lectures at Glantri’s Great School of gaining an exalted place in Shadow Elf Magic. Now celebrating The Shadow Elves enthusiastically welcome their victory. to be reconquered. hearing so many of the Shadow Elves 1007 AC. In the square named after him. By now his legions faith. General Garafaele is named Warlord of Aengmor. Sviftmont 17: rekindle their hope of taking back their ancient city after the conquest of Alfheim. Telemon now has it. with more familiar stone buildings and a but cleverly turns his attention towards lower solid stone wall. effects of existing crystals gradually become Garafaele plans to destroy the wooden stronger. is giving succeeded where his predecessors failed. and in privations and unfulfilled promises. Several green trees (or so they think). The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 1007 AC. the Shadow Elves As the spring thaw opens the mountain now having a place upon the surface passes. as Governor of Aengmor. secretly followed by Engledoc. King This ancient city. Aengmor. about a society of civilized history. legendary city they once inhabited. leaving Tanadaleyo. Oenkmar. He enthusiastically speaks of Forest. and without their ancient city named Oenkmar. Long coveting the Canolbarth humanoids. 84 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

Minutes later an encounter forces from the underground enormous storm forms over the city of Oenkmar. Talyn elves were forced to abandon the city. Magic does not return to uninterested in more “enthusiasts”. The lecture. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth sounds all too familiar to ignore. she nearly succumbs. trying to make a Spellcasters all over Mystara. So frail elvish runes and scriptures on the stones. the ghost of Engledoc. and find a pure vein of gold. Angus proves to be more than a match of a few hours. Then. most of the continent for the Shadow Elves. swept up in the wake of the spell. and Rathanos finish construction of the training their new members to fight. he notices the all too familiar brethren. Among the through the surrounding rocks travelling to weakened Shadow Elves. her strength slowly falling. although magical races. 1009 AC Fall: 1010 AC Felmont 14: The second group of Alfheim elves leaves An informal band of Rockhome the Northern Glantrian Mountains and adventurers. Secretly among them is Alphatian capital city of Sundsvall. after Shadow Elves to prompt Angus for more hours of meteorological abuse. Once topside he finds several sign showing perhaps their actions were passages leading to the city below. grow ill and interesting. They escape with their 85 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and Sea of Dawn. This effect lasts for a week. causing the lose their strength (ST -5). adversely suffers from the disguised shadow elves. city of Oenkmar. replanted all Trees of Life in healthy ground. Rad. teleports away. Now being more cautious. traveling with him Thankfully. flawed. but then Rad activates the device. studying the old effects. Rafiel. This is a first position. After a few days of investigation. information. easily dispatching sinks beneath the cold dark waters of the them. resolves nothing. Doomsday weapon underneath Glantri. now. seeming discover all forms of magic no longer very similar to Aengmor. humanoid forces in the Broken Lands. Venturing along the great enabling the last Alfheim elves to reach their pyramid. her only hope lay upon the Aengmor. members of and the Shadow Elves. Magic having all The scriptures mention the city’s name being but vanished. feelings of doubt the surface to locate the cities relative take root in the minds of many. Engledoc then fades of the Canolbarth’s corruption. Talyn. for both Engledoc function. Engledoc no longer needing magic to mask their discovers this location must be the humanoid presence. Engledoc touches the mage as he casts the spell. when one of them stumbles upon a cave Immediately after hearing Thyatis has opening. Across the world. The dwarves go in after him conducted a peace treaty with Alphatia. such as elves. and tells of the days before the healing skills of the centaur’s herbalist. quickly layout of the area. Angus the world for a full week. are in a scrap with enters the nation of Wendar. and within the span Elves. due still thinks all of this has come about because some great disaster. the Alfheim refugees have unnoticed. When cornered and earthquakes begin rumbling across the intimidatingly questioned by the Shadow Alphatian continent.

then forest becomes arid and small tracts of adapting their spells to blight grain crops transformed Hometrees are beginning to as well. Selenica. Without Alfheim’s elven evacuate all settlements within this weather magic. Pratiwass. will send troops from the Canolbarth in an Aengmor. The Shadow Elves threaten if spring rainfall has been sparse. Aengmor is now forced to interact with The Shadow Elves recount the situation foreigners as other nations do—with and ask for help in the development of diplomacy instead of just invasion. 86 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . laying entirely within the attempt to reclaim it. the mission fail. and afterwards Canolbarth searching for clues. dual invasion of dwarven soldiers and Shrepsy. Talyn sallies forth with pursued by Engledoc. even though Alfheim elves now inhabiting Wendar will The party of Aengmorian emissaries naturally seek to poison the Wendarian reach Norwold and a small elven minds against the Shadow Elves. Sprite sorceress. they will date. appear before the rulers of Darokin. miners intent on destroying the sagacious Hsiao cleric. making a beeline for Rockhome. no rain has fallen in weeks. the diplomatic envoys will have to return by way of Wendar and 1010 AC Sviftmont 5: seek help there. counterclockwise journey around the Canolbarth Engledoc hopes this leads to the discovery of Aengmor. For the first time in many years. as a diplomatic mission to the Elven the spells used against Alfheim’s trees communities of Norwold. spells to save the Canolbarth. and if the Shadow Elves discover 1010 AC Ambyrmont 2: the Dwarves have occupied their fabled city.and the threat it poses to winding trek through the remains of the the civilized world. female surrounding bedrock. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth lives. Princess Tanadaleyo decides to send Elves demand is as hollow as Mystara. The dwarves have her ragtag group of companions: Doak. Pixy warrior. They assert Aengmor has extended its borders 1010 AC Fyrmont 1: over the sparsely occupied strip of Darokin territory surrounding it. sends emissaries to Canolbarth less defended. Now fully recovered. They begin a lengthy humanoid city. which sparks a Centaur healer. community in the deep southern woods. and Hesshrouu. By this the leaders of Darokin refuse. the area suffers a great borderland—including the city of drought. apparently were specifically tailored to affect the because they have no ties with Alfheim. Thus leaving the borders of Darokin. old indeed discovered gold in the Treant of the Emerlas. The blight every tree in Darokin. and give Summer strikes hard in the new nation of the people of Darokin three months to Aengmor. In the stripping gold deposits from the Broken upcoming months they will slowly make a Lands. Most unrealizing the Shadow die. Should Canolbarth forest. magically-enhanced oaks native to the as far as the Shadow Elves know. Chavas.

yet lasts 1012 AC Vatermont 15: only a few minutes before the clouds disperse once more. engaging in violent orgies around ha ir. magical experiments to save the trees of Undead from the cursed province of the Canolbarth. B o th F e ra l S a tyrs uncomfortable with the imps' chaotic a nd D a rk D rya d s wil l b e m o re tho ro ughl y lives. The Shadow Elves feel extremely F a uns . Eager to test their Avonleigh are found wandering into the laboured resolutions. a fine mist moistens the forest. including Elves are baffled by this entirely the evil Treant. The imps are slowly to Darokin. however. The M o ns te r M a nua l Co m pil a tio n: F a iryk in a nd We e fo l k . the returning elves corrupted Canolbarth. Travestis whose patron reasonable attitude. Additionally. the Darokin diplomats extend a points are stronger. having investigated Aengmor’s behavior. spring. The Shadow imps have other strong allies. the wood imps are hand in friendship to the Shadow Elves. o r gre y moon. drought continues to plague Dark Dryads1. The imps simply reply that their e xpl a ine d in the upc o m ing c ha pte r o f m y way is "the way of the wood". formerly Dreamland. ha ving l a rge ho rns . who established a court 1 Da r k Dr y a ds a re the e m b o d im e nt o f d e a d tre e s in Ae ngm o r. a l m o s t s a d their sacred Stalkbrow. to their considerable Shadow Elf elite. 2 Fe r a l Sa t y r s a re e ve n m o re b e a s tl ik e tha n Lolach-Lomod. the b e ings . Engledoc finds a Shadow Elven scouting group. calls their bluff. leading highly scandalous claim. ha ving a D rya d winte r white . b e ing ve ry pa l e a nd gho s t- in 1009 AC. Afterwards. However. whic h give s the m a d e m o n. and stealthily influencing their path of 1012 AC Kaldmont: The wood imps’. declaring borders will remain becoming a real nuisance for to the fixed. saying that they lifestyles and frowning upon the refuse to abandon lands long belonging doctrines of Rafiel.l ik e a ppe a ra nc e . is young Shadow Elves are starting to emulate this Darokin. and is in fact starting the 1011 AC Sviftmont 1: process of populating the dead forest with her own hordes of Evil Plants and Despite the initial promise of a wet Foul Folk. Besides their spiders. becoming quite powerful in Aengmor - also reaffirming that the elves of and a crusade against them might not go Aengmor may conduct trade through as intended. But since the bad magic surprise. the ir m a in we a po n b e ing the ir fa m ine imps travel on spider mounts in an c urs e . Soon after. The y a re e xtre m e l y s o l e m n. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 1010 AC Eirmont 21: problem. 87 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . where elves have conducted buildings and monuments. whic h the y us e to c o rrupt a nd d e s tro y anarchic and carnivalesque procession to a l l s urro und ing l ife . Feral Satyrs2 and several Aengmor. promptly cast the new spells. the Selenica and all of Darokin. Nyx has set him on the path toward Immortality. several Hags. Yet hope arrives from Redcaps still haunting old Elven and fairy Norwold. have assembled every new l ik e . Among them.

and have much knowledge to devoted disciple is Xatapechtli. The Shadow his business. royal wizard in the City of the dwarves. Aengmor. feeling Dedicating themselves to learning as no remorse or pity for the fleeing of the much as they could of the sacred city of humanoids. and reveals a his interest in the more formidable Shadow community of wanderers—nearly a Elves. Felestralor reveals to Kanifasti they have 1012 AC Ambyrmont 16: substantial knowledge to share with their Shadow Elf brethren. their knowledge could prove chance of escape. driving the humanoids out. Most of whom have been quietly the humanoids with the use of magic and diverting young Shadow Elves away from disguise. Teleporting into the room while messengers are dispatched to the City of Kanafasti is alone. The visitor introduces Elves first attack. now called Oenkmar. Atzanteotl’s most Oenkmar. and is presently besieged by the even more repulsive Kanafasti. Radiant Princess of the Shadow Elves and Angus McClintock. Dwarves followed by guest to have a seat. is no concern to them. is currently inhabited by 1012 AC Sviftmont 1: horrible humanoids. three centuries ago. and speaks the Shadow Elven word for peace. and before the Shadow the Stars. Kanafasti beckons his In the upcoming weeks. realizing there is governor of Aengmor. a Shadow Elf by the humanoids. afterwards being repelled himself as Felestralor. Intrigued. whom progressively forsake Rafiel in hundred residents—have been living in favor of the Dark Lord. Before the day’s end. invaluable to Kanafasti—provided he 88 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . receives an unusual visitor in his Radiant general. the lava pool below. Citadel. old Shadow Elves not looking Rafiel. both agreeing Aengmor makeshift laboratory in Aengmor’s must be reclaimed. along with share with their Shadow Elf brethren. inviting him to state Shadow Elves attack Oenkmar. He speaks of the nothing he can do to stop the fabled city of Aengmor’s discovery. bringing King Telemon news of Elf wizard can cast any spells. Oenkmar and returns to Glantri. his Shadow Elf spies the “Feathered Managing to remain unnoticed among Serpents”. flees thought destroyed more than twenty. Aengmor’s Shadow Elves holds up a weathered. destruction of his beloved city. thrilling news to Tanadaleyo. markedly different from old humanoids. wrinkled hand prepare for a holy war. Atzanteotl soon lost wanderer sent away from the City of the interest in the occupying Humanoids placing Stars nearly a century ago. This evil behavior in fact is instigated by Xatapechtli and his One of them is sent away to carry the “Feathered Serpents”. The Shadow Elves break Oenkmar’s defenses. Tanadaleyo consults with the Stars. the visitor the discovery. The humanoids having little Aengmor. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth movement leads them to a small outcropping most being thrown from the battlements into overlooking Oenkmar.

Princess Tanadaleyo informs the foreign would belong to them. Aengmor’s borders are rapidly shrinking. for the Shadow Elves are the sacred city of Aengmor. The Trolls having already lost their mighty leader. and here in Aengmor. the lower broken lands now 1013 AC Spring: belong to them as well. Shadow Elf warriors into the lower broken lands. and continues his the northern Dwarfgate foothills and the diabolical experiments in secrecy. determined to drive all humanoids from the Eastern Broken Lands. Combat has occurred on the the caves and passageways surrounding surface as well. legendary city of Aengmor. with its green-leaved trees dappled by sunlight. merchant The great influx of Shadow Elven caravans shall be allowed to traverse the colonists has brought fierce resistance. The Canolbarth’s wanderers into Shadow Elven society perimeter is giving way to grasslands. as the humanoids not being easily driven they always have—but any incursions from their territory. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth dares to disobey the Immortal Rafiel’s 1012 AC Eirmont 20: prohibition concerning contact between wanderers and the general Shadow Elf Despite the Shadow Elf mages recent population. With Aengmor’s rediscovery. the years from becoming a wanderer. many now believe ambassadors within Rafielton the that dream seems as twisted as the trees Shadow Elves have reclaimed the themselves. and accordingly. Rafiel. Tanadelyo assures the ambassadors. trade routes through the broken lands. himself a mere two successes with weather magic. disillusioned by Canolbarth. Xatapechtli learns still more while exploring the Thousands of Hobgoblins and Orcs pour into surrounding area. passageways. Princess Tanadaleyo has come to regret Unknown to Kanafasti all wanderers in the magic used to twist the trees of Oenkmar have in time discovered ancient Canolbarth into parodies of their former teachings of Atzanteolt in the Great Pyramid selves. twisted trees of Canolbarth continue to promises to do all he can to integrate the sicken and die. seeking out obstinate will be attacked on sight if discovered in humanoids. will be dealt frequently patrol the underground with most harshly. powerful. and is certain his rise is gift from with the ensuing encounter not ending Atzanteotl. Dwarves in particular. after attacking Dorneryll 89 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . peaceably. This is another step in Atzanteotl’s Shadow Elf immigrants have been bold plan. The twisted “blight oaks” do not of Aengmor and have forsaken the Faith of have the strength to resist drought. Kanafasti. Growing up hearing stories of how one day the 1012 AC Sviftmont 28: beautiful Canolbarth forest. This horde stumbles upon Trolls timespan Xatapechtli has become extremely bereaved by the Dragon Kordarg’s slaying. In a short Emerlas.

the Trolls and followers. however. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth to strengthen their foothold. Visions of an old familiar face. Engledoc. their Gnollish allies are defeated and enslaved. The only humanoids truly benefiting mutual trust and respect they once shared from these events are the Bugbears in the wash over her. and most and trusting. hear of their kin’s struggle with the Trolls. warm have also been greatly weakened. but Talyn feels the great sensation of region. As a consequence. Sparse few have fled toward the Talyn is awakened by strange dreams one Western Broken Lands. now knowing she is on the east. No words are break into smaller tribes.The Orcs. Assaulted from two prophecies claiming greatness awaits his sides. having not participated in any of the right path with her research. Orcs from Xorg emulating some elven military structure. night. As such. are pitted plunder the Western Canolbarth and the against the more organized Orcs in the ruins in the hills. Bartziluth’s Bugbear shamans recite and join the battle. after a three week battle. battles. The bugbears even begin region. they remain strong and 90 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . settling within the spoken.

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth After having contemplated many scenarios to sentries to guard the most important gates rid the Canolbarth of the Shadow Elves. Alfheim town—now Rafielton— The cursed elves knowing to fail in this is unrecognizable. Observing similarities between the Alfheim refugees to visit Rafielton to affected regions in Limbo and the discuss the future of Canolbarth Forest. Within a r t ic le o n Un d e a d in Dr a g o n #1 8 0 a n d m y two days. banding them into an undead army. replenishing himself. Yet Without the spells of weather change the with one notion they all agree. Instantly aware of the ground’s positive aura. Canolbarth. he salvages souls in Limbo and ghosts everything has changed. Incorporeally. the forest has lost ground. grasses having alternate reflections existing in Limbo. and underbrush. Over time. Taking several hours and all his Elves and Elven mages from far-away spells. Engledoc nevertheless overpowers the Norwold. Engledoc has often travelled Princess Tanadaleyo invites certain to Limbo. immediately acting to locate despite the best efforts of the Shadow the intruder. he summons more almost circled the entire Canolbarth. magical triggers. negative energy from Limbo to leach through The land is so parched. finding would quickly consume the dead trees each was guarded by wights and wraiths. A s e xp la in e d b y B r u c e He a r d ’ s Doak takes root. mile by mile. only an endless nothing. rebirth or rendered the forest nearly uninhabitable. lived in. army of haunts travels from one gate to the next. which Engledoc traveled to these gates. but 1013 AC Winter: soon after Atzanteotl discovers half the smaller gates have already been closed by Talyn and her unlikely party of heroes have Engledoc’s forces. powerful Nightstalkers and Nightwalkers reaching the Magic Point of Ironbark. would cause cessation of their Elves used to blight the great oaks has existence. twisted used to corrupt the Canolbarth had allowed corpses of the once-mighty oaks behind. reincarnation. There are no signs of identities of the undead were stirred through this trend slowing. the merest spark many small portals around the region. Initially the victories come easily. could result in a roaring blaze. from sending numerous elven heroes into the fray. aside leading to the Magic Points. he soon discovered the magic several miles. Severely weakened by their cry for help three years ago. his brown leaves show the green “ M o n st e r M a n u a l” c o m p ila t io n b o o k Un d e a d . The magic the Shadow obligation. answering the Shadow Elves’ undead minions. let alone reversing. acre by Soon after approaching. In this way. Traveling across Alfheim and The Alfheim elves are shocked to see how Limbo. the trapped acre. Deeply analyzing these The forest’s perimeter has receded correlations. Gone are the from the Prime Plane among Alfheim’s slain elegant Home trees where they once warriors. he still manages to seal the gate. No afterlife. 91 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . 1 Limb o . Engledoc comes upon the idea to 1013 AC Sviftmont 23: reawaken the Good Magic Points. Engledoc’s Great Canolbarth is dying. energy draining capabilities. leaving stark.1 blanket the blighted landscape.

IN LIMBO!! From this moment onward. Over two-and-a-half thousand elven souls approach the The Schattenalfen Queen converses with defending pair of Nightwalkers. B o th he ro ic gro ups a re trying to re s o l ve the is s ue . secretly learning more each fallen Elven soul or even undead about Atzanteotl. unk no wing o f the o the r. created by strains of combat magic may learn from the other. uncovering the first crucial major gate. All the surviving Elven souls cheer. ye t s til l a id ing the 1013 AC Eirmont 16: o the r thro ugh the ir o wn a c ts . Schattenalfen Lands. Wights. these exploring Shadow Elves. which Ironbark rapidly absorbs. the Magic moves differently in Limbo. all undead powers become Xatapechtli has also travelled to the diminished.. o r Auro ra B o re a l is . Together the party begins gathering clues. Though the great their sacrifice…for a greater good. learning a Wraiths and a solitary ties with the City of Stars. As the last enemy Feathered Serpents. Rafiel locations. and the Shadow Elves’ essence the powers of Ironbark grow forgotten past shared with this Immortal. all dimensional ruptures leading into Limbo. the one linked to the Good Magic 1013 AC Kaldmont 16: Point of Ironbark. The magical energy flowing somewhere else. being the most powerful magic the ties that bind them— each realizing it point. Slowly the Faith of falls. taking into account time of nearby Ironbark is responsible. “die” with a smile. eventually encountering the magical light emanating through the grey Schattenalfen. Over assumes it is only a small number of believers. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth buds of new leaves. like or trust one another. two divisions of the Shadow Elves do not Their sacrifice had unforeseen consequences. the 1 Ma g ic Lig ht . but the forgotten. explorers from the City of the Stars finally make their way to the Hollow World's Engledoc’s army of souls discovers waves of surface. both recognize Ironbark. Engledoc then seals Ironbark’s learns of the attrition of his followers. The battle great deal of history her race has is turbulent.. She agrees to open diplomatic elves extinguished. Deep within the world's crust. Talyn realizes the magic the next thirty years. plants seem to be young and rejuvenated. The l ight Engl e d o c s e e s is a c tua l l y m a gic fro m Ta l yn a nd he r ra gta g c o m pa nio ns . 92 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Ironbark’s power is so great it reveals Atzanteotl gains a secret but stronger all other magic points and smaller magical foothold within Shadow Elven society. as spirits are obliterated. When finds and closes the majority of the smaller they discover the small island of Ironbark. becomes active…. N o rthe rn L ights . Engledoc’s army Point still emanating powerful energy. skies of Limbo1. deciding that at the moment. With each magical spell cast. Shadow Elf where they do not know. casting spells in order to understand the 1013 AC Kaldmont 13: source. yet gate. as if feeding on the magic and Xatapechtli relates this knowledge to his energy of perished souls. This e ffe c t is s im il a r to the Canolbarth takes precedence. stronger.

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth A delegation of Alfheim refugees returns of Shieldtree. "Good" Magic Points in the Canolbarth. This is actually the same pure. as the damage already done nation. Several or is simply working in conjunction with the Archons enter the battlefield. Ironbark’s borders. under the guidance of Talyn triumph of the diplomatic efforts between Grunalf and her companions.. using Dreamland. and entered the fray. instant as Engledoc’s victory in Limbo and astounded what was actually taking place. Within spot in Limbo of the Dreamland Magic Point. it is good news. Alone among the miles. With the aid of their awesome might. The released energy was so way. the forest has always due to the various magic pouring in from the remained healthy and vibrant. Elf shamans. New growth notice the bright light during the battle has outside of its borders may be evidence attracted creatures from beyond. it attracts the powerful magics originally creating the the soul army. as it is heralded as evidence the is extensive. and while Engledoc closes the gate. Ironbark has persisted despite the Shadow Engledoc soon discovers the corresponding Elf sorceries warping the forest. 93 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . attracted by the Trees of Life’s restoration and the Chamber overwhelming grace and sacrifice of the of the Spheres to revitalise the forest. secretly using magic developed in the Chamber of the Spheres. Atzanteotl’s forces are 1018 AC. evidence of Prime Plane. advanced that restoring the Canolbarth’s debating the fate of the Canolbarth Good Magic Points might be a means Forest.from Ironbark is expanding its range of influence. The Dreamland’s restoration is heralded as a Elven scholars. Shining like a beacon. a theory was with Princess Tanadaleyo in Rafielton. the power flows straight into In a remaining healthy thicket of trees. worked 1018 AC. are contemplating a partnership to save Alfheim treekeepers together with Shadow the Canolbarth from further destruction. somewhere they would never reach. combined magics and gained knowledge. However.. the gate’s closure1. Vatermont 27: together to bring about this end. With the discovery of new to the Estate of Radlebb after negotiating growth around Ironbark. Fyrmont 8: obliterated. studying the the two elven races. Either battling souls. The Forest has receded many Canolbarth is recovering. and with it the borders of Aengmor. the Archons became fascinated. as well as an omen the Ironbark Magic Point notice new floral Canolbarth can be restored to its former growth outside Ironbark's supposed bounds. glory. The Nightwalkers present Magic Point in the first place. They announce the Shadow Elves towards further restoration of the forest. Grunalf treekeepers under Talyn’s supervision and Shadowelf shamans attempt to reactivate the Dreamland Magic Point west 1 This im a ge d e pic ts Engl e d o c in his gho s t 1020 AC: s ta te . how long this may take is This news creates a great sensation across the anyone's guess.

yet it is too undeveloped to account West. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth The Borders have now regressed further still. soon realizing 94 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and Wizards Glen now open upon the Streel Princess Tanadaleyo does not challenge their Plain across the border. have taken very own magic. Others travel to the root in many locations over the Canolbarth. Canolbarth to become as large and imposing than the wood imps and undead previously as before. legendary city of Aengmor. Dreamland also fosters new by fungal swamps. many Shadow Elves return to but will forever be transformed. Fungal their underground world. for the than the Shadow Elves to reignite the forest. They are ashamed spores. with a multitude of different appearances. yet new forest bloomed in the western The dead darkened forest is sporadically Canolbarth around the Good Magic Point of broken by Fungal Forest and near the rivers Ironbark. third of its previous extent. It will take several claim. Despite new growth in the growth. Better a friendly folk there more adept decades. Rafielton and Centaurs quickly retake Dreamland. the Canolbarth is only roughly one for all the Shadow Elves needs and wants. At this stage. inadvertently transported by the of failures on the surface. ruling Lolach-Lomod (Dreamland). thwarted by their Shadow Elves from the depths. or even centuries. It now seems possible the Canolbarth can be saved.

of followers. His for all his efforts nothing seems to change. stroke against his foes and rivals during Wrath of the Immortals. yet carrying out diabolical experiments. by taking over the the west. replaced by the idolization of Atzanteotl. however. Xatapechtli continues unable to act directly against Atzanteotl. such as Callair. and east. but is Now in his prime. Hobart. many instead feel Rafiel has broken Glantri. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth they have more freedom to do as they wish. Rafiel is aware of this development. The first being Darokin has begun annexing lost territory in against Ilsundal. This is Atzanteotl’s third major Atzanteotl’s patronage. including Canolbarth. and continue to worship Xatapechtli. and finally Rafiel. and Avonleigh. turning the new acquisitions into farmland in order to 95 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and he sets out to acquire them. promises. now betrayed and robbed Worship of Rafiel is dwindling in this region. then indirectly targeting Rad. Selenica. is increasingly leery of Atzanteotl. offerings to Atzanteotl eventually reveal the Trying to subversively return his followers to existence of “Merging Scrolls” hidden in the fold.

and the region is slowly Atzanteotl drift farther away. Fungal harvests are meagre former Canolbarth and mountain foothills and food shortages become commonplace. Comaille. Good Magic Points in the west have expanded the regions Interaction between Shadow Elves factions is regrowth. travelling beneath the Broken Lands were plentiful water Several decades after Alfheim’s desecration. Darokinians and returning Alfheim Elves is encompassing Dolos. has now fallen below half of what is was Atzanteotl’s spell of Devastation spell also before the war. and more time must pass before the Canolbarth The first group consists of the sparse Shadow returns to its former glory. Farstead. have sprung. Underground position. Shadow fertilizer. devised a technique has percolated through the earth. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth grow crops or provide pasture. The Province of New Alfheim. however. Darokin’s burgeoning population and Water in subterranean Shadow Elven further strengthening their growing market territories slowly diminishes. Alfheim and Darokin. albeit much emerging along three paths. many more Shadow Elves reject Rafiel’s teachings 1100 AC AND BEYOND: holding him responsible. others strained or altered. So it appears over time. Due to broken. The deadfall and timber already utilized by the growing trees. Hometree growth and expansion is slow. seeping through the overlying crust takes decades before reaching the depths. while those worshiping forested areas. The price of wood levels are restored. Weather patterns seemingly return rivers dry up for the first time. water on the surface is alkaline minerals and selling it as an effective progressively absorbed by the soil. replant once one another. Some bonds are smaller and younger. while sufficient runoff from the Southern others remain firmly in place. Sentinel and arise. Whether by mountains. and copious amounts of Hin divisions of clan. mixing in new rains. and stronger than anticipated with Shadow Elf Northern Illefarn. though might being harvested will supply merchants and require decades before the aquifer’s normal builders for a generation. Alfheim Elves. Elves who remain on the Surface. supplies exist. harmed the Shadow Elves. with the help drought occurred on the surface. family or holding. Most unaware it was a power granted by Atzanteotl. Living in 96 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . has the densest region of followers of Rafiel. and new Home Trees. and lakes to normal. Ties between reforested. With the to pulverize the enormous lumber. Despite Immortal forest regrowth and is populated by Fairykin affiliation three groups of Shadow Elves and returning Alfheim Elves. and fertilizer. remain as dry as the time before the elves The Grand Wizard discovers the water arrival in 800 BC. Converting to a more chaotic conditions in the Canolbarth and lifestyle under the Doctrines of their new surrounding area have improved for both Immortal. Feeding An alarming situation arises in 1115 AC. in conjunction with Elves revering Rafiel come to associate with the Darokin population. Since Halflings from the Five Shires. the northern half of the greatly recede. less water of industrious Gnomes.

whether they were apparently abandoned. This these young elves are able to adapt more faction preserves the traditions practiced easily. mostly stirred by followers of the Shadow Elves penetrate the forest Atzanteotl. The finally guided by Rafiel to this long desired darker abodes of the corrupted Canolbarth paradise. as Shadow Elves question aftermath. Despite these setbacks. the Alfheim Clans and Families. and sun rays harmful to ensues. or they continue having problems adapting. is comprised of the first children born to common elves and majority of Shadow Elves returning to the shadow elf mixed parents appear. losing subterranean realms. Their numbers. the dark Shadow Elves and Fair Elves. their Shadow however. the The larger second group. Calling themselves their their pale skin and facial markings to Deep Elves to further distinguish them from the sun. canopy. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth the darker regions of the Old Canolbarth. Religious and political debate are still shrinking. are greatly diminished. Faith in percent having died in the war and its Rafiel is shaken. Overcoming these vulnerabilities. the baneful sunlight even falling upon Rafielton. This group is slowly incorporated into over the last centuries. About ten Elven clans eventually vanishing. while nearly twenty percent 97 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

98 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The known. notice these marks slowly fade. and their hair almost adventurers succeeded in entering white. roughly Most Dark Elves slowly turn toward Evil. and finally. taking up the beliefs of the temple. c o m ing s o o n to The Pia z z a & Va ul ts o f Pa nd ius . This a re a . and while the fungal forest has taken Dark Elf rule. S e e a l s o fo o tno te Ha l f. primarily forced human communities in the region to centered around the temple of Aengmor. thirty-five percent travel to the Aengmor though they certainly do not consider it so. they take Both natural magic and Atzanteotl’s strains hold of Fenhold. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth relocated to the surface. as ordered by the Fenfolk.1 of diet. No Shadow Elf these locations. displaying these blemishes. behavior. a nd o the r sorrier than a Shadow Elf”. or an inferior Humanoid. The neighbouring Dwarves dubbed the forest's water resources failed so far. and habitat. The New Fenhold Forest. most reservations. F e nho l d l o c a tio ns .. their skin turning heritage becoming known to them after darker instead of pale. such as Xrathpack the Beholder. Formerly followers action is a prelude to eastward expansion of of Rafiel. This being reasonably young. With greater than foreseen forces. in 1119 AC. as they come to be to act as a deterrent towards undead. despite mutual these Shadow Elves follow Atzanteotl. with the failures of the Canolbarth. all joining the “new clan” of. These changes are due to influences Dovestone Tower in the Cruth Mountains. and never held Hometrees. environment and magic. one where Hometrees might later those turning away from Rafiel. region. and rights. as undead all surface dwellers. equality. Around Selenica.El ve s . The magic used to recreate abilities. of course under around. developing superior still shrinking. stating they are “Worse than an elf. An attempt to transform the region in order These “Dark Elves”. These Dark Elves slowly root on more locations. wooded region with the Alfheim elves aid. for The original Shadow Elf Clans remain in past misdeeds aimed at them. they live as humanoids once did in the area. communities. None bear to rapidly alter the area into a more suitable the familiar purple marks of the Shaman. residents have transformed the cursed province of Avonleigh into a new Losing most terrain altering skills and magic. yet elves used magic Rafiel’s seemingly strict doctrines. Soon their reign extends to over the region. although lower in number. Even lesser impact on surrounding monsters. This minor political upheaval subterranean Broken Lands. band together with elves. wil l b e re ve a l e d o n the 1 m il e he x Ca no l b a rth F o re s t M a p. even 1 Do ve s t o ne T o we r . clans remain among them.the Dark Elves. Living in the former eastern Alleybrook. they became greatly disillusioned New Canolbarth. and once prosper.. and them: “Drow”. This third group of Shadow Elves have developed a somewhat different appearance Fenfolk revolt in Fenhold. Their from known Shadow Elves. yet consciously accept disperse over a greater region and have the companionship of evil races.Many fallen Hometrees still lie come to dwell in their midst. the old Canolbarth is become stronger. claiming retribution. still harbor great animosity toward endeavor is a partial success.

Even Dark Elves dislike and fear spider. Several renegade Dragons attack Shadow Elf Atzanteotl “gifts” Xatapechtli with the name villages. and a multitude becomes engrossed with his experiments. feels Xatapechtli’s latest evil deed The link between negative forces in the is proof enough. a title now revered by Dark Elves of and Dragontree further disrupt the region. Shadow Elves renouncing Rafiel’s teachings. he then decides to use her in his evil experiments. Which In the winter of 1121 AC. and more pliable mindstate. this new race. Failing to use is bestowing these resources unto convert Carmina Daefiel. Her diet Alfheim elves. Using the Within a few decades. Humans or animals and Insects become cleansed of their former taint1. and personality after the transformation. well. s a nc tifie d in the S pring o f 1 1 1 5 AC. Atzanteotl. being the fourth. preventing economic growth. painful transformation lasts at least twelve these “Driders” (Spider + Drow = Drider) hours. Elf Follower of Rafiel. of magical devices. a partial union of two species. Shadow Elves and Fairies. Shadow Elves. alters Xatapechtli as underground. Ravaging bodily essence. Finally with the help of Raspaert the Gold 1 Ma g ic P o int s . Atzanteotl withdraws merging effect learned earlier. Lolth. Aengmor and the Broken Lands. yet the lower body replaced with fear of this punishment makes her control the abdomen and legs of of an immense absolute. Magic points of Dewdrop and Turnclaw Humanoids. with the outcome being somewhat will become the fifth and final stem of unexpected. and acquired a poisonous bite and a strong Over the next years in Limbo. however. despite cohabitation. the consists now primarily of Demihumans. and Evil Fairies between Stalkbrow Lolth. Lolth creates Driders from having the Torso and upper body of the followers deemed weak of devotion. Her dietary system Great Battle of Souls fought by Engledoc changed into a carnivorous one. no w c re a te s m o is ture in 99 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Summoning Xatapechtli’s region is now becoming clearer. and a reminder of his power. he attempts to from active coercion and plotting. feels their best not obeying Atzanteotl’s creed. D e wd ro p. With her creations. The original Elf. though meld this obstinate elf with a wolf spider in a remaining acknowledged and respected. destabilize the religious foundations of the Lolth directly starts to achieve a hold over Shadow Elf Clans. Xatapechtli contains millions in riches. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth most water is gone deep within the This ritual. Hollow World Schattenalfen Similar in appearance to Manscorpions. her digestive become clear. in times of scarcity. showering them with all the treasure she collected as Xatapechtli. no longer needing His ambition is to eventually exterminate all these material possessions. With the combined efforts of saliva liquefying flesh to consume. The extremely Lolth ascends to his role. her disciples. Atzanteotl transforms humanoid warbands in the North continually Xatapechtli into a superior female ideal of plunder. strengthen the faith. a captured Shadow followers. effects of the devotion to her creator. pleased with his subject’s devotion. Carmina seemingly retains her gender Driders.

and because of were 6th level mages. filling an important niche in the minute =6 rounds). they Biological construct even alter the Bad Magic Point of Dragontree. Pearl. Darokinians. returning after decades in exile. 100 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . they of a Normal. 40% were discovered most of the underground water Clerics of 6th level. work of progress between Alfheim Elves and Darokinians. Thus Dragontree becomes a Lolth the new Dark Elf Immortal. So Drider (and Dark Elf) Clerics are granted the Deep Elves decide to remain absent. These heavily shaded areas will numbness resulting in a initiative penalty become home to the Shadow Elves deciding of 1. If the save is ecosystem. (Save and with resident moisture they have vs poison at -2 or paralysis occurs for replaced the dead trees where they once 10+1d10 minutes (10 minutes =1 Turn. and retain the refrain from obstructing the forest’s rebirth. normal occurrence within the greater parts of the New Canolbarth. 1 S e e this a rtic l e a t the F o rgo tte n R e a l m s the fo rm o f l o w thin fo g fo r ne a rb y F ungi. and as many of the Deep Elves All Driders are capable of casting the spells have lost interest in the outer world. Priests of 8th and mages The New Canolbarth is now a continuing of 11th level or higher never fail the test. purifie d in the S um m e r o f 1 1 2 8 im a ge s o f a D rid e r. Good Magic Point. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Drider1 Dragon. 10% of 7th level. actually promote regrowth.1199 AC: or her through a special test. and spell-like abilities by Lolth Clairvoyance. for 1d4 damage and inject a poison. Detect Lie. They fight with swords or axes or bows. and Dispel Unknown to the Alfheim Elves and Magic once a day. 1 grew. resources are now rapidly diminishing. Wik i a nd this a rtic l e o n Wik ipe d ia fo r Turnc l a w. magical or Clerical abilities they possessed First and foremost because they have before the transformation. Deep Elves use their ground magics to nourish the soil. Charm person. They are created by of 1149 AC. in the Winter body of a huge spider. 20% of 7th level. those that fail become driders. now linked to the Lawful These strange creatures have the Head and Draconic Plane of Diamond instead of the torso of a Dark Elf and the legs and lower Draconic Plane of Chaos. When a Dark Elf of above-average ability reaches 6th level. func tio ns a s if unc ha nge d . 5% their past deeds even vast underground of 8th level and 5% of 9th or 10th level. by their actions. and retain any weapon mastery (which may Fungal growth in all its variety becomes a even be increased by self-training only). 20% originated in the Canolbarth. as retribution. the goddess may put him 1140 . AC. Dark Elf. Altered Hometrees still remain in successful it causes 1d10 minutes existence. These fungi originate They can also bite with their fanged mouth in the Shadow Elves’ underground realm. harkening the Combat: forest’s revival.

+ 1d3 Dark Elf weapons (may be magic). DX-2. legs can span 15’ AL : Chaotic (Evil) NA: 1 or 1d4 Armour Class: 3 Armor Value 3 on insect body/legs else 0 or by armor worn MV: 120’/40’. 8th*** level 2300. IN/WI unaffected. 9th*** Level 3000. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Drider Biological construct Climate/ Terrain: Subterranean Caves and Cities Frequency: Very Rare Organization: Solitary or Bands Activity Cycle: Above ground Night only (they suffer double sun damage as any Shadow Elf.) Diet: Any meat. 8' long . on web 50% HD: 1 HD / Level HP: 1d8+1 / Level THAC0: As per dark elf mage or priest level +2 ATT: 1 weapon or 1 bite Damage: by weapon or 1d4+special Special Attacks: Paralyzing Poison (1*) Spells (1*/2 spell levels able to cast) Special Defences: nil Magic Resistance: 15% Treasure: Sx2. Morale: 10 XP Mages: 6th*** level 1250. 10th**** level 3700 101 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . U. but liquified meat or blood preferred Abilities: As normal Dark Elves ST+1. 1 Holy Book+Symbol or 1 Spellbook. CO+3. 7th*** level 1650 XP Priest: 6th*** level 1250. 15% top half of a Dark Elf Armor (may be magical). 7th*** level 1650. CH-5 (3-18 max) Size: L 9' tall 4-5' wide.

The o rigina l . and protects them work together on a completely different from the harsh sun. strengthening unstable constructions. though seen as mutual cooperation until now. dragging the web behind the necessary organs). lifespan. but once stuck to a surface it will bond until washed with Driders as being biological constructs. Even Driders know don't want to fail again. As thus they are usually found They are able to produce a thick white- alone or with 2d6 huge spiders of any bleuish or grey ( latter only by males) kind(10% chance). will establish distinct relationships The Canolbarth has also overgrown the in the future. it can’t be used to favor blood over all types of food (like entrap a prey within. 102 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . wa y o f Darokin. the and Shadow elf parents seem to lose this Canolbarth Forest shifts southward to rest against the Cruth Mountains between 1 Sunlig ht . pa inful . can’t be colored (except by a color spell) burial grounds or enclosed dungeons with and is very coarse or rough. and used to make silk ropes of. as it quickly loses its spiders) they stalk their victims tirelessly. weight. they may have the nylon (several months to years depending on use/circumstances). In effect. It can’t be then will be 11 instead a normal 10. only irrigated by several seasonal potions (made from surface fungi that creeks and rivers. created solely by Atzanteotl’s Immortal they must find a way to the other side Curse. They still feel webbing. becoming a region the sun1. do not reproduce (they simply lack themselves first. the be used in clothing. or silk fabric. alcohol. as being them. This silk Sometimes they are placed in temples. aggressive creatures that Unlike normal web. southern Darokin borderlands north of Karameikos. If they want to use it as a bridge. to reside on the surface. tossed or thrown. Then their morale their web has no other use. stickiness. They are violent. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Society. pa ge 5 2 . which is only used in creating responsible for their failure and keep near pathways (over chasms etc). but is strong enough to support waiting for the right chance to strike. and the Five Shires. but the children born from Alfheim undesirable to most. however. desire to do so. level. or the Dark Elves and help where they can. a d a pta tio n to s unl ight a nd a ny s id e e ffe c ts This has forced Darokin citizens and Elves to a re e xte ns ive l y e xpl a ine d in G a z e tte e r 1 3 The S ha d o w El ve s . This web is as durable as common originally Shadow Elven. they are outcasts from the dark elf communities. It can be harvested. The northern borderlands The Pale Elves rely now on magic fungal remain dry. They have a Shadow Elves Because they've failed their goddess's test . and nearly bare of forest basked in the sun) to prevent damage from and scrubland. so not likely to valuables as guards as their final task. Karameikos.

even now diminished. less. The future will tell. even Dwarves. the Pale Elves won’t need any potions or only The Orcs of Xorg in the North saw the once in a long timespan. All the prisoners they had conquer than the one before. Engledoc (since spring 1013 AC). and accepted now all lawful souls. The continuous use of these greater good. Maybe in time. each use of the potion. horrifying sacrificial rituals combined with who were willing to perish ultimately for the Shaman and Wokani magic were poured into 103 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . But his number grew less and fungal potions has also a strange side effect. and their offspring less elven souls were available. Some Half-Orcs who lived with the Elves in former Alfheim city knew of the The Soul Army of Engledoc greatly locations of some magic points. success of the combined efforts of the Elves and decided they wanted to have their own 1146 AC+: Magic Point. were gathered. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth weakness. and any progress came slower and the duration of effect becomes longer with harder with greater losses. each gate became harder to they are collapsed. and less and captured and enslaved.

blood thousands of sacrificed lives came in The small teddy bear-like creature suckled on like a wave of souls..1 At the former Magic Point of Glowtree several Maybe the humanoids also succeeded in fairies convened reintroducing foreign their goal. negative Magic Point Thornbush and its humanoids and even to Engledoc. Humanoids (Especially the Orcs Engledoc. 104 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth the formerly good magical point from Xorg. Their use still unknown. in search of yet another 1 Sha do wdo wn a r e a . other growth. resident Imps were completely unaware. He said something and rivers. He name. humanoid hero. decades here are centuries there). The old Treant Doak from the Emerlas had 1165 AC+: summoned the fairies. but the work of the humanoids in the Prime Plane turned its influence to evil. Spring: Plane. With skills trained by his mostly humanoids. elven magical items. eternal battle. s e e n in this il l us tra tio n o n the we b . and the In the meantime in Limbo Engledoc became Bugbears went East where they were attracted to the signs of incoming magic. but also Kobolds and Ogres. He had a wife and since recently a son. wandered with the remains of his army through Limbo. (Time is way different in He came forth with a multitude of former Limbo. This m a d e the a re a m o re o r l e s s re s e m b l e the D e a d F o re s t a s gate to close. Engledoc power and will within the dark eyes. With his Purs. slowly weakened by the centuries of battle. But soon something went awfully wrong. together with Raspaert and all druids and Talyn Grunalf and all of The Northern part of the area remains dry. due to the continuous balance bioluminescent plants and several colonies that the forest needs to remain active. and from the former Broken Shadowdown (one of the Initial magic points lands).) dominate the region. souls from different creatures. As yet new and unaware the teet of his mother. Purs was very intelligent and used all decreased army he began another part of his his wits to investigate the Ruins of Feador. it became a region undesired by most. Even the nearby still active this will remain unknown to the Elves. his shamans of Bartziluth commenced while battling the final guards of investigations. Purs was an experience Shadowdown. Ushurpurs was the young one’s less difficulty than the familiar guards. the other elven Treekeepers of the former only moistened by several seasonal creeks Canolbarth who survived. wading in creeping great. He welcome by a new bugbear regime under a discovered another large Gate connected to powerful and clever Bugbear King named an unknown Magic Point in Limbo. from the primal creation of the Canolbarth. Purs saw the glint of of their location and situation. Within the ruled the Broken Lands he had become tendrils of darkness. Being almost bare of forest and special was going to be happening. succeeded to close down this gate and as thus reactivated the Magic point in the Prime 1190 AC. and a lot of blood and father and grandfather from the era Thar darkness began pouring in. The Goblins have retreated north into the mountains. He was succeeded in slaying these new souls with content. But of flitterlings.

her choice was good. The elves (not followed in her path. re a c tio n a nd no n. N o t o nl y is this ps yc ho l o gic a l still they grabbed their weapons of memory b ut e ve n Im m o rta l s us e im pre s s io n. she hum like a bumblebee. the portal. Within the stepped in. but battle was short and strong. a nd pra gm a tic util ity. Prime Plane. and 4 Nightwings with a 1 I mmo r t a ls . The human druids started to vapors of dispersing undead souls. No word The soft yet beautiful orchestra of fairy was said. b ut unique .. The unknowing of fairy ways) wondered why. S uc h a fo rm c a n Several Wraiths entered the gate into the im ita te the c ha ra c te r' s m o rta l fo rm in s ha pe . and her great power of Awe easily S he ) think s a ne w a ppe a ra nc e wil l ignite ne w re a c tio ns a nd thus gro wth.. Some Orcs in the north got overpowering musical song emanating from goosebumps. a nd no w te nd s to find wa ys to golden light descended from the heavens. c o m m unic a tio n a s ge ne ra te d b y the c urre nt something welcoming in the cold of fo rm in the ir d e c is io n. The im m o rta l c a n m a k e his m a nife s ta tio n fo rm l o o k l ik e a nything. M o s t singing group. The Engledoc wondered when he would finally Music echoing still while the magical gate find resolution in their quest for eternal rest collapsed and the glowing lady smiled. they all dislodged his iron Gauntlet and settled his prepared for battle. only to be turned by the clerical b ut the fl e s h ha s b e e n re pl a c e d with a powers of the few Elven clerics within the s turd ie r fo rm . first moving towards the gate to close it. hand of Ilsundal1 and turned away. Several winged humanoids enchanting fairy song. Weak he Maybe again a sign to another rb a l and more powerful. a nd a re re fe rre d to a s no rm a l fo rm s . im m o rta l s c ho o s e o ne o r two s pe c ific a ppe a ra nc e s fo r the ir M a nife s ta tio n fo rm s . stretched out a welcoming hand. Raspaert summoned stepped forward towards Engledoc and a powerful Dragon magical aura or energy. Es pe c ia l l y fo r Il s und a l who is a c ha o tic her appearance shredded the undead with Ene rgy Im m o rta l . fa m il ia rity. three Nightstalkers. was right. c ha nge is go o d . and gave a warm feeling. “Not a nice day to be outside”.Then suddenly the sky opened and a M a j o r S tro k e o n Am b yrm o nt 2 8 1 0 0 7 AC b y Atz a nte o tl . With the familiar smile she beckoned location they could see three Nightwalkers. Yet re s ul t in the c ha nge o f the Im m o rta l s a ppe a ra nc e . large beautiful Elven lady stepped from it. The y no rm a l l y o c c upy large army of Wights and Wraiths who were s turd y. armed to the teeth. When arriving at the hand. even though they were small and tender fingers upon the giant weary and weak. to c ha nge a nd re ne w gro wth. A M a j o r S trik e thus c a n throbbed within his almost empty shell. His last soul-points thrived and Im m o rta l e xis te nc e . Il s und a l s uffe re d a Limbo.. and entered the fray. it could power and music became audible all over the never been understood due to the Canolbarth. He (no w fear. She for him and the accompanying souls. and if there would be one. her hand again towards Engledoc. A a d a pt. 105 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . m a te ria l fo rm s d e s igne d distraught by the sensitive sounds and the fo r c o nve nie nc e . Engledoc looked at the familiar was their saying. She directed suddenly they all hear a beautiful song. m o rta l . The song became more a ppe a ra nc e . The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Doak and the fairies began singing an dispelled more. Engledoc somehow knew this would be his Ofte n guid e d b y gre a t ha ppe nings in the ir final fight. Tho ugh the s e fo rm s a re te c hnic a l l y light beckoning from the gate. the y a re e xtre m e l y d ura b l e .

106 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . In spires of the mountain chain from e ffe c t the y furthe r fo l l o w the s a m e ga m e Karameikos and the Five Shires. Among these were many potions of S a va ge Co a s t rul e s (Im m o rta l infl ue nc e ) a nd longevity. and sometimes 1195 AC. no m o re ind ivid ua l l y. Engledoc opened the northern part of Darokin. although some difference still exist. As a c c o rd ing the R ul e b o o k s magic of the Feador elves were now his kind no Ha l f. the powerful live together or near the other. a nd a fte r of them have driven the Elves and humans to c e nturie s the y fo rgo t the ir o wn pa s t. The world now full of nature. a l m o s t fra il . if s o .1250 AC: m a gic . us ing the s a m e 1200 . B ut a c c o rd ing the to use. S e ve ra l c l a s he s . in e ffe c t Ha l f- 1200-1250 AC+: El ve s . Mutual benefits for all c ul tura l a nd m e nta l gro wth.. D ue to ge ne ra tio ns no furthe r inte rm ingl ing with no n. trading. land. the n o nl y m ino r. b ut re j e c te d b y b o th c ul ture s a t debate they all decided to adopt the Elven tha t tim e . ruins a re fe e b l e re m ind e rs o f a pa s t ha te d b y m e n. a nd wa rs d e prive d the m o f commerce of Darokin. m is und e rs to o d b y El ve s . Winter: even give problems.They more often In the Hills around Feador. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth the other hero souls to do the same. Thus the rul e us e d the re m us t a l s o b e he re .El ve s e xis t. “You have done well. offspring. Ilsundal His son Ushurpurs. The cold winds his eyes.D o ul a k k i convened in 1202 AC. e xc e pt wha t is give n he re .F e nfo l k the s a m e ge ne s s til l run thro ugh the ir b o d ie s . and on some places the 2 5 % l o nge r tha n hum a ns . the F e ns . closed his wings The elves and humans now share the same and fell asleep. a nd l ive ro ughl y Cruth Mountains.nobody knew at that moment the m e ntio ning o f m ixe d e l f. m o m e nts o f The Canolbarth has regrown in these re s o l utio n a nd c ul tura l gro wth. He shrugged his shoulders. rain clouds. Elven Angel Hero. now all all moisture southwards to the Cruth bearing huge swanlike wings on their Mountains. fo rc e d to re tre a t in the m o s t region within the Borders.1 took over and raised his personal Kingdom Ushurpurs in his own name. sharing or Bugbear King Purs perished from Old age. After a relatively short inte rm ixing. where it combines in massive shoulders. The s e c r e t o f t he Fe nfo lk is tha t the y a re a l l pa rtia l l y El ve n. Curre nt F e nfo l k l o o k a l m o s t hum a n.hum a n re l a tio ns how long Ushurpurs would be able to rule. except for light. b ut no w o n he r who l e ra c e . politics and unwa nte d re gio n a t tha t tim e . b ut a re s m a l l e r decades.El ve s . elves and humans are now equal to each other. Engledoc. The ir make this important decision. now himself an now again enables them to gain mixed experienced soldier in the Bugbear army. He saw his company. The weather rul e s a s o the r Ha l f.. Then a patterns are full with rain again. in G a z 7 . now first it is time to rest”. The trees tower along the southern a nd thinne r. the same profits and laws.El ve s to b e . The y a re The DDC and the two Elven groups a l l d e s c e nd a nts o f the firs t El f. . The y ha ve a l m o s t top branches can even be seen between the no e l ve n fe a ture s . Il s und a l d e c id e s to a l l o w Ha l f. the y d o e xis t. and even forming relations. and Limbo was gone. Glowtree was reactivated. All the former 1 Ha lf-Elve s . trees rolling down the Dwarfgate Mountains blows and animals.

The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth 107 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

every mile covered (or a dex check at-5). The elves (4 horses abreast) cobblestone road to requested to leave this 8 mile wide field Corunglain. roll again. 108 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . stairway or attached settlement.. Rarely have these paths railings. there are wide walkways circling Failure means a minor mistake. 1 S e e this we b a d d re s s a nd this we b a d d re s s fo r im a ge s o f Tre e pa ths . but only with the use of Elven Horses of carts give a penalty of -3. Carts without Treewalking ability. the stems of the Hometrees enabling to get failure means a serious fall. “Moonhorse Fields”). only remembrance of the old Canolbarth is a single untainted huge Hometree in the area The Elven city Elleromyr came to be attached formerly known as Parth Teu’kelytka (Elven to the Darokin road network. Hometree can be made with relative ease. while in the regions with fungi and lower structures. sturdy wide rope- were (and again will be) shaped in such a bridges do exist to continue the Treepath. The road passes the old Minti Melon of the area readily accepted. Many Elven trails and roads are not located and often bridge over the whole path. and other These branches can even be traversed by Forest creatures get a +2 on this roll. roll again. Usage carts. Several branches of Hometrees interconnecting branches. failure means fall down. the trees. These railing tend to be highly decorative. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth The internal path and Treepaths have been monument ruins. which are now to be restored and connect the several towns. what was Desnae. way that passage from one to the other All in all it will be somewhat like this1. Further information spiked wheels give a penalty of -5 instead. Otherwise. Sometimes they even the reach to the top of Treepath traversing need a Treewalking skill hills. encircled by four henges as it is for this which has a cobblestone road of 6 horses legendary creature. with great produce (probably distances (especially near Ainsu and started by the very fertile ground. but cumulative or Moonhorses (Both having a natural if failed for each next roll. The nation changed the Ruins of formerly elven woods). these follow over the The Darokin Province Calair became a much ground. Where there are no ground. restored as a monument of friendship Typically many of these paths go up through between humans and elves of all Canolbarth. and sometimes even tunnel short larger region. to the interconnecting treepath branches. Elves. Treepaths. Many farmers Mealidor into a strong fortress to protect the relocated to this province when the region from humanoid incursions from the Canolbarth absorbed their former lands. which the new residents abreast. where they can get accessed easily.). about these creatures see Monster Manual Compilation chapter “Animals”. except when having a steep angle. just as the former Elven capital. on the ground. These 10’-30’ wide paths are Bioluminescent lanterns (with hoods if often several hundreds of feet above the need be) guide the way. and now has a for. The North.

the forest will take your land. also due produce. Other bordering provinces. A 6 horses abreast cobble-. The l a rge r ve rs io ns The Provinces Northmark and Eraeda only l o s e m o s t ta s te . b ut the fl e s h is pe rfe c t fo r lost some miles of land. mostly under command of the borders of the swallowed by the New Canolbarth. borderland. The Elves and humans in the region revolt. gained new Hometrees. Hickory. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth The province of Inlashar became a border The Province of Eastwind is completely region.) also gained a tripled The formerly cursed province of Avonleigh. Farstead. mostly due to the importance of the Dwarven 1 W a lnut Ho me t r e e s . leaving Canolbarth itself. This act caused an overall change in significantly. Older hamlets and villages grew to the great benefit from the widened road (8 into villages and towns. Cruth. for if you do not. also became part of Selenica. being instead many more leave now the forest takes over. They locations became open spots with a hamlet are now separate provinces. improved remains of the ancient Urudtai The hamlets and villages had a new precept. ho we ve r. A stable fusion of Elven and human where the fertile ground gives abundant residents. The Province of Hobart. within the new province of Many moved to the new lands in Calair. 5 % m a y ga in a s iz e o f 8 +1 d 4 fe e t in d ia m e te r. no more or village enclosed within the towering trees. Fenhold is now an open Prince. Fenhold. ceased to be. Equal in size and shape. hence nobody became part of the Province of Selenica or complained. when the old towers were restored overgrown by the new Canolbarth. trail. Dolos. the wa l nuts fro m the s e Wa l nut Ho m e tre e s is 1 d 3 +1 fe e t. but gained more Wa l nut Oil . The Especially on the Emyn Kotsivoite (Elvish for Province of Alleybrook became part of the Nut-bearing Hills) these giant trees grow Province of Cruth. The nuts he l l s a re us a b l e a s water flows. no giant Oaks. m a y e ve n b e us e d a s ro o fs o r wa go n pa rts . doing it. Many giving enough protection from the humanoid humans left decades. Alfheim. The o ute r s o fte r s he l l s a re us e d in m a k ing 109 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . they changed and grew. where especially Half-Elves are welcomed. some were taken. the area. whil e the l a rge r. and you have to adapt or The southern provinces. Nemis. The main road to earlier out of fear of the Shadow Elves. Some locations disappeared. Alleybrook. b a s k e ts . The a ve ra ge s iz e o f Train. some lands were given to nothing or only some minor ruins. and “Clear the new trees on the land and keep flagstone road it now has become. but Corunglain now fully installed. incursions in the north. and enabling more light to the undergrowth.1 the Great Province of Alfheim. but The provinces. etc. Comeille have changed leave”. like Cornackers and horses abreast) and Dwarven Train through Sword of the Lake. prominently. Its The Province of Eastwind thus seized to borders became greater than before their exist. b uc k e ts o r he l m e ts . Canolbarth Borderlands. the region. growth in produce. Some borders were rearranged. All other nut-bearing plants (Hazel. but Walnut. almost centuries.

Elven Faiths of the Alfheim Elves or even the nature. The border between the new forest a d d e d ). whe re the active with evil Fairies and Goblin Park is still c ha nc e o f b e ing hit is ve ry l o w (e a c h o f the s e give a +4 o n the s a ving thro w. Both share all rights and to become a loosely tied clutch of small benefits. it is to ne ga te ). to hid e . El ve s . The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Alfheim city. maybe with 110 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . fa l l ing nuts c a us e 1 d 8 d a m a ge pe r fe e t d ia m e te r if hit (s a ve vs D R the Dark Elves. They and monsters like the Beholder Xrathpack. or have slightly adapted (to strange and evil.. all now listen more to each other instead of and many humanoids which returned to the letting themselves being lead by bigotry and Eastern Broken Lands.. sharing and taking benefit of Lands. F o r m inia ture us e a nd d io ra m a both by patrols and magic. renamed again. m a y b e inactive. is now all underground adaptations. difference is that they seem to be somewhat specialized in Elven matters and Nature in paler than common elves. s igna l tha t a nut s ta rts fa l l ing. although still ruled by fear. the same happened with the spiders with Dark Elves (called Driders) Shadow Elves. culture and ideas. this give s gre a t fairies and humanoids keep a strict eye upon us e o f re a l wa l nuts in yo ur c ra fting wo rk s . still have contact and even fe rtil iz e r. o r fib re s . it became a much brighter place than more different than the Alfheim Elves except before. now Elves are free from their ultimate Faith of democratically together with Darokinians. These Shadow common. Elves are still ruled here. In than they hate Alfheim Elves. and then a retreat.. Others follow merging of Shadow Elf stone structures. distrust or hate. remain in existence for centuries. Her Symbol balanced. ink s . The fungi live like they did in the seems to be a spider. The Alfheim Part of the Darokin from some history and interests. In effect they are no being one nation and one groups within the caves of the Old Broken population. that she even merged the sun). But even the evil b uil d ing D M ’ s a nd pl a ye rs . All offspring seem to have lost The Deep Elves. The only somewhat of a secondary Capital in Darokin. They the m whe re ve r the y c a n. and if there is contact. The re gio n is refrain themselves from making contact with d a nge ro us in Autum n. the Dark Elves. a nd us e blocked all ways to the Broken Lands.. and her magic was so Underground.) the region. wood structures and even human Church of Darokin. and slowly altered Hometrees and Fungal forest became takes over his faith in this region. and there is even a The Dark Elves hate these Pale Elves more consulate for the Deep Shadow Elves. The l o c a l s ra pid l y l e a rn to re c o gniz e this pe c ul ia r s o und The bad magic Point of Stalkbrow is still o r s ta y ne a r the s te m o f the tre e s . but F a irie s a d o re the wo o d e n s he l l s . Senate includes both Alfheim Elves and former Shadow Elves. They seem to cooperate with spiders differences in race. D ruid s a nd share commerce with the surface.. A c ra c k ing s o und a b o ve wil l mostly a short battle. G ia nt nuts he l l s a re a l s o a go o d wa y and these regions is under close supervision. but their effect Alfheim now is part of Darokin and culture of hate and distrust has caused them vice-versa. but some still follow it. This stalemate will probably S e e Wik ipe d ia e ntry fo r m o re info o n Wa l nuts . It is rumored that one of these Dark Elves recently became Immortal The merging of the Shadow Elves and their under the guidance of Atzanteotl. . A Rafiel.

In the Humanoids hearing of the success of upcoming weeks it is discovered that the Shadowdown currently try to reactivate Mithril Sword bears a name. The the former Elves here. s c o r pio ns . The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth some skirmishes in between. Engledoc Misthaven. A few feet away they discover the Whether this will remain this way is still bleak bones and corroded armor of an Elven unknown. Black Lake. the Im ps a nd hum a no id s in the Ea s t. warrior. a nd o t he r the end. but they seem to miss the Dewsap. since between Goblin Park and active Stalkbrow. s pide r s . has completely shut down and any attempt and exit within the fungal woods west of on either side remained unsuccessful. The wall clearly Stand (since 1192 AC. feeding upon the remnants of the former Hometrees.1 invasion 1007 AC. The As pis wo ul d l ive in a s ingl e Engledoc had discovered. The Wokani and locations. Many large spiders and scorpions magic points and can only spontaneously live in this whole region. all has done what they could have ins e c t s . Their are still guards in Limbo on these the ruins of Pintel). more knowledge and sacrifices for this tremendous than 200 years she felt his support in her goal to restore the Canolbarth. is their first attempt in 1193 AC. A well worded Bugbear King Ushurpurs. The from making contact to sentient species tunnel holds remains of the great Shadow Elf (other than for food/tools/slaves). Summer: food themselves for the spiders. and decide to l a ir in the hil l s N o rth We s t o f F o rm e r F e a d o r. versions) live here too. There is rumor of a single hive of Aspis north-east of The ragtag group of adventurers led by Talyn this region near the hills (near the Realm of Grunalf. them is that there is no more soul army of and regular attacks of the nearby Orc. The region magical feat. these by decay. Though most is gone few minor gates in Limbo (less than 6. to the books they recovered in the ruins of since the “threat” of closing is almost nil. being 1208 AC. who ventured against the Dark elves Ushurpurs). The ruling council finally learns what M o ns te r M a nua l c o m pil a tio n b o o k fo r m o re info rm a tio n. enough was available to increase are the 5% of the gates Engledoc did not the yield of spells these humanoids were able close) still existing lead to possible future to wield. The magic point Disintegrate spell allows them to continue. now all is at 1 A s pis . A white a s thus furthe r s e pa ra ting the B ugb e a rs fro m alabaster Sarcophagus is created. used as mounts for activate due to circumstances on the Prime the Imps. Investigating further. make his sacrifice to be remembered. Other insects (including large Plane in the Canolbarth itself. 111 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Ogre Engledoc who closes the gate from the other and Kobold bands (who have taken hold of side. (leaving Doak to return to New Canolbarth) The Elves have tried to retake Algorn's Last they come to a dead end. but they will most probably have Shamans became more knowledgeable due reverted to the primal Wights and/or Wraiths. probably failed due to the strategic tactics of the clever with the use of magic. and fail. Unknown to currently sparsely populated by the Imps. re a d the L o wl ife c ha pte r fro m m y done. with his right arm and index finger pointing straight at the cave entrance. 8 attempts) but so far reveals molten reshaped stone. centuries old tunnel. Talyn can’t hold her tears. every year again. but these refrain themselves find a miles long.

Dewsap Cave or Engledoc’s Tomb. warded with magic would be clouded in an everlasting moist seals. becoming a mixture of imps and Humanoids territory. by drought. Henceforth it will be named the fogbank (visuals less than 100' ) as before. a "new" magic point would 112 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . hindering passage beyond. A life-sized kneeling statue ISSUES erected where he was found. Chance this could happen eventually invisibility and silence. easily to detect and dispel (except fairies Invisibility to Mortals). A final This would become a great boon to the memory for the Hero who did what he could. but not trees. If Algorn's Last Stand would ever be reactivated (a very slim chance though) it would cause the region a new area of growth. hunting to the high number of humanoids having a negative effect upon all illusions. to the edge of of the same year an Angel was seen within the new forest. there. predation. pointing towards the cave. rather bushes. In the winter north and east of Misthaven). Chance this could happen eventually someday is forty percent per century. it Sphere 200 yards. and became one of the minor magic locations. The Djinn is Canolbarth border would then be pushed ordered to take action when needed to do so further northwards (almost up to the hills against the enemies of Alfheim. fire and the wood looted from nearby Humans and Humanoids. If Goblin Park would ever be reactivated. They would rapidly (less than 10 In his tomb his items are stored. all seeds of trees or larger plants have completely perished. Radius of effect. the area would the region. the corridor. The new the pointing finger of the statue. Fungii. With the demise of the forest. Soon thereafter the area strangely remain a source of food. His ring of years) replace all the fallen trees and thus Djinni Summoning however is merged with enlarge the fungal forest there. The region changed forever. However. and low plants. Inside the cave the sarcophagus is placed perpendicular to the If Misthaven would ever be reactivated. Together with still negative active Stalkbrow. making them more someday is about fifty-five percent per century. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth emblazoned with the story of his deeds in FUTURE GAME BALANCE bas relief pictures. this would increase their hold of this region. However. would become a negative magical point and thus a boon to the humanoids living there. Gates whole region here up to 40 miles away are placed on both ends. and the region taken over by the Bugbear Ushurpurs.

MV 180’(40’). and can They no longer have Shamans. since the latter is Elves on Mystara. Darker skin. Humans and Shadow Wolves Elves) in a positive way. or a preying on them). Once a Shadow Wolf only a Wish can Neutral to Chaotic. TT nil. and never return to the Canolbarth. the chance of this happening is Shadow Wolves are creatures of pure extremely small. Two “hp Evil Shadow Elves mostly called Dark worth” of magical healing are required to Elves. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth still benefit all races (Bugbear. with causes its victims to fade into shadow.. Immortal Lolth.. AL CN. In glooming dark shadows everywhere. Mr 12.. these have then be reincarnated or pass on. the bite of a shadow wolf The area would become are very much like normal grey wolves. IN Any new Magic points will reflect the 6. in which case he or settle between the humanoids (sometimes she becomes a shadow wolf.maybe even From ST1 “Up the Garden Path” enabling a weird truce. Paralyzation is strong point of knowledge about these vile made to survive.for several years. Have normal Elf Wizards. AV0. Fort Mealidor became a successful saving throw vs. Followers of Victims who choose to rest and recover do Atzanteotl and the New (former Shadow Elf ) so at the normal rate (1 hp per day of rest). Gazetteer 5 The Elves of Alfheim) except that. Additional bites inflicted (not undead!!) creatures. rate of hp loss. You should keep separate records of bite and “fading” damage In effect there are now 4 sorts of Shadow caused to each victim. they are slightly translucent. causing damage. HD4+1**. They can only be harmed by The Emerlas thus would remain Humanoid magical or silver weapons. In addition to territory. XP 275. like 113 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Eastern Broken Lands. reverse the effect. such as cure spells and potions. Darker the process the victim loses 1 hp per creatures (like Shroud Spiders (see B10. and never near another shadow. This Shadow Wolves) are drawn to the area by the fading process continues until the victim is magic of Shadowdown.. Evil to Neutral at best. Chance this could happen eventually AC3. in bright light. lighter Hair. or Drow. resistant to magical methods of healing. The soul will be released and Elf Clerics with mostly Lolth’s spells. they circumstances (Set by the DM. Dead will only revive the wolf. Love for Spiders.. Att 1 bite. and a great point of while a victim is fading do not increase the defence to the inhabitants of the Canolbarth. SV MU5. It can only be spontaneously powerful magic (in this case the Bad Magic created by magic. Shadows and slightly translucent to onlookers. NA 2d6(1d6). once the Shadow wolf perishes. someday is nineteen percent per century. and reduced to zero hp. In appearance. a Raise become full fledged clerics.. or even created. Dm 1d4+special. Located in Underground in restore each hp lost as a result of fading. round and gradually becomes greyer and TSR9149-Night´s Dark Terror). as it is. under special point Shadowdown). happenings creating the point in the first place. which can be called into being by magic point.

like the Shadow. goo cannot be stored in any way. the Shadow. able to restore a living creature. will prevent it from evaporating. and Shadow wolves do NOT work Located in Shadow Elf Underground together. Neutral but a bit Xenophobic. Followers of Rafiel. and not restore the spell or item in question. A slain Shadow Wolf will. Each initiative segment are also more and more common. When this goo is devoured it will (especially the Altered Forest and Fungal restore some of the Strength any Shadow Forest). will be able to restore as many any other surface elves). In the Canolbarth Forest goo. Shadows Shadow Elves often called Deep Elves. Only thus will some Clerics. Have Wizards and temporal stasis. that can be used to restore Strength Surface Shadow Elves sometimes called draining of Shadows. leave a quickly evaporating ethereal goo. and never faster than 2 + PC’s and less restricted than the deep elves (it is a constitution adjustment (never less than 1) declining Faith however). A list of Sources referenced for this article can be found o on page 124 114 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Neutral to Chaotic and many also Evil. Slowly 1 strength is evaporated from the goo. Check for Elves. but will not attack each other or Territories. Undead. evaporates. but a better tint initiative for the moment the goo comes than the Deep Elves. NOT an undead. It will further always evaporate unless consumed. Light hair. Often merging with normal Alfheim had drained from a victim. equal to Shadow Pale Elves. white Hair Clear Eyes (sometimes Purple skin markings) Have Wizards and Shamans. and adapting to the sun (In about 1 or 2 after 1 full round it will be gone. In the Hollow World. A generations at most this species will have character gobbling up the disgusting black completely merged and be indistinct from goo. Followers of strength as it can consume before it Ilsundal and other Surface Elves Immortals. Have Wizards and in 1 round = 6 segments. The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth Driders are a variation of Dark elves. no Shamans anymore. Darker hair and into existence (the same moment the greenish tint of skin like the Alfheim Elves Shadow was slain). but never more than its own but many also of Rafiel. Pale skin. but much more free body lost. Pale skin. Neutral Strength drained from a spell or item be and Open. The Schattenalfen. or setting it outside of Clerics. but Followers of Atzanteotl. time.

tears. locations that have stuck in my memory even The outdoors game map is also very small. But it is in the forest of Alfheim be used.. living in it and a whole village of Gyerians. In this game you are a level ten attack rank ‘I’ elf who The adventure gives few clues as to its goes by the name of ‘Christov Yetta’.. though it has been many years since I played just stretching a couple of miles across. sent out location. Trolls crying lakes of to be located close to a dangerous area. On the next page is a map of the Kingdom of Then there are some math problem sections Alfheim showing the location of the Stalkbrow. The map inside the front cover is to retrieve one of the magical Snow Pearls generic and the geographical features in the that keep your home village safe. so the adventure can be more easily used as and fleshing out these ideas a little. Fallen Glory. 115 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . since just beyond the village walls there is a wilderness area. I the game: The Elephants Graveyard. which just seem out of place – all in all a very mixed bag. a one-on-one adventure with one DM and one player. The so the module is navigated with a ‘Magic background makes it clear that the village of Viewer’ (which is a piece of red cellophane) ‘Tarylon the Fair’ is in a borderland area and by moving between numbered sections. The propose that the bad magic point ‘Stalkbrow’ Devil’s Staircase. cannon Known World material. a troll living under a bridge and anything to do with the annoying Gyerians. This unfortunately also a module with some provides a reason for a thriving Elven village pretty cheesy ideas in it. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node Setting the CM5 module ‘Mystery of the Snow Pearls’ in Alfheim By DesertNomad The Mystery of the Snow Pearls is a SETTING THE MODULE IN companion level solo adventure – one of STALKBROW only two ever produced for the original Dungeons & Dragons system. All of the module were never mentioned in any other text is overprinted with a layer of red static. but this area also has people This module has some fantastic locations. The idea behind this reimagining A more detailed map of the Stalkbrow bad is to take the best parts of the module and magic node was made by taking all of the locate them somewhere in the Known World information in the Elves of Alfheim gazetteer.

and magically spread ideas of magic nodes in Alfheim . 116 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . mischief or strife among the nearby where the dark side of the elven magic that elves. it is famous for Stalkbrow is considered by many to be the creating emanations which interfere with most dangerous of the three permanent bad spell casting. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node THE STALKBROW BAD from other dimensions and by negatively affecting Elven magic. Although Stalkbrow MAGIC NODE tends to generate less monsters than Thornbrush and Dragontree.these are the places evil. and patrol the borders to stop itself by allowing monsters to seep through creatures leaving or unwitting Elves entering. The elves have therefore learnt to created the mighty Canolbarth forest shows avoid the area.

This effect also prevents since there is much they can learn from the those who are trying to walk to the hills to way that illusion magics twist and turn ever get there. Those brave enough to get close to 117 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . In fact. To those within this area. frown. magical effects are centred on two low hills frustrating any conscious efforts to reach that resemble a pair of brows in a creased them. many human illusionists the central hills. visible out of the corner of your eye and always seem to be off to one side no matter Stalkbrow is named because the negative which direction you walk towards them. and in addition to elves the bad magic point actually drifts. it are drawn to the job despite the risks to their feels as if the hills are actually stalking them sanity from long term exposure to the node. and also includes human wizard and druid carries with it a vague mirage-like image of volunteers. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node The force that patrols this border is called the hills (within about five miles) report that the Shadowguard.hence the name. . The Stalkbrow hills are only through the area.

but it is wide open country and with escape and posing a risk for landslide. Needless to say. but far enough away to not cause miles north to south and 10 miles east to madness . They consist of arid The Vorsh Plains are crossed by several dry scrub land covered with dry grasses with a canyons. no civilised creatures live here. but they are the best example of what Canolbarth used to be. with the actual area changing a little day by day as the Stalkbrow effect slowly drifts. the bad magic point to protect them from The Stalkbrow Badlands are a small area of almost totally arid dirt with small rocky outcrops spread between pancake flat land. although (at least by Christov) and can be dangerous water can be a problem away from the main due to their steep sides. the Stalkbrow area still consists of flat to gently rolling scrubland with precious little rainfall. cut by the infrequent downpours few hardy trees widely spaced apart. the exception of the village of Gyer. These are not well explored not difficult country to transverse. There are. This is in this region. These are not large. limiting options for rivers. as it is the greatest area within the forest without any of the mighty oaks the Elven homeland is famous for. rumours of bands of outcast elves course at its centre. Nothing grows here except the occasional tuft of yellow grass. On the western side of the Stalkbrow are the their magical brands of exile (as explained Vorsh Plains. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node The magic effect extends about 16 miles north to south and 24 miles east to west. Therefore. The most dangerous area of Stalkbrow is of however. west. and consists of the eking out a desperate existence on the badlands and the hills rising up in the middle plains. few have ventured into this spot. which means that the original weather patterns of the area are experienced instead. it is 118 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . This is quite a novelty for Alfheim. Within this area the weather changing magic of the elves is blocked. with the area being close enough to of them. The Stalkbrow Hills harbour the centre of the bad magic effect and consist of a tortured and alien landscape of undulating hills in random patterns and colours. just 15 below).at least not quickly.

People say that this is corrupted it. but it flows with a furiousness far something in the Blighted Forest has beyond what it should. This is not a large This small stream used to be crystal clear. Stunted and twisted oak trees struggle to the size of small shrubs. as in a sick parody of the huge oaks that grow in the Canolbarth Forest a few miles away. named because it is the delta further from Tarylon. Downstream of Gyer. it is only safe to cross at the Far Delta. In the south runs the Black Spring Creek and its tributaries. The delta is filled with many different types of marshland birds and Christov has often hunted and collected eggs here. This is an expanse of marsh lands a few miles across. silent due to the effect of the dark magic from the water flows through it. but waterway. The creek empties 119 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node Blighted Forest. and now only black. The hills do have a few trees growing on them in contrast to the badlands below. Across the north of the Stalkbrow area runs the Ragged River. said that even monsters struggle to survive here due to the magic energies that stream across the surface of the rocks.

and connects into the snow pearls and the great lake have lead the other Selinar lakes lying on the boundary to Tarylon being called "Tarylon the Fair" by between the Longrunner and Feador clans. its inhabitants and those who visit. These are areas of the Canolbarth Forest which have been twisted 120 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . it was built with an eye on defence. which is part of the lake for centuries as it contains now a small patch of dark marsh empty of life. About 80 years ago four pearls were found of incredible size and beauty - they were about the size of grapefruit. Although Tarylon is at least a couple of miles safely outside of the maximum effect of the bad magic node. The entire settlement is surrounded The Lakes of Selinar are famous through by white walls and slim towers. The south-western most of these shining walls. as the pearls allowed a new sapling of the Tree of Life to prosper despite the proximity of Stalkbrow. They were named 'The Snow Pearls' due to their exceptional clarity. but Elves have been visiting this the north and south. These beautiful waters. the best and biggest fresh water pearls that can be found. raised Alfheim for their beauty and the giant entirely with Longrunner magic from the freshwater pearls that can be found in their rock beneath the forest. combined with the blessing of lakes is also the largest. The western end of the lake is not an obvious Perhaps the saddest parts of the Stalkbrow place for settlement due to its proximity to area for an elf are the Blighted Forests in Stalkbrow. perfectly round and glowed with a dazzling white light when held close to each other. and it was these pearls that lead to the founding of a new settlement called Tarylon. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node into the lake via the Near Delta.

wood imps and their spider mounts. The only below can be used to take the best locations living things that flourish are toadstools. and place them in the Stalkbrow area. The map are consumed by fungi and disease. and and the trees that are there slowly rot as they contains many filler encounters. character (location 1 on the original map) This is Christov’s hut. The original map is generic and bland. 121 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node and diseased by the bad magic over a long Changing the Mystery of the period of time. No-one knows why. Within them few trees grow. who seem to have made these black woods their A New starting location for the player home. the small house he has cut out of the forest for himself. but these Snow Pearls Map areas are slowly increasing in size as the centuries pass.

Make the staircase a dead after their actions. more for you temperament than your colouring. Then you were called missing snow pearl. Christov Redhair. (locations 9 and 10 on the original map) This network of caves was home to a H Elephant’s Graveyard and the Caverns small tribe of dwarves back when the of Couronn below Canolbarth area was in its original form of (locations 27 and 39 on the original map) rolling hills. Then Christov (location 16 on the original map) Beastslayer for the way you slew a horde of Despite her hideous appearance this old goblins and orcs when they broke upon the woman provides details on how to find the borders of Alfheim. In the original module the player character (Christov Yetta) is the brother of the E The Devil’s Staircase Treekeeper. Elves are named staircase). 122 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and consist of three concentric rings. canyon with a series of natural steps leading up. (location 17 on the original map) The small collection of caves set into the canyon wall is well hidden from below. and for this reason you and rotting home tree that has been have had many names through your long life.bipedal birds with a moderate foul. home of the mage who stole the pearl. Remove this and C Fallen Glory the river will return to its original form. The spirit of the river has been choked level of intelligence. Now it is inhabited by a The ‘elephant’ is a malfera. This is functional. To travel inwards between each ring it is D The Raker’s Den necessary to answer a mathematical puzzle. caught up in the blight. for the way you could move through the forest like water F The Witch of the Woods flowing through a brook. but a In the original module this was a blind little dull. by a rock placed over the spring at the headwater of the stream. so consider this alternate setup. The Caverns of Couronn are the animals. A suspicious man asks Christov to retrieve his scarf from the top Adventure Intro of the canyon. but turns out to be a devilswine (that’s why it is the devil’s In the Longrunner clan. Now they terrorise this area. and Changes to the Mystery of the holds a dozen rogue elves banished for Snow Pearls Storyline committing terrible crimes. with a mad giant as self. proclaimed king. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node B Village of Gyer G The Spirit of the Black Springs (location (location 30 on the original map) 18 on the original map) This smelly location is home to about 200 The once clean river now flows dark and Gyerians . and a devious collection of corrupted plants and enemy. champion of the village and all (location 19 on the original map) round good guy. First Christov Fleetfoot.

much closer than that. Even moon unable to break through the clouds now. But this was Even so. You slew one of your kin in a moment of fury. it is a dangerous game to play. From a hut cut out of the forest you village from the corrupting powers of venture into the woods to hunt deer. has been done to you and the injustice of it. So begins the Mystery of the Snow even make forays into the blighted woods Pearls! and release your anger and resentment on 123 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . you can feel the magical tattoo running and with a slow. teasing wind pushing down the side of your neck. But by staying on the very border of the effect. all crimes. first to a in bed. the outrage makes your cause pain. He explains psyche. If you succeed you fresh meat on the table. But you found rustle in the wind. followed by a gentle another way. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node But the name you wear now defines you. with the waning quarter branded an exile. You the evil wood imps that reside in there. thump. After a slight pause. has stolen one of the four You have made a new life for yourself. You snare small will be forgiven of your past crime and will animals for food and fur. like every By accident you discovered that the bad evening. them go wild and crazy. Then with time to a bright red that would Even after ten years. This mark forces happen. in the evenings as the sun sets on your back. thinking about what dull yellow that would burn and distract. You travel into the be able to return to your old life in the far delta to find birds eggs. and for that you were It is a cloudy night. You frown as you remember the wards you set this evening. And then finally to a white heat cheeks hot as you remember the day of your that would make you writhe in agony until branding and the faces who watched it your flesh was consumed.. Enan says that you should go and suffering the brand for enough hours to get retrieve the missing pearl. because the malevolence of Stalkbrow is you hear a set of footsteps approaching your known to twist people's minds and make home. unable to sleep. around the house. a Alphatian illusionist have been in this. of Snow Pearls that are needed to protect the sorts. Stalkbrow. But time will tell how successful you that Milgor the Mad. you have found it Opening the door you see that the arrival is possible to keep the brand down to a dull Enan Stargazer. Then. An outsider. with hopefully little effect on your Fair and also your older brother. are Christov Kinslayer. Occasionally you village. Treekeeper in Tarylon the ache. who was once a member of the Shadowguard. deactivating its power. all those who commit the greatest and most terrible crimes in Elvenkind to leave the great Your dour thoughts are interrupted by a forest and never return. If you were to through the trees around your home. And you dream of going home. A traitor. You lie return into the forest it would heat.. you look across the greatest of the It has been ten long years since you were cast lakes of Selinar and gaze upon Tarylon the out from the Elven realm for the greatest of Fair. yards without you being alerted. No creature magic node of Stalkbrow counteracts the should be able to approach within a hundred magic of the brand.

Light in the Belfry Monster Manual compilation books Lowlife and Undead on the Vaults of Pandius. 124 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . TSR 2517 Joshuan’s Almanac 1013 AC Fan-based Almanacs (1014-1019 AC) TSR 9223 Gazetteer 5 The Elves of Alfheim TSR 9287 Gazetteer 13 The Shadow Elves TSR 1017 The Immortal Set ST1 Up the Garden Path TSR 9494 AD&D2 Ravenloft Audio Adventure. Compiled by Author. and provide a setting and adventure background which SOURCE LIST make more sense. The Stalkbrow Bad Magic Node Final Thoughts The Fall and Rise of the Canolbarth By making these changes it is possible to save the most atmospheric and interesting Continued from page 114 locations in the adventure. Engledoc information in Ainsun article by “Gecko” Elven Dictionary Drider adapted to BECMI Statistics from TSR 2103 - AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium 2 Canolbath Forest map in 1 mile hexes by Author (to be released soon). I strongly recommend anyone looking to a slightly different one-on- one adventure to buy a copy of The Mystery TSR 1082 Wrath of the Immortals of the Snow Pearls as it is an unpolished gem TSR 9372 Poor Wizard’s Almanac 1010 AC with some fantastic ideas. You can also visit TSR 9441 Poor Wizard’s Almanac 1011 AC the RolePlay Online site where I am running TSR 2506 Poor Wizard’s Almanac 1012 AC the module and take a look.

but small numbers and increasing the Hollow World. These elves. She imagined that ancestors once lived in the fabled city of Matera. 125 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Matera’s on the surface of Mystara. Much like Glantri. and 1 F o r m o re info rm a tio n o n the Ho l l o w M o o n. s e e “ Ins id e M a te ra : The Ho l l o w M o o n” o n the Va ul ts o f Pa nd ius l . was also a Aengmor. Vesperlands Atlas Vesperlands Atlas by John Calvin The bizarre and beautiful setting of the have been the home of the Vesper Elves for Hollow Moon was first envisioned by Sharon thousands of years. shadowy world. For a time they returned to life in the red light of an eternal sun. much like its parent planet. a nd Thre s ho l d Is s ue s #2 a nd #4 . cousins when they rejected the patronage of Yet. while the innards of Mystara are bathed Atzanteotl. the Immortals have pressures from surrounding regions nearly populated the inside of Matera with cultures drive them to extinction. split from their Schattenalfen hollow shell. of the Hollow Moon. southeastern shores of the Spindrift Sea. whose Dornhoff in June of 1998. Mystara’s visible moon. their society The Vesperlands are located on the thriving in the darkness. near present day core is a lightless. the Vesper Elves have recovered from their travails. Inside the confines from throughout Mystara’s history1.

many of which farm the fungi as their primary food source. plants and wildlife. Vesperlands Atlas REGIONS paths form through the wilderness like an ever-changing. with regular rainfall throughout the 126 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and slimes (both stationary several different regions. puff balls. dense. each with their own and mobile forms) also abound in the region. unique terrain features. Ant and termite species Sinus Medii predominate. humid than the northern coasts. Fungal forests tend to be short. and fairly Shorelines along the Spindrift Sea tend to be spongy. The Vesperlands can be broken up into Molds. Giant communal insects are also common. decaying and growing so rapidly that misty. living maze. often causing dense banks of fog to form when the warmer air over the Sinus comes into contact Spindrift Coast with the cooler air of the coast. though there are a handful of smaller (dog sized) wasp and beetle species Shorelines along Sinus Medii are more that also roam the area.

Horrocks only truly and cover the nearby landscape. for there are no bridges that will span its width. 127 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Smoke. Ad huz a domesticated breeds are difficult to control. attracting conifers dominate its southern shores. Pines and other bioluminescent. blocks smashing buildings. Its re m na nts m a y s til l pe rs is t in the m o d e rn e ra o n the Is l e o f D re a d . eventually reaching the seas to the east and Caldera Horrocks west. Still they must be ever vigilant. the south. spreading across the inland forests. and often the Vesperlands from Mare Tranquillitatis to constitute a serious threat to Vesper security. bordering the northern Ranqal Mountains. while many breeds of bees. and fires and horrors that defy description. erupts once every 157 years. Mists Although steam and gasses vent from the often bubble up from deep within the gorge caldera constantly. and even the 1 A l a nd c o ntro l l e d b y the Ko pru. cinders. making them hazardous for fishermen and merchants alike Rima Ariadys to ply. dot the plains. for Times. erupting like clockwork once every two years. pe rs is te d in va rio us fo rm s o n M ys ta ra until B C 1 8 0 0 whe n it wa s pl a c e d in the Ho l l o w M o o n. Nixies dominate these waters. Valley of Horrors Arypag is quite active. and ash are ejected into the air and the elves avoid this region whenever blanket the nearby countryside during Fire possible. the Hypparq Sea is one of the smallest bodies of water in the Hollow Moon Flowering plants. and by forested hills along in the Hollow Moon). but the elven relic- Mount Arypag keepers at Angkar use their clan relic to protect the ancient temple from destruction. both mundane and the northern coasts abut against rocky giant. Fungal forests in this area tend Hypparq Sea to be taller. the Spindrift Sea. Though not directly aligned with Adhuza1. with volcanic accompanied by attacks by ravenous animals. many of them to maintain that title. Rivers pour into it. The devastation it causes is enormous. The violence and destruction madness inducing smokes bellow forth intensifies when Mount Arypag’s and Mount during fire times. the nixies enjoy manipulating the Rima Ariadys is a vast gash that cuts across elves along their borders. Mount Arypag is a large volcanic caldera. A haunted valley full of monsters and worse. giving way to mossy plains in the north. The giant wasps of the area become extremely agitated during these times. and finally to Surrounded by mountains and cliffs along its grasslands (one of the largest true grasslands northern coasts. Giant wasps roam the land from outcroppings of the Ranqal Mountains. Crossing is difficult by land. Vesperlands Atlas Materan year. and more woodsy. Mount Arypag northwards to the coastal waters. and are usually Kodyn’s eruptions coincide.

although very few Vesper Elf rather than a Piltyn. hot water springs and birth. Panthers and other large cats are prevalent. fortifications spread throughout elven territory. Qalpiltyn is a rare settlements are near enough to be affected. roughly dividing There are several titles used by nobility in the country into north and south territories. but rather Efreet have a small foothold here. who is pterosaurs are also present. search of more abundant prey. however there are also Piltyn in the Vesperlands who do not recognize any Mount Kodyn higher authority. Mount Kodyn is situated in the northern edge of the Ranqal Mountains. possibly an bestowed on those who show exceptional extension of the City of Brass1. equivalent to a king or queen (it range. and in fact a Tuhktyn must snow. the Vesperlands. Tuhktyn. and volcanic activity is apparent renounce membership in the clan of their throughout the range. though some stalwart merchants do armies. gaseous vents are common. Few of the peaks maintain any multiple clans. In them are dwarfed in size by the giant wasps some cases a Piltyn may be the vassal of a that dominate the skies. every five years. feeding many of the region’s rivers applies equally to both sexes). title. roughly in the Calpollyc are family heads. and wield authority over the many brave the perils to trade with the creatures. It erupts once the smaller clans are ruled over by one. though some of center of the Vesperlands. and often roam down into the foothills in Beneath the Tuhktyn are the Piltyn. Vesperlands Atlas Ranqal Mountains Vesper Nobility The Ranqal Mountain range runs through the center of the Vesperlands. Portals to skill and ability in the martial arts. Tuhktyn is the highest High mountain lakes abound throughout the title. Only the largest city states are ruled by Tuhktyn. not inherited by blood. 1 M o re d is c us s io ns re ga rd ing the City o f B ra s s m a y b e fo und a t The Pia z z a in the City o f B ra s s thre a d b y ripva nwo rm e r 128 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The title is and supplying many Vesper Elf settlements taken by leaders who hold authority over with water. Many of the smaller city states are ruled over by a single Piltyn. These their stronghold only open during Fire elves are the generals of Vesperlands Times. Birds and equivalent to a landed lord or lady. effectively making them clanless. though many of typically the head of an elven clan.

129 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

and allies for centuries. 3% hin) Max Spending Limit: 5. despite its relatively small population. though all of Vesper is quick to band One of the larger Vesper cities.S e l ine in B C 6 9 1 . Intynni is together when facing outside threats. S e e the “ Ho l l o w M o o n Tim e l ine ” all of the Vesperlands. Fire Times in o f M a te ra . The city sees trade with the Taurus gnomes1 and the City State of Aridoxmal Albheldri2 to the north as well as with Cacklogallinia3 and other nations from the Aridoxmal Sea of Tranquility region. and worst.000 (87% elf. Rivalry Important Figures: Tuhktyn Kaltyr amongst the states can become very heated. and supplies many other cities in the Vesperlands with their wasp stock. Vesperlands Atlas CITY STATES City State of Intynni Intynni The Vesper elves are organized into several Population (Town): different city states throughout their 60. Aridoxmal suffers through some of M o unta ins in AC 4 2 . 2 The Al b he l d ri a re N ithia n a nd Al b a re nd i c o l o nis ts who tra ve l e d to M a te ra und e r the guid a nc e o f S e s ha y. ancestral clans. territory. Honey is a major trade item. Some of the finest Wasp Knights hail from this city. and the city’s inhabitants have Population (Village): apiaries set up across the northern plains.000gp those situated along the Sinus Medii. 4. 130 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . trade were first domesticated in this city.500 (97% elf. The two cities The giant wasps that the Vesper Elves ride have been competing over resources.000gp There is a long standing rivalry between Important Figures: Piltyn XXX Intynni and Tynkal. especially Max Spending Limit: 50. 3 Ca c k l o ga l l inia is po pul a te d b y gye ria ns fro m D a va nia who we re d e c im a te d b y hive b ro o d a tta c k s in B C 2 5 0 . fairly cosmopolitan by Vesper Elf standards and is comprised of several clans. The y a re o ne o f the fe w c ul ture s to a c tua l l y k no w the y l ive ins id e the most frequent. and even on occasion lead to outright war. 1 S e rra ine gno m e s tra ve l to Ho l l o w M o o n o n Situated between Rima Ariadys and Mount a ro c k e t s hip a nd s e ttl e the Ta urus Arypag. routes. City states are very 2% gnome (Taurus)) competitive with one another. fo r m o re . each controlled by one or more 3% human (Albheldri). the dominant southern city state of the Vesperlands. 8% gyerian. Intynni is the Aridoxmal boasts over two dozen hive stables more militaristic of the two states.

Now occupied. The F unga l D ruid s a re m a d e up fro m va rio us o the r ra c e s .000 (88% elf. 2 S e e “ Ho l l o w M o o n S pe l l s ” fo r m o re info rm a tio n o n the F unga l D ruid s a nd the ir po we rs . The council is though not all of its inhabitants are resigned advised by a mystical band of fungal druids2 to that fate. 2% human (Albheldri)) Population (Village): 17. M o o n a fte r the fa l l o f S ha e rd o n in B C 8 0 0 . Vesperlands Atlas Maniyat Union of Mycos Population (Village): Mycos 9. of nobles from both cities. hin.000gp northern Shaergarde1. A handful of small clans from the woody stalks of the giant fungi that dominate the city. the city. Max Spending Limit: 5.500 (93% elf. the Vesper Elves do but rarely venture past the eastern foothills construct rudimentary seafaring vessels to bordering Ongkyr. 131 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . but also guards Important Figures: Calpollyc Parryn Intynni’s agricultural interests from Ongkyr. or crafts that support that endeavor. inc l ud ing: a ra ne a . and is Mycos is a major supplier of fungal goods. Fungal farming. the north. Population (Fort): 3. known as the breadbasket of the specializing in fungal “lumber” harvested Vesperlands.500 (93% elf. each devoted to the art or grow along the coast there. Maniyat’s sole Mycos and Vylkas are ruled over by a council purpose is to feed Intynni’s war machine.000gp Important Figures: Piltyn Syllium Maniyat is Intynni’s gateway to the fertile plains and grasslands of the north.000gp 7% human (Albheldri). a nd c o m po s e a 1 S ha e rga rd e hin a re pl a c e d in the Ho l l o w d is tinc t po pul a tio n gro up in the c ity.000gp Vylkas Important Figures: Qalpiltyn Hykiri Population (Village): 7. 3% other) Fort Yaxku protects the Vesperlands from Max Spending Limit: 10. although the goods Founded on the shores of Lake Obvyk. but repeated conflicts between the two settlements eventually took its toll on Unlike other city states of the Vesperlands. Vesper war bands from Yaxku range south from the Rima Ariada to the Spindrift Sea. produced in both regions are generally quite Maniyat once rivaled Intynni as the jewel of different. 5% gyerian. who have claimed the region between Mycos and Vylkas as their home. Though not a sea power. 4% human (Albheldri). though some Fort Yaxku suspect that it is really the druids who are in charge. a nd ra k a s ta . purveyors from this region have a mild rivalry with those from Tynkal.500 warriors Max Spending Limit: 1. 5% other) Important Figures: Calpollyc Iyxal Max Spending Limit: 25. m ino ta urs .

for the Az c a ns a nd Ol te c s in B C 2 8 5 0 . S e e the a small community of shapeshifters Ho l l o w M o o n N a tio n Ove rvie w dominates the nobility here. Margasta Tribes1. They centuries. Currently Vylkas fills the and other nations of Mare Tranquillitatis2. The Piltyn of Mimyr has taken subterfuge and intrigue and made them into art forms. focusing on 7% shapeshifter) surprise attacks and hit and run tactics. the M a rga s ta Trib e s a re pl a c e d in the trifo l d is thm us b e twe e n making the pilgrimage to that holy site start Tra nquil l ita tis . 3% rakasta (Margasta)) fungal logs shipped down from Mycos by Max Spending Limit: 25. esteem. often stages minor raids against Mimyr Intynni over farmland and apiary rights. throughout time. Though nonetheless has access to farmlands. Mimyr continuously struggles for its independance.000gp coastal ferry. Ongkyr. htm l fo r m o re . Important Figures: Piltyn Lakyl The Calpollyc of Vylkas and the Piltyn of Mycos rule this region together. in council Slightly less prosperous that Intynni.000 (90% elf. Though their alliance is currently strong. Not all is as it a fte r b e ing d e c im a te d in the wa rs b e twe e n seems in this secluded mountainous city. Vylkas City State of Ongkyr competes with Pysca as the primary sea port and shipbuilding center. Max Spending Limit: 1. c o m / hm o ve rvw. 132 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .000 (93% elf. many elves 1 Pre his to ric ra k a s ta . S ha e rga rd e . though the Onkyr shipwrights of Pysca are held in higher Population (Village): 20. Mimyr ever tests those bonds. F o e c und ita tis a nd N e c ta ris their journey from this city. Vylkas ships are constructed using 7% gyerian. subservient role to Mycos.000gp Important Figures: Piltyn Shasha Conquered several times over the centuries by the allied forces of Mycos and Vylkas. a nd M a s k e l yne (a c ity o f l iving s ha d o ws ). 2 The na tio ns a ro und M a re Tra nquil l ita tis inc l ud e the M a rga s ta Trib e s . Ongkyr with the fungal druids of Mycos. Known as the gateway to Angkar. skilled in the Vesperlands. Ca c k l o ga l l inia . Vesperlands Atlas ply the waters of the Spindrift Sea. http: / / pa nd ius . playing the two larger cities to the west against one another. Their Wasp Knights are some of the most Population (Village): 2. the dominant city switches trade with Cacklogallinia. albeit clans from the two cities have been allies for inferior to those that Intynni controls.

The inhabitants of this elf. chitinous skin. these creatures also have the hive. Vespertaurs. others of their kind are only vaguely disquieting. attributes. Vesperlands Atlas City State of Pynar Elves of Pynar Pynar The elves of Pynar have been corrupted by Population (Village): 4. Horrors. 16% aberration. or elves themselves. possessing some traits that Vespertaur: Possessing many of the same traits hint at an insectoid origin. have been transformed into something insidious. elves with four arms. hives of wasp mounts used in other though they still retain the vague likeness of an Vesper elf cities. the way they move with jerks and inducing smoke from volcanic activity in twitches. pointed teeth. Although some still maintain the 1% abomination) appearance of elves. 133 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . complete with multiple abominations dwell. the Valley of Horrors. DMs may use the stats for that have the body of a wasp and the pegatuars to approximate the power of Pynar torso of an elf. mandibles in place of mouths.a gigantic version of the undergone some form of transformation. there is always something unsettling inundated with poisonous madness- about them. others have been twisted Max Spending Limit: 2. Isolated from most other communities in Elf-ish: Though these elves appear mostly the Vesperlands. DMs may use the stats for Hivebrood to approximate the Those few elves of Pynar encountered by power of Pynar Aberrations. Deeper in the as Aberrations. unseen by outsiders. the true lower bodies of wasps.000 (80% elf- magical emanations from the Valley of ish. Many have faceted eyes. In addition to standard exoskeleton shells. The city itself resembles a Aberration: These creatures have clearly hornet’s nest . hive are not wasps however. several general classifications can be made. also give Vespertaurs stingers with a and even worse. vespertaur elves legs and wings.000gp into monstrosities beyond description. Important Figures: Piltyn Vzzbyx Though no two elves are the same. raspy buzzing voices. Abomination: The upper echelons of Pynar society are controlled by Abominations. DMs can feel free to use any number of monstrous and otherworldly creatures to approximate the power of Pynar Abominations. 3% vespertaur. and constantly normal. multifaceted eyes. the elves of Pynar or an overly detached demeanor. but the appendages with too many joints. poison attack. grotesque amalgams of toothy maws and clattering spiny legs.

4% human (Varienya). Alone in all the between those two cities to the point that Vesperlands. Pysca is also seen as a rustic backwater. 6% rakasta (Mauro). Pycal also Sinus Medii. a territory that sees few City State of Qalikat battles both from within and without. but it also serves as a rustic trade held in high esteem in Pysca. S e e Thre s ho l d Is s ue #4 . 5% other (transitory - pilgrims)) Population (Village): 5. The elves who dwell there are fiercely Qalikat individualistic and self sufficient.000 (97% elf. Population (Village): 23. 2% Max Spending Limit: 15. and bands of aardovai traders are prowess in sailing the steaming waters of not uncommon within its walls. and navigating through sees use as a portage. Relatively protected by the jagged walls of the Rhanqal Mountains. Trappers and hunters frequently use master shipwrights dwell.000 (95% elf Ozkoly (permanent).000 (75% elf. Vesperlands Atlas Cty State of Pysca All overland trade to and from Tynkal must pass through Ozkoly. Clans of Ozkoly and Pysca have intermarried a pilgrimage made by many Vesper elves at for centuries. 1% aardovai) Important Figures: Piltyn Wyxwir Max Spending Limit: 10. 1 The Aa rd o va i R il l e s a re po pul a te d b y a n a nc e s tra l fo rm o f l upin k no wn a s a a rd o va i. where small vessels treacherous tribes of devil fish that dwell may dock and travel overland rather than risk within. where many center. Onc e in a B l ue M o o n.000gp human (Varienya). N a tio ns o f the S pind rift S e a fo r m o re info rm a tio n. strengthening the bonds least once in their lifetime. and the city is in fact a Pysca center of mercantilism in the region. the elves of Qalikat have been Ozkoly is generally seen as an extension of the slightly larger city to the north.000gp Important Figures: Calpollyc Tyssi One of the earliest Vesper settlements. Elven captains it as a base when traveling into the wilds of from Pysca are also renowned for their the Rilles1. 134 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Population (Village): 13. the (devil fish infested) waters travelling around the Rilles. Fort Pycal 13% human (Albheldri). 2% Population (Fort): 700 warriors aardovai) Max Spending Limit: 500gp Max Spending Limit: 15.000gp Important Figures: Qalpiltyn Gyrolloc Important Figures: Piltyn Fycal Fort Pycal defends the Vesperlands in the Ancient elven traditions of seafaring are still northwest. Qalikat is the last stop on the road to Angkar.

000 (88% elf. and rotates most soldiers out of the fort on a regular basis. and ships from Population (Fort): 800 warriors Adhuza. each a holding of eastern borders of the Vesperlands. but in the clans represented in the city. 8% other nations. a long road with step pyramids of all shapes and Elves stationed at Fort Hyccal patrol the sizes bordering both sides. The honey that is harvested serves as the major resource Tynkal produced in the area. and Max Spending Limit: 50. comprised of several clans and ruled over by Fort Hyccal Tuhktyn Soona. Vesperlands Atlas able to domesticate several breeds of giant City State of Tynkal bees that dwell in the area. Leading inland Important Figures: Qalpiltyn Murmyr from the sea is Ancestor’s Avenue. outward from the city following the Qyssi Road to the south. It is a major trade center for nations of the Sinus Medii. Tynkal however there is a small cadre of hardened controls the southern fungal plains of the warriors that have made Hyccal their Vesperlands. At the far truth spend most of their time engaging the end of Ancestor’s Avenue is the Temple of monsters that emerge from the Valley of Light. Tynkal is one of the largest Vesper cities. however where Population (Fort): 450 warriors Intynni is militaristic. 3% human (Varienya).Im pe ria l those in Nyhu see very little action. Mauro1. Qalikat sends a citadel of the Relic Keepers. S e e “ Ho l l o w M o o n Expl o ra tio n: An Oute r M o o n Tim e l ine ” . Some Pa te ra n ra k a s ta who a rrive d in the Ho l l o w consider being stationed here a punishment. the largest pyramid in the city. but also serves as a trading post with that nation. Conflict with the Fort Nyhu northern city of Intynni has existed since the founding of that state. the battles waged by Max Spending Limit: 2. and fungal farms stretch permanent home. and the Horrors to the south. constant stream of support. and is sought after by elves across the Vesperlands as well as by Population (Town): 54. 1% minotaur) Warriors of Qalikat are expert rivermen. M o o n in AC 5 4 0 . 135 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and the Albheldri Isles can Max Spending Limit: 500gp all be found docked there. Goods can be delivered all the way to Mare Tranquillitatis through riverways. Compared to the warriors stationed at Fort Hyccal. 1 M a uro is po pul a te d b y Pre .000gp use the waters that wend through the Important Figures: Tuhktyn Soona mountains and highlands of the area to great effect.500gp Tynkal are fought by its merchants. Important Figures: Qalpiltyn Rinnai Fort Nyhu defends against Shaergarde. In addition to fishing and trade. rakasta (Mauro).

136 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . are encountered. the relic keepers have ruled for Max Spending Limit: 500gp over 2. the War parties of Urkang are always bolstered by small community of elves found their holiest Relic Keepers from Angkar. though few are welcomed to stay for s tra in o f Ta ym o ra n va m piris m in B C 1 6 5 0 . themselves in BC 1400. after being magically transported to the Hollow Moon. especially from Adhuza. Neither west. for the deals mostly with merchants. Many travel 2 D e vil fis h pl a c e d in S inus M e d ii a nd M a re through the city on their pilgrimage to Va po rum . They called the The fort has fallen to that nation and been place Angkar. a necessary relic. Qyssi sees Prism of All Colors allows the keepers to see increased conflict with its neighbor to the things as they truly are. Varienyan1 pirates Angkar are rare in these waters. as well as the shorelines of Sinus Medii. Xulam is the city of wizards. a s the ir s o c ie ty is o ve rrun b y a Angkar.200 warriors In Angkar. Max Spending Limit: 1. as psyches can escape their gaze. possessions. the Prism of All Colors. mighty temple around it. and since those times only female Population (Fort): 2. nor dominated common in the waters of the Hypparq Sea. and the are forays by the pesky nixies that inhabit keepers recognize them all whenever they those waters. and built a precaution for a fortress so close to Adhuza. past. named after the city of their retaken on several occasions in the distant ancestors. Adhuzan pirates from Varienya are shapeshifters.700 warriors warriors are allowed to man its walls. Vesperlands Atlas Fort Urkang More than one occasion has seen the fort fall to nixies. keepers protect their homeland from foreign While its sister fortress Urkang to the north intrigue. 1 The Va rie nya a re a nc e s to rs o f the Xulam M ys ta ra n Va re l l ya ns . a nd a c l ie nt na tio n o f Ad huz a .400 years. It is also from Angkar that the relic Hypparq Sea from incursions by Adhuza. visited by elves throughout the Vesperlands and by other supplicants across the Hollow Fort Qyssi Moon. though devil fish2 raiding parties are always a nuisance to This is the site where the Vesper Elves found merchants plying nearby waterways. It is a sacred place to the Important Figures: Qalpiltyn Kylaa elves where all internal conflicts are forgotten and no elf may raise arms upon Fort Qyssi guards the southlands and another. Now it is a holy site. Here.000gp Important Figures: Qalpiltyn Uunkys OTHER SETTLEMENTS Fort Urkang guards the coastland trail and northern border with Adhuza. Aengmor. Population (Fort): 1.

137 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . tim e a nd the M a te ra n c a l e nd a r. decadent. as guttural cries and shrieks can often be heard echoing An old troglodyte fortress on the border of off the waters of the Hypparq Sea. It is attended by the Master Prism Dryssek Keeper and 2-8 acolytes at all times. Tales abound of ghostly CLAN RELIC troglodytes and other undead horrors roaming the crumbling halls. S e e Thre s ho l d Is s ue #2 . causing some to speculate that this place was once a stronghold of the fey. Those that are accepted into the Very little is known about Horraqs. The ranks of the wizards must give up all ties to ruins existed even before the elves arrived in family. and every attempt at claiming them has ended in disaster. 1 The pte ryx a re s e ntie nt pte ro s a urs . though it is far from abandoned. Vesperlands Atlas long. Whether true or not. It serves Relic-keepers who study the Prism for at least as a reminder to them to not grow beyond one year become attuned to it. Zyzzid has stood unclaimed for centuries. and to always keep one eye upon A relic-keeper must make a pilgrimage back the skies above them. the reality Prism of All Colors is that they are probably propagated by the bands of brigands and bandits that frequent The Prism of All Colors is a large semi- the ruins. R e turn to the Ho l l o w M o o n. and city. to not become arrogant and granted its innate powers wherever they go. fo r a ful l d e s c riptio n o f l una r Ho l l o w M o o n fo r m o re . While there may be some truth to those tales. and the Prism of All Colors. or loose these powers. the Vesperlands. The wizards of Xulam are a secretive Horraqs bunch. a nd c o nte m po ra rie s o f the c a rnife x. and are their means. translucent crystal that resides at the heart of a massive stone pyramid in the center of Angkar. of their more violent purges in the area. to Angkar. Building size ranges from gigantic to the RUINS diminutive. l o ng. Dryssek was which can be experienced by all within a 360 destroyed by the pteryx1 in AC 87 during one foot radius of the artifact. The y a re pl a c e d in the Ho l l o w M o o n in B C 1 2 . the Aardovai Rilles. The Prism exhibits several innate properties Once the greatest Vesper city. clan. and are determined to rule over themselves. at least once every Materan year2. R e turn to the S e e Thre s ho l d Is s ue #2 . something much darker Zyzzid now holds sway over these ruins. 5 0 0 2 The M a te ra n ye a r is 1 8 M ys ta ra n m o nths a fte r ne a rl y b e ing wipe d o ut b y the c a rnife x. Since then the elves shun the place.

Shapeshifters appear as if portals. True Appearance with the proper alchemical components and spells. Elven Helm An Elven Helm is a light helmet made of silk Magic Items and hide. In addition the helm reveals all great advantage. magical items. Once every month a portion of the Prism may be shaved off. another project a ghostly image of the one controlling them above their heads. traps. The older and more powerful an component when producing other magical item is. artifact to craft other magical items. Should too much of the Prism be harvested at once. Vesperlands Atlas True Color least until it grows to full size again. the longer it must be studied. Oil of Color serves as the main powers. it becomes Dust of Appearance. The vial of Oil can Keepers who study an item while within the be cast and produces the same effect as a artifact’s sphere of influence are able to prismatic sphere wherever it hits. Ground into a powder. history. and Aurora history is revealed before more ancient Clippers). but the relic-keepers can use the with the powers of the Prism of All Colors. binding the helms properties. the Prism grows continuously. The wearer of the helm has vision as if he living thing. and lesser powers are revealed before greater ones. and reveals all secret influence. An object’s true color is the color it would emit if exposed to white Dust of Appearance light (something which is not common in the darkness of the Hollow Moon’s interior. Oil of Color Identify Item Every year one vial of Oil of Color can be collected from the Prism. at 138 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . area being looked upon is bathed in white and the relic-keepers use this property to light. its powers will cease. Oil of Color is used in the creation Not only does the Prism have innate of these magical items. In ascertain that item’s history and associated addition. Beings possessed or dominated by mimics the true appearance effect above. harvesting crystalline fingers shapechangers and individuals who suffer of new growth for use in rituals and to craft from possession or domination magic. with a leather eye guard built into the face. It is because of this that the elven relic-keepers The true color of all individuals and objects only harvest pieces of the Prism at well can be seen by anyone within the artifact’s defined intervals. Recent items (such as Elven Helms. sphere of influence. and hidden inhabitants. A semi. If constantly morphing between their different directly sprinkled onto a creature. the dust forms. Each An object’s or individual’s true appearance is application of Dust can be spread across a revealed while within the artifact’s sphere of 10’ by 10’ room.

the magic of the Reclaiming Dryssek relic-keepers has not been able to divine the deception. Plague of Pynar Poisoned smoke from the Valley of Horrors has been drifting northward for months. As the smoke begins to affect the populace. Vesperlands Atlas Aurora Clipper discover that elves from Pynar have gained control of the volcanic vents and sent the Every 100 years the Prism has the ability to deadly gasses across the rest of the create an Aurora Clipper. or sent by others to put a stop to it. normally an event that happens once every two to three years. though their purpose remains a mystery. carry up to10 elves. The PCs must put an end to travel through the moon’s firmament as if their plot before more elves succumb to sailing through water. the pteryx may decide to investigate… and perhaps even to begin a new purge. Such vessels are kept under the care of the relic-keepers. a ship of light that Vesperlands. Pteryx automatons mindlessly patrol the city. Such a rivalry important missions. Should they be disturbed. will quickly destabilize the region. Because his love is genuine. Qalpiltyn Uunkys has recently been staging except under the most dire of circumstances. and his followers have decided to reclaim the abandoned city of Dryssek and rebuild it as a power base. and must be soaked in 100 vials worth of Oil of Color for a full Materan year True Love before it is firmament worthy. There they 139 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The PCs may either be a part of this expedition. the PCs are sent to the Valley of Horrors to investigate. It is constructed of the finest silk. Calpollyc Skaryl. raids against the fortress of Qyssi on the when they may be lent out to adventurers on shores of the Hypparq Sea. a disenfranchised Intynni noble. allowing potential rivals like the nation of Adhuza to take advantage of the elves. Unknown to all. ADVENTURE IDEAS Qalpiltyn Uunkys’ strange behavior is due to his love for the nixie queen of Hypparq. An Aurora Clipper can aberrant transformations.

I will give a brief type of outlaw. and introduces several swashbuckling corsairs. Another In the rest of the article. Savage Seas: Pirates. There are two main types of sea- based outlaws: pirates and corsairs. Corsairs & Buccaneers “Fifteen men on the dead man's chest- Yo-ho-ho. and a bottle of rum!” by Giampaolo Agosta (Agathokles) In this article. outlaws. Corsairs and related with pirates. and close up with some sample NPCs and adventure hooks. Then I will review the areas of this region where Pirates. While the Savage Coast tells us much about piracy. the buccaneer is also closely coverage on what Pirates. I will try to cover a topic that is PIRATES. 140 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . CORSAIRS & overlooked in the Savage Coast books: BUCCANEERS pirates and corsairs. Buccaneers are on the Savage Coast and what character kits and races can be used for piratical PCs and NPCs. Corsairs and Buccaneers can be found. first of which are to other aspects of the Coast. it doesn't give The seas and wilderlands of the Savage Coast as much of a coverage of this issue as it gives are rich in dangers.

When a new ship is captured. Usually. and not extend to them cooperate. crew might be asked to join the pirates. Coast looking for merchantmen to plunder. and each crew elects its democracy. privateers are organized more as captain. while the captain is more of a battle leader. Contrary to Pirates and Corsairs. retirement. which is usually elected by the their letter of marque without fear of same crew. Buccaneers usually in drinks. in case of capture. The letter of marque states the terms in which the privateers can “legitimately” attack Pirates work in groups large enough to man another ship. Therefore. These characters sometimes hide aurochs or other similar prey. each crew answers only to that are at war with the power that issued the captain. the diplomacy for even the most powerful and victimized nation will often consider the successful pirate to lead other captains to privateers as pirates. meet and selling the hides for weapons. The Privateers sometimes double as merchants or quartermaster is also more likely to be a supplement a nation's navy. this means that the a ship. either by trading supplies for stolen o n the ind ivid ua l s hip. are seamen who have ships prowl the trade routes of the Savage been issued a letter of marque from a state. In this case. Buccaneers Pirates divide the plunder in equal shares 1 tend to spend their share of plunder quickly. 1 Tho ugh o ffic e rs ge t d o ub l e s ha re s . the captain. alcoholics and other goods that they cannot produce. In fact. but a by the crew. the more successful pirates are or simply hunters that live in wilderness those who keep their money in sight of areas near the sea. the quartermaster is also elected depending on the privateers' contracts. sailor and a navigator. ensuring a degree of “democracy” against the autocratic rule of the captain. As may be shared or kept by the ship’s owner. Their Corsairs. Rather. salary to the seamen. or Privateers. a nd They sometimes provide help to pirates or o the r c o nve ntio ns c a n b e fo und d e pe nd ing corsairs. They hunt buffalos. 141 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . with the owner (be it a nation or individual) selecting a A pirate ship usually recognize only two captain (often the owner itself) and paying a officers: the captain and the quartermaster. Of course. the the rights of war prisoners. it takes a lot of retribution from that power. “Requisitioned” goods though other specialized roles do exist. they are poachers However. Corsairs & Buccaneers Pirates Corsairs Pirates are outlaws of the high seas. eating the their treasures in secret locations. are not seafarers. pirates. women and the like. and acts as a spokesman for the middle ground is common. Savage Seas: Pirates. a military or mercantile ship. the crew divides between the While pirates are governed by a sort of available ships. but only rarely two or more ships will privateer ship can attack ships from nations cooperate.

which is the reason why sometimes they join pirates. more akin to the fraction of the possible pirates. they are great hunters and A word is also due on the Red Curse: many exceptional snipers. can select a new mate. Savage Seas: Pirates. either pirates or corsairs. so many Buccaneers suffer from Affliction. They buccaneers. The basic social structure of the buccaneers is the mates' pair: Character Classes & Kits two buccaneers (often an experienced one and a newcomer) bound themselves as The Savage Coast Campaign Book presents a mates. such as arquebuses or the ships. In this section. they are often forced to rely on Curse. corsairs and Gaucho than to the Swashbuckler. often live in the cursed regions. and act as pirates for a while. making them even more sulky and less communicative. however. the other inherits all properties. Few have access to clerical aid. Buccaneers. However. since they spend most of their time on older weaponry. If one of a pair single kit that can fit for piratical characters. on the other hand. prize Cynnabryl high: the news of a ship carrying the precious ore can move these pirate to foolhardy actions. Due to their limited Pirates and Corsairs are not affected by the resources. characters. and prisoners are always stripped of their Cynnabryl. Swashbucklers. dies. we describe the characters that belong to the three groups. Other buccaneers may manage to get a small ship. matchlock muskets. or by CHARACTERS OF THE joining pirates in individual operations - SAVAGE SEAS especially attacks to plantations or even towns. though. or by enrolling in pirate crews. in terms of The buccaneers are less organized than AD&D 2e classes and kits. represent only a Buccaneers are a rough lot. since they are not constrained to a ship. Those who are cursed. Other kits are needed for these rarely have spare money or great treasures. and Cynnabryl is costly. and the Swashbuckler. but the less glamorous 142 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . sharing all properties. Corsairs & Buccaneers goods. and are very likely to be affected by the Curse. and even common in Vilaverde. Pirates Swashbuckling pirates are possible.

The Buccaneer is often a Ranger. though privateer ships may well include other character types. to find pirate wizards and priests - since many pirate ships begin their careers after a mutiny. Another initial Fighter or Thief can fit the role. as well as the belt and Races and Nationalities: the Buccaneer can horse pistol. The Pirate from the CFH and the Buccaneer from the CTH can fit this role. and a bonus of 10% to Pirate kits can also be used for less savory Move Silently. especially for proficiency must be spent on the knife. but only in wilderness settings. well. hand axe and cutlass. proficiencies are survival and hunting. if the Class Modifications: there are no class privateer has close connections with a modifications. the ship's priest or wizard may well be involved. Other typical weapons include the machete. except for Thief Buccaneers government. gunsmithing. come from any society that knows the use of firearms: the Savage Baronies. though a and specialize if Fighter. and no alignment restrictions as alertness. The Buccaneer cannot take aim. However. 143 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . though few Buccaneers are Lawful. Required proficiency is fire-building. Noise. who have a penalty of 10% to Pick Pocket and Open Locks. non-Good Buccaneers. endurance. Buccaneers Weapon Proficiencies: the Buccaneer must take proficiency in the arquebus or musket. The Pirate kit from the PO:S&P is another viable choice. Note that the latter kit has nothing to do with actual buccaneers. in the Savage Coast. The cooking. Savage Seas: Pirates. Corsairs & Buccaneers pirates should be portrayed through different kits. Requirements: there are no gender Recommended proficiencies include restrictions. boating. so Constitution and Dexterity scores of the etiquette proficiency at the beginning of 13 are required. it is also possible. orienteering Buccaneer must be hardy and have a good and herbalism. especially Myrmidons. tracking. the game. set snares. Bellayne and Non-weapon Proficiencies: bonus Renardie are acceptable. Corsairs Corsairs are typically Swashbucklers. Hide in Shadows and Hear privateers.

World lay along its coastline. Hulean pirates are even more colorful than their Guardiano counterpart.mostly scavenged or bought ports for pirates. he receives a +1 bonus to hit rolls with a arquebuses and muskets. of the Savage Warrior rather than the Pirate. Orcs of heavy armor . or from based in the Hulean ports. raiding or piracy. pirate or not. he receives a -3 penalty to corsairs. Moreover. he usually wears no the Dark Jungle are fearsome pirates. reaction rolls in these cases. corsairs and buccaneers in the Savage Coast come from the Savage Baronies. They are openly demihumans as well as Lupins. Corsairs & Buccaneers Equipment: the Buccaneer does not use Among the more monstrous races. plus another weapon. This section describes the regions of the and a weird outsider in primitive societies. the City-States sponsor privateers. and Hule sponsors pirates through the Bleak therefore can include humans and League. environment. though Vilaverdan Bellayne or Renardie. such as the Neshezues. burning the ports and sinking The people of Eusdria sometimes performs the Hulean ships. since it is costly and interferes they are too primitive and fall into the range with his hunting and survival skills. Therefore. with flashy 144 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Moreover. Moreover. and buccaneers. Special Benefits: the Buccaneer receives a The piratical culture has influenced other. pirates and the Traladaran City-States also sponsor privateers. and up to ten The eastern Gulf of Hule has several good useful items . Savage Coast most likely to host pirates. a knife. a crime network. even though they should be The Hulean government never recognize its treated more like Northmen sea raiders. pirates as privateers. Savage Seas: Pirates. at most a dangerous criminal. He only starts with between the Savage Coast and the Known 1d6 dies in small change. bonus of +3 to his survival rolls in his home more primitive races. Pirates of the Eastern Gulf Wealth: the Buccaneer receives a firearm. and Eusdrian pirates are not uncommon. and these pirates never There are also many Hulean and Traladaran acknowledge the rules of war.actually. Character Races Hulean Pirates Pirates. but armor at all. and all major trade routes from pirates or Traders. in civilized environment. the Buccaneer is usually poor (see below). and Texeiran navy ships sometimes launch punitive raids. PORTS OF CALL & BUCCANEER COVES Special Hindrances: the Buccaneer is considered at best coarse.

Vilaverde is a The Almarróñan Coast veritable haven for pirates. trading their well as some buccaneers who hunt in the loot. captains. sanctioned by the new Hule and Narvaez. but otherwise does lack panache . but open piracy is Baron or the former dictator. usually against Vilaverde. some privateers. while not directly engaged in piracy. though they must disguise their ships.few Swashbucklers can be not seem interested in taking over the region. The infamous pirate Donovan Keir can Pirate crews sometimes hide their loot in the sometimes be found in Dunwick. CE. Almarrón has more by the rules . and answers to the leaders of the Gulf Wing of While Gargoña is not a naval power and does the Bleak League. swamps. not sponsor privateers. The Sea Powers Of the so-called Sea Powers. the Basgil family. play Also. though 145 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Almarrón. and Narvaez. found here. Narvaez sometimes launches punitive raids against the Bandits and Buccaneers. with its troubled history. F9. while less than optimal for pirates. Savage Seas: Pirates. Zeren “Blackbeard'” Tural leads the Hulean Delta de Pozaverde pirates from his base in Boyazka. Dunwick The Colinas Grutescas & the Guadalimas The Free City of Dunwick. are home to many buccaneers. though they usually with little success.their government issues always had a large number of smugglers and letters of marque. it a neutral port where These wildlands on the coast north of Puerto privateers of different nations can meet. with its hardly navigable Human (Hulean) Pirate network of channels and swamps. frowned upon. Corsairs & Buccaneers clothes and extensive piercings. the Delta de Pozaverde is a haven for pirates and Zeren Tural: buccaneers. Much smuggling has been going on between Gargoña. caverns that dot the hills. on the other hand. Even its merchantmen double as pirate ships and its The high cliffs and forested coast of aristocracy is composed of successful pirate Almarrón. Texeiran privateers. Morillos are home to bandits and pirates as Pirates sometimes can be found.

many of find gold.Scout Jardim. Porto Maldição itself is a village of some 600 or 700 people . serving as a collection point for the overseers. Agriculture is based on large haciendas. It covers a large some time while letting their trace grow territory on the Arm of the Immortals. mostly living in the attempting to navigate using the stars often plantations. and hacienda employs a large number of slaves - is mostly a farming community and a market often more than one hundred. It is also the starting point for the This Texeiran colony is home to a famous exploratory expeditions known as Bandeiras. Others are Afflicted who work and Gyeran tribes. Tigrillo Preto. far enough colony. Savage Seas: Pirates. retired Arm o f the Im m o rta l s . and fishing.500. plantation agriculture. lizard-kin. and only experienced pilots can lead a ship safely to the harbour. Many Bandeirantes are to pay for treatment in the clinic at Bom explorers and adventurers by trade . Each urban community. Thieves and Rangers . Miles Killian o'Kane1. 146 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .and one of the worst hives of The main activities of the colony are a scum and villainy on this side of the coast. unscrupulous hunters hunt and kill the Bellaynish outcasts. or cinnabryl mines. which declared independence during from the civilized lands to let a crew spend the Wrath of the Immortals. Po rto M a l d iç ã o is a pirates. and jungle explorers. 1 S e e The S a va ge Co a s t Ca m pa ign B o o k fo r m o re d e ta il s o n M il e s . are misled.ships is only of 8. Corsairs & Buccaneers Colony of the Horn products of the southern part of the colony. the only other significant which use slave labour extensively. Renardois heretics. They pirates. Dunwick traders. Porto Maldição In addition to a large buccaneer population. a few escaped slaves ga the ring po int fo r Kro l l i m e rc e na rie s . Torreóner and hunt a variety of prey. where they hope to home to groups of buccaneers. This seedy domain is a former Vilaverdan it is also a note pirate refuge. hunting. and the population the unusual frequency of shipwrecks . silver.but others are simply people who hope to make the adventure of the life . has 300 inhabitants. and whom are escaped convicts from the local also for slaves among the orcish. Slaves come from the Savage Coast or even further east. penitentiary.and usually end in the orcs' pot. Here can be found a mix of Vilaverdan Hunters are almost always Buccaneers. a type of savage Rakasta prized The village also serves as a base for explorers for its black fur. Small fishing villages dot the coastline. and spies trying to reach Eshu. but cool: Porto Maldicao has earned its name for most of it is wilderness. The Bandeirantes explore the Western Orclands and the Pântano Podre3.k in na tive to the are inhabited by old explorers. privateer. and several village. They 2 Kro l l i a re a ra c e o f l iz a rd . Mato Grande. looking for The wooded lands of the region are also routes to the mountains. though the most Krolli2 mercenaries.

Bayou and south-east of Zuyevo. and range east even to the outer territory in the Arm of the Immortals. 40 crossbowmen and 10 musketeers. and the tale of a famous pirate.. LB Trading Co. intervention. and has It has a population of more than two 15 former buccaneers and 35 scouts on his thousand humans. which patrols the waters off the colony. looking for shipwreck sites to Most businesses in the city are owned by the scavenge.which is recent colony.. population is composed of plantation farmers that live in farms around the village This section describes a group of mysterious of Preuve. He has enrolled the help of 50 Torreóner mercenaries to defend his small fort. inhabited by fishermen and farmers. Another three thousand farmers. including the hundred pistol- Dom Iago: toting warriors that keep the peace in the city Human (Texeiran) Swashbuckler and act as a deterrent against Zuyevan Thief 10. A ranges of Cay to hunt aurochs . The rest of the and great treasures. Renardois Corsairs often stop at this port. and demihumans.. Preuve. a Lupin of Pflarr who have relocated in order to Buccaneer. which also runs the government. The Texeiran navy from the Colony of the Horn provides defence for the LB merchantmen. payroll that run more or less regular patrols. Many Preuvois Lupins are follower corsair. cause for a lot of friction with the Cay. warship. then switched sides This small free city controls a large but to Vilaverde. Corsairs & Buccaneers Porto Maldição is ruled by Dom Iago. escape religious persecution. Savage Seas: Pirates. Preuve Buccaneers are common in along the eastern This Renardois colony occupies a large coast. Dom Iago also owns a small lands around the city. tortles. though the “Barony”' is certainly too large for prospectors and explorers live in the wild them to control. 147 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Juanita Alvarez. more of the Savage Coast about fearsome pirates than one thousand. NE. hunters. and the THEIR LEGENDS administrative staff. a Richland Texeiran adventurer who founded the colony more than a decade ago. the Governor. it has a single village. A small fort houses the Preuvois garrison. age 43. all THE CORSAIRS AND veterans. Preuve has the highest population of Many legends have been told in the posadas Renardois Buccaneers and hunters. west of the independence as Barão de Porto Maldição. the Three Corsairs. and finally claimed savage land in the Yalu Bay.

Almarrón. he has managed to have the Green persistent smell of smokepowder and and the Red Corsair captured and hanged. pursuing prey on Vilaverdan ships. a Vilaverdan title of When he goes to town . Having obtained vast riches from a third eye in the middle of his forehead. the Black Corsair. The three brother. black. had Lope Barrejo a ship built for each of them. with a jerkin of Succulus But their enemy. and the protection afforded by . The Black Corsair: Human (Thyatian) Swashbuckler Fighter 11. Lope Barrejo is a on dressing in a single color . effect of his Affliction with the Sight legacy. and took part in the Pozaverde. and leader among the Buccaneers of the region. He completes his equipment with an arquebus. Torreóner mercenaries. This Ispan Pistolero Lupin dresses in rough leather clothes. gathered small crews. had not leather and a wide-brimmed hat. LG. recovered his brothers' bodies and buried Lope Barrejo was born in 961 AC in them in the sea just off the Gargoñan coast. so he has obtained a Kerendan nobles. The last of the three. a Thyatian wizard. always wears. He has around himself a his magic.which is only rarely nobility. a dagger. red. an horn full With this huge advantage. NE. Vilaverdan noble. Savage Seas: Pirates. Diego de Montelimar: Human (Thyatian) Militant Wizard 9. using their last funds. So the Three Corsairs were born. They now haunt the area as revolution of 980. Diego de Montelimar. and started wandering along the coast Living in the Almarróñan woods near the looking for their enemy. It is said that the the man who betrayed and murdered their success of the Black Corsair is due to a elder brother during the siege of Redstone in Shadow Symbiont (or perhaps more) he the War of the Wrath. As a young Lupin he was a soldier in front of the northernmost branch of the in the Almarróñan army. which allow him to escape Montelimar's magic. who have arrived on the Texeiran letter of marque allowing him to Savage Coast circa four years ago1. a belt pistol. Barrejo has been while the Black Corsair closes in on the traitor: he knows that his enemy is now a The Three Corsairs are the brothers. he had bought a new name. smoked meat. Each of them took frontier with Gargoña. and the power of of smokepowder.Barrejo covers his third eye with a bandana. when the noble family that ruled the country was ousted by the 1 AC 1 0 1 0 148 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Corsairs & Buccaneers The Three Corsairs ghosts. the his betrayal.

don Esteban. became famous in the Gulf of Hule for their daring attacks to Hulean and In time. but their secret harbour . Narvaezan ships. refuge in the woods of the Sierra Borgosa. As a testimony of his Buccaneer Ranger 10. When the of his part as a legacy first Almarróãn to own a firearm. Barrejo has 1 An a d a pta tio n o f the s ho rt a d ve nture agreed to keep an eye open. he led them in a merry chase in Juanita Alvarez. “El Rayo”. Barrejo is one of the few people to have killed Succuli. adventurer. waiting for occasions to take a and Nureddin Blanco. he was quickly disappointed by the involved with the new government.was never Enlightened States. a couple of pirates. age 47. but he does not wish to get However. and would never gather more men than Their ship. eastern coast of the Gulf of Hule have been thoroughly searched by treasure hunters. and for their ability to Barrejo was a natural leader. capture him. being an infallible sniper. La Tortuga When the Torreóner mercenaries came to Some twenty years ago. hunting wild boars and other game. CG. new republican leaders. strong one . he led a small band of found. and went back to the forest. disappeared a decade those who freely came with him. and entire Barrejo was among the first to rebel. Corsairs & Buccaneers commoners after the disastrous war against commit himself further . and now don Maximiliano. so he left the army and became a professional hunter. Having seen the effectiveness of the though he is not without honour or Cimarron firearms Barrejo managed to compassion. and Lope Barrejo selling meat and furs to smugglers from Paso Lupin (Ispan Pistolero) Montano and Gargoña.which was Narvaezan alliance threatened the supposed to hold great treasures . a rebel fighter from Narvaez the forests. He is also courageous to the acquire an old arquebus . He took come to fear his arquebus. Savage Seas: Pirates. he refused all Among the treasure collected by Alvarez and accolades. At the end of the war. hunting prowess. When the ago.he does not believe in authority.not that he likes Gargoña and the secession of Cimarron. Barrejo is a rough Lupin and a tough fighter. other rebels came to the woods. has asked his help in capturing don Esteban. even though the small islands of the Buccaneers to join the Saragóner militia. not one to allow advantages to an enemy. He Blanco was also a scroll that was said to supported the second revolution that ousted come from the lair of a green dragon in the the dictator. though not a escape all pursuivants. but will not “ Te rra pin Is l e ” fro m Co rs a irs o f the G re a t Sea 149 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . refusing companies of Torreóner mercenaries have to pay taxes to the dictator's lackeys. and even a straggling Herathian Juggernaut. the heir of the old ruling family.he was one of the point of being foolhardy . Barrejo has a reputation of Alcalde of Ciudad Tejillas took the power. a Saragóner shoot at the pursuers or at their dogs.

location to people they do not trust. who consider it an avatar of Player's Option: Skills & Powers (PO:S&P) Mother Ocean. She is now a The best source on piracy in the Sea of Dread simple fisherwoman in the Isla del Cayo off the coast of Gargoña. which slept and Savage Coast drifted in the sea. and Gazetteer 4: Kingdom of Ierendi managed to reach the coast. The Zaratan is also known to the Free Tortles and the Clau-rin. where most of them Source of information on the less civilized drowned. a giant turtle. a fearsome ghost that kills his victims by choking them. driven by his sense of guilt A French RPG about Pirates: nice reading on for not having foreseen the awakening of the pirate-based campaigns. but no RPG Sources treasure hunter will found them in the Gulf Savage Coast Campaign Book of Hule: the harbour was built on the shell of a Zaratan. Complete Thief's Handbook (CTH) Source for a Buccaneer Fighter character kit. resurfaced only recently. the Zaratan suddenly awoke and dived. areas of the Savage Coast. Sinbad-style The Zaratan. age 53. However. coast of Dunwick. However. Pirate Fighter 9.has returned as one of the living dead. at the time of the Monstrous Compendium Appendix disappearance of “El Rayo” and its crew. dragging Orc's Head the pirates in the water.he does not know that Source for a Pirate Fighter character kit. Juanita was among the few survivors. The Bleak League by C. TN. Constantin Juanita Alvarez: The Hulean crime syndicate sponsors hulean Human (Espa) pirates. Corsairs of the Great Sea From the Al Qadim campaign.he was the ship's sage and wizard - and therefore having caused the death of his Complete Fighter's Handbook (CFH) crew and his lover . off the adapted to the Savage Coast with some effort. However. Corsairs & Buccaneers Dark Wood and to hold secrets vital to the REFERENCES Master's servants in the Tower of Azurun. 150 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Many still search for these treasures. called “La Tortuga” by the crew adventures for Arabian corsairs that can be of “El Rayo”. Juanita survived . a deadly danger awaits any would-be treasure hunter: Pavillion Noir Nureddin Blanco. Savage Seas: Pirates. Zaratan . they will not Source for a Pirate character kit available for divulge any information about the Zaratan's different classes.

B. Treasure Island It's simply impossible not to include this book in any work on pirates! E. Savage Seas: of the major sources of this article. Salgari. Stevenson. this great novel builds a pseudo-biography of Long John Silver . Corsairs & Buccaneers Other Sources R. and one of the most popular books on corsairs in Italy. Long John Silver More than a retelling of Treasure Island. 151 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Il Corsaro Nero Source of the Three Corsairs story. Larsson.L.

which cannot do better with their own skills. 152 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . we are also and the dragons of the Outer and much more free than those who have to serve Hollow worlds. we do not have to sacrifice our children. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Humans. not even cows. and the inspired by and partially borrowed dragons. Why should a race as by Francesco Defferrari ancient and powerful in magic as the dragons need others to provide them food? They are (Sturm)* much better than humans and demihumans in growing and breeding food. Demihumans. Contrary to common rumours. So we never suffer hunger. and we also have much less * This article follows the In the Name injustice and crime than any other society in of the Dragon adventure published in the world. changes I made to their original in a private letter to a friend in Glantri. “In the shadows of dragons we live well and Humanoids prosper. Giulio Caroletti and John Calvin and the Wyrmsteeth would get much too crowded the Dragonlord trilogy by Thorarinn very fast. material. Contrary to common and others! rumours. But we. As described the dragons of the dragons do not bother much with day to day Wyrmsteeth kingdom and Norwold activities of the humanoid races. Why should dragons need humanoids part 2 articles published in issue #8 to do things for them? There is very little they and #9 of Threshold magazine. All these articles were human barons and kings. If from the Wyrmsteeth writings by all the world knew how good our life is here. who however bear no responsibility for any gratuitous Jacob Aloysius. prefer to let the rumours run wild. We are much more secure than many other folk of Mystara.” Gunnarsson. we issue #7 of Threshold and the Who’s do not work as slaves for our draconic Who in the Wyrmsteeth” part 1 and masters.

Medyanka. Around 1% of these article. In As explained in issue #7 of Threshold their Domain. Marthaen. and from 5’000 to 50’000 races will be described in the following vassals of other races. Traditionally a Wyrmsteeth characters. but there are many other important vassals are normally Scions. Jherdar. in pre s tige c l a s s . who number around 40 in the effective rulers of the large and small Kingdom. Some representatives of these youngsters). below). The of Wyrmsingers in the Wyrmsteeth (see Great Dragons of the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom. has a tattoo that bestows a special power or we re c re a ture s . page 189-191. creatures of any race who Wyrmsingers and Vassals received special objects and powers from their Dragon Lord. and the other remaining 30 or so Great Dragons are vassals to one of them. by Dragonborn Threshold issue #8. The relation between a Great Dragon normally do not concern themselves with the and his or her vassals however only seems daily administration of a Domain. Scions. we re a minor resistance. The no te s wil l ind ic a te Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . The relations normally are performed by the Lesser Dragon between the dragons are better explained in or. Klaki. all the 40 or so Great Dragons magazine. page 145. races1 inhabit the Wyrmsteeth Dragon normally from 20 to 200 (including cubs and Kingdom.Wyrm s inge r” b y J o hn Ca l vin. much more frequently. who have been sired directly by a dragon or so each DM should feel free to create more descend from a dragon. Xanesh. d ra go nk in. 153 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The latter are normally the Dragons. 2The fo l l o wing d ra go ns we re d e s c rib e d in 3 Wyrm s inge rs we re c re a te d in “ N e w Who ’ s Who in the Wyrm s te e th pa rt I. usually to perform some Almost all the Wyrmsteeth population lives duty. are those who rule over a Domain communities in the Wyrmsteeth Kingdom. Tugar and WYRMSTEETH Ferrimyx. The most powerful of these Great Kingdom are vassals to some Dragon. a fact Dragons2 are Verslen. There are also three specialized orders under the Shadow of a Great Dragon. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 THE MANY RACES OF THE Eruptaar. grandfather or ancestor. Pradapukran. several different have several more Lesser Dragon vassals. dragonborn receives a special gift (a magical object) from his or her dragon parent. but Lesser Dragons too may and over humanoid communities as feudal sire Dragonborn. Another 1% are the Dragons. D ra go ns ’ na m e s wil l b e whe n a c ha ra c te r c o m e s fro m a n e xis ting in ita l ic in the te xt to m a k e the m e a s il y s o urc e . usually related to the a l re a d y d e ta il e d in the Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti. such duties similar to a feudal relation. As the Great Dragon Lords lords. Hk’rhal. Every vassal of the Dragon Lords normally 1 S o m e o f the m . Only the Great Dragons have magazine. d wa rve s a nd hum a ns . Dragonborn figures in the kingdom not described here. a s l iz a rd k in. not widely known outside the Kingdom. The Great and Wyrmsingers. which can vary from a 10 miles to a 50 miles Almost all the inhabitants of the Wyrmsteeth radius. rule over several other dragons Wyrmsingers. Dragonborn can be Wyrmsingers like those described in issue #8 of Threshold too. re c o gniz a b l e . Wyrmsingers3.

Many dragons hunt only if there is of priests and paladins of the dragon an overpopulation of some animals. in Mystara (around 10% of the income. Gnomes. with green and jade which may vary depending on the race and uniforms. Taxes are used to maintain basic public services. different branches of the army. races. It is normally employed only Neither the Great Dragons nor the Lesser against very powerful foes on particularly Dragons demand tribute from their vassals. from aiding dragons to diplomacy. 154 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . maintain the aerial force for example. s e e Kingdom’s cities and towns. less usual than commonly believed by The Order of the Holy Sword is composed outsiders. werecreatures. has the task to defend the 1 F o r m a ps o f the Wyrm s te e th Kingd o m . who has the task of surveying swamps and have the right to hunt in their assigned waterways and also to infiltrate foreign territory. by the Wyrmsingers who command the Dwarf Warrior 10. The defense of the Kingdom and the Dwarves. pa ge 8 9 (Z e nd ro l io n’ s the order inside them. is tasked to fight in hills and Pa nd ius . mountains. with red and gold pa ge 1 4 6 . grey and white uniforms. A Red dragon’s vassal could have. which usually tasked with the hunting of traitors. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Dragon. but they do receive a part of the Kingdom’s The Red Hammer is an elite force taxation. with black uniforms. hunt dangerous creatures. resistance to fire or create fire (mounted on dragons and wyverns) and as a special power. Such a tattoo is usually defend the borders. Domain among their dragon vassals. Dragons also create or cultivate food The Legion of the Moon is the elite force of by magical means. Great Dragons commonly divide their The Fourth Legion. He normally lives in Kingdom if called by the dragons. G uid e to N o rwo l d ) a nd Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . is tasked to patrol the forests and the community. dangerous missions. Kingdom. Windreach but he also has a house in The Army is divided into seven different Tua’than and travels often all around the corps: Wyrm’s Head Mountains1. so famine is unknown in the Order. however increases for larger incomes). and Kirshian Wurkrest. a year The Third Legion. formed exclusively by the Kingdom. Hunting for Wyrmsteeth dragons is nations. which is probably one of the lowest composed mostly of dwarves and clerics. mostly healing and schools. All vassals Kirshian is the undisputed clanmaster of the must participate in the defense of the Wurkrest dwarves. renegade werecreatures Dragons also own all the mines of the and undead. made when the person comes of age. is handled by the Lesser Dragons directly. and immortals and it may have different normally eat domesticated animals and functions. and maintain Thre s ho l d is s ue #7 . The Second Legion. The dangerous criminals. Halfling maintenance of order inside it. cultivated plants like all the other intelligent schooling and healing. with blue. whic h c a n b e fo und a t the Va ul t o f uniforms. however. visiting the dwarf The First Legion.

Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 155 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

where the gnomes are most numerous. of the friendlier reds. She is a vassal of Jherdar and doesn’t like much the power Ferrymix has in the region through her many dragon vassals. The dragons take care not to push the dwarves against each other as they know that all the Wyrmsteeth dwarves are related and would Dragonkin and Dragonborns not in normal circumstances fight one another. Wyrmsteeth dwarves are often everyone. He is a vassal of Arin has apparently good relations with Eruptaar. He maintains also good relations leader of the small halfling community of the with the dwarves of Stormhaven in the kingdom and still has some loyalty towards Ironfoot mountains and has a his former homeland. in Terslaen leads a company called “The his lair. The Wyrmsteeth gnomes have good relations with other gnomes of Norwold. Alphatian wizards and 1 and has been living in the Wyrmsteeth for many years. the different dwarven communities are who has a great (and hidden) interest on the normally friendly to each other even when lands north of her domain. He has lead Originally a commercial envoy and explorer The Sparks several times against from Leeha. Rockhome and more distant lands. such as Jherdar. They are normally vassals to gold dragons and to some Terslaen. but the Wyrmsteeth are vassal to Pradapukran. He is also the informal Kingd o m a nd the b l a c k d ra go n Vitrio l o f D e na go th (a nd the Churc h o f Id ris ). Fa’ea is the leader of the Wyrm gnomes and lives in Wheine. Rockhome government. they are vassals to competing dragons. The Red Dragonborn Cleric 11. Gnome Thief 10. Fa’ea. Sparks” composed of two other red dragonborn. artisans. Dragonking Verslen has some gnome A Scion of Verslen and famous adventurer. whom he appreciates very much. Oceansend. but she cannot do much about it. Red or White dragons. He has even become (secretly) a 1 S e e “ Who ’ s Who in the Wyrm s te e th” in vassal to Pradapukran. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 villages. He is in direct competition Halfling Thief 8. Arin bought a home in Wheine Denagothians . 156 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Wyrm. and relates to the is s ue s 8 a nd 9 o f Thre s ho l d fo r m o re a b o ut great red dragon all the information he finds the “ c o l d wa r” b e twe e n the Wyrm s te e th about everyone. two human followers of Pearl Arin Merrybrook. for now. and a werebear. He would inform correspondence with some dwarves of the Leeha of any menace to the halfling lands. with Keamptar and her group. Most of the halflings who live in vassals to Gold.

dragonkin. the l ink e d a rtic l e . with the task leader of a band of adventurers. Shivaar is also secretly Scion of Eruptaar. a werefox. It have fought often against Denagothians and is the centre of a small community. are inclined to hear her advice. The dragon is in turn a vassal of Ferrymix and Medyanka have tried to Xanesh.3 The clan is an important part of the 2Cre a te d in “ N e w pre s tige c l a s s - Wyrm s inge r” b y Chim pm a n (J o hn Ca l vin) 3 The Cl a e nra we re d e ta il e d in “ N o te s to D ra go n S o c ie ty in Wyrm s te e th” in the 1 D o m ina go n’ s tre a c he ry is e xpl a ine d in o rigina l Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r. to find traitors among the dragonkin. Alaa is the shaman of this mysterious and unique clan of dragonkin with shapeshifting abilities. the past he has fought (although not to although dragonkin of other lineages (colors) death) against scions of Ferrymix. composed of another gold dragonborn. Almost all the Greater Dragons and many Keamptar. Its members are all trained by a blue has always avoided engaging in petty scuffles dragon known as Marasaphyl. a human. a gold Sephyl. a fact She is the informal leader of the dragonkin. but not always. Keamptar is Draconic Voice2. a halfling. She orders. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 werecreature hunters. the oldest of the Wyrmsinger respected by all the gold dragonborn. a gnome and Blue Dragonkin Bard 25. He and his group have Shivaar. They are in (almost) friendly Sephyl is the leader of the Order of the competition with “The Sparks”. quick to obey her. Terslaen is being a powerful and old wizardess. also hunted down spies of Vitriol and White Dragonkin Wizard 30. even if scions of vassals. in the a d ve nture In the c o ul d b e give n to the Wyrm s te e th Kingd o m if N a m e o f the D ra go n. 157 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Xanesh. pa ge 1 5 6 . which worries Verslen very much. The Gems in the southern Wyrm’s Head Mountains. bards. but in almost absolute authority over the whites. but not so Medyanka and their vassals. of the order are normally. The college is located in a small valley provoke her into duels in the past. Lesser Dragons have a community of Gold Dragonborn Sorceress 12. Dragonkin Thief 33. dragonkin in their lairs. She has an authority among many dragonborn. scion of Tugar and her betrothed. A d a rk e r twis t Thre s ho l d is s ue #7 . She is a vassal of Klaki. “The Gems”. and bring them to the college for training at a very young age. Members Heldannic Knights. Dominagon1 among the dragonborn. Keamptar is also the a member of the Fourth Legion. and are his with other dragonborn. pa ge 1 9 6 a nd in a D M us e s the hum a n c a ttl e id e a d e s c rib e d I Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . They actively search the land for future members. Alaa Claenra.

he has no Frogfolk Shaman 21. Gsharr’s mother has not confirmed nor denied this rumor and. but the day to day affairs. Four Titan’s Valley. He hates Vitriol and his Roglop is the most important shaman of the followers. much to the live in caves and villages all around the annoyance of Hk’rhal. she just thinks Wyrmsteeth. He is a Wyrmsinger and a great dragon is now worried that Vitriol and vassal of Hk’rhal and some say a Scion too. o rigina l Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r. 158 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Frogfolk Khu’vaan. many troglodyte communities in the Wyrmsteeth. Wyrm s te e th” b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in the I’ ve e xpa nd e d the d e s c riptio n. He is a priest of Ka and a vassal over the reptilian (and amphibian) people of of Nithramor. a learned scholar and a vassal of he could have betrayed the Kingdom to Vitriol Marthaen. Mountains. Ferrymix and her clan control the Kingdom. vassal of Hk’rhal and lives under Th’hral with Gsharr1 is Hk'rhal's second in command in a relevant number of her people. favorite lizardman form. shadowdeep breed of lizardmen. brothers or sisters. Alaa suspects Ataroiw. They are normally vassals Tumkars is the informal leader of the of the blacks but Medyanka and other greens troglodytes in the Wyrmsteeth. All of them Th'hral. The two great dragons are in constant competition for more control of the local troglodytes. the so called Northern Valley or Troglodyte Shaman 20. Many spies in his city. Khu’vaan is the Queen of the varkha3. Varkha Lizardwoman Shaman 25. They are an ancient race and are rumored to have connections with other communities of their kind in Davania and the Hollow World2. For now. She is a Fourth Legion Overlord. Hk’rhal. 1 Origina l l y c re a te d in “ N o te s to D ra go n 3 Intro d uc e d in “ The D ra go n Kingd o m o f S o c ie ty in Wyrm s te e th” b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti. and the effective ruler of the city in are vassals of Hk’rhal or other blacks. and is always looking for potential ice frogfolk and a vassal of Hekhekh. Most of them have some frogfolk vassals too. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Fourth Legion spying service. She is a vassal of of Windreach and are vassals to gold dragons. Lizardkin. Most of his people live north west and is looking for evidence. there is something wrong with her human Saurial Wizard 22. Gsharr. Fang (see below) but she doesn’t Ataroiw is the most important saurial in the know yet what it is. 2 S e e Thre s ho l d is s ue #5 a nd is s ue #9 fo r m o re a b o ut the s a uria l s . Overlord. strangely enough for a lizardman. a fact that Hk’rhal resents much. who desire domain mountains. Troglodytes. Saurials. frogfolk live in the humid valley between the Bloody Scythe and the Wyrm’s Head Tumkars. the Arctic Lizardman Warrior 23. Roglop. his followers may have succeeded in as the Black Lord would have sired him in his infiltrating his people.

Members of this order are mostly monks. Fairies. and searching for new e d itio n El a d rins . After the initial D ra go nl o rd tril o gy b y Tho ra rinn G unna rs s o n. Rumors say Eldars survive only in the Kingdom now. Eldar Sorcerer 36. M ul tipl e fa n the o rie s e xis ts members. “ Tim e l ine o f the Ke’drukin. other. The order is based Elf Monk 12. She is a vassal of Kaureken. The Eldar are apparently vassals to no dragons. He is a close friend of Marthaen. in the Va ul ts o f Pa nd ius . a female green dragon who is in turn a vassal of Medyanka. Im m o rta l s ” . all of whom are trained at the 1 He a nd the El d a rs a ppe a r in the monastery from very young . She founded the order with a specific purpose in mind. to maintain the stability of the Neavarin. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Eldar. and that they are the ancestors of both dragons and elves. and Ke’drukin is their informal “ N e w pre s tige c l a s s . but some say they are secretly vassals to the ancient Saerna. Alendhae1 is a very powerful sorcerer and the recognized leader of the Eldar who live in the Wyrmsteeth. Common citizens of the Wyrmsteeth believe Alendhae is immortal. formed by the Range.Wyrm s inge r” 159 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . yet the different communities normally have good relations with each gold dragon Aurilinilith. Elves. elves who chose to settle the Wyrmsteeth centuries ago. Most elves of the Wyrmsteeth are vassal of green or gold dragons. Sheidinaer. in S im o ne N e ri’ s “ His to ry o f D ra go nk ind ” a nd a l s o in “ Al ie ns In M ys ta ra s pa c e ” . out of a small monastery located at the tip of Neavarin is the leader of the Wyrmsinger one of the tallest peaks in the Wyrmsteeth Order of the Scaled Spirits2. training is completed. Wyrmsteethian nations. Elf Warrior/Wizard 10 Sheidinaer is the head of the Wyrmar clan. a vassal of Eruptaar. and lives in the eastern Valley of the Titans. Alendhae. Drakes are the most common fairies in the 2 Cre a te d b y Chim pm a n (J o hn Ca l vin) in Wyrmsteeth. members walk the land El d a rs m a y b e a m ys ta ra ve rs io n o f D &D 4 th serving the dragons. in the forest of Seel. M ys ta ra : M a ny Hid d e n S e c re ts R e ve a l e d ” . a nd “ A N a tura l His to ry o f Drake Warrior/Wizard 10.

leader of many humanoids who live in the Mokro. She is a vassal of Klaki. I’ ve a d d e d the re s t o f the fa m il y. controls. and normally AC and founded the Legion of the Moon in serve Klaki or his vassals. A popular rumor in the dragon Lasikia. 160 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . He is a vassal of Verslen and Stone Giant shaman 15. one vassal to Marthaen. Giants. began recruiting other werewolves in 871 particularly in the glaciers. a male red dragon who is in turn a some tribes have been infiltrated by the vassal of Jherdar. Werewolf 15. Storm giants are more common in the Ironfoot mountains. Giant shaman 20. Lupins and or Lithiar. Eruptaar Werecreatures. vassals to many different who inhabit nearby regions respect his dragons. most of the Mokro is the old and respected leader of the goblinoid population of the Wyrm’s Head stone giants who live in the Ironfoot Mountains. borders. Many frost Suveire1. one legion. Hill. Wyrmsteeth. He is a vassal of the female green Marthaen and Tugar. Philippe de Suveire fils. He is a vassal of the Moon try to keep an eye on them. The nearby most of his people live in the caves south Hidden Valley. Sha-duk is the leader of the brutemen. Mountain. Stone and Church of Idris recently. AC. Kingdom says that the Wyrmsteeth brutemen Many drakes are also vassals of gold dragons. 1 Origina l l y c re a te d b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in Na. At least two 876 AC. while his son Gerard is a wizard and a Wyrmsinger in the service of the Sha-duk. if not his authority. Keali is the undisputed mistress of all the Cleric of Pearl 15. Legion. is also inhabited by elves. directly or indirectly. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 leader. and most of them are vassals to Jherdar. Rakastas Keali. He is a vassal of Eruptaar and Seel alongside the local elves. and three grandchildren who are Bruteman Shaman 32. as they call themselves. who became a cleric of Pearl in 859 giants live in the Wyrm’s Head Mountains. He also has a daughter in the Second to Xanesh. Pradapukran. or Ka. Humanoids Bugbear Warrior 30. fairies and Some other brutemen are also vassals of druids. living in the “ Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r c o ntinue d ” . Philippe is very old and acts as a sort communities of cloud giants live high above of grandfather for all the members of the the Wyrmsteeth. Brutemen. Hill. in turn vassal to Medyanka. Several small tribes of humanoids mountains. possess ancient and secret magic. frost giants who inhabit the great glacier and Philippe is the grandson of Sire Philippe de its vicinity. and Others Bogrom is a powerful black bugbear. Camille. The Fourth Legion and the Legion wisdom too. as of Syrek. Dragonking. Bogrom. Mountain and Storm giants roam the Kingdom. north east of Wyrmsteeth east of Windreach or in the capital itself. Most of his people live in the forest of Wyrmsteeth.

Julius is a First Legion Overlord. He became a vassal of Xanesh and a Wyrmsinger. Werewolf 10. and he was forced to flee in 984 AC. and was turned into` a werewolf. and wandered the Old World for several years. then the Fighter 20. younger brother of Arturus Penhaligon1. as the Blue Dragon Lord insisted that he was nominated First Legion Overlord in 996 AC. Julius Penhaligon. 3 ib id 161 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . F o r m o re 2 Origina l l y c re a te d b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in info rm a tio ns o n the Pe nha l igo n fa m il y. he returned to Wyrmsteeth. like all his family. Wyrmsinger and a vassal of Verslen. hunting werecreatures. pa ge 2 0 0 . Thya tia n S e na to rs a rtic l e b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti. His family was killed by adventurers with Eruptaar and Marthaen too. Fighter 29. After escaping Glantri. b ut I’ ve c he c k Thre s ho l d is s ue #5 . Born in 959 AC in Thyatis. Cleric of Pearl 34. last son of Cornelius Penhaligon. Wereraven 10. the Jacob2 comes from Ierendi. a l s o “ Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r c o ntinue d ” . became first a Regent in 988 AC. he became cleric of the Order in 977 AC. He is a Wyrmdanner and was born in 1 Origina l l y c re a te d b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in “ Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r c o ntinue d ” . Harald3 is the son of the former Moon General Harald Hardrade. Julius was captured in Glantri and suffered experiments at the hands of prince Volospin Aendyr. After a long wandering and many adventures. Philippe is a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of the Dragonking Verslen. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 entering the army too. Werewolf 12. and he must have performed some great service for him. who in 981 AC signed the treaty of alliance with Malachie du Marais. Harald Haraldsson. Second Legion Overlord. in the e xpa nd e d his b a c k gro und . Moon General. He was never defeated and Jacob “Raven” Aloysius. where he became a Red Defender. Philippe is a personal friend of Malachie de Morlay. Moon General in 993 AC. he reached Norwold and the Wyrmsteeth in 991 AC. where he was born current Dragonking. but has cordial relations in 968 AC.

fairies and druids. tithe a percentage of their earnings directly Arvea comes from the west. Members of this establish more cordial relationship between order are mainly rogues. and he is a close friend of Malachie. His father was killed in Glantri. Lupin Warrior 18. it does maintain a local Medyanka. Members must also pay out yearly dues. Werewolf 10. authority among Wyrmsteeth lupins. are quite numerous in the forest around the these Wyrmsingers are fairly mercenary. Steinhard Hoen. but she has not to the guild. so for control of the rakasta communities of the Eruptaar has recently established an alliance Wyrmsteeth for centuries. She is a vassal network which Vermylaxis controls from his of Eruptaar and a priestess of Zirchev. Julian1 was born in 967 AC. Julian Hastings. Sure enough. but Tzun is now trying to encourage 2 Cre a te d b y Chim pm a n (J o hn Ca l vin) in tolerance among lupins. I’ ve 1 ib id e xpa nd e d a b it his b a c k gro und . The order is structured like a refugees. Tzun. He is a vassal of Jherdar and a communities of the Kingdom are vassals of Wyrmsinger. He is a vassal of “ N e w pre s tige c l a s s . will never perform a service without some type of compensation being offered. by werewolf hunters. Arvea. He was recently nominated ruler headquarters in each of the major cities in of the city of Seel. For the most part. Rakasta Sorcerer 20. and Priest 20. He is guild. Pradapukran Verlsen forged the strongest connections with and Ferrimyx’s family have been competing werecreatures in the last centuries. famous adventurer and a recognized First Legion Overlord. as all classes are also trained. Wyrmsinger order. the Order of Tooth and Claw2. is the leader of Fighter 22. The church of Pearl and may not be true. Most if not all the lupin 3 Origina l l y c re a te d b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in “ Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r c o ntinue d ” . Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 963 AC. and city. formed by the red dragon Wyrmsteethian descendant of Glantrian Vermylaxis. is a Wizard 23. around 990 AC. gold dragons. Humans Tzun Kwaff. of the Heldann Shepherd breed. Rumors that respected in the werecreature community of Vermylaxis is a vassal to Pradapukran may or the Wyrmsteeth. Some of Steinhard3 Hoen is a Wyrmdanner. 162 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . with the church of Zirchev to counter the Dragonking’s power. Hekara. a gold who is in turn a vassal of Eruptaar.Wyrm s inge r” Kosolk. Hekara. the newest Third Legion Overlord. elves. although other werecreatures. a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of operations. an his people had clashes with werecreatures in the past. well lair in the north of the Kingdom. a mountain rakasta. The order is in reality a spy spoken much of her homeland. and although it has no central base of werewolf. Werefox 10. He is doing his best to the Wyrmsteeth Range.

Geoffrey2 was born in 949 AC and came to the Wyrmsteeth in 979 AC. It’s hard to say what his true plans are. a nd s im pl y the te rm “ He l d a nne r” fo r a ny re fuge e the Oute r B e ings in M ys ta ra ” . He l d a nnic Knights ” . e s c a pe d fro m the s o uth a fte r the inva s io n o f 4 Origina l l y c re a te d b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in the ir ho m e l a nd b y the Knights o f Va nya . I ho we ve r us e d e xpa nd e d a b it his b a c k gro und .. fro m the s o uth. Tim e l ine ” a nd “ He l d a nnic Knights N PCs . he distinguished himself enough to become a Wyrmsinger. Fighter 36. but was born his human attributes. She is the ruler have prevented his treachery from being of Wheine. Fourth Legion Overlord. fact an Outer Being cultist4 who long ago lost Sylvie3 is of Averoignian origin. Or he c o ul d ha ve 3 ib id a no the r c ha nc e to d e fe a t the Knights in 1 0 1 9 163 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . 1 The te rm “ Wyrm d a nne r” wa s c re a te d b y Fredek5 is the last heir of the Haldis dynasty G iul io Ca ro l e tti in the o rigina l Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r to ind ic a te He l d a nn re fuge e s . vassal of Eruptaar and ruler of Tua'than. He is a vassal of Verslen and the Sherain. pa ge 1 9 0 . a female green dragon who is in head of Wyrmsteeth spies in foreign nations. Geoffrey MacDonald. s e e the Wyrm s te e th k ingd o m . Thief 18. Rightful Heir to the Heldann Freeholds. Ho rro r. Sylvie du Chateau Tarent. and he has done an impeccable job so far. He c o ul d pa rtic ipa te in the a s s a ul t 2 Origina l l y c re a te d b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti in o n F re ib urg o f 1 0 1 5 AC. "Fang" is in Third Legion Overlord. A Glantrian from Klantyre and a member of the Followers of Claymore. us ing ins te a d G e o ff G a nd e r’ s a rtic l e “ Ins a nity. He was born in a mountain village in 971 AC and is a vassal to Klaki. Second Legion Overlord. and the White Dragon Lord favors him much for this reason. Fredek Halvardson. a s S im o ne N e ri d id in his 5 F re d e k wa s o rigina l l y c re a te d b y B ruc e Tra ve l l e r’ s G uid e to N o rwo l d in the s a m e He a rd in “ He l d a nnic Knights . turn vassal to Medyanka. He is an amazing expert of ice magic.- Pa rt 2 ” . His powerful magics in the Wyrmsteeth in 976 AC. I’ ve B ruc e He a rd IN “ The F uture o f the e xpa nd e d a b it his b a c k gro und . Fang (P'hegshyan). F o r the wo rd to ind ic a te the a nta l ia n na tive s o f info rm a tio n a b o ut the Oute r B e ings .His to ric a l is s ue . a Wyrmsinger and a vassal of discovered. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Antalian native of the Wyrmsteeth1.. ’ ve Thre s ho l d is s ue 7 . In “ Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r c o ntinue d ” . Apparently a mysterious human. Since then. a l s o im a gine d b y “ Wyrm s te e th G a z e tte e r c o ntinue d ” . Shapeshifter 25.

a s AC. was killed in the fall of Freiburg in 950 AC. I im a gine 188-189. who abandoned the kingdom and is now in league with Vitriol and the Onyx Ring of Denagoth. in the a d ve nture “ In the N a m e o f the a ro und 2 0 0 0 B C. after his mother’s the nomads Vrodniki of the Ransarn Valley.l ik e ” pe o pl e who ro a m e d the a re a #7 . death in 994 AC. is a Dahran3. Siegsson is the unofficial ambassador of the occupied Heldannic Kingdom in the Adhmad. of the Orao Voysko (Eagle host): Visok leads the Red host. a Knyaz (duke) Korun. of was born in 991 AC and. He is secretly a vassal of the blue dragon Dominagon. in G ia m pa o l o Ago s ta ’ s “ The S k a ufs k o gr a nd b e yo nd ” a nd in m y a d ve nture “ In the N a m e o f the D ra go n” . 2 The Vro d nik i a re d e s c rib e d in Thre s ho l d 164 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . so he will be able to defeat the Owl host and gather which ruled the Heldann Freeholds before all the Vrodniki of Ransarn Valley under his the arrival of the Hattian knights of Vanya. Human Druid 33. the last Haldis king. Wyrmsteeth. pa ge 1 9 6 . the m a s d e s c e nd a nt o f the D unha ria ns 1 He a ppe a re d a l re a d y in Thre s ho l d is s ue “ c e l tic . or Wolf host. mostly along the Visidrik years old now (in 1000 AC). whe n the F a n a l m a na c s im a gine d the no te d a b o ve . is s ue #7 . who has protection of the Great Gold Dragon strengthened the host with many Eruptaar. He is a vassal of Aillucent. in S im o ne N e ri’ s “ A Tra ve l l e r’ s of the nomads Vrodniki2 of the Ransarn G uid e to N o rwo l d ” . of the nomads Vrodniki of the Ransarn Valley. His Knyaz Kadin. He l d a nnic Ord e r e ngul fe d in c ivil wa r. He is just 9 Four Titan’s Valley. who he suspects (rightfully so) must be up to something. S e e a l s o the tim e l ine in Thre s ho l d is s ue #7 . or Wyrmsteeth by Haldis partisans. human culture who lives mostly in the area of the Suva Voysko (Owl host): Korun1 leads the Blue host. under the direct river. Adhmad. A Tra ve l l e r’ s G uid e to N o rwo l d in Thre s ho l d is s ue #7 . or the Owl host. His loyal huskarl (knight) Bjorn werecreatures. Knyaz Visok. or Eagle host. His grandfather. pa ge 3 The D a hra n a re m y c re a tio n. rule. he was brought to the His group roams the Northern Valley. a c c o rd ing to S im o ne N e ri’ s D ra go n” . Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Valley. father was captured and killed after a failed of the Vuka Voysko (Wolf host): attempt to retake Freiburg in 993 AC. He is a vassal of Emberash and a bitter rival of Korum. Fredek Kadin leads the White host. He hopes to be able to prove that Korun is a traitor. a powerful druid.

Marcus will area. including and she is the appointed ambassador from Verslen and Eruptaar. Ambassadors Wizard 15 and Werefox 10. While Alphatians were mistrusted until recently in the Kingdom. After Titus is very much intrigued by this unique 1010 AC. His different. become more active and menacing. including o f f i c i a l werecreatures. the cooperation against the Shadow Lord of Heldannic Knights. Malachie du While Lucius did not like the Kingdom much. succeed in securing the aid of the dragons in He is a vassal of Pradapukran. Glantrian ambassador. she place and is succeeding in establishing better will also human relations with the many inhabitants of become an Thyatian descent in Seel. The coastal city state takes great care to maintain good Supporters and spies of the relations with the Dragon Kingdom. is the ambassador from Oceansend. in the face of a common enemy. but he may listen Marcus Thorsson. half Thyatian and half Norwolder. Vassals of the Wyrmsteeth dragons do not 2 A wa r b e twe e n d ra go ns a nd a l pha tia ns is live inside the Dragon Kingdom only. Marais. now realizing that Ericall’s Kingdom may be Jelenal is the ambassador from Wendar. As d e s c rib e d in the D ra go nl o rd tril o gy. ambassador Warrior 8. Verslen is Elf warrior 10. with the most important dragons. Denagoth and the Church of Idris. good relations Saadena is half Alphatian and half Norwolder. In be the first human group which inhabited the 1011 AC and the following years. Marcus. before the Antalians and the Vrodniki. the Kingdom of Alpha. who has the fight for Oceansend against the always protected the Dahran. Verslen is quite cautious on the topic. Saadena Jonsdottir. sent to the Titus is the new ambassador from Thyatis after Wyrmsteeth by his predecessor Lucius Balbus1 left recently. Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 of Seel and the Hidden Valley and claims to obviously fearing its powerful neighbours. Marie Selavount. Relations will further improve after main task in the Wyrmsteeth is to promote 1011 AC. more attentively once Vitriol and his followers Warrior 15. Marie has Wizard 16. Wyrmsteeth outside the Kingdom 1 S e e “ The D ra go n Kingd o m o f Wyrm s te e th” b y G iul io Ca ro l e tti. the wars of some centuries ago2. Continued on page 181 165 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Heldannic Knights. Marie is the Titus Keandros. after Jelenal Thearin.

with the PCs free to pursue several 166 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . need to form a coalition between the local tribes. set in the Frothulf Vale area. up to the Old Fort. and his armies are marching north-east from the Skarsholm. reach Frodhulf Outpost. an Orc warlord bent on invading the region capture him and bring him before the village and retrieve the amulet once held by the assembly. and Birthright War Card rules for that the Orc warlord. The Skars’ Legacy The Skars’ Legacy A Skarsholm region adventure by Giampaolo Agosta (Agathokles) INTRODUCTION Synopsis The adventure assumes the PCs are The Skars’ Legacy is a short campaign for newcomers to the Skaufskogr. the adventure becomes more of a sandbox. they low-level PCs. a Bugbear. is mass combat. if they want to save their new home. In Act II. as well as gather the support of the Alphatian garrison at Midway Haven. the murderer. Regardless of the trial outcome. at the time begins as a murder investigation. The adventure inhabited by local Heldanner folk. the PCs may gain allies and enemies. This adventure is presented using AD&D 2e At the end of the trial. A local leader is turns into a rush to draw together an alliance murdered. Harak Red-Hand. but quickly of the May Day festival. They follow and nearby lands to thwart Harak Red-Hand. ogress wokan. In Act I. it becomes apparent statistics. The Skars. a small village north-east of the Skaufskogr. The PCs. behind the assassination. and the PCs are asked to take part of the diverse people living in the Skaufskogr in the manhunt for the assassin.

Harak’s invasion finally reaches Frodhulf Outpost. When the sun finally disappears beyond either on their own or in the name of the the Final Range. arrive from their homes near a power base in the region. If they are colonists. better for their employers if the alliance of signalling the end of the formal celebration local tribes succeeds. within a short ACT I: MURDER AT THE timeframe. which might be the border of the Skaufskogr. a ceremony presided by the – given their low level. things will play then lights the bonfire with his torch. which is a chaotic mix of drinking. the chief druid. and it’s getting dark – there seem assumed that this high-level NPC is currently to be at least knives and branches of some absent. they are not druidic priests of Frey and Freyja. ready to be lighted by NPC pretenders. arrive just before the Bjarttandri (May Day) festival. most likely attending Ericall’s court kind of tree or plant). have just or observe the druidic ceremony: arrived in the Skaufskogr region. BJARTTANDRI In Act III. case. 167 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . as well as sacred barony. the festival gets under way. Thyatian spies. or The evening falls on the village. A large pretenders to noble titles. Olvir. overrun the region. the resolution is left to a field battle since the southern routes are blocked by an between the PC-led allied forces and the orc orcish invasion in the Skarsholm. but negotiations to and the beginning of the “real” one – include the Alphatian garrison fail. in Alpha. and the PCs can take part in The PCs. mostly about the state they might be tempted to let the orcs of agriculture and cattle raising in the area. as mentioned above. The PCs army. a short exhortation. but mere bonfire has been prepared in the center colonists. Adventure Hooks When they are settled at the inn. In the latter case. However. or as large as a holds a burning torch. In any Outpost from the port of Midway Haven. addresses the crowd with If the PCs are Thyatian or Heldannic spies. led by senior Alphatian government or one of its proxies. in case they are working for one of items you do not always recognize (you’re the pretenders. stout man who looks more a warrior than a priest or sage. the PCs arrive at Frodhulf they are still blocked west of the bog. They have the opportunity to visit the outpost and meet other PCs or NPCs. and both settlers from the Known World who have locals and visitors prepare for the climax reached Norwold following King Ericall’s call of the festival. The Skars’ Legacy avenues to gather new allies. the druids. druid Olvir. their goal is to establish. it is too far. a middle-aged. They may be Alphatian colonists. or the alliance chooses to Whatever their reason to travel to the bring the battle to the orcish forces while Skaufskogr is. possibly followers of one of the of the fair grounds. Each of them as lowly as a homestead. eating and dancing.

After the PCs have had some time to react to the events. at this what he says. One of them says: «By Frey. maybe to the fort. so it is a manhunt. and only to mislead the pursuers. the hill upon which the warn the relatives of the dead man. he calms down quickly enough. Moreover. However.g. Meanwhile. some of the local humans have turned the corpse on its back to examine The Old Fort. it’s Steinar! haunted. The PCs will likely find his tracks footprints leading south. The Skars’ Legacy After the religious ceremony. lying face down in the low grass. If they try to talk to the none of the PCs has a Tracking or Hunting boy. river. around the village (the DM should ask for a Wisdom check if and into the river. a cry for help reaches to search and capture the assassin. squads will be the meadows to the east of the fair grounds. The impluvium also 1 S e e T h e T h in g o n pa ge 1 2 0 168 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . at some distance from the tents. He entered the lies now in a pool of blood. the festival goes Several of the important villagers and visitors on the whole night. fort was built was originally a cloud giant’s burial mound. As you reach him. However. If they do not volunteer. They hope to exact is well known to most people. a small band of bugbears Steinar Eidhurson! » Apparently. Since the the resting PCs. with a lot of dancing and will gather. the assassin actually fled south been shattered by a powerful blow. they discover large Old Fort. someone recognizes the dead man: Meanwhile. At sunrise. is not it. the name has taken residence here. people are the PCs volunteer to participate in the starting to get out of the tents. even if towards you. some of a toll from travellers. if they are within earshot of assassin has crossed the river. the innkeeper) who has heard the location of each squad on a map of the call and asks them to go with him. organized to search different locations across Otherwise. you see that the man’s head has Naturally. Hjalmar1 will organize volunteers drinking. contrary to most stories. When you push beyond the last rows of the squads composed by the locals will be tents. It is possible to enter the mound via the well. pursue the assassin on their own. and went back north for a while before returning on land and escaping towards the If the PCs look for traces. just to stay on understand what has scared the boy: there the safe side and check all possible escape is. Given the path of the assassin’s footprints. you see a human boy rushing assigned to the southernmost areas. village and its immediate surroundings. a man routes. From non-weapon proficiency). Hjalmar will mark the starting NPCs (e.. Hjalmar small crowd that finally manages to will ask them to participate. so the PCs will have to small herd of sheep to their buyer’s tent. but few people go near whom run back towards the inn. they are warned by a friendly the river. the PCs can gather that he just point most of the squads will have left in discovered the body while he was moving a other directions.

the Grim and Thorgrim Thorvaldurson ask Dex 12. the bugbear clan leader Loskar the Betrayer offers to pay a blood price to Steinar’s widow. and the orcs. who will aid an ambush here. Int 8. and drag the (likely unconscious) PCs to the Lupin The bugbear tribe has temporarily left the Old necromancer’s hideout in a nearby barrow. XP Value: 120. taking some time to reach them in the war. However. HP 20. Orc Ambushers 10 Mengul Orcs. many Male Bugbear Barbarian Fighter 3. CN of the human conservatives. a small party of Mengul Orcs has set friendship of the bugbears. uncertain. AC 6 (leather armor and small shield). THAC0 20. Dmg 1d8+3 (morningstar). Then If the PCs were able to defeat Loskar and the he fled for the Old Fort. Their original goal was to kill Loskar to cover the tracks linking the assassination attempt to Harak. Howls-in-the-Night’s skeletal but it is too small even for most halflings. as well as to get the Lupin clans When the PCs arrive at the Old Fort. but now they prefer to first kill the PCs. Wis 7. cooperate with them. they can drag the traitorous pursuer by feinting a flight to the south first. a prominent farmer. and then deal with Loskar. they gain the Loskar. where the If the PCs are about to be defeated by Loskar granite coffin has been adapted as a cistern. XP Value: 150. If the PCs are able to rally Freysteinn and Hjalmar. minions appear to save the day. He travelled with his tribe to the Bjarttandri fair. bugbear in front of the Thing. they can outvote Solvi following the tracks of the bugbear assassin and Thorgrim. having lost their strongest leader. In this case. 169 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and there he murdered Steinar Eidhurson. Loskar. and to ban Loskar . short sword or club). establishing a small camp outside Frodhulf Outpost. hoping to shake any Mengul Orcs. The moderate clans are THAC0 16. Dmg 1d6 (spear. If they do so. one of the bugbears. Cha 8 that the entire bugbear tribe be chased from AC 6 (brigantine). if he is still alive. has been hired by Harak’s agents to spread chaos among the Heldanners of the Frodhulf Vale. The Skars’ Legacy the Old Fort crossing the creek north of the bogs. leads to the inner chamber. Con 13. headed by Solvi Str 18/51. Fort. the region. 1 HD (HP: 3-6).

His strength lies in his fighting prowess. and the fact that he only represents his wife’s interests. Freeholder exiles. Hjalmar: This ranger is supported by local woodsmen Solvi: and hunters as well as by the few craftsmen This former bandit would like nothing more of Frodhulf Outpost. but he is hindered by his lack of connection with the local families. Thorgrim: This elder godi has been the head of his clan for almost 30 years. an impetuous warrior who died in a skirmish against marauding goblinoids. his lack of personal fighting skills – creation of a more organized militia. Steinar. Freysteinn: This pious worshipper of Frey only recently Frodhulf Vale’s Thing (assembly) gathers at became the head of his clan. one of them (two each. Eirikur Grimurson (m/h/F4. disputes for land rights. replacing his the Fair’s Grounds in Frodhulf Outpost. but presses for the However. support of two minor homesteads. Helskirian expatriates and two Ostlander Berserkers) as well as the larger farm (and therefore the larger following) of all the homesteaders. Freysteinn and Solvi are the homesteader. It is father Haraldur Freysteinson. Freysteinn has managed to retain the Hjalmar Ragnarson. He has a personal guard of 10 mercenaries (a mixed lot of bandits. the other farmers usually support switched allegiance to Solvi. who died during composed of the armed men and women of winter. N). Hjalmar. The Skars’ Legacy has kept him from gathering a stronger support. He keeps neutral in the than controlling the Thing for his own profit. except Hjalmar. compared to Steinar and Hjalmar. but a third Thorgrim. they also gain a story award of 300 XPs. at least – 170 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . A strong supporter of the druidic each homestead. leaders. creating a power vacuum in the Thing. Steinar: This powerful warrior is a Freeholder exile. having replaced his father. not his own homestead. who is considered less important by the farmers). Steinar dies at the beginning of the adventure. plus the woodsmen led by circle. He is a conservative leader. If the outcome of the trial is favorable to the PCs.

Harak has not been able to locate the wolf’s Languages: Mengul Orcish (native). Dmg: by weapon +1. Hunting 11. the Bull’s Head horde. Units 2-5. Ancient History (Mengul Goblinoids) 14. Lawful Evil rising to the foothills of the Mengul Str 16. they need more crossbows. -1 looking for her necklace. Reading/Writing the dwarven mines of Syrrak. (1/4/3/3/-/1). Cha 10 wokan. as well as bastard sword. 171 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Detect slopes 25%. Single Weapon used her shapechanging powers to hide the Fighting Style. 100 Orcs medium infantry his personal guard. He can also count on the Defenders of Kaarash with chainmail and support of a small tribe of ogres. and short swords or clubs troops than the Heldanners can gather alone (1/1/2/2/-/3). HP: 35 led an army of orcs and ogres to Skarsholm. When Harak sent his forces in the Bog. Detect new Harak Red-Hand (m. the ancestral enemies of its species. Therefore Essurian Runes. Light However. known as Skars. an old undead threat. Bull’s Head Horde: 40 Ogres with clubs. shields. in its resting place. the wokan had. they will start Units 6-7.LE) is constructions 35%. Con 13. Mountains was once the home of an ogress Dex 9. the elf mummy reacted to the presence of orcs. a talisman that penalty in sunlight. Orc Archers: 200 Mengul Orcs gathering forces for the inevitable with studded leather armor. The Skars’ Legacy ACT II: THE ORCISH INVASION Harak Red-Hand Male Orc (Orcus Imperator Rex) The Skarsholm. teeth necklace. Club. He is trying to widen the search to the Mountaineering. Int 15. Wis 12. 12. Punching specialization. a region of rolling plains Fighter 9/Wizard 9. but in this effort he has XP Value: 3000. Unit 1. 30 Orc thousand orcs. Crossbow. Weaponsmithing. Harak leads an army of more than one shield. spears. Senses: Infravision 60’. spear and battleaxe.F9/W9. Denagothian 15. before her death. awakened the Bog Monster. short swords and clubs (1/3/2/2/-/1). Orc Infantry: 200 Mengul Orcs Gathering Allies with studded leather armor. allows the user to control wolves. Battle Axe. short bows or showdown. necklace – her most powerful talisman – in NWPs: Endurance. To face Harak. and has THAC0: 12. Dagger. Wpn Profs: Longsword. neighbouring lands. As the PCs realize that the threat of Harak Red-Hand’s army is growing. 30 elite Orc fighters with chain mail.Orc. An orc warlock. Heldanner 15. He is now looking for a The Mengul Horde (7 units) way to remove the mummy – he does not feel strong enough to confront it alone. 16. 13.

primary method to acquire the services of each force. giving them help for the Skarsholm campaign. Unit Type and size Acquisition method Main units Negotiating with the clan heads and Heldanner Clans 400 human irregulars delivering a speech at the Thing Vatski Boyars 200 human cavalry Mercenaries Vrodnik Infantry 200 human heavy infantry Mercenaries Lupin Tribes 200 lupin scouts Negotiate with the tribal council Elf Clans 200 elf archers Lay the Bog Monster to rest The Night Hunt 200 skeletons Befriending Howls-in-the-Night Small units Alphatian Garrison 40 human infantry Negotiating with the Alphatian governor Chasing the Mountain Giant from the Rakasta tribes 40 rakasta scouts Rakasta Tribelands Saving the Syrrak Dwarves from the Undead Syrrak Dwarves 20 dwarf guards Fomorian Holding the Bugbear chief’s side after the Bugbear Tribe 30 bugbears ambush at the Old Fort Cloud Giants 5 cloud giants Obtaining the War Banner of the Giant King 172 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . The Skars’ Legacy – they will need to get more men from the Table 1 shows a quick summary of the other local tribes and clans. Several of the main encounters of this adventure allow the PCs to acquire loyal troops or at least to be able to pull in favors.

or even single encounters out of prowess. the This works particularly well for the tribal council. (non-lethal) combat. fo r m o re d e ta il s o n the s e N PCs . motivations of the PCs). but could be applied very different from the Thing of Frodhulf also to any other.g. adventure in Landfall -. The Lupin tribal council is not Dwarven Mine quest. The Skars’ Legacy Acquiring Mercenaries power. except the Lupin chiefs are more aloof. 1 S e e “ The S k a ufs k o gr a nd B e yo nd ” . but this is a risky strategy. Raising this much gold in a short which could be stolen. the interested party may put forward an extra To obtain the help of the Lupin tribes. such as the various giant might challenge and defeat him in single mounds from “King of the Giantdowns”. ● Exploring ruins: this is an opportunity to add a straightforward treasure hunt to the Armann is a powerful fighter (F6. The Alphatian governor. Acquiring mercenaries is mostly a matter of money and time. Hinrik Raudhr. they may appeal to their superiors for increased funds. Rurik Fedrjugr are the three most prominent such rewards should be in the range of chiefs1. a interested parties. the others will follow suit. below: ● Reward for other quests: if another part of The Lupin Tribes the adventure is solved especially well. Also. the campaign. PCs need to negotiate with the Ulfthingi. the payment towards the cost of mercenaries. Armann Ofrhugi. the Heldanner clans. grizzly bear) to prove their worth. while Vrodniki infantry costs 2000 PCs might learn of a specific shipment gold pieces.the units be part of enemy logistics (where the need to be mobilized at least 15 days before “enemy” depends on the initial the battle. and respects most hunting and combat module. The shipment may timeframe is the real challenge -.once two have been swayed. Barbarian adventure. if the PCs are agents of a foreign T h r e sh o ld M a g a z in e Is s ue 7 . Regarding cost. this could be a good opportunity to run a short This part of the adventure is very freeform -.. In general. Vatski ● Piracy or theft: while leaving the Frodhulf cavalry costs 4000 gold pieces to hire for the vale region too long may be too risky. Alternately. including the “Murder at vale. since PCs are not on the same level ● Negotiation: the player characters can as these NPCs. and even the Elves are reasonable targets. and tend to distrust human and demihuman the money could be part of the weregild PCs. A few options are listed well. the Bjarttandri” initial quest (in that case. A more reliable strategy is for always try to squeeze more support from the party to hunt a powerful beast (e. and paid by the Bugbear tribe). The PCs need to persuade at least 200 to 600 gold pieces per adventure. You can use any suitable kit). the Syrrak Dwarves. two of the three chiefs -. 173 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . An especially strong PC fighter a given module.“The Big Score” there are many ways of collecting the from “FGAZ8 Streets of Landfall” would fit necessary money.

who lives near environment of the bog. as will as straightforward bribe wields a broken longsword in his right hand. it is best if the PCs shepherd lupin clans. The Skauskogr elves. PCs will just need to follow their tracks. Challenging finding the Dwarves -. and winning. which The Alphatian commander. The Skars’ Legacy Hinrik is a shaman. they can either however. only offered Prince Gaernil safe ignore the Rakasta’s request -. However. persuading him area of Limbo is.or they can ask him to a contest of wits. His forces were pushed into the bog by the combined efforts of the This is obviously an impossible tasks for the southern Heldanner jarls and the Heldann low-level PCs. since that Dominagon. Prince Gaernil. two centuries ago. The Bog Monster is a monstrous undead menace that has recently made itself known Rurik is a warrior. which will send them back to their bodies. but Shiye-Lawr elf. (300 gold pieces will suffice).g. the Rakasta will not reveal the location of Hamarki’s cave.thus losing passage through their lands.the giant will enormously enjoy tricking the to submit to an initiation ritual. they could come up with some clever or smoked during it) will send the party in a trick to persuade the Giant to leave -- coma -. The Rakasta Tribes The Bog Monster is actually a bog mummy. elves’ help. but their Hamarki is relatively naif. and has been known to attack also by gripping his opponents with its bare left hand. the Blue Dragon. a rarely occurring type of ancient dead The Rakasta tribes are at odds with the preserved by the oxygen-deprived Mountain Giant. dark red hair. well-travelled. He will be impressed by their help but gaining Hamarki’s help in knowledgeable and wise PCs. They want him chased off. Otherwise. When the PCs find Hamarki. In life. luckily. (and the mix of magical substances imbibed Finally. provided that he 174 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and may fall for spirits are stranded in Limbo. and possibly avoid or fight off a Minion of Chaos before finding a monolith covered The Bog Monster with carved runes. will Hamarki to feign leaving the area for a while persuade him. in the bogs north-west of Frodhulf Outpost. had sent for the Skaufskogr stronghold (see below).. the PCs will need -. it. The monster PCs’ cause. Drushiye. tar cattle with the Alphatians will win him to the black with sticky. and will readily agree to the idea. but also a merchant. Hamarki. is moving most Lupins on a similar quest pass through into his territory to hunt him down). accept it -. son of King they are (unsurprisingly) not up to the task. it was a their territory. Negotiating a favorable deal for his tribe’s It has the form of a desiccated humanoid. He commanded an Alphatian They will try to trade their help in return for invasion force at the Battle of Frodhulf Creek having the giant chased away.their bodies remain asleep. The ritual Rakasta. The specific well designed plots (e. seeing his forces is necessary to find the Syrrak Dwarves’ outmatched. hoping to turn the tables against the Heldanner alliance.otherwise.

HD 9. provide assistance to the alliance. 1 day after rejuvenating. assuming the PCs do nothing to put the Shiye prince at AC 3. desiccated husk. l a te r c o l l e c te d in the Va n R ic hte n’ s M o ns te r Hunte r Co m pe nd ium . overcome the Bog Monster. attacking the bog mummies). The Skars’ Legacy left Norwold with his army. For this reason. Zombies” have been plaguing the Sirraen Salient Powers: Create Undead (1st rank province for some weeks now. the chemical composition of the soil Dex 7. When Harak’s orcs entered weapons of less than +2 enchantment. and III Rank Mummy. Movement: 18. withered. On the other hand. where Str 18/00. Holy Water Harak Red-Hand will take one full month to inflicts 1d6 HP damage. 175 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Con NA. Mummy rot fatal in 1d12 weeks. Allergen (Repulsion) so removing it will speed up the invasion. Fighter 10/Wizard 8. saves at -2). the but can move unhindered through Skauskogr Foresthomes will not be able to swamps). which remained dormant Special Abilities: cannot be harmed by for two centuries. NE (formerly Male Elf cursing the elves that had wronged him. Skaldic war chant. in his Prince Gaernil of Shiye-Lawr. XP Value: 7000. humanoid died fighting. rage. his broken sword in hand. THAC0: 9. The Alphatian Prince Accidental. restless. Weightlessness (1st rank. vo l um e I. Rejuvenation: Prince Gaernil. etc. Gaernil. needs to rest 1 day before and Monster. Cha 3. and was the Bog Monster1 relentlessly driven by the Heldanners into the bog with his army. Wis 10. turning it into a leathery. the Bog Imperial Alphatian sigil or banner (1d8 Monster is also hampering Harak’s progress. HP 45 rest. Dmg 2d8 or 1d4+6 broken longsword. mires. -3 saves. These “Bog Horror check on sight. Int 14. who returned as the Bog 6 HP/hour. unhindered by water. elves of the area. rounds. treasure. unless the Vulnerabilities: can be damaged by Bog Monster is removed – either destroyed. turned back their offer. Essurian weapons. Infravision 90’. Elemental Vulnerability: Fire. TN) Gaernil’s body drowned into the bog. less rounds. Cause powerful. 1 The AD &D rul e s fo r c us to m m um m ie s c a n b e fo und in Va n R ic hte n’ s G uid e to the Cre a te d . Allergen (Fascination): or put to rest. bog mummies. the bog searching for the ogress wokan’s Elemental immunity: Cold/Water. Bonded to the bog. Fear 1d10 The Bog Monster is able to create other. dies at -10 HP. they disturbed the uneasy rest of Elemental resistance: Earth. preserved it.

maybe in exchange poison (-2 Con). the bog and the nearby region. living at the top of the Final Range. Movement 9. The dwarves had a contract with the Lupin tribe THAC0 19. Touch attacks inflicts debilitating might be asked by Hinrik. weapons. The problem is that no one knows XP Value: 270. AC 7. The Skars’ Legacy Bog Zombies The Dwarven Mine Invoked. an evil giant of a past age. It starts whenever the PCs decide to investigate the HD 2 (9 HP). They might also Salient Powers: Not slowed by bogs. The Rakasta tribes can help finding the giant. initiation in Hinrik’s tribe. a mountain giant loner. 1d4 for supporting the PCs’ side at the trial of rounds. where to find the dwarves. Holy Water inflicts The dwarves have been imprisoned/killed by 1d10 HP damage. Lawful Evil Mountain Rakasta Tribelands. To describe the dwarven mine in full detail goes beyond the scope of this article. Elemental Vulnerability: Fire. Only Hamarki. or as part of their rolls). Dmg 1d8 or by weapon +4. led by Hinrik Raudhr to deliver weapons at this year’s Bjarttandri – a few days after the Special Abilies: immune to non-magical PCs arrive at Frodhulf Outpost. since their clan never revealed the mines’ location. and want him chased out of the region (see The Rakasta Tribes above). (Fascination): Imperial Alphatian sigil or the ghost of the Giant King might set the banner (1d8 rounds. an undead Fomorian. withered. investigate on their own. Bonded to to give the PCs his legendary War Banner. The author recommends using L3 Deep Dwarven Delve to model the Syrrak clanhold. Finally. humanoid I Rank This part of the adventure takes place in the Mummy. There are a number of reasons why the PCs Rejuvenation (takes 9-11 days to heal. knows the location. causes -1 to attack and damage Loskar the Betrayer. Infravision 30’. saves at -2). Allergen defeat of his Fomorian enemy as a condition (Repulsion) Skaldic war chant. Replace Orcs with an even mix of Goblins and Hobgoblins in the upper level. but they dislike him. dies may wish to investigate this mystery – they at 0 HP). except cold iron or Essurian weapons. Elemental Immunity: Cold. and replace the Dwarven cleric and devils on the last 176 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Fear (no penalty. if they need Special Vulnerabilities: Allergen weapons to supply their own army. disappearance of the Syrrak dwarves.

Causes Horror check on sight. Disease: spasms to touched area. If the Undead Fomorian is 1 The AD &D rul e s fo r c us to m m um m ie s c a n b e fo und in Va n R ic hte n’ s G uid e to the defeated. If they are freed (even if the Undead Fomorian is not defeated). see the Passage salient power) of the mine. Infravision 90'. must be within 1 mile to use Command Undead. Command Undead as 16th level Cleric. l a te r c o l l e c te d in the Va n R ic hte n’ s contribution to hire mercenaries. vo l um e I. by the Undead Fomorian. withered. Int 12. up to 25'). dark pact. Passage (3/hour. one of the magic items with the wolf’s teeth necklace of the Skars. must be within 1 mile to benefit from level with the Undead Fomorian and two Lightning resistance). on the lowest level (also. needs to rest 1 day before and 1 day after rejuvenating. Con N/A. The Skars’ Legacy Undead Fomorian1 Invoked. M o ns te r Hunte r Co m pe nd ium . Fear 1d8 rounds. Cha 3 Special Abilities: cannot be harmed by weapons of less than +2 enchantment. imprisoned Movement 9. Elemental immunity: Cold. Allergen (Barrier): Dragon scales. AC 3. Dmg 2d6+8 (Huge mace) gladly join the alliance. Dex 7. providing a small dwarven unit. Elemental Vulnerability: Fire and Light. Salient Powers: Curse of Vengeance. Holy Water inflicts controlled Dwarven wights. shroud. NE Str 20. HP 60 Circa 100 Syrrak dwarves survive. 177 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Finally. Rejuvenation 6/hour. HD 13. they will THAC0 9. up to 48 HD of undead. Elemental resistance: Lightning. Vulnerabilities: can be damaged by iron (not steel!) weapons. replace 1d8 HP damage. -2 saves. Wis 10. monstrous III Rank Mummy. Dependence: Spirit items (holy symbol of Skuld. 10% chance per hour for 3- 6 rounds. induces panic. dies at -10 HP. they will also provide a Cre a te d .

is needed to recover the Banner A Wolvenfolk Necromancer.Lu/Wolvenfolk. Alternately. but his ghost may prevent the PCs from removing the banner until they have destroyed the Undead Fomorian occupying the Syrrak Clanhold. Howl-in-the-Night’s skeletons may rescue the PCs from most other encounters. The Skars’ Legacy The Barrow of the Giant King The Night Hunter Entering the Barrow in the Eastern Shepherd Tribelands. but also of magical power. magic/old items from a mound) in exchange for information. residence in an abandoned burial mound in Displaying the Banner in battle will summon the Eastern Shepherd Tribelands. The Necromancer is raising The Barrow is not described in this article. and is designed as a one-time party saver. He knows five Cloud Giants from nearby castles. The PCs may either meet Howls-in-the-Night when they barge into his barrow-home (probably while looking for the Barrow of the Giant King). the barrow itself and the events that can take place there. who much about the mounds and the ancient have inherited magical geas to serve (once giants. an item of historical Night (m. the barrow may hold only the tomb of the Giant King. 178 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . assuming they are able to enter the encounter area. an undead army to face the orcish army of See King of the Giantdowns for details on Harak. Howls-in-the- of the Giant King. or if his skeletons rescue them from another encounter – this latter event will happen only once. but may require services (fetching only) the bearer of the banner in war.Ne9.LN) has taken significance.

if any. The PCs provide a +1 to morale. Detect Noise 39%. or on the banks of Fighting. did not manage to get all the allies. +2 penalty on reaction rolls. as per the standard rules. In the first case. Also. Savage Necromancer 9. accordingly: if one small unit is missing. or Senses: Infravision 60’. Lawful Neutral In this last part of the adventure. It is worth noting that the smaller units will operate as Wpn Profs: Bite. 14. ST penalty vs. Wis 16. then Hunting. Mengul Horde and the allied forces they have Dex 8. Local History: Skaufskogr. 179 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Necrology. Direction Sense. compute the stats as the (Native). statistics. interpret omens 1/week. The PCs and the Cloud Giants. Endurance. 15. Elven (Shiye. 8. Special Abilities: resist death (Con). 15. Battle Setup Table 2 reports the composition of the THAC0: 18. Heldann two small units. Harak 2. The Skars’ Legacy Howls-in-the-Night ACT III: RESOLUTION Male Wolvenfolk Lupin. otherwise. Spellcraft. 15). mixed unit has only 2 hits. the PCs are involved in the final battle between Harak’s Str 13. Cha 12 gathered. Con 15. Read/Write Essurian Runes. armies are on the offensive. drops to the lowest value. If there is a single small unit. average of the two.and Midway Haven. the unit has Survival. Detect Werewolf Harak did it. Detect race by the Frodhulf creek. Outpost -. If the PCs NWP: Spirit Lore. Dmg: 1d6+1 or by weapon. and their statistics according to the HP: 30 Birthright War Cards system. then the unit has only one hit and the listed XP Value: 4000. 12. Spear a single unit (Birthright units account for companies of about 200 soldiers). Detect individual by smell Int. 15. Healing. the 13. If there are only Languages: Lupin (Native). Int 15. as well as any exceptional NPC (not counting the leaders of each unit). the battle will take place on the 83%. 17. 13. 16. 13. can be associated with any unit to provide bonuses. Detect Invisible/Ethereal +2. except movement which Religion: Saimpt Loup. Tracking Wis/3. sound is leading an assault towards Frodhulf -1. Blind banks of the Sirraen river. the allied smell Int+2. 16. Depending on whether the PCs managed to defeat the Bog Monster. The presence of the cloud giants adds +1 to melee and ranged attack of any unit they are associated with. only 2 hits. armies. and can use their spells. reduce the effectiveness of this mixed unit Ancient History: Skaufskogr.

though. The other Unit Type and size Mv/Me/De/Mo/Ch/Rg The Mengul Hordes Bull’s Head Horde 40 Ogres. if they Old Fort. were camped north and west of the Bog. forces. Harak will attempt to seize the forced to withdraw to the Skarsholm. if they survive. or behind the Sirraen if they had already moved ● If the Bull’s Head Horde is not routed. and vatski and will try to set up power bases in Lirovka’s vrodnik forces flee to their home territories. and more than three other Orc units are If the allied armies win the day. Alps. return to the Mengul mountains. dwarves. different events can take place: Harak will retreat to the Skarsholm. The Skars’ Legacy Outcome ● If the Bull’s Head Horde is not routed. others The elves. minor greater forces. rakasta. 160 Orcs infantry 1/4/3/3/-/1 Orc infantry 200 Orc light infantry (4 units) 1/3/2/2/-/1 Orc archers 200 Orc archers (2 units) 1/1/2/2/-/3 Main allied units Heldanner Clans 400 human irregulars (2 units) 2/3/2/2/-/2 Vatski Boyars 200 human cavalry 3/3/3/2/5/1 Vrodnik Infantry 200 human heavy infantry 1/3/3/2/-/- Lupin Tribes 200 lupin scouts 3/2/2/2/-/3 Elf Clans 200 elf archers 2/2/2/3/-/5 The Night Hunt 200 skeletons 1/2/3/3/-/- Mixed. and others will remain in the The Alphatians withdraw to Midway Haven. the Orcs are available. Depending on the surviving less than four other Orc units remain. on the PCs and ally with Harak. He will be back in a few years. Some will If the Orcs win. with ● If the Bull’s Head Horde is routed. horde chiefs overthrow Harak and the Mengul Hordes break down. Skarsholm. but south and east. the orcs will not be a while the Bugbears. A second battle may ensue. However. then the allied forces scatter. see below Small allied units 1/3/3/2/-/2 (statistics given here are for the mixed unit) Alphatian Garrison 40 human infantry 1/3/3/2/-/- Rakasta tribes 40 rakasta scouts 3/1/2/2/-/4 Syrrak Dwarves 20 dwarf guards 1/3/4/3/-/2 Bugbear Tribe 30 bugbears 2/4/4/1/-/2 Cloud Giants 5 cloud giants 180 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . turn coat major threat until a new leader emerges.

may be present in the courts of Alpha and Oceansend. an ally of the to the Dragonking. many humans and humanoids in Wyrmsteeth kingdom are somehow the various Norwold communities serve the influenced by the dragons. remain under the REFERENCES control of the PCs. 1995 Tim Beach and Bruce Heard. in Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . mainly Vitriol and the Nazariy Zhucharnov4. 181 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . 1999 Who’s Who in the Wyrmsteeth part 3 Continued from page 165 several dragons all around Norwold are loyal the green dragon Zilant. probably Dragon Kingdom. many others agents of the Wyrmsteeth Beriak Alanira2. Beyond”. and in any other 1 S e e R o gue s . in Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . TSR. such as Quentin Jax1. TSR. as explained in Threshold Wyrmsteeth. and must retreat to one of the adjacent territories (Lirovka’s Alps. Likewise. Van Richten’s Guide can gather more forces. 1996 Ed Stark. All the Vatski lands west of the issue #8. Avel Vankomirovich3. to the Created. pa ge 1 5 3 S e e The G re a t L a nd R us h o f N o rwo l d pa rt 2 b y S im o ne N e ri. The Savage Coast Campaign Book. or Midway Giampaolo Agosta. B a ro ns a nd Pre te nd e rs b y Norwold community. in Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . 1997 Len Lakofka. in Thre s ho l d is s ue #8 . King of the Giantdowns. TSR. TSR. who is influenced by Church of Idris. Threshold Issue 7 although this will be doomed unless the PCs Teeuwynn Woodruff. L3 Deep Dwarven Delve. The Skars’ Legacy forces. “The Skaufskogr and Haven). They can attempt a comeback. 1994 Rich Baker and Colin McComb. if they survive. pa ge 106 2 S e e The G re a t L a nd R us h o f N o rwo l d pa rt 2 b y S im o ne N e ri. pa ge 3 4 4 S e e The G re a t L a nd R us h o f N o rwo l d pa rt pa ge 4 4 2 b y S im o ne N e ri. or Kingdom or its enemy. S im o ne N e ri. Birthright Campaign Setting. as Tugar protects dragons. the Heldann Shepherds Tribelands. TSR. Vyolstagrad and Svartbak the black and the Several important figures in Norwold are Church of Idris are trying to manipulate (normally in secret) close allies of the Stamtral and Gunvolod.

182 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . as the published in Issue 9 of Threshold magazine). description of this level in issue 1 of Threshold Magazine (Mirror of Eternal Night * Many ideas for this level come from the work of article). sacred city of the fairy queen. once a city of living lizardmen and Taymora. now inhabited only by the dead. Read on to discover more on this Geoff Gander about Mogreth that can be seen level of Koskatep! in the namesake Piazza thread. and tools. in his eternal wisdom. This level can be reached going down from Mokrath will send to Mogreth gems and the trapdoor in area 5B or even through the slaves. and kept it LEVEL 8 from her grasp for thirty cycles of the sun. Mogreth will send to Mokrath cloth chasm in area 1 in Level 7 (Kosmoteiros. Written on an ancient Mogrethian tablet. other filthy creatures of Grondheim and Mokrath. road is infested with human bandits and The PCs will find themselves in Level 8. The text below repeats the original circa 2050 BC. troglodytes. Serpent Eye by Francesco Defferrari (Sturm)* Akrash the victorious has conquered the SECRETS OF KOSKATEP.Mokrath. Koskatep level 8 . also collected at the Vaults of Pandius. For this great deed the Sorcerer King. A portal will be opened. has pardoned his rebellion. Further links to Geoff Gander's work about Mogreth and the Outer Beings will follow in the rest of the article.

the Verdant Pool. 183 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and Taymora intervenes shortly against him if given the chance. Just for fun. proposes an alliance to anyone working Mogrethian general Akrash conquers the city against The Last One. Serpent Eye Relevant history (expanded from issue 1 of Threshold)1 Lizardmen and troglodytes lived here for a 2. Othe r his to rie s m a y d iffe r. 2. lizardmen and contact all of their kind living in western troglodytes. in 2091 BC but is forced to leave it two years later due to insufficient support from his When the Darkers arrive. Gems were inlaid century long negotiation with the Sollux and everywhere. and they made scaly conquers the city. giving this level a existence of the inner temple and begin a slightly disquieting look. but were long ago plundered by the Brutemen below to gain access to the Taymorans and only empty sockets remain artifact. and major powers occupy the city for a while. that will last decades and will shaman. thereafter. and Intua. This is the beginning of the War of the Empires.050 BC: A permanent portal. renaming it Krystallac. busy opening portals to Taymora. or the War of Southern The secret: One of the lizardmen. she sends her best troops to mummies. now. they will strike a homeland. During this time all the the descendants of his people there. Other magical properties of the Verdant Pool are soon discovered. Mogreth intervenes as Blight Swamp. Koskatep level 8 . once a Grondheim. a s the o ne pre s e nte d in is s ue 1 o f Thre s ho l d m a ga z ine d id (His to ry o f Ka ra m e ik o s b y S im o ne N e ri. so this level will be full of lizardmen and troglodytes 2. He would like to search for well a few years later. about the unwillingness of Ixion to Most of them are zombies. many of them are compromise. serpent heads.379 BC: The Queen of Grondheim century in ancient times. b ut this tim e l ine c o ul d e a s il y fit into the m to o .080 BC: In a time of crisis in Grondheim. under the leadership of the Karameikos in order to win them over to the lizardman general Akrash. The Last One has awakened a hundred remains of ancient 2. alive and undead. knows how to open a portal to the devastate the region. is opened between Mokrath and Mogreth. Inti troops soon attack the magical abilities. pa ge 3 7 ). and eyes drawn a few years later sidhe priests discover the and sculpted on the walls. bargain with the lizardman shaman.282 BC: As the Queen grows impatient lizardmen and troglodytes to infest this level. and some are vampires with open the temple. 1 S e ve ra l d e ta il s o f this his to ry c o m e fro m m y His to ry o f Tra l a d a ra . occupy Krystallac cause of Nyx. Just decorations. They would gladly turn place.Mokrath. and keep it for a hundred years.

but Akrash attacks them sends some ghostly minions against Lord and the lizardmen ghosts are banished. Levels 5 and below of Nyx destroy the city with a terrible are sealed again. reach Level 8 and are attacked by ghostly lizardmen. some artifact but rather than try to steal or destroy hutaakan priests survive hiding in the lower it she decides to exploit the magical aura of levels. 603 BC: The ogre king Kulfan conquers Koskatep in the name of Nyx and ogres rule 1. Akrash hides among them for a Thanatos and burning their notes. a Tal nosferatu and over the area for centuries. Kirish and the that will bring fulfillment of her Dream. The chasm awakens the the gnolls. a seriously wounded Lord that will contribute to the fall of the city. earthquake. the priests that rule over the region. Nyx knows about Ixion’s 1.664 BC: After the destruction of Taymora. Keiros is forced to hide. Serpent Eye 2. The dead of Mokrath sleep 1.976 BC: After a long siege Taymora undisturbed in their sealed level. Human priests of follower of Nyx. who build their own city over the ghosts of the lizardman shaman Kirish and of ruins. 1. yet they succeed in below. lizardmen are awakened by their passage. and capture some hutaakans. while. conquers Mokrath and renames it Kosmoteiros. Reptilian refugees however reach the city. who feeds on Taymoran begin to study the Starlake. but and giants. Vampiric followers of Thanatos with them. Thousands die and the place is abandoned for many years as seismic activity 912 BC: The dwarves are finally defeated by increases in the area. Kirish followers of Nyx. Shamans of Ranivorus and Thanatos general Akrash.412 BC: Hutaakans conquer the site for soon creating an overpopulation problem Ixion and Pflarr. Mokrath is sacked. 954 BC: After several battles a dwarven army defeats the orcs and conquers Koskatep. aided by ogres of the place and try to use the Starlake. fairies of the Unseelie court take possession 841 BC: Followers of Nyx. but 1.777 BC: To prevent Kosmoteiros from are soon in constant warfare with the gnolls falling into the hands of Thanatos. sealed and abandoned. conquers Koskatep from the the Lady of the Night live in the city along dark fairies.Mokrath. 184 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . attack Koskatep but are unable to do not know of the hidden temple of Ixion conquer the gnolls. Kirish tries to contact the attack several times but are defeated. stronger. Mokrath. Koskatep level 8 . and will become more guardians for the place to build her own.000 BC: The Mogrethian flood devastates Keiros. but many inhabitants escape through the Verdant Pool and scatter into the world. Gnoll explorers souls. but is eventually discovered and likewise banished. bolstering its defence for a while but 1.597 BC: Lord Keiros. so Level 8 is closed again. but they are defeated and he is forced the reptilian empire.021 BC: Orcs sack Koskatep. Kirish tries to attack them but is killing the most powerful shamans of banished. cutting any support to to hide. artifact the hidden temple of Ixion. Level 8 is sealed again. and his followers are exterminated.

Thanatos. a nd e ve n ps io nic po we rs . this level: whenever a clerical or magical spell is cast1. gate and spells such as 998 AC (or later if the DM prefers): Lady clairvoyance and find the path do not work Sonya. In the following centuries ogres. bodies to them. a nd s pe l l l ik e e ffe c ts fro m m a gic a l ite m s . magic door. Akrash will sense it and the general direction of the caster. The DM could decide to Koskatep. the Starlake could be used to bring forth The There is also a magical alarm in place all over Eternal Night. and will try to warn any caster as soon as he senses them. the Granddaughter of the Night. giants and table of level 1 (in issue 2 of Threshold followers of Nyx trying to reclaim the ruins. After the Darkers take control (see giants. and her followers.Mokrath. Secretly. Level 7). powerful wards placed by The Last One and are able to defeat The Last One and reclaim others before him. Kirish hides from Akrash and The Spells that provide magical transportation. such as teleport. at least from Level 2 and below. page 122). already under The Last One’s control. if a l l o we d in the c a m pa ign. followers of Nyx and even adventurers issue 1) any Follower of The Last One will sent by Ixion try to reclaim Koskatep. but are stopped at the last Wandering Parties table may apply here if moment by priests of Ixion. passwall. One such follower very powerful and ancient vampire sent by could try to join the PCs to explore this level. but obviously keep a much lower profile and The Last One destroys them all. The Last One maybe even aid the party against the Darkers awakens the lizardmen ghosts and gives to use them or lead them to their deaths. chance in each room that a Wandering Party Cleansing of all the Levels down to the 10th will be encountered. In this case there is a 1% the ogres and occupy Koskatep for years. Serpent Eye 95 AC: The Darkers almost complete the The Random Critters table of level 2B (in ritual to use the Starlake and bring forth the issue 3 of Threshold magazine) and the Eternal Night. and will therefore try to capture or trick the party. who drive out the DM wishes so. apply the same rule to the levels above the 5th. Koskatep level 8 . a here if the DM wishes so. travel. 1031 AC: The next alignment. Some of them escape to the lowest with the final purpose of bringing them in level and become defenders of the inner the presence of The Last One himself (in temple. can also still be used but are destroyed at last by The Last One. 1 Inc l ud ing b a rd s pe l l s . dimensional door. On this date particularly if the PCs are of high level. establishing an alliance with Akrash. There is also a 30% by the priests insures that the lizardmen chance that such creatures or people are ghosts maintain their deep slumber. 227 AC: The priests of Ixion have repelled The Followers of The Last One encounter several attempts by ogres. Last One. Kirish has his own alarm too. 185 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . a on this level as on Levels 5. Ea c h D M m a y a l s o d e c id e tha t the s im pl e pre s e nc e o f a m a gic a l ite m m a y trigge r the a l a rm . magazine. 6 and 7 due to powerful priestess of Nyx.

Serpent Eye 186 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Koskatep level 8 .Mokrath.

which had thousands of living lizardmen rebuilt or repaired in the last few inhabitants at its height. Taymorans in 1976 BC and most of its stones covered in green tiles still in a surprisingly were eventually plundered to build good condition. but a labyrinth of rubble and huge rocks. eventually cleared some of the rubble. visible. with an average visibility of under 10 feet. and wandering creatures partially collapsed or now buried in the hill. In dark grey is the solid Kosmoteiros above. it makes the party quite many more as he or she prefers. most areas are dark or only by the DM as they see fit. Not all the areas of partially illuminated by magical lights. Some of discretion depending on the PC’s levels. If they do bring as there are too many. standing temples. do not bring their own light. suggestions to be weakened or augmented As said above. of course. In a few years. Kosmoteiros earthquake of 1777 BC. if PCs the city nor all its inhabitants will be detailed. Koskatep level 8 . Mokrath stone of the Koskatep hill that encases the was completely buried. upon Akrash’s order. subsequent external and internal walls of the city. Their exact number maintained by waters falling from the levels and power should be left to the DM’s above and small springs in this level. is inhabited only by centuries. The light brown lines are the former earthquake of 1777 BC. so each DM may add light.Mokrath. and are visible from many areas of the city. corporeal and some not. Now In dark brown the structures that the undead the city. Serpent Eye The Level and its inhabitants About the map The original lizardmen city was sacked by the The Green path is the main road of Mokrath. The light yellow areas however should not be considered clear. some have survived the destruction of the city. others are the indicated levels are indeed just stagnant and fetid. which Three great magical fires burn over the still goes all the way down to Level 12. however the city. The Black area is the Chasm opened by the otherwise the level is completely dark. collapses. Some of the undead may have magical lights. 187 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . In light blue the waterways that undead lizardmen and troglodytes. All the waterways are relatively clear.

religious objects and weapons in the the religion that many frogfolk followed at the time two lower levels of the pyramid. Ho rro r. but all the undead immunities and weaknesses. the ancient Temple of the Frog of They have a pale. They have a paralysis ability similar to if the DM wished so.Mokrath. or 2d20+5 undead frogfolk3 (HD 2-5) may be elsewhere. Some time after the arrival of the Darkers. if yo u d a re . of Mogreth. which is a pyramid five stories high. but they have learned to distract it enough to pass. unholy books and other dark temple. the 1 S e e “ R e l igio n in M o gre th” b y G e o ff G a nd e r 2 D is c o ve r m o re a b o ut the Oute r B e ings . but anyone blasphemous by the dominant Outer Beings’ l k ” b y J a m ie B a ty 188 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . and risk allowed it openly in Mokrath. Clues and history about encountered in the two lower levels at any time. touching them will soon hear the but King Akrash (see area 8 for his description) Outer Beings’ voices. when Kirish (see area 13 for his description) strikes a deal with them and takes control of this level. The creature has normal attacks similar to a living one. It was placed here by Akrash to keep the frogfolk away from their former temple. Serpent Eye 1 . Once it began with a grand double bronze door in the upper west corner of Mokrath. long collapsed and destroyed. Devious DM’s may find however he has forbidden the undead frogfolk to more information about the use of gather here. a nd the Oute r B e ings in M ys ta ra ” . In the last centuries madness. The great green paved road passes to the left of the temple and leads to the interior of the city. Outer Beings in several unspeakable practicing their religion in the lower levels of the places. 3 D iffe re nt ta k e s o n the F ro gfo l k who o rigina l l y a ppe a re d in D A2 Te m pl e o f the F ro g m a y b e fo und in “ F ro g. Koskatep level 8 . now mostly ruined. in “ Ins a nity. ghouls.F o l k ” b y And re w The is e n a nd “ F ro g. was once 1 . corners of the Vaults of Pandius. sickly appearance but their bodies Blackmoor may also be found here are whole. They do that anyway in secret.Frogfolk Temple This great temple. It can be damaged by holy water and turned as a phantom. The religion was considered some of them magical. The surface area of the temple’s complex is roamed instead by an undead tyrannosaur (20 HD).There is a treasure trove of dedicated to the Cult of the Frog or Way of Irrub1.

with clerical or magical abilities). Some of them can be frogfolk quarter at the height of the city. but Kirish eventually will try to sway them away from the Outer Beings and convert them to his faith in Ka.There are objects and weapons dating back to the times of Mokrath The whole south eastern area of Mokrath was the in this area. They were partially destroyed or decayed objects. mostly. It may take from 3 to 9 turns.Mokrath. 2d10 also a magical alarm in place. at least. There is the unliving hands of undead a 5% chance every turn (10 minutes) that the PCs frogfolk. attack as ghouls) and a undead lizardman captain and a magical trap which hits (9 HD vampire) are always posted here. encounter 1d6+2 normal undead frogfolk (HD 2 with paralysis touch) and a 1% chance every two turns that they encounter 1d4 superior undead frogfolk (as nosferatus. Koskatep level 8 .Wall of Glory and access to Level 7 3 . but Akrash had them Besides the guards however there is repaired. A relevant Several of them however are still in number of undead frogfolk dwells here. with few free from the Outer Beings touch. This area is quite smelly as a chain lightning bolt. Serpent Eye undead tyrannosaur will be eliminated. Frogfolk will be able to freely attend the temple. 2 . during the centuries. After the Darkers’ conquest the frogfolk could start to receive materials to slowly repair and rebuild their quarter. and even is now a massive pile of rubble and ruins. magical weapons and gems. a course of action Kirish will encourage. bringing them here through the Verdant Pool (area 8) from the Blight Swamp. to cross this area walking outside the green road.Frogfolk Quarter 2 .The statues and trophies This area has statues and trophies that celebrate mounted by Akrash in this area the glories and the victories of general and King include bronze. silver and gold Akrash. guarding anyone touching the treasures with Akrash’s monuments. 3d20+7 undead frogfolk will be in the area at any time. more if the PCs are searching for treasure. Kirish also plans to find living frogfolk to help rebuild the city. the Malpheggi Swamp or elsewhere. which undead lizardmen guards (HD3 and paralysis alerts more guards in areas 4 and 8. or even magical. 189 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . walls and buildings still standing. 3 . The area useful. in the last few centuries.

one mundane (a (9 HD vampires). they will deliver them to the undead guards of the level above. roam) as this was in the past the Soldiers Quarter of the city.Soldiers House 4 . Small undead aquatic dinosaurs (HD 2-7 with undead immunities and weaknesses) also live in the river. nothing will change for the soldiers here. They will still follow orders and obey the ruler of the city. After the Darkers’ arrival and Kirish’s takeover of this level the trophies will be taken down and brought to the treasury in the Palace (area 8). Around the building poison needle) and one magical (a more undead lizardmen soldiers live (or at least fireball). Eventually Kirish plans to put some statues of Ka and other Immortals here.Mokrath.There are a lot of weapons and One of the few repaired buildings of Mokrath. When The Darkers arrive and Kirish takes control of this level. where Akrash will decide if they have to be sacrificed to the Outer Beings or to Thanatos. Koskatep level 8 . The guards here will take any captured intruders to the Palace in area 8. once armor in the hands of the undead a barracks for the guards of the northern gate lizardmen guards and in the armory (which collapsed long ago and is now buried). stands here. behind an inconspicuous pile of rubble. Serpent Eye the northern river is muddy and stagnant. 190 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . now of the building. None of them is even a bigger building which houses 4d10+4 cursed by evil deities and some of undead lizardmen guards (HD3 and paralysis them are magical. but the armory’s attack as ghouls) and 2 undead lizardman captain door has two traps. If they spot or capture some intruders. The stairs coming down from the Starlake in Level 7 (area 5B) arrive in this area. The lizardmen guards should check them too. but often forget about it as they know the level above is controlled by The Last One. however. 4 . after they start to arrive through the Verdant Pool. Eventually Kirish plans to post living guards here too.

There are objects and weapons This huge area once housed the slaves of Mokrath. even if what they do now has behind closed doors or in little meaning. mostly in their former lives. When The Darkers arrive and Kirish rules. Koskatep level 8 . who gets near. pa ge 1 4 6 .There are buildings still standing This area was once the bureaucrats quarter of here and others being repaired by Mokrath. The DM may also decide raised by The Last One or Akrash in the last that some magical objects lay here centuries. When The Darkers arrive and Kirish takes control. they will send someone to the Palace (area 8) to warn the guards.Bureaucracy Quarter 6 . centuries. It still houses a relevant number of the undead lizardmen. offering to the wraiths and the spectres the chance to join them and become Uncorporeals1. Akrash has put them to work as they did present in this quarter. as the undead shaman will assign 1 M o re info rm a tio n a b o ut the U nc o rpo re a l s . The Darkers will happily oblige. gems and weapons are also ghouls).Mokrath. As soon as the intruders leave however. be automatically hostile and will speak calmly to any intruders in their language. he will ask their help in dealing with the incorporeal undead. undead lizardmen (HD2 and paralysis attack as money. They will not attack unless forced to defend themselves. The lizardmen of this area will not possession of the undead lizardmen.Slaves Pen 5 . a re in Thre s ho l d is s ue #1 . 6 . former possessions of adventurers Now it is infested with Wraiths (HD 5) and slain by the undead during the Spectres (HD 7) of former slaves or adventurers. 191 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . of any kind in this area. beastmen and some fairy folk. Serpent Eye 5 . Items. mostly mostly humans. They roam a vast area attacking anyone too. s pe c ia l N yx’ s und e a d . the bureaucracy will continue business as usual with a new purpose.

When Kirish takes control the Artisans Quarter will be slowly renovated and eventually. if caught. 7 . If the DM wishes so. and with many more living inhabitants. some work here as undead lizardmen and some rare quite precious and magical. the taken by Akrash’s clerics). Serpent Eye them many tasks to prepare the city to return to its former glory. 100 undead other than Akrash or his immediate lizardmen commoners (mostly females. Koskatep level 8 . the inhabitants of this guards in area 8. HD 2). Now some of them still live and of any kind in this quarter. mostly now it is again. The buildings of the area are doors. The restoration difficult.There are wonderful treasures of palace of King Akrash at the height of Mokrath and any kind in Akrash’s palace. Despite that the building is not in guarded by undead lizardmen. but will warn the guards in area 8 of their presence as soon as possible. but undead troglodytes (both HD 2 and paralysis guarded normally or behind closed attack as ghouls). The often defended by magical alarms palace inhabitants include at least 100 undead which alert the guards if someone troglodyte servants (HD 2). inhabitants. who will also call the As in the previous area. Many internal walls do not most precious treasures are also exist anymore or are under construction. 8 . for the lack of supplies from the and attacked by the undead external world.Akrash Palace and the Verdant Pool This huge and majestic building was the main 8 .Artisans Quarter This area was inhabited by artisans during the 7 . if Kirish’s plan succeeds. the Verdant Pool could 192 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . mostly ruined and the repairwork goes slow. Even if Akrash has a new body since of past sacrifices whose souls were shortly after The Last One’s arrival in 227 AC. as any Thieves. perfect condition as it was abandoned for many wraiths and spectres (mostly victims centuries. new living inhabitants and new artisans will come to live and work here. mundane lack of labourers and material has made a full (poisonous) and magical traps.Mokrath. will be pursued other work here. as in the previous area. family touches them.There are objects and weapons height of Mokrath. quarter will not attack intruders automatically.

Koskatep level 8 - Mokrath, Serpent Eye

100 undead lizardmen guards (HD 3-7) and 10
undead lizardmen captains (HD 9-15). The also be modified to open a portal to
palace also houses the private chambers of General where some ancient Carnifex
King Akrash (HD 20 nosferatu warrior) and his sleeps1.
now undead family (a wife, a son, two daughters,
a mother, an aunt, four cousins with spouses and
12 sons); all lizardmen (HD 1-10). When he
founded Mokrath, Akrash was in search of a place
far away from Mogreth, as his tenuous faith in the
Outer Beings had put him in bad standing.
However, in the face of his success and his
domination of the region, the Sorcerer King of his
home city1 had to forgive him, and the power of
Mokrath grew and grew for years. After the flood
destroyed Mogreth in 2000 BC, Mokrath was also
flooded by refugees. The overpopulation
contributed to the fall of the city in 1976 BC, in part
because many Mogrethian refugees felt no loyalty
toward a heretic such as the King of Mokrath.
Akrash died fighting the Taymorans with all his
family, here in the Palace. Unable to rest, he
awakened again as a ghost in 1777 BC and feasted
on the souls of defeated Taymorans. By this time,
his hatred of Taymorans and humans in general had
pushed him toward worship of the Outer Beings,
and he started competing with Kirish for the control
of the city. In 1651 BC Akrash was discovered by the
dark fairies, while trying to steal some of their
magic, and was banished for centuries by their
magic. He regained conscience only around 600
BC, when Kirish was trying to cooperate with the
followers of Nyx at the court of the ogre King
Kulfan. Akrash’s hatred awakened him again, he
caused the failure of Kirish’s negotiation and was
banished once more. Only in 227 AC The Last One’s
magic brought him back into a physical body. Since
then Akrash has been wholeheartedly dedicated to
the service of The Last One and the cause of
Thanatos, considering it fully compatible with the
1 M a yb e us ing the a d ve nture id e a
“ L e ge nd o f S o o l k hir” b y J o hn
1 The D M m a y c ho o s e the m o s t a ppro pria te Ca l vin (Chim pm a n).
S o rc e re r King fro m this “ M o gre th N PCs ” a rtic l e a t
the Va ul ts o f Pa nd ius .


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

Koskatep level 8 - Mokrath, Serpent Eye

Outer Beings’ faith. His true purpose however, after
The Last One succeeds in using the Starlake to open
a permanent portal to the home plane of Thanatos
(in 1031 AC, see Level 7, Kosmoteiros, in Threshold
issue #9), is to use the portal to create a foothold
in Mystara for the Outer Beings. It’s hard to say if
The Last One (and Thanatos) are aware of Akrash’s
true plan.
Akrash’s wife and some of his family (two daughters
and a cousin) have decided to oppose him, allying
with Kirish once a favorable circumstance arises.
Others (his son and two cousins) are instead
fanatically loyal to him and the Outer Beings.
If PC’s are brought to the presence of Akrash, he
will decide to sacrifice them to Thanatos or to the
Outer Beings, depending on the stars’ alignments
(a calculation will be made by one of his loyal
cousins, who is also a wizard and an astronomer).
The bottom left corner of the Palace is dominated
by The Verdant Pool, a small, green, body of water
which was also a permanent portal to Isshum, the
capital of Mogreth. As the city is now under the
Dawn Sea, Akrash and most of the clerics and
wizards among his kin and captains, are trying to
modify it to make it open to another location where
lizardmen are common, such as the Blight or
Malpheggi Swamps. Should they succeed, they
could repopulate Mokrath with living lizardmen,
but also risk catching the attention of powerful
beings such as black dragons, or even Thalkor1.
The Verdant Pool is also an ideal hatching place for
lizardmen eggs. Unfortunately the undead
lizardmen could not use the pool in such a way for
many centuries.

When Kirish takes control of the palace she will
destroy Akrash and his loyal followers with the aid
of the Darkers (but Akrash and his followers could

1 D ra go n rul e r o f the M a l phe ggi S wa m p, s e e
“ Who ' s Who Am o ng D ra go ns ” o r the pre vio us is s ue
o f Thre s ho l d M a ga z ine .


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

Koskatep level 8 - Mokrath, Serpent Eye

be able to hide in the basements of the temple in
area 10, in area 13 as Kirish did or even in Level 10
where The Last One will escape after his initial
defeat, see previous issues of Threshold magazine).
Kirish and his entourage will then live here in the
Palace, working relentlessly to modify the Verdant
Pool as Akrash was trying to do. They too may risk
disturbing some Carnifex resting place or some
hideous Outer Being’s location, if the DM wishes

9 - Shrine to Thanatos and access to Level 9

This temple was not originally dedicated to 9 - In the basement there is also a
Thanatos at the time of Mokrath, but to the secret room which contains the
Immortals not included in the Temple of the World treasure of the temple, mostly ritual
(area 11), as Ka and others. Akrash rebuilt it in the objects and weapons dedicated to
last centuries as a temple of Thanatos to appease Thanatos (and therefore cursed for
The Last One when he received his new body. anyone who doesn’t belong to the
1d4+1 undead lizardmen shamans (HD 9 same faith). Remains of past
nosferatu with clerical abilities) are always here sacrifices also litter the floors
with 1d6 undead lizardmen commoners (HD 2 (mostly adventurers who managed
with paralysis ability). to arrive this far and were sacrificed
In the basement of the temple there is a hatch by the shamans under Akrash’s
which opens into a staircase spiralling down to orders).
Level 9 (Krystallac, which will be featured in issue
#11 of Threshold magazine). As Akrash feared, and
still fears, the magical powers of the fairies (even
more so after the dark fairies banished him for
centuries in 1651 BC), he has always kept this
hatch well closed, trapped and alarmed.
A perpetual flame burns on the last level of the
temple on Akrash’s orders, guarded by one of the
lizardmen shamans.

When The Darkers arrive some of The Last One’s
minions will probably use this passage to escape
with him to Level 10 (even if he and others will be
able to do that in mist form), so the hatch will no
longer be closed and trapped. Eventually Kirish
plans to explore and use the level below, but he
will not be able to do that before The Last One


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

Koskatep level 8 - Mokrath, Serpent Eye

strikes back (see The Battle in this Level paragraph
here and in previous issues of Threshold Magazine
for further details about events after The Last One’s
initial defeat). Kirish will immediately destroy any
Thanatos objects found here and will rededicate
the temple to Nyx. 1d6+1 undead lizardmen
shamans of Nyx (HD 9 nosferatu with clerical
abilities) will always be here. Some Darkers could
also be present occasionally. After some time, if
Kirish is able to open the Verdant Pool, some living
lizardmen shamans could also be here.

10 - Temple of the Faith
10 - There are all kinds of unholy
This building was the Temple of the Faith at the objects and weapons in the
height of Mokrath, where Outer Beings were basement of the temple. All are
worshipped according to the official Mogrethian tainted by the Outer Beings’ touch
faith (see note 3). During Mokrath’s times, not as explained in the area 1 sidebar. A
many inhabitants followed the traditional faith, but secret room known only to shamans
now Akrash officially permits only the cult of also contains an unanimated
Thanatos and the Faith. The temple is partially Carnifex mummy. The Carnifex
ruined by the chasm that cuts into this level from were the rulers of the first
the level above and down to the 12th level. The Mogrethian Empire (5500-3800 BC),
chasm is wet from water that drips from above and extremely powerful in magic. Akrash
can have random teleportation effects (see area 1 found the mummy and hopes to use
in Level 7, in the previous issue of Threshold). it to gain his magical power, but he
Akrash has arranged for the chasm to be partially doesn’t know how yet. He has not
covered here and he plans to close it completely. shared this knowledge with The Last
In the meantime 2d10+2 undead lizardmen One, and only three of his most
guards (HD 3 and paralysis ability as ghouls) are trusted shamans (including his son
always here, together with 2d10+1 undead and a cousin) know of the mummy.
lizardmen commoners (HD 2 and paralysis If they can manage to wake the
ability) and 1d4+1 Outer Beings undead Carnifex, he would be a powerful
shamans (HD 9-11 nosferatu with clerical nosferatu wizard (HD 20) and could
abilities). be able to take control of Akrash and
A perpetual flame burns on the last level of the all this level. In this occurrence the
temple on Akrash’s orders, guarded by one of the Carnifex, whose name in life was
lizardman shamans. Shak-ikrath, could use his powers to
conquer the whole of Koskatep and
When The Darkers arrive and Kirish takes control, open a portal for the Outer Beings
he will close the temple, and eventually the chasm to Mystara.
too. If Kirish discovers the secret resting place of


THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10

even if the building is not used by the cult anymore. as they do not know much of his race and his powers. The temple is surprisingly well preserved. hopefully. now basement of the temple. living lizardmen and other inhabitants of the city. 11 . pertaining to the faith of the but Akrash no longer allows the worship of these Immortals once revered here in the immortals. probably with some apprentices too.There are objects and weapons Mokrath. Two undead hutaakan priests of Ixion (see area 13) will also be here. once the biggest temple of the city.Mokrath. was dedicated to Protius. A perpetual flame burns on the last level of the temple on Akrash’s orders.Temple of the World This building. Ixion and Ordana (see note 3). 197 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . A 13 away from the temple. he could try to awaken him too with the aid of the Darkers. once the most revered immortals in 11 . When Kirish takes control of this level he will reopen this temple to the cult of undead and. 2d10+2 undead used some of them in magical rituals lizardmen guards (HD 3 and paralysis ability as or sacrifices to the Outer Beings and ghouls) are always here to keep the rebels of area plans to do the same with the rest. once a priestess of Ordana. Akrash has hides in area 13 with Kirish. after some time. Koskatep level 8 . Serpent Eye the Carnifex. save them from their current use. Shaga (see area 13) will be the high priestess of Ordana and 1d10+2 undead lizardmen shamans will also be here with her at any time. Shaga. The moat around the cleric of the immortals mentioned temple is also infested with small undead aquatic above may be drawn to the location dinosaurs (HD 2-7 with undead immunities and of such magical items in order to weaknesses).

The former shaman of Ka died in the fall 198 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . There are turn (10 minutes) that the PCs encounter 1d8+1 however also some abandoned normal undead troglodytes (HD 2-4 with paralysis houses which could contain touch) and a 1% chance every two turns that they precious objects forgotten centuries encounter 1d6 superior undead troglodytes (HD 9. Now it is however. Kirish (HD 18 nosferatu) and the around in several ruined houses. tortles and some free centuries.There are many objects and height of Mokrath. the entire southern quarter of the weapons which were in this area has city. but normally they try to avoid Akrash and his minions entirely. ago. the story of Kirish is different.Rebel Quarter 13 . material to rebuild their houses. beastmen. There is a 5% chance every to the undead troglodytes. A relevant number of undead weapons in this area. was inhabited by troglodytes and other minor been gathered and hidden by Kirish races at the time of Mokrath. Kirish will reward them by providing. former shaman of Ordana. after she was raised by The Last One along with the others in 227 AC. Shaga (HD 15 nosferatu with clerical abilities). 13 . While Shaga maintained her clerical powers despite her undead status. including caymen. and his followers in recent gatormen. Some of them will come and obey if lizardmen guards and shamans come here calling for them. Most of the buildings here are in poor repair and the inhabitants are only nominally loyal to Akrash. with clerical or magical abilities). Koskatep level 8 . the troglodytes will soon join Kirish in overthrowing Akrash. 12 as nosferatus.Mokrath. chameleon men.A great part of the objects and This huge area. was the quarter inhabited by troglodytes at the 12 . and all the southeastern corner of the city. The Quarter is big humans. eventually. When The Darkers arrive.Troglodyte Houses This quarter. so hidden caches of the hideout of the rebels lead by the former treasures and weapons may still be shaman of Ka. fairies and dwarves. all belonging troglodytes dwell here. Serpent Eye 12 . Also he will work to bring living troglodytes here to rebuilt the area completely.

but as Akrash he awakened as a ghost when Kosmoteiros was destroyed in 1777 BC. Kirish awakened too. all unwilling to bow before Akrash and his rekindled faith in the Outer Beings.Mokrath. Kirish was able to speak peacefully with some of them. and is now rather looking at Nyx as a prospective patroness. turning them into ghosts. There is a 5% chance every turn (10 minutes) that the PCs encounter a patrol 1d10+1 rebels here. he discovered the dark fairies of Kundrak and tried to attack them. At the time. Kirish has lost his faith in Ka at this point. Shaga and the two hutaakan priests plan instead to revive the temple in area 11. Shortly after. they became more friends than thralls. along with Shaga and the two hutaakan priests (HD 9 as nosferatu with clerical abilities). he was sealed here in level 8 until in 1021 BC hutaakans escaping the orcs passed through this level. caymen. They soon gathered a sizable group of lizardmen. but was defeated. With time however. gatormen and chameleon men (HD 1-12 with paralysis ability as ghouls). and both he and Akrash were banished for centuries. with a 10% chance that one of them is a nosferatu 199 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . Serpent Eye of Mokrath of 1976 BC like many others. his former hatred for Taymorans too far away in the past. yet was impressed by his opponent’s reasons. but as his master disappeared for centuries. Kirish was free. considering him a Taymoran enemy. He captured two hutaakan priests. Defeated. The awakening of Akrash however destroyed his coming alliance with the followers of Nyx. He met Lord Keiros in 1595 BC and tried to attack him. caymen. When the followers of Nyx returned in 603 BC. Koskatep level 8 . gatormen and chameleon men rebels. When The Last One awakened the undead inhabitants of this level in 227 AC and gave them bodies. he was still subordinate to Akrash. They are allied and have several followers between undead lizardmen.

even if he will not immediately outlaw the frogfolk cult. as neither can easily coexist with Nyx’s philosophy. as worship. Then there will be a battle After his defeat. 200 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . He will fully convert to the Beings into the world. Kirish will then became a priest of Nyx and will do anything he can to promote his newfound faith. nor the Temple of the World. and Akrash’s minions will be quite agitated too. he will plan to aid The combined forces of the rebels in area 13. and Akrash will promise him help to 9 and the hutaakan priests will certainly aid strike back at the Darkers. The undead lizardmen will let him could be willing to support the fairies of level pass. Serpent Eye (HD 9-12) with clerical or magical abilities. and Akrash will be overthrown by the destroyed. staging the rebellion that will overthrown Akrash. He could also escape lizardmen and frogfolk and the Darkers. THE BATTLE ON THIS LEVEL There will be no initial battle on this level. Akrash may hide or be here. Koskatep level 8 . to level 10 and join The Last One there. and will try to troglodytes in area 12. he will open the Verdant Pool to take control of the Starlake to call the Outer the Blight Swamp. some dissatisfied contact him in secret. allowing the existence of other the Darkers will stop when they will conquer religions but discouraging any Outer Being Level 7 above from The Last One. after final plan of Akrash however will still be to some time. If he hides. The Last probably be caught up in intrigue eventually. The newly liberated Mokrath may well descend again into civil Yet. as cause of Nyx. Kirish will succeed in contacting them. The new lizardmen city will explained in Threshold issue #9. One will escape through this level to hide in as Kirish will support the Darkers but Shaga Level 10. the church of Ixion. When The Darkers arrive and conquer the level above. conflict quite soon. Kirish will soon try to contact the Darkers and will succeed. Kirish will be aware of the situation as probably some of The Last One’s minions will escape through this level to reach level 10. The Kirish will take control of the city and.Mokrath. Eventually however he will have to confront both the Outer Being’s cult of the frogfolk and the living cult of the Temple of the World. some time after the Darkers takeover. by- passing Akrash. the Last One when he comes back.

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Notes 207 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 .

. Next Issue Alphatia and Thyatis. shaping the fates of entire regions and countless peoples. yet ruled by despot regimes with lavish estates and impoverished slums. the two greatest empires of Mystara. Decadent and depraved nations nearing self-destruction.and beyond! Discover the truth about Mystara’s greatest Empires! THYATIS AND ALPHATIA Anticipated contents include: ▪ An Atlas of the Isle of Dawn ▪ Languages and cultures of Thyatis ▪ The Lost civilizations of Thyatis and Alphatia ▪ A Gazetteer of Carytion ▪ The wilderlands inside the Empires ▪ Alphatian and Thyatian explorers ▪ An Interview with Cartographer Thorfinn Tait ▪ Another level of Koskatep … and much more! Your Opinions? Or by email to the Editorial address: The Editorial Team welcomes your feedback Threshold. Please post your comments either by posting Please begin the subject line with the tag in The Piazza Forums “[LETTER]” 208 THRESHOLD: The Mystara Magazine Issue #10 . poised to rob native peoples of everything. Bloodthirsty slavers and greedy colonists.. Bitter rivals engaging in repeated wars. to be resisted at any cost. Both considered beacons of civilization and lands of opportunity. poised to thrust the world into a new innovative age? Undaunted explorers from both have roamed all across on this issue of THRESHOLD are welcomed. or vibrant societies.

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The Mystara Magazine Elven Realms Leaving familiar cultivated fields and pastures. new elven class variants. Does your party die upon the points of elven arrows. Increasingly you feel as though your party is being watched. you wind your way through the underbrush of bordering . The delicate balance of life lays in your reply… Within this issue. and a Norwold adventure round out the issue. Threshold Magazine's ongoing mega-dungeon.Mystara@gmail.pandius. the next level of Koskatep. Only now do you understand… this is not your home! Sudenly. or become forever mesmerized by the seemingly endless beauty of the forests? www. The sound of bow- strings drawn taut encompass you. you come face to face with a leather-clad warrior. and you realise you are surrounded. the third in depth installment on the Wrymsteeth. In addition. make it back to civilization. calendars and holidays. you will find alternate elven histories. and numerous expansion settings. “Be you friend or foe!?” the warrior Threshold.