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Name: _________________________________________________________
No: __________________________________ 6th Form Class: _______
Date: ___________________________________________________________

Classificação: __________________________ Encarregado de Educação:
______________________________________ ____________________________________________
Professora: Sandra Lourenço

A. Listen and circle the right option.
1. Dudley gets up at…
a) six o’clock. b) a quarter past seven. c) half past seven.

2. For breakfast he has…
a) a glass of milk and a b) cereal. c) tea.

3. He goes to school by…
a) car. b) bus. c) train.

4. He usually has lunch at…
a) midday. b) one o’clock. c) a quarter to one.

5. He has lunch…
a) in the kitchen. b) in the school canteen. c) at home.

6. After school he goes…
a) home. b) to the park. c) to the swimming
7. He always has dinner at…
a) eight o’clock. b) a quarter past eight. c) half past eight.

8. After dinner he…
a) watches TV. b) listens to music. c) plays computer

9. He goes to bed at…
a) ten o’clock. b) eleven o’clock. c) half past eleven.


___________________________________________________ 5. B. Harry lives with his parents. ___________________________________________________ 2 . HARRY’S LIFE Harry is a nice boy. Dudley is his uncle. He has got brown hair and brown eyes and he has got glasses. ___________________________________________________ 2. Then Harry does his homework and he watches television before dinner. 6. Harry gets up at six o’clock every day. Listen and draw the hands on the clocks. Dudley. In the morning they have lessons and then they have lunch at school. His surname is Smith. Dudley doesn’t like watching TV. ___________________________________________________ 4. B. 1. so he plays computer games. True or false? Correct the false sentences. Harry is twelve years old. They come home at half past four in the afternoon and they play football or basketball. 1. He always has breakfast with his cousin. 2. II A. but his surname isn’t Potter so he isn’t very famous. 4. Harry hasn’t got glasses. He lives in England with his uncle. They always have fun. ___________________________________________________ 3. please. The weekends are great. 5. The boy’s name is Harry Potter. Read the text. his aunt and his cousin. Harry and Dudley usually go to the cinema or they go to the park. They go to school by train. 3. They go to bed at ten o’clock. Harry is 12 years old.

2. (never) ___________________________________________________ 3. 1. 1. What do they play in the afternoons? _______________________________________________ 6. Jane is late for school. Affirmative: He goes to school on foot. What time does Harry get up? _____________________________________________________ 2. Jane usually (2) __________ (get up) at 9 o’clock on Saturdays. Complete the text with the present simple of the verbs in brackets.V.1. Interrogative: __________________________________________________________________ 2.1.2. Does he have breakfast with his brother? _____________________________________________ 3.2. (sometimes) ___________________________________________________________ 3 . for a walk. Write the sentences in the negative and interrogative form. Negative: _____________________________________________________________________ 2.? __________________________________________________ 7. Answer the questions. Insert the adverb in the right place. In the afternoon she (5) ____________ (meet) her friends. Negative: _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Does Dudley like watching T. 3.1. After that. How do Harry and Dudley go to school? _____________________________________________ 4. Today (1) __________ (be) Saturday. Harry and Dudley. Interrogative: __________________________________________________________________ C. she (4) __________ (take) her dog. Snoopy. Negative: _____________________________________________________________________ 1. 1. Where do they have lunch? _______________________________________________________ 5. and they (6) __________ (go) to the park. The always (9) __________(have) fun! Jane (8) ___________ (love) Saturdays. What do they do at the weekends? _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ III A. They (7) __________ (ride) their bike and They (8) _________ (play) football. Affirmative: Alison plays tennis in the afternoon. I play golf. Then she (3) __________ (have) breakfast. Interrogative: __________________________________________________________________ 3. B. Affirmative: They watch TV after dinner.C. They go to school by bus.2. 1. (always) ____________________________________________________ 2.

Premont Drive. _____________________________________________________? I’m from England. ______________ we have lessons in the morning? Yes. What time ______________ she go to work? 2. Write: do.30 _________________________________________________ Have lunch: in the school canteen _________________________________________________ Do the homework: in the afternoon _________________________________________________ Have dinner: at home _________________________________________________ Go to bed: 10. IV A. does. 8. 2. E. D.00 ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4 .30 Go to school: by car _________________________________________________ Lessons start: 8. 1. _____________________________________________________? I’m 12 years old. _______________ you go to work on foot? No. 4. _____________________________________________________? My address is 46. don’t or doesn’t. he _______________. _____________________________________________________? I go to the cinema once a week. 1. _____________________________________________________? I wake up at seven o’clock. _____________________________________________________? My name’s Harry. we ________________. What time ____________ they have dinner? 5. _____________________________________________________? I like the weekends because I always have fun. How ______________ they come home? 3. 6. _____________________________________________________? I go to school by train. 7. Write the questions for Harry’s answers. Get up: 7. 4. 6. you _______________. 5. Write about Jane’s daily routine. ______________ he do her homework in the afternoon? No. 3.