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Phantom Limbs / Paula Garner

Recenzie realizată de Ilinca Stînescu, clasa a X-a

“Long odds, I realised. But holding on was
always my strong suit” does the books finale
quote. “Phantom Limbs” by Paula Garner is a
contemporary romance novel, heart-
wrenching, brimming with truth and beauty
about the hardships of moving on from
irreplaceable losses. Otis Mueller, a 16 year
old introvert swimmer is thrown for a loop
when Meg, his childhood sweetheart, finds her
way back in town. While his swim-team mate
and self-proclaimed coach, Dara, wants to see
him qualify for the Olympics, Otis is more
interested in reconnecting with his first love,
Meg, whom he hasn’t seen in three years.
Meg’s parents’ separation lands her back in
Illinois. The scene of the accidental death of
Otis’s younger brother, Mason, an incident
Meg cannot overcome and Otis’s mother cannot forgive, keeps resurfacing in everyone’s
memory. Despite the mutual attraction between Otis and Meg, her PTSD (post-traumatic stress
disorder) and boyfriend keep the two in friend territory. When Dara—missing an arm after a
shark attack, suffering from phantom limb pain, and uncertain about her sexuality—begins to
act self-destructively, Otis has to decide who is most important to him, Meg or Dara.

About love, hardship and loss, the book treats teenage love in a manner at once lighthearted
and heartbreakingly platonic. The power of this debut novel is intensified by the unification of
three different teenage stories, each dealing with different sets of problems, who are actually
defining their individuals and threaten to overtake their future.