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The need for a comprehensive manual on Substation equipments and testing procedures
for these equipments is a long felt need. Initiative for this was taken in July 1999 to prepare
such a manual by constituting a Committee of experts.

It is not enough if the officers of specialised field such as GRT, MRT, SS Erection,
Transformer Erection etc., know about such testing procedures. The officers in charge of
Substations should also have adequate knowledge of the equipments they are incharge of, so
that these equipments are maintained well, operated in the way they should be done. Besides
the maintenance officials, the operators of the 400 KV, 230 KV and 110 KV Substations should
also be familiar about the functioning of each equipment they have to operate, observe and
monitor during the course of their duty.

Though piece meal instructions are available in various literature and supplier’s
manuals, they are not codified and written in the way the maintenance and operating officials
could easily understand and carry out their function with confidence and in a systematic way.

The expert committee has brought out a good manual covering pre-commissioning and
periodical testing on all the equipments. I congratulate the members of the team for their
excellent work particularly Thiru K. Mounagurusamy, Thiru M. Varadharajan and Thiru M.
Arunachalam who have shouldered a major responsibility in bringing out this manual.

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. An updated and improved version will
be published later based on these suggestions.

I am confident that the manual will be of immense use to the testing, operating and
maintenance personnel in the T.N.E.B.,.

16.02.2001 CHAIRMAN
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.