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The difference

between Garmin’s

GPS/maps and all

others is like day

and night.

GARMIN’s newest entries in panel-mount technology stand in While these features made the original GNC 250 and GPS 150
sharp contrast to all challengers. The GNC 250XL is a industry leaders, the “XL” versions add incredible mapping
GPS/Comm with high definition moving map graphics. The detail. The DSTN, double super twist nematic, LCD provides
GPS 150XL is its no-Comm sibling. Each offers pilots a unique more than two times the pixels of other panel-mount maps. So
combination of performance, convenience, price and clarity — jagged lines disappear and curved lines and alphanumeric
day or night. characters shine. A built-in photocell automatically adjusts the
backlighting level for optimum viewing. And will even reverse
As the only VFR panel-mounted units with GARMIN’s the display from black-on-yellow to yellow-on-black for
proprietary 12-parallel channel GPS receiver (tracking 12 nighttime viewing.
satellites simultaneously), the GNC 250XL and GPS 150XL lock
on fast and stay locked on for precise navigation information. See your GARMIN dealer to feast your eyes on the new
The GNC 250XL also delivers clear communication from its 760- standard in panel mount GPS maps. With or without the
channel VHF transceiver. And both units feature front-loading built-in Comm, you’ll see satellite mapping technology in a
data cartridges for easy Jeppesen updating. whole new light.

5 to 300 nm. clearance delivery.2. Olathe.1 knot RMS steady state prohibited and restricted w/ controlling agency Dynamics: & airport Velocity: 999 knots Acceleration: 6G Safety Comm. city/state. 2nm and inside SUA Moving Map Features: 14 map scales from 0. Altitude Serializer. 1-5 m w/ DGPS SUA: US Class B & C with sectors. SUAs less than 10 frequencies minutes.). Temperature: lat/long. 0. Winds Aloft. usage Update Rate: 1/second. pilot controlled satellites lighting freq.519222 Garmin Corporation.2. CTA. fuel service. Garmin (Europe) Ltd. Runways: Designation. Density Altitude. Rack and Connectors Display: 3/32" Hex Wrench 80 x 240 double super twist pneumatic with six Pilot‘s Guide times the contrast of typical DSTN displays. TMA. 5 watt minimum transmitter power unicom. ground. lat/long. International or Worldwide Data Storage: Internal battery retains stored data up to 5 years Airports: Identifier. Class C. RS 232 – Plotting (NMEA 0183 v.2642.8200 f: 913. 159 x 143 x 51 mm Rack w/connectors: 6.1794. No. waypoints RAIM Availability. TSO C38d Class C (VHF Receiver)* Class B.8282 **Subject to accuracy degradation to 100m 2DRMS under the Unites States Department of Defense imposed Selective Availability program. Fuel © 2003 Garmin Ltd. north up or each DTK up display Comments: Storage for comments on up to 250 Planning Features: True Airspeed. timers. length. & arr.397. continuous MSA: Minimum safe altitude along and in proximity Accuracy: to user-defined flight plan Position: 15 meters (49 feet) RMS**. aviation band 118-136.77 kg) NavData® Card Rack w/connectors: . SO51 9DL. control. lat/long. simultaneously tracks and uses up to 12 ILS/localizer freq.9099 www. Velocity: 0. altitude and text usage.55 lbs. Closest Point of Approach. freq. Operating: -20ºC to +55ºC (-4ºF to +131ºF) magnetic variation. runway. nearest VOR Certification: TSO C37d Class 4 (VHF Transmitter)* Comm Freq. facility name.1794. lighting. co-located DME (or TACAN).975 MHz ATIS. or its subsidiaries 0903 M01-10079-00 . *Jeppensen and NavData are trademarks of Jeppesen Sanderson p: 913. The Quadrangle. 1.397.0). 12 parallel channel receiver. city/state. Taiwan 886. arrival. weather broadcast Storage: -55ºC to +85ºC (-67ºF to +185ºF) indication Humidity: 95% non-condensing NDBs: Identifier. CTA. Aviation. 2 nearest FSS with select.32 x 6. *GNC 250XL Only 1200 East 151st Street. with nearby waypoints. freq. approach information Environmental VORs: Identifier.K. and ID. country. country. dep. Alarms: Arrival. departure. Inc. with user-selectable track up. navaids and sectorized User Customization airspace. ‘autotune’ frequency selection frequencies. Acquisition Time: 15 seconds (warm). city/state. intersections.. freq. surface.2642. also VHF Transceiver*: 760-channel. country. VORs. transmission timeout. TMA & corrections TRSA with sectors. all SUAs.16 kg* (.519944 fax 44. emergency channel or user waypoints. Fuel and VNAV Planning Messages: 9 scheduled user messages Interfaces: ARINC 429. Shijr.: Approach. lat/long.25 x 5. Features*: Auto squelch control. Quick Reference Card Automatic contrast adjustment with reverse Database Subscription Packet mode for exceptional readability in direct sunlight Optional: Remote NiCad Battery/Charger Pack or at night. optional User Data Card remote rechargeable battery.38 kg Aviation Installation Kit — GPS Antenna. Autozoom feature automatically keeps present position and destination on the Flight Plans: 20 reversible routes of up to 31 waypoints map.. Fuel/Air Data Computer Physical specifications Map Datums: 124 and 1 user-defined (Stored on NavData® Card) Size: Unit: 6. Checklists: 9 user checklists of up to 30 items each Trip. country. control area.. Int. tower. Abbey Park Industrial Estate.garmin. AC 20-138 (VFR) (GPS Receiver) TRSA with sector.* (150XL is 1. 161 x 172 x 51 mm Components Weight: Standard: GNC 250XL or GPS 150XL Unit: 2. including MOAs. 44. Jangshu 2nd Road. 45 seconds (cold) FSS/ARTCC: Identifier. and navigation data Waypoints: 1000 user-defined displayed. elevation. Sunrise/Sunset Calculations.9199 fax 886. Taipei County. PC Interface..79 x 2 inches.2. Unit 5. stuck mike Emergency Search: 9 nearest airports.70 lbs. NDBs. 115-230 VAC 28 to 14 VDC converter* with optional AC adapter for GPS simulator operation Garmin International. U. 2 nearest ARTCC frequencies Navigation Features: Search and Rescue Operation (ladder search). facility name. pre-taxi GPS Receiver: PhaseTrac12TM. 68. standard headset output with sidetone and audio leveling. KS 66062 *Specifications subject to change without notice. proximity.83 lbs. Romsey. Power Backup: Optional NiCad battery pack automatically pilot-defined course selection and waypoint powers unit in case of electric power failure hold. facility name. weather broadcast indication Performance Intersections: Identifier.64 x 2 inches.GNC 250XL/GPS 150XL specifications Jeppesen Database Battery Life: Up to 2 hours with screen time out enabled Coverage: Americas. reference VOR (FSS only). 115/230 VAC Adapter Source: Personal Computer Kit 10-15 VDC* (150XL is 10-33VDC).