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SECURITY+ ACRONYMS DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol IP Internet Protocol

3DES Triple Digital Encryption Standard DLL Dynamic Link Library IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
AAA Authentication, Authorization, and DLP Data Loss Prevention IRC Internet Relay Chat
Accounting DMZ Demilitarized Zone ISP Internet Service Provider
ACL Access Control List DNS Domain Name Service (Server) IV Initialization Vector
AES Advanced Encryption Standard DOS Denial of Service KDC Key Distribution Center
AES256 Advanced Encryption Standards DRP Disaster Recovery Plan L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
256bit DSA Digital Signature Algorithm LANMAN Local Area Network Manager
AH Authentication Header EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
ALE Annualized Loss Expectancy ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography LEAP Lightweight Extensible Authentication
AP Access Point EFS Encrypted File System Protocol
ARO Annualized Rate of Occurrence EMI Electromagnetic Interference MAC Mandatory Access Control / Media
ARP Address Resolution Protocol Access Control
ESP Encapsulated Security Payload
AUP Acceptable Use Policy MAC Message Authentication Code
FTP File Transfer Protocol
BCP Business Continuity Planning MAN Metropolitan Area Network
GPU Graphic Processing Unit
BIOS Basic Input / Output System MBR Master Boot Record
GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation
BOTS Network Robots MD5 Message Digest 5
HDD Hard Disk Drive
CA Certificate Authority MSCHAP Microsoft Challenge Handshake
HIDS Host Based Intrusion Detection
CAC Common Access Card System
CAN Controller Area Network HIPS Host Based Intrusion Prevention
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
CCMP Counter-Mode/CBC-Mac Protocol System
NAC Network Access Control
CCTV Closed-circuit television HMAC Hashed Message Authentication Code
NAT Network Address Translation
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team HSM Hardware Security Module
NIDS Network Based Intrusion Detection
CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Protocol HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol (SSL)
NIPS Network Based Intrusion Prevention
CIRT Computer Incident Response Team HVAC Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning System
CRC Cyclical Redundancy Check IaaS Infrastructure as a Service NIST National Institute of Standards &
CRL Certification Revocation List ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol Technology
DAC Discretionary Access Control ID Identification NOS Network Operating System
DDOS Distributed Denial of Service IKE Internet Key Exchange NTFS New Technology File System
DEP Data Execution Prevention IM Instant messaging NTLM New Technology LANMAN
DES Digital Encryption Standard IMAP4 Internet Message Access Protocol v4 NTP Network Time Protocol

0. Swafford. and is distributed according to the Creative Commons v3 “Attribution” License. Shamir. & Adleman TPM Trusted Platform Module RTO Recovery Time Objective UAT User Acceptance Testing RTP Real-Time Transport Protocol UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply S/MIME Secure / Multipurpose internet Mail Extensions URL Universal Resource Locator SaaS Software as a Service USB Universal Serial Bus SCAP Security Content Automation Protocol UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair This cheat sheet was compiled by Steven M. File version 1.OS Operating System SCSI Small Computer System Interface VLAN Virtual Local Area Network OVAL Open Vulnerability Assessment SDLC Software Development Life Cycle VoIP Voice over IP Language SDLM Software Development Life Cycle VPN Virtual Private Network PAP Password Authentication Protocol Methodology VTC Video Teleconferencing PAT Port Address Translation SHA Secure Hashing Algorithm WAF Web-Application Firewall PBX Private Branch Exchange SHHTP Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol WAP Wireless Access Point PEAP Protected Extensible Authentication SIM Subscriber Identity Module WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy Protocol SLA Service Level Agreement WIDS Wireless Intrusion Detection System PED Personal Electronic Device SLE Single Loss Expectancy WIPS Wireless Intrusion Prevention System PGP Pretty Good Privacy SMS Short Message Service WPA Wireless Protected Access PII Personally Identifiable Information SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol XSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery PKI Public Key Infrastructure SNMP Simple Network Management XSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery POTS Plain Old Telephone Service Protocol XSS Cross-Site Scripting PPP Point-to-point Protocol SONET Synchronous Optical Network PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol Technologies PSK Pre-Shared Key SPIM Spam over Internet Messaging PTZ Pan-Tilt-Zoom SSH Secure Shell RA Recovery Agent SSL Secure Sockets Layel RAD Rapid application development SSO Single Sign On RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-in User STP Shielded Twisted Pair Server TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks Control System RAS Remote Access Server TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol RBAC Role Based Access Control TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol RBAC Rule Based Access Control TLS Transport Layer Security RSA Rivest. More cheat sheets? .