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Moving Image Arts

Possible Recall Questions

Classical Hollywood Style
1. Identify 3 conventions of the Classical Hollywood Style and explain their
2. Describe Hitchcock’s vision of pure cinema and explain its purpose
3. Describe the origins of the classical Hollywood Style.

Realism in Hollywood
1. Identify and explain 3 conventions of Realism Cinema

Hollywood Studio System
1. How has the Hollywood Studio System influenced the style and
production of modern film
2. Analyse the influence the Hollywood Studio system on genre
3. Analyse the unique features of the Hollywood studio system

German Expressionism
1. Explain 3 ways in which the Hollywood Style of film – making has been
inspired by German expressionist cinema
2. Describe 3 elements of German Expressionism and explain their purpose
3. Explain how modern Art + Expressionism has inspired German
Expressionism cinema
4. How has modern directors been influenced by German Expressionism
5. Explain how the German film industry emerged and the effect it had on
American Cinema

Film Noir / American Expressionism
1. Describe 3 elements of Film Noir and explain their purpose
2. Explain3 ways in which the Hollywood film industry has been inspired by
Film Noir
3. Explain the influence of hard-boiled crime fiction on Film Noir

Soviet Montage
1. How has soviet montage influenced conventional filmmakers’ todays
2. Explain 3 conventions of Soviet Montage
3. What 3 effects does Soviet Montage / Soviet Editing have on the