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Direct Foreign Investment

Kurt Geeno Du Vencer – BSBA – FM 4
According to an article by Business Mirror, our country has what it takes to hit $8.2
billion Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) target for 2018. Here are the highlights: First,
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) reported a significant rise in FDI, amounting to $2
billion alone in October 2017. Second, FDI—or the nonresidents’ investment to the
Philippines in search for longer-term yield—grew by about 200 percent, from the $670
million seen in the same month in 2016. The month’s inflow is also significantly higher
than September’s $754 million. Third, FDI inflows to the Philippines in January to October
2017 hit $7.86 billion, only $140 million shy of the BSP’s $8-billion FDI projection by end-
2017. Fourth, upswing in FDI reflects continued investor confidence in the country’s
strong macroeconomic fundamentals and growth prospects. Fifth and last, optimism is
high for the Philippines’s foreign direct investments (FDI) this year.
In another article by Rappler, our country already exceeded the Foreign Direct
Investments target for 2017. Here are the highlights: First, FDI net inflows amounted to
$869 million in November 2017, higher by 16.9% than the $744-million level posted in the
same month in 2016. Second, net equity capital inflows grew by 38.7% to $210 million,
as equity capital placements of $228 million more than offset the $18 million in
withdrawals. Third, bulk of gross equity capital investments came from Singapore, Hong
Kong, Luxembourg, China, and the United States. Fourth, reinvestment of earnings
amounted to $56 million in November 2017. Fifth and last, sustained FDI inflows reflected
investor confidence given the Philippine economy's solid macroeconomic fundamentals
and growth prospects.

. I can’t wait for the changes and transformation in our country. Also. As stated in the article. In line with this. as this would help in fulfilling our dreams of having a competitive and strong country. Now. with this tax reform the Philippines greatly needs aid from our neighbors or from other countries and thanks to this performance by our Central Bank. of agriculture. This was a good way to end the year 2017 because it can be carried on in 2018 and this could provide many opportunities to our fellow countrymen and potentially to our economy that could put us on top once again. Direct Foreign Investment Kurt Geeno Du Vencer – BSBA – FM 4 Critique The strong performance by the Bangko Sentral Performance (BSP) last year towards the Foreign Direct Investment shows that our country can be competent once again or even reclaim our title as the most trusted and progressive nation in South East Asia. job opportunities. the inflows from January to October rose to almost 7 billion dollars which means that investors are pouring in from different countries all over the world. this positive news could greatly counter the burden brought to us by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) because of its side effects which is an increase in the prices of certain commodities. so we must be more active in trading and investment activities between nations and extend an effort to emphasize the essence of investment to young individuals. a progressive and greater Philippines for 2018 can be foreseen. This means that the country will once again be considered as a haven for resilient investors who wants to establish a company or business. As a business student and a future professional. in terms. What does it imply for the investors? The statistics published by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP together with their valiant efforts attracts many investors in the future. I would highly suggest to our administration to further strengthen our relations with other nations because as stated in the article by Rappler. a part of the country’s positive performance in Foreign Direct Investment is our neighboring countries and as well as other countries. etc.

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