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1. Name :

2. Age of the respondents :
a) 20-30 years
b) 30-35 years
c) 35-40 years
d) Above 40 years
3. Gender of the respondents
a) Male
b) Female

4. Educational qualifications
b) HSC
c) Graduate
d) Post graduate
5. Income of the respondents
a) 10000-20000
b) 20000-30000
c) 30000-40000
d) Above 40000

6. Experience of the respondents a) 1-2 years experience b) 2-3 years experience c) 3-4 years experience d) Above 5 years experience 7) Type of function you are performing A) Retailer B) Dealer C) Both 8) Since how long are you associated with the dealers ot" Riaa Boilers Industries? A)>4 Years B) >8 Years C) >l2 Years D) >16 Years. 9) How many go downs do you have? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) Morethan4 .

’ A) steel Products B) aluminum Materials C) All type of raw Materials 12) What market do you operate in? A)Local Market B) Local and Outside Market 13) What number of staff do you have in your Boiler? A)500 B)400 C)800 D)Mon: than 1000 .10) Whether the go downs are? A) Hired B) Personal. ll) Wha1 type of products do you deal in '.

I6) How do you place the order and how frequently? A) Weekly B) fortnightly C) monthly D) once (in a whole year) .14) Which of the quality attributes for Mesuring & cutting materials you prefer most in terms of customer preferences? A) Smoothness B) Brightness C) Bulk D) Opacity. l5) Which problem have you generally faced with Riaa Boilers? A) See thoroughness B) collecting waste materials C) Cutting Operations D) Other.

I7) From where do you purchase the Steel rad? A) Supply Raw Material B) Directly from the Factory. I8) Are advertisements required to serve the purpose better? A) Yes B) No I9) Do you feel like that hiring a brand Ambassador & then advertising for the Boiler products would be helpful in generating more volume of sales for the Company? A) Yes B) No 20) Who are your frequent consumers? A) Corporate Professionals B) Home Appliances C) Motor Companies D) Engineering Works 21) Is the current packaging of Riaa Boiler products attractive & safe? A) Yes .

25) What is your expectation from Riaa Boilers? A) Incentive B) Discounts C) Credit . C) 3rd qtr D) 4th qtr.’ A) Highly positive B)Positive C) Moderate D)Negative. B) No 22) Which type of consumer responses forwards the products of Riaa Boilers'. B)2nd qtr. 23) What method of sales do you approach? A) Phone B)Commerce C )Direct Sales 24) During which period of year you register maximum sales? A) lst qtr.

26) What according to you are the possible threats to Riaa Boilers from competitors? A) New entrants B) sales & distribution network C) Price D) Others 27) What is your means of shipment? A) Lorry B) Truck transport C) Others 28) Do you receive motivational sales scheme from Riaa Boilers dealers? A) Yes B) No 29) What is the mode of company solving your queries & receiving feedback? A) Via-telephone B) Direct visit C) Others. . D) Others.