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a. Discuss the Basic Passing and Common types of Passing in Football.
b. Appreciate the Significance of Passing in Football.
c. Perform the Basic Skills and Common types of Passing in Football

II. Subject Matter:
Topic: Basic Skills in Football
Materials: Football Ball, P.E Uniform, Audio Clip.
Reference: Our World of MAPEH 8, Vibal Publishing pp. 226 – 234.

III. Procedure:
Teachers Activity

`` A. Preparation
Checking of Attendance

B. Review
Before we proceed to our new
lesson, Let us first have a review of the topic
we discussed last meeting.
-Football is a game by means of
What is Football? running and kicking
-It is also a team sport that requires
speed, ball control, and a lot of stamina.
How does the game starts?
-Football starts by means of a Kick-
How many players playing for each team’s? off
-Each teams must have 11 players
including the Goal Keeper
What is the role of Goal Keeper? -The role of the goal keeper is to
defend the goal post to avoid being scored
C. Motivation: by opposing team.
I have here a video clip, watch and
observe carefully on the video.

What is your observation regarding -The video presentation was fun it
the video presentation? relieves our boredom.
-They have skills in passing the ball
The performance you have observed in Football.
has something to do about our topic for

D. Presentation:
Today our discussion will focus
about the basic skills in Football, which is
Passing Skills.
Passing is a key part of association in
Football. And it is also the best way to
create a better pass to score in Football.
Most players have different strategy
in making a better pass to their teammates.
We have 5 types of passing: the short
pass, long pass, backward pass, piercing
pass and wall pass. But for today we will be
dealing about the two Basic and Common
Types of Passing, the Short Pass and the
Long Pass.

What is the meaning of short pass?

and follow through toward your kicking leg. Later. When you have contact with the ball. hit the middle of the ball with the laces of your shoes. you are going to perform it in front of the class. The best technique for short/direct pass is first. Application: Go to your respective groups. use the inside of your foot. (The teacher will demonstrate the proper execution of the Long Pass) E. -it is also the best way to score in the game Football Give the two basic and common types of passing? -The two basic passing in football are the short pass and long pass What is Short Pass? -This is the most used type of passing in football Will you demonstrate the short pass? (The student will demonstrate the short pass) What about long pass? -The long pass is used to clear the ball Will you demonstrate the long pass? towards the opposing side of the court . Heel down and the ball pointing upward. -Short pass or sometimes called as the Direct -This is probably one of the most- used passes in Football -It is typically executed when you are near to your teammate. A good technique to use is to lock the ankle of your kicking foot. (The teacher will demonstrate the proper execution of the short pass) What is Long Pass? -Long pass is used to clear the ball to the opposite side of the field to a teammate who is open and has no defenders around him. F. -This type of pass is used for counter attacking the opposing team. it involves hitting the ball with accuracy and power. In executing the Long Pass. You must hit the middle part of the ball with your kicking foot. -Passing is a key part of association in What is passing? football. plant your non-kicking foot alongside the ball and point it in the direct you want the ball to go. Generalization Let’s have a short recap of the lesson we have discussed for today. I will give you 15 minutes to practice your skills about the Two Basic and Common types of Passing in Football (Short pass and Long pass).

Evaluation Each Group will perform the Basic and Common Passing in Football. Dribbling 3. CRITERIA FOR GRADING Proper Execution 50% Group work/Cooperation 50% TOTAL 100% V. Striking (Reference Our World of MAPEH pp. Wall pass Research the following about the basic types of passing in Football: 1. Backward pass 2. Piercing pass 3. Receiving 2. Assignment Make an advance reading on the following: 1. 226 – 234) . IV.