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Native Instruments KONTAKT 5 Readme File

(c)2017 Native Instruments. All rights reserved.


1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Important Notes
4. Known Limitations and Issues
5. Contact

1. Introduction

Thank you very much for choosing KONTAKT 5!

In this document you will find information regarding last-minute
additions, compatibility issues and possible problem causes.

2. Version History

Version 5.8

- ADDED The contents of the Libraries tab can now be filtered by text search
- ADDED The contents of the Libraries tab can now be alphabetically sorted
- IMPROVED The virtual keyboard now automatically resizes to match rack widths
higher than the default
- IMPROVED KSP: The maximum number of controls per control type has now been raised
to 512
- IMPROVED KSP: The maximum array size has now been raised to 1000000
- IMPROVED KSP: get_control_par() wouldn't work for ui_level_meter
- IMPROVED KSP: One can now have up to three file selector widgets in a single
script slot
- IMPROVED The Manage Libraries button now launches the Libraries preferences
- FIXED Default file sorting was seemingly random on APFS volumes
- FIXED Some KSP UI elements would disappear when used in multiple instruments in
the same rack
- FIXED KSP: Kontakt would crash when attempting to build a MIDI pattern from a
large while loop
- FIXED Certain filters would use more memory than necessary
- FIXED KSP: mf_reset() would not return an async ID
- OS REQUIREMENTS This version requires macOS 10.11 or higher or Windows 7 or

Version 5.7.3

- IMPROVED Kontakt now starts noticeably faster, especially on systems with many

7.FIXED KSP switches would sometimes not show the correct sprite frame when in hover state .CHANGED The Add Library button has now been renamed to Manage Library .FIXED Instruments created from scratch would not appear in the Maschine and Komplete Kontrol Library browsers .ADDED Every KSP runtime warning now includes the line number of its source .FIXED APFS drives would not show up in Kontakt’s File Browser Version 5.FIXED The frame rate would drop significantly if multiple waveform displays were used on a KSP UI .0 would crash when clicking the FX Engine button on EXHALE by Output .FIXED Kontakt would crash when attempting to declare PGS keys in multiscripts .FIXED In certain cases.FIXED Nested dropdown menus would stop working under certain circumstances .ADDED KSP UI widgets can now be explicitly placed on one of three layers on the z axis ($CONTROL_PAR_Z_LAYER) .7.ADDED New KSP built-in variable ($NI_CONTROL_PAR_IDX) returns the index of the element triggering a UI callback. a new tab allows for customized control over hiding/showing Libraries from the browser . Hot Solo and Van 51 .7 .FIXED Certain DAWs would freeze when attempting to duplicate a track with Kontakt . Kontakt would take longer than usual to close if Usage Data tracking was enabled .FIXED In certain cases.1 .KNOWN ISSUE The documentation is not up to date Version 5.FIXED Kontakt 5.ADDED There are now two new distortion effects available: Cat and DStortion .0 would crash when loading Electro-Acoustic by Soniccouture .7. applies to tables and the XY Pad .FIXED $ENGINE_PAR_INTMOD_SUBTYPE would not work Version 5.FIXED Text selection in Expert tab is now visible .Libraries installed .ADDED Effect parameters that are represented as buttons or dropdown menus are now available through KSP .ADDED Library visibility settings in the Options.6.FIXED KSP: num_elements() now works with ui_xy arrays . Kontakt would crash when loading an NKI when another NKI was in Edit view .ADDED The KSP waveform UI widget can now be styled (color and transparency of its separate components) .FIXED CPU profiling mode is now reliable .8 .FIXED Kontakt would crash when trying to load NKIs with too many automation assignments .ADDED There are now three new guitar amplifier models available: AC Box.FIXED Kontakt 5.FIXED Certain NKIs with many automation assignments would cause the system to noticeably slow down .FIXED Kontakt would crash when longer samples were used with the Tone Machine .FIXED exFAT drives would not show up in Kontakt’s File Browser on macOS .CHANGED Add & Activate Library buttons now launch Native Access which now also supports 3rd party Libraries .FIXED The Missing Samples dialog would always suggest the default user folder .

FIXED XY Pad: The customized string representation of parameter values was not shared with the host correctly .FIXED Using get_control_par() with $CONTROL_PAR_ALLOW_AUTOMATION now returns the correct value instead of always 0 .0 .ADDED Real numbers and advanced math functions are now available in KSP .FIXED Issues with certain audio interfaces when using Kontakt standalone Version 5.FIXED The KSP bitwise operators would cause parse errors in certain cases .1 .5 .FIXED Crashes related to using special characters in various text fields Version 5.FIXED The Group MIDI Channel setting menu was broken .FIXED “Compress samples” check-box when saving NKIs was ignored on Windows .FIXED Crash when switching to Mini View under circumstances .CHANGED The user interface style has received a major update .FIXED Issues when instrument size was set by multiple script slots .KNOWN ISSUE The documentation is not up to date Version 5.FIXED Switching to Mini-view and back would reset the window size .FIXED There was a graphical issue with level meters on instrument Performance Views . resulting in unnecessary load .FIXED Crash when trying to view the Infos (sic) tab of the Instrument Options dialog with certain NKIs .CHANGED Improved the On-Screen Keyboard’s color legibility based on user feedback .FIXED The size of the Quickload area was always reset after restarting Kontakt .FIXED Voices were not killed correctly in certain cases.FIXED Crash when double-clicking on the header of Expert>Groups tab .6 .FIXED The “Unwind Automation” setting was ignored by automation assignments made via KSP .FIXED Crash when using the Next / Previous NKI buttons under certain conditions .6.FIXED XY Pad: Updating the value of a cursor from within the control’s callback was unreliable .ADDED New KSP UI control: XY Pad .CHANGED Improved text legibility on many UI areas based on user feedback .FIXED Certain Bank properties would be discarded when re-saving NKSNs .FIXED Crash when trying to view the Host Automation tab with certain NKIs loaded .6.6.FIXED Some effects would block sound when loaded through KSP .6.FIXED Certain NKIs would trigger the “Really quit…” dialog every time they were closed Version 5.ADDED XY Pad: Individual cursors can now be hidden via KSP ($HIDE_PART_CURSOR) .FIXED Crash on loading certain instruments .6.ADDED Re-introduced the Global Purge controls (removed with 5.0) as part of the File menu .FIXED Crash when using certain context menus .FIXED Vertical window resizing was sluggish under certain conditions .instead of the folder the NKIs are in .

FIXED The Retrigger factory script would freeze notes when rate-knob was set to bar and clock was not running .FIXED KSP variable $EVENT_PAR_SOURCE was unreliable under certain circumstances .6.FIXED Crash when showing the Quickload panel while having high UI activity on a Performance View . More info here: https://www.ADDED New KSP command to set an instrument’s color including its header: set_ui_color() .FIXED Common loading time issue with commercial Libraries that was worked around by local batch re-save .CHANGED Improved performance on certain scripts using heavy image resources .ADDED Official support for automation assignments via KSP. improving a previously undocumented.FIXED The UI of the mod shaper turned unusable when deleting the first or last node .Fixed a KSP issue causing Kontakt to crash when using set_key_name() under certain circumstances .FIXED Sample-rate changes would cause crackles and changes of the sound of the convolution effect .REMOVED The font size option has been removed . like EXHALE) .FIXED Attempting to rename modulators across multiple groups yielded unexpected results . abruptly muting tails of other effects . Japanese and Spanish documentation is out of date .native- instruments.ADDED Parameter names are now visible in ProTools’ Plug-in Automation list .KNOWN ISSUE The database will be empty after updating to 5.ADDED New KSP command to enable instruments up to 1000 pixels wide: set_ui_width_px() — CHANGED The maximum height of instruments was raised to 750 pixels when set via KSP .FIXED Modal dialog placement was unpredictable .FIXED Crash on OS X when changing the latency setting right after changing the sample rate . a manual “Reset and Rescan” is required .ADDED Usage data tracking.KNOWN ISSUE The Getting Started documents are out of date Version 5.. yet widely used feature .FIXED Editing modulators of modulators only worked on on one group even when attempting it over multiple ones .com/en/support/knowledge-base/show/4519/what-is-usage-data-tracking/ .KNOWN ISSUE All French.FIXED Deleting MIDI CC modulators only worked on one group even when attempting it over multiple ones .FIXED The memory footprint display on instrument header froze when in MASCHINE or KOMPLETE KONTROL .2 .FIXED KSP: Parameter value strings (labels) wouldn’t be published to DAW if triggered from within the ui_control callback of textedit controls .FIXED The Transient Master effect stopped processing when there were no voices running.FIXED Changing snapshots on bigger instruments caused a parse error under certain circumstances .FIXED NKA files would silently fail being written to disk under certain circumstances (affected certain Libraries.FIXED Crash when renaming modulators under certain circumstances .now everything appears on center of active display .FIXED The Phaser effect produced stereo signal with muted right channel when used with mono samples . German.REMOVED The Modules tab from the sidebar has been removed .FIXED Drag and drop was broken on OS X if a CD was in the drive .5.

5. was de-tuned by a a few cents on Mac OS . Chorus. now allowing loading directly from NKRs (mode 2) .1 that caused Kontakt to crash when loading bank files .Fixed an issue in Fruity Loops where multiple instances of KONTAKT would cause a crash upon the loading of a project .Performance has been increased when processing MIDI CC events.4.fixed an activation issue on specific high-end machines . . the name change was not immediately updated .a bug within the PGS callback (KSP) caused instruments to load incorrectly when using the arrow keys to change presets .MIDI CC modulators now work correctly for slots 2-128 of instrument banks .Time related effect parameters can be controlled via KSP (Delay.There are no longer CPU spikes when manipulating the host-tempo while playing back a Kontakt instrument.Fixed an issue with 5.3 .The way that users interact with parameters associated with time within FX has been improved with more consistent behaviour.4.Fixed a KSP issue when using the load_array() command with string arrays. when loading an instrument the graphical progress bar froze upon loading the NKI Version 5.fixed a crash with the "Roland Quad Capture" audio interface .5.0 .Kontakt/Battery instruments can be saved directly from within KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE ..Ableton Live no longer freezes when a track containing Kontakt is automated and frozen .2 .The import version is now present in the About Dialog on all Mac OS versions .1 .improved updating parameter values in KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE .1 that caused Factory Presets to be scanned on each launch Version some cases.Developers can change the contents of an FX Slots from KSP . Sample Modelling’s "The Trumpet”.when naming a new NKI.The KSP command mf_remove_event() now correctly clears all data .fixed a batch-resave issue which would remove mappings from instruments in rare cases .5. Flanger.Group effects can now be changed via KSP without the associated group being selected for editing .fixed a crash when saving.Fixed a KSP issue in which the on_persistence_changed callback did not complete after loading an instrument via the instrument header .Time Machine Pro voice settings can be controlled from KSP . Phaser) . Version 5. while automation was assigned to the LFO phase parameter Version 5. .in some scenarios.Fixed an issue introduced with 5.5.

added advanced integration with KOMPLETE KONTROL .Fixed rare crash when streaming .fixed a crash related to Rise and Hit and Logic Pro .fixed an issue with only two folders being displayed if snapshots were in subfolders .3.2.4. New 'Easy Mode' for DBD Envelope Version 5.0 . New 'Simple LP/HP' Filter .9 .fixed the background loading display on the snapshot tab .Fixed crash with Output FX presets .Fixed issue with KONTAKT Script Processor instruction set for MIDI Object handling Version 5.added load_array mode 2. Fixed a crash loading the Limiter FX from the modules pane Version 5.Improved KONTAKT Script Processor instruction set for MIDI Object handling .added info texts for snapshot related functions .0 ..New effect: Feedback Compressor .1 .1 . nka files can now be stored in the resource container .improved CPU performance in certain scenarios .ncw files .fixed a crash with the feedback compressor in the output section Version 5.updated KSP reference Manual . Version 5. Fixed a crash closing the plugin window in Fishman Tripleplay . Fixed issues with libraries disappearing in certain cases .added Snapshot system for NKIs .fixed an issue with key switches not being displayed on the virtual keyboard after project recall .Other minor fixes . Fixed crashes on OSX 10.fixed a crash quickly opening and closing the GUI which occurred with various DAWs .0 host software . Fixed a crash related to purging samples while background loading .3.1 .discontinued RTAS support with this update Please refer to the KSP Reference Manual for script related additions. Added support for Avid Audio eXtension (AAX Native 64 bit) .fixed crashes . Advanced integration in MASCHINE 2. Fixed a crash with batch resave .2.

Fixed zipper noise when setting Send Levels from the KSP Script .0. Improved file import . Fixed several issues . Other minor fixes Version 5.Fixed different crashes .1. New 'Jump' amplifier effect .wrong knob scaling for Pitch knob in higher range . Mac OS X 10.Fixed initial pop in Instrument Bus System although Volume was set to zero .1 .crackles when moving Tune knob .0 .New vintage compressor: Solid Bus Comp . Fixed some rare crashes Version 5. Dynamically resizable 'post-amp' section in Group Effect Chain .Fixed sorting of Library order in Library Tab .0.Fixed crash when reloading purged samples in a Group using TMPro .Resource Containers for Kontakt Libraries now support .3 .0.Fixed wrong tempo when dragging MIDI to Host with certain REX2 files .Fixed delay output signal being louder when an Instrument was loaded into a Bank .Fixed TMPro .Fixed problems with Add Library on Mac OS X Lion .0 .improved memory management in critical situations .Fixed TMPro .8 RTAS: fixed crash on startup .Other minor fixes Version 5.Fixed other rare crashes Version 5.Fixed activation problems with a few older Kontakt Libraries on Mac OS X .ncw files . Invert and Channel Swap functionality in Group amplifier section . Significant Time Machine Pro improvements .Mac OS X 32 bit: fixed rare crash on startup . Added support for Avid Audio eXtension (AAX Native 32 bit) .New Time Maschine Pro .Improved loading times of Instruments with many Groups using TMPro .Fixed TMPro .Mac OS X AudioUnit: plug-in migration .Fixed wrong modulation behavior with Solid G-EQ .Fixed crash when importing a Group with missing samples .2 . Easier and faster activation for Kontakt Instruments .Version 5.New vintage equalizer: Solid G-EQ .

0. and many more .4.New effect: Transient Master .4 Database Tab' in the KONTAKT 5 Application Reference is outdated. Known Limitations and Issues ================================================================== Version 5.New effect: Tape Saturator .Extended KONTAKT Script Processor instruction set including MIDI file support.New advanced syncing options ================================================================== 3. Please keep in mind that chapter '12.New 16-channel Instrument Bus System .2 .0. Please use the 64bit plug-in if you are using a 64bit host. This means that User Sets are no longer visible or adjustable in KONTAKT 5. Important Notes ================================================================== Please see the KONTAKT 5.0. You can download updates from the Native Instruments homepage in the .Building the KONTAKT 5 Database referencing a very large sample collection can cause the Database to reach a very big size.0.37 new high quality filters including new adaptive resonance filters . or later versions. Since the Database is partly loaded in your computers RAM it will reduce the available memory for loading instruments. .1 . starting wih KONTAKT 5.. ================================================================== 4. Version 5.2.0 Reference Manual for important notes! Version 5.0.User Sets had to be removed from the KONTAKT Database Browser for technical reasons.0. The referring chapter '12.Colors and ratings are not longer part of the KONTAKT Database Browser.7 Defining Your Own Attribute Sets' in the KONTAKT 5 Application Reference is outdated.Windows: the 32bit VST plug-in does not run reliably in 64bit hosts. Software Updates ================================================================== KONTAKT 5 is constantly being improved by Native Instruments. For optimal performance and additional components please make sure that you always use the latest version of KONTAKT 5. . ================================================================== 5.

com/support/contact-support/ Your Native Instruments Team ."Updates" or contact our support team: www. ================================================================== 6.native-instruments. Contact ================================================================== For contacting NI or information about other NI products please visit the NI homepage www.