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OCHO, Orlaine Rexie Mae Philippine Institution 100-M

2015-13448 May 23, 2018

Claro M. Recto once said, “Nationalism is nourished by a sense of history. It is of its

essence to know profoundly the past, so that we may be in complete openness with the men

who made that history and in intimate communion with their thoughts, their deeds, and their

noble lives.”

As a youth of today’s generation, I come to think of one question when it comes to

discussions with regards to the Philippines’ National Hero – Jose Protacion Rizal Mercado y

Alonso Realonda – do Filipino youths of today’s generation still know the relevance of the

life of Rizal to our society? Are schools and universities teaching enough about him so youth

would know what wonders and impact Rizal has done to contribute to our nation’s freedom?

Honestly, I lost hope knowing that many of the youth today only care about internet

and everything that is related to it. However, I met Jose C. Limbaga III. He graduated with a

degree of Bachelor of Science in Political Science at the Notre Dame of Kidapawan College

Class of 2011. He was the former Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson in our barangay. He is

actually my third-degree-cousin.

Upon my interview with him, he was again running for the same position with the

hopes of, once again, awakening the nationalism of the youth in our community. Besides

holding basketball leagues and beauty pageants (which are typical events hosted by the SK in

every baranggay), included in his plans of action is to hold forums and seminars tackling

nationalism. He would also like to hold forums which will look into the topics such as

cyber-bullying, early teenage pregnancy, and drugs and alcohol abuse.

“Kung ako mahatagan ug higayon nga makaalagad og usab sa atong mga kabatan-onan. He continues to emphasize during the interview that indeed. But then again. In one of the many essays that Rizal wrote. that did not stop him from gathering more knowledge about Rizal and how he offered himself for the survival and freedom of this nation. He vowed to uphold the virtues and values upheld by Rizal during his time. “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” This is what Kuya Jose told me when I asked him about his plans for the youth of our barangay. His great grandfather idolized Rizal so much. he studied Rizal’s work a lot because he is his favorite hero of all times. Nevertheless. only a little. himself. Unfortunately. his great grandfather never stopped thinking highly of Jose Rizal. Rizal was the inspiration of his Kuya Jose’s great grandfather upon entering law school. In addition. Kuya Jose. Jose Rizal. gusto ko nga i-mold sila ngadto sa usa ka henerasyon nga dili lang limitado sa pagtext-text o pag-surf sa internet lang. like many Filipinos. he discussed on La Insruccion (The Town Schools in the Philippines) that Filipinos need proper education. Most of all. Kuya Jose is an advocate of proper education just like the hero who he looks up to so much.” He furthermore told me that during his tertiary education. Akong paningkamotan nga sila ma-mold isip mga youth nga andam mualagad sa atong komunidad backed up with utmost nationalism. he did not finish his studies in law. Yes. He taught Kuya Jose all the basic knowledge he knew about Rizal. Kuya Jose learned a little about Jose Rizal’s work. because his great grandfather passed away when he was 11 years old. He found it funny because he was actually named after the Philippine hero. Rizal deliberated on proper education as a need for the Filipinos because he believes that education will be the solution to the problems of our . was inspired by the contribution of Rizal to the liberation and freedom of the Philippines.

And because the youth will be the future leaders of our country as such needs a good and strong foundation to be good leaders and citizens someday (iPac. Kuya Jose helped forward the passage of the Free Tertiary Education Program in our place. He had written various forms of literature all pointed towards the youth. he also stated that education will help open the minds of the youth because. they are the fair hope of our motherland (Casamayor. Pasalamat gayud kita sa atong halangdong mayor nga gisuportahan ang atong gi-lobby nga katangod sa tanan – ang edukasyon. if given the chance to win one more time again.” I also hope that people would opt to go to school and finish their tertiary education rather than adding up to the people to be fed by their parents every day. It is evident in many of the works of Jose Rizal that he trusts that the future truly lies within the hands of our youth. especially the tertiary education. 2015). “Dili dapat nato sayang ang opportunity. 2014). It seemed like education has become a privilege and not a right anymore. He would encourage his fellow youth who has long stayed in their houses and/or the streets to go to school. Grab dayon! Free education na na. The municipal mayor has signed this certain bill. As a firm believer that education is a right that should strongly be implemented among all the youth in the community. is very much commercialized to the point that very few people have had the means of going to school (Jamero. he would promote proper education by vouching for the said school. 2017). He said. No tuition fee was to be asked from the students. Education sets the societal equilibrium balanced. education today. However. Kuya Jose said that. Moreover. I hope the campaign of Kuya Jose to call on stay-at-home kids and the ‘​tambay’ to access the free proper education offered by our local government unit. He ordered to build a building to the institute of science and technology in our place. Upon . as I have mentioned

. he started to develop and train himself on the field of politics through running for the position of Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson. as he is still a young man. To mold the youth into the youth willing to serve the country and its countrymen. He crafted his plans of action based on what he sees as the strongly needed factors by the youth in our place. Kuya has failed before when he first ran as SK Chairperson. As I watched Kuya Jose and his running mates campaign for themselves from point to point in our barangay.forwarding this campaign. there is in every man an innate desire to cultivate his intelligence. I salute how he held himself althroughout the campaign period. However. the society must teach and impart knowledge on us. I truly think that he deserved his win at the May 2018 Barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan elections. he withstand all the struggles that an election might bring to the aspiring candidates. resiliency and courage. Kuya Jose said that he always keeps in his mind what Rizal once said. I can honestly see the virtues which Rizal upheld and instilled in the minds of the Filipinos. because he has a clear and focused idea on what he wants the youth to become and because he envisions a better future and better life for the youth. His heart belongs to the people.” It seemed to me like Kuya Jose has been spending too much deliberating upon the life of Jose Rizal during his college years. He was courageous enough to take on the role of being a setter of a good example to his fellow youth. Filled with pride and excitement. For now. “Besides the duty of every one to seek his perfection. He wants to empower them. I observed that he really is dedicated and true to what he told me. he ecstatically told me that he even focused his undergraduate thesis to Jose Rizal.

It is up to us. And because Kuya Jose won. This quote never gets old because its relevance would never cease its significance and applicability. . I would really expect for the youth of our barangay to be nationalistic and partiotics towards the Philippines. Cliche as it may be. to reflect and ponder on what we can and may do in order to contribute to the development of our nation. we could contribute to the Filipino progress and liberation. every one and any person could be a hero as long as he has done something so selfless that it benefited the Filipino people. the youth. I also hope that my fellow youth be able to grasp the importance and relevance of finishing our studies.” Kuya Jose still believed that like Rizal. he has done something for the benefit of the Filipino society. Jamero (2014) stated in the article he released that “Deserving or not to be the national hero of the country. This is the legacy which the great Jose Rizal would want us to perceive from him.” Aware of the countless ongoing debate on whether or not Rizal deserved to be our “Pambansang Bayani. I would like the youth to take time and reflect on what Rizal unceasingly reminds us with: we are the future of our nation. even in our own little ways.

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