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1. Operating force or torque.
- that which tends to close the contacts of the relay.

2. Restraining force or Torque.
- that which opposes the operating force or torque and tends to prevent the closure of the
relay contacts.

3. Pickup (level)
- The value of current or voltage etc. which is the threshold above which the relay will
close its contacts.

4. Dropout (level) OR Reset
- The values of current or voltage etc. which is the threshold below which the relay will
open its contacts and return to normal position or state.

5. Characteristic (of a relay in the steady state)
- The locus of the pick up or reset when drawn on a graph.

6. Backup relay
A relay which operates usually after a slight delay, if the normal relay does not operate
to trip its circuit breaker.

7. Selectivity
- The ability of the relay to discriminate between a fault in the protected section and
abnormal conditions or a fault else where on the system.

8. Consistency
- The accuracy with which the relay can repeat its electrical or time characteristic.

9. Flag or Target
- A visual device, usually spring or gravity operated for indicating the operation of a