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Romans, 1& 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1& 2 Thessalonias, 1&2 Timothy, Titus and philemon were written by Paul. Most of the scholars accept paul’s authorship on Hebrews, but we will not Study on this Epistle now. But we’ll consider all the other Epistles except 1&2 Timothy &Titus, the Pastoral Epistles which will be dealt separately.

A brief outlined notes have been given.



The church at Corinth was founded by Paul as the result of eighteen months of labour there (1 Cor.4:15 with Acts 18). ORIGI OF EPISTLE (1) After Paul’s departure, grave disorders broken out. During his 3 years stay At Ephesus (Acts 19&20:31) he must have rushed over to Corinth a few days to put these abuses in order (first visit Acts 18; 1 cor.& 2 Cor. Were written towards the lose of the third year ministry in Ephesus, 1 Cor. 16:8 and yet in 2 Cor. 12:14& 2 Cor.13:1 he speaks of paying his 3 rd Visit) (2) On his return he wrote his first letter, now last (see 1 Cor.5 :9 & 11), thus making what we call the first, the second and the second the first. (3) The arrival and report of some members of a well known family (Cor. 1;11) and common reports from other travelers ( 1 Cor.5:1, 11 : 18 ) Prove that inspite and all his efforts, the sad disorders continued. Presently a reply to his first letter came, with fresh enquiries (1 Cor. 7 : 1 ) and to answer these questions, as well as unburden his soul about the disorders, he wrote this letter.

1 COR CHURCH DISSORERS 1:1-9 1:10-4:21

REPORTED TO PAUL SOCIAL IRREGULARITIES 5:1-6:2 1.Immoralisty Denounced Ch.5 2.want of brotherly Love Strongly Rebuked 6:1-8 SOCIAL IRREGULARITIES 6:9-10:1-18 On marriage, Celibacy and Divorce 6:9-7:40 2.On meat Offered to idols Ch.8


Ch.11-16:4 1.Womenly Modesty at Church 11:1-16 2.Disorders at the lord’s Table Rebuked 11:17-34

16:5-24 Conclusi on

Introduction division Denounced 1:10-18 2.worldly Wisdom Denounced 1:19-2:16

3.The true Ministry a)Hindrances 3:1-4 b)source of Success 3:5-6

3.paul on his Authority and Example Ch.9 4.lessen from Isaac 10:1-15 5.Law of love in Relation to Eating & Drinking 10:16-33

3.spiritual gifts 12

4.on love 13 5.Prophecy,the Greatest gift 14

c)Two kinds 3:11-23 d)our master 4:1-21

6.The grand Resurrection Ch.15 7.”Concerning the Collection” 16:1-4

KEY VERSE:1:2 “Our lord, both theirs and ours” THE MASSAGE; The lordship of Christ.


It is almost impossible to analyse this letter, as it is the least systematic of
Paul’s writing.

However is falls roughly into three sections:

EXPLANATION 1-7 He explains the Reason of his delay in Visiting them, why He spoke plainly and sternly in his first Letter, why he was so Concerned on their behalf and gives an account of his Sufferings.

EXHORATION 8-9 He exhorts them to a prompt fulfillment of their promise to contribute for the relief of the needy brethren in Jerusalem, especially as he had boasted to the Macedonian churches of that promise.

VINDICATION 10-13 A change in the Apostle’s tone can be Detected in this Section there is Sterner and irony, as He vindicated his apostleship and Proves his right to Their love & respect.

KEY WORDS: Comfort; Ministry MESSAGE : 1. Comfort: Its nature and bestowal 2. Ministry: Its message and performance

KEYVERSE: 3:2 MESSAGE: CHRIST THE DELIVERER –from the law, and mere Externalism, and leading into glorious liberty. ANALYSIS: This epistle is in four parts, which are subdivided into eleven Section, as follows: A. introduction: 1. Paul’s cool greetings -1:1-5 2. Paul’s stern reproof -1:6-9 B. Paul’s Apostolic Authority: 3. Paul’s Gospel received from the LORD by direct REVELATION_ 1:10-24 4. with peter and others, great CONTENTION-2:10-15 5. With Peter and others, great CONTENTION – 2:10-15 C. Defence and Exposition of salvation and Sanctification by Faith alone 6. justification by faith alone -2:16-19 7. Divine union by faith-2:20-21 8. Reception of spirit by faith-3:23-4:31 9. Sonship through faith-3:1-22 10. liberty through faith-Ch.5 d. Conclusion: 11. Service in compassion and faith-6:1-10 12. Conclusion-6:11-18

KEY VERSE: 1:22, 23&5:30 MEASSAGE: The church, the body of Christ KEY WORDS: In Christ jesus-1:1, 6, 7, 11, 13; 2:610, 13, 21, 22: 4:21 Walk -2:2, 10; 4; 1, 17; 5:2:8, 15 Together -1:10, 2:5, 6, 21 Therefore-2:19; 4: 1, 17; 5:1, 7, 24 Wherefore-1:15; 2:11; 3:13, 4:8, 25; 5:14, 17; 6:13 According to-1:5, 9, 11, 19; 2 : 2; 3:7, 11, 16, 20 In heavenly places-1:3, 20; 2:6, 3:10 Riches-1:7, 18, 2:7, 3:8, 16 Love Saints ANALYSIS: (A) DOCTRINA SECTION-Ch.3. 1. Greetings to members of His Body-1:1,2 2. Blessings for members of His Body-1:3-14 3. prayer on behalf of members of His Body-1:15,21 4. Christ the Head of His Body the Church-1:22,23 5. how we are fitted to be members of his Body-2;1-10 6. A close and Blessed association is members of his Body-2:11-22

7. Gentiles have a portion and in His Body-Ch.3. (B) PRACTICAL SECTION-Chs .4,5 &6 8. The Unity of His Body -4:1-3 9. The unifying powers of His Body -4:4-6 10. The edifying of his Body-4:7-16 11. The duties of members of his body-4;17-6;9 12. The war of a Christian-6:10-24

KEY WORD: ‘ALL’ KEY VERSE: 4:1-3 MESSAGE: Christian unity to be maintained at all cost. ANALYSIS: 1. Salutation to ALL -1;1,2. 2. Prayer for ALL-1:3-11 3. Christ glorified through Paul’s imprisonment and encouragement to ALL - Ch. 2. 4. Warnings for ALL –Ch.3. 5. Exhortations for ALL -4:1-20. 6. Concluding Greetings from ALL and ALL-4:21-23

Heresy at colossi - Doctrine know as GNOSTICISM KEY WORDS: 1:18;3:11 KEY VERSE:2:8 MESSAGE The SUPREME Glory Dignity of Church ANALYSIS: (A)DOCTRINAL SECTION : 1. Thanks giving on behalf of the Colossians-1:1-8 2. Intercession on behalf of the Colossians-1:9-14 3. The supreme Dignity, Glory, and UNAPPROACHBLE PREEMINCE OF THE LORD JESUS, VIEWWD FROM EVERY STANDPOINT STANDPOINT 1:15-2:3, CHRIST IS SEEN AS “ALL and in ALL” a. In deity, equality with God vv.15,19,2:9,15 b. In creation, creator of the universe-1:16 c. In providence, sustainer of the universe-1:17 d. In church-Head to the Body-1:18 e. In redemption -1:20-23 f. In Gospel mystery-1:24-29

(B)PRACTICAL SECTION: 4. Warnings against Error and Heresy 2:4-23 Enticing words (4),vain Philosophy (8), Ritualism (16,17)Angel worship (18)Empty and vain Self humblings and denials (20,23) 5. Union with Christ & its results-3:4-4:6 a. Heavenly mindedness-3:1-3 b. holy living in home etc.-3:4-4:6 6. Greetings to the Colossians-4:7 to the end.

KEY VERSE: 1: 10


MESSAGE: The coming of the Lord His People

1. Conversion and the Second Advent Ch.1 (The Lord’s coming: An Inspiring hope for the YOUNG CONVERT) 2. Service and the Second Advent Ch.2 (The Lord’s coming: An encouraging hope for the faithful servant) 3. Purity of Heart & Life and the Second Advent (3:1-4:12) (The Lord’s coming: A purifying hope for the believer) 4. Bereavement and the Second Advent 4:13-18 (The Lord’s coming: A comforting hope for the bereaved) 5. Alertness and the Second Advent Ch.5 (The Lord’s coming: A ROUSING HOPE for the sleeping Christian)

KEY VERSE: 1: 7, 8 MESSAGE: The coming of the Lord with His people

ANALYSI: 1. The coming of the Lord: A comfort to the persecuted -1: 1-7 2. The coming of the Lord: A Terror to the unconverted -1:7-12 3. The coming of the Lord: • • 4. For His people leads to the Revealing of the Son of Sin With His people means the destruction of the Son of Sin

The delay of the Lord’s coming means: Unique opportunities for service –Ch. 2:13-17 &Ch.3

KEY WORD: “Receive” KEY VERSE: vv. 12,15,17 MESSAGE: The practice of Christian forgiveness in forced and illustrated.

ANALYSIS: 1. 2. 3. Greeting (1-3) Splendid character of Philemon commended (4-7) Intercession for Onesimus (8-21)

4. Salutation and Conclusion (22-25)

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