Koskisen develops, manufactures and markets wood products for the construction, furniture and vehicle industries all over the world. Koskisen is a Finnish family-owned business founded in 1931. Over the past 70 years, the company has developed from a local sawmill into an international operation with its headquarters in Järvelä, Finland. Koskisen consists of six divisions - wood procurement, timber, plywood, chipboard, birch products, and houses - devised to guarantee that every part of every log is put to productive use.

Plywood - a lasting bond

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There is no wish too small...
Koskisen is a group of specialist mechanical wood-processing units with traditions and technological know-how of the highest standard. The company, which started as a family-run sawmill 70 years ago, has vigorously expanded and internationalised in recent decades. Today, along with sawn timber, our production has grown to encompass plywood, chipboard and timber frame housing, about 60 % of which is exported. Our strategies demand close contact with our markets and customers, quick decision-making and the tenacity and courage to refine ideas into highdemand products. We aim to fulfil our customers’ needs quickly and we fully commit ourselves to our customers’ projects from the very first contact onward to completion. Our representative offices and partners located throughout Europe have helped Koskisen to make close relations with customers and enable individual service. There is no wish too small not to be important for us. Our approach to work is unbiased and we strive to provide the best possible solution for each of our customer’s respective needs.

Kari Koskinen Director, plywood industry

Custom-made solutions
We constantly face new challenges to improve the level of cooperation with our customers. The long experience and our staff’s high levels of professional skill guarantee innovative solutions that will benefit our customers in their own businesses. CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT WORK Product development teams at Koskisen Plywood concentrate on the projects that are implemented in association with the customer, as well as on the planning, development and marketing of new products. The team is customised for each respective project and customer so as to utilise the best possible expertise. The knowledge gained from the customer is a prerequisite for creative solutions. Our local representative personnel collect the initial data required directly from the plywood end-users. The products are developed and tested in association with the customer and are well adapted to their respective uses, durable, easy to work and install. NEWSIZE 1900 x 4000 mm NewSize, the world’s largest birch plywood panel without scarf joints, is a good example of our constant customeroriented approach to product development. The new board size, 1900 x 4000 mm, offers countless applications for plywood in the transport, building and furniture industries.

There is no challenge too big...

Koskisen stands for quality
The quality of the end products and the constant upgrading of these are fundamental values at Koskisen. Good raw materials, modern production technology, skilled staff and continuous development work guarantee the high and uniform quality of our products. AIMING AT EXELLENCE Our company has launched a comprehensive quality training project, excellence being the objective in all our operations. To meet the ever changing needs of our customers, it is important that our staff is adaptable and capable of assuming personal responsibility for orders placed by our customers. The same standard of quality also applies to our subcontractors and suppliers. We have set measurable objectives for our operations where quality, environment, and health and safety are concerned. A documented operating system, certified under standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, is the cornerstone of Koskisen’s high-quality, safe and environmentally conscious operations.

Competent sales and trained staff
Our representative offices in Europe and the United States are in direct contact with the customers in their respective market areas, determine their needs and wishes – and lend them a keen ear. FLEXIBILITY FROM KOSKISEN Our personnel help the customer to find the best possible solution. Our product range is however not always comprehensive enough when, for example, the conditions are particularly demanding or exceptional. That is when the customer is provided with a sample parcel of board already known and tested by us and whose suitability can then judged in the actual operating environment. Thanks to our successful investments, the size of our operations and our output capacity has grown steadily. Up-to-date production and quality control, along with a motivated and trained staff, guarantees speedy and firstrate deliveries, no matter how big or small the order for plywood is.

Wood at its best
The basic plywood produced by Koskisen is primarily made from high quality birch as it is an exceptionally strong and homogeneous material. Over 80 % of the plywood produced is coated with different film and plastic coatings, providing finished, easy to care for surfaces with high wear resistance. Floor board coatings are often imprinted with anti-slip patterns. MADE-TO-MEASURE The boards are accurately cut to the sizes required by the customer and supplied either as squared edged panels, or more often today as pre-machined panels with tongues and grooves, edge profiles, routing or drill holes to facilitate a simple and fast installation. The new, efficient lines produce customised tailor-made products speedily and reliably to meet the demands of the transport, construction, furniture and packaging industries. Koskisen’s birch plywoods are much in demand worldwide for a multitude of applications including vehicle floors, sidewalls and doors, system formwork, staging, die boards, and furniture.

A large range of quality products
On land, sea, or in the air - plywood is always in place. A tailor-made product is well adapted to its use – whether it is ships’ decks on the Atlantic, the floor of the Olympic grandstand in Sydney or flight cases travelling worldwide. TESTED SOLUTIONS Our product range offers a great many alternatives tested and ready for various applications. The final choice of the board depends on the properties required but is also influenced by the appearance of the board, previous practical experience and personal preferences. Our product development unit can simulate future operating conditions for the board and test the suitability of different solutions with testing equipment specially designed for such purposes. Among the most common test criteria are strength properties and mechanical properties such as resistance against abrasion, weather, and impact.

A multitude of tried and tested solutions
KoskiStandard Strong and tough birch plywood produced from cross-banded 1.5 mm veneers. Used as the base board for upgraded products. All-purpose plywood for demanding applications. KoskiCarat A phenolic film faced birch plywood with a raised pattern consisting of thousands of small diamond shapes. The raised pattern very effectively distributes point loads thus reducing the pressure on the face veneer and allowing it to bear heavier point loads. KoskiCrown Birch plywood coated with a phenolic film. The raised slip resistant crown pattern maintains its anti-slip properties under a wide range of climatic conditions. KoskiDeck A brown phenolic film faced birch plywood. The surface is hot pressed with a slip resistant wire mesh pattern. Suitable for technical flooring solutions and scaffolding. KoskiDecor Both sides of the board coated with a coloured translucent phenolic film that leaves the wood grain visible. Plywood board with improved face and core veneers. KoskiForm All-purpose birch plywood for concrete formwork, coated with smooth brown phenolic film. Also suitable for the requirements of vehicle industry and other technical end uses. KoskiFutura smooth Decorative special plywood coated with a durable laminate film, coloured polypropylene or with transparent plastic foil. Environmentally friendly, does not include any halogens. KoskiFutura textured Multipurpose plywood furnished with friction or antislip coating, suitable for interior and exterior use. Environmentally friendly, does not include any halogens. KoskiLaser Specialist birch plywood suitable for laser cutting. Also available coated with a smooth transparent melamine film. KoskiPrime/KoskiPaint A pre-primed or with a painting film overlaid plywood which reduces the amount of paint absorbed and prevents the hairline cracking commonly found on painted wood surfaces. KoskiSound Sound insulation plywood designed to reduce the transmission of airborne sound. KoskiTrailer A multilayer special film faced birch plywood with a raised pattern. Suitable for applications that require a long lasting, hard wearing flooring material with a high load bearing capacity.

KoskiStandard birch, combi KoskiForm KoskiDecor KoskiPrime/Paint KoskiFutura smooth KoskiFutura textured KoskiDeck KoskiCrown KoskiCarat KoskiTrailer KoskiSound KoskiLaser PRODUCTS

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