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WHIT HUGHES FOR CONGRESS June 6, 2018 Michael, First, let me congratulate you on your successful campaign efforts and leading the field during the Primary Election. You and your team have much to be proud of and I look forward to these next three weeks. Good luck during this Runoff Election. Now that the field has gone from six candidates to just two, I trust you will agree it is imperative that you and I give voters a chance to hear directly from us on issues that matter in the Third Congressional District. While we had a number of forums during the primary, we both know there are serious differences in a forum with six candidates versus a debate with only two candidates. 1am inviting you to participate in a minimum of two debates before Election Day, June 26*. | am confident there will be no shortage of civic- minded organizations willing to host these debates in conjunction with appropriate media partners. For reference, please keep in mind | will make myself available to debate anywhere in the district on any date convenient to your schedule. As you are aware, we only have a short time-period before the next Election Day, so I would respectfully ask that you respond and let me know your answer by 3:00pm tomorrow. Congratulations, again, on your campaign efforts and I look forward to hearing from you. Whit Hughes * 769.208.8225 » 1888 Main Street, Ste C #193, Madison, MS 39110