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Pangilinan, J.

Antacid Lab
Which antacid is more effective?

If three different antacid are tested, then the Alka Seltzer extra strength will be the most
effective at neutralizing the pH level to seven.

Independent Variable: the three antacids
Dependent Variable: the effectiveness of the antacids

-3 graduated cylinders
-5 beakers
-Alka Seltzer
-Alka Seltzer extra strength
-4 stirring rods
-Protective Eye wear
-2 Notes Cards
-About 10 pH strips

1) Label each beaker 1-4 or a-d
2) Fill the 3 little beakers with 5 mL of water and 20 mL of vinegar.
3) Fill one beaker with 25 mL of water
4) Record initial pH levels
5) Put each pill in a different beaker (slowly) Picot in 1, A.S original in 2, etc
6) Wait for each beaker to finish dissolving (stir while dissolving)
7) Test each beaker with 2 pH strips for accurate results
8) Record data and pH level
Raw Data
Picot A.S. Original A.S. Extra Water
Strength (control)

Initial pH 4 4 4 4

Final pH 6 6.5 7 4

As predicted in the hypothesis, the Alka Seltzer Extra Strength neutralized the pH level
to seven. As the vinegar’s pH level initially was at 4 and after the Alka Seltzer Extra
Strength was dropped in with 2 pills the final pH level was 7 meaning that the pH level
was neutral like water’s pH level.

Throughout this lab there could have been many errors or mistakes that could of
occurred. For example, there could have some mismeasurements in pouring the same
vinegar or water in each beaker, or there could have been a mix with the solutions like
picot could have went to the Alka Seltzer beaker. To prevent mishappens in this lab, we
must consider and label carefully which beaker is for the certain solution. To measure in
a more accurate result we can use the graduated cylinders for more accurate
measurements. Another accident that can happen in this lab is the misreading of pH
strips. This can be prevented by closely looking at the pH chart and redoing the pH
strips if needed for more accurate results.