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California Gold Nutrition® is an exclusive line of premium nutritional products manufactured in the USA.

Quality and Value is our top priority. Each product comes with our 100% Gold Guarantee.

Product Name: Vitamin C Gummies Received Date: 10/23/2017

Product Code: CGN-01092 Report Date: 10/30/2017
Lot#: 17151 10/31/2017
Lab#: 212882
Our Vitamin C Gummies are Gelatin Free, Heat Resistant and Suitable for Vegetarians.

Analyses Specifications Results*

Vitamin C (HPLC) Label Claim 250 mg/3 gummies 399.09 mg/3 gummies

Microbial Analysis CFU = Colonly Forming Unit

Total Plate Count <10,000 CFU/g <10 CFU/g
Yeast <100 CFU/g <10 CFUg
Mold <100 CFU/g <10 CFUg
Enterobacteriacaea <1 MPN/g <1 MPN/g
Escherichia coli Negative/10g (ND) Negative/10g (ND)
Salmonella spp. Negative/10g (ND) Negative/10g (ND)
Staphylococcus aureus Negative/10g (ND) Negative/10g (ND)
Clostridium spp. Negative/10g (ND) Negative/10g (ND)
Method: USP (2021; 2022), AOAC

*Analytical testing & results were performed and reported by a U.S. FDA registered, independent, third party lab.
Formulated to Contain

Produced in a third-party, audited and

registered cGMP compliant facility.

For a Glossary of Terms & Definitions and Basic Test Parameters, please visit the iHerb Family of Brands Gold Guarantee page.