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World Islamic Student Exchange



Islamic Prestigious Student Exchange

in Malaysia and Singapore
April 29th – May 1th 2018

World Islamic Student Exchange

World Islamic Student Exchange
Islam is a great religion with the
greatest number of Ummat in the
world. The glory of Islam cannot be
s e p a r a te d f r o m t h e g r e a t n e ss
struggle of Ummat. The ability of the
Ummat to understand the
differences, upholding the truth, and
improving the self-quality becomes
the main value in the progress of

World Islamic Student Exchange

(WISE) provides students educative
program to improve their quality by
visiting and communicating with
other Muslims in overseas. WISE
encourages student to experience
the outstanding educational
opportunity in overseas to broaden
their Islamic and social horizons. In
WISE, the students will be offered a
number of activities providing a great
trip to get the best experience and
gain more Islamic and universal
knowledge, as well as new friendship.

World Islamic Student Exchange

become one of way to manifest the
greatest Muslim generation in the
goals of peace and better Islamic
World. WISE offered a program with
an incredible twist, ever!
World Islamic Student Exchange

Generate a global-minded Muslim student based on Islamic knowledge
and other Muslim life experiences.

Invite Muslim students from various regions in and outside the country to
join together

Bring together Muslim student in a forum to discuss certain topics in the

Islamic world

hone skills and gain insight by visiting Muslim companies

Integrity is not simple matter. It is particularly easy for people to lie. Integrity
is an emphasis

We have willingness to take responsibility for one's own actions.

Always treat everyone with the best services. We respect you.

Discipline is the key to all accuracy and speed. To provide a good service, we
will always be trustful with what the contract at the beginning.

In order to get the best program and goals, we do constant and earn effort to
accomplish what undertaken
World Islamic Student Exchange

Exchange Program
In order to gain more understanding of overseas community, especially
about Islamic community, Exchange programs will be conducted in various
countries with different experience through Islamic student sharing
activities, and industrial learning.

World Networking
Communication and interpersonal process will give the students more
opportunity in getting world networking. Good networking is better for get
brighten future in career or studies.

Leadership Improvement
Each person is born as the leader. But the quality and intensity are different
each other. With this program, the students will learn to upgrade the quality
of leadership to be the real of leader in the world.

Broad Social Horizons

Along with this exchange activity, the students will broaden their insight
about Islam and general. Meeting more with different community will
encourage them to interact and understand each other.

Upgrading Islamic Studies

Islamic knowledge is unlimited, its understanding will be different based on
social conditions and life in a country. This fact will challenge the students
to comprehensively understand how the community in their destination
country is.

Islamic Exchange Experience
Community College Class Erudition
Muslim Corporation Exposure
Islamic Heritage Exploration
Islamic Community Discovery
World Islamic Student Exchange

Islamic Prestigious Student Exchange in Malaysia – Singapore
April 29 2018 – May 1 2018
th st

Singapore and Malaysia were once a united country. After 1965, Singapore
declare themselves to be an independent nation and make their own
country with the resource they had. Since these countries are still coming
from one clump, Malay, Singapore absolutely has similar root in culture,
including the religion. On this WISE Malaysia- Singapore, the students will
continuously be invited to understand the society and Islamic way of
thinking from two countries at once, especially Singapore that is well-
known as one of the high technology countries

World Islamic Student Exchange provide you a good expedition in 2 (two)

countries at once. A valuable experience is sure to be gained after visiting
two countries; Malaysia and Singapore. Both of them running according to
the social and cultural form. Then WISE invites you to broaden the
understanding to the condition of Muslims there. Both in terms of social,
cultural, and education.
World Islamic Student Exchange

DAY 1 :
Arrival, Team Building and Greeting Student
Airport Taking
Arriving at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the students will be greeted by the committee
and directly have airport taking.

Petronas Twin Tower

The student will head to Petronas Twin Tower to expose Malaysian popular land-mark, beside they
will also have several activities for engaging team building.

DAY 2 :
Exchange, Erudition, Sightseeing
Community College Erudition in Al Madinah International University
The rst day will be started by visiting one of the best Islamic universities in Malaysia, Al Madinah
International University to attend exchange session and sharing with students there about Islam.

Putrajaya Complex
After exchange session in the university, the students will head to Putrajaya Complex, as planned
city and becoming federal administrative center of Malaysia.

Putra Mosque
To make the students experience perfect, they will be allowed to expose Putra Mosque and
witness the one of the grandiose mosques in Malaysia. Consisting of rose-tinted granite dome
with population 15,000 worshippers at any one time, it becomes the evidence how Islam in
Malaysia how great Islam develops in Malaysia.

Central Market
The last place of the visit in the second day will be Central Market. They will be discovered the
society in sopping area, how people there interact, and take a look at traditional goods from
World Islamic Student Exchange

DAY 3 :
Excursion and Homecoming
After Exploring Muslim society in Malaysia, the students will be head to Singapore for excursion

Universal Studio Globe

The students will explore and take sight-seeing around Universal Studio Globe to see how the
theme park does attract people from around the world.

Muslim Corporation Exposure at MyOutlets Global Halal Hub

The students will attend company visit before leaving Singapore. They will visit and see the
showcase of halal products in MyOutlets Global Halal Hub.

Airport Transfer
Furthermore, the students will be transferred to airport and farewell to each other for 3 days
greater experience.
World Islamic Student Exchange



Overnight stay in hotels Halal Regional- Expert local guide 24-hour Emergency info Accommodation
Style Meals during programs,
executive standard

Documentation Pleasures Priority to the Shalat First Aid International Certi cate

Airport Asisstance Pre-program Coaching Study Abroad Activities Merchandise

Either Senior High and University Student
The Age are between 16-25 y.o. (fresh graduatued welcome)
Good Communitation
Positive attitude
Willing to learn new things and share it
Physically and spiritually healthy
World Islamic Student Exchange

Thus, this proposal was made. By wishing Allah 'Azza wa Jalla Pleasure,
hopefully WISE programs can be useful for Muslims and especially to
Muslim students who follow.

All destination country such us Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and

Japan choosen to give another insight of Islamic Studies.

Yogyakarta, March 2018


Head of WISE Program

Arief N., S. Kom. I.

World Islamic Student Exchange

O ce

23-5, Berjaya Central Park, Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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+6282324254947 (Indonesia)
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