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DENGUE  Lays its eggs in clean, clear and

stagnant water.
 Bites during the day, mostly within 2
hours after sunrise and 2 hours
What is Dengue? before sunset 3. Seek early
 An acute febrile infection caused by consultation
dengue virus which is transmitted
by a mosquito bite, Aedes aegypti. 4S to Prevent Dengue  If you or a family
member has fever
1.Search and destroy of 2 days duration
What are the signs breeding places. and rashes on the
and symptoms?  Prevent mosquito skin, consult your
 High fever breeding in car tires. physician and visit
lasts for 2-7  Clean gutters regularly the nearest health
days  Repair leaking taps and center.
 Headache pipes
 Muscle and  Put trash in covered
joint pain containers
 Nausea/
 Abdominal Pain
 Nose/gum bleeding
 Rashes

2. Self protection 4. Say no to

measures indiscriminate fogging

 Use screen  Yes to fogging only

What are the characteristics of an Aedes on doors and during outbreaks
Aegypti mosquito? windows
 Use
 It has a black and white stripes all insecticides
over its body
 Lives in dark shaded areas