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For the attention of: To Whom It May Concern.

This document describes the scope of work for: Cranes & Allied Services
Source reference (Purchase requisition no):
This Scope of Work is complete only if the below References / attachments are
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This Scope of work outlines the scope and associated requirements that shall be
utilized by the CONTRACTOR for the use of submitting a proposal to perform the
intended service in a unit rate basis. It is relating to Cranes & Allied Services.


1.1. CONTRACTOR’S staff shall be fully familiar with all relevant safety standards
and shall follow TASNEE EHSS standards.
1.2. CONTRACTOR shall abide and adhere to all Safety Rules and Regulations of
TASNEE. This is a mandatory requirement.
1.3. CONTRACTOR personnel shall supply & use Personnel protective equipment
(PPE) for his staff, such as eyeglasses, hand gloves, hard hats, dust masks,
standard & disposable coveralls, safety shoes, face shield and safety harness.
Other special safety tools/devices like exposure warning and monitoring
devices might be required for safe and proper work execution.
1.4. All personnel of CONTRACTOR who shall be working inside TASNEE must
undergo a safety induction orientation provided by TASNEE Safety Section and
must have TASNEE ID before the start of the Work.
1.5. CONTRACTOR shall obtain the work required permits for job executing, permit
to be issued by TASNEE authorized issuer and received by a CONTRACTOR
authorized permit receivers.
1.6. CONTRACTOR shall ensure an adequate number of manpower have attend the
training (by TASNEE) and obtain a permit receivers certificate, Stand by, fire
watch, etc.
1.7. CONTRACTOR shall be required to submit all pertinent Job Safety Analyses and
lifting plan/rigging plan which related to the assigned job where crane
involvement is there without additional charges to TASNEE. TASNEE has the
right to ask for the above requirements at any time for any lifting job.
1.8. CONTRACTOR shall ensure all the equipment’s and tools utilized for the job are
carrying a valid inspection sticker issued by TASNEE security.
1.9. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the security and protection of all
equipment’s, tools and materials at the TASNEE site.
1.10. CONTRACTOR’s personnel shall not enter unassigned premises or areas not
included in the work schedule.
1.11. Contractor shall ensure that during crane movement, inside TASNEE premises,
a flag-man (rigger) must be accompanied with the crane.

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1.12. CONTRACTOR shall be required to properly coordinate with TASNEE safety
Section for the timely inspection of their tools and equipment before starting
the work at TASNEE.
1.13. CONTRACTOR shall submit to TASNEE representative all the inspection
reports/certificates of Equipment, lifting gears, manpower related to the
contract as required.
1.14. CONTRACTOR shall submit the required safety and quality procedure for the
intended services.
1.15. After job completion and before CONTRACTOR discharged the work area; it
MUST be cleaned and left in an orderly condition to the satisfaction of the
1.16. CONTRACTOR shall follow the Occupational Safety Management System per
OHSAS 18001.
1.17. CONTRACTOR shall follow the Environment System per ISO 14001.
1.18. CONTRACTOR shall return the ID’s to the ID section upon the expiry of the
1.19. CONTRACTOR shall utilize his own communication system. It must be
intrinsically safe and obtain written approval from TASNEE ISD section &
Representative. For example Bravo mobile radios.


CONTRACTOR shall provide reliable cranes, forklifts, trailers, lifting tools, tackles and skilled
manpower as listed in accordance to the Scope of work as well as the associated
requirements described in the scope of work.
CONTRACTOR shall provide equipment and heavy lift services as to the capacity, kind and
type specified as per the equipment list of this Contract. The service is to be inclusive of
(but not limited to) drivers, operators, transportation, mobilization, demobilization,
maintenance, equipment’s fuel & lubricants etc. unless otherwise stated.


2.1.1. TASNEE shall provide safety induction training for CONTRACTOR manpower.
2.1.2. TASNEE shall provide the safety training (i.e. permit to work, standby man,
etc. for CONTRACTOR needed manpower.
2.1.3. TASNEE shall provide free and safe access to the Work Place.
2.1.4. TASNEE shall provide a designated area for tools container.
2.1.5. TASNEE shall provide an area for the CONTRACTOR to keep the equipment
(i.e. Cranes, forklift, trailer, etc.) As a standby.
Charging for the equipment will be based on utilization.
2.1.6. TASNEE shall provide ID’s for CONTRACTOR personals.


2.2.1. CONTRACTOR shall assign competent Manpower and quality CRANES AND
ALLIED equipment for providing the Rigging and transportation services for
TASNEE day to day requirements as well as major requirements during
plant shutdowns and annual turnaround maintenance.

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2.2.2. CONTRACTOR shall provide CRANES AND associated tools such as slings,
shackles, lifting/loading beams, hydraulic Jacks, Chain Blocks and man
basket etc. to fulfill TASNEE requirements meeting the related International
codes and standards.
2.2.3. CONTRACTOR shall maintain an adequate quantity of CRANES AND ALLIED
resources to cater the general requirements. Whenever TASNEE anticipates
having major CRANES AND ALLIED services requirements. CONTRACTOR
will receive twenty four (24) hours advance written notification from
TASNEE, however, CONTRACTOR must still be committed to respond for
urgent requirements.
2.2.4. CONTRACTOR shall ensure that all equipment deployed under this contract
must be covered under an insurance policy established by the
CONTRACTOR at his own cost against all risks and damages.
2.2.5. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to compensate any damages cost cussed
by the CONTRACTOR to TASNEE facilities.
2.2.6. CONTRACTOR shall ensure all equipment (i.e. Cranes, forklifts, lifting
tools/accessories, etc.) are in good Visual and Operational condition before
mobilizing to TASNEE. The equipment shall be tested & certified by an
authorized/approved 3rd party. Tested equipment needs to have a
CONTRACTOR sticker showing the test date, expiry date and the name of
the 3rd party who conducted the test. The test frequency shall be as per
TASNEE requirement.
2.2.7. CONTRACTOR to arrange all required tools to all their employees.
2.2.8. All tools, equipment and materials provided by CONTRACTOR must comply
with all applicable standards and safety requirements of Company or local
governmental authorities.
2.2.9. CONTRACTOR to provide all lifting tools/gears (chain blocks, slings,
shackles, I bolts, etc..) attached to the crane hock. The tools must be
maintained into metallic container.
2.2.10. CONTRACTOR shall mobilize only the certified Crane Operators and Riggers.
2.2.11. CONTRACTOR to perform the services strictly in compliance with the rules
and regulations, systems and procedures advised by TASNEE Loss control
2.2.12. CONTRACTOR shall be required to obtain individual work permits & it shall
be in coordination with TASNEE authorized person.
2.2.13. CONTRACTOR shall arrange mobilization and demobilization of tools and
equipment as well as transportation of manpower, suiting the confirmed
2.2.14. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to manage food and accommodation for
his personnel, if required.
2.2.15. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible to arrange all the required approvals
from the Government authorities in case of transporting normal or extended
loads outside TASNEE premises.
2.2.16. CONTRACTOR shall be fully responsible to make a safe & successful lifting
job assigned to him.
2.2.17. Mobilization and Demobilization of the crane shall be carried out by the
2.2.18. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible of the equipment fuel and maintenance.
2.2.19. The shall be required on 8 Hours per day working basis, weekly, monthly or
yearly as per TASNEE requirements. Any extra hours can be charged on unit
rate basis.

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2.2.20. Any Crane breakdown and/or damage during the Rental period, which
requires repair, replacement of the crane or crane accessories and/or spare
parts shall be CONTRACTOR’s responsibility.
2.2.21. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible of all repair, periodic maintenance, oil
changing, etc. for their equipment.
2.2.22. CONTRACTOR shall not demobilize the cranes from the work site without a
proven approval from TASNEE authorized person.
2.2.23. CONTRACTOR shall utilized TASNEE approved form for
equipment/manpower timesheets. CONTRACTOR shall keep a records
2.2.24. CONTRACTOR shall ensure that the rates specified in the Pricing Schedule
will be full and complete compensation of the Services “all inclusive”.
2.2.25. In case of breakdown of any CONTRACTOR’s equipment during the
performance of the work, CONTRACTOR shall immediately inform the
TASNEE representative of his schedule of repair/replacement with
justification and shall act accordingly as mutually agreed. However, in the
case of breakdown of the equipment for which repair will interrupt the
activity schedule badly to a level that TASNEE would not accept,
CONTRACTOR shall provide a replacement at the worksite within eight (8)
hours of the breakdown.
In case FLY JIBS or counter weight or man lift basket are required to be
installed on the crane, CONTRACTOR shall provide a detailed schedule of
installation to be reviewed by TASNEE authorized representative. The time
needed for installation shall be as per the agreed schedule of installation
which may vary from one hour to six hours maximum without any additional
cost to TASNEE. Regarding the transportation of fly jib or counter weight or
man lift basket are under CONTRACTOR scope without any additional cost
2.2.27. Any third party involvement shall be with the approval of TASNEE
authorized representative and under CONTRACTOR responsibility.
2.2.28. CONTRACTOR’s representative shall be available (on call) in 24/7 basis that
it is including workdays, weekends and holidays. The mean of
communication (i.e. Bravo, Cell phone, etc.) shall be all the time is
2.2.29. CONTRACTOR shall ensure submitting of timesheets or job estimations will
be with the reference the work order number, notification number, plant,
requestor and in the approved form.


3.1. CONTRACTOR shall conduct site visit / inspections to identify the status of the
existing facility and verify the scope. The CONTRACTOR shall carry all the
necessary documents / drawings for the site visit. Any clarification shall be
clarified prior to site visit.
3.2. CONTRACTOR shall present to TASNEE his site visit findings, supported by
relevant documents along with his recommendations regarding any additional
work or deviation deemed necessary and not included in the Scope of Work
before submitting the proposal.


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4.1. CONTRACTOR shall assign a technically sound focal point for all
4.2. CONTRACTOR’s personnel shall be conversant with English and/or Arabic to
understand and carry out the work safely and successfully.
4.3. Communication through TASNEE authorized personals.
4.4. CONTRACTOR to respond time to normal calls is to be 24 hours.
4.5. CONTRACTOR to respond time to emergency calls is to be 3-4 hours.
4.6. CONTRACTOR shall ensure that services are available in a 24/7 basis.
4.7. CONTRACTOR’S Focal Point shall be equipped with Bravo, telephone, mobile
phone & email facility to answer all requests calls on a 24/7 hour basis.


5.1. CONTRACTOR shall mobilize all resources required for the completion of
5.2. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the supply of the required fuel, water
and food & transportation for his operations and staff at no extra cost to
5.3. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for mobilization and demobilization of
equipment’s at no extra cost to TASNEE.
5.4. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for facilitating the resting facilities (porta-
cabin, toilet, and pantry and prayer place) for their personnel at designated
Tasnee site, if needed.

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S. No Description
1 Crane- 20-25 Ton
2 Crane - 50-55 Ton
3 Crane- 75-80 Ton
4 Crane- 100 Ton
5 Crane- 120 Ton
6 Crane- 150-160 Ton
7 Crane- 180 Ton
8 Crane- 200 Ton
9 Crane- 220 Ton
10 Crane- 250 Ton
11 Crane- 300 Ton
12 Crane- 400 Ton
13 Crane- 500 Ton
14 Crane- upto750 Ton
15 Crawler Crane- 750 up to 900 Ton
16 Mobile Crane- 1200 Ton
17 Mobile Tower Crane 10 Ton
S. No Description
1 3 Ton Forklift
2 5 Ton Forklift
3 7 Ton Forklift
4 10 Ton Forklift
5 16 Ton Forklift
6 20Ton Forklift
S. No Description
1 20’ Flat Bed Trailer
2 20’ Low Bed Trailer
3 40’ Flat Bed Trailer
4 40’ Low bed
5 Wide body Trailer-10’
6 Truck – 20’
7 Diana truck
8 Boom Truck 5 tons
9 Boom truck 10 tons
S. No Description
1 Riggers, Operators, Helpers & Safety Watch
S. No Description
1 Hydro - jacks from 5tons to 200 tons various heights
2 Man Lift baskets
3 Chain blocks capacities from 1 ton to 20 ton with long and short chains

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7.1. The Tools’, Manpower’s & Equipment’s Unit Rates are inclusive of mobilization,
demobilization, loading/ unloading, fuel, lubricants, allied tools and tackles (i.e.
slings, shackles, loading beams, driver/operator & one rigger (level III) per
each crane services, food, transportation, accommodation, tests & certifications
7.2. In the case of Forklift it may or may not be required with operator.
7.3. A week shall be 7 days, a month 30 days and a year 365 days.
7.4. Minimum payment for 8 hours shall include all the jobs that have been taken in
that particular 8 hours, even from different plants and shall be recorded as 1
invoice with 8 Hours shift clearly mentioning the different plant jobs within that
period. No separate invoices shall be submitted for different plants with
minimum payment 8 hrs. If the job has been performed for fewer hours in one
plant and then the crane is moved to another plant to respond to their
7.5. Rates to be provided as per below pricing schedule:

CRANE RENTAL CHARGES (Inclusive of crane operator, signal man and a Rigger)
Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Yearly Rate Companion
S/N Description
(8 Hrs./day) (7days) (30 days) (365 days) Rigger
1 Crane- 20-25 Ton Rigger III
2 Crane - 50-60 Ton Rigger III
3 Crane- 70-80 Ton Rigger III
4 Crane- 100 Ton Rigger III
5 Crane- 120 Ton Rigger III
6 Crane- 150-170 Ton Rigger III
7 Crane- 180 Ton Rigger II
8 Crane- 200 Ton Rigger II
9 Crane- 220 Ton Rigger II
10 Crane- 250 Ton Rigger II
11 Crane- 300 Ton Rigger I
12 Crane- 400 Ton Rigger I
13 Crane- 500 Ton Rigger I
14 Crane-upto750 Ton Rigger I
15 CrawlerCrane-750 up to 900Ton Rigger I
16 Mobile Crane- 1200 Ton Rigger I
17 Mobile Tower Crane10 Ton Rigger I

Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
S/N Description
(8 Hrs./day) (7days) (30 days) (365 days)
1 3 Ton Forklift
2 5 Ton Forklift
3 7 Ton Forklift
4 10 Ton Forklift
5 16 Ton Forklift
6 20Ton Forklift

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Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
S/N Description
(8 Hrs./day) (7days) (30 days) (365 days)
1 20’ Flat Bed Trailer
2 20’ Low Bed Trailer
3 40’ Flat Bed Trailer
4 40’ Low bed
5 Wide body Trailer-10’
6 Truck – 20’
7 Diana truck
8 Boom Truck 5 tons
9 Boom truck 10 tons

Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
S/N Description
(8 Hrs./day) (7days) (30 days) (365 days)
1 Riggers Level I
2 Riggers Level II
3 Riggers Level III
4 Forklift Operator
5 Helper
6 Safety Watch

Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
S/N Description
(8 Hrs./day) (7days) (30 days) (365 days)
1 Hydro - jacks various heights:
a 2-10 tons
b 10-30 tons
c 30-100 tons
d 100-200 tons
2 Man Lift baskets
3 Chain blocks with long (30m) and short chains:
a 3 tons
b 5 tons
c 10 tons
d 15 tons
e 20 tons

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Contact person for clarifications:
Nayef A. Al Harbi
Contracts Analyst, Central Planning
Tel: +966 (13) 359 7198

Reviewed By:

Mohammed Anwar Khan

Sr. Planner II, Maintenance, Maintenance
Tel: +966 (13) 359 6952

Reviewed By:
Nedhal I. Al-Khan
Supt, Workshop & Services, Maintenance
Tel: +966 (13) 359 9489

Reviewed By:
Ayman S. Bahamdan
Superintendent, Central Planning
Tel: +966 (13) 359 7154

Approved By:

Abdulaziz M. Abudawshah
Manager, Central Maintenance
Tel: +966 (13) 359 6944

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