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May 31, 2018

The Hon. Chuck Grassley
Senate Judiciary Committee
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Grassley:

As you well know the cost of healthcare in America is soaring out of control, with many
of the so-called reforms enacted over the last decade only serving to exacerbate the

There are things that can be done to reverse course. One of them is the CREATES Act,
legislation you have co-sponsored and which is currently before your committee. This
important legislation would correct an inequity in current law that inadvertently allows
some brand name pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of a loophole through
which they can effectively extend their monopoly on the manufacture of drugs past the
life of their patent. It is estimated these abuses cost consumers more than $5 billion per
year in unnecessary pharmaceutical costs. Your bill is targeted at the crony capitalist
behavior we all abhor.

We thank you for your leadership on this issue and strongly encourage you to
schedule a markup of this vital piece of legislation before the summer recess period

The CREATES Act has bi-partisan support. Allowing it to move forward in your
committee would send a signal to the American people that Congress is serious about
bringing healthcare costs down using market-based methods rather than government fiat
by protecting the right to compete that is the basis of the U.S. economy.

Again, we thank you for your leadership on this issue and urge you to bring the bill up
before the committee.

George Landrith Andrew Langer
Frontiers of Freedom Institute for Liberty

Adam Brandon Judson Phillips
FreedomWorks Tea Party Nation

Steve Pociask Chuck Muth
American Consumer Institute Citizen Outreach
Mark Thomas Richard Manning
Freedom & Prosperity Caucus Americans for Limited Government

Nicholas Willis Lew Uhler
Americans for Liberty & Security National Tax Limitation Committee

John Cooper Suzanne Guggenheim
Defending America Foundation Texas Patriots

Susan Taylor Dick Patten
Strengthening America for All American Business Defense Council

Ken Singleton Richard A. Viguerie
Campaign for Liberty Chairman, ConservativeHQ

Andrew F. Quinlan Mat Staver
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Liberty Counsel

The Honorable John Swallow Jerry Rogers
Fmr. Utah Attorney General Capital Allies

Colin A. Hanna Scott Vanatter
Let Freedom Ring The Last Best Hope on Earth