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Electronic Document and Preparation Management

Portfolio 2015-2016
Use the following rules when preparing your portfolio:

 Each document should be clearly labeled.

 Each document should include your name and page number in the footer.
 Documents to be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.
 Documents must be produced according to accepted standards and document processing styles or
 The content material must be completely accurate.
 Examination samples must be arranged in logical order, numbered and put together in a folder.
 The Folder should include a:
1. Cover page
2. Table of Contents
3. Title Page
4. Bibliography listing the resources you used.

Description of Portfolio
Queen’s College will be hosting its Annual Speech Night and Prize Giving Ceremony on the 5 th January 2016 at
15:00hrs in the College’s Auditorium. As part of your EDPM SBA you are required to prepare the following
documents for dissemination.

(A) Letters

i. Two-page blocked style Letter

As coordinator of the Committee write a letter to the Chairman of the Board informing him of the
activity. You are to include a list of the names and contact numbers for the Committee Members.

Hardcopy due 25th September 2015

ii. Circular letter with a tear-off slip
Write a letter inviting Parents to present Prizes at the ceremony.

Hardcopy due 2nd October 2015

Ms. Liverpool Page 1

(B) Manuscript -----------to be photocopied

Hardcopy due 9th October 2015

(C) Tabular Work

Ruled Tabulation with main heading and multiple columnar headings oblique; sorted.
You are required to submit a Budget for the event to the Finance Committee of the Board. Use the
following columnar headings: Number, Expense, Amount Needed, Unit Price, Amount Budgeted,
Amount Spent, Difference, Notes. Make the columnar headings oblique.

Hardcopy due 14th October 2015

(D) Committee Documents

(i) Notice of a Meeting with Agenda
Prepare a Notice of a Meeting with an agenda inviting Stakeholders of the College to a Meeting to
discuss the prizes for the Awardees.

Hardcopy due 21st October 2015

(ii) A Chairman’s Agenda

Prepare an Agenda for the Chairman of the Meeting.


Minutes of a Meeting
Document and accurately type the Minutes of the Stakeholders Meeting.

Hardcopy due 29th October 2015

(E) Display
(i) An Invitation with a Menu
Create an invitation with the menu for the Speech Night and Prize Giving Ceremony. A creative
design should be used.


Ms. Liverpool Page 2

A Programme for an Event
Design and print a programme for the Speech Night and Prize Giving Ceremony. A creative
design should be used.

Hardcopy due 6th November 2015

(ii) A Flowchart
Create a flow chart depicting the process of a Staff Member of the College.

An Organisational Chart
Draw an Organisational Chart reflecting the channel of authority of the Speech Night

Hardcopy due 13th November 2015

(F) Legal Work

(i) A Lease
Type an engrossment for the leasing of a piece of land to QC-OSA for the sole purpose of

A Hire Purchase Agreement
Prepare a fair copy of a hire purchase agreement for the purchasing a School Bus for the College.

A Will with an Endorsement
An old student has asked you to prepare his / her living Will. Prepare a fair copy of this will,
including an endorsement, making sure to include the College as one of the beneficial.

Hardcopy due 19th November 2015

(ii) A Contract of Employment

Ms. Liverpool Page 3

As Chairman of the Board of Governors, you are responsible for issuing a Contract of
Employment to the Driver of the School Bus. Prepare a copy of this contract.

Hardcopy due 27th November 2015

Bound Copy due 8th December 2015

Electronic Document and Preparation Management

School Based Assessment 2015-2016

Assignment 1 – To be given as a test

Dates for the Practical Test

Tues 5th January 2016 1 & 2 periods Surnames A – N (Science Students)

Wed 6th January 2016 3 & 4 periods Surnames A – Z (Business Students)

Thurs 7th January 2016 0 & 1 periods Surnames M – Z (Science Students)

NB: Students who are absent during these times will be given zero (0) for speed.

NB: Make sure you learn your Manuscript signs and abbreviations (Handout not


Assignment 2

Ms. Liverpool Page 4


Assignment 3

Using 12-15 slides create a PowerPoint presentation to enlighten the First Form Students about the Clubs and
Societies available at Queen’s College.
Softcopy Presentation

Wed 13th Jan 2016 7 & 8 periods

Thurs 14th Jan 2016 0, 7 & 8 periods

Hardcopy due 21st January 2016

Bound copy due 29th January 2016

Ms. Liverpool Page 5

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