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User Manual

Welcome to MobiSystems® OfficeSuite for iPhone and iPad!

OfficeSuite is a complete mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit
Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations away from your office. With the advanced editing
features you can modify documents on-the-go and save them in their original format - DOC,
PPS, PPSM, PPSX, and ODP* - just ready to be used back on your desktop computer. You
are also able to open Adobe PDF, LOG, and ZIP files and attachments.

OfficeSuite Document Editor:

Microsoft® Word 97-2003 text documents.

Microsoft® Word 2007 text documents.

Microsoft® Word 2010 text documents.

Microsoft® Word text documents with macros.

Rich Text Format.

OpenDocument text documents.*

The commonly used TXT format for compatibility with third-party
desktop programs.
The commonly used LOG format for compatibility with third-party
desktop programs.

OfficeSuite Spreadsheet Editor:

Microsoft® Excel 97-2003 documents.

Microsoft® Excel 2007 documents.

Microsoft® Excel 2010 documents.

Microsoft® Excel documents with macros.

OpenDocument spreadsheets.*
CSV (comma separated) format ensures the compatibility with third-party
desktop programs.

OfficeSuite Presentation Editor:

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97-2003 documents.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007 documents.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010 documents.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® documents with macros.

OpenDocument presentations.*
* OpenDocument files can be accessed and edited, but changes must be saved as another file format.

OfficeSuite includes the OfficeSuite PDF Viewer which allows you to open Adobe®
fi files.

With OfficeSuite you are also able to open files.

This help documentation will highlight the apps functionality and controls, and give you a
clear picture of the entire range of OfficeSuite's capabilities.

The first screen you're greeted with in OfficeSuite is the Homescreen, which covers editing
and creating documents; managing files; adding local, network, and cloud storage locations;
and more.

If you'd like to learn about the specific OfficeSuite modules and functions, choose from a
topic below:

Navigating OfficeSuite

Editing Documents

Editing Spreadsheets

Editing Presentations

Viewing PDF Documents

The first screen you are greeted with in OfficeSuite is the Homescreen, where you'll find a list
of your available documents, recently accessed files, and connected cloud storage accounts.

Across the bottom of the screen, you'll find a tab bar that lets you navigate between the
different OfficeSuite sections.

Recent will display a list of your recently accessed documents.

Documents provides a list of the files stored on your device, iCloud Drive account, and any
other cloud storage accounts you have. By tapping on the Add Cloud Storage button, you
may integrate a Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, or WebDAV cloud storage account
into OfficeSuite. Added cloud accounts will then automatically show up in the Documents

New File will let you create a blank Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation, as well as
choose from the variety of templates that come with OfficeSuite.

Search displays a list of the files that contain the characters you're searching for within their
title. Will search through files in any of the connected accounts in the Documents interface.

Settings provides additional customizations and options for OfficeSuite:

 Share with friends provides a quick way to let others know about OfficeSuite using
one of the connection methods integrated into your device.
 Rate in App Store lets you leave feedback on the Apple App Store about OfficeSuite.
 Send Feedback connects you with our support department as well as to our Feedback
 Password Protection allows you to restrict access to OfficeSuite through a user
password. You can also specify how long after startup OfficeSuite will prompt for the
password. Please note that OfficeSuite access passwords are not recoverable.
Touch ID integration (on supported devices) allows you to unlock OfficeSuite using
fingerprint detection. Touch ID is setup through the iOS settings menu.
 Restore Purchases Allows a newly-connected Apple device to recognize previous in-
app purchases, and restore them (OfficeSuite Free and Pro only).
 Help opens this help documentation.
 About OfficeSuite displays the app version number, useful links, and the third party
libraries used in OfficeSuite. From here you can also apply to become an OfficeSuite
Beta tester.

Supported files types can be opened with a single tap. Tapping on the Information
icon will display the file type, date created, size, and relative path. You can Rename a
file from this screen by tapping on the filename.

Dragging down on any file list will refresh update any changes made, as well as
display Sorting options and a Search field. You can sort by Name, Type, Date, and Size in
ascending or descending order.
3D Touch preview support provides a snapshot of the contents of a document without having
to open it. Simply tap-and-hold onto a file to reveal a preview. You can then drag up to reveal
a menu with various contextual options, such as sharing and copying.