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Student Learning Skills Assessment Record

Used with permission from Bayside Secondary School

Name:___Shandi_________________ Course:__________ Teacher: __________________

Legend: E: Excellent G: Good S: Satisfactory N: Needs Improvement This sheet will be handed in and become
part of your portfolio
Responsibility Collaboration
1.1 Do I attend class regularly and on N 4.1 Do I take different roles when N
time? participating in a group?
1.2 Do I always bring appropriate S 4.2 Do I complete my share of the work S
materials and resources to class? when working in a group?
1.3 Do I submit my own original work G 4.3 Am I open to others’ ideas, values G
and follow the academic honesty and traditions?
1.4 Do I complete and submit work on N 4.4 Do I maintain relationships with S
the due date? others in the group through positive
1.5 Do I act appropriately in class? S 4.5 Do I work with others to resolve S
conflicts, problem solve and negotiate
with others?
1.6 Do I care for and appropriately use G 4.6 Do I share information, resources and S
classroom materials and equipment? my knowledge with the group?
Overall 2 2 2 4.7 Do I ask questions of others to N
promote critical thinking and decision-
Organization Overall 1 4 2
2.1 Do I create a plan to complete work? N Initiative
2.2 Do I follow the plan that I created to N 5.1 Do I explore new ideas to further my G
complete work? learning?
2.3 Do I prioritize my work before N 5.2 Do I respond to challenges and take S
starting? risks when I learn?
2.4 Do I plan how I will work outside of N 5.3 Do I seek additional and necessary N
class by using my agenda? information to further my learning?
2.5 Do I use my time well to achieve my S 5.4 Do I advocate appropriately for my N
goals? rights?
2.6 Do I identify what is needed to start N 5.5 Do I advocate appropriately for the G
the task? rights of others?
2.7 Do I gather resources to do the task? S Overall 2 1 2
2.8 Do I judge which resources are best N Self-Regulation
for the task?
2.9 Do I use the best resources to N 6.1 Do I set learning and achievement N
complete the task? goals for myself?
Overall 2 7 6.2 Do I judge my progress towards N
reaching my goals?
Independent Work 6.3 Do I ask for help when I’m having N
3.1 Do I judge my plan and change it if N 6.4 Do I judge my own strengths, needs N
it’s not working? and interests?
3.2 Do I use class time appropriately to S 6.5 Do I seek and take advantage of new N
complete tasks? learning opportunities?
3.3 Do I follow instructions on my own? S 6.6 Do I persevere with tasks that are N
Overall 2 1 Overall 6