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Amy Young

Student ID: 000821986

Student Mentor: Dee Caddie

TDT1 Task 1

Process Paper

In order to complete all components of task 1 for the Instructional Design Portfolio, I

choose to use Weebly to create an e-portfolio. To do this, I went to and

created a free account. Once my account was created, I choose a theme under the premade e-

portfolio options. My theme was named Cento 2. Also, during the process of choosing which

theme I wanted to use for my website, I also chose to do an overall theme of my trip to London

during the summer of 2017. I felt that by choosing an overall topic that my website would be

more cohesive. During the creation process, Weebly requires the creation of a domain name for

the website. I choose to use youngtdt1 and host my page for free on Weebly's servers. My

websites URL is

Once the theme was picked, I created the four main pages required for the completion of

this course. The steps to create a page: (1) click on pages at the top of the screen, (2) click on the

plus symbol next to the pages on the left side of the screen, (3) choose the type of page to be

added (I choose a standard page), (4) name the page. In addition to adding a page I also changed

the name of several pages to correspond with the task required for the course. The name of a

page can be changed by going to the page tab then clicking on the page that you want to change

name then simply typing in the new name.

To begin the process of building the home page, click on the build tab at the top of the

screen, then make sure you are on the home page (click on the home link to change the page). I
changed the title of the home page to “Technology Design Portfolio.” In addition, I added a

photo of the Tower of London to the home page. To add a photo: (1) click image button on the

build panel and drag onto the website, (2) click upload image, (3) click upload from your

computer, (4) choose the picture to upload, and click open. After the photo has been uploaded

the image can be resized by clicking on the small blue box at the bottom right of the photo. The

photo can also be edited by clicking the photo then clicking “edit image.” There are several

options available for editing a photo in Weebly. The photo can be cropped; filters can be added;

the brightness, saturation, and contrast can be adjusted; text can be added; and the focus of the

photo can be changed.

To begin adding the text to the website, click on the text button on the left side of screen

in the build panel. Then drag the button onto the page into the area you would like to add the text

box. In addition, to adding the text box, I also added two additional photo boxes and an

additional text box. In the first photo box, I added a photo of myself at the Tower Bridge, the

second photo is a clip art photo of a compass that was found on the internet. When creating these

text and photo boxes I arranged them into 3 columns splitting the last column into 2 rows. In

addition to adding text to the first text box, I also added links to two websites about visiting

London and Tower of London. The steps to adding a link to text are: (1) type the text to link, (2)

highlight the text, (3) click the link option ( ) in the edit box that appears above the text box,

(4) click on “website URL”, (5) copy and paste the URL for the website to be linked, (5) click

the website URL at the top of the box, and (6) click outside the box to close and return to editing

the page.

Once all photos and text are added, I went through the process of adding captions to the

photos and changing the font of the paragraphs and captions. The steps to adding a caption to a
photo are as follows: (1) click on the photo, (2) click “caption” (depending on browser and view

setting location may vary), (3) type your desired caption into the box, and (4) click outside the

box to return to the page. The process of changing the font of any aspect of the page is as

follows: (1) click on “theme” at the top of the page, (2) click on “change font”, (3) click the area

of design you desire to change (paragraph and caption), (4) choose the font you would like to use

from the drop-down box (paragraph was changed to Lilly and caption was changed to

Quicksand). Once complete, click “build” to return to editing pages.

Finally, to complete all requirements for this task I added an under-construction image

and text to each of the pages that will be used during this course. Overall, the process of creating

a website using Weebly was very simple. When I was unsure of how to change something, I

simply clicked on the help guided and followed the detailed instructions. Finally, to finish the

project I published the website, hosting the site through Weebly for free.