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GenEd Tests – BEED(40%) ; BSED(20%) d. was just the place we were looking for.

7. When we saw the kitchen _____.

1. Shyrven _______ the microphone carelessly so that’s why the next day, it __________
a. it had just been cleaned.
the whole sound system of the Auditorium during the event.
b. we were very pleased with the food.
a. was used ; distorted
c. we were impressed by the variety of pots and pans.
b. used ; was distorted
d. we knew this wasn’t the right place to stay.
c. used ; distorted
d. used ; distorts 8. The kitchen _____ clean enough as checked by Madam Beth so we must go back to re-
clean it.
2. Which of the following words does not contain a dipthong?
a. wasn’t
a. Sofa
b. was
b. Rebate
c. had
c. Prairie
d. isn’t
d. Hyena
9. “Matanda na ang nuno, hindi pa naliligo” ay isang halimbawa ng:
3. “No ID, No entry” is what figure of speech?
a. Salawikain
a. Irony
b. Bugtong
b. Asyndeton
c. Kawikaan
c. Ellipsis
d. Panaghoy
d. Oxymoron
10. Alin ang di-karaniwang anyo ng pandiwang HINTAY KA?
4. Japan ____ in Southeast Asia. ____ in East Asia.
a. Tay
a. is ; It isn’t
b. Tayka
b. is ; It’s
c. Intay
c. is ; Is
d. Teka
d. isn’t ; It’s
11. Si Paulo ay ang KAHIRAMANG-SUKLAY ni Jason sa panunuyo kay Faye.
5. Which of the following sentences comply the correct order of adjectives?
a. Kahiraman ng Suklay
a. Maricar has a black shiny long hair.
b. Kaibigang tunay
b. Robert watched an European Folk movie.
c. Karibal
c. Resty bought an expensive Japanese green Armored Personnal Carrier.
d. Kasabwat
d. Carmina bought a big old German dog.
12. “Bumili ako ng Alipin, Mataas pa sa akin”
a. Atip
For numbers 6-7
b. Kapote
c. Payong
When we arrived at the little hotel, the first thing we did was to see if it was clean. We
d. Sumbrero
were particularly interested in the kitchen, which was in the back of the building. There we saw
large, open shelves filled with pots, pans and plates. These were clean, but the floors were very 13. Nakikinig si Aira ng mga BAGONG LUMA na kanta.
dirty. We also noticed that the food was not kept covered, and there were a lot of flies about. So, a. Epigram
we decided not to stay in that hotel. b. Paghihimig
c. Pagpapalit-saklaw
6. This hotel _____. d. Paglulumanay
a. is not properly taken care of
14. “Magsumikap para sa darating na pagsusulit,
b. attracts a lot of visitors.
Magsumikap para makapasa sa pagsusulit”
c. serves excellent food.
a. Konosans d. 30.3458m.
b. Pagpapalit-saklaw
21. Diana has been hired at the Japanese company which is designated at the Philippines,
c. Paralelismo
with her Contract period for June 20 up to November 20 of the Leap Year. How many
d. Pagdaramdam
days will Diana be hired on the company if she has 6 working days, excluded the 2
15. Si Joel ay NAGHUHUKAY NG KANYANG SARILING LIBINGAN kaya kung special non-working holidays and Sundays?
maka-asta siya sa kanyang mga magulang ay parang kasing-edaran lang niya kapag a. Approximately 133 working days
kinakausap. b. Approximately 134 working days
a. nagmamalaki sa kanyang sarili c. Approximately 135 working days
b. gumagawa ng sarili niyang kapahamakan d. Approximately 136 working days
c. gumagawa siya ng sariling desisyon ng walang basbas ng nakakatanda
22. The sum of the ages of Mother Martha and her first son is 70. After 10 years, Mother
d. nagbabalak magpakamatay at ayaw niyang magpapigil
Martha died due to stroke at her age 4 times the age of her son. How old is her son
16. “Natakot raw si Jenny umalis sa kanyang bahay kaya hindi siya sumipot sa tagpuan ng when she died?
kanyang kasintahan kahapon.” a. 30 years old
Ang salitang “Natakot raw” ay: b. 40 years old
a. pandiwang naganap na c. 50 years old
b. pandiwang nasa benepaktib pokus d. 60 years old
c. paghihimig
23. Byron bought a Washing machine that is sold P30000, marked down by 60% of its
d. pagkakamali sa pangungusap
original price due to a 3-day Sale. What is the original price of the Washing machine?
17. Evaluate this in words: 5.0 x 10^4 plus Ten whole a. P36000
a. Five Thousand Ten b. P50000
b. Fifty Thousand Ten c. P70000
c. Five Hundred and Ten Hundredths d. P500000
d. Five and Ten Thousandths
24. Aeron handled the children to be joined at the School’s Eating competition, having 4
18. Jabez, Jireh, Michael, Angelo, and Jayjay are the stockholders in their established normal weighted males, 5 normal weighted females, 8 malnourished females and 3
company. The company raised a total of P100000. The share of the investors are in the malnourished males. What is the probability if none of the malnourished females will
ratio of the following: 3, 6, 7, 4, and 5 respectively. How much was Jabez and Jireh win the School’s Eating competition?
shared to the company? a. 15%
a. P32000 b. 20%
b. P36000 c. 25%
c. P44000 d. 40%
d. P48000
25. It is the study of the disease and the causes of death
19. In what property of the real numbers does this equation belong? 7 + (-7) = 0 a. Mycology
a. Closure Property of Addition b. Toxicology
b. Commutative Property of Addition c. Pathology
c. Identity Property of Addition d. Koniology
d. Additive Inverse Property
26. It is a membrane structure found near nucleus
20. Given side of the Right Triangle: a = ? ; b = 7.501m. ; c = 29.398m. a. Golgi Body
a. 28.4186m. b. Lysosome
b. 29.3980m. c. Endoplasmic Reticulum
c. 30.3457m. d. Vacuole
27. Which of the following is not a stage of the cell cycle? b. Marxism
a. Prophase c. Feudalism
b. Telophase d. Monopolism
c. Interphase
35. It is the type of study where a proponent measures how feasible is the proposed project.
d. Anaphase
a. Project Feasibility Study
28. A form of energy that is inherited in batteries b. Project Case Study
a. Electrical Energy c. Statistical Research Study
b. Radiant Energy d. Market Business Itenerary
c. Nuclear Energy
36. Mariel is a 7-year old Fil-Am girl who drew the Philippine flag with Red color on top
d. Chemical Energy
and Blue on the bottom. Did the flag she made acceptable?
29. The following are Gas giants except: a. Yes, she must be proud to be a Fil-Am girl
a. Mercury b. Yes, she didn’t know what is her true citizenship
b. Jupiter c. No, it shows disrespect to the country and she violates the country code
c. Saturn d. No, it should be informed by the teacher when she enter schooling
d. Neptune
37. White, Black, and Gray are the examples of:
30. A type of Ecological relationship where 2 organisms benefit from one another a. Neutral Colors
a. Commensalism b. Natural Colors
b. Symbiosis c. Complementary Colors
c. Competition d. Monochromatic Colors
d. Decomposition
38. Region 18 in the Philippines is also known as:
31. Mang Antonio has a plantation of Cabbage. One day, half a hectare of his cabbages a. CARAGA Region
withered due to spreaded grasses which landed on the whole plantation. What type of b. Negros Island Region
ecological relationship has been occur? c. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
a. Symbiosis d. Samar-Leyte Region
b. Predation
39. Violation of human rights is a violation of ____________ of persons.
c. Mutualism
a. dignity
d. Competition
b. intelligence
32. The primary problem of the High-steep areas. c. emotions
a. Sedimentation d. freedom
b. Euthrophication
40. ENIAC means __________.
c. Soil Erosion
a. Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
d. Ocean Pollution
b. Electronic Number Integrator Computer
33. R.A. No. 6657 known as: c. Electronic Numerator Interface Computer
a. Credit Cooperative Law d. Electronic Numerator, Integrator, and Calculator
b. Hare-Hawes Cutting Bill
c. Reproductive Health Law
d. Senior Citizen Act of 2010
34. It is a philosophy that explores the relationship between cause and effect in regards to
the human perception of the universe
a. Interactionism
ProfEd – BEED(60%) ; BSED(40%) 8. The primary issue of massive hiring of the teachers in Public Schools is due to what law?
A. EO 189
1. A Historical Foundation of Education that is started from Adam and Eve. B. RA 6193
A. Evolutionist C. RA 10355
B. Creationist D. RA 10533
C. Theorist
9. According to the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers, upon which an
D. Idealist
appointments/promotions/transfers made?
2. A Philosophical School founded by Plato and known as the world’s first university. A. Merit and need
A. Academy B. Health
B. Barracks C. Exigency of the service
C. School of Stoics D. Civil status
D. Learning Center
10. Teacher Renna requires her Grade 4 students to cook chicken adobo using the whole
3. It is a philosophy defining happiness as success in avoiding pain, in the form of both chicken in HELE class. Knife is one of the required simple machines in cooking. Based
mental worry and physical discomfort, in order to produce a state of tranquility. on the school order, any individual should not bring pointed or deadly objects inside the
A. Hedonism school premises. What should Teacher Renna do in order to implement safety of her
B. Utilitarianism students?
C. Experimentalism A. Propose a waiver to the school authority, associated with the students in
D. Empiricism order to inform their parents.
B. Propose a waiver to the school authority in order to prevent hassle if the
4. “I will make myself at risk and a bridge to death, only to love you”. What main
student will enter the school.
philosophy is this?
C. Inform the students to the security that the knife will be used in their HELE
A. Hedonism
B. Epicureanism
D. Display the apparatus needed outside the kitchen in order that there will be
C. Empiricism
D. Existentialism students cooking in their HELE class
5. The following are scopes of CFSS (Child-Friendly School System) are the following 11. Which of the visual materials is not advisable to be brought by the students?
except: A. Charts
A. Child-centered B. Deck of Cards
B. Works closely with children’s families C. Gazettes
C. Promotes good health D. Journals
D. Has the interest of children’s families
12. Teacher Vanessa, a secondary teacher major in English who has just passed the LET, is
6. _____________ is the law made that includes NSTP of 2001. assigned to teach computer programming to grade 12 students since there is no vacant
A. RA 9155 slot for English teachers in the school where she applied. Her students easily got bored
B. RA 9163 since she is always looking on the board without any looking to her students if they are
C. RA 7743 listening or not. Based on the principles of Bandura’s reciprocal causation, which of the
D. RA 7797 following factors primarily influenced the quality of teaching and learning process in the
7. Which of the following activities is covered by RA 8525?
A. Environmental Influences
A. Adopt a school program to the remote places.
B. Characteristics of the observer
B. Establish Technical School on Industrial related cities
C. Rewards and consequences of behaviour
C. Establish a mini-library for every schools in the Philippines
D. Characteristics of the teacher
D. Propose a tuition hike due to school budget deficit
13. Teacher Rhea conducted the divergent discussion about Reproductive Health Law. They 20. On the Acquaintance Party, as activity done by the leaders of the school organization,
expand the lesson by means of a debate, having 3 representatives will present the topic Ryan cannot remember the name of the beautiful lady he met and talked. What memory
evidences. Which of the following will Teacher Rhea must do to her students? stage stored was Ryan have?
A. Panel Discussion A. Sensory Memory
B. Yes-No Type of Debate B. Working Memory
C. Oxford Oregon C. Epesodic Memory
D. Supreme Court Type Debate D. Semantic Memory
14. Which of the following must the teacher prioritize first in teaching? 21. Gellie loves Photography so she spend her time and money to go to real places such as
A. Knowledge and mastery of the lesson Natural Parks, National Landmarks, and Historical Places. According to the Gardner’s
B. Visual Aid preparation MI Theory, what type of intelligence does Gellie have?
C. Teacher’s authority to the class A. Self Smart
D. Time management B. Word Smart
C. Nature Smart
15. The Enhanced Basic Education curricular approach, the first consideration is about
D. Picture Smart
A. Learning experiences 22. Teacher Gaara Patta Atakski, a Polish-Japanese Teacher, designated in the Philipine
B. Testing of knowledge Private School, has management to seek in controlling his students’ behavior through
C. Desired results many rules, procedures, and consequences. What type of classroom management does
D. Teaching strategies he practiced?
A. Authoritarian Style
16. Teacher Timothy invited several experts to shed light on the topic of health and safety.
B. Permissive Style
Teacher Timothy is using the technique known as?
C. Existentialist Style
A. Symposium
D. Rationalist Style
B. Interview
C. Panel Discussion 23. Teacher Analyn allowed her students to eat inside the computer laboratory, although
D. Socialized classroom discussion there is a strict rule not to eat thus it might damage the whole computer laboratory,
because they cleaned the room very well.
17. It refers to a conscience principle based on Sigmund Freud’s Theory.
A. Positive Reinforcement
A. Id
B. Negative Reinforcement
B. Ego
C. Positive Punishment
C. Superego
D. Negative Punishment
D. Ego-Superego
24. Teacher Reisin's two students were forced to clean the room and forfeit their
18. Which teaching activity is founded on a Socratic Method?
examination after they were caught cheating in National Achievement Test.
A. Lecturing
A. Positive Reinforcement
B. Modeling
B. Negative Reinforcement
C. Questioning
C. Positive Punishment
D. lnductive Reasoning
D. Negative Punishment
19. Bruner's theory on intellectual development moves from enactive to iconic and symbolic
25. Teacher Marly conducted the 50-item examination to her 28 students, added with 2
stages. In which stage(s) are diagrams helpful to accompany verbal information?
students to her class. How will Teacher Marly get the Mean, Median, and the Mode of
A. Enactive and iconic
the exam scores?
B. Symbolic
A. She will manually encode the data to get the mean, median, and mode,
C. Symbolic and enactive
excluding the transferees.
D. Iconic
B. She will give a chance to her students to take the exam before she create the - Social Science
manual sorting of the scores. mean = 11.5; SD = 3; score = 18
C. She will create a common statistics (mean, median, and mode) after checking. - Natural Science
D. She will create a group statistical data in making the mean, median, and mean = 24; SD = 4.5; score = 30
What subject does Sophia perform the most?
the mode on examination.
A. English
26. It is the statistical tool that measures the "peakedness" of the probability distribution of B. Math
a real-valued random variable. C. Social Science
A. Skewness D. Natural Science
B. Kurtosis
32. Aida gathered this data based on a 30-item test:
C. Standard Variation
26, 21, 19, 10, 17
D. Z-Score
9, 18, 10, 16, 21
27. Teacher Gabby gather the data that results to the lower grades of his students. What 25, 24, 19, 15, 17
possible skewness does the Teacher Gabby’s gather data have? 25, 16, 25, 29, 16
A. Normally distributed 27, 10, 25, 19, 25
B. Negatively Skewed 19, 14, 21, 22
C. Positively Skewed Find the mean, median, and the mode of the data.
D. Flat scores A. 19.31 ; 20 ; 19
B. 19 ; 19 ; 25
28. What measure of tendency can best describe the mostly-used teaching strategies?
C. 19.31 ; 19 ; 25
A. Median
D. 19 ; 19 ; 19
B. Mean
C. Mode 33. Among the following situations, which violate the principle of respect?
D. both b and c A. Teacher Fernan is giving special favor to students to please them so that he can
get a remarkable result in the evaluation.
29. The following can be a written assessment but one of them is considered a performance
B. Teacher Ravigne tells his students that what teacher JV is wrong
C. Teacher Rhia, upon knowing what teacher Ravigne did, asked the students not
A. Interviews
to attend her class.
B. Completion Test
D. All of the above
C. Matching Type
D. Response Essay 34. Which of the following strands does not belong to NCBTS Domain 5 (Planning,
Assessing and Reporting)?
30. Teacher Rai conducted an exam in MAPEH. He did not include the exam in PE because
A. Develops a variety of appropriate strategies to monitor and evaluate learning.
B. Communicates clear learning goals for the lessons that are appropriate
A. he will conduct a seperate exam aside from the written assessments in other
for learners.
C. Communicates promptly and clearly to learners, parents, and superiors about
B. he will conduct performance assessment in PE
the progress of learners.
C. he will give the students a highest grade as incentive
D. Monitors regularly and provides feedback on learner’s understanding of content
D. he is not prepared in making the questionnaire in PE
35. Teacher Maylene wrote to Albert: “When Albert came to the class this morning, he
31. Sophia got the following scores:
seemed very tired and slouched into his seat. He took no part in his class discussion and
- English
seemed to have no interest in what was being discussed. This is very unusual for he has
mean = 13; SD = 2; score = 12
seen eager to participate and often monopolizes the class discussion”. What Teacher
- Math
Maylene wrote is an example of _____________.
mean = 17; SD = 1.5; score = 17
A. an Incidence Report
B. an Observation Report
C. an Anecdotal Report
D. a Personality Report
36. Teacher Jessa takes pride in the nobility of teaching as a profession through regularly
allocating her time for the activities to improve his/her knowledge and skills as a
teacher. Which NCBTS domain is being practiced by Teacher Jessa?
A. Personal Growth and Professional Development
B. Diversity of Learners
C. Planning, Assessing, and Reporting
D. Community Linkages
37. In the Values Education class of Ms. Agunod, students identify the various type of
problems encountered in the decade 2000s that require mere and immediate analysis and
solutions. They not only discuss the ways to address it but also agreed to participate in
solving them. What kind of Philosophy does this class uphold?
A. Essentialism
B. Constructivism
C. Rationalism
D. Reconstructionism
38. Student-Teacher Mariefer present her Final Demonstration to Grade 6-Molave (Last
Section) using a scripted type of Teaching. Will the student learn from her Final
A. Yes, in order the student to memorize and master the topic.
B. Yes, the students will be given a chance to participate with her demo.
C. No, it is not effective especially for the passive students.
D. No, students must learn new things out of books but related to the topic.
39. For quality professional development, teachers must consider the NCBTS, which are the
established standards for good teaching in the Phil.What is meant by the acronym
A. National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
B. National Competency-Based Teaching Standards
C. National Competency Basic Teacher Standards
D. National Competency Basic Teaching Standards.
40. It is not considered as the Professional Practice of the Professional Teachers.
A. Sales Talk
B. Community Leadership
C. Facilitating
D. Child Parenting
Practical-based FOS – BSED(40%) b. Santasa – Demonyo
c. Nawasdak – Maynilad
1. The elements of a story are composed of the following except: d. Taxi by weights – Taxi by fare
a. Setting
6. Ang inilalarawan sa saknong na ito ay ang _____________.
b. Plot
Pinagkatakutan, kay daming nasindak,
c. Moral
Umano, kung gabi ay may nagmamalas,
d. Climax
Na isang matandang doo’y naglakad
2. Myth has the following compositions. One of them is not considered as the Great a. Puntod
Themes of a Myth? b. Paaralan
i. Animals c. Lumang Simbahan
ii. Political Figures d. Abandonadong Mansyon
iii. Journey, Quests, and Trials
7. Ito ang uri ng tula na nilalagyan ng himig o nota.
iv. The Afterlife
a. Pabasa
a. i only
b. Pabula
b. ii only
c. Awit
c. iii and iv
d. Nobela
d. ii and iii
8. Alin sa mga sumusunod na salitang Tagalog – Ingles ang hindi magkatugma?
3. It is an editorial page illustration expressing opinion and interpretation through hand
a. Pamuhatan – Heading
sketch and looks like an animation.
b. Pangngalan – Name
a. Cartooning
c. Magaliksik – to Research
b. Sports Interview
d. Paatras – Reverse
c. Editorial Columns
d. Headline Writing 9. The word “atom” comes from the word “atomus”, that was coined by ___________.
a. Rutherford
4. Find the appropriate punctuation and capitalization of the sentence:
b. Bohr
“almira find a bunch of the following animals boar squirrel and raccoons and a turtle
c. Chadwick
shell she capture and bring it to the pick up truck”
d. Thompson
a. Almira found a bunch of the following animals: boar and a fox; squirrel
and raccoons; and turtle shells. She captured and brought them to the 10. The fruiting body of a fungus
pick-up truck. a. Mushroom
b. Almira find a bunch of the following animals: boar and a fox; squirrel and b. Spores
raccoons; and a turtle shell. She captured and bring them to the pick-up truck. c. Hyphae
c. Almira found a bunch of the following animals (boar and a fox; squirrel and d. Basidia
raccoons; and a turtle shell). She captured and brought them to the pick-up
11. The general process of removing unpleasant wastes in our body.
a. Detoxification
d. Almira was found a bunch of the following animals: boar and a fox; squirrel and
b. Perspiration
raccoons, and a turtle shell. She captured and brought them to the pick-up c. Urination
d. Moving Bowels
12. In humans, the _____ comprises many bones and joints
5. Sa kuwentong Miliminas, alin sa mga sumusunod ang maling representasyon sa
a. Endoskeleton
b. Carapace
a. Instant Baby – Instant Feeds
c. Exoskeleton
d. Fibrous connective tissue b. -5/11
c. 5/-11
13. Damulag threw a baseball freely without the presence of winds. The expected projectile
d. 5/11
of the thrown ball is must be at __________.
a. 90 degrees 21. The place who takes the most ahead Time Zone
b. 60 degrees a. Sydney, Australia
c. 30 degrees b. Fiji Island
d. 45 degrees c. Hawaii Islands
d. Kiritimati Island
14. What kind of energy is possessed by water falling from a dam?
a. Potential 22. The past and the present is the domain of
b. Kinetic a. Archaelogy
c. Accelerating b. Ethnography
d. Interacting c. Linguistics
d. Anthropology
15. Airplanes are designed with pointed nose and thin tails in order to__________.
a. Produce fluid friction 23. Teacher Riezl discusses about the topic about the Presidential SONA to her Grade 10
b. Reduce drag Students. Which of the following activities should Teacher Riezl must be done by the
c. Increase the lift of the wing students in order for them to expand every student’s opinions regarding the topic?
d. Lessen the forward thrust a. Making a Reaction Paper
b. Brainstorming
16. A rifle recoils from firing a bullet. The speed of the recoil is slow because ___________.
c. Case Study
a. The force against the rifle is less
d. Debate
b. The rifle has more mass than the bullet
c. The impulse on the rifle is less 24. Teacher Arnel teaches about the Colonization of Spain in the Philippines. In the room
d. The momentum of the rifle is unchanged. where he teach, there’s a 2D World Map. Is this visual preference helpful in teaching the
17. Find the distance: x1 = 3 ; y1 = 5 ; z1 = 10 ; x2 = 7 ; y2 = 0 ; z2 = 4
a. Yes, he can demonstrate the lesson through making a route diagram
a. 7.0000
b. Yes, he can introduce the insular and peninsular countries surrounded the
b. 8.7750
c. 12.6886
c. No, instead he can make a timeline of the events covered in the topic
d. 17.9165
d. No, the map is not useful and the visual preference can complicate the students
18. Given f(x)=7x+4 and g(x)=3x+10 , Evaluate using f(x) + g(x)
25. It is the major problem of the young people born at 90s and later where these type of
a. (7/3)x + 2/5
people especially teenagers, are cutting their classes instead of going to school.
b. 10x + 14
a. Racial Discrimination
c. 4x + 6
b. Computer Addiction
d. 21x + 40
c. Passiveness
19. Evaluate the limit of this equation: lim(x^3 + 3x^2 + 5x + 29) as x approaches 0. d. Broken Families
a. 29
26. Which of the following Bible verses interprets chilldren’s full submission to parents?
b. 38
a. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by renewing
c. 59
of your mind”
d. 98
b. “Honor your father and mother, which is the commandment with a
20. Find the slope m on the line that passes through the points (-7,3) and (-4,8). promise”
a. –(5/11)
c. “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all this things shall 32. It is a group of musicians playing instruments such as Banduria, Octavina, Guitar,
be added unto you” Mandolin, and other multi-stringed instruments.
d. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart a. Ensemble
b. Combo
from it”
c. MIDI Arrangement
27. In MRT coach, the following area are classified as follows: a room for the ordinary d. Rondalla
commuters ; and a room for the female (non-pregnant and pregnant), senior citizens,
33. Agriculture: A designated area for the living organisms designed and used for decays in
and PWDs. Is there a possibility to have a gender bias?
order the soil to be fertiled
a. Yes, it can be a source of violence between the ordinary commuters and special-
a. Fertilizer Area
designated commuters.
b. Nursery
b. Yes, everyone has a right to occupy within every area in the coach.
c. Compost Pit
c. No, it can be the previlege for the person’s who are in the critical status in their
d. Soil Bed
d. No, it can reduce the cases/reports such as Acts of Lasciviousness from the 34. “Zea Mays” is also known as:
a. Banana
female people.
b. Corn
28. The MAGASIN (MAGaling sa Simula Niyan) company established their wood-based c. Sorghum
business, selling publishing materials, as well as bamboo crafts and abaca products. On d. Rice
the first year of operation, their sales has been inflated for about a half of their
35. Which of the following plants is belong to the grass family?
investment. But suddenly, the managers are very relaxed so that they didn’t notice that
a. Sweet Potato
they are bankrupted after several months. Which of the following Filipino traits shown
b. Fern
as the main reason of this situation?
c. Banaba
a. Crab mentality
d. Jute Leaves
b. “Bahala na” mentality
c. “Mañana” habit 36. Hog production is an activity for breeding what type of livestock?
d. “Ningas-kugon” a. Pork
b. Poultry
29. It is a Filipino Folk Dance where a performer will cross along the bamboo sticks.
c. Fish
a. Cariñosa
d. Beef
b. Itik-itik
c. Tinikling 37. It is a mixture of lime, sand and water, sometimes with hair or fibers added as binding
d. Pandanggo sa ilaw material, applied wet to an interior wall or ceiling and hardening to a smooth surface
whrn dry.
30. Which of the following Team Sports does not use the ball in playing?
a. Plaster
a. Tennis
b. Mortar
b. Basketball
c. Grout
c. Volleyball
d. Admixture
d. “Sepak Takraw”
38. It is and underground tunnel that carries off the drainage ans waste matter from a house
31. Which of the following musical genre is played by means of a MIDI sequencer or MIDI
or town
arranger and it is commonly used in clubs and disco bars?
a. Sewer
a. Techno
b. Underpass
b. Slow Rock
c. Waterway
c. Jazz
d. Irrigation
d. Pop
39. It is a duly registered asociation of persons, with a common bond of interest, who
voluntarily joined together to establish the social and economic contributions.
a. Corporation
b. Cooperative
c. Partnership
d. Sole-proprietorship
40. Which one is an internet address?
c. URL
d. ISP