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1. ÄRBAR serv bowl 29cm off-white/green [701-590-96] €xx ÄRBAR serv bowl 18cm off-white/green [201-590-94]
7 €xx 2. ‘Tomte Nisse is the traditional Christmas man of Swedish myth,’ says Paula. KOTTE deco 10cm
Santa Claus 6-p [901-568-41] €xx 3. ‘Reinterpreting the traditional farmer’s chair with honest simplicity.’
OLLE chr red [401-558-82] €xx 4. SNÖA BAND table-runner 35x200cm grey [301-647-21] €xx 5. ‘Karin used
simple, bold motifs inspired by nature in her design.’ TRIPP tin with lid s3 [401-552-07] €xx 6. SNÖA BAND
cushion 50x50cm grey/white [501-645-79] €xx AINA cushion cvr 50x50cm light grey [101-600-12] €xx 7. ÄRBAR
jug 1,5 l off-white/green [101-591-36] €xx ÄRBAR mug off-white/green [601-590-87] €xx 8. LINNARP bookcs
115x178cm red [201-226-18] €xx LINNARP gls dr 115x178cm red 2p [801-182-51] €xx 9. BÄRBAR tray
[301-566-03] €xx 10. ‘An echo of the crown of the white-clad girl at the festival of Santa Lucia.’ KALLT
candelabra assorted colours [201-666-12] €xx 11. BLANDA serv bowl 28cm red [801-588-31] €xx 12. NORDEN
gate leg table 28/89/152x80cm white [101-168-87] €xx 13. KOTTE deco egg 8cm assorted colours 4-p [001-567-
27] €xx 14. SNÖA RÄNDER throw 130x170cm red/white [401-645-70] €xx 15. BORRBY lantern f block cndl 28cm
red [401-576-02] €xx 16. ALVINE RAND rug 170x240 cm grey/white/black [101-682-87] €xx


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PAINTING CARL LARSSON/the art archive/private collection/marc charmet

arl and Karin Larsson portrayed a world that is
both everyday and magical. At its heart was
their family home, Lilla Hyttnäs, and the
couple′s textiles, furnishings and paintings found their
inspiration in rural Swedish life. ‘Their decoration is
recognised today as quintessentially Swedish,’ says
trends analyst Paula Eklund. ‘At its root was the idea
of good design for the practical everyday life at home, 4
but imbued with a playful spirit.’
‘This year, we are celebrating Karin’s 150th birthday,’
explains Lilla Hyttnäs museum director Lena Nyberg.
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‘Her style is still so modern, she was way ahead of her replant your Christmas
time. Her simple rocking chair design – similar to the tree? 65 million are
LILLBERG rocking chair from IKEA – was so shocking sold annually in
to the carpenter who built it, he insisted on delivering Europe and most are
thrown away. Buy a
it to her at night!’
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‘The Larssons’ love of everything in its purest form 14 replant or take it to a
was rooted in the natural environment,’ says Paula. composting depot
‘Using simple tools and materials, their crafts reflected
the honesty, durability and self-sufficiency of their
world. Today, the Larssons’ vision still strikes a chord.
Never more so than on festive occasions, when we
have an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy simple
pleasures surrounded by our family.’