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A Transmedia Experience

about Natural Heritage
by the
Beanstalk Team
We know Islands
very fragile
Sensitize tourists towards local
biodiversity and natural resources in
order to lead them into caring and
protecting the island's most precious
treasure, its nature.

Understanding how to Connect and
value and facilitate local communities
input crafts and knowledge.
Fragments of Laura & Há-vita:
A Transmedia Experience

Transmedia can entertain through
participation, engagement, interaction
or collaboration of the audience.

Stories can be powerful forces helping
us to understand the world

GOAL: Encourage visitors to learn about
its rich natural heritage and develop
awareness about its history and
biodiversity. And build a bridge between
local communities and tourists
Há-vita and the
The Locals
From Tourists Point of View
The Experts
From Tourists Point of View
The Point of View
of Locals
Focus Groups
Focus Group with the locals

Casa do Povo do Curral M-ITI
12 participants 6 locals experts in
1:30m biodiversity: Mix between
Biologist and Tourism

Focus Group with the locals
•  To what extent and how are locals interested in
interacting with tourists through an online platform
leading to off-line activities?

•  Feedback on Há-vita current strategies to support
two-way interaction between locals and visitors?

•  What other design strategies can be developed in
Há-vita to support two-way interaction between
locals and visitors?
Preliminary Results?

•  Excited about the Ha-vita platform idea;
•  Showcased interest in creating further content (videos);
•  Show availability to participate and host activities as long as they don’t
interfere with their daily job;
•  The need for a intermediary between the local and the platform might be
required (casa do povo employees might help with this)
•  Excited that the website can also promote their village and locals products
and traditions;
Preliminary Results?

•  Generally enjoyed the Ha-vita platform and pointed out further improvements that
can be done regarding the content.
•  The Ha-vita was seen as a great window of opportunity to educate and promote a
sustainable tourism;
•  Pointed out further activities and initiatives that could be promoted, however there
needs to be investment/funding to support the logistical aspects (transportation,
personal to assistance etc).
•  Pointed out that ha-vita could serve a “network of contacts” towards sustainable
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