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TITLE : Should homework be banned?

Assalamualaikum and very good morning to the all panels.

Homework, or a homework assignment, is a set of tasks assigned to students by
their teachers to be completed outside the class. Common homework assignments may
include required reading, a writing or typing project, mathematical exercises to be
completed, information to be reviewed before a test, or other skills to be practiced.

Homework is useful to inform teachers of the students’ weaknesses in certain topics, giving
them a chance to improve and acquire new skills. If there is no homework, teachers would
have to base majority of the students’ standards on tests alone, which is not reliable at times.
In fact, teachers should plan lessons according to the students’ abilities; this can be effective
as students will be able to learn more efficiently and not do the same homework planned for
the whole level. It will be of not much use as it does not cater to the students’ needs.

1. It teaches students responsibility

 When students only visit classes they have no idea how difficult it is for teachers to
prepare for the lessons and may behave abusively. When they are given assignments
on a regular basis, they raise responsibility, punctuality, and executivity. These
features can be very useful for the future career too.
i) Based on the articles that I’ve read James Mcwilliams, banning homework is little
more than an admission that what's happening inside school is of little practical worth.
Second, because the real question at issue in the homework debate is not whether to ban or
assign it, but rather what kind of homework to assign, it is incumbent on those who work in
education to determine what the right kind of homework looks like.
(Article by James Mcwilliams, Oct 23,2017)

2. Parents have a representation of the things that happen in the classroom.

 My second point about should homework be banned is parents have a representation

of the things that happen in the classroom that a necessity to do and check homework
makes parents more involved in studying. Sometimes children may have troubles
with some topics or even subjects and difficulties with homework can be a ringing
bell to provide assistance to your child. Moreover, it encourages parents to
communicate with their children more.

i) According to Harris Cooper said homework can also foster independent learning and
responsible character traits, essential skills later in life when students change jobs or learn
new skills for advancement at work. And homework can give parents an opportunity to see
what’s going on at school and learn about their child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
Two parents once told me they refused to believe their child had a learning disability until
homework revealed it to them. Maybe that 20-minute assignment should involve parents and
replace screen time, not dinner or interactive play.
( Article by Harris Cooper,September 02,2016)
3.Children learn much new information additionally

 My third point is children learn much a new information additionally which is apart
from the direct assignment execution, many students need to research many sources
to complete it profoundly. That helps to get additional knowledge and become more

i) The most comprehensive research on homework to date comes from a 2006 meta-
analysis by Duke University psychology professor Harris Cooper, who found evidence of a
positive correlation between homework and student achievement, meaning students who did
homework performed better in school. The correlation was stronger for older students in
seventh through 12th grade than for those in younger grades, for whom there was a weak
relationship between homework and performance.

(Article by By Katie Reilly August 30, 2016)


- What we can conclude on this issue is useless to deny the fact that home assignment is
very beneficial for school children. Of course, there might be some restrictions concerning
the age of students and the number of tasks assigned, but in any case, it is impossible to
imagine a modern school without homework. Think only about homeschooling and much
higher academic achievements learners have. No wonder that homework remains one of the
most effective ways to acquire and improve the existing existing knowledge and skills.