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Write the correct form of the word in brackets to complete these sentences.

1. Unfortunately, accidents are a common along this road. (OCCUR)

2. It's difficult to believe in the of aliens. (EXIST)
3. The police are looking for of the attack. (EVIDENT)
4. She thinks everyone hates her and needs from her friends all the time.
5. Scientist believe that the mysterious of millions of bees is due to disease.
6. What's the best punishment for a teenager? (OBEY)
7. What he said was true, but it was completely . (RELEVANCE)
8. 100% is necessary to pass this course. (ATTEND)
9. I'm the only person who believes in his . Even the police think he's guilty.
10. There are three shop over there - you should ask one of them for help.
11. Some people think that if you enjoy your job, the salary is , but I love money!
12. I'm excited because I've just got a letter of from Cambridge University!
13. Cats are extremely animals. They don't really need people. (DEPEND)
14. You need a lot of if you want to work with children. (PATIENT)
15. The flowers are poisonous - don't eat them! (DIE)
16. You have no - you must do it. (CHOOSE)
17. Their was a very happy one. (MARRY)
18. You need to do some more of this grammar. (PRACTISE)
19. We don't have any that he committed the crime. (PROVE)
20. She's really about her new haircut.(DEFEND)
21. The company made a on their new product. (LOSE)
22. I stared at him in . (BELIEVE)
23. Your parents really care about your . (SAVE)
24. The politician's really made me think about the issues. (SPEAK)
25. We tried to keep up the that everything was OK. (PRETEND)
26. I need to get a for my parents' wedding anniverary. (GIVE)
27. I'm really sorry. You were in your job application. (SUCCEED)
28. He lost his in the accident (SEE)
29. He's really selfish and . (THINK)
30. Normally I prefer tall men, but my husband's isn't a problem. (SHORT)
31. The news report covered the economic crisis in . (DEEP)
32. A healthy diet will your life expectancy. (LONG)
33. If they this road, there would be fewer accidents. (WIDTH)
34. I think I'll this photograph. (LARGE)
35. The airport has security at passport control. (TIGHT)
36. I do yoga to my back. (STRONG)
37. There is a water nearly every summer in the south of England. (SHORT)
38. The moment I left work I my tie and started to relax. (LOOSE)
39. When I myself, I found out I'd lost 10kg! (WEIGHT)
40. The of my computer screen gives me a headache. (BRIGHT)
41. I'm afraid of so I couldn't live on the 10th floor. (HIGH)
42. The lights went out and the room was plunged into . (DARK)
43. I'm afraid of the so I sleep with the lights on. (DARKEN)
44. The government are going to the legal drinking age to 18. (LOW)
45. His long illness has him. (WEAK)
46. I find it difficult to my work. (PRIORITY)
47. I'm studying medicine. I want to in genetics. (SPECIAL)
48. I didn't understand what you just said. Could you it? (CLEAR)
49. He loves insects. He can over 50 different types of beetle.(IDENTITY)
50. The time we spent apart only my love for him. (STRONG)
51. You didn't what flavour you wanted, so I got you chocolate. (SPECIFIC)
52. His speech was too long. He should have it. (SHORT)
53. He always thinks he's right. He never for his mistakes. (APOLOGY)
54. I think the government should alcohol. (CRIMINAL)
55. Thank you for the flowers. They really up the room. (BRIGHT)
56. The burglar that no one was in the house before he broke in. (SURE)
57. The film "The Ring" me. I couldn't sleep for days. (TERROR)