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2009 CONNECT Magazine

To the class of 2013 (and to those arriving as transfers who’ll be Belmont alums even
Belmont First and Foremost
There’s no place like Belmont ..........................................................................................................................2
Congratulations on becoming part of the Bruin family! Here at Connect, we spent Five types of people you meet........................................................................................................................ 4
Orange tape, hard hats and dynamite...........................................................................................................6
the spring semester figuring out how we could welcome you into the den. We want
Be an environmentally friendly Bruin............................................................................................................8
to let you know everything about Belmont, from dorm life to classes to balancing
Fan support builds sports history................................................................................................................ 10
homework with your social life. At the same time, we also want to give you a glimpse Small school, big news..................................................................................................................................... 11
of what opportunities you’ll have to let loose and fully experience Nashville. But we Majors are not everyone’s (music) business............................................................................................. 12
don’t want you to cut the familial ties and run wild, so we include some tried-and-true You’ve got a major problem!.......................................................................................................................... 14
survival methods for every high and low you’ll inevitably ride out as a college student. Travel for credit: Study abroad takes you beyond Belmont................................................................ 16

Let Connect be your guide to the Bruin Kingdom. Remember it when you’re looking
for a cheap place to eat, dealing with your tiny dorm space, trying to translate Survival Strategies
IHSB212 on your schedule, and even struggling to let go of your blankie when Bargain textbooks: That’s not an oxymoron............................................................................................. 18
homesickness hits (trust us, it will!) You’ll also be able to find even more tips in A campus job can fit your schedule............................................................................................................ 19
the fall in the student newspaper, the Belmont Vision, and its online presence, College life around the clock......................................................................................................................... 20 A guide to finding and buying food............................................................................................................ 22
Have a fat-free freshman year........................................................................................................................ 24
Have a fab year and enjoy your new community of Belmont Bruins! Prepare for city’s climate change.................................................................................................................. 26
Living car-lessly................................................................................................................................................... 27
Good luck! P.S., I love you....................................................................................................................................................... 28

Connect Staff, 2008-09

Out and About in Middle Tennessee
So you’ve come to the South …................................................................................................................... 30
Give me that old time religion – or not...................................................................................................... 32
Local churches welcome students............................................................................................................... 34
24-hour study spots.......................................................................................................................................... 35
One is not the loneliest number................................................................................................................... 36
Hmmm, what to do, what to do.................................................................................................................... 38
Pro sports for hometown fans....................................................................................................................... 41

The writers
Student bios......................................................................................................................................................... 42

The ‘09 visual journalism class was given an assignment to create

a cover for the 2009 issue of Connect magazine. The final cover,
chosen from the student designs, was created by sophomore
journalism major Kristin Clements. The image represents
the importance of the bell tower, a campus icon and a
model of strength and endurance. Kristen also assisted
in the layout and design of the magazine.

2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 1

You’ve got a heart, a brain and courage,
but you still need dos and don’ts!
There’s no By Amanda Stravinsky Times when you want to throw your empty

place like
soda can in a regular trashcan, remember your
First day of college. A sea of students hurries to morning classes. responsibility to the environment, and simply
You, a freshman, feel so overwhelmed. There are so many people recycle it.
here! This is way bigger than your small hometown in Kansas. A
twisting tornado is alive in your stomach. If only Toto were here! If

Belmont . . . only you weren’t wearing those ruby slippers (so last season!) If only
you had a list of what to do and what not to do!
Oh, but Glinda, the good witch, has come to save you. A list of
25 Belmont dos and don’ts has been created to keep you from em-
barrassment and turn you into a college-going pro. Some are practi-
#6: Don’t rush into
There are a lot of people to meet and get
acquainted with your freshman year. You may
cal and self explanatory while others are silly. They all have a feel the need to pursue a romantic relationship
history among freshmen like you. with some. Word on the street is to keep them
all friendships for now. “While the idea of
meeting a new boyfriend or girlfriend is excit-
#3: Don’t skip class. ing, the first semester of college might not be
the best time to start thinking of a long term
You’ve heard this throughout high school and even relationship”, according to,
though you’re on your own in college, it still applies to you. a Web site dedicated to college students.
Sure, you can sleep in and skip as many classes as you want. Peg Leonard-Martin, a counselor at Bel-
No one is here to force you out of bed in the morning. But, mont, says new relationships are inevitable
if you want to make good grades, you have to go to class. for freshmen because there are so many
“Belmont University is committed to the idea that people freshmen will meet and interact
regular class attendance is essential to successful scho- with. However, she does think freshmen
lastic achievement,” Belmont’s academic policy states. should “slow down” getting into a roman-
“Absence is permitted only in cases of illness or other tic relationship.
legitimate cause.” Belmont’s policy on class attendance “Getting grounded in the norms of the
states that if the number of absences exceeds four times Belmont community, digging in on studies
the weekly scheduled class meetings, the student will be and taking care of one’s self is key,” Leon-
dropped from the class with a failing grade. Go to class ard-Martin said. “Having paid attention to
because the material you’re learning is equipping you those aspects of one’s life usually means
for the world. Too many skipped classes and you’ll be that healthier relationships will follow.”
lost. Go to class. It’s why you’re in college, anyway.

#14: Do realize college isn’t
#5: Do recycle. all about the grades.
Belmont’s going green to preserve our beauti- Having a high GPA may help you land fantastic intern-
ful environment, and as a freshman you’re asked to ships and jobs, but college isn’t all about the grades. Mar- College lingo
participate in this campus-wide attempt. Look for tha Ressler, freshman, thinks the first year is an important
the blue, red and yellow bins both inside and outside time to experience life rather than to seclude yourself in Caf cafeteria
of dorms and around campus. Blue is for paper, red the dorm with piles of books. Curb Curb Café, a place other than the
for cans and bottles, and yellow for regular trash “I don’t think that college is just about studying. I think Caf to eat (not to be mistaken for
that can’t be recycled. Before you throw away a it’s about learning how to live life,” Ressler said. the Curb Event Center, the arena for
plastic container, look on the bottom of it. If it You’re not only here to learn but also to meet great basketball and more)
has a recycling sign and a number inside of it, the new people and appreciate different cultures and beliefs. The Beaman Beaman Student Life Center, where
product can be recycled. Not only are you helping Explore your surroundings. Being social should be one you can go to study, to climb the rock
the environment, you’re teaming up with your of your priorities. There are a lot of social activities and wall or to work out in the gym.
university for a daily good cause. clubs you can get involved in. From student government to Bongo Bongo Java, a coffee house across the
Hillary Blunt, freshman, agrees with Bel- intramural sports like rugby and ultimate Frisbee, Belmont street from the Curb
mont’s new pledge to go green. has activities for everyone to enjoy. Have fun while you’re MPAC (pronounced M-Pack) Massey Per-
“I think it’s a very lucrative investment! in college. You’ll remember these years for the rest of your forming Arts Center where most of
Going green may be somewhat of a hassle to life. the recitals and concerts are held,
except for the music showcases. They
students, but in the long run, it helps not only Now that you have a little list of what Belmont students are held in the Curb Event Center.
preserve our mother earth, but it cuts back some should know, you’re ready to join the rest of us to further
finances here and there! It’s kind of a win-win,” your education. As you’ll hear a lot during move-in week:
Blunt said. Welcome to Belmont!

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Five types of people you meet at Belmont
By Brittany Hodges and Katie Chow

When you come to Bel-
mont, you are sure to encoun-
ter all sorts of people from a va-
riety of backgrounds. Everyone

is influenced by something
different. Personal style is not

an exception. Everyone has
their own way of expressing
individual taste through their
clothing choices. What are
some fashion must-haves from
five of Belmont’s top
style categories? Travis Briles

Sarah Shepherd

Acquanetta Donnell

Cammie Rogers Nate Woods

Sorority Girl Good Ol’ Country Boy Athletic Guy Indie Folk Girl Future Businesswoman
Who or what inspires your look? Who or what inspires your look? Who or what inspires your look? Who or what inspires your look? Who or what inspires your look?
I feel like my look is inspired a lot by Mom. She has an awesome sense of style and ever Comfort. I guess it does depend on what my I think that my look changes daily-- it’s inspired by My mother inspires my look!
since I was little I remember shopping at TJ Maxx and Off 5th finding designer clothes for What does your style reflect about yourself? Mother gets me for Christmas. The my mood when I wake each morning. What does your style reflect about yourself?
cheap prices. She helped all my friends and me find our prom dresses and would always [I’m] easy-going. “athletic look” attracts me somewhat What does your style reflect about yourself? I think my style represents my sophistication.
give me great fashion advice. Because she loves fashion we also always had InStyle Describe your style in five words or less? I suppose. This is a hard question… I suppose that I don’t Describe your style in five words or less?
magazines lying around the house so that helped, too. I also think my personality really Simple, comfortable, practical. What does your style reflect about yourself? attempt to live my life within the confines of many Sophisticated, tasteful, classy, elegant and
dictates how I dress. I’m a bubbly, outgoing person and I think that is reflected in the Who (if anyone) is your style icon? I’m always ready to work out. rules. When I dress I do the same-- I do not try to business-like.
fact that I love to wear bright colors and bold patterns. I also wear pink probably way too No one. Describe your style in five words or less? follow any “fashion rules.” Who (if anyone) is your style icon?
much. My friends give me the hardest time about it! It’s my favorite color and Phi Mu’s Where do you like to go shopping in Nashville? Comfortable, casual, functional, not Describe your style in five words or less? Michelle Obama.
color so that just gives me all the more reason to wear it. I don’t. trendy. A never-ending series of experiments. Where do you like to go shopping in Nashville?
Describe your style in five words or less? What are your top three must have pieces for your Who (if anyone) is your style icon? Who (if anyone) is your style icon? Banana Republic, Gap, and J. Crew.
Trendy, bright, bold, accessorized (is that a word?) and girly. wardrobe? No one. I don’t really have a style icon, but I appreciate What are your top three must have pieces for your
Who (if anyone) is your style icon? Boots, jeans, belt. Where do you like to go shopping in Nash- people who find fresh, inventive things to do with wardrobe?
I love Rachel Bilson’s style. Her outfits are always complete from head to toe, and she’s ville? old trends and especially people who have styles My pearls at all times, a nice pair of pumps and
not afraid to branch out to different styles. Like her, I love being edgier one day and prep- Big and Tall store. that are unique to them. a cardigan!
pier the next. I just really like experimenting with different styles. What are your top three must have pieces Where do you like to go shopping in Nashville?
Where do you like to go shopping in Nashville? for your wardrobe? : ) I do a lot of shopping online, but when shopping
For accessories, especially cute head bands, I love Fire Finch in Hillsboro Village. I also Tennis shoes, shorts, T-shirt. in Nashville I usually keep it economical: TJ Maxx,
really like UAL on West End. They have designer clothes for discounted prices. Even thrifts, Opry Mills (a smorgasbord of outlet stores).
though their stuff is still really expensive, a lot of the time it is fun to just see the looks they What are your top three must have pieces for your ward-
come up with. But if I want to go somewhere and know that I will always find something I robe?
like, then I go to Forever 21. Comfortable dresses
What are your top three must have pieces for your wardrobe? Tights – they’re a staple of my wardrobe
Trendy/bright shoes, girly dresses, and bold jewelry or hair pieces. Boots

4 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 5

We’re being bold,” Johnston says.
With an ambitious spirit dom-
inating the university’s growth,
Thomas says maintaining the

Orange T ap e, H a r d “magical Belmont atmosphere”

is the most important consider-
“We’ve experienced in

am i t e
the last eight years about 70

Hats and D yn percent growth,” he says. “But

while we grow we will contin-
ue to foster a sense of com-
munity, of identity, that small

ing up
Belmont is build
feel that is so characteristic
of Belmont.”
Thomas says it is appar-
ent that Belmont is moving
up in the world of higher
education, and the uni-
By Ashlyn Hall versity is ready to expand
office, plus a full-service pharmacy. accordingly.
BOOM! Clang. Bang. Tiny hard hats scurry like ants at “The completion of this building will help us complement “Because of our new
work in the bottom of a cavernous hole. Heavy machinery other healthcare training programs in the region,” says Dr. and innovative programs,
buzzes and hums methodically through the light hours of the Phil Johnston, dean of the School of Pharmacy. “Apart from like songwriting, social
day. Lipscomb, no one in Nashville has undergraduate pharmacy entrepreneurship, and
Why all the hubbub, you ask? Belmont University is im- programs.” pharmacy, and since we
mersed in a development project that includes the construc- The excitement is apparent from the administrative level hosted the Town Hall
tion of new spaces to support the university’s maturation. to first-year students. Presidential Debate last
U.S. News and World Report didn’t name us one of the “Belmont is known for its music programs, but the new fall, and the fact that
“Top Schools to Watch” for no reason. As new programs are pharmaceutical program will give the school a new dimen- we’ve had some huge
added and larger freshman classes are admitted, Belmont sion, increase its personality. It’s why I chose to come here,” convocation events
is facing the challenge to accommodate the exciting expan- says Mae Redha, a pharmaceutical studies major in the inau- featuring influential
sions. gural class of 2012. speakers, Belmont
Plans include a massive healthcare building, two more Numerous and impressive features will be included. is definitely receiv-
residence halls and renovations to Belmont Heights Baptist Thomas says the building will exemplify “the best of what ing recognition,”
Church complex. higher education should be.” Thomas says.
The healthcare building project commenced in the fall of Continuing the tradition of a wireless campus, classrooms As an emerg-
2008 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2010. The will be equipped with the Belmont network and docking ing presence in
administration hopes to begin work on the new residence ports for laptop charging. There will be new labs for general higher education,
halls in the next two years due to the prospect of Belmont’s chemistry furnished with extensive equipment upgrades. In Belmont is rapidly
future freshman classes increasing in number; they will simulation labs, students will use mannequins for practical growing, from its
resemble Maple Hall, which opened in fall 2008, and will be and counseling training. population to
located behind Pembroke and Heron residence halls. Faculty labs are a novel addition. Johnston, though recog- its offerings to
Renovations to Belmont Heights include development of nizing Belmont’s focus on teaching, highlights the prospect its educational
a concert hall for music students, but the initiative will not of the university finally being able to compete with peers in space.
be considered until after the construction of dorms is under the field. Get ready
way, says Dr. Bethel “Bo” Thomas, vice president for univer- However, the most cutting-edge aspect of the project is for some
sity advancement. the inclusion of an in-house, full-service pharmacy that will impressive,
Thomas adds that fundraising and attaining donations is make prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and constructive
key in order for these projects to be economically viable for medical consultations available to the university community. action. If you
the university. Because of this strategy, students don’t have to Also, as a local mission, its services will be open to members encounter any
worry about tuition increasing due to construction, he said. of the surrounding neighborhoods. orange tape
The structure in progress behind the Inman Health Sci- Adjacent to the pharmacy will be the relocated Student or warning
Construction woes
ences Building will eventually house the School of Pharmacy. Health Services office. Therefore, students and faculty will signs on your
Student drivers who battle daily for parking will be relieved be able to seek counsel for most of their health concerns on way to class, Expansion is great, but beware of these
to know that the premises will also feature an underground campus. remember
garage with approximately 450 spaces. The situation will benefit pharmaceutical studies majors what they drawbacks:
Doubling the square footage that Belmont currently by offering them invaluable experience in their future field mean to . “construction woodpecker”
offers for healthcare, the pharmacy building will give new while offering convenience to their community. Belmont’s
homes to chemistry classes, the physical therapy program, “This will help benefit the Nashville region and provide bright . blasts, broken windows
the psychology department and the Student Health Services more healthcare professionals where they’re sorely in need. future. . parking issues + perpetually dusty

. B-po yelling at you
6 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009
. noise pollution during class 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 7
Implement the info.
Try not to stop at the general acquisition of knowledge. Essential Items for the Enviro-Bruin
Do something about what you learn. Decreasing personal

resource use is easier than you might think. 1) reusable shopping bags

asy being green

Dr. Darlene Panvini, faculty advisor to O.N.E., empha-

It’s pretty e
sizes the power of little actions. “It’s a simple theory of 2) compact fluorescent light bulbs
low-hanging fruit,” she says. “If you do lots of easy things
and add them up, it makes a big difference.” 3) water purifier + reusable water
She and Berwald encourage students to begin with
obvious actions. Turn out lights when you’re not in your
room, unplug chargers and appliances that are not in use, 4) jump drive specifically to offset
re-use paper by printing materials on the blank sides of

Be an environmentally friendly existing sheets, and be sure to take advantage of dorm

recycling receptacles.
To be even more effective, adjust your thermostat a
temporary paper use (random
worksheets you don’t need to
print off )
few degrees lower during the winter and a
few higher during 5) power strips that can be
turned off to eliminate standby
By Ashlyn Hall

You’re walking down the center of campus. As you “People need an

pass the large gazebo on North Lawn, you notice an understanding
empty water bottle caught in a perfectly manicured bush. of how much
Do you stop and take two seconds to disentangle it from energy is used warmer months, reducing your overall electricity consump-
the bush, vowing to recycle it as soon as possible? Or do to make just one tion considerably. Replacing lamp bulbs with compact fluores-
you casually walk by without giving the bottle a second water bottle,” cent bulbs increases electrical efficiency as well. If you want
glance? Skeen says. “Sus- to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions, make the decision
In this situation, be an environmentalist. Your move tainability over to walk or ride a bike to nearby locations like the bank, the
to Belmont could be the perfect time for you to be more convenience is a grocery store or the park. If driving is unavoidable because
environmentally-conscious or bolster your existing change we can all of bad weather or distance, carpool with friends. Also, the
planet-friendly life choices. make.” Metro Transit Authority allows Belmont students to ride
“Few people drastically restructure their lives, but we If you’re look- the bus for free by swiping their Belmont ID cards.
can all make those small choices that add up and begin ing for a proactive
to change more and more of our environmentally bad option to be more
Spread the word.
habits,” says Allison Berwald, president of Belmont’s Our involved on campus Once you’re educated about global and local envi-
Natural Environment club – you’ll see it often called and love being envi- ronmental concerns and are actively reducing your own
O.N.E. ronmentally friendly, negative impact on your surroundings, it’s your turn to
By taking a few simple steps in the green direction, join O.N.E. The club let others know how to do the same.
you and your friends will easily become environmentally participates in events You can start by telling your family about how you’ve
friendly Bruins. on campus like move- adjusted your lifestyle. Maybe they’ll follow suit at
in day’s large card- home. Then, be sure your friends know how proud you
board recycling project. are to be a part of the movement toward environmental
Educate yourself. They also sponsor an awareness and sustainability.
Belmont offers ample opportunities for students to Earth Week celebration Berwald says the best way to motivate people to be
broaden their knowledge of how the natural world works including speakers and more conscious is by example. “A little encouragement
and how people adversely affect the environment. bands to commemorate never hurts ... nicely, of course,” she says.
First, it is good to know what Belmont is doing to in- Earth Day on April 22 Your actions will inspire and enhance positive ac-
crease campus sustainability. The Belmont Environmental annually. tion toward making the planet both more useful and
Initiative is the product of the efforts of students, faculty However, the simplest more enjoyable.
and administrators who, five years ago, thought Belmont way to educate yourself “Even if the current environmental situation
needed to focus more on environmental issues. Due to is to attend convocation weren’t a global crisis, I feel like we’ve lost touch
their work, campus-wide recycling is now available both events. Options range with the planet and lost an essential way of both
inside dorms and in specifically allocated dumpsters from films about electricity spiritual and nutritional nourishment,” Skeen says.
around campus. use to lectures concerning “Doing your part is a win-win no matter what.”
According to Dr. Judy Skeen, founder and director of environmental crises to how So the next time you see a stray water bottle or
the BEI Council, an effort to eliminate the sale of water our religious backgrounds notice someone who is about to throw away paper, do
bottles on campus is being considered. This action would encourage us to care for the yourself, your campus and your planet a favor by tak-
encourage students to use re-fillable water containers to natural world. ing environmental matters into your own hands. Be an
function more sustainably. environmentally friendly Bruin.

8 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 9

By Emily Cahill

Belmont students have

shared the spotlight in some
of the biggest news stories
in the nation in recent years.

Keep it Bruin: You may have been watching

a Belmont student or alum
and not even realized it. From
sports to politics, from music

Fan support builds sports history to pageants, Belmont has made

its mark on the world.

By Matt Zeblo
“That school that almost beat Duke?” “The Great Debate at Belmont”
Bruins in the rafters, making history. These are two things the Probably the biggest sports story Belmont has been a part of One of the biggest events in Belmont’s history was Debate
Belmont University athletic program has become very familiar was the near defeat of perennial basketball super-power, Duke 2008 when then presidential candidates Barack Obama and
with over the past few years. Just this past year has seen tre- University. The Belmont men’s basketball team went to the John McCain were at Belmont for one of the three presidential
mendous improvement as the women’s soccer team won its first NCAA tournament for the third year in a row in March 2008. debates preceding the November election.
conference championship in program history, volleyball won again Though the team put up a good fight against UCLA in 2006 The media flooded Belmont’s campus to investigate what
to get two conference championships in the last three years and and Georgetown in 2007, those contests did not compare to the type of school Belmont is, the history, and how Belmont
the men’s and women’s basketball teams continue to lead the performance the team had against Duke. The Belmont men’s works. Though the focus was primarily on the debate, Belmont
Belmont athletic program with successful seasons in and out team went into the tournament as a 15 seed and drew Duke, a received a lot of news coverage – students were interviewed,
each year. two seed, for the first round. The highly underestimated Bruins Chris Matthews hosted “Hardball” live from the North Lawn
Although Belmont is starting to get a glimpse of the suc- played the game of a lifetime, eventually losing to the Blue Dev- and “Good Morning, America” was broadcast from the Bel-
cess and popularity around the Atlantic Sun Conference, ils by a single point. mont Mansion. Banners and flyers covered Nashville months
according to most students around the B.U. campus, Many people had never heard of the underdog Belmont before and after the actual debate.
the Bruins have not even grazed the potential ex- University until that night. Senior Keaton Belcher, a post player Nashville news outlets covered not only the debate, but
posure that the university is capable of reaching. for the Bruins, described his experience. “We knew that it was also the preparations, as Belmont got ready for the candidates.
“I think our men’s basketball support going to be a tough game against a national powerhouse. Once “Saturday Night Live” performed a spoof on national television
has grown tremendously, in both numbers and the game started we felt like we could play with these guys and about the debate at Belmont, drawing attention to the school
enthusiasm, over the past couple years that I had a legitimate chance to win.” for an even wider audience.
have been here,” Gerard McMahon, assistant Belcher also discussed how the game helped Belmont. Hundreds of Belmont students, faculty and staff volunteered
for marketing and development for Belmont “Unfortunately, we lost by one point, but after the game we to help with the debate, and Belmont student media had access
Athletics, said. “For a school our size and stature, I got so much national press and attention because we were the with seats under the big tent along with 3,000 national media.
think our students do as fine a job as anywhere in the big underdog and almost pulled off one of the greatest upsets Melanie Bengtson, Vision editor for 2008-09, was seated next to
country in providing us a true home court advantage.” in college basketball history. That game alone helped put tiny political analyst and author Howard Fineman in the media tent,
Basketball has brought in the bulk of the attention to the Belmont University on the map. The game is still being used as and Right Aisle Review managing editor George Scoville sat by
athletic program for the past three years as they have made it to a great recruiting tool for student athletes.” former Massachusetts Gov. (and Republican primary candi-
the big dance in 2006 and 2007. The name Belmont University was one of the top Google date) Mitt Romney in the Debate Hall in Curb Event Center.
All universities with prestigious athletic programs are searches the week after the game occurred. A single hard-
always looking for room to improve in all sports, and Belmont fought game gave Belmont national recognition as “that small “The Belmont Idol”
still seeks to get its name out and on the map. With more school that almost beat Duke.” Kimberly Locke started her singing career the way that
student support of athletics, the program will soar. If stu- thousands of Americans hope to, appearing on “American Idol.”
dents became more interested in Belmont athletics and “Rachel Smith, Miss USA” In 2002, auditions were held in Nashville for the show’s sec-
showed up to sporting events, success would go through Miss USA is a yearly competition among some of the most ond season. Locke was chosen for the show and finished third.
the roof. outstanding and beautiful women in the United States. In 2007, Locke is a native of Gallatin, Tenn., and attended Belmont,
The M.O.B. is a great way to get involved. Rachel Smith, a December 2006 Belmont graduate, took part in graduating in 2001. After her appearance on the show she
M.O.B, or Motivational Organization of Belmont, is the nationwide competition. Smith represented Tennessee with signed with Curb Records and recorded her first album, “One
an unquestioned part of the campus social land- poise, grace, and well thought-out answers for her questions Love.” She then signed with Ford Modeling Agency and became
scape. This organization will keep you informed and was crowned Miss USA. a spokeswoman for Lane Bryant.
of team’s schedules, rosters and promotions at Smith, a journalism major, modeled throughout her col- Melinda Doolittle also sang her way into the hearts of
each sporting events. lege career. After receiving the crown, she fulfilled her duties America while competing to be the “American Idol” in its sixth
“We need to keep building our base every as Miss USA traveling throughout the world promoting her season. Doolittle graduated from Belmont in 1999. She decided
year to further develop an enthusiastic fol- causes. During her reign Smith starred in a reality television to try her luck with Randy, Paula and Simon on “American Idol.”
lowing among students,” McMahon said. show on MTV that followed her and two other pageant winners Doolittle quickly became a TV audience favorite and a finalist.
“With 1,000 new freshmen each year, we need in the New York apartment they shared, describing the life that Doolittle has continued to sing, making appearances at Bel-
to work on building each game into an event.” accompanies winning the crown. mont, singing the national anthem at sporting events, as well
This is a difficult situation as to where Smith not only represented herself well, she represented as having private concerts for Belmont students. She signed
some of the teams play off-campus such as Belmont well. She went on to participate in the Miss Universe with the record label Hi Fi Recordings and recorded her latest
baseball, softball, golf and both men’s and pageant and made it to the top five. Belmont was put on the album, “Coming Back to You.”
women’s soccer this past season. With a goal map in an entirely different way from Smith’s experience.
of total Bruin domination in the near future, Belmont’s name was never used during the pageant, but those
Belmont is counting on Bruins sup- that knew Smith knew she was also representing the school she
porting the Bruins. came from.

10 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 11

Your major is not everyone’s (music) business
By Amanda Stravinsky organizations, local churches and hospitals. Belmont sends pencils and papers. You have to go out and buy your own sup- one of the strongest Asian studies programs in Tennessee
students internationally to countries such as Africa so they plies and that doesn’t include tuition.” and a very competitive one in the Southeast,” said Dr. Ron-

pon coming to Belmont, the question everyone can further their studies and also apply them. Lehenbauer plans to become a teacher. She doesn’t know nie Littlejohn, professor of Asian studies and chairman of the
is asked is, “What’s your major?” More than half Curtis would tell incoming freshmen who are thinking what medium she would concentrate in, but one thing is im- philosophy department.
the time, the answer is “music business” or “com- of majoring in religion to remember the classes aren’t like portant to her: the kids she will teach in the near future. Universities such as Lee and Tennessee State do not have
mercial voice.” But Belmont has 265 major fields Sunday school. The work students do is at a university level “I want to live in the country, up in the mountains,” Le- Asian studies as a major or a minor. Vanderbilt University has
of study extending from business to sociology. If you’re an and rigorous. henbauer said. “I would want to bring the experience and the an interdisciplinary major in Eastern Asian studies and also
undecided freshman, take heart. You don’t have to succumb “By the time they have spent four years with us, they’re materials to the kids because not all schools can afford the provides majors in Chinese and Japanese languages. Other
to the majority and become a music major. Break the mold. going to be a changed person—more open, more humble, materials.” universities in the region either offer Asian studies as a minor
Then you have an unexpected answer when someone asks, more clear within themselves about what they believe on the David Alan Ribar, an art professor of 18 years, thinks the or offer two years of language studies. Few offer the program
“What’s your major?” You can proudly rattle off a unique basis of their thinking and their experiences,” he said. “We program at Belmont is wonderful and says there’s no intent to as a major.
major, one that proves you’re a nonconformist. will take their individuality seriously and work with them in make the students concentrate in one medium. Littlejohn encourages freshmen who are considering Asian
discerning their best gifts and their deepest calling.” “The people are friendly and very supportive of each studies as a major to take some humanities classes that involve
Because he’s a teacher, Curtis gave an added bonus for other,” Ribar said. “Liberal arts education provides students a taste of Asian studies such as World of Asian Humanities or
RELIGION AND THE ARTS being in one of his classes: “If they come to Belmont, being with a direction to make a meaning out of their experiences in a language course in Chinese or Japanese.
Belmont is a private, Christian establishment. While the from Mississippi or having a golden retriever as a family pet, a way no other media can.” “Then, during the summer at the end of your freshman
college is no longer affiliated with the Tennessee Baptist that’s an automatic 10 points on their first test grade.” Internships for art students include working with the Frist year or surely the one at the end of your sophomore year, go
Convention, it does retain Christian standards. The religion and Cheekwood museums and private studios in Nashville or to Asia with one of Belmont’s travel studies. Choose Japan
majors, though, don’t have too many students. in nearby Franklin. If you’re a design major, two internships or China,” said Littlejohn. “You can take six hours of credit
Beth Ann Hayden, freshman, chose the major that has ART EDUCATION are required for graduating. Teachers and advisers will help through one of these Asian travel studies for just a very little
just 35 students because it takes both her passions, religion While music and theater flourish with many students get the internship set up. Belmont art faculty also make sure more than if you stayed here in Nashville and took six hours.
and art, and combines them. each year, the art education major is home to 10 to 15 the student, while working at the internship, is doing hands- It’s the best bargain you or your parents will ever get in your
“Maybe [I could] open my own shop or work along- students. Next year, there might be only two students from on projects and not running for coffee and doing other odd education.”
side someone who does Christian art or art-inspired faith,” the 2012 class, Sarah Sidwell and Ashley Lehenbauer. Unless jobs. Since it’s a very young program, Belmont’s faculty in Asian
Hayden said. incoming freshmen make up for the loss, art education will Incoming freshmen need not fear the competition of the studies is listening to the students enrolled in the program
She faces some challenges with her major when it comes be a very small program. art classes. to see where their needs are. Ideas for ways of improving the
to seeing different viewpoints of others. Her faith has grown Lehenbauer thinks Belmont’s program is better than “Be brave,” Ribar said. “Everything is going to suggest program are in discussion.
and stretched since being at Belmont for a year. other art schools because it’s small. Students get one-on-one your choice is foolish or short-sighted. Be receptive. Your eye “The program is vibrant and alive with opportunity,” Little-
“You have to weed out your studies with what you want attention, there isn’t that much competition and everyone should be a big, black hole, taking everything in.” john added.
to hold onto, what contradicts your faith,” Hayden said. “One knows each other in the program.
of my teachers in Old Testament said, ‘I’m not asking you Art education is four and a half- to a five-year program. ASIAN STUDIES
to take everything I say, but I’m asking you to take what you The major requires the students complete 143 hours, includ- If you’re interested in the Asian culture and would
want to take from your studies in this class.’ I think that’s ing Bell-core requirements such as science and math. Stu- like to learn a language other than Spanish or
very important to remember.” dents must take levels one and two of every art class to get French, an Asian studies major is one to
She also said she finds it challenging to make personal their degree. Plus, students are required to take education consider. Belmont introduced the
time for God because her major deals with studying the classes as well. It’s a lot of work, but students like Lehen- major in 1999, opening up many
Bible. bauer don’t mind. opportunities internationally.
“It’s a challenge to live freely in your faith but then buckle “I wouldn’t change how many art classes they require me With India and China being
down and be studious about your studies that are also con- to take because, I complain about them and I know they’ll the most populated Asian
cerned with faith. It’s been quite a challenge.” take me forever to finish, but I like being well-rounded,” she countries and many trad-
Still, Hayden thinks the program is great and a strong said. ing deals coming and
one. She thinks the faculty is passionate about their teach- The only problem she has with the program is that going from Asia, the
ing. the classes are expensive. In addition to tuition, study of the culture
“I’m stretching and learning about my religion. fees are $30 to $100 a class. and language is
Sometimes I get frustrated, but it’s stretching me more,” “With photography the money goes to important.
Hayden said. chemicals and stuff,” Lehenbauer said. “Belmont
Dr. Ben Curtis, who has been a teacher in the School “With the drawing class, you’re buy- has
of Religion for 35 years, thinks the department ing your own
is a great one. Belmont has brought teach-
ers from all over the country, among them
those from universities such as Duke and
Vanderbilt that have nationally-known
religion programs.
“We have teachers who enjoy teach-
ing who, honestly, inspire their students,”
Curtis said. “The School of Religion is a
lively place.”
Opportunities for religion ma- Michelangelo’s painting,
jors include working with inner-city “Creation,” is on the ceiling of the
Sistine Chapel.

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By Heather Staggs
You’ve got a major problem!
You arrive on campus and declare major in, for 615-460-6748. working in public welfare, criminal justice, school social work,
example, psychology. You really liked and excelled in Psychology child welfare, and counseling.
your psychology class in high school, so that seems rea- A social worker needs to have a strong desire to help oth-
sonable. But you’re clueless about what to expect after Psychology is a major that requires a lot of work, time, ers, maturity, objectivity, sensitivity, acceptance and a non-
you acquire your bachelor’s degree. Graduate schools, schooling and patience. However, it is a rewarding career and judgmental attitude. These qualities are imperative to social
salaries and job markets baffle you. if you are truly workers if they want to succeed and be trusted by the people
You suddenly realize you have a “major “problem. passionate they work with. A typical salary for a social worker is $43,580
Belmont offers more than 70 undergraduate degrees about it and to $50,817, according to
through its seven colleges and schools. Some common you thrive off A bachelor of social work degree is required for entry-level
questions that Belmont’s Office of Career Services gets being able to direct practice. A master’s in the field is required to provide
asked are these: What is required after I earn an un- help people. therapy and for advancement to supervisory or administrative
dergraduate degree? What kind of salary can I expect? With a positions, and a doctorate is required in order to teach, con-
What careers can I pursue? psychology duct research or work in some administrative positions. Some
major you can notable schools for a master’s in social work are Washington
Pharmaceutical Studies have careers in University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Chicago Uni-
human versity, Columbia University and University of Washington,
Pharmaceutical studies is a new major at Belmont services, according to rankings by U.S. News and World Report.
introduced in the fall of 2008 with 75 entering students. research, If you have questions, contact Dr. Lorraina Scholten, chair
It offers students courses in chemistry, biology, and human resources, public relations, advertising, teaching, of the department of social work, at scholtenl@mail.belmont.
business. Students can choose one of two tracks, either retailing, sales, and the list goes on. You will have many edu or call the department at 615-460-6401.
pharmaceutical sales or pharmacy school. A degree in options in the job market. The average salary for a psycholo- For information on specifics on more majors, go to www.
this major requires 128 credits. gist in 2009 is $77,973, according to
Dr. Phillip E. Johnston, dean of Belmont University’s Graduate school is required to be a psychologist and a
School of Pharmacy, said something to look forward to doctoral degree is usually expected. Some of the top gradu-
is that in the fall of 2010, students will move into a new ate schools for psychology are: University of California at Los
building dedicated to pharmacy, complete with student, Angeles, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin-
faculty, lab, and classroom space. Madison, University of California-Berkeley, and University of
In the pharmaceutical sales track, the career you’re Minnesota-Twin Cities. Graduate school competition is tough
educated for is a pharmaceutical sales representative. Pharmacy student so to be ahead of the game; a good start is to offer to help a
There are many more options under the pharmacy faculty member with research.
school track, such as working with government agen- If you have questions about Belmont’s program the depart-
cies or becoming a community pharmacist, indepen- ment of psychology by e-mail at psychology@mail.belmont.
dent pharmacist, pharmaceutical researcher, academic consumers), adaptable to change and self- motivated to edu or call 615-460-6806. Head of the department is Dr. Peter
pharmacist, con- accept daily challenges. A degree of empathy or sympa- J. Giordano.
sulting pharmacist, thy must also accompany these qualities.
or a managed-care A graduate degree in pharmacy is a requirement for Social Work
pharmacist. this career, so be prepared for at least four more years
According to after you acquire your undergraduate degree at Bel- Social work is a major under the School of Health Sciences, mont. The nation’s top five graduate schools in pharma- housed in the Gordon
the average salary cy, according to, are: University of California E. Inman College of
for a pharmacist at San Francisco, University of Texas at Austin, Univer- Health Sciences
is $105,689. The sity of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Kentucky building. It is a career
consensus is that and Purdue University. for people who want to Social worker explains the forms to a senior at the kitchen counter.
the job is extremely Johnston said that the best thing about the pharmacy spend their lives helping
challenging yet program at Belmont is, “As a student at Belmont, you people in need. It is a
extremely satisfying. are given the opportunity to learn from active pharmacy challenging career with
To be successful in practitioners in the classroom, as well as in health care a relatively modest
this career you need institutions from the first year on. We’re all about the salary but with reward-
to be good at inter- hands-on experience.” ing results.
action with people If you havequestions, contact the School of Phar- Social work is one of a handful of careers that has a vast
(co-workers and macy by e-mail at or call array of careers available. Social workers have the option of

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Travel for credit Dusty local street life in a small village in Rajasthan, India Remote farmhouse, Aran islands, Ireland Hong Kong Island from Victoria Peak Sailing near black rocks in shallow turquoise ocean water in Belize

Study abroad takes you beyond Belmont for learning, adventure

By Jessica Wardwell A semester or year abroad through travel safety tips on their Web site. just saw the world from a whole differ-
a Belmont exchange program: Belmont Belmont also provides a pre-departure ent perspective,” said Rachael Bechtel,
Sydney, Paris, Dublin, Hong Kong, Milan. You tuition plus room and board at the host handbook that includes a packing a sophomore who spent a semester
could be living in any of these cities for a summer, institution checklist, information on health issues abroad in Spain.
semester, or even a year. But for now, you’re in A semester or year abroad through and even tips for dealing with culture Also speak with professors that have
Nashville, so it is time to start planning. a Belmont affiliate program: Belmont shock. taught abroad or are planning to teach a
Study abroad programs offer endless possi- tuition plus $3000 study abroad fee. course in the program you are interested
bilities for learning and travel. Whether you are Students participating in a different STILL CAN’T DECIDE? in. The more advice you get from people
looking for a short-term trip during the summer or program may take an official leave of Making a final decision is difficult, involved with the program, the better
an internship for a semester, there is a trip that fits absence. but there are many different resources you will be able to decide.
your preferences and your major. available. Talk to students who have So pull out those suitcases, renew
Traveling for a lengthy period of time can be SAFETY studied abroad. They are the best re- your passport and start planning for the
very liberating. Students come back with a greater Many parents are worried about source if you have questions or want to summer or next year. Studying abroad
knowledge of other cultures and a sense of accom- sending their little angel off to some hear exciting stories. will expose you to new people, ancient
plishment. If you are able to fit a trip abroad into crazy, foreign place. However, the U.S. “It gives you the experience to travel history and flourishing cities.
your college plans, then definitely consider it. Department of State has posted many and get out of your comfort zone ... I
Belmont offers numerous opportunities for
trips each year. The university is a member of
Cooperative Center for Study Abroad, which has
programs in Australia, Barbados, Belize, England,
Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Scotland and Singapore.
There are also exchange program in countries such
as Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Spain, Ger-
many, Russia and Hong Kong. But don’t let that
list limit you! Other programs that Belmont is not
affiliated with are still accessible for college credit.
More information on programs can be found in
the Study Abroad office in Wheeler Humanities
Each trip has a unique list of courses offered.
Courses are worth three credit hours. Studying a
foreign language is not required. You could study
anything from theatrical literature in London to
ecosystems in Hong Kong. Belmont accepts credit
from any course in the CCSA program, as well as
from other exchange programs. Each class is taught
by a professor from one of 24 colleges, including
Money is a deciding factor for many students.
Convincing your parents can be hard, but studying
abroad is affordable. There are also many federal
loans, scholarships and grants available specifically
for studying abroad. These options can be found on
the Belmont Web site.
A street performer entertains in Edinburgh, Scotland, during a CCSA study abroad trip. A contemporary pedestrian bridge provides a way across the Thames in London, the site of numerous study abroad programs.

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Bargain textbooks:
Now hiring
A campus job can fit your schedule
That’s not an oxymoron
By Courtney Bland
By Upasana Pandya

Tuition, books, food, clubs and movies are just a few ex- Students interested in working with children are given a
address they want or need, and more and more Web sites penses that will come your way as you enter Belmont or any chance to work with nongovernmental organizations. The
College tuition costs a fortune, but when you add the make that possible. other university. An average semester costs you $11,000 in benefits would be that students go out in the community
cost of textbooks, selling the deed to the farm is usually “Buying books online was a great convenience because tuition with books, $2000 in living expenses and about $1850 and represent Belmont. They are paid about $11 an hour.
mentioned in the next breath. There are, however, options to they were shipped to my dorm and I could buy them all at for meal plans and about $1000 for personal expenses. Students have been working with the Boys and Girls Club,
buying, renting and selling back textbooks that might save once and it was much cheaper,” said Hannah Parker, ’12. Part-time employment is a great way to meet personal tutoring at elementary schools and working with youth en-
money for you and your parents., known for selling everything from CDs to and educational expenses. Working on campus is one of the couragement services.
There are many positives to buying books on-campus. cookbooks, is also one of the cheapest and easiest to navigate safest options for incoming freshmen as traveling expenses Paychecks for all jobs are given out on the second Friday
One is the fact that your books are waiting in your dorm textbook sites. When you type in the ISBN number of the are zero and students start becoming a part of the college of every month, and Belmont now offers direct deposit to
room when you arrive for move-in day and when you return book you need, Amazon brings up all books with the same atmosphere. your account. Students can also find job openings on the
for classes after winter break. By filling out an application numbers that are for sale and gives all the prices. Students “I love working on campus because it’s so convenient,” Belmont Web site. The work term followed for all students is
before each semester, the bookstore gets your class schedule, can compare prices and get the most for their money. freshman Rachel McNabb said. Aug. 31 to May 31.
finds all of your books and places them in your dorm room. Other online resources include: Belmont offers two kinds of student job opportunies, “Belmont also believes in equal opportunity and diversity;
This method seems to be helpful because it takes the hassle •, which allows you to buy and sell books at Belmont Student Employment and Federal Work-Study. BSE they will hire students based on skill and ability,” Humphrey
and burden of buying textbooks of the freshman’s shoulders. anytime during the year, and it also gives you an instant means students are hired and paid by the university itself. said.
“First semester it was easy to have them waiting for me quote by entering your book’s ISBN number. Has free The Federal Work-Study requires a student to fill out FAFSA, Don’t think anymore; just follow the job employment pro-
in my room,” Danielle Wisse, ‘12, said. “It is just convenient shipping when you sell back your books. a free application that can be completed online, to qualify cess and get some extra pocket money and start the process
to buy them at the bookstore •, lets you for federally funded work. This form also helps students get of learning and growing individually and professionally.
because you can charge them search for one to 10 books at scholarships. Both options will pay students $7.25 an hour
to your account and pay for one time. Also has free ship- with a limit of 20 hours a week.
them later. Having to fly ping when you sell back your Belmont offers a variety of on-campus jobs, from
back and forth from home, it
takes a lot of the stress away
knowing they will be wait-
•, allows
you to buy and sell books
working in the bookstore or the library to healthcare,
athletics, entertainment and many more that will suit
your interests.
Job tips
ing for me when I get back to anytime during the year “My job is so different from other campus jobs be-
To work at Belmont, here are some names, numbers,
school.” and get an instant quote by cause I get to learn more about my major in journalism,”
dates and places you need to know.
Another helpful point of entering the book’s ISBN said Lance Conzett, online editor for The Vision, Bel-
buying at the bookstore is the number. mont’s student newspaper.
buying and selling back of •, allows If you like meeting new people, you can become a 1. David Humphrey, Belmont Student Employment
books. During the add-drop students to order books, tour guide of the campus. All you need to do for that is counselor, offers these suggestions: students need
period at the beginning of and most orders are shipped apply with Bruin Recruiters. “Bruin Recruiters gives you not have work experience for an on-campus job;
each semester students can within just one business day. the opportunity to work with people who are in the same students need to reflect their own personality when
return their books, if they •, enables position as you,” Daniel Ritter, former president of Bruin giving an interview; students need to find out the
decide to switch classes, for students to also get books Recruiters. dress code and other expectations of the job from
a full refund. The only catch anytime they might need On-campus jobs are highly promoted at Belmont; their supervisor. To reach Humphrey, call 615-460-
is that the books have to be them and the search is easy students working on campus stay connected to college 6403.
in pristine condition and if because all you have to do is environment constantly as they are dealing with the 2. Mark your calendar for the annual Student Employ-
they were packaged in shrink email the Web site and see if faculty and staff all the time. Advantages like flexible ment Job Fair. This year it’s from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. on
wrap, once it is open it is con- they have the book that you working hours, no transportation cost, networking, and Aug. 24 in Neely Dining Room. All campus depart-
sidered used. Being able to need. an opportunity to grow and develop professionally within ments looking to hire will be present; a meet-and-
sell your books back without Buying books is stressful. the campus as well as adding some work experience to greet session will help students know more about
having the hassle of worrying In addition to extravagant your resume won’t harm your study schedule. the demands of the jobs.
about how much money you costs, the time it takes to “ I like working at the college library because of flex-
will get back is a huge load off compare prices and search ible hours, and most importantly this job allows me to 3. In addition, go ahead and complete the FAFSA
of struggling college student for a venue to buy from all study while I’m working,” said Stephen Turney, sopho- online and drop it off at Student Financial Services
minds. add to the stress. It just de- more working at the circulation desk in the library. in advance of the job fair. Be sure and list all the jobs
The alternative method of pends on what is most con- Currently 1100 students work on campus. “Students you’d like to apply for.
buying books is buying them venient to you and to your with on-campus jobs are more likely to sustain in Bel-
on the Internet. Students are parents. Deciding to buy at mont and will end up getting a degree from Belmont,” 4. Try talking to people in the department you wish to
starting to realize the advan- the on-campus bookstore David Humphrey, BSE and work-study counselor, said. work in. Find out the work hours so you can adjust
tage of buying books and or online is a matter of just Choosing to work on campus is less likely to cause your class schedule early if necessary.
having them sent to any doing your homework. Pun you to drift away from your studies and goals as you are
intended. constantly a part of the college environment.
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Camille Adams:
Detailed Daily Sche
dule for Mondays
 Roll out of bed at
9:30 a.m.
Abby Robinson:
 Grab a granola ba Detailed Daily Schedule for Tuesdays

r as I attempt to finish
any homework that  I will normally get up about 8:30 for my
I didn’t do last night.
 Head to the showe 9:30 class.
r around 10:15.
 Get ready for the  This gives me time to check my e-mail
day; makeup, put on
clothes, pack backp and get all my stuff in line for the day;
ack, don’t have time
blow dry my hair. to regardless, I will forget something.
 Briskly walk to Fid  I then go to Pre-Cal at 9:30 a.m.
elity for Understand
Bible at 11 a.m. the  After that I will usually run by Corner
 Arrive panting bec Court and fight the crowd to get a chicken
ause it’s a slightly up sandwich from Chik-Fil-A. I try to grab, if
walk and then four flig hill
hts of stairs. not the sandwich, something because I
 Gotta spring to Fre
nch at noon, but I don’t get to eat until 2.
always stop by Corne  At 11 I have my American institutions
r Court for a bag of
trail mix. class with Dr. Vaughn May. I would highly
 Sit through French recommend taking him for a class if at all
in Inman. The
classroom faces the possible. He will challenge you, but at the
construction, so by
the end of class I wa same time I trust him more than any
nt to pull my hair ou
from all of the drillin t professor here.
g noises.
 Take one flight of  Then at 12:30 p.m. I have my intro to
stairs down to Living
Leading Faithfully at and broadcast news writing class. This class
1 p.m. has been a bit of a challenge because it has
 Hightail it over to
By Amanda Noble the Caf for lunch at been a style of writing that is different from
p.m. I try to get the 2
re as soon as possible any other writing I have ever done.
because the closer you
The buzz of the cafeteria continues as I spot the two your schedule mirrored Adams’, saying, “A big advantage get to 2:30, the  I know that coming in as a freshman I never
less food they have
out. thought that it would be a big deal to take a
freshmen at a table. It’s 2 p.m. on a Friday, and the cafeteria is is that it’s a sense of freedom and independence and that’s  In the Caf, I usually
have a sandwich, an bunch of classes back to back, but having
nearly empty; another week at Belmont has come to an end. something that a lot of times you do not receive from high apple, and a diet Co
ke. three long classes on Tuesday and Thursday
Both are relaxed and patient as I set up my things – they’re school.”  Walk back up to the
dorm to start my EIS without a break has really been draining,
the subjects and I’m the news reporter. In her opinion, the biggest change from high school to (Econ) homework tha
t’s due before class and I am exhausted by the end of the day.
“Please take your time,” Camille Adams says as she chews college is “time management and learning how to say ‘No I starts at 3:30 (some
times I just nap). Try to break your schedule up, especially if
on ice left over from her drink. can’t do anything.’“  Take my workout you have a lot of classes on one day. You will
clothes with me to
“It’s Friday; we’re good.” Abby Robinson nods in agree- On a chart, both Adams and Robinson would have a week Massey for EIS Econ. thank yourself later. There is nothing better
 Barely stay awake than grabbing a quick nap in between
ment as I’m finally ready for them to tell me about their days of classroom hours that probably look like most others. But for the whole class,
but classes.
at Belmont – how they spend their time before, during, and a more detailed look into their busiest days gives a glimpse, the construction noise
does its job once  After that, I will go to lunch with Camille. It is
after class, and what they do when classes are the furthest in their own words, of how they really spend their days at so great to eat with your friends. It is an
 Head to the Beam
thing from their mind. Belmont. an for a 5 o’clock amazing detox time that allows you to
20-20-20 class. That’
They share with me how they deal with the expected And once that’s done, on this Friday afternoon both cardio, 20 of muscl
s 20 minutes of de-stress from your day and have a good
16-credit-hour schedule that every student at Belmont is girls explain the list of errands they have to run before their e training and 20 of laugh. The right people can make any food
stretching. good.
expected to take on every semester and basically how it has weekend can officially begin. And when Monday finally does  I convince myself
that because I just did  I have started picking up a girl from school so
reshaped their lives. They tell me how they somehow incor- come back around, they will both fall back into the unique this strenuous worko after that I leave to go get her. It is so great to
porate the recommended study ratio – two hours of study schedules they have made for themselves in their first year at ut, I can eat my fill for
dinner. That’s what I have a chance to get off campus and leave the
do at 6, directly after
time to every single hour of classroom instruction. Belmont. the class is over. It’s bubble for a little while. As much as I adore
usually a weird
They give me a glimpse into their lives at Belmont, lives assortment of food. being at Belmont, having a break is always so
For example- salad,
that have changed so much in the first year, just as those of PB&J, bowl of cereal
, plate of mac ‘n’
1,000 new freshmen at Belmont will again in August 2009. cheese.  At 6 p.m. I have dinner. My friends and I have
And 2010. And 2011.  Linger in the Caf been as regular as clockwork about this, and
until about 6:55 p.m we always eat for an hour. Dinnertime is
Adams attended Greenville High School in Greenville,  Then head to my .
Freshman Class Coun always the highlight of my day, and I love
Tenn., and is majoring in entertainment industry studies. meeting in the Beam
an at 7. getting to hear about their days and eat. Find a
She is involved with Freshman Class Council.  At about 7:40 p.m
. that meeting lets ou group that you love, and then you will learn to
and I head back to the t,
“The freedom is always good because you don’t have dorm to chill with love going to Caf. The food may not always be
people breathing down your neck telling you what to do,” she friends instead of do what you want to eat, but you can make any
ing homework.
 We usually watch meal enjoyable with the right people.
said about the advantages of being in complete control of YouTube, search
Facebook, read magaz  After that I will go back to my room and
your schedule, “You’re able to kind of plan your day with free ines, or just joke
and talk with homewo attempt to do homework. Sometimes I spend
time, and it’s more for you than for other people.” rk in our hands (not
more time on Facebook or watching TV. But
getting done)
But on the opposite end she said, “You are definitely  By 11 p.m., I dec never fear, your internal clocks will adjust, and
accountable for getting your work done or not getting your ide I should look like
getting something do I’m going to bed later will not be a big deal at all.
work done. If you don’t want to go to class no one’s going to ne, so I brush my That is probably one of the biggest things I have
teeth, wash my face,
like hurt you if you don’t.“ and jump in bed wit learned: how to run on no sleep.
required reading. h
Robinson is from Athens, Tenn., and went to McMinn  I try to get into bed at about 12-12:30 a.m.
 However, my roomm
ate and me usually Some nights it is later, but I try to get good
County High School. She’s majoring in political science and end up talking until
I fall asleep. night’s sleep because that makes me function in
is involved with Phi Mu Sorority, Freshman Class Council a better manner.
and Bruin Recruiters.
Robinson’s opinion on the advantage of being in charge of As a freshman, you’ll log laptop hours with new assignments.

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Who: Bi-Rite $$ milesfrom campus. By car you’ll be there in 10 minutes and
by foot give yourself an hour. For quickest car travel, take
Where: 3116 Belmont Blvd.; 1.2 miles from campus means Belmont Boulevard to Glen Echo and turn right. This will
a four-minute car ride or a 21-minute walk. take you to Hillsboro and after a left you’ll be there in no

If You’re
Specials: Other than occasional sales on select items, you time. I wouldn’t recommend driving on 21st Avenue at any
can’t cut coupons or sign up for a card to save at Bi-Rite. point of the day; you might as well walk.
Specials: At Whole Foods you can
save 10 cents per reusable shopping

Hungry And
bag you bring in. They do offer sales,
but savings don’t seem to be an issue
with most Whole Foods shoppers.

You Know It
If you want to avoid the freshman
15 though, balance your fridge with
equal amounts of all natural or organic
foods in comparison to your favorites
filled with refined sugar. You’ll soon
A Guide to Finding learn that less is more when it comes
to ingredients. An easy swap is your
favorite Coke product for Whole Foods
and Buying Food soda. It’s caffeine free but has only five
ingredients and is 59 cents a can. Read
the back of your Coke can and your
Story and Page Design by Kristin Clements eyes might get tired. Look for easy
In comparison to mom’s 26-cubic-foot fridge alternatives here that can give you bet-
back home, you’re definitely downsizing when ter nutrition for your dollar and make
you head to college. With limited space, a mid size fighting calories and sugar a breeze.
dorm fridge is around 3.6-4.3 cubic feet. Buying a Pricing: Whole Foods can be a
dorm fridge shouldn’t be tough, but filling it effi- little pricey because you are buying
ciently might be. Let’s see if we can’t help you with mainly organic produce and foods. But
the essentials – where to shop, what to shop for being broke doesn’t mean you can live
and how to eat it. off of Ramen noodles, chips and soda
First, a general tip: Check expiration dates on because they’re cheap. Skip the crap.
perishables. If you’re going to use it right away and Use that money to find some more fill-
the price is marked down, go for it. But for bread, ing and healthier options.
milk and other things you’ll be using for a week or
more, buy the one with the longest shelf life. Who: Trader Joes
(organic grocer) $
Where: 3909 Hillsboro Pike; Trader
Who: Kroger $ Joes is 2.9 miles from campus so again,
Where: Off 8th Avenue South at 2615 Franklin take a tip from the Whole Foods direc-
Pike; 1.9 miles from campus makes it a short five- tions and drive. You may shorten your
minute drive compared to a nice 31-minute walk. walk by 10 minutes coming here, but
(And if you have transportation, there are Kroger it’s still a 50-minute walk.
stores all over town – Green Hills, Bellevue and Specials: Trader Joes will not give
West Nashville.) you money for bringing reusable bags,
Specials: Save four cents for every reusable bag but their bags are 100 percent recycled.
you bring in to carry out your groceries. Keep sav- They do offer a money back guarantee
ing with the free KrogerPlus savings card. Look for on every item in the store, meaning
the yellow tags on the shelves for big savings. Also, you can try any weird or strange thing,
check the store’s Web site or the Sunday Tennes- and if you hate it, bring it back for a full
sean for a detailed list of sales for the week. refund; if you love it, then they’ve done
Pricing: Kroger offers the most savings through their job to broaden your horizons
the KrogerPlus card, but don’t forget about cou- and give your parents peace of mind
pons. Check the newspaper (the store has free cop- knowing their babies are eating healthy.
ies of the sale pages) and even the aisles while shopping to save you leave, stop by the REDBOX DVD stand in the check out Pricing: Don’t let the name Bi-Rite trick you. It may be Trader Joes also has no sales, but it promises that prices only
a little extra. Overall, Kroger usually has the lowest prices. area. For just $1 (plus tax) you can rent a new release often close, but you won’t be saving a whole lot. It’s great for marked- fluctuate when the cost of making that product fluctuates.
sooner and always cheaper than at Blockbuster. Return the down bread and other perishable items with expiration dates Don’t be overwhelmed when you enter. If you don’t know
movie to any REDBOX location before 9 the next night. lurking just a day or so away, but for everyday needs, compare what something is, just check the tag for a description or ask
Who: Harris Teeter $$ Pricing: Definitely sign up for a VIC card. You’ll earn spe- prices with other stores; you’ll probably shop farther afield for an employee; they work to teach and inform. Also, a benefit
Where: 2201 21st Ave.; .9 miles from campus, 3 minutes cial savings such as boxes of Nabisco brand cereal for $5. After longer lists. of asking an associate sometimes means a free taste.
by car, 16 minutes by foot. each purchase you can check the receipt to see your savings Pricing: For healthy food you can’t beat their prices. I
Specials: Save three cents per reusable shopping bag you for both the purchase and the entire year. Some things are a Who: Whole Foods (organic grocer) $$$ always recommend comparing prices, but you’re pretty safe
bring to carry your groceries. Sign up for the free Harris Tee- bit overpriced compared to other stores, so don’t be afraid to Where: 4021 Hillsboro Pike; Whole Foods is in the shopping here if organic and natural is what you’re after.
ter VIC card to save on select items every week. And before shop around. Hillside Shopping Center. It’s just off Hillsboro Road, three

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Have A Fat-Free Food Facts

Freshman Year Most “diet” sodas contain a harmful sugar

substitute called aspertame.

Getting eight hours of sleep every night will

reduce stress and prevent weight gain.
By Jessica Wardwell

It is late afternoon and you are STARVING. Lunch was ing the last three hours before you go to bed. Eating
between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. is a leading contributor to Eating several snacks and small meals throughout
two long hours ago and dinner isn’t for another three. You
want a snack, but you remember the couple extra pounds weight gain, according to a study by the Nemours Foun- the day will curb hungr and help maintain weight.
you put on since school started and decide to let your stom- dation.
ach growl until evening. But with these guidelines, you can • Take advantage of your meal plan: It is possible to Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand: Results falter
curb the appetite and avoid those extra pestering pounds make healthy choices in the Caf. Nutrition facts are pro-
vided for all dishes served. There is also a salad bar and a when one is used without the other.
that sneak up on freshmen.
“To prevent weight gain, students should avoid automat- sandwich station. It is all about making healthy choices
ic eating, stay busy, eat slower, and develop healthy eating and avoiding the greasy pizza and French fries.
habits,” said Walter McDade, health and fitness concepts One common misconception is that diet foods will help
professor. “Also, ignore what your parents told you about with weight loss. Any food or drink with the word “diet” on
cleaning your plate. Don’t finish your meal if you’re full.” the label most likely contains aspartame, a chemical that
is potentially dangerous for your health. So instead of
Here are some additional nutrition tips every fresh- turning to diet soda to cut out calories, try cutting
man should know: out soft drinks altogether. What is the point of sugar
free desserts? Eat the real thing or don’t eat it at all.
• The fewer ingredients, the better: Check Aspartame is just another chemical that confuses
the ingredients on packaged food. If the
list is extensive, then the food probably
the metabolism and can be avoided.
Another downfall to dorm life – the Don’t Be Fooled by Food Myths
isn’t very good for you. Also, make coffee addiction! You may already be in a
sure you can pronounce most of the close relationship with this highly caffein- Which food would be a healthier choice?
ingredients to avoid eating chemicals ated beverage, but for those that aren’t,
that may have bad effects on the body. beware. Caffeine dehydrates the Answers are at the bottom.
• Keep it raw: Half of your daily body. If it’s consumed with
diet should be raw foods. This meals, stops the body from 1. 3 ounces of sliced ham OR a turkey drumstick?
guarantees you are receiving absorbing all the nutrients it 2. 1 Sausage OR 1 slice of bacon?
good nutrients without any hid- should. A great alternative is
tea - sufficient caffeine and no 3. 1 slice of French toast OR 1 waffle?
den ingredients.
• Prepare your own meals: calories. 4. Chicken sandwich from KFC OR Chicken sandwich from Chik-fil-a
Calories can start to add Don’t forget to include 5. Wendy’s Single Classic burger OR Wendy’s Chicken BLT Salad with honey mustard dressing
up if you eat out all the one of the most essential 6. Panera’s shortbread cookie OR Panera’s chocolate raspberry brownie
time. “Instead of go- nutrients in your diet.
Drink plenty of water. 7. One slice of Papa John’s cheese pizza OR one slice of Pizza Hut’s cheese pizza
ing out for lunch or
dinner, I keep a lot “Every time I drink 8. Smoothie King’s Pineapple Surf OR Panera’s strawberry smoothie
of healthy food in my water, five minutes later
room like soup, nuts, I have a boost of energy,” *Nutrition values can be found on

cereal, hummus, bread McDade said. Everyone 8. Panera’s strawberry smoothie- less calories and less than half the sugar per ounce
7. Papa John’s cheese pizza- less calories and less saturated fat
and Lean Cuisines,” should consume 6. Chocolate raspberry brownie- more calories but three times less saturated fat
said Carlin Lawroski, a around three liters 5. Single Classic- less calories and half the fat
sophomore living on of water a day – 4. Chicken sandwich from KFC- less calories, less sodium
campus. about the equivalent 3. French toast- only 3.5 grams of saturated fat, while waffles have 12 grams
of a six-pack of 2. Bacon- the same amount of protein with fewer calories and less fat
• Don’t eat late:
16-ounce bottles. 1. 3 ounces of sliced ham- 139 calories as opposed to 416 in the drumstick
Avoid eating dur- Answers:

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Living car-lessly
Nashville necessities Options are out there, though not all are motorized
By Emerick Witkowski car is a great alternative.

Prepare for the city’s climate change Many students find themselves without an automobile
in this metropolitan paradise. However, this may not seem
“Our partnership with Zipcar strengthens our commit-
ment to provide the Belmont University community with
flexible, environmentally-friendly transportation options,”
By Linda Wu such a big problem if students are aware of the easiest ways to said Greg Pillon, director of the Office of Communications at
travel in Nashville. Belmont.
After living in sunny Los
So what do you really need to keep up with weather as moody as There are plenty of ways to get around, as well as get the For more information just log onto or
Angeles or rain-drenched Seattle, Nashville’s? To put it simply, you need to bring everything. Make like a Boy full effect of the city without having to traverse afar. In the visit and type in the search bar Zipcar.
you get used to the predictability Scout and be prepared. This means you might have to buy a hoodie or past, one option many students tended to forget about was a
of a city’s weather patterns: The two when you’ve never needed or even seen one in person before. bicycle, but a quick check of the campus bike racks shows that
climate comes to be consistent students (and faculty and staff ) are going for two wheels much Nashville MTA
and relatively unremarkable. The more frequently. Belmont’s centralized campus makes it very If this form of transportation suits your taste, there is
weather is generally reliable, not 1. Rain boots and an umbrella: Tornado season is particularly nasty and convenient to ride a bike to and from class. It is also nice to always the Nashville MTA. This bus line can take you just
something you check will render your other footwear (and your hair) the same if you’re not have a bike to get to those places just out of walking distance. about anywhere
for obsessively, and certainly not dressed for the occasion. Some places of interest within biking distance are Kroger at in Nashville you
something that could potentially 2615 Franklin Pike and Harris Teeter grocery store at 2201 desire. Look up the
ruin your mood, much less your 2. A heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves: for bitter winter days when it’s 2lst Ave. S. schedule online at
day. cold enough to wear several layers of fleece but not cold enough to www.nashvillemta.
Unfortunately in Nashville the org, find a stop and
climate is your new, clingy, fair-
snow. Asking for a Ride you will be off to
weather friend. She’s remarkably There may come the time when a destination is farther your destination.
3. Uggs: Real ones, fake ones, it doesn’t matter. They’re considered as
unreliable. The Mother Nature than just a bike ride or walk. This is when it comes in handy to Another perk for
that reigns in Nashville doesn’t sinful as Crocs, but when it’s cold, looking cute is secondary to keep- know someone who does have a car. being a Belmont
listen to anyone and is particularly ing warm. Actually, no one even cares when the temperature is 14 Katie Admire, a freshman at Belmont in 2008-09, believes student is free rides
volatile February through April. degrees and falling. it is important to show gratitude to your driver. “Hey, is there on the Nashville MTA. All you will need is your Belmont
(The average date of the last frost any way I can catch a ride with you? I’ll pay you for gas and identification card. Nearby stops are in front of International
is April 15.) You can quite literally 4. A set of wheels: Whether they are on a bike or a car. Belmont is in such,” Admire said, speaking of the proper way to get a lift. Market on Belmont Boulevard and in front of Subway on
wear flip-flops and a tee on Tues- the heart of Nashville and Vandy’s neighbor, but you can’t walk every- There is an etiquette for asking about a ride, and it is a Portland Avenue.
day and be pulling on your pea must that you let your driver know they are not being used. “If Being without a car is not as big of a problem as it appears
coat and Uggs on Wednesday. And where when it’s 80 degrees and suffocatingly humid or when it’s 20 I have to go out of my way to drive somewhere, gas money is if students are aware of the resources at their disposal. Wheth-
May through August is the season degrees and flurrying. And to be truthful, Nashville’s public transpor- nice,” said Shalan Trotz, a Belmont freshman. er it be by bike, foot, or bus, these are all efficient ways to get
of relief, not from heat and humid- tation system leaves plenty to be desired. If you don’t have your own “Make friends with cars. If you don’t at first, you eventu- to places around Nashville.
ity, but from fickleness: at least you wheels, cling to someone who does. (Everyone likes to make friends!) ally will,” said freshman Becca Fox. It definitely pays to know
know what to expect (although I someone you can get a ride from once in a while.
do recall a day in May when I was 5. In-between clothing: For 40-50 degree days that pop up during win-
in the 8th grade and it snowed). ter through April. Sneakers, hoodies and long-sleeved tees and light
Mother Nature of Nashville Zipcar
isn’t pure evil, though. Sometimes, sweaters will get you by when the weather isn’t one or the other. There is a also a rental car system known as Zipcar on
she looks down with pity and campus. This system allows drivers to be younger than the
grants us a few perfect, cloudless, 6. Summer clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and lots of deodorant: normal renting age, 18 to be exact. For only $35, a student
70-degree days October through for Towering Traditions through early September. TT sessions in June can join Zipcar and be able to rent the cars for either $7 per
January. And every now and then, and July are torture because the weather then is particularly scorch- hour or $60 per day. ( You also get a rebate
when winter rolls around, there ing. You’ll get a great tan but sweat gallons while doing so. Tanks, on your first hours of renting that nearly makes up for the
are a few days when there’s enough membership fee.
snow to make dusty snow angels
shorts and hair ties are a must. Dress accordingly! For those places you can’t walk or ride a bike to, Zip-
in. When the weather is being par-
7. A picnic blanket: And for those perfectly sunny, slightly breezy,
ticularly irritating for weeks at a
time, the next day rolls around and and totally cloudless days, the party is outside. Be you on the quad
it’s nice enough to make you love sandwiched in front of the MPAC and the various dorms or the grassy
it all over again. It’s fickle enough knoll in front of Wright/Maddox, you’ll need something to lie on and
to keep you interested and waiting do your homework. You can tap away at papers on your laptop while
around, to keep you checking the
forecast, and to keep you holding listening to aspiring musicians (aka your fellow classmates) sing and/
onto pretty days like each is your or play guitar/banjo/violin/saxophone. Belmont is a goldmine of musi-
last. It’s a love-hate relationship. cal talent, after all. Maybe you can invite the cute boy or girl with the
Oh, Nashville. guitar and no blanket to sit and serenade you with a song.

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“Little short answers can seem rude. When you’re having
a stressed out time say ‘I’m stressed out. I’ll talk to you a little
later.’ You can get yourself through crazy miscommunications

P.S. I love you

through text.”
Another important lesson Adams has learned is to not think
about the future. “We try to think about right now,” she said.

Story and Page Design by Aly Meisterling Education Portal statistics show the average distance apart
is 125 miles. The average number of visits is 1.5 times per
It was Aug. 20, 2008. It was a short and miserable 50-minute drive to the San month, and the average number of phone calls is every 2.7 days.
Diego Airport. The car was full. My boyfriend, Austin, was in the front with me, Average calls usually last about 30 minutes. There are many
and crammed into the back of my little Camry, were his mom, dad and brother. times couples send letters to each other. Typically, letters are
The entire car was silent. I can only recall Austin’s hand in mine and the sound of written three times a month.
The Doors playing in the background. We pulled up to the drop-off. I unlocked
the back hatch, watched as his family helped unload his luggage and finally Stephen Fox and Rachel Knight Brad Parks and Camille Adams
stepped out of the car.
Then the tears fell. After I said goodbye to him, I watched him hug his mom
the way a little boy would cling desperately to his mother. Rachel Knight, ’12, got into a long distance relationship with
I kissed him once more, and he walked into the airport and away from my Stephen Fox in the beginning of her second semester as a fresh-
sight. man and thinks it’s both hard and rewarding.
Austin and I started dating shortly after we both graduated Murrieta Valley “I have finally found my true best friend, someone that un-
High School in June 2008, and we became inseparable. Saying goodbye was one Reader Quiz derstands me and loves me even when I’m going crazy,” Knight
of the hardest experiences I’ve ever been through. Three months of separation said.
seemed like an eternity, and we were about to make it our reality. Austin was 1) The long-distance relationship is usually more Knight ended a previous relationship before her freshman
moving up to San Francisco and I came to Nashville, and it was our goal and year started. Looking back, she feels fear was a big part in why
promise to make it last four years. passionate that happened.
Leaving for college is hard enough having to say goodbye to your family, but “Don’t be afraid to take a chance, especially if you have a
many 18-year-olds also leave behind a boyfriend or girlfriend. Being in a relation- q TRUE q FALSE strong connection with the person,” she said. “It’s hard. It’s very
ship makes it harder to make the college transition. Long distance relationships challenging, but it is doable. I’ll honestly be thankful in the
come with new difficulties and obstacles. But they can succeed. 2) If you’ve never been separated before, it’s best to end that I’m doing this. It makes me appreciate him that much
In college, you do a lot of soul searching and finding out who you are. When more.”
just try to stumble through it and see what happens,
you’re in a long distance relationship, you’re not only learning about yourself, Stephen Fox, a junior at Eastern Kentucky University, has
you’re also learning about the other person. rather than try to make a plan learned to appreciate everything more by being in a long dis-
tance relationship.
q TRUE q FALSE “Not just Rachel, but even friends I don’t see all the time,”
b Austin Lopez and Aly Meisterling Fox said. “It makes you a more genuine and appreciative person
of the smaller things in life. It seems like you have everything
3) The only way to keep a long-distance relationship
Statistics show 25 to 40 percent of relationships among college students are given to you when you’re around everyone you know. It helps
long distance. Twenty-seven percent of long distance relationships end in the first going is to promise absolute fidelity. you grow up and learn how to deal with emotions.”
month, and after six months nearly half are over, according to But the “You also have to really care for that person on a large
longer a relationship lasts, the greater the chance they’ll stay together. After a year q TRUE q FALSE extent to make it work,” Fox said. “Asking the other person what
together, just 8 percent break up during college. they’re doing and letting them know you’re always thinking
“When you’re in a long- 4) The view that nothing has changed or nothing will about them helps you to feel closer to the other person.”
My boyfriend, Austin Lopez, a freshman at San Francisco
b distance relationship,
change when discussing lengthy separations is
unrealistic and can lead to disappointments.
State University, said of our long distance relationship, “It’s
given me a better understanding of how things work in a rela-
During my second semester as a freshman, I realized there were a lot of peo- tionship. But make sure the other partner is worth your while,
ple in situations very similar to mine. It allowed me to open up to other people
because they knew what I was going through. I was able to connect with a lot of
you’re not only learning q TRUE q FALSE in a way that the relationship is has significance to your life.”
All long distance relationships require effort. I’ve learned
my friends on a closer level. there is no guarantee it’s going to work. You never know what
Camille Adams, ’12, has been with Brad Parks for two years. In her experi- about yourself, you’re also 5) The computer is a great tool in keeping your love alive
while separated.
to expect. It’s a one-day-at-a -time deal. Some people think
ence, the hardest part is not being able to see him. there is no point to these relationships, but my friends and I
“You really have to be committed to the relationship,” said Adams.
They started dating a year and a half before she came to Belmont. They are learning about the q TRUE q FALSE
have proved it’s always possible. And sometimes it’s worth it.

now four hours apart, and they normally only see each other for holidays. The
best thing for them, when they’re going through a hard time, is to simply not talk. other person.” 1. T 2. F 3. F 4. T 5. T b
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Southern cuisine is divine, and many new and exciting don’t even think about mentioning the “D-word.” Diets do not
foods will be introduced into your palate. Some advice for exist south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
new residents: If you ask for tea, understand that it will be This, plus the glossary of words and phrases that you must
brought to you sweet and with master, concludes your lesson on southern culture;

So you’ve come to the South... a lemon slice. Also understand you should now have enough knowledge to
that “coke” is not a brand of get by without making a fool of yourself.
soda but instead the generic Just remember, we’re a pretty forgiv-
term for a carbonated sug- ing group, so don’t be afraid if
ary beverage. Do not be you mess up; try, and try again.
alarmed if asked what Bless your heart, someday
kind of coke you want. you’ll be as charming as we
By Greta Crouch and Kevin Heim at you when walking past; they are NOT going to hurt Never, ever, for the are, and then you’ll thank
you. In fact, you should always smile back; no smile love of all things pure us.
When one thinks Southern living, they most quickly means you’re a suspicious person, and that deserves a and holy, turn down
picture lovely belle Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the call to B-Po! food from anyone, even
Wind.” You watch the scenery, plantations and unusual Always be polite and answer questions with if you’ve already eaten, and
traditions with fascination as you listen to accents as “Ma’am” or “Sir” following your answers; this shows re-
thick as the slices of ham you’re served for breakfast. spect to your elders and people in authority. Also, strike
As you’re becoming acquainted with Belmont, you up a quick conversa-
might as well become acquainted with Southern cus- tion with workers at
toms and consider these tips to “survive the South.” the store when in line.
The South is known for its hospitality, and Nashville It’ll eventually pay
is no exception. Nashville, in a way, is a just a big small off in great service
Dixon, h g of words tha
town where chivalry never died. and a warm smile of
familiarity. ere’s a t do or
Common Courtesy the Sou pri do
thernes mer to southe n’t exist south
Always excuse
When out and about, one needs to keep several yourself to guests e sectio rn voca o
things in mind. before taking a phone Awfull
y - adv n at Alp bulary w f the Mason-
. Substit h a dictiona h ich we f
Ladies (and gentlemen), pay attention: A true call; this will tell them Bamm - Dixon line. ute for ‘very,’w ound in

gentleman will always hold the door open for ladies that you’re mindful Bard - er - n. The sta hich sh
ould be
v. Past
who immediately follow them. Also, don’t be surprised and respectful, two tense of te west of Geor avoided
south o
when someone picks something up you’ve dropped; it’s traits held in high Tater - b r u ng it ba b o r row, as g ia . The big f the Ma
n . c k .” in “ M y g e s t t son
common courtesy here. regard in the South. Bless y T h e p b r o ther bar o w n is
Driving etiquette is also unique in the South. A sim- ore he otato. d my pic Birmingham.
Religion art! - in kup truc
ple wave at a stop sign or in traffic automatically means Bobby to soften a s t. A nice exple k ‘n nev
Chicke - n. A delicious ubtle jab. tive exp

“after you.” When accepting this invitation always wave Religion is a deep- r e s s in
n fried m g appro
or mouth a simple “thank you,” or you might receive the rooted tradition in the steak eat dish ma val, enc
Cooch crisp. Some - n. A steak d de from pulled ouragem

one finger salute. (Hey, no one ever said Southerners South and is consid- ie-coo cooks w ipped in p ent, or
Critter - Int. So ill then o r k
batter li roasted ove
don’t get mad.) ered an appropriate - m s mo ke
Do not call B-Po (Belmont Police) if someone smiles topic of conversation Damya n. Creature, ething y
ou sa ther it in gr chicken the ickory wood

nkee - w
with total strangers. n. City- ith special pre y to a baby to avy to hide the n fried until .
Dinner Philadelphia slicker from e ference for an make it smile evidence.

Church activities im .
take precedence in the Doohic - n. The meal . xotic pla
ces like als.
k e y - a t e a r ound th N e w York, Ch
Edgy-c n. A Sou

South as the supreme Goodn ation - n. Wha thern version o middle of the d icago or
social gatherings so ess gra t you ge f a thin a y .
cious! t ga
don’t be surprised Hafta - mother - int. An at Belmont, le mabob.
e x p ression arnin’.

if you’re endlessly Hissy - v. aux. Modal of surpr
a ise you
invited to church Hooch n. A minor fit, uxiliary indica can use
ie-coo s li t in in front
functions. Ida Cla chie - ght loss of c g obligation

ire - in n. A sha ontrol o , short f of your
Also, understand t. The s meful d f one’s t or ‘have
a in
Jawjuh Claire! If tha t Southerne nce we can’t mper. a e t o.’
that many Christian

- n. Sta t rs t
denominations have te that don’t beat all! turn to in mo alk about at Be
Young’n The capital is gave us Martin ” ments o
lighthearted feuds f surprislmont.

Sugar - n. A you L a nnah. L u ther Kin e: “Well
with other denomina- - n. As in ng thang, g Jr. and , Ida
“Gimme a baby. Jimmy C

tions. Some examples h uggin’ o s a r t er.
are Methodists vs. Purdy
- r kis ome sugar
Presbyterians, Catho- Pocke a. Attractive, sin’ or both. ”: affection, a
tb a chance
Pea Ca ook - n. The s in, “She’s do

lics vs. Episcopalians to snug
n - n. T wallet in wnright gle your
and Baptists vs. nearly he corre side of purdy.” neck,
h e c t a w

Suppe lp what it p r o nunciat o m a n ’s
everyone else. r - n. Th sou ion purs
e meal nds like prono of pecan (not e.
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e day.
The Belmont Mansion on campus is a reminder of the stereotype of the “Old South.”
30 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 31
like the South only offers Christian churches. But,
there are a wide variety of worship services just
minutes from school.
Senior Upasana Pandya worships at a Hindu
temple every week.

“Give me that old time The Ganesha Temple, in Bellevue, has wor-
ship services at noon every Sunday, and afterward
they serve lunch and talk about upcoming events,
Pandya said.
“They are very welcoming of other people com-
ing in,” said Pandya, a native of India. “If Americans

religion — or not.” have any questions they can ask someone next to
them; we are very open.”
Finding a church home may not be your top
priority when you start the school year. And, if so,
there are plenty of students just like you—like cur-
rent freshman Anna deWitt.
She was thinking of looking for a church home,
By Brandin Myrick but a new class schedule and difficult work load
changed her plans. deWitt is coming to terms with
Once Sunday rolls around, getting out of bed can be difficult after a long weekend or a busy week of school. Still, some Belmont stu- her faith and struggling with difficult questions,
dents find that worship is a great way to make friends, get away from school and de-stress. but until then, she can count on her friends for
The ways to worship vary just as much as Belmont’s diverse student population. Students don’t mind searching for a place to wor- help just like Chmielski recommends.
ship, hanging out with friends of similar beliefs or even stepping outside of the box for something other than the church of their child- “Some of our closest friends need to be of
hood. similar heart and mind,” Chmieleski said. “When
Belmont’s University Ministries is an on-campus resource for students looking for a church home or struggling with some spiritual life isn’t making sense it’s nice to have friends of the
questions. University Ministries is here to help students form a strong faith community, said university minister Guy Chmieleski. same core beliefs. “
“College encompasses some of the most formative years for a young adult,” Chmieleski said. “Students are coming out of a home that DeWitt is staying busy with her many group
has been shaping them for 18 years of their lives, and now they have to shape the direction for the rest of it.” fitness activities and is continuing to make new
Current sophomore Nicole Lyke has been trying out churches for the past two semesters. Currently, she attends Midtown Fellow- friends, but figuring out her faith life may come
ship. with time, she said.
Midtown meets at Rocketown, 401 Sixth Ave. S., on Sundays at 10 a.m. But, for a midweek worship with a college crowd, Lyke at- “I’m figuring out my life and watching for God’s
tends Kairos at Brentwood Baptist Tuesdays at 7 p.m. guidance always,” deWitt said.
Although she hasn’t found a set place of worship, Lyke still enjoys attending a
weekly worship service.
“Church lets me learn more and develop my faith,” Lyke said.
For students who struggle finding a church home, University Min-
istries can be a wonderful tool to find the place that’s right for you,
Chmieleski said.
They even offer a church directory on their Web site, which can be
found through your BIC directory.
Many students at Belmont attend a church of a different denomina-
tion or faith when they are at school.
“College is a time to make your faith your own,” Chmieleski said.
“That can mean wrestling with a lot of questions and answers but leads
to a more personally owned faith.”
Junior Hannah Cox attended a Southern Baptist church her entire
life, but now she switches between Presbyterian, Methodist and non-
denominational worship services.
Although Cox attends services at various churches, she still enjoys
the contemporary styles of worship that the churches here offer com-
pared to back home in Kentucky.
It can be difficult to find a church “home” while balancing your
new schedule, Cox said.
“I’ve got too many other things going on,” she said. “I’ve got my
whole life.”
Chmieleski understands that students like Cox have trouble finding
a faith community while adjusting to a new school and schedule.
“We are excited about all of the possibilities God has for students and
we want to foster that, but students need to take steps to prioritize and
figure out what they want for their personal faith life,” Chmieleski said.
Since Nashville is often called the “buckle of the Bible Belt” it may seem

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“It’s good to get involved in a community, and
that’s how I got involved,” said Belmont student

24-Hour Study Spots

Lindsay Moore. “You also get the chance to meet
really great people as well.”

Like Belmont Heights, Mt. Zion offers college Bible Study
on a weekly basis. One thing Mt. Zion also specializes in is
its Watch Care, a ministry designed to watch over college
students who are away from home and to make sure their
spiritual needs are met. Following each service, home cooked
Where to go when Belmont’s library closes
meals are served to students in attendance.
Another church in the community that participates with
the local colleges is Westminster Presbyterian Church. Not
By Chelsea Reed The Greasy Spoon
only do they work one on one with college students who
desire spiritual guidance, but also they offer their phenomenal Let’s face it – Belmont’s library isn’t for night owls. With If you’re fine with studying in a vinyl booth, drinking

college choir, according to youth minister Ben Cane. the library closing at 11 p.m. students are always craving a burnt coffee and having the occasional trucker doze off in
“Our choir program is one of the best here in town. This is new place to camp out to study and devour some cheap food. the corner, then you’re in luck because there are five Waffle
one way that we cater to college students,” Cane said. Here are some of Nashville’s best: Houses within five miles from Belmont.
The church also offers a Sunday school class that brings Waffle House does not offer free Internet, but as the
the college students with adults in the church who have once Mom’s kitchen waiter said over the phone at Waffle House on Elm Hill Pike,

been in their shoes. “You can pick it up from the people next door.”
“In total, we have about 50 college-age students,” Cane Late night studying can really wear you out and, some- All Waffle Houses are open 24 hours so if you’re just
said. times your mom’s homemade pie is just the thing to fix it. dying to get out of your dorm, grab a book and zip on over to
These are just a few of the area churches that have college But when Mom is 300 miles away, how will you manage both one of these five locations:
ministries and fellowship. Many students try several – visiting your homesickness and the pile of homework left to do at Elm Hill Pike, 615-885-4575; 408 Robertson Ave., 615-352-4410; 4301 Sidco Drive, 615-
By Acquanetta Donnell with friends and acquaintances who have already discovered a midnight? 832-4942; 228 W. Trinity Lane, 615-262-9139;816 Murfreesboro Road, 615-366-6258.
particular church or seeking out new ones.“I think it is impor- Try Hermitage Café. It’s an itsy-bitsy diner, like some-
When you’re in the dorm, Mom’s not going to shake you tant that the freshmen class/transfer students go to church,” thing out of a movie. It doesn’t open until 10 p.m., but the
awake for church next weekend. said Belmont student Corley Calhoun. “It would be nice that doors (and the kitchen are open through lunch the following The Camper
But you’re saying, “I’m new in town, I have no one to go everyone goes since we are a Christian based school.” day). Prices are dirt cheap - $2 for a piece of pie and $4.50 for
with, I don’t have a car and better yet, I don’t know these a meatloaf special with two vegetables. If you tend to stay in one place and move once every six
churches in the area!” Even though all this may be true, here If Sherri is your waitress, you’ll definitely be treated with hours while studying, then Café Coco is where you should
are a few churches that will welcome you with open arms. some down home hospitality. If you forget cash she’ll let you go. Not only will you be greeted with every type of person
Not only are these churches great ones to attend, they provide
transportation, one-on-one spiritual guidance lessons, weekly
Church information run down the street to the ATM. She trusts you to come
imaginable but also with a huge selection of food and - cof-
college Bible study and free food. As a new student, you will It’s family owned and everything is homemade. Just don’t
quickly learn that if it’s free, you take it. w Belmont Heights Baptist Church, go on the weekends; Sherri says it gets pretty rowdy with the
Belmont Heights Baptist Church, under a five-minute 2100 Belmont Blvd.; 615.292.7960 bar crowd stumbling over from Broadway.
walk from campus and conveniently located at 2100 Belmont 71 Hermitage Ave. is a few blocks from The Hard Rock Café; 615-254-8871; 10 p.m. to
Blvd., has a regular group of about 40 college students that 1:30 p.m. every day.
are part of the congregation. The church offers weekly college w
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 7594 Old
Bible Study, prayer time and monthly outings for students. History Class
“We have student day the Sunday before class begins,” Hickory Blvd.; 615.254.7296
said Nick Braunstchneider, Belmont Heights college pastor. http://www.mtzioncollegeministry. You’re tired of reading about culture and now you want
“This is when we invite freshmen and transfer students org/ a taste of it. Check out Athens Family Restaurant off 8th
along with their parents for brunch. We also give away gift Avenue.
bags that include brochures about the area.” w
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Also family owned, this little
Another church many students like to attend because of restaurant looks like an old Burger
the environment is Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Although it is 3900 West End Ave.; 615.297.0235 King but has excellent service. All the
not walking distance from the campus, the church will send food is made fresh every day includ-
its shuttle to pick you and your friends up, take you to ser- home.cfm ing hummus, spanakopita and rice
vices, feed you and then drop you off safely. How much better pudding! The average price for an
could it possibly get? appetizer is $6.
Some of the advantages you can gain at this church are Other nearby churches “It’s very busy at night because You can choose from sandwiches, wraps, burgers or even
programs such as tutoring sessions for freshmen and sopho- this is where people go after the bars pasta, all for relatively inexpensive prices. Before you go,
mores who may be struggling in a particular subject, the w Christ the King Catholic Church, close,” said server Mary Seppamaki. check out their coupons online. They always have at least one
assistance of navigating from college to career, the True Love 3001 Belmont Blvd.; But if you’re studying ancient his- good deal.
Waits program and Ladies of Virtue, which teaches you about tory and are craving some hummus, Café Coco is open 24 hours every day and has been said
how ladies of God should act at all times. this is the place to go. to have a very inviting feel to it. People stumble in and out all
“Mt. Zion is a church where you are welcomed because it 2526 8th Ave.; 615-383-2848; Monday and Tuesday night long, and musicians play at the bar in the back. If you
serves as the student’s home away from home with a family w Belmont United Methodist Church can deal with constant noise, then take the time to check it
from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Wednesday through Sat-
atmosphere,” said Elder Darryl Taliaferro, director of the Mt. 2007 Acklen Ave.; 615.383.0832 urday 24 hours. Sunday they close at 2 p.m.; www. out.
Zion College Ministry. Louise Avenue off Elliston Place; 615-321-COCO;
This mega church is one that will have you eager to return
from week to week as it always has a large college student

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BiCentennial State Park
Panera Bread
It‘s 70 degrees and a beautiful day to be outdoors. I
Being a Southern girl, my two favorite pack my lunch and go to the Bicentennial State Park for
things are chocolate and sweet tea. I find both a picnic. Once I finish eating I pull out the book I bought

One Is NOT
of them at Panera Bread. I order a croissant at Davis-Kidd and sit on the Parthenon steps to read.
filled with hardened chocolate and a glass of Near me a young guy is playing his guitar and singing,
sweet tea. A popular college hangout, they offer what sounds like, an original song. Two college students
free wireless Internet and plenty of comfortable are nearby playing Frisbee, and a woman and a little girl
The Loneliest booths and tables. You are guaranteed to see at
least one person you know. While it occasion-
ally gets loud, especially during peak lunch and
sit and play patty cake. With the Parthenon in the back-
ground and the open spaces all around, it’s a gorgeous
place to relax and enjoy your freedom. Price: Free
Number dinner hours, it is a wonderful place to study
and get some good food. Price: $6.78
Rusan’s Sushi
By Heather Staggs To finish my long but wonderful day, I head to my
favorite sushi spot, Rusan’s, and order a Coke and a roll
It’s a Saturday morning. You sit in your dorm, your room- of crunchy crab. It’s a great atmosphere with familiar
mate’s MIA, and you belt along to the song “All By Myself ” upbeat music. Students from Belmont are always around,
by Celine Dion. All your friends are out of town or studying. especially on the weekend. They have an all-you-can eat
You are lonely. Nashville is a big city, and there are plenty of lunch buffet from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Monday through
cheap or free things to occupy your time alone. I’m going to Saturday, and it’s only $9.95. Many agree it’s the place to
take you on my day’s journey of time spent alone and how be if you like sushi. Price: $10.32
much it cost.
As you can see, you will never be left sitting alone in
a dorm room if you just know where to look. Although
Waffle House there are many other places to go, these are my favorites
and they will give you a starting place. So turn off that
I began my day at my favorite breakfast place with a radio, hop in your car, and head to one or all of these hot
waffle and a side of sausage. As I walk in I smell classic spots. One day out on the town: $24.25; Rare relaxation,
American breakfast cooking and in the background hear, exploration, and the avoidance of loneliness: Priceless!
“Adam and Eve on a raft, coming up!” It has a nostalgic feel
that starts the day out on a good foot. I’m not the only one
who loves Waffle House. “I love Waffle House! Not only is
it open late but it has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted,”
Belmont sophomore Tess Todora says. Price: $4.99

Getting there
The next stop I made was Davis-Kidd
Waffle House: 408 White Bridge Place; Open 24 hours; 3.36 miles from campus; (615) 352-4410;
bookstore. As soon as I opened the door to
the second level of the bookstore and picked
up the scent of both books and coffee, my Davis Kidd: Green Hills Mall; 2121 Green Hills Village Drive; Open Monday through Thursday,
mood lifted. I walked downstairs, ordered a
Coke from the Brontë Cafè, and headed to 9 a.m.-9 p.m,; Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; 1.91 miles from
the fiction area. I picked up “Anne of Avon- campus; (615) 385-2645.
lea” and sat in a comfortable chair near the
business center for some peace and quiet. Panera Bread: Green Hills Mall; 2117 Green Hills Village Drive; 1.91 miles from campus; 615-292-
“Davis Kidd is the place that takes my stress
away when I feel stressed and the place I go 9812. And two others are even closer if you’re not going to the mall: There’s one near Vanderbilt
to validate my dreams through books. It’s at 406 21st Ave. S. and another at 2829 West End Ave.
the way I escape the daily struggles of being
a college student,” Belmont sophomore
Kristin McCalley says. Not only does Davis-
Bicentennial State Park: 600 James Robertson Parkway; open until dark; 2.57 miles from
Kidd have a great selection of books and campus; 615-741-5280.
magazines on two levels but also supplies
plenty of comfortable couches and chairs to Rusan’s Sushi: 505 12th Ave. S.; open for lunch buffet: Monday-Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.,
use to read. The Brontë Cafè on the lower
level not only offers great gourmet meals, dinner: Monday-Wednesday, 4:30 p.m.-11 p.m., Thursday-Saturday, 4:30 p.m.–midnight, Sunday,
but also has pastries and free refills on 4-11 p.m..; 1.58 miles from campus; (615) 252-8787; www.
fountain drinks if you stick around the store.
Price: $2.16 for a fountain drink

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Hmmm, what to do, what to do …
Fifth Ave. N., 615-889-3060), original home of the Grand
By Kevin Heim Ole Opry. With a stage that has hosted performers ranging
from old guard country artists Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline
Nashville, believe it or not, is more than country music; to legendary rockers Lenny Kravitz and Jon Bon Jovi, touring
it’s home to a large variety of shops, neighborhoods, parks the Ryman is a can’t-miss chance to stand in the middle of
and landmarks that cater to every interest under the sun. musical history.
Just follow this simple guide to find a full Saturday of activi- Hopefully, you didn’t spend all your money yet and still
ties tailored to your interests. have $10-$15 left to see a show at one of Nashville’s best
First, find out who you really are. music venues. Exit/In (2208 Elliston Place, 615-321-3340) is
If you’re met with a blank stare when you name your fa- one of the most popular, with shows ranging from indie folk
vorite band, or find yourself wondering where your new band to heavy metal. The wall outside lists countless acts that have
will practice, you might just be a music lover. performed there, from the B-52’s to Guster.
If you buy a new pair of running shoes every year, or find “Whenever I go to Exit/In for a show, I always feel like I
yourself in the Beaman Center more than your dorm room, could be watching the next big thing,” says Alex Burns, Class
you might just be a workout enthusiast. of 2012, “Who knows? In 15 years they could be on a world
If you can see more paint on your clothes than the actual tour. That’s why I love coming here.”
fabric, or find yourself looking for scraps to incorporate into It’s 1 a.m., you just saw a great show and you’re hungry.
your work, you might just be an art connoisseur. Head to Taco Bell (2004 West End Ave., 615-320-1445) for a
If you find the indoors constricting, or wait for the per- cheap and filling late-night snack.
fect fall leaves to go hiking, you might just be an outdoors
If the salespeople at Macy’s know you by name, or you If you are a Workout Enthusiast:
think Fashion Week is more fun than spring break, you Wake up early and get a good run in. Head down Bel- The Parthenon in Centennial Park, a replica of the one in Greece, is the centerpiece of a popular urban park in Nashville.
might just be a fashionista. mont Boulevard all the way to Osborne’s Bi-Rite and back for
a short (a little more than 2 miles) morning jog. long paved running trail circling the park. weird – is the kids center upstairs,” says Kristy Morgan, Class
You may have noticed while running that your shoes If you’d rather cool off, head across the street from Cen- of 2012, “You get to make your own crafts, and they always
If you are a Music Lover: aren’t all they used to be. Go behind the Caf to The Athlete’s tennial Park to the public Centennial Sportsplex (222 25th somehow tie into the main exhibit downstairs. It’s kind of like
Start with a trip to Grimey’s New & Preloved Music (1604 House (1700 Portland Ave., 615-298-4495). It’s the only lo- Avenue N., 615-862-8480) which is home to a competition- a free souvenir that you made. It’s so cool.”
Eighth Ave. S., 615-254-480), the epitome of a good indepen- cal shoe store to focus entirely on athletic shoes, primarily length indoor pool and an ice-skating rink. Swimming costs So now that you’ve soaked up some inspiration from the
dent record store. It’s filled to the brim with music both new running, soccer, lacrosse and wresting. The staff knows their only $5 with your Belmond ID, while ice-skating costs $8, world’s art legends, and made your own artsy crafts, go back
and old and was stuff, and they’ve including skates. to your room. Think about what you just saw; maybe start
called “the best been in business If biking is more your thing, check out Harpeth Bicycles sketching out some ideas. Let the creativity flow, but not for
shop in town” in for over 35 years, (1100 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, 615-791-7959) to pick up too long; you’ll need your rest for tomorrow.
2005 by Rolling so they must be any gear you forgot at home. Once you’re ready to ride, head Wake up at a very respectable 10 a.m. Saturday; the day is
Stone magazine. doing something out to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway (600 S. 20th St.) in East yours for the taking! Maybe you’ll finally make that master-
Favorite new right. Nashville for a 10-mile down-and-back trek along the Cum- piece you’ve always dreamed of – or not, it’s your call. Head
CDs in hand, head Break in your berland River. over to Plaza Artists Materials (633 Middleton Street, 615-
over to Corner new kicks at With your exercise complete, you deserve a treat. Drive 254-3368) just off 8th Avenue South to pick up the tools of
Music (2705 12th one of the two to Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack (123 Ewing Drive, 226-9442) your muse. Sitting in a non-descript warehouse-style building,
Ave. S., 615-297- larger parks in for what Gourmet magazine calls one of Nashville’s don’t- Plaza is an artist’s paradise of supplies, including that easel or
9559) and Fork’s Nashville. Edwin miss dining experiences. The chicken here is truly scorching, desk you forgot you would need as an art student.
Drum Closet Warner Park ranging from mild to the recklessly spicy extra hot. Despite Next, check out some of Nashville’s own talented artists at
(2701 12th Ave. (498 Page Road) the chicken’s heat, don’t expect Prince’s to burn a hole in your the Twist Art Gallery (73 Arcade, 888-535-5286). The down-
S., 615-383-8343) is Nashville’s wallet; the chicken is both delicious and cheap. town gallery inside the historic Arcade hosts an ever-changing
for guitars, amps, largest park Wipe the tears from your eyes. You were warned the collection of international, national and local artists in its
microphones, and, and has numer- chicken was hot, but you didn’t listen. Go back to your dorm small space. While you’re downtown, visit The Arts Company
you guessed it, ous hiking and and sleep it off; maybe the burning will stop in the morning. (215 Fifth Ave. N., 615-254-2040) that plays host to a large
drums. cross-country variety of art including sculptures, photography and paintings.
If seeing courses. Centen- The two-story gallery is in a beautiful historic building and
history is more nial Park (2500 If you are an art connoisseur: hosts a reception on the first Saturday of every month from
important to West End Ave.) Start this day on Friday after class. The Frist Center for the 6-9 p.m.
you than making is Nashville’s Visual Arts (919 Broadway, 615-244-3340) has free college With your mind sufficiently filled with ideas for your own
history in a band, most famous and nights on Thursday and Friday after 5 p.m. Make sure you masterpiece and your car loaded with the supplies to make it
tour the Ryman popular park. It’s bring your Belmont ID; they might not take your word for it. happen, find a quiet – or loud – place to make your art. Watch
Auditorium (116 home to a mile- “The thing I love about the Frist – this is going to sound so out world, here you come! {Continued on page 39}

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Pro Sports for
{From page 39, Hmmm, what to do, what to do}
If you are an outdoors nut:
Wake up early at 8 a.m., and get ready to go hiking.
to vintage-feeling new clothes for men and women, as well as
jewelry, accessories and home furnishings. By Emily Cahill
Hometown Fans
Unfortunately, you forgot to bring your hiking socks from If you’re on a smaller budget, try Goodwill (780 Berry
home; fortunately, Cumberland Transit (2807 West End Ave., Road, 615-383-7190) or the Salvation Army (2700 Nolens- Though Belmont provides some outstanding sporting events to attend, there are also opportunities to catch your favorite
615-321-4069), the 2008 Nashville Scene Best of Nashville ville Pike, 615-259-0735). Both stores are hit-or-miss when sport being played throughout Nashville, home to the Sounds, the Predators, the Broncs and the Titans.
award winning outdoor store, opens at 9 a.m. and you can it comes to finding something that you would actually wear,
pick some up on your way to South Cumberland State Park but their prices can’t be beat. Goodwill has different items The Sounds
(830 Stone Door Road, Beersheba Springs, 931-779-3532). each day for 50 percent off, as well as a discount for college
With spectacular views of the Savage Gulf, the park offers students that is officially 10 percent off, but it can vary from Hot dogs, summer nights, and screaming fans are all parts of America’s favorite pasttime.
both long overnight hikes and short day hikes, though the cashier to cashier. Salvation Army has an extensive women’s The Sounds baseball team is Nashville’s Triple A baseball team. The Sounds began in 1978 as a
hour and a half drive may keep you away. section, but their men’s section is comparatively small. If you Double A franchise for the Cincinnati Reds and served as a minor league franchise for several
visit both though, you’re bound to come away with some- major league teams, most recently as a franchise for the Milwaukee Brewers.
thing you love. You can also visit the stores’ other locations Every spring, Greer Stadium buzzes as games approach and the people of Nashville make
on Charlotte Pike, which are close to another popular thrift their way to the field.
store, Southern Thrift (5010 Charlotte Pike, 615-292-1807). Tickets are $6 for general admission and $10 for reserved seating. Tickets are available on the
With your wallet sufficiently drained from your shopping Sounds web site,, or by contacting the Sounds box office at 615-242-
extravaganza, hit the Caf, use your meal plan, and save your 4371.
pennies for the next shopping excursion.
Armed with this knowledge, go forth and plan yourself
the best weekend ever. Don’t be afraid to mix and match The Predators
places to suit your interests, and, if you’re lucky, you might
unearth a hidden gem of Nashville that wasn’t mentioned Skates, sticks and pucks fill the Sommet Center on game night. Fans cheer as the Preds come
here. But don’t keep it a secret, share the place with your out to play. The Predators are Nashville’s professional hockey team.
friends; that way we can all enjoy it. The Predators began on May 4, 1998, as the NFL’s 27th franchise, and the team has become
In the words of Caitlyn Burnett, Class of 2012, “There’s a regular contender in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Coach Barry Trotz has led the Preds to be an
so many cool places here that I stumble upon as I’m driving important part of the Nashville sports scene with continuing success each year. The Predator’s
around town or just taking a walk. That’s what I love about minor league affiliates include the Milwaukee Admirals and the Cincinnati Cyclones. Predator
Closer to home, give Radnor Lake State Park (1160 Ot- Nashville!” hockey season begins in March at The Sommet Center, located on Broadway in downtown Nash-
ter Creek Road, 615-373-3467) a look. Only 6 miles from ville.
campus, Radnor Lake sits between Nashville and Brentwood To catch the hockey action, contact the Preds box office at 615-770-PUCK or buy tickets online at
and offers trails ranging in difficulty from easy to strenuous. They can also be heard on WGFX, 104.5 FM. More information can be found at
Although no individual trail is longer than 1.5 miles, they can
be combined for extra variety and length.
Now that you’re fully tuckered out from all that hiking, The Broncs
consider stopping at the Copper Kettle Café (4004 Granny Where do alums of local basketball teams around Nashville go to play after college? Some decide
White Pike, 615-383-7242) for a meat-and-three dinner or to play for the Nashville Broncs, the city’s semi-professional basketball team.
a sandwich. Servings are generous, the food is excellent and The Broncs are a part of the American Basketball Association and recruit players from all over the
the prices are reasonable. It may be across the street from Nashville area. Josh Goodwin, a 2007 graduate of Belmont, played for the Broncs for two years after
our arch-rival Lipscomb University, but the food is too good he graduated along with graduates of Vanderbilt, Lipscomb and Fisk.
to resist. The Broncs, owned by Jan van Breda Kolff and coached by Tony Chase, play at the Nashville
Municipal Auditorium. For more information and ticket prices, call 859-221-0453 or go to info@
If you are a fashionista:
Wake up when you feel like it; the world of high fashion
can wait for you! Walk down to Hillsboro Village on 21st The Titans
Avenue South, and you will have entered a fashion oasis. The Vince Young and Jeff Fisher are two names that make you think of the team that Ten-
village is home to Posh (1813 21st Ave. S., 615-383-9840), a nessee is most well known for, the Titans. Playing at home at LP Field the Tennessee Titans
hip boutique for both men and women. The store features represent Nashville in the National Football League.
designer apparel, shoes, and accessories, though not usually The Titans were formerly the Houston Oilers, who were among the founding members of
at college level prices. For cheaper prices, visit their suburban the American Football League (AFL). This year is especially important for the Titans because
location (131 Franklin St., Clarksville, 931-905-1500) where it is the 50th anniversary of the team. When the season starts, the team will choose a few
they have a so-called “super sale room.” “legacy games” in which they will wear throwback Oilers uniforms.
If you don’t want to take the one-hour drive out to Coach Jeff Fisher and the Titans have gained success in the past few years. In 2008, the
Clarksville for fashion deals, walk next door from Posh to Titans had one of their best years, winning the AFC South Championship.
the Clothing X Change (1817 21st Ave. S., 615-463-0209) for The Titans are involved in the community by traveling to schools and hospitals to visit
slightly used designer duds. This store is also a great place children and share the importance of education. They also sponsor auctions in which proceeds go to charities throughout
to sell last season’s styles to make room for your new collec- Nashville.
tion of clothes. Another great store in Hillsboro Village is For information about the Titans and ticket sales, call 615-565-4200 or
Pangaea (1721 21st Ave. S., 615-269-9655). Pangaea is home

40 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 41

Kevin Heim, ’12, is a Nashville native Amanda Siobhan Noble was born in
and journalism major. He believes the little southern town of
that the bus does in fact constitute a Enterprise, Ala., but she moved to
Courtney Bland is a 19-year-old Nineteen years ago the world was valid form of transportation, even the suburban town of Snellville, Ga.,
journalism major. Hailing from the forever changed when Greta though he has a car. In his free time, at 4 years old. She spent her
wonderfully small town of Crouch entered the world. Greta is Kevin enjoys calling people by freshman year of college at Auburn
Eminence, Mo., she has had the a freshman at Belmont with a major unrelated nicknames and making University, but never felt connected
same best friends since in journalism and a minor in fashion fun of Lipscomb. When he grows up, to the campus. So feeling that a
kindergarten and always lived design. When she’s not working Kevin plans to write environmental small intimate school would better
within a two-mile radius of most of hard on her studies, you can catch journalism for magazines and to marry Regina Spektor, suit her, she transferred to Belmont for her sophomore
her family. She aspires to one day her at Billy Goat Coffee Cafe’ where arguably the most talented/beautiful female musician ever. year. Reading and writing were her two favorite past times
be the host for GAC or CMT and to she works part-time. She has a growing up, so when it came to choosing a major for
travel around the world. Some various hobbies include plethora of multicolored shoes, and you can often pick her Brittany Hodges is a sophomore college nothing suited her more than journalism. One of
attending as many concerts as possible, stalking out in a crowd thanks to her bright clothing. Her plan for journalism major from central her biggest dreams is to be one of the youngest authors to
celebrities, exploring Nashville with her roommates, the future is to take the fashion world by storm and either Arkansas. From the time she set her have a fiction novel on the New York Times bestseller list
kayaking, and driving too fast. begin her own line of clothing or work for fashion sights on Nashville, she has not one day.
magazines such as Vogue, Elle, or Harpers Bazaar. wavered once in her mission to track
Emily Cahill, ‘09, was a public down as many country stars as Born and brought up in Mumbai,
relations major with a minor in Acquanetta Donnell says that possible to say, “Hey.” With a talent India, Upasana Pandya is a 21-year-
journalism. She played volleyball for coming to Belmont as a visiting for talking, Brittany manages to play old senior getting an additional U.S.
the four years she was at Belmont. scholar from Tennessee State 20 questions with just about bachelor’s degree in journalism. She
Outside of Belmont she spent her University has been the best everyone she encounters. This talent bodes well for studied the Indian media for three
time coaching volleyball for opportunity of her lifetime. She is a Brittany as she plans to someday host GAC or CMT and grill years and decided to learn how the
younger girls throughout the senior English major, journalism the likes of Faith Hill and Miranda Lambert. media industry works globally. She
community. She plans to work in minor from Jackson, Tenn. She is loves to travel and will not miss any
the public relations field in the the baby of five and admittedly the Alysa Meisterling, ‘12, is a long weekends to go explore a new
future. most spoiled of all the siblings. journalism major. She has lived in place. Her love for India will inspire anyone to go visit the
After completing her bachelor’s degree from TSU, she Southern California all her life and is Taj Mahal or the famous Bollywood hub, Bombay.
Katie Chow, ’11, is a former music plans to work toward a master’s degree and eventually a enjoying the good ol’ southern
business major from Palo Alto, Calif. doctorate. She loves to talk, write, read, play basketball as hospitality in Tennessee. She is short Chelsea Reed was born in the quiet
Now majoring in journalism and long as she doesn’t break a nail and spend time with her but don’t let her size fool you. A wise suburbs of Chicago and grew up
minoring in French, she hopes to family and dear friends. Once done with school, she wants person once said “Good things come writing and reading. She moved to
get into mergers and acquisitions. to become a broadcaster on CNN or ABC News. in small packages.” Some of her Nashville in 2007 and has settled in
In her free time, she likes to dissect dreams include skydiving, adopting nicely. She never wears matching
girls, feed stray cats, and dine at Belmont student Maria Garza went a kid and living a content life in Venice, Italy. Singing and socks. She is obsessed with Hello
Dorsia. She enjoys listening to Phil to high school in Atlanta after writing are the things she is most passionate about. Kitty but has no cats – she, in fact,
Collins, Huey Lewis and the News growing up in Mexico. She has Although she believes she doesn’t quite fit in with her has a Yorkie Poo named Cocoa Bean,
and Whitney Houston. She has to return some videotapes. always moved around a lot, even family, she is happy and blessed to call them hers. Her a little black ball of fur that weighs
Why is she so fabulous? Jean-Paul Gaultier. Why is she though she loves to stand still. “My words of advice: always follow your dreams and make sure 10 pounds. She has a passion for coffee that almost
wearing a banana costume and posing with Belmont entire life is fast paced and I’m to get involved in the wonderful community Belmont surpasses her love of writing. Her favorite drink is plain
President Bob Fisher? Hmmm … Jean Paul Sartre? Pope usually drawn to people that live offers. black coffee, African origin, roasted to a medium.
John Paul II? the same way,” she says. “Any room
I inhabit is a mess for the time there; Brandin Myrick is a freshman public Heather Staggs a 19-year-old
Kristin Clements is a fabulous music will always be playing; my friends will always be relations major from Memphis, Tenn. sophomore theatre performance/
sophomore Journalism major with there.  We eat together and dance together; we laugh She can be seen driving a Mini journalism major. Born and raised in
minors in photography and music. together and make a mess together. It’s never really about Cooper with license plate DOC2B. Memphis, she is a true Southerner.
Concocting the crazy idea that where I am, but more so, about who I’m with.”   Although Brandin’s car is small, her Her favorite drink is sweet tea!
juggling the three programs at ambitions are not. She is known to Although staying busy, she enjoys
once would be easy, she can now Ashlyn Hall, a freshman journalism have a bit of a coffee addiction to reading and writing in her free time.
be found in a darkroom, practice major, is from Oak Ridge, Tenn., combat her busy lifestyle and also She one day hopes to be a reporter
room or, to stay sane, holed up in birthplace of the atomic bomb. enjoys: frosted flakes without milk, in New York City. She is the daughter
her apartment doing nothing. An Don’t worry; she doesn’t emit a mashed potatoes without gravy, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, of an interior decorator and a ceramic tile setter and the
aspiring underwater photographer she hopes to one day radioactive glow. Staying busy with stress, chocolate milk, Rascal Flatts, UT athletics, and, above oldest of three. Her brother and sister are adopted and
be swimming with the huggable, lovable Great White minors in Spanish and dance, all else—Belmont. Brandin leaves you with this piece of Heather enjoys sharing their story with anyone who will
Shark. Green’s her favorite color and stars are her favorite Ashlyn’s true passion lies in singing. advice, “Friends don’t let friends drink decaf.” listen. She is a big believer in following your dreams and
shape. Say “cheese!” But if Broadway doesn’t work out, her favorite quote is, “Twenty years from now you will be
her highest aspiration is to become more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than by the
the First Lady of the United States, a position she would things you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away
use to promote music education in public schools and from safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
encourage the global environmental initiative for waste
reduction and cleaner energy.
42 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 43
Amanda Stravinsky, freshman, “Standing 6-feet-4 and weighing in at 190
hails from a rural area in Jersey. pounds, a journalism major from Port
She loves writing and came to Saint Lucie, Florida, it’s Emerick
Belmont as a journalism major, Witkowski.” He is on the Belmont soccer
ready to network in Music City. team and is an avid follower of any sport
Stravinsky is an actress at heart you can imagine. He can be found in the
and would love to perform on a cafeteria at the lunch and dinner hours
Broadway stage someday. She has on a daily basis and is very easy to get
written a children’s book and along with. He also goes by his alternate

hopes to get it published sometime next year. Besides name Eezy E and will rap a few lines if you are polite with him.

n g
writing and acting, Amanda loves to ride horses, play

t i
Linda Wu is originally from a little city

softball, read, stargaze, sing and meet people.

Gr e
outside of Chicago, but has come to call
Making the long journey up I-65 Nashville home for the past 10 years.
from Brentwood, Tenn. didn’t stop She’s an 18-year old freshman majoring in
Jessica Wardwell from attending journalism and bemoans the fact that
Belmont. She is quite unsure which print journalism seems to be going the
career she will choose but hopes way of the dinosaur. She wholeheartedly
one day to inspire people through believes that lying around in the sun with
her documentaries for National a stack of glossy magazines and a fat
Geographic or to pursue novel could never be replaced by Twittering on a MacBook.
engineering and build
communities in Third World countries. She loves math Matt Zeblo is a 20-year-old sophomore
and has an obsession with Hispanic culture. In her spare business administration major from
time, she power-walks, plays guitar and eats large Raleigh, N.C. In his free time he
amounts of food. enjoys playing golf, college athletics,
unhealthy food, “The Office”, listening
to music (because he has no musical
talent whatsoever) and spending time
at home with his family. In addition
to writing for Connect, Matt is a
member of the Belmont baseball team.

44 | CONNECT Magazine | 2009 2009 | CONNECT Magazine | 45

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