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A Color Image Segmentation algorithm Based on Region Growing Adaptive 2-D Wavelet Transform Based on the Lifting Scheme with Preserved Vanishing Moments A Flexible Parallel Hardware Architecture for Ada Boost-Based Real-Time Object Detection IEEE 2010 IEEE 2010
IEEE 2010-2009

A new and efficient algorithm for the removal of high density salt and pepper noise in images and videos A Pipeline VLSI Architecture for High-Speed Computation of the 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform Flexible Hardware Architecture of Hierarchical K-Means Clustering for Large Cluster Number FPGA based speeded up robust features FPGA Implementation of Image Segmentation Processor FPGA Implementation of Wavelet Transform Based on Lifting Scheme Design and Development of Activation and Monitoring of Home Automation System via SMS through FPGA Bluetooth-GMRS Car Security System with a Randomly Located Movement Detect Device Design of Reconfigurable LED illumination Control System Based on FPGA FPGA-Based Compact and Flexible Architecture for Real-Time Embedded Vision Systems Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Interface Model for Scale-Free Network using I2C Bus Protocol Design and Implement of the Embedded Elevator Monitor System based on Wireless Communication An Optimized RFID-Based Academic Library A Measurement System for the Performance Assessment of Car-Integrated GSM Mobile Communications Systems Design of Pipelined FFT Processor Based on FPGA A Design of Bi-verification Vehicle Access Intelligent Control System Based on RFID

CMOS Full-Adders for Energy-Efficient Arithmetic Applications An FPGA Implementation of the Time Domain Deadbeat Algorithm for Control Applications FPGA-implementation of time-multiplexed multiple constant multiplication based on carrysave arithmetic Design of A Low Power Flip-Flop Using CMOS Deep Submicron Technology

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Low Power Design - Networking

A Practice of ESL Verification Methodology from System C to FPGA Using EPC Class-1 Generation-2 RFID Tag Design as an Example

Embedded Application - Wireless -Communication

Image Processing

Structure. and Algorithm Speech Compression With Best Wavelet Packet Transform And SPIHT Algorithm A New Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Text Significance of tree structures for zerotree-based wavelet video codecs Design and implementation of mobile based electrical appliances control for industrial automation Experiences Using the Xilinx Micro blaze Soft core Processor and uCLinux in Computer Engineering Capstone Senior Design Projects Design and verification of various communication protocols on SOC Hand Gesture Recognition System Based on Associative Processors real time Implementation of an Embedded GPS Receiver Based on FPGA and Micro Blaze Signal Processing – Image Application – Power Analyze Low Power Design .Network www.Wireless .pantechsolutions.com Front-End Design Flows for Systems on Chip : An Embedded Tutorial Full Coverage manufacturing Testing for SRAM-Based FPGA Hellfire: A Design Framework for Critical Embedded Systems’ Applications High Performance Full Adder Cell: A Comparative Analysis High-Speed FPGA Implementation for DWT of Lifting Scheme Implementation of a Hardware Functional Verification System using System C Infrastructure Impulse C vs.pantechprojects. VHDL for Accelerating Tomographic Reconstruction Lossless image compression using adaptive lifting scheme Based on minimum entropy criterion IEEE 2009-2008 IEEE 2009-2008 Message Encoding in Images Using Lifting Schemes Multi-sensory system for obstacle detection on railways New Approaches to Design Asynchronous Circuits on FPGAs Pulse Propagation Along Single-Wire Electric Fences Railway Wheel Tread Inspection by Ultrasonic Techniques Smart Digital Door Lock for the Home Automation SPIHT algorithm combined with Huffman encoding System Level Simulation Guided Approach to Improve the Efficacy of Clock-gating Transaction Level Modeling for Early Verification on Embedded System Design An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Discrete Wavelet Transform based on the Daubechies Architecture An Integrated Library Management System for Book Search and Placement Tasks The Lifting Scheme for Wavelet Bi-Frames: Theory.V L S I 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 P r o j e c t s Query: vlsi @pantechmail.com 18 .net l © 2010 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd | www.

net l © 2010 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd | www.com 19 .com Mean-square Performance of Selective Partial Update Sub-band Adaptive Filters Design of Image Acquisition and Processing Based on FPGA An efficient architecture for 2-D lifting-based discrete wavelet transform Image Coprocessor: A Real-Time Approach Towards Object Tracking HWSW Co-Simulation Platforms for VLSI Design A Low Overhead Fault Detection and Recovery Method for the Faults in Clock Generators Open-loop stepper motor driver based on FPGA A High Level Language Approach to Matrix Converter Modeling and FPGA Controller Design A Framework of Transaction-Based HW/SW Co-simulation for IC Verification Real-time invariant textural object recognition with FPGAs Design of Efficient Reversible Binary Subtractors Based on A New Reversible Gate A HW/SW Co-Verification Technique for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Test Simple Tuned Fuzzy Controller Embedded into an FPGA VLSI architectures of perceptual based video watermarking for real-time copyright protection Research on Image Median Filtering Algorithm and Its FPGA Implementation FPGA Implementation of Wavelet Transform Based on Lifting Scheme Real-time binary shape matching system based on FPGA Implementation of simplified architecture of JPEG 2000 MQ Coder On Line Wavelets Transform on a Xilinx FPGA Circuit to Medical Images Compression Design of video compression system based on DSP-FPGA High throughput one dimensional median and weighted median filters on FPGA A high performance reconfigurable Motion Estimation hardware architecture IEEE 2009-2008 Real-time invariant textural object recognition with FPGAs FPGA-based implementation of a low cost and area real-time motion detection Embedded a low area 32-bit AES for image encryption/decryption application Throughput Efficient Parallel Implementation of SPIHT Algorithm Research on Aerial CCD Images Compression with JPEG2000 Medical Image Fusion Based on an Improved Wavelet Coefficient Contrast A Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Video Segmentation Utilizing Memory Reduction Techniques Designing of VGA Character String Display Module Based on FPGA Encryption – System Generator – Power Estimation Image Processing IEEE 2009-2008 www.V L S I 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 P r o j e c t s Query: vlsi @pantechmail.pantechsolutions.pantechprojects.

com 20 .net l © 2010 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd | www.com Low Power and Area Efficient Image Segmentation VLSI Architecture Using 2-Dimensional Pixel-Block Scanning FPGA Implementation of the Bilinear Interpolation Algorithm for Image Demosaicking Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Modulator &Demodulator for Wireless Modem FPGA Implementation of Feed-Forward Neural Networks for Smart Devices Development Broadband Receiver Design on FPGA Embedded System with uClinux Based on FPGA FPGA Hardware Architecture of the Steganographic ConText Technique IEEE 2009-2008 IEEE 2009-2008 A Reliable FPGA-based Real-time Optical-flow Estimation VLSI architectures of perceptual based video watermarking for real-time copyright protection An Efficient Hardware Architecture for Multimedia Encryption and Authentication using the Discrete Wavelet Transform Novel Hardware Implementation of Adaptive Median Filters FPGA based remote integrated security system based WAP(wireless application protocol) FPGA based design and verification of image segmentation for medical systems and data processing RF based Energy Conservation in Automobile Traffic and Transportation using FPGA IEEE 2009 Simulink/Medical Application FPGA based System for Enhancing Medication Safety and Healthcare for Inpatients Using RFID FPGA based Performance Analyser for Distribution System using Zigbee Finger Print Based Authentication and Controlling System of Devices using FPGA Implementation of Tsunami Alert System using FPGA RF Based Railway Bridge Damage Notification with Alert using FPGA An efficient VLSI implementation of intelligent Airport Security System for secure Trespassing Using Advanced RFID Techniques An RFID Based Solution for Real-Time Patient Surveillance and data Processing Bio-Metric System using FPGA A hybrid FPGA system design for Automatic life Rescue device using Global System for Mobile communication An efficient FPGA implementation of secure cryptographic technique using Wireless Body Area Network.pantechsolutions.pantechprojects.V L S I 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 126 P r o j e c t s Query: vlsi @pantechmail. Implementation of Radio Wave Geographic Navigation System in FPGA using GSM Network Implementation of HOG algorithm for Real Time Object Recognition Applications on FPGA based Embedded System Surveillance System Encryption – System Generator – Power Estimation www.

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