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Goto My PC


Go to MY PC, as we call it, is a software that allows users to access devices connected to
their systems from remote locations. The process starts when the different users, who
need the facility, get registered through our website and download the application
program for the said facility. Once the software is installed on the home pc then the user
can access the devices connected to the system from any location using our website
through the Internet. The other advantage possible here is the inter PC communication. Ir
if there are more number of computers under a persons command he/she can enable the
data transfer & thereby enable communication with the computers.

Lets elaborate the various steps present in this process.

User Registration: A simple registration form is provided to the user wherein he can
enter his name, address, contact number, email id, login id and password. After filling up
the proper information, the user gets successfully registered for the application software.

Login and Authentication: The user is authenticated for his login name and password,
which was provided to him during the registration process. If the user fails to give his
proper login id or password, an error message is displayed to him indicating that the login
id does not exist. If the login is successful then the user is able to perform the following

(i)Software Download: The user has this option for downloading the
software to the particular system that he is using. Once the system is
installed in that system, say the Home PC, then the devices connected to
that system can be accessed easily using our website.

(ii)Access Devices: This is perhaps the purpose of GO TO MY PC.

Accessing the various devices connected to the Home PC is the feature
that is being implemented here. Every user will have a particular Access
code to be entered for getting access to this feature. If the Access code
entered is wrong then the user get automatically logged out. Once the
correct Access Code is entered the user can access the device he wants.

(iii)Logout: The user can sign out of the login area any time using this

The System architecture has to be designed keeping all these functions in mind. We can
see that the system consists of mainly the following three parts:

(i)Server: It is a part of Internet, which is a host or website. It consists of

the user login and locating the Home PC for the corresponding users.

(ii)HomePC: Home PC is the PC, which can be controlled by the

developed software. It is the PC, which will be controlled using a remote
user. It may a PC located at home or office, which will be part of Internet.

(iii)Remote PC: It is the PC in the Internet from which user access the
devices on the homePC. It is a dynamic one.

By using the proposed system a person can control 'n' number of PC's at a time
and even enable data transfer between the computers he/she desires.

Software Specification :

Front end : J2EE

Back end : My Sql

Operating System : Windows/ Linux

IDE : Net Beans

Hardware Specification :
Processor : Pentium IV

System Bus : 32 BIT

RAM : 512 MB

HDD : 40 GB

Display : SVGA Color

Key Board : Windows/Linux Compatible.