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(Please provide e-mail ID of the person to whom clarification regarding bid can be asked)
(Please provide contact details of the person to whom clarification regarding bid can be asked)

Earnest Money Deposit:Tender No. 2529_0335_E_21415

a. An Earnest money of INR 20,000.00 should accompany in the form of Wire Transfer/ Demand Draf
Cheque (BC) from the Nationalised /scheduled Banks (or, in case of foreign suppliers. The EMD shall be in fav
AERONAUTICS LIMITED, NASHIK DIVISION payable at Ojhar/Nashik. No other form of EMD will be accepted
details is given below.

b. EMD by foreign bidder should be in the currency of the bidder’s country or any other convertible foreign curr
currency inline with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) /FEMA Rules. In case of Currency other than USD, equiv
USD is to be submitted for EMD considering the TT selling rate as on date of instrument of EMD.

c. Please note that the net amount receivable towards EMD should not be anyway less than the Amount spec
Notification. HAL shall not be responsible for receipt of less amount due to deduction of Bank commission / Bank
the payment amount. Offers with less EMD shall also be rejected. Vendors are requested to make a note of it.

d. EMD needs to be submitted by participating bidder . However, the EMD remittance document, either in India
other convertible currency of the specified amount, can be arranged by the Indian subsidiary/branch office in Ind
bidder which shall be submitted along with a certificate confirming the relationship of subsidiary/branch office in
Offers not accompanied with requisite amount of EMD or EMD not submitted in the specified form shall be summ

e. Scanned image / pdf of proof of Earnest Money Deposit should be uploaded and preferably to be made availa
Technical Bid opening. In case WIRE/SWIFT transfers the transaction code is to be mentioned in the technical bid
f. The original hard copy of EMD (DD/ BC) should reach us on or before tender due date & time , else the bid
rejected.The envelop containing the hard copy of EMD should be superscribed as "EMD for te
_________ due on ______".
And same to be send on following address:-
M/s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd,
Aircraft Manufacturing Division,
PO Ojhar Township

g. In case of DD/ BC, copies of EMD document / instruments uploaded along with price bid and submissio
document/ instruments at a later date will not be accepted.

h. HAL will not be responsible for any transit/postal delay in receipt of EMD. EMD should be scanned and uploa
Bid in eportal.

i. In case of Bidders exempted from submission of EMD as per Govt. of India directives must submit certified co
India authority for such exemption in lieu of EMD. The same to be uploaded on the eportal alongwith technical b
of valid certificate offer will be summarily rejected.

j. EMD would not be adjusted against any other EMD/Pending Payment/ Bank Guarantees/Credit Note etc given
any other Divisions of HAL. If requisite amount of EMD are not received by the tender opening date and time
considered rejected then and there.

k. EMD will not carry any interest for the period it is retained with HAL and that EMD will be forfeited, if the tend
amends, impairs and/or derogates from tender within validity of tender.

l. EMD of unsuccessful bidder will be returned after order acceptance by the successful bidder. However, in cas
bidder, the EMD shall be released after the supply of the equipment or may be appropriated for security deposit
Guarantee (as applicable) for the warranty period.

m. To facilitate refund of EMD, it is requested to provide the Ink-Signed hard copy of RTGS details on the lette
along with cancelled cheque. In case of foreign bidders it is requested to provide the Bank details, Account No, S
IBAN No (If applicable).

n. The EMD should not be submitted by anybody else other than the participating vendors. If at any stage,
EMD is submitted by a third party, the offer shall be considered unresponsive and rejected.
o. The Bidders shall participate without any Registration charges and Tender Fee in the Tender through HAL e-Pr

p. Please feel free to ask any doubts/clarifications in writing addressed to Dy. General Manager (IMM), Nash
submission of EMD. Email:

Please upload your Bank / RTGS Details with scanned copy of cheque to transfer EMD refund.

Please request your bank to mention tendor no in wire transfer message if EMD is credited directly
RTGS / wire transfer / SWIFT. This is mandatory for easy tracking & refund of your EMD.

For wire transfer HAL bank details are as given below:

HAL A/c No - 10825556319

IFSC- SBIN0001196