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A noun is what you might know as a naming word.

However, there are lots of different types of nouns.

 Abstract nouns- are the nouns that none of your five senses can detect. You can’t see, hear,
touch, taste or smell them
 Concrete nouns- nouns that your senses can detect
 Proper nouns- names places or people
 Collective nouns- groups of animals, people or things
 Pronouns- can replace a noun

1. List 3 nouns for each of the categories above.




Collective ___________________________________________________

Pronoun ____________________________________________________

2. Underline all of the nouns in the extract below.

3. Extension- identify what types of noun they are.

Luis Suárez wrote his name into World Cup infamy by biting the Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini
towards the end of a dramatic Uruguay win to risk another lengthy suspension of anything up to
24 matches.

Uruguay looked to be heading for the exit in the 79th minute with the game locked at 0-0 – the
South Americans needed victory – when Suárez tussled with Chiellini as they chased a ball inside
the Italy penalty area.

The Liverpool striker leaned his forehead into Chiellini, in what looked, initially, to be a butt before
biting down on his opponent’s shoulder. Suárez flung himself to the ground and, moments later,
he could be seen holding his teeth.

Chiellini reacted with fury, pulling the neck of his shirt down and across his left shoulder to expose
what still photographs revealed to be a bite mark. The Mexican referee Marco Rodríguez – whose
nickname is Dracula – took no action, as he did not have a clear view of the flashpoint, but Fifa is
investigating and Suárez, not for the first time, faces a massive ban.