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Mae’s High School

Electronic Document Preparation and Management

Portfolio Documents

Candidate’s Name: Sayyid M Aqeed Aabidi

Candidate’s Number:
Center Number:
Name of Teacher: Mortimer Livan
Date of Submission:
Table of Content
Block Style with Tear-off Slip
Circular Letter with Tear-off Slip


Tabular Work
Balance Sheet

Committee Document
Notice for a Meeting with an Agenda
Minutes of a Meeting

Flow Chart

Legal Work
Contract of Employment
Block Style
12A Toncabin Fields, 3 Hands, LA BREA Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Telephone 648 5673-6 Fax 648 5673-4


Mr Solomon Tompeke
5 John Compton Gardens
St Lucia

Dear Mr Tompeke
We were quite happy for your visit on Monday last. As promised, I am outlining below the report on
Maria’s performance for Terms I, II and III.
Term English Principles of Principles of Office Social Mathematics
Language Accounts Business Procedures Studies
I 65 86 94 87 98 93
II 74 93 89 94 95 97
III 88 97 90 98 87 100

Attendance: 98% Advanced parental permission for absence confirmed by you

No. Times Late: 3 Two morning sessions with advances request from student’s guardian
1 One afternoon session. Student was ill and sent to rest in the sick room
Discipline: Excellent.
Extra Curricula activities: School’s Drama and Debating Club. President of Young Leaders Committee.
She is the Goal Shoot for the school’s netball team.
I hope the above information will be suitable for your needs. You can contact us for any additional
information you may require.
Additional Comments: Maria is a very promising young lady. Within one week of her arrival, it was
difficult to tell that she was a new student in the class. She had no problems settling in her new

Yours faithfully
C Bose Chattergoon
Circular Style with Tear-off Slip
84-86 Sincere Avenue
Godineau Settlement
Dear Valued Customer
I am honored to be chosen to introduce my company’s latest line of products to your home and
community. BEST-EVAR range of healthy juices includes today’s sample package of 7-Hills
Pineapple Mango Cockpit Bits which is delivered to you free of charge today.

The latest consumer poll shows that BEST-EVAR range of juices is now unsurpassed in taste,
quality and shelf life. Our aim is to introduce our customers to a healthy drink for all occasions.
As such, we are inviting you to detach the self-addressed, Post-Paid Reply, tear-off portion of
this letter and submit your comments about our juices within 7 days. Please state the different
ways in which your family used the package. Responses may be in the form of an essay or

Our Connoisseur Committee is made up of a group of professionals from the Caribbean’s leading
nutrition frim, Herber-Maharaj, Daniel and Wildman Limited. They will select the five most
‘innovative responses’ for an award of a hamper of our products. The respondent who gives the
most outstanding response will win the BEST-EVAR SUPER PRIZE of $1000.00.
Yours truly
Sudesh Persad
Marketing Manager


84-86 Sincere Avenue
Godineau Settlement
NAME: ------------------------------------------------------------- TELEPHONE: -------------------------
ADDRESS: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
HOW I used BEST-EVAR 7-Hills Pineapple Mango Cockpit Bits
SPECIFICATION of work to be carried out and materials to be
used for the expansion and paving of a car park at Lot No. 17,
Arena Road, ERIN for SAFECO Security Services to the
satisfaction of:
Kelly and Singh Architectural Enterprises
23 North Street
Quarry Village
19 March 2017

Visit to Site
The contractor should become thoroughly familiar with the site and surrounds before the initiation
of the project.
Environmental Impact
The contractor shall be responsible for the removal of all excavated material, rubble or other waste
produced in the construction of the car park. The contractor must ensure that there is no damage
to the area surrounding that designated for the car park. The contractor will be held liable for any
damages incurred to the surrounding area that is incurred in the process of constructing the car

Remove old asphalt paving on original car part area. Remove vegetation and roots of area
identified for the expansion of the car park.
Level and ram the entire area identified for paving of the car park ensuring a gradient that will
facilitate run-off to the drains at the eastern and western limits of the car park.
Steel Work
Lay 6 inch BRC wire reinforced with ½ inch steel set diagonally across at 4 foot intervals.
Set a framework of 1” × 3” profiles parallel with distancing of 6 feet transversed by profiles at 10
feet intervals.
Spread and level 4 inches of concrete between the profiles over the surface of the car park sloping
to the drains to the east and west.


Parallel parking
Painting of lines for parallel parking as depicted in Drawing No. SS3/A.
Reflective border
Painting of a 4 inch wide red reflective border at the eastern and western limits of the car park 1
½ feet before the drain.

Installation of a steel grill cover over the length of the drains at the eastern and western limits of
the car park.
Tabular Work
Balance Sheet
Haynes and Sons
Trial Balance as at 12 April 2017
Account Debit Credit
$ $
Cash in hand 2365.00
Cash at bank 3764.25
Capital 34000.00
Purchases 5975.00
A. Persad 986.00
R. Soong 1575.00
Sales 15101.50
Furniture and fittings 7500.00
Equipment 11500.00
Sales returns 2564.00
Rent 4500.00
Advertising 1200.00
Drawings 6000.00
Wages 1719.00
General expenses 2000.00
Discounts allowed 750.00
Discounts received 1325.00
51412.25 51412.50
Committee Document
Notice of a Meeting with an Agenda

Meeting to be held in the school’s assembly room on Tuesday 24 September 2012 at 3:30pm.

1. Welcome and opening
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of the previous meeting
4. Matters arising from the minutes
5. Correspondence
6. Matters arising from the correspondence
7. New matters
i. Action plan for the new academic year
ii. Proposed budget
iii. Crisis business
8. General business
9. Reports
10. Date for next meeting

Kelly Toussard

1897 High Street

(Tel: 355 4143)
Committee Document
Minutes of Meeting
Minutes of the PHARMAC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting
Friday 4 July 2008
The meeting was held at PHARMAC, 14th floor, Cigna House, 40 Mercer St, Wellington from
Sandra Coney Chair
Matiu Dickson CAC member
Dennis Paget CAC member
Sharron Cole CAC member
Vicki Burnett CAC member
Te Aniwa Tutara CAC member
Kuresa Tiumalu-Faleseuga CAC member
Paul Stanley CAC member

Heather Thomson CAC member

In attendance:
Fiona Rutherford PHARMAC (CAC Secretary)
Peter Moodie, Mike Bignall, Adam McRae, Marama Parore, Matthew Brougham, Sharon
Ponniah, Moana Tane, Lisa Wlliams and Rico Schoeler (PHARMAC Staff) attended for relevant

1. Minutes of March 2008 meeting

Subject to the changes agrees, the minutes of the March 2008 meeting were accepted as a true
and accurate record.
Dickson/Coney (carried)
2. Action points
The Committee asked that PHARMAC staff continue to advise the Committee of Access and
Optimal Use events that members can attend. The Committee commended that their involvement
in such activities assists them to be able to advise their networks of PHARMAC’s AOU
The Committee expressed its disappointment with the Board’s response to the Committee’s
recommendations regarding the priority of the Pacific strategy, and expressed frustration that this
again demonstrated that Pacific Health was not yet a significant issue for PHARMAC. The
Committee did note that there was a Pacific focus within the One Health Many Lives and other
programmes, but these activities could not be considered as a de facto substitute for a proper
Pacific Health strategy.

Seaside Terrace, Castries

Dinner Menu $ 45

Caribbean Fish Broth

Seafood Salad Platelet


Tropical Fried Rice

Festive Baked Kingfish

Vegetable Camboulay


Mango Soufflé

Cheese and Biscuits


Citrus Chiller

Flow Chart

Hear alarm

Get the Yes




Get out of

Legal Work
1. Parties: This lease is made on 10/28/2017 between PEG SOOKDAR of Syfoo Trace,
Granville, Cedros, hereinafter called Landlord, and LEN SINGH hereinafter called

2. Properties: Landlord hereby lets the real property known as Apartment B of #35
Richardson Street, Balmain to Tenant for the terms of this Agreement.
3. Term: The term of this Agreement shall be for one year beginning on the Twenty Eighth
day of October Two Thousand and Seventeen and ending on the Twenty Eighth day of
October Two Thousand and Eighteen.

4. Rent: The total rent for said property shall be twelve thousand dollars, to be paid monthly
in amounts of one thousand dollars due and payable on the first day of each month.

5. Security Deposit: Tenant shall deposit with the Landlord two thousand, five hundred
dollars to be held as security deposit. This deposit will be returned in full when this lease
expires if, after inspection by the Landlord, the premises are in good condition (normal
wear and tear expected) and Tenant owes no back rent.

6. Subleasing: Tenant shall no lease or sublease nor assign the premises without the written
consent of the Landlord (but consent of the Landlord shall not be unreasonably withheld).

7. Access to Premises: Landlord may enter premises at reasonable times for the purposes of
inspection, maintenance or repair, and to show the premises to buyers or prospective
tenants. In all instances, except those of emergency or abandonment, the Landlord shall
give 24-hour notice prior to such an entry.

8. Maintenance of Premises: Tenant agrees to occupy the premises and shall keep same in
good condition, reasonable wear and tear expected, and shall not make any alternations
without the written consent of the Landlord. Tenant further agrees to notify Landlord
immediately if any repairs are necessary. Landlord agrees to maintain the building and
grounds regularly in a clean, orderly, and safe manner. Landlord further agrees upon notice
by Tenant to complete, within a reasonable time, all necessary repairs.

9. Use of Premises: Tenant agrees not to use the premises in such a manner as to disturb the
peace and quiet of other tenants in the building and the immediate neighbours. Tenant
further agrees not to maintain public nuisance and not to conduct businesses or commercial
activities on the premises.

10. Termination: Tenant shall, upon termination of this Agreement, vacate and return the
premises in the same condition that it was received, less reasonable wear and tear, and other
damages beyond the control of the Tenant.


By the within named LEN SINGH )
In the presence of )

……………………………………… ) ………………………………………

By the within named PEG SOOKDAR )
In the presence of )

……………………………………… ) ………………………………………

Legal Work
Contract of Employment
Employment Contract
This agreement has been made on ……………………… between ABC Company (here in after
called the “first party”) and Mr ………………………… Nepalese Nationality bearing passport
No ………………………… issued on (here in after called the “second party”) observing in a good
faith on the following terms and conditions.

Therefore, it is mutually agreed as follows:

1. Designation
2. Monthly Salary
3. Working Hours
4. Accommodation
5. Food
6. Transportation
7. Medical
8. Air Ticket
9. Visa
10. Period of Contract

Period of Contract:
The period of contract will be 2/3 years commencing from the date of joining in the work.
However, on completion of two years of service, depending on the second party’s performance,
he/she will be eligible for appropriate increment. If the second party’s performance is well during
the contract period, his/her visa will be renewed further at the discretion of Management.
Probation Period:
The second party will be on probation period of 3 months from the date of joining. If his/her
performance is found to be unsatisfactory during the probation period, the Employer has the right
to terminate the service without notice.
The monthly salary payment for the particular month will be made on the 1st day of the following
For work put beyond 8 normal hours per day he/she will be entitles to overtime payment as per the
policy of the company.
Employee will be provided free of cost an economy class airfare from the working country to
Nepal after completion of two years of service. If the service is extended by the company, he/she
will be entitled to get a free return airfare.
Medical Facilities:
Medical assistance will be made available to him/her free of cost, in line with the company’s rules
and regulations.
Annual Leave:
The Employee will be entitled to get 30 days paid annual leave for every completer year of service.
Welfare Facilities:
The Employee will be given welfare facilities as per the company’s policy and the labor law of the
In Case of Death:
In the event of death, the employee’s body will be repatriated at the company’s expenses and the
insurance compensation will be determined and provided according to law of land.
Employer shall likewise insure all employees deployed by the Recruiting Agent as prescribed by
the Ministry of the Labor of the host country. Also, in case of death, injuries or diseases, employee
shall be covered under relevant lows of the country.
Employer may be dismissed if he is found guilty of misconduct whether in the course of his duty
or non-duty hours, or in case of willful disobedience to lawful order given by the employer and
violates any of the local law of safety rules and regulations established by the employer. The
employee also guarantees to abide by the local customs, have respect in local beliefs and not to
interfere in the political and religious affairs of the host company. Including in strike and trade
union or in alcoholic beverages and drugs are strictly prohibited. In case of drinking, gambling,
burgling, destructing employer’s properties and committing an act of physical aggression against
anybody in the job site or other places, he/she may cause instant dismissal of the agreement.
Complimentary terms and Conditions:
For the terms and conditions, which are not prescribed in the contract, both parties agree to observe
the labor law in the country of the employment and/or the employer’s rules and regulations.
In witness where off, we hereby sign this contract this day of ……………………

For Employer For Employee

Name ………………………… Name …………………………
Destination ………………………… Destination …………………………
Date ………………………… Date …………………………
Signature ………………………… Signature …………………………

Witness ………………………… Witness …………………………