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December 13, 19xx

Today my team and I discovered a flying object that has landed in an

empty wasteland. We’ve identified it as a spacecraft from another
planet. As far as we know, both passengers that were on board had died
due to a fast collision. So far the government has been able to keep
this as a secret from the public and has assigned me as the lead
medical examiner on the autopsy of these foreign visitors. I will
continue to document the progress of my work for this project.
Hopefully, this will be another step in understanding the world beyond
our planet.

December 16, 19xx

The official autopsy began today. For the first time, I didn’t know
how to approach the dissection of my subject, and I even stood baffled
at the creature for the longest time before I could even make the
first incision. We have identified both creatures to be of the same
species, but there are certain unique differences between the two. One
seems to be slightly on the longer and slimmer end compared to the
other one. I have observed that two days after death the body seems to
have gone limp, but was hard when I touched it. After I had cut into
it, it seems as if things that I believe are the organs of this
creature are melting. There are also developing bumps on the
creature’s outer membrane that I couldn’t quite identify. Another
thing we noticed was that the body seems to be enlarging and a red
foam is coming out of its face. This could be a sign of contamination
so we are taking extra safety precautions in the lab. The autopsy has
been abruptly halted due to this sudden finding. We decided that it
would be best to observe it overnight for worsening signs of danger.

December 17, 19xx

It seems that overnight nothing major developed and the situation is

safe once again for my team and me to continue the dissection of this
Alien. It feels weird to say it because finally there’s actual proof
of other beings besides us in this universe! Could this be a sign of
an alien invasion? Were they checking out our planet to see if we were
an easy target? I believe the only way to answer these questions is to
continue the autopsy.
December 18, 19xx

The creature seems to be anatomically different from us both inside

and out. Their insides seem to be extremely slimy and rubbery, but I
can’t be too sure since it has been a few days since they had died.
For the past two days, I have worked on only one of the two subjects
since the government had wanted me to keep one untouched specimen for
reference later while working on the other one. I chose the longer one
to dissect because I felt that it would have more to offer us, I don’t
know why. I have decided to name this one Subject 1. It really is too
bad that they’re dead, I would have really wanted to ask them about
their weird attire. It seems rather uncomfortable.

December 19, 19xx

Day four into autopsy and it’s getting more and more fascinating now!
It seems that what keeps them alive is a single thing inside the very
center of their body like an energy source maybe or a generator.
Fascinating! They also seem to have these flaps of small wings inside
them that we think they can extend to help them fly! Do they fly? Can
they?! It seems the rest of the body is not suitable for flight but
then again this is an alien we are talking about.

December 20, 19xx

I have come to the realization that these creatures are far more
superior than we are. They seem to be able to keep supplies of
materials they need for their body inside a container within them, and
if my theory is correct about their ability to fly then I definitely
do not want to become their enemy. Fighting a war where they clearly
have the upper hand is best not fought at all.

December 21, 19xx

Today someone was sent from the government to supervise our autopsy,
but I know they just wanted to know how threatening this creature
really is and whether we should prepare for war. I gave them a list of
all the possible advantages they had over us. Their overly productive
body was not something I think anyone on this planet would want to
engage in a war with. With four legs and five tentacles on each was
already frightening enough.

December 22, 19xx

I think the public has caught on, and we can no longer keep up this
charade. Somebody within our facility had clearly leaked the footage
of our dissection and caused a huge uproar amongst the public. This
would certainly be a death sentence for the traitor and his family.
Although it had been taken down and addressed as a joke the public is
still suspicious of what the government is doing behind closed doors.
I didn’t care about any of it though, this was finally a chance for me
to get my hands on such a fine specimen that any doctor or scientist
that saw me now would be envious of. Such an opportunity for
discovery, I have no time for fooling around.

December 23, 19xx

As amazing as anything ever is, there will always be a flaw. For this
alien, despite all its other advantages, it seems to have limited
sight. It doesn’t seem to have much of an eye, but I guess all its
other weird features decorated around the head helps it to be aware of
its surroundings. What an ugly looking creature. Truly a frightening
sight to behold.

December 25, 19xx

A high ranking general came in today with his troops administering T-

serum shots to everyone at the facility. I managed to get out of
getting the shot knowing that the chemical in T-serum can force the
truth out of anyone once it's in the body. I didn’t want them to know
of my uncertainty with this alien, and that my dangerous reports of
them so far was only because of my own cowardice to face them in a
war. Once I’m done with the autopsy I’m going to hide all of my own
personal research on it including this journal.

December 28, 19xx

The traitor had been executed mercilessly, a hole blasted right in the
center of the body. I’m so used to seeing this by now, this is just
how traitors of this planet are taken care of; quick and easy. Today
was also the end of the autopsy, and I decided that I will lead my
team out to search around the landing area for more possible clues we
can find about these aliens so I can write my report on it to hand
over to the higher-ups. We didn’t find anything around the landing
area except for scraps of their spacecraft that was left behind after
their unfortunate collision. So we decided to rummage through the
storage room’s collection of the bits and pieces extracted from the
spacecraft. They have so many small things that this could take a
while to figure out what’s useful and what’s not.

December 30, 19xx

I think I might have just discovered something amazing. Amongst the

piles of broken spacecraft parts my team had found smashed tubes with
traces of a different kind of air than ours. I also managed to
actually find a reference picture of what they looked like alive. In
the little picture, it seems as if they were posing in front of their
spacecraft. I believe this was before take off since there were more
of them gathered in the picture, but what really surprised me was that
I had been interpreting them all wrong! I realized that if my theories
about their physical appearances had been wrong could my hypothesis
about their body and functions be flawed as well? I must re-examine
the body once again and maybe get permission to perform an autopsy on
the second one. This is huge! Everyone on my team was surprised by
this too, but we are so excited because we know this is going to make

January 18, 19xx

Apparently these creatures despite having four legs choose to walk on
two, they use the other two to carry things and use them as we do with
our tentacles. Their short five tentacles on each leg are still
debatable at this point. For some weird reason they like to wear
covers for their tentacles as uncomfortable as it sounds. It also
seems that they don’t have wings (thankfully) and uses those things to
process the air around them instead, but only a specific type of air
defined by their symbols on the crushed tubes as Oxygen. Their
generator cannot function by itself like ours do and needs the
assistance of multiple tubes to help with its functions. The crevices
on their faces curl up when they are with others of their kind which I
still do not understand maybe it’s to communicate, but I don’t think
it’s important. We don’t know everything yet as of now, but we have
just gotten approved permission to perform an autopsy on the second
alien which should help us explain more things about them. Lastly,
they are from some planet called NASA which we haven't identified in
the galaxy yet, but we have teams working on it. It’s embarrassing to
say that due to my initial fear of these foreign creatures I created a
bias for myself that anything in them had to pose some sort of threat.
To be frank, I’m quite ashamed that I allowed my personal feelings to
get in the way of my research. I wrote a report to turn in about
everything I have discovered so far about these aliens and decided to
name it the symbols they put on the back of their little picture: “For
the Glory of Humanity.”

Dr. Ramham
Planet of the 89th Galaxy Research Laboratory Center