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Astrological Natal Chart

Prepared for: Chris

January 13, 1980 at 21:00 (GMT -5 hours), 74w00, 40n43

Astrology is the study of the effects of planetary forces upon man. It is not fortune telling. It is
one of the best methods for man to learn about who he is, where he came from and where he
is going. Astrology reveals CHARACTER and character is destiny. If man can change his
character, then man will have changed his destiny. The main uses of astrology are diagnosis
of health and sickness, character analysis, vocational guidance, analysis of children's
horoscopes so as to give parents a better idea as to how best to raise their children, and
analysis of the compatibilities between people.

Astrology does not show anything but tendencies. A man can rule his stars by exerting his will.
If a man decides to flow with the tide of life, then the tendencies indicated in the birth chart will
at some time have their effect. The one thing a birth chart does not show is the WILL of the
individual and how he may exert it. The matter of exercising free will is left entirely up to the
individual. The wise man rules his stars, the fool is ruled by them. Astrology forewarns and
being forewarned, a man is thus forearmed to better cope with the struggles of life.

Remember that good or so-called evil configurations are not the result of chance or luck, but
are the product of our own past acts — the horoscope shows what we have earned by our
past living and therefore what we are entitled to in the present life. What we lack in this life can
be gained in the future by applying ourselves to the task at hand. The stars IMPEL but do not
COMPEL. As Goethe, the great mystic, said, "From every power that holds the world in
chains, Man frees himself when self-control he gains."

The Law of Consequence ("Whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap") works in
harmony with the planets. The spirit is born into the physical world at that opportune time
when the Law and the planets may operate in harmony with each other. The birth of an Ego is
so timed by the Lords of Destiny, that the horoscope, which is the clock of destiny, registers
the kind of debts which the Ego has incurred in its previous lives, and the time when these
debts come to fruition, when the harvest from the seeds which have been sown must be
garnered. However, the law of destiny is not a blind law, for it may be modified to a certain
degree in proportion to the amount of will power awakened and utilized by the Ego. "For be
not deceived, God is not mocked. The mills of the gods grind exceedingly slow, but they grind
exceedingly fine."

There are three factors which bring to us the mystic message of the stars — the houses, the
signs and the planets. Each house represents a department of life, the signs are divisions of
the heavens which by their placement relative to the houses indicate our basic temperament
and attitude towards life, and the planets are the messengers of God which by their motion
through the houses and signs bring to us the opportunities for soul growth which we need for
our individual development. Think of the planets as representing the players in a play. The
signs, then, would describe the role that each player has and how he expresses his character,

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the houses represent the various settings of the play and the angular relationships between
the planets, the aspects, represent the plot of the play. Each planet has a characteristic
energy. That energy can be expressed either positively or negatively. The way that energy is
expressed is determined by the aspects of the other planets to that particular planet.

The horoscope shows tendencies only. It is a matter for you to determine how any planetary
position will work itself out. That will be determined by the use you make of your own

January 13, 1980 at 21:00 (GMT -5 hours), 74w00, 40n43

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The sign that is on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth is called the Rising Sign or the
Ascendant. The Ascendant marks the difference in temperament, disposition, physical
appearance and personality of individuals. It is the lens through which everything else in the
chart is focused or looked through, thus coloring the way we look at everything. People see us
through our rising sign and we see the world through our rising sign.


VIRGO rising
People with Virgo rising tend to be practical, analytical, discriminating, fastidious, careful,
exacting, attentive to details, methodical, quiet, unassuming, shy, critical, thoughtful, and
somewhat self-centered. You have an ingenious, active and alert mind. Gaining knowledge
and putting it to good use are important to you. You strive for perfection and can be quite the
person to live with or to be around because your standards for yourself and others are so
high. At times others can never be "good" enough to meet those high standards. Finding fault
with what's wrong with things is your forte. Sometimes, though, this can make relationships
sour as you often turn your critical eye on the one you love and the things they do. Pessimism
and being too self-critical are two faults you should try to improve upon. You may tend to
worry too much, especially about the small stuff, the little details. Too much worry can lead to
health problems. You need to learn to digest every experience and assimilate it without
bitterness, regret, spite or resentment. You need to get rid of any negativity that stems from a
feeling of inadequacy. You tend to look younger than you really are, no matter what your age.
You are very restless and nervous, so you seldom have much weight on you. At times you
can be very indecisive and unsure. Spiritual lesson to learn: Service. Mercury rules Virgo so
Mercury will be important in your chart.

If the planets represent energies and cosmic forces that manifest in different ways, then the
planetary aspects show how these energies and forces tend to act and react, one with
another, if the will of the person is not brought into play to change them. It is the spiritual task
of each person to use the positive energies in such ways so as to change the negative
energies into positive energies. Negative energies are simply energies that are either
misdirected, misapplied, or applied in too great a quantity. One of our purposes in life is to
transform the negative energies into positive ones through the use of our Will.

Mars blending with Ascendant (power = 9.81 and this aspect is discordant = -2.45)
You are an independent person who wants to have control over your own life. You dislike
restraint of any kind and you don't like to take orders. You want to be in charge of situations
and take leadership roles rather than following someone else's lead. You may have an
explosive temper and be subject to accidents, especially burns or cuts to the face. You are
probably athletically inclined and you like physical activity and being on the go. Your vitality is
strong and you have better than average recuperative powers, even if you do tend to run
higher than normal fevers when ill.

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Sun discordant to Pluto (power = 8.69 and this aspect is discordant = -8.69)
You are intensely willful, zealous, and fanatical, though you usually hide the intensity of your
feelings and your personal motives and desires. You always want to know what everyone else
is up to or thinking, but you will seldom reveal your own motivations, plans and activities. You
love working behind the scenes where you are free to do as you please with no one's
knowledge or interference. You tend to be possessive, jealous, obsessive and compulsive and
you like to have power and control over people and situations. You have the burning desire to
be recognized for your expertise and you want more than anything to be recognized as "the
authority" at something. You tend to worship "heroes" who have powerful magnetism and
charisma, and you want to follow in their footsteps. You need to recognize that your strong will
and stubbornness create difficulties for you because you are not allowing others to teach you
the lessons you need to learn. In order for you to see this more clearly other people are
brought into your life to mirror your negative traits back to you. If you refuse to transform your
ego, then things will only get worse, as the universe will get its way with you.

You think you know it all and you believe that you are always right. People are threatened by
you and some will try to get you first before you get them. You have a fear of and a fascination
with death and the secret, hidden side of life. You are seldom satisfied with your creative
talents and are always re-doing or destroying your efforts. You have a knack for controlling
others in a very subtle way. You are very confident and have great faith and trust in your own
abilities. You believe that you can survive anything that life throws your way. You expect to
conquer any obstacle, problem or bad habit that you may have. You have tremendous inner
resources, strength and stamina. You find it difficult to respect people who are weak-willed or
those who avoid confronting their lives and problems head-on. You have the intuitive
perception to see right through things and go straight to the heart of the matter.

Give others a break and stop being such a slave driver. Stay out of their lives and let them run
them the way they see fit. Work on reforming yourself before you try to reform the rest of the
world. Use power wisely or it will come back to haunt you in the end. Always remember that
you will reap everything you sow, so sow wisely and carefully.

Jupiter blending with Ascendant (power = 8.57 and this aspect is harmonious = 4.29)
You are generous, optimistic, helpful, honest and sincere. You appreciate the truth and speak
it, sometimes without tact. No matter what sort of internal conflicts you are having, you are
hopeful and have faith that things will somehow all work themselves out for you. You may
have a tendency towards self-indulgence, over-indulgence and extravagance. Because of this
there may be a tendency to gain weight.

Sun blending with Mercury (power = 8.42 and this aspect is neutral)
You have a tendency at times to see things from your perspective only. Occasionally you have
trouble being objective because you can be pretty self-absorbed. You love to talk about
yourself, your ideas and your views, but you aren't all that interested in listening to others do
the same thing. You enjoy a clear mind, with a quick wit, and you have a love for learning and
involving yourself in new experiences. You need constant mental stimulation and activity or
you get bored. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to win them over
to your viewpoint, but you must watch a tendency to tune out what other people are saying.

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This happens because your mind is busily thinking about what you are going to say next and
you pay no attention to them. You are rather high-strung and you may have the habit of biting
your nails, cracking your knuckles or some other fidgety habit. Get yourself a hobby that
requires the use of your hands so you won't be so anxious and annoying to others with your
little idiosyncrasies. And work a little on being less self-centered.

Mercury harmonizing with Mars (power = 6.85 and this aspect is harmonious = 5.13)
You have an alert, quick-witted, sharp and decisive mind. You love to debate and discuss
almost any subject and you love any kind of mental game (especially ones that involve
strategy) or challenge. You love to read and soak up knowledge. Your mind is always full of
ideas and you can present them with a self-confidence and force that is very persuading to
others. You have a sense of humor that is more satirical or sarcastic than it is outrightly funny.
You are good with your hands and may be ambidextrous. You are very vocal and adamant in
expressing yourself and your hands frequently help you convey your message. You are a
leader, an executive, a salesperson, a promoter. Others tend to listen to you and follow your
lead and you have a talent for directing people and making decisions. You have an aptitude
for writing, especially criticism. You aren't afraid to tell people when they are wrong. You may
suffer at times from a lack of tact and hoof-in-mouth syndrome is familiar to you. Your desires
are guided by reason and that allows you to succeed at almost anything you put your mind to.
There may be mathematical or mechanical ability and aptitude. You are self-assured and
decisive in whatever you do. You have a lot of restless and nervous energy and you like
staying busy. You get bored fairly easily and that's why you like working on several projects all
at the same time. It is hard for you to sit still for very long because of the abundance of energy
you have. It may be good for you to periodically try and quiet the chatter in your mind by
practicing yoga or some form of meditation. Of course, athletics and physical exercise also
help in this regard.

Mercury discordant to Pluto (power = 6.73 and this aspect is discordant = -6.73)
You are naturally suspicious and curious about all kinds of hidden and secret things. You love
playing the detective, ferreting out any and all secret information. You are not content to
scratch the surface of knowledge, you have to go as deep as possible in order to seek out the
truth. You love a good mystery and subjects like death and dying, reincarnation, sex and
mystical or natural methods of healing are of interest to you. You like to know what everyone
is doing or thinking, but you rarely divulge what is on your mind. Because of your love of
research and investigation you may well be attracted to the fields of psychotherapy,
psychoanalysis, psychiatry or counseling in general. You have great powers of concentration
and a penetrating mind. You are able to size up people and situations quickly and accurately.
You are keenly observant and very little gets by you. You have sort of an x-ray vision
regarding the motivations and intentions of others. The occult side of life fascinates you and
gives you plenty of scope for your researching talents and interests. Stories of mystery,
intrigue, espionage, science fiction, etc. are favorite reading for you. You may have a morbid
side to you because of all this interest in underground or undercover subjects. But that is not
the way you see it at all. You just want to learn everything you can about subjects that most
people couldn't care less about. You have strong opinions with the power to influence others.
Some may think you are almost fanatical or obsessive about your beliefs or what you choose
to direct your thinking upon. Just remember to keep an open mind to all points of view. With
that attitude you will learn even more about the things you study. Lastly, you may have a
highly geared nervous system which can cause impatience and irritability. You must learn

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when you need to give your mind a rest.

You tend to have a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. You need to learn not to be so
intensely involved with your own ideas and beliefs, as some of your beliefs may be downright
fanatical. When others do not believe the same way as you, you may have a tendency to get
angry or self-righteous. You need to learn to listen calmly to other viewpoints and consider
whether yours is in error. Be big enough to admit when you are wrong. The attitude you may
have that you are always right is just not reality. Keep an open mind before ridiculing any idea.
This aspect can give the "doubting Thomas" tendency whereby you believe in nothing unless
the evidence is displayed to you first-hand. The only real way you can find the proof you want
is for you to learn to tap your own Higher Self in order to find the truth from your own inner

Neptune harmonizing with Pluto (power = 6.64 and this aspect is harmonious = 6.64)
As with all in your generation, you have the opportunity to be of service to others for the
benefit of humanity. Use any psychic or spiritual powers to help those around you.

Mars blending with Jupiter (power = 6.38 and this aspect is harmonious = 1.60)
You have a wonderfully optimistic and positive attitude and you believe that there is nothing
you can't do. Therefore, you tackle life's problems with self-confidence, a strong will and much
gusto. You love challenges and if someone tells you something can't be done, then that
makes you want to give it a go even more. No matter how much you accomplish, you will
probably never rest on your laurels. There are always more challenges ahead of you and you
actively seek them out. You are forward-looking, enterprising and enthusiastic about new
projects. You are not happy in situations that do not offer you challenges and the potential for
growth and expansion in the future — no matter how secure or satisfactory they may be in
other respects. People probably think you are very competitive, but you are mainly in
competition with yourself, to see how far you can go and how much you can accomplish. You
have leadership abilities because you inspire courage, confidence and enthusiasm in others.
You have the spark of life and your vitality is strong, so your health is generally good. Any
problems that may set in are probably due to burnout rather than anything else. Because you
are so strongly driven by challenge, you may lose interest in things or people if you do not feel
challenged. This tendency can affect your love life as you may continually change partners to
try and find one who can keep up with you or keep you on your toes. You like the chase more
than the capture or conquest. You love absorbing new knowledge and you may travel in order
to experience different cultures.

You are direct in speech and say what you mean, no holds barred. You may need to develop
a bit more tact. There is a gambling streak in you because you love excitement. Be careful of
your risk-taking tendencies as they can get you in over your head if you are not disciplined.
You tend to pass judgment very quickly, regardless of whether or not you have all the facts.
This also gets you into trouble at times. Try to curb any tendency you have in needing to be
right all the time. Your ego can get rather large at times and it wouldn't hurt you to show some
humility and modesty at times and also to say you're sorry for wrong actions and words.
Remember that "Pride goeth before the fall" and "Judge not, lest ye be judged". With all that
said, this aspect is one of the finest there is, as it also gives a measure of spiritual protection
as well.

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Sun harmonizing with Saturn (power = 6.07 and this aspect is harmonious = 3.04)
You are realistic, mature, practical, organized, disciplined and serious. Hard work does not
bother you and you understand that it takes time to build anything of lasting value. You are
thorough and attentive to details. Your ambitions are well-grounded and you do not make
promises you can't keep. You have the ability to concentrate and continue working on
something until it is completely finished — and done correctly. You have the necessary
patience and persistence to be successful at anything you undertake. You have a strong
sense of responsibility and are very conscientious in fulfilling your duties. You often do things
because you feel it is expected of you. You have a certain shyness and reserve about you that
does not make others uncomfortable by being around you. You dislike making a spectacle of
yourself. Your need to feel organized causes you to dislike disorder and clutter in your home
or workplace. There may be gain through older people. Those in positions of authority help
you because they see that you are a hard and dedicated worker. You are a born leader with
the innate ability to appraise and coordinate the efforts needed to obtain your objectives. Your
mind is practical, contemplative and authoritative. You may have difficulty taking directions
from others, though, because of your own methodical analysis of all situations.

Sun harmonizing with Uranus (power = 5.42 and this aspect is harmonious = 5.42)
You are attracted to anything unusual, unorthodox, unpopular and weird. You do not allow
tradition and conventional beliefs or thinking to dictate how you are going to live your life. You
seek excitement and adventure in all you do. You are on the cutting edge with developments
in life and you like to stay informed of all the latest technical advancements. You have interest
in Uranian things such as electronics, computers, motorcycles or astrology. You seek freedom
and independence and you are not afraid of change. You have a certain inventive genius
about you and you come up with the most original and unique solutions to problems. You
have a great deal of creativity and intuition that need expression. You are aware of the
awakening of your inner self and you listen to it for direction in life. The things that happen to
you happen quite unexpectedly and totally out of the blue. You tend to have superb good luck
just in the nick of time. You have a progressive outlook and are very innovative.

Mercury harmonizing with Ascendant (power = 4.66 and this aspect is harmonious = 4.66)
You enjoy relating to people on a mental level and communicating new ideas is a particular
pleasure for you. You have many and varied interests and probably like to travel. You are
curious about many things and like to be in social settings where you can interact with others.

Saturn harmonizing with Uranus (power = 4.65 and this aspect is harmonious = 2.32)
Difficult tasks can be completed because of your persistence, endurance, patience and hard
work. You combine the best qualities of idealism and practicality. The difficulties you
experience in life give you a chance to show your ability to persevere when the going gets
tough. Much learning and soul growth can come from these situations. Your ambitions take
you on unique, unusual and perhaps even eccentric paths. Unusual people come into your
environment to help you experience the things you need to experience to grow and mature.
You have the ability to balance your need for personal freedom and your sense of
responsibility. With this balance you can accomplish a great deal. Your organizational ability
and your ability to work with details help you to succeed and to come through for others. You
perhaps need to learn how to relax, though, as your ability to endure extra tension may be too
much for your physical body or your nervous system to withstand.

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Saturn discordant to Neptune (power = 4.41 and this aspect is discordant = -6.61)
There is a tendency to run away from your fears and responsibilities. This tendency may
manifest in using drugs or in some other activity that allows you to escape reality. There may
be fear of the unknown, fear of death or fear of God. You must understand that the only way
to overcome fear is by facing it squarely. Remember that Achilles was only harmed when he
turned away from his enemy. That is the only way he could get hit in the heel with the arrow.
Face your problems head-on and do not ignore them, hoping they will go away. In time you
may learn that suffering brings obedience and obedience brings relief and salvation.

You may put too great an emphasis on accumulating money, power or material goods. This
may cause you to lose sight of what is really important. Think upon the story of the man who
gained the whole world yet lost his own soul. Examine your priorities and rearrange them if
necessary. Material wealth cannot bring happiness and you may have to learn this the hard

You may have difficulty trusting people. This may have come about because in a past life you
were forced to lose all material possessions and community standing because you trusted or
loved someone too well. Things like this are allowed to happen in order to teach us the
unimportance of amassing large amounts of money or property and, instead, concentrate on
accumulating treasure in heaven by doing good deeds without thought of reward. Build up
treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy. Learn to enjoy and appreciate your
material possessions and your achievements in society, but be willing to release them
tomorrow. Detach!

This aspect can also breed confusion, delusion, pride of intellect and fraud. You may lose your
ambition for unknown reasons. Your desire to get away from the responsibilities of life may
also have this effect on you. In a past life you perhaps misused your powers of leadership
when you had very little compassion, sympathy or understanding. "Seek ye first the Kingdom
of God and all things will be added unto you".

Venus discordant to Uranus (power = 3.15 and this aspect is discordant = -2.36)
You are excitable, spontaneous, and easily aroused emotionally and sexually. You crave
emotional excitement and you tend to fall in and out of love very quickly, having little
self-restraint or concern for propriety when your feelings have been stirred. Relationships
begin with sudden, electric attraction, but they often end abruptly. You are unique, a bit
eccentric and unconventional in your tastes and you don't mind experimenting. You love
adventure, especially in your emotional life. You enjoy the thrill of the chase and you split
when things start to get boring. You tend to be faithless in love — your strong suit is not in
hanging around for the long haul. You prefer non-traditional relationships, ones that give you
plenty of freedom and independence as you do not like to feel tied down. You like playing the
field and settling down in a permanent, one-to-one relationship may be asking too much from
you. In fact, you may intentionally choose partners who are otherwise unavailable because it
helps keep things from getting too close and involved. You don't like strings attached to
relationships and you prefer to remain rather detached with it all. There is the possibility of
clandestine relationships.

You have a highly unusual and explosive emotional nature. You are temperamental and

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change emotionally as easily as the wind changes direction. You are troubled with the
emotional ups and downs which you don't understand and you have the tendency to blame
whoever is handy for your emotional lows. The crazy emotional tides which you feel are
coming from within and they are because your creativity cannot find a decent outward
expression. Use your wonderful creativity ability and your fine intuition in the pursuit of
something artistically or musically creative. Then you won't be quite so at the mercy of your
erratic emotions.

You have a lot of personal magnetism and sex appeal. Others find you very alluring, exciting
and interesting. Being restless by nature, travel would be good for you as it would give you an
opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and your wanderlust. Change is necessary for you and
one way or another your life will be filled with it. In general, you do not care what people think
of you or the ways in which you relate to the world and to others. You will do what you want.
You need to exercise self-control over your sensual nature. You also need to discipline
yourself so that your strange and unusual tastes and proclivities do not make it impossible for
you to get along with your fellow man and woman.

Moon discordant to Jupiter (power = 2.50 and this aspect is discordant = -1.25)
You are prone to overindulge yourself physically, emotionally and financially. You have a light,
cheerful disposition and enjoy reaching out to others in a warm, open and friendly way. Your
emotional generosity and lack of pettiness is appreciated by your friends and they often come
to you seeking help, sympathy or advice. You overlook the faults in others and treat people in
a very tolerant, non-judgmental way. You are a happy-go-lucky person who is not prone to
worry. There are times when you overdo your charity. You try to do too much for people and
this can sometimes be as bad as or worse than not doing enough. You need to learn how to
control your intense emotions. You have a great deal of trouble in controlling your feelings in
your relationships with others. You may be saddled with an erratic type of nervous energy that
doesn't know when to stop until you have completely exhausted yourself physically and
emotionally. Your life may seem to be one of constant, frantic haste. There is a tendency to
put on weight through overindulgence of the appetite. Your philosophies or religious beliefs
may be tested at some point in your life. Your optimism about finance allows overindulgence.
There is a challenge presented here and that is in learning to dissolve your pride. You have an
internal fear about facing any negative traits in your personality. This emotional fear can be
overcome by developing a good philosophy of life and by recognizing that everyone has
imperfections. There may be impaired reasoning ability, trouble through litigation, lack of
forethought, indecision or dishonesty. You may be much too fond of ostentatious display,
extravagant beyond your means and resources and prone to take wild chances in gambling or

Venus harmonizing with Pluto (power = 2.27 and this aspect is harmonious = 2.84)
You put everything you have into your emotions. Because you feel and love so deeply, so
passionately and wholeheartedly, others may find your intensity either extremely attractive or
very threatening. You are charismatic, with sex appeal and a certain amount of animal
magnetism which can't help but be noticed by the opposite sex. You have the ability to use
your attractiveness and charm to manipulate others, oftentimes without even realizing it. This
aspect gives you the opportunity to transform your values or to be the catalyst to help others
transform theirs. There is artistic ability along with a desire to create beauty, harmony and
comfort. You have an understanding and an empathy for the problems of others and you are

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always looking for ways in which to help them or at least find the good that is in them.

Sun harmonizing with Mars (power = 2.27 and this aspect is harmonious = 1.70)
You are bold, daring, confident, active, vital, energetic and positive. You love friendly
competition and your initiative, self-esteem and self-confidence make you a winner at all you
undertake. You have learned how to control your desires by using your willpower and that
brings added power, for the person that can control themself can control the world. You have
wonderful physical vitality and excellent recuperative powers. You need to be involved in
some sort of physical exercise program or sports in order to release some of your excess
energy in a healthy way. You have a strong sense of fair play and do not resort to
underhanded means to get ahead. You have leadership skills and executive ability. You are a
tireless worker and command respect from those around you. You are self-assertive with
inborn courage and you will fight for your rights as well as the rights of others.

Moon discordant to Venus (power = 1.28 and this aspect is discordant = -0.96)
Your habits may annoy others. You may have bad manners, bad breath or bad personal
hygiene habits that irritate those around you. You can be lazy at times and you hate to get
your hands dirty. You prefer other people doing the hard work while you sit around and reap
the benefits or the glory. You know exactly how to tell people what they want to hear,
regardless of whether it is really honest or not. You may have conflicting emotional desires
and needs which complicate your personal life. Perhaps you are trying to please someone you
care about so much so that you end up being some other person instead of yourself,
becoming very unhappy in the process. You may have trouble figuring out just what you want
in a relationship, a mother or a lover. If your needs for emotional satisfaction and love are not
met, then overeating (especially sweets) can be a problem for you. You have a tendency
anyway toward rich, sweet food and emotional imbalances set you to overeating as
compensation for what you feel you are lacking. You are insecure and do not have a very high
opinion of yourself. Perhaps you find yourself ugly or unattractive in some way, regardless of
what the people around you tell you. You need to learn how to emotionally stand alone on
your own two feet and to stand up for yourself and what you believe. You want and need the
love of others in order to feel secure and if that love seems to be taken away, then you
crumble. You are very warm and loving, but you must learn that you cannot possess anyone.
We have all loved countless souls in all our previous incarnations here on earth and there is
never a final farewell for love. You always are reunited with those you love. Anything to the
contrary is an illusion.

Money goes out as fast as it comes in, sometimes faster. You have a tendency to be
self-indulgent, over-extravagant and too desiring of luxury. You have the tendency to take the
easy way out of things and to not stand up for your rights and needs. You are sensitive about
your personal popularity. You may have an inferiority complex. The challenge is for you to
develop the courage and learn how to voice your convictions. You have such a strong
emotional need to be liked and accepted that you avoid making waves. By standing up for
your personal convictions, you will build strength of character and will be free to be yourself.
And this will make you a much happier person.

Moon harmonizing with Saturn (power = 0.00 and this aspect is neutral)
You have well-disciplined control of your emotions and this aspect tends to steady them, even

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under the worst of situations. You have poise and balance that enables you to act in a cool
and efficient manner when most people around you are losing their heads. You are able to
keep your objectivity during emotional stress. This aspect deepens the mind and gives better
concentration and focus. You have a strong sense of responsibility and others can count on
you to follow through on your promises. You are quietly supportive and faithful to your friends
and loved ones. In difficult situations, you are able to remain calm and find the right solution.
You like to keep busy and to see the visible results of your efforts. You are generally
conventional, traditional and serious in your thinking habits. There may be times when you
have trouble expressing your affection for others. You need to learn how to project the warmth
and love you have for others and tell them how you feel. You are self-reliant, systematic,
organized, careful and thrifty in business affairs, and tactful and diplomatic in all dealings with
others. Your patience and persistence are seemingly endless. You are responsible and
trustworthy, honorable and just.

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Sun in Capricorn
Capricorns have the desire to climb whatever mountains are necessary and to stand on their
own two feet in order to work out their ambitions and their salvation. They are conservative,
organized, methodical, traditional, responsible, honest, efficient, patient, practical,
authoritative, disciplined, serious and goal-oriented. On the negative side they can be worried,
pessimistic, retaliatory, suspicious, stubborn and intolerant. They are happiest in careers
calling for organizing ability, integrity and perseverance. They have a fear of failure.

Their quiet exterior makes Capricorns appear to be loners. They build a wall of reserve around
them in order to protect themselves from the ill winds of the world around them. Nothing gets
in the way of their plans and ambitions. They strive for security by holding fast to duty and
responsibility. Work is very important to them and they do not take it lightly. Many Capricorns
have an inferiority complex and this sometimes is what drives them so hard to succeed. They
want to look good in front of the world.

Capricorns like to plan their every move, weighing all the pros and cons of any issue in
advance. They are dependable, particularly in a crisis. When asked, they give sound, practical
advice. They are, as a rule, not aggressive people, and only express hostility as a defense
when attacked.

At times Capricorns can be very sensitive to hurts and feel alone as if no one understands
them. A negative Capricorn will seek retribution for wrongs done him. Capricorns need people,
but they have a tendency to isolate themselves from people due to their reserve and fear of
being hurt. They can be very loyal to close friends and people they care about. Respect and
recognition is important to them. Encouragement and praise are essential for motivating a

A fear of being without material things makes it mandatory that Capricorns have a regular
income. Their attainments in life are accomplished through steady progress rather than
through speculation or get-rich-quick schemes. They have strong self-discipline and nothing
turns them from their course if their mind is made up. They will give up many pleasures in
order to reach their goals. Hard work invigorates them. Capricorns are thrifty and like to collect
things. They abhor waste. This includes wasting a lot of talk in idle chatter. Capricorns speak
when they have something to say.

Capricorns can be creative but they must at times learn to overcome their own self-doubts and
lack of confidence. Pessimism in their own abilities can hold them back. They must learn to
believe in themselves and become optimistic. There is no mountain they cannot climb if that is
what they desire to do.

Capricorns have a lot of patience, which is good, because many of their plans meet with
delays, setbacks and obstacles. This teaches them obedience, which is thus helping them to
strive for spiritual attainment rather than material attainment. For them, work is therapeutic
and is probably the best medicine for whatever ails them, except overwork, which they are
prone to do. It is difficult for a Capricorn to really relax. They are happiest when busy, even in
their spare time.

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Capricorns are thoughtful, self-contained people. Lacking, perhaps, some of the personal
magnetism of some of the other zodiac signs, they are nevertheless quite tactful,
compassionate and warmhearted. Their own personal sufferings help them identify with the
sufferings of others. In love, Capricorns are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but
usually they feel inhibited in expressing their emotions. They are cautious in making a total
commitment until they know that the traits and lifestyle of the possible partner are compatible
with theirs. Once married, they seldom divorce because they feel that any situation can be
worked out, if only worked at hard enough.

Moon in Sagittarius
You are independent, outspoken, open, generous, enthusiastic, idealistic, inspired, and
optimistic and these qualities attract many friends and acquaintances. You seem to thrive on
travel, sociability, fellowship, and expressing your opinions to whomever will listen. In addition,
you are adventurous, playful, freedom-loving, and always ready for a good time. You rarely
allow difficulties to keep you down, for no matter how bleak the past or present, you always
expect a better, brighter future. In fact, you are uncomfortable with your own or other people's
problems and emotional pain. You often try to "cheer up" or offer philosophical advice to those
who are hurting, but unwittingly you avoid or ignore the emotions involved. Friendship means
a great deal to you, perhaps even more than love or romance. For you to be happy, your mate
must be your best friend and encourage your aspirations and ideals. You also need a great
deal of emotional freedom and mobility. On the negative side, you may be rather intolerant,
closed-minded, dogmatic, arrogant, non-objective, risk-taking, or possess a holier-than-thou

Mercury in Capricorn
Your mind is clear, disciplined, serious, practical, organizing, objective and realistic, and you
are unimpressed by exaggerated claims or promises. You want to know the facts behind any
statement or idea you hear. Your natural skepticism often borders on cynicism. You have a
rational approach to problems and are usually quite level-headed no matter what the
circumstances. Your are capable of working long hours with focused concentration and
attention on whatever interests you. You probably have a good memory and are very attentive
to details. At times you appear to others as lacking a sense of humor, boring, or depressed.
You simply have a lot on your mind. You are thorough, conscientious, and disciplined in your
thinking, and have an aptitude for business, organization, and administration. You are also a
good strategist, and will plan and patiently follow a realistic course which will lead to your
eventual success. Serious-minded and studious, you enjoy quiet time alone for thinking or
reading. You seldom indulge in foolish or silly chatter for you consider them a waste of
valuable time which is better spent on more productive things.

Venus in Aquarius
Your affections are expressed in an open, unconventional and rather detached way.
Socializing, bringing people together and having many friends and acquaintances very much
appeal to you. Because you value friendship so highly, you may be more comfortable being a
friend than a lover. One thing's for sure — you highly dislike possessive, clingy relationships.
You want to be free to do whatever you want with whomever you like. You want an intellectual
or spiritual connection with your partner and this may even be the preferred substitute over a
very intimate or emotional bonding. You need a partner who will give you plenty of freedom,
allowing you to be your own person, and not be too demanding emotionally. You are

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charming, happy and original, but also, cool, calm and detached. This detachment is
beneficial because you, as a rule, are never possessive of people or things. The feelings you
have tend to be filtered through your mind and intellectualized. You need to learn warmth and

Mars in Virgo
You are an energetic worker, a perfectionist, and you have high standards for your own work.
You often feel that if you want something done right, then you must do it yourself, for others
never do as thorough a job as you do. Doing a task well is very important to you, and you may
labor over minute details that others wouldn't bother with. You constantly work for accuracy,
efficiency, and precision, and you become very irritable when things are not done "right". On
the other hand, you can become so much of a perfectionist and so self-critical that you will not
even attempt many activities and projects, feeling that your efforts simply won't be good
enough. You are usually very realistic in assessing what you can accomplish and, if anything,
you underestimate yourself. You are good at conserving your energy and pacing yourself so
that you do not waste or diffuse your efforts. Sometimes an unwillingness to take risks or
venture from the tried, beaten track can sometimes limit your opportunities. You may not aim
high enough and may settle for too little in life. You can be a worry-wart and a fuss-budget
who gets lost in too many details.

Jupiter in Virgo
You have a cautious, intellectual, analytical, and practical nature with an uncanny ability to sift
the wheat from the chaff and determine the essential from the non-essential and the truth from
the fiction. Your judgment is usually excellent and this helps bring success in business or work
in general. You have a strong desire to expand your field of knowledge and to develop
technical skill. On the negative side, you can at times be cynical, carping, critical, and
mistrusting of others. There can be times when you get lost in the details and lose the bigger
picture. There may be a dislike for exercise.

Saturn in Virgo
You tend to be industrious, efficient, practical, exacting, scientific, organized, shy, thrifty,
studious, economical, and punctual. You have common sense and the ability to manage
others, but may be a bit of a perfectionist. Detailed work does not bother you and you are able
to focus and concentrate on the various minutia of any project. Your mind is deep and
analytical and you probably have a good head for numbers. You may be prone to periods of
depression or be prone to hypochondriac tendencies. Your work is usually neat and orderly
and you dislike messes and dirt. There may be a desire for solitude. You need to stay busy
because boredom brings unnecessary worry. Do not allow yourself to be critical of others.

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Sun in 5th house

You have a desire to reveal your creativity, either constructively or destructively. You are
interested in all forms of creative self-expression, such as sports, books, acting, the dramatic,
games and romance. You have the ability to enjoy life and to give enjoyment to others.
Happiness comes from your artistic or creative endeavors. You need to watch a tendency to
be dictatorial or to take unnecessary risks.

Moon in 3rd house

You possess intellectual curiosity and may well express your true feelings through speech,
poetry or writing. Intellectualizing your feelings is probable. There is a strong need for
communication and for gathering information, which is later shared with people in general or
women in particular. You have a fine sense of humor and like to joke and play around. Travel
appeals to you because it affords new opportunities for learning. Routine of any kind probably
bores you and you are constantly looking for variety. Your ideas change at a moment's notice
and you are forever flexible and adaptable to any situation. Learning is perhaps better
accomplished through listening rather than reading. Your mind can be quite emotional at
times. Concerning vocation: the emphasis is on communication and information exchange.
Your personality gathers, shares and reacts to information. This position represents the
intermediary, the go-between, and the dissemination functions.

Mercury in 5th house

You have a need to prove your intelligence and to use that intelligence in creating things of a
mental nature — mental children, as it were. You desire to pass on your knowledge to others
and to learn from them as well. Teaching children or young adults may provide quite a lift for
you. Games of strategy and skill challenge your intellect. You desire to communicate your
thoughts in a clever, inspiring and dramatic manner. You may have acting, writing, or
speaking ability. As a teacher, you enjoy stimulating the minds of others and encouraging your
students to greater things. Romances probably need to involve someone with whom you can
communicate intelligently and relate to mentally. For you, sexiness is in the brain.

Venus in 6th house

You are diplomatic, well liked by employees and/or fellow workers and you have a desire to
bring about better working conditions for them so that working will be enjoyable. This is a fairly
good position for health unless you abuse your body through self-indulgence and rich, sweet
food. An excess of sugar and starches should be avoided. You can be the mediator when
differences of opinion occur on the job or in the office. You can bring peace and

Mars in 1st house

You have an abundance of physical vitality. Sometimes there is so much energy that you
become reckless, impulsive, and throw caution to the wind. You may experience cuts and
burns on your head and face which may leave some sort of scar. You are assertive,
independent, impatient and want to do your own thing. You have strong organizing ability. You

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are usually self-confident. Guard against accidents due to rushing around in your
impulsiveness. You may be subject to higher than normal fevers.

Jupiter in 12th house

You tend to be philanthropic and have great faith in the future. You may have an "angel" to
watch over you and assist you through any reversals. There is a love of humanity and a great
desire to help others, especially those who cannot fend for themselves. Work in a hospital or
jail is possible. Success comes in a quiet, unassuming manner in middle life. You can be
unrealistic, though. It is important to think all ideas carefully through before carrying them out.

Saturn in 1st house

You are probably reserved, quiet, and serious. People may take you for quite a cold person.
You are responsible, hard-working and duty comes first on your list of priorities. Self-controlled
and disciplined are how others see you. You may have experienced a rather austere or
difficult early childhood. Perhaps there was illness that kept you on the sidelines. Feelings of
inferiority, insecurity, or unworthiness may push you to great ambitions and accomplishments.
Perhaps you feel unloved or that you are not worthy of love. These feelings may have been
activated in your early, formative years. Pessimism and depression may come upon you
because everything looks like such a struggle for you. Keep your chin up and realize that no
hard work is ever wasted and that rewards will come to you later in life if you buckle down now
and toe the line. Survival issues may come into play.

Uranus in 3rd house

Your mind is independent, original, creative, unconventional, curious, perhaps somewhat
eccentric, and unusual. People around you sometimes cannot understand how you think or
why you express yourself in the ways you do. You may be ahead of your time. Mental
restlessness causes you to always be on the search for new information and knowledge. You
have unique ways of passing this new information along to others. Frequent changes of mind
are likely as new data filters through you. Relationships with siblings and neighbors are likely
to be unusual and perhaps somewhat high-strung and tense at times. Boredom is seldom a
problem. The desire for fresh experience may cause you to travel extensively. Intellectual
freedom is important to you.

Neptune in 4th house

You may experience a sense of inner uncertainty, insecurity and confusion. Unexplainable
fears and anxieties may cause you to withdraw from living. You idealize the home
environment and it may be, in reality, more in your imagination rather than in fact. A spiritual
tie with one or both parents is likely. A desire to live by the sea is not uncommon with this
position. You may have vague recollections regarding your true roots and this uncertainty may
cause difficulties. Remember, with Neptune, things are not as they appear and you need to
face reality in your home environment and with respect to your parents rather than what may
be in your imagination and sub-conscious.

Pluto in 2nd house

You have financial ability with keen judgment, patience, energy, and will. You may possess

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unusual talents. This placement may give an inordinate desire for money and possessions.
Watch the tendency to view loved ones as possessions. You may see money coming and
going in order to de-emphasize its importance. Detachment may be necessary. You must
learn to spontaneously share all possessions with others. Integrity in money matters is
essential. Others may seek to control your resources and possessions or you may be quite
demanding and controlling with your own resources, monetary and otherwise.

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The astrological interpretations in this report have been formulated with the assumption that
your birth date, time, and place are accurately given. This includes whether the birth time was
daylight savings time or standard time. Even a difference of one hour in birth time can
invalidate much of the interpretation given in this report, most notably 'HOUSE POSITIONS

By no means is this astrological analysis complete. Obviously, you are far more complex than
what a few pages of writing can depict. Hopefully, this short description of you and your inner
character will lead you on your way to really discovering who you are, what you can become,
and what you need to be doing in this life.

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