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Nice Copyright liaisons-s:

Although real like acts of God-like intervention may be rare in as the a Copy right Claimant between
myself-s and an supposed Entity aka an Image that “speaks” in as noted not in tongue dialect; in as
never the case one may be predisposed, we seem to share the a name that of Antzee Dancee who in
stipulated “cartoon Phenomena” like reported to stipulate about-s, a good deal of credit goes to my/our
higher power so to speak.

Although saddened our government did neither appear interested in what some believe is our/a acute
hearing perception even as if to stipulated telepathic –like mind control in stipulated lets just put police
ranks. As sudden as no never allowed could no such stipulated, “Public resource”-like utility be of
assistance to nearly any avenue we shared our ability’s and-s disability’s not the same.

Having been very disappointed and discouraged at what further documented weekly and then some
reported Satanic-like energy transference-s aka “dark saucer crews” involvement to end every living
thing in God’s Omnipotent Creation-s.

How could this be one would care neither to discuss further..

So to account in areas that of transcriptions, falsified doctors, lawyers and my Steven Van Arroyo’s and
Curt-s song compilations strange ongoing-s gave rise to the need to stipulate an type of copyright that
would do a service of being available to the/a public and in so saying in a way to get Antzee and myself
writers credit a but allow these uncontroversial areas that of foul play and as many as 4332, tries on my
like limbs ands- property’s.

So let no confused gun assailants demonize an iota of clarifies the terms of supposed most absurd fraud
in every case can get a Police occupation incensed to say hype/ a least, in so desponded due to these
areas that I happen to be an endangered species as though to say- neither a murderer nor a degenerate.
So when talked a very high ranking security clearance troubles seemed to be intercepted by the likes of
the very nice stipulate-s aka William P. Williamson His Honorary and Supernal Chair-s frequent and
Omnipotent Judge- who also thought to be intercepting phony Court transcripts which saw people
disgruntled of stipulated losing in Court and caught in a lie, resorting to foul play.
However recent developments may give a clear indication we here at Midway City in our apartment
complex are it looks as though in a position to prevail.

So by stipulated a cross between research, secret agent like work along with the documentation that
listed motion picture-s may also allow other areas of media be acceptable to forward. So please see if as
you ay need assistance to corroborate- a Judge-s on record phony accusation-s of mental hiatus to
screen another person’s attention to neither allow to destroy, lose, uncertified-s, nor pilfers, nor resort
to willful nor malicious foul play if we may be careful as to keep these areas of said once to be classified
not to murderers and degenerates who do did dunder today as we spoke-.

Thank you for you well and deserving time and concern-s.

Steven Van Schofer Arroyo aka Steven Van Arroyo aka Steven Van Schofer aka Steve Arroyo aka Israeli
Intelligence Official- and Most reverent Antzee Dancee who is one-

May peace be with you and they who come endowed with consciousness’ in these areas we live and
seek true and credible faith-s.

Thank You Sir-s and Madam’s. Sir.s.

10 September 2016