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Provide Security

Many public and private events are threatened daily by some terrorists or
some other criminals. Police officers are then supposed to secure the area
and look for lawbreakers at these events. One some occasions, they must
secure a VIP or a number of people. Other times they provide security for
courthouses or other locations that are of public interest. They are
sometimes required to escort a criminal from or to a jail.

Investigate Westminster Crime

Several law enforcement officers are obligated to probe the instances of
lawbreaking they discover. As an illustration, if they chance upon a
murder, they have to uncover who committed the act and how it occurred.
Conversely, if it so happens that they encounter narcotics of any kind, they
are obligated to probe its source. They are obligated to collect whatever
evidence that they think is relevant and submit it to their superiors or to the
forensics department for additional inquiry. Every so often, to acquire
proof, they may tell untruths or trick a person of interest to get an
admission of guilt. An admission of guilt is the greatest evidence any
officer can have.

The District of Columbia, for example, ranks first in the nation for
its pay of forensic scientists, according to the BLS, likely because
of its large number of federal agencies and the size of the
Washington D.C. /Arlington/Alexandria metropolis.
1. District of Columbia: $73,010
2. California: $72,000