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2015 8th International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation

Research on the PLC Technology Solutions in Four-story Elevator Control and


Liu Yong-qiu
Guangdong University of Science & Technology DongguanGuangdong523083China

Abstract—PLC has many advantages, such as simple structure, requirements is relatively high and is rarely used. in
high reliability and easy maintenance; therefore, it has been residential buildings. PLC control system is reliable, and it
broadly applied in the elevator control. According to the simple to program, easy to maintain, strongly to resist to
author's work and learning experiences, based on the actual interference, therefore, it has become the most used elevator
work in the old elevator renovation, this paper first worked control system in recent years. Due to the development of
out a programmable PLC technology solutions in four-story PLC technology and product specialization, some dedicated
elevator control applications in the design and processing for PLC gradually are produced and applied in various
he elevator control system random signal logic, and then industries. For example, V80 series and Siemens S7-200
discussed the design and PLC programming for the similar
series PLC have been widely used in the elevator control
elevator system renovation. The results of this paper have a
certain significance for the PLC application in the elevator
system. V80 series PLC has been applied in a number of
control system and old elevator system’s renovation and elevator manufacturers in the production and renovation for
technological upgrading. the elevator.
Keywords- Elevator; Control system; Programmable Logic
Controller (PLC); Renovation
The elevators using PLC to control and renovate are
basically old AC voltage speed freight elevators, and their
rated load is 1200 kg, rated rate is 1.5 m/s, motor power is
I. INTRODUCTION 25 kW, rated speed of about 1400 rpm and the rated voltage
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC for short) is an and current are respectively 380 VAC and 35 A. After
electronic system based on microprocessor digital analysis for the old elevator original design drawings,
operation device. In recent years it rapidly developed into a combined with site-specific circumstances, it ultimately
sophisticated and highly versatile control system component. selected the following solutions: Choose FX2N-128MR-001
There are three control modes in the elevator control system, input and output points to replace the original relay section
namely relay control, PLC control and computer control. in order to control, collect and handle inside / outbound call
Relay control system has many shortcomings, such as high signal, drive status signal, wells signals and high-speed
failure rate, poor reliability, complex lines, low versatility. counting signal to achieve an orderly control of the elevator;
Computer control has many advantages, such as a small For systems speed control section, the design chosen
volume of control system, energy-saving, high reliability, Emerson elevator specific frequency converter (TD3100)
especially for group control, communications, and other and Atonics E100H series pulse generator to constitute a
more complex elevator control functions, these advantages closed-loop system in order to control the original three-
are more apparent, however, the computer control system is phase asynchronous motor; Chosen Omron photoelectric
used in the high-end elevators whose performance switch to replace the original bi-stable switch or ring for the
generating floor count, precise leveling and door hinge
signals; Elevator shaft parts, mechanical parts, user interface
part also have been carried out appropriate renovation.
General elevator control system can be divided into two
parts, namely, the drive system (Speed control section) and
electrical control systems (logic control section), and the
principle is shown in Figure 1.

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DOI 10.1109/ICICTA.2015.198
The corresponding requirements for elevator control
signals shows as follows: After start up, if elevator cage is in
the first floor, and the ground floor has a call signal, then the
door will open; When the floor producing elevator call
signals is higher than the current floor, elevator will continue
to rise, otherwise it will fall. At running time, the elevator
only obeys a call signal, and during operation, the elevator
should have the function of automatically to change speed,
floor displaying and status indicator. In the elevator running,
various signals are random, and there are many uncertain
factors and a lot of self-locking and interlocking relationship.
However, PLC makes full use of microcomputer principle
and related technologies, having strong logic processing
functions, under the support of external attachments; it can
fully meet the upgrading requirements for the old four-story
elevator. When using FX2N-128MR-001 type PLC to carry
Figure 1. The Composition Theory of elevator control system out the program design, this paper completed the following
transformation work.
Elevator control system generally includes dozens of  Software constitute of the control system. Elevator
components, such as control cabinet, control box, layer always repeats in accordance with certain procedures, and
selection, for speed leveling devices, door motor, floor and the elevator action cycle is: Open - close - choose layer -
call indicating device, traction motors, brake coil, electrical change direction - start - accelerate - fast and slow switch -
protection devices and accompanying cable, and these parts flat layers - parking -P LC. When writing the PLC control
are packed in various parts in the elevator. In addition to a program, according to the working process of the elevator,
perfect mechanical locking and protection system, when this paper set a number of parameters in the control program
there is an abnormal signal, elevator electrical system must and referred to some of the existing control procedures in
give a quick response. The control center after this process, finally worked out a control program meeting
transformation is elevator system. Through PLC input the requirements of the elevator renovation. The entire
interface, the signal is sent to PLC and then to process by control program includes the following aspects.
PLC program stored in the memory. Finally, through the After the elevator receives the call signal from the cage,
output interface, it respectively refers to the layer, the according to stories in the position where the electric cab
summon indicator and the drive system, giving a display stay, compare floor signal with cage floor signal to select
signal and control signal. Using PLC programming can direction control by selecting the module determines the
realize automatic leveling, automatic door switch and direction of travel and then the elevator starts. The cab is
automatic control dwell time. dragged by the inverter, Then the cab velocity changes from
IV. ELEVATOR SYSTEM SPEED CONTROL RENOVATION low to medium speed and then into high speed, and finally
run at high speed to the target layer. In this process, the
Using Emerson TD3100 inverter can achieve smooth control program strictly comply with the principle - the way
operation and precise control, and can completely make the up or way down - to avoid operational control disorder;
original elevator motor achieve the desired output. The When the elevator detects deceleration point in the target
inverter is a current vector control inverter, in addition to the layer, elevator will enter the deceleration state, from high
basic functions of general elevator inverter, but also speed into a low speed, and run to the flat layer points at low
increases motor parameter self-learning and auto-torque and speed and finally stops; After the elevator arrives at flat layer,
high starting torque function, it can fully realize elevator after 3s, it will open the door until it hits the door opening
speed control requirement for the elevator’s start arrival trip switch and then after 10s, it will close.
acceleration, steady speed running and braking deceleration.  The opening and closing system control program
When the elevator upward with no load at normal speed, the design. The role of door circuit is to achieve switching
speed is faster than the equilibrium running, automatic functions of elevator door. Elevator door includes car door
torque can be automatically negative frequency
and the hall door, the car door is active and dragged by a
compensation, when the elevator upward with full load, the dedicated door motor in order to achieve the opening and
speed is more slowly than the equilibrium running, turning
closing function. Layers of the hall door are passive and can
to positive frequency compensation. Because the frequency
not be turned on and off on their own, it can only be driven
has automatic compensation function, although it is an open-
by the car door to achieve the opening and closing. If the
loop system, it still plays a role in speed closed-loop function.
elevator does not reach that level, its landing door is in the
Meanwhile, Emerson TD3100 inverter has a maximum
locked state and cannot be opened, which is to guarantee the
speed of 200% starting torque, which also can ensure the
safety of the elevator operation.

The control program design of elevator to the floor resistance value of voltage divider network should be as
indication and layer call indication. Elevator to the floor accurate as possible. Generally, the error should be less than
indicator function is primarily to reflect the actual location of 0.3%, and the op amp should be zero; when the PCB line
the elevator information and it is very important. According wiring, it should be separated from the analog and digital
to the accumulation of high-speed counter for the pulse sections, to prevent the digital signal distributed capacitance
number generated by PG card, use the accumulated value to coupled to the analog circuit portion via the line; Power front
compare in real time with the pulse number corresponding to end sets the voltage regulator circuit, so the smaller power
floor counting points, when equal, it issues floors count fluctuations smaller for subsequent signal. The analog output
signal - Upstream plus 1, downstream minus 1 - to reflect the signal has a certain shield to enhance anti-jamming
position of the elevator. The roll of layer call indication is to capability.
remember and indicate instruction inside the car and hall call
signal, when the elevator response, those date will be
automatically deleted. The PLC control software system VII. RENOVATION RESULTS
program is shown in Figure 2. By logic control renovation for the PLC applied to the old
four-story elevator, the elevator reliability, maintainability,
and flexibility has been significantly improved and the
elevator service life is prolonged, while reducing the
maintenance costs of the old elevator. Compared with the
original elevator control system, the elevator control system
can more easily perform complex control tasks, and many of
these features is can not be achieved by the traditional relay
control system. In short, the use of the PLC not only makes
elevator control system more secure, but also reduces the
smaller noise, enhances the degree of automation.
This paper discusses in detail for the
PLC Technology Solutions in Four-story Elevator Control,
however, the application of PLC technology in the Elevator
Control, and other equipment is still on the initial stage, this
system is still a long way to go to the practical application
stage, in view of the many advantages of PLC control
technology, I believe that there is to be more power into
research in this area.
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