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School: Rang-Ayan Elementary School Grade Level: V

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: CELY L. MADRIAGA Learning Area: SCIENCE

DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: JUNE 11-15, 2018 (WEEK 2) Quarter: 1ST QUARTER


I. Objectives Describe the properties INDEPENDENCE DAY Classify materials according to Relate the properties of materials to
of materials as to properties. their uses.
chemical reactivity.
A. Content Standards The learners demonstrate understanding of properties of materials whether they are useful or harmful.

B. Performance Standards Uses local, recyclable solid and/or liquid materials in making useful products.

C. Learning Competencies Use the properties of materials whether they are useful or harmful.
II. Content 1. Properties
1.1 Useful and harmful materials
III. Learning Resources
A. References Curriculum Guide for INDEPENDENCE DAY Curriculum Guide S5MT-Ia-b-1 Curriculum Guide S5MT-Ia-b-1 EDIL FITR
Grade 5 S5MT-Ia-b-1 Cyber Science Work text in Science Science and Health in Today’s
Cyber Science Work and Technology 5, Nicetas Environment 5, Carol A. Cruz,, pp.
Text in Science 5, G. Valencia, pp. 6-8 203-
Nicetas G. Valencia Science Works 5, Myla Corazon S. 205, p.8 Casinillo, pp. 167, 171-172 Science Works Grade 5, Myla Corazon S.
Casinillo, pp.165-167
1. Teacher’s Guide Pages
2. Learner’s Materials Pages
3. Textbook Pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resources (LR) Portal)
B. Other Learning Resources activity sheet, capsule envelope, meta crds which indicates Strips of papers with words written on
guide chart, metacards, the different materials according to them
kalburo, properties, glue, pentel pen, manila Power point presentation
20 mL of water, basin, paper or cartolina Meta cards
vinegar, baking soda,
beaker or glass
IV. Procedures
A. Review Previous Lessons Mix and Match “What’s the Word? That’s the Let’s Play “Are You My Leader? Giving reminders
Word!” wherein teacher can a. Have three volunteers to act as the
present it through PowerPoint Mothers: Mother Solubility, Mother
Presentation or through jumbled Viscosity and Mother Chemical
letters inside the pocket chart. Reactivity.
B. Establishing purpose for the Classify the following Gather the materials needed for the Prepare another group of player for
Lesson household materials activity. Divide the materials equally another activity entitled, Back to-Back;
into: For home to each group. Face-to-Face.
maintenance etc. a. The pupils will look for their partners.
b. Through a PowerPoint presentation,
the teacher will flash five
c. Before the teacher reads each
question, she will instruct the pair to do
C. Presenting examples Describe the property Group the pupils into small groups. Test proper
/instances of the new lessons of materials as to Set norms to follow during the group
how they react and work.
produce new material.
D. Discussing new concepts and Activity Proper (Group Activity Proper (Group Activity) Activity Proper (Group Activity)
practicing new skills #1. Activity)

E. Discussing new concepts & Group reporting and Group reporting and presentation. Group reporting and presentation.
practicing new slills #2 presentation.
F. Developing Mastery (Leads 1. What are the two Based on the activity what are the Why is it important for you to be
to Formative Assesment 3) materials/substances materials which can be classified as familiar with the different properties of
involved in this activity? hard and brittle etc. soluble? How materials?
2. How did kalburo about materials as viscosity? and
react to water? properties of materials that showed
chemical reactivity?
G. Finding Practical How do you describe The teacher will show a picture of a
Applications of concepts and the chemical reactivity mother and child cooking.
skills in daily living of materials?

What are the effects of

chemical reaction in the
environment? What can you see from the picture?
What food do you usually eat using
Test your talents. syrup or combined syrup to
Group 1 – Young make it delicious?
actors/actresses. Original File Submitted and
Present a short role Formatted by DepEd Club Member -
play visit for more
about the useful effect
of chemical reaction in
H. Making Generalizations & Describe the chemical How can we classify different
Abstractions about the lessons reactivity of materials properties? What property of material does each
by giving the product What are the different properties of object show?
that will be produced the materials?
when two materials
were combined.
1. Iron with oxygen and
moisture in the air.
I. Evaluating Learning Gather information Classify the following materials into Relate the property and uses of the
about chemical its property. Write the correct materials by completing the table
reactivity of materials. answer. below.
List down 1.conditioner NAME OF PROP USES
some products brought MATERIA ERTY
by chemical reactions. LS
J. Additional activities for Enumerate five examples of the 1. Look for five materials found at
application or remediation different properties by writing it on home.
the 2. Draw the material on the first
table below. column, write their properties on the
second column and their uses on the
third column. Use the following
template below

V. Remarks

VI. Reflection

A. No.of learners who earned

80% in the evaluation

B. No.of learners who requires

additional acts.for remediation
who scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No.of learners who
caught up with the lessons
D. No.of learners who continue
to require remediation

E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why did
this work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal/supervisor can help
me solve?
G. What innovations or localized
materials did I used/discover
which I wish to share with other

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