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Subject Code and Title MGT605 Business Capstone

Assessment Assignment 1 – Project Proposal

Individual/Group Individual

Length 1500 words

Learning Outcomes a. develop and articulate a global perspective on the

management of sport through a substantial applied
b. demonstrate collaborative leadership in the preparation
of a significant body of practical or theoretical work
c. use specialist research skills to analyse a complex problem
and then synthesise the research, communicating it
effectively to both specialist and lay audiences
d. synthesise concepts from a broad range of previous
subjects studied (e.g. finance, marketing, operations)
simplifying into an holistic big picture

Submission By 23:59 AEST/AEDT Friday of Week 2

Weighting 15%

Total Marks 15

This subject allows the student to synthesise the knowledge and skills gained from all other
subjects studied up to that point. The main deliverable in the subject is a major project. In
this first assessment, the capstone project is proposed.
Proposals should introduce and then set the scope of the project. If the project involves an
industry partner, a letter of support from the partner is required in an appendix.
The learning facilitator will review the proposals and advise on the practicality or feasibility
of the proposals. If the learning facilitator believes that clearance from the university’s
Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is needed, they will advise which if any of the
proposals will need to be formally submitted for approval; it is the student’s responsibility
to obtain HREC approval for any project involving research on human subjects.
The format required is not meant to be onerous. Between half and one page is appropriate
for each idea. An introduction, formal document sections, conclusion and references are

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not required for this assignment. It is expected, however, that an original submission is
received and that it will be written in accordance with the Academic Integrity policy.

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Learning Rubric
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction
(Functional) (Proficient) (Advanced) (Exceptional)
Knowledge and Limited understanding of Knowledge or Thorough knowledge or Highly developed A sophisticated
understanding (technical required concepts and understanding of the field understanding of the field understanding of the field understanding of the field
and theoretical knowledge or discipline. or discipline/s. Supports or discipline/s. or discipline/s.
knowledge) personal opinion and
Key components of the Resembles a recall or information substantiated Discriminates between Uses information
assignment are not summary of key ideas. by evidence from the assertion of personal substantiated by robust
Understands theoretical addressed. research/course materials. opinion and information evidence from the
models and concepts Often confuses assertion of substantiated by robust research/course materials
personal opinion with evidence from the and extended reading.
information substantiated research/course materials
5% by evidence from the and extended reading. Mastery of concepts and
research/course materials. application to new
Well demonstrated situations/further
capacity to explain relevant learning.
Difficult to understand for Information, arguments Information, arguments Information, arguments Expertly presented; the
Effective Communication audience, no logical/clear and evidence are and evidence are well and evidence are very well presentation is logical,
structure, poor flow of presented in a way that is presented, mostly clear presented; the persuasive, and well
ideas, argument lacks not always clear and flow of ideas and presentation is logical, supported by evidence,
Well structured report with supporting evidence. logical. arguments. clear and well supported demonstrating a clear flow
clear flow of ideas by evidence. of ideas and arguments.
Audience cannot follow the Line of reasoning is often Line of reasoning is easy to
line of reasoning. difficult to follow. follow. Engages and sustains
10% audience’s interest in the

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